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Class 2 English Worksheets

We have provided below free printable Class 2 English Worksheets for Download in PDF. The worksheets have been designed based on the latest NCERT Book for Class 2 English . These Worksheets for Grade 2 English cover all important topics which can come in your standard 2 tests and examinations. Free printable worksheets for CBSE Class 2 English , school and class assignments, and practice test papers have been designed by our highly experienced class 2 faculty. You can free download CBSE NCERT printable worksheets for English Class 2 with solutions and answers. All worksheets and test sheets have been prepared by expert teachers as per the latest Syllabus in English Class 2. Students can click on the links below and download all Pdf worksheets for English class 2 for free. All latest Kendriya Vidyalaya Class 2 English Worksheets with Answers and test papers are given below.

English Class 2 Worksheets Pdf Download

Here we have the biggest database of free CBSE NCERT KVS Worksheets for Class 2 English . You can download all free English worksheets in Pdf for standard 2nd. Our teachers have covered Class 2 important questions and answers for English as per the latest curriculum for the current academic year. All test sheets question banks for Class 2 English and CBSE Worksheets for English Class 2 will be really useful for Class 2 students to properly prepare for the upcoming tests and examinations. Class 2nd students are advised to free download in Pdf all printable workbooks given below.

Topicwise Worksheets for Class 2 English Download in Pdf

Class 2 English Worksheets

Advantages of Solving Class 2 English Worksheets

  • As we have the best collection of English worksheets for Grade 2, you will be able to find important questions which will come in your class tests and examinations.
  • You will be able to revise all important and difficult topics given in your CBSE English textbooks for Class 2 .
  • All English worksheets for standard 2 have been provided with solutions. You will be able to solve them yourself and them compare with the answers provided by our teachers.
  • Class 2 Students studying in per CBSE, NCERT and KVS schools will be able to free download all English chapter wise assgnments and worksheets for free in Pdf
  • Class 2 English Workbook will help to enhance and improve subject knowledge which will help to get more marks in exams

Frequently Asked Questions by Class 2 English students

At, we have provided the biggest database of free worksheets for English Class 2 which you can download in Pdf

We provide here Standard 2 English chapter-wise worksheets which can be easily downloaded in Pdf format for free.

You can click on the links above and get worksheets for English in Grade 2, all topic-wise question banks with solutions have been provided here. You can click on the links to download in Pdf.

We have provided here subject-wise English Grade 2 question banks, revision notes and questions for all difficult topics, and other study material.

We have provided the best quality question bank for Class 2 for all subjects. You can download them all and use them offline without the internet.

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Worksheets For Class 2 Download PDF

Approach English Grammar CBSE ICSE ISE WBBSE

English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets with Answers PDF (2025)

english homework for class 2 with answers

Introducing the Session 2024-2025 edition, the English Grammar Class 2 PDF with Worksheets and Answers emerges as a crucial resource for Grade 2 kids’ English grammar learning, in line with NEP 2020. This engaging worksheet ensures enjoyable practice for Grade 2 children. Additionally, we have expanded our English Grammar resources to include classes 3, 4, 5, and 6, enriching learners’ grammar journey.

What Are English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets?

English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets with Answers pdf are valuable tools designed to reinforce the learning of English grammar for second-grade students. 

These worksheets cover a wide range of topics, from basic sentence structure to parts of speech, helping students build a strong foundation in English.

Benefits of Using English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets

Enhanced Learning: Worksheets provide a practical way to apply theoretical knowledge.

Skill Development: They help students improve grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Self-Paced Learning: Perfect for independent study and self-assessment.

Easy Access: Available in PDF format, making them easily accessible and printable.

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Features of Quality English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets

Clear Instructions: Worksheets are easy to follow, ensuring that students can complete them with minimal assistance.

Engaging Content: They include colorful illustrations and interactive exercises.

Comprehensive Answers: These provide explanations to help students understand their mistakes and learn from them.

Class 2 English Grammar Worksheet Lesson-wise

Exploring English Grammar Class 2 Syllabus and Topics

English Grammar for children of Class 2 is designed to provide them with a solid foundation for effective communication, reading, and writing. Let’s explore the English Grammar Class 2 Topics .

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 1: The Alphabet

A. Rewrite the words in alphabetical order.

1. arm, ant, apple, age.


2. bag, ball, board, bite.

3. fill, fan, fence, fun.

4. sun, son. Sat, sit

5. rat, rot, rub, rip.

6. tip, top, tap, tub 

7. hot, hen, hat, hit

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 2: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

A. Circle the common nouns and underline the proper nouns in these sentences.

1. Ramesh is a policeman.

2. We go to Delhi by Rajdhani Express.

3. Hoppy is a playful goat.

4. My uncle comes for lunch every Sunday.

5. Fatehpur Sikri is in Agra.

6. My doll’s name is Julie.

7. Mr Rao goes to the hills in April.

8. The peacock is the national bird of India

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 3: Singular and Plural Nouns

A. Complete these sentences with the plurals of the words given in the brackets.

1. Raj and Ravi open a box of  ………………….. . (cherry)

2. There are beautiful ………………….. in my garden. (butterfly)

3. Heavy …………………..often cause traffic jams on narrow roads. (lorry)

4. Mumbai and New Delhi are important …………………… (city)

5. The ………………… to play on thre floor. (baby)

6. We love Grandmother ………………….. . (story)

7. I have bought two ………………….. . (doll)

8. We see with our two ………………….. .(eye)

9. My friend saw five ………………….. (lion) at the zoo.

10. Our school has made ten ………………….. . (bench)

11. The little ………………….. stand near the stable.(pony)

12. The…………………..  buzz near his ears. (fly)

4. Pronouns : English Grammar Class 2 Topic

A. Rewrite these sentences. Use the correct pronouns in place of the underlined words.

1. Sam is not well. Sam is going to the doctor.


2. Leela goes to the market. Leela buys some bread.

3. The cat is hungry. The cat wants to eat fish.

4. Polly wakes up early in the morning. Polly goes for a walk.

5. The lion is angry. The lion growls.

6. Suraj is a painter. Suraj paints many beautiful pictures.

7. The garden is very pretty. The garden is full of flowers.

8. Ali does his homework. Ali likes school.

5. Articles

A. Choose the correct articles and complete these sentences.

1. Ravi hurries to catch ……………. Rajdhani Express. (the/a)

2. Ali and Farid play guitar in ……………. band. (a/an)

3. Pete buys a red box. He puts ……………. box on Nana’s table. (the/a)

4. Our team wins ……………. first prize for selling candles. (the/a)

5. ……………. Arabian Sea looks orange during sunset. (The/A) 

6. We put …………….onions in a brown bag. (the/an)

7. I want to buy ……………. watermelon. (a/an)

8. Mother pours milk into ……………. glass. (a/an)

A. Complete these sentences with the words in the box.

[Sleeps, play, swim, starts, live, teaches, shines, cycles]

1. You  ________ in the lake in summer.

2. I  ________ in a village.

3. The film ________ at twelve o’clock.

4. He ________ to school.

5. Miss Kapoor ________ Maths very well.

6. Raj ________ on the sofa.

7. I ________ badminton with Amol.

8. The Sun ________  brightly.

7. Adjectives

A. Circle the adjective and underline the nouns they describe.

1. The round stool is near the table.

2. Mother cut a big watermelon.

3. The thin man walks slowly.

4. She wears purple ribbons.

5. My kitten slips on wet floors.

6. Salma has short hair.

7. He walks along the wide road.

8. The baby plays with the fluffy pillow.

8. Demonstrative Pronouns and Demonstrative Adjectives

Look at these pictures and complete these sentences with this and that.

1. …………… is my school bag.

2.  ……………is a building.

3.  …………… is a car.

4   ……………is a white swan.

5.  ……………is a snake.

6.  ……………is a mongo tree.

9. The Present Continuous Tense

When we talk about actions taking place as we speak, we use the  present continuous tense.

We form the present continuous tense like this-

am/is/are + verb + -ing

●I  am flying  a kite.

A. Complete these sentences with am/is/are and the correct form of the verbs in the box.

[paint, talk, drink, watch, play, listen]

1. I …………  …………… drinking milk.

2. We …………  …………… TV in the living room.

3. She …………  …………… to music.

4. They …………  ……………  on the phone.

5. Raj …………  …………… playing in the park.

6. The boy …………  …………… beautiful pictures.

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 10: Adverbs

Nita eats slowly. → slowly tells us how Nita eats

The frog jumps quickly. → quickly tells us how the frog jumps.

We usually add -ly to an adjective to make it an adverb.

The children sing loudly. → loud + -ly

She looks sadly at her broken doll. → sad + -ly

A. Complete these sentences by adding -ly to the words given in the brackets.

1. The stars shine …………………  (bright)

2. I cannot tie my shoelaces …………………. (tight)

3. Ants move …………………(quick)

4. She works ………………… (slow)

5. Bina dances…………………  ( beautiful)

6. The young man speaks ………………… (clear)

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 11: Prepositions

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between nouns or pronouns and other words in a sentence.

  • The cat is on the table.
  • The book is under the bed.
  • The ball is beside the box.
  • The birds flew over the trees.
  • The hikers climbed up the mountain.
  • The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
  • We’ll have dinner at 7 o’clock.

A. Complete these sentences with-in/on/under.

1. The mouse is ……………… the table.

2. The flower vase is ………………the table.

3. Tej is ……………… the swimming pool.

4. My book is ……………… the drawer.

5. Piya keeps her books ……………… her desk.

6. The boy sits ……………… the rock.

7. The ball rolls ……………… the table.

8. The river flows ……………… the bridge.

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 12: Conjunctions

The Conjunctions are joining words.

Conjunctions join two words, groups of words, or sentences.

The word and is a conjunction. We use and to join two words, groups of words, or sentences.

Separate: The goat is sleeping. The sheep is sleeping.

Joined: The goat and the sheep are sleeping.

Separate: I am buying a pencil. I am buying a notebook.

Joined: I am buying a pencil and a notebook.

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 13: Question Words

We ask a question to find out something.

So, We often begin a question with a wh-question word.

We write a question mark (?) at the end of the question. What, Where, who, when, which, why.

What is the time?

It is four o’clock.

He is my brother.

Where is your notebook?

A. Tick (✓) the pictures that answer the questions.

1. What is red in colour?

2. Who is older?

3. Where can you get ice?

4. Who is taller?

5. Where can I find my storybook?

6. What makes a buzzing sound?

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 14: Sentence 

A sentence is a group of words with a verb. It begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

  • The sun shines brightly in the sky.
  • I like to play with my dog in the park.
  • Rita reads books every evening before bedtime.
  • We ate delicious pizza for dinner yesterday.
  • The bird sings a sweet melody in the morning.

A. Tick (✓) the correct sentences.

  • moon round is the
  • Ravi is late.
  • The child milk drinks
  • I love mangoes.
  • she left early
  • Sunday is a holiday.
  • Works Shyam hard very.
  • Mother buys toffees for me.
Worksheets for Grade 2

English Grammar Class 2 Topic 15: Punctuation

A. Rewrite these sentences with capital letters, full stops, and question marks.

1. i play with raj, lina and gia at the park


2, where does rashida go every summer

3. abdul cannot jump over the wall

4. i give alina storybooks on her birthday

5. what does piya like to eat

Q: Are English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets with Answers pdf suitable for homeschooling?

A: Absolutely! These worksheets are a great resource for homeschooling, allowing parents to provide structured grammar lessons.

Q: Can I find worksheets tailored to my state’s curriculum?

A: Yes, you can find worksheets aligned with various state curricula, ensuring they meet your specific educational requirements.

Q: Are these worksheets suitable for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners?

A: Yes, they are. The worksheets are versatile and can be adapted to suit the needs of ESL learners.

Q: How often should my child use these worksheets?

A: It’s advisable for your child to work on these worksheets regularly, aiming for consistency without overwhelming them.

Q: Do these worksheets cover advanced grammar topics?

A: No, they are designed for second-grade students, so they focus on foundational grammar concepts.

Q: Can teachers use these worksheets in the classroom?

A: Certainly, teachers can incorporate these worksheets into their lessons to reinforce grammar concepts.

English Grammar Class 2 Worksheets with Answers are totally free for children so that their parents can make them practice any time possible. So, learn with fun!

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CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets)

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets) Read and Download Grammar Exercises and CBSE worksheets for class 2 (second). English Worksheets for class 2 CBSE. Grammar Exercises for class 2 in pdf download.

Our CBSE Grammar Exercises and worksheets for class 2 with answers are available here free of cost. Our team has written these grammar exercises carefully that are very useful for class second students. They can use these worksheets for testing their knowledge. Teachers, Parents and Students can use these exercises/worksheets at home or school.

In this post, we have provided many English grammar exercise for class 2. These exercises are easy to understand and solve. Any student who is studying in class 2nd can solve them very easily.

Page Contents

Grammar Exercises for class 2 (English Worksheets)

Exercise – 1 Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences:

1. Love I dancing _________________________________ 2. Yellow the sun is _________________________________ 3. Name my is Sumit ____________________ 4. Good he is boy is ____________________ 5. eating they are mangoes ________________________ 6. have a you silver ring _____________________ 7. drink I juice everyday ________________________ 8. father My is doctor a ________________________ 9. for your thanks help ________________________ 10. her was cow not black ________________________

Exercise – 1 Answers

1. I love dancing. 2. The sun is yellow. 3. My name is Sumit. 4. He is a good boy. 5. They are eating mangoes. 6. You have a silver ring. 7. I drink juice every day. 8. My father is a doctor. 9. Thanks for your help. 10. Her cow was not black.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets)

Class 2 Grammar Exercise – 2

Write the kind of each of the following sentences :

1. Where do you live? _________ 2. The sun rises in the east. _________ 3. Where is Geet? __________ 4. How old are you? __________ 5. We are going to the school. _________ 6. The earth is round. _________ 7. How beautiful she is! __________ 8. Do not come here. __________ 9. I am eating a banana. __________ 10. May you live long! __________

Exercise – 2 Answers

1. Interrogative sentence 2. Declarative sentence 3. Interrogative sentence 4. Interrogative sentence 5. Declarative sentence 6. Declarative sentence 7. Exclamatory sentence 8. Imperative sentence 9. Declarative sentence 10. Exclamatory sentence

  • Use of Is Am and Are
  • Use of Was and Were
  • Use of Has and Have
  • Use of Do and Does

Exercise – 3

Put a full stop or a question mark at the end of these sentences:

1. My name is Pallavi 2. What are you doing 3. The duck is yellow 4. I like mango and nut 5. Where is my watch 6. How is the weather 7. My dad is at work 8. Gagan was not there 9. Where is the box 10. Are you still there

Exercise – 3 Answers

1. My name is Pallavi. 2. What are you doing? 3. The duck is yellow. 4. I like mango and nut. 5. Where is my watch? 6. How is the weather? 7. My dad is at work. 8. Gagan was not there. 9. Where is the box? 10. Are you still there?

Class 2 English Grammar Exercises – 4

Choose the right ending to complete these sentences :

1. The earth is ______. (square/round) 2. The vegetables are on the ______. (ground/table) 3. Sister is baking a ______. (honey/cake) 4. Buffalo gives us ______. (milk/food) 5. The boy swims in the _____. (tea/water) 6. Read your English ________. (book/pen) 7. Take your seat ________. (then/now) 8. Do not run on the ________. (road/park) 9. The cow gives us _______. (water/milk) 10. This is a green _______. (grass/flower)

Exercise – 4 Answers

1. The earth is round. 2. The vegetables are on the table. 3. Sister is baking a cake. 4. Buffalo gives us milk. 5. The boy swims in the water. 6. Read your English book. 7. Take your seat now. 8. Do not run on the road. 9. The cow gives us milk. 10. This is a green grass.

Exercise – 5

Circle the nouns in the given sentences :

  • 1. The boys are making a noise.
  • 2. Shiva is reading a book.
  • 3. I am going to Mumbai.
  • 4. The Taj Mahal is in Agra
  • 5. The monkey jumped the tree.
  • 6. I have a ring of gold.
  • 7. The man is running.
  • 8. My father walks here.
  • 9. She has a red ball.
  • 10. My friends do not learn English.

Exercise – 5 Answers

1. Boys, noise 2. Shiva, book 3. Mumbai 4. Taj Mahal, Agra 5. Monkey, tree 6. Ring, gold 7. Man 8. Father 9. She, ball 10. Friends, English

Exercise – 6

Circle the proper noun and underline the common noun :

  • 1. Sudha enjoyed the game.
  • 2. Uncle Gupta is a dentist.
  • 3. Karan and Param are going to a park.
  • 4. Mr Deepak owns a hotel.
  • 5. Monday is a working day of the week.
  • 6. Preeti has a lovely doll.
  • 7. Who is your computer teacher?
  • 8. My friend visited New Delhi yesterday.
  • 9. Geeta met her uncle two days ago.
  • 10. Have you heard this news before?

Exercise – 6 Answers

1. Sudha 2. Uncle Gupta 3. Karan, Param 4. Mr. Deepak 5. Monday 6. Preeti 7. Computer Teacher 8. New Delhi 9. Geeta 10. News

  • 100 Examples of Noun in Sentences
  • Types of Nouns and Examples
  • Types Pronouns and Examples

Class 2 English Exercise – 7

Fill the common and proper noun in the given blanks :

1. The _____ is black in colour.

2. _________is the smallest daughter of

her father.

3. I live in ______.

4. I have five _______ in my bag.__

5. ________is a good player.

6. The ______ is the king of forest.

Exercise – 7 Answers

1. The car is black in color.

2. Sarika  is the smallest daughter of her father.

3. I live in India .

4. I have five pens  in my bag.

5. Virat  is a good player.

6. The lion  is the king of the forest.

  • Noun Exercises
  • Pronoun Exercises
  • Adjective Exercises
  • Verb Exercises

Exercise – 8

Use the clues to fill in the right proper nouns:

1. I like to play cricket with ______ (name

of a person) everyday.

2. My sister likes to study ______ (name of

the subject) in school.

3. Shivam’s uncle lives in _____(name of a

4. _______ (name of a neighbour) lives

near our flat.

5. _______(name of a place) is a temple in


6. _______(name of a day) is a holiday.

Exercise – 8 Answers

  • I like to play cricket with Rahul every day.
  • My sister likes to stud Mathematics in school.
  • Shivam’s uncle lives in Canada .
  • Mr. Smith lives near our flat.
  • Kedarnath is a temple in Uttarakhand .
  • Sunday is a holiday.

Exercise – 9

Fill in the blanks to write the correct plural noun with – s or es :

  • children _____
  • Mango______

Exercise – 9 Answers

Class 2 english grammar exercise – 10.

Circle the plural nouns in the Given sentences:

1. Those boys are playing the game.

2. My father bought mangoes.

3. Dogs are barking.

4. I eat so many oranges.

5. I need two tomatoes to make a new

6. The girls like to fly the kites.

Exercise – 10 Answers

1. boys 2. mangoes 3. Dogs 4. oranges 5. tomatoes 6. girls

Exercise – 11

Circle the singular nouns in the given sentences:

1. Radha is going to temple.

2. I have a basket.

3. I have two sister.

4. The boy is playing.

5. The baby is crying.

6. I am eating the food

Exercise – 11 Answers

1. Radha 2. basket 3. sister 4. boy 5. baby 6. food

Exercise – 12

Write D for many and F for one :

  • Basket _____
  • flowers ____
  • Books _____
  • doctors ____
  • Stars _____
  • fruit _____

Exercise – 12 Answers

1. Basket: D 2. flowers: D 3. Man: F 4. horse: F 5. Books: D 6. doctors: D 7. Hand: F 8. tree: F 9. Stars: D 10. fruit: D

Class 2 English Grammar Exercise – 13

Write the sentences changing their genders :

1. She is a intelligent girl.


2. May I come in, Madam?

3. Shiva is living with his aunt.

4. There are so many boys in the garden.


5. Mother is going to market.


Exercise – 13 Answers

1. He is an intelligent boy.

2. May I come in, Sir?

3. Shiva is living with his uncle.

4. There are so many girls in the garden.

5. Father is going to the market.

Exercise – 14

Fill in the blanks with correct feminine nouns from the box:

Governess, authoress, poetess, lioness, hostess, cow, Mare, madam, daughter, goddess

  • Lion ______
  • author _____
  • bull ______
  • horse _____
  • governor _____

Exercise – 14 Answers

Exercise – 15.

Underline the pronouns in the given sentences:

1. It is a bag.

2. She is four years old.

3. They study in class IV.

4. I like this mangoes.

5. We eat cookies.

6. He is my best friend.

7. I learnt English by myself.

8. I accepted their invitation.

Exercise – 15 Answers

1. It 2. She 3. They 4. I, this 5. We 6. He, my 7. I, myself 8. I, their

  • Use of Has to and Have to

CBSE English Grammar Exercise – 16

Write the following sentences by removing the the repeated nouns :

1. Radha and Sudha are friends. Radha and Sudha are intelligent.


2. Krishna has a dog. Krishna loves the dog.


3. The cat runs fast. The cat hides under the table.

4. Kavita is a dancer. Kavita dances well.

5. This mango is mine. The mango is sweet.

Class 2 Grammar Exercise – 17

Fill in the blanks with the suitable pronouns :

1. ______ am a boy.

______ name is pari.

______ apples belong to _____.

______ apples are _____.

2. ______ is a cat.

______ chain belongs to _____.

______ chain is ______.

3. ______ is Prince

______ books belong to _____.

______ books are _____.

Exercise – 18

Match the columns correctly :

1. It is a beautiful doll.

2. She are mine.

3. He is a cat.

4. You are friends.

5. We is a nice dog.

Exercise – 19

Circle the verbs in the given sentences :

1. The dog jumps off the wall.

2. Kavya eats an Apple everyday.

3. Kunal sleeps on a wooden bed.

4. Sudha call the mother.

5. Devriya writes a letter.

English worksheets for class Exercise – 20

Make sentences using the given verbs:

1. Write ___________________

2. Sleep ___________________

3. Buy ___________________

4. Run ___________________

5. Live ___________________

6. See ___________________

Exercise – 21

Fill in the given blanks with suitable verbs:

Call , buys , fly , send , tells , read

1. All student ______ the books.

2. The mother ______ the poem.

3. The birds ______ in the sky.

4. Sunam _______ new dolls.

5. My brother ______ me cards.

6. Suneeta ______ her mother.

Exercise – 22

Put correct form of the verbs given in the blanks:

1. Pari _____ in the party. ( dance )

2. They _____ to play Cricket. ( like )

3. I _____ dinner in the night. ( take )

4. Gauri _____ her hands before meal.

5. I _____ early in the morning. (get up )

6. Raghav _____ football everyday. ( play )

7. The mother ______ green vegetables.

Grammar Exercises for class 2 Exercise – 23

Write the seven daily used sentences:

1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________

4. ____________________

5. ____________________

6. ____________________

7. ____________________

Exercise -24

Fill in the blanks with the correct action words:

1. Radha is ________. (barking/dancing)

2. Ayush is ________ a cycle.

( flying/riding)

3. The monkey is ______ on the tree.


4. Sudha is _____. (dancing/ blowing)

5. The boys are _____ with a ball.


6. Kavita is _____ a kite. (flying/climbing)

7. The sun is _____in the sky .


Exercise -25

Add ‘ing’ to the given verbs and make new verb:

1. Dance _________

2. Play _________

3. Walk _________

4. Run _________

5. Fly _________

6. Read _________

7. Melt _________

8. Buy _________

9. Cook _________

10. Wash _________

Exercise – 26

Circle the adverbs in the following sentences:

1. Priya runs quickly.

2. The Girl reads loudly.

3. Seema dances beautifully.

4. The old woman walked slowly.

5. The moon is shining brightly.

6. Suman is singing a song sweetly.

Exercise – 27

Sentences using the given words:

1. angrily ____________________

2. slowly ____________________

3. foolishly ____________________

4. quickly ____________________

5. silently ____________________

6. sweetly ____________________

7. Loudly ____________________

Exercise – 28

Circle the adjectives in the following sentences:

1. Kunal has two pets.

2. Rose is red in colour.

3. Akbar was a great king.

4. Pallavi is reading an interesting book.

5. Pari is a beautiful girl.

6. He lives in a big house.

7. The Grandfather is a old man.

Exercise – 29

Match the following words with their antonyms:

1. Big cold

2. Hot exciting

3. Come small

4. Boring death

5. Birth go

6. Thin bad

7. Good fat

Exercise – 30

Fill in the blanks by choosing the describing words :

Red , dirty , beautiful , round , strong , sweet

1. My father bought me a ______ frock.

2. The sun is ________.

3. Radha is a _________ girl.

4. The house is so _______.

5. The honey is ________.

6. The white horse is very _______.

Exercise – 31

Tick (✓) the correct answer:

1. a/an snake and a/an cat.

2. an/a parrot and an/a ostrich.

3. a/the mango and a/an Apple.

4. an/ the Ganga and a/the Yamuna.

5. the/an Sky and the/a Earth.

6. an/a Orange and an/the inkpot.

7. a/an horse and a/an goat.

8. a/an copy and a/an book.

9. the/a Ramayana and an/the Himalayas.

10. an/a ox and a/an pen.

Exercise – 32

Put a, an or the in the given blanks :

1. _____ Scooty is bought by Kunal.

2. She is ____ University lecturer.

3. I have ____ pen.

4. Sameeksha has ____ five rupee note.

5. Kabeer is eating ____ Apple.

6. ____ aeroplane is flying in ___ sky.

Exercise – 33

Fill in the blanks with is, are or am :

1. Sudha ___ in the market.

2. We ____ in the car.

3. I ___ fine.

4. She ___ a beautiful girl.

5. It ___ raining.

6. I ___ a singer.

7. You ___ eating the mango.

8. Preeti ___ is a teacher.

Exercise – 34

Tick (✓) the correct option :

1. I is/am going to Kanpur.

2. We are/is good friends.

3. Kashish and priya am/are sisters.

4. Pari are/is a student.

5. They are/am doctors.

6. He am/is Kabeer.

7. You ___ the best.

Exercise – 35

Underline the correct option :

1. We was/were going to market.

2. This was/were my book.

3. You was/were a teacher.

4. She was/were an actress.

5. That were/was my home.

6. He was/were a fat boy.

7. There was/were many birds in the sky

Exercise – 36

Fill in the blanks with has or have :

1. The plant _____ yellow flowers.

2. A dog _____ four legs.

3. We ____ a scooter.

4. I _____ many clothes.

5. He ____ many books.

6. The girl ____ new dolls.

7. I ___ many toys.

Exercise – 37

1. Sunita has/have straight hair.

2. The lotus has/have good smell.

3. He has/have a silver bracelet.

4. I has/have a horse.

5. We has/have taken the dinner.

6. Sudha has/have a new bag.

Exercise – 38

Use has or have to form sentences :

1. Book _____________________

2. Doll _____________________

3. House _____________________

4. Kite _____________________

5. Pen _____________________

6. Flower _____________________

7. Box _____________________

8. Dog _____________________

9. Bat _____________________

10. Cup _____________________

Exercise – 39

Write the given words in their short forms :

1. Do not _______ We are _______

2. It is _______ You will _______

3. Can not _______ would not ______

4. He will _______ Are not ______

5. She is _______ He is ______

Class 2 English Worksheets Exercise – 40

Transform the given sentences using negative short form :

1. I am not going to Delhi.

2. You are not my friend.

3. Pratibha does not write a letter.

4. They will not like to banana.


5. Sneha and priya are not friend.

6. Prateek did not like tea or coffee.


7. Arju does not disturb me.


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Grammar and Writing Workbook for Grade 2

Download & Print Only $6.49

Grade 2 Grammar & Writing Worksheets

Second grade language arts.

These worksheets introduce students to the parts of speech, punctuation and related concepts which form the building blocks for writing proper sentences and paragraphs.

Other parts of speech  

Writing paragraphs

Writing prompts

english homework for class 2 with answers

Grade 2 Grammar & Writing Worksheet

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Grammar

english homework for class 2 with answers

Class 2 English Grammar Book all topics based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 free to use online or download in PDF. In grade 2 English Grammar, we will study about Noun, Singular and Plural Words, The Sentence and its type, Gender (He or She), Pronoun, Adjective, Articles, Verb, Use of the words like I, am, are, was, were, will be, shall be and all other topics related to Class 2 English Grammar.

Class 2 English Grammar Book Chapter 1. Noun – Naming Words Chapter 2. Singular and Plural Chapter 3. Words Chapter 4. Sentence and Phrase Chapter 5. Gender Chapter 6. Pronoun Chapter 7. Adjectives Chapter 8. Articles Chapter 9. The Verb Chapter 10. Is, Am, and Are Chapter 11. Was and Were Chapter 12. Will be and Shall be Chapter 13. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Chapter 14. Preposition Chapter 15. Opposite Words Chapter 16. Letter Writing Chapter 17. Essays Writing Chapter 18. Paragraph Writing Chapter 19. Composition Chapter 20. Comprehension Chapter 21. Picture Composition

For digital or interactive study materials, reviews can evaluate the engagement level and interactivity features. Please provide us Review and Suggestions about the service provided by us. Suggestions may lead to enhancements that make learning more engaging.

Incorporating feedback from reviews is essential for maintaining the quality and relevance of study materials. Whether it’s a textbook, online course, or educational resource, the goal is to create effective and beneficial materials that support the learning process and help students achieve their educational goals.

Improving English grammar for Class 2 students revolves around nurturing their foundational skills in a fun and interactive manner. At the stage of grade, learning should be as engaging as it is educational. Learning of English Grammar in Class 2 should be interactive Learning. Children, especially in Class 2 , are more receptive to learning when it’s presented in an engaging format. Incorporate multimedia resources such as educational videos, games, and interactive apps that focus on grammar.

In English grammar learning, storybooks with vibrant illustrations can be especially effective. As they read or listen, children naturally pick up sentence structures, verb forms, and other grammatical nuances. Activities like ‘fill in the blanks’ or ‘match the column’ that are themed around grammar topics can also be beneficial.

English grammar for Class 2 students, serves as the backbone of effective communication and comprehension in the language. Its introduction at this early stage can be debated, but there are several compelling reasons to support its inclusion in the curriculum. Language acquisition and proficiency are most effective when started early.

Class 2 English Grammar

Syllabus Covered for Class 2 English Grammar are given below. Examples related to each topic are also given in between the chapters. Assignments and worksheet based on each topic for 2nd Standard English grammar are also given for practice.

Class 2 English Grammar learning needs consistent practice. Like any skill, mastering grammar requires consistent practice. Dedicate a small portion of daily study time to grammar exercises. Start with simple sentences and gradually introduce more complex structures. Encourage students to write short paragraphs, stories, or diary entries. This not only boosts their writing skills but also allows them to apply grammatical rules. Regularly reviewing their work helps in identifying common mistakes and areas of improvement.

To make English Grammar easy for kids of grade 2, use it in real-life conversations. Encourage children to converse in English, both at school and home. Practical application is crucial for language learning. Simple conversations with family members, friends, or even imaginary play with toys can help reinforce grammatical concepts.

The grammar portion for Class 2 is simple to read and learn. These are basically daily life used words and terms which are useful for learning the English Language smoothly. Just read out the chapters solving the assignments given at the end of each chapter. Gradually it become easy to read and learn the grammar or English reader book.

The correction done time to time by parents and teachers make grammar learning fun. Correcting mistakes should be done positively, ensuring the child understands the error without feeling discouraged. Over time, regular practice in real-life scenarios will naturally improve their grammar and overall language proficiency.

The use of Adjectives and Prepositions, increase the beauty of sentence. Adjectives are introduced as words that describe or qualify nouns. Students learn to use them to add detail and colour to their sentences. Basic comparison using adjectives (like tall, taller, and tallest) might also be touched upon. Prepositions, though a more advanced topic, are introduced gently. Simple ones like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, and ‘between’ are taught through interactive methods, helping children understand their role in indicating positions or relationships between nouns in a sentence.

Class 2 English Grammar

There is no book for Class 2 English Grammar issued by CBSE or published by NCERT. CBSE just mention the Syllabus for grade 2 students. To practice English Grammar, student can by any good book from market belonging to well-known publisher. Class 2 English Grammar Book is also available on Tiwari Academy website and App, which is free to use without any login or password.

Class 2 English grammar builds on the foundational linguistic skills acquired in Class 1, gradually introducing students to more structured aspects of the language. The curriculum is carefully designed to cater to the cognitive abilities of young learners while preparing them for more advanced studies in the subsequent years.

In grade 2 grammar, students should learn sentence structure and punctuation along with the new words. In primary classes, students delve deeper into constructing simple sentences. They learn about subjects and predicates and how they come together to form a complete thought. Additionally, the importance of capitalization at the beginning of sentences and the usage of punctuation marks like full stops, question marks, and commas are emphasized. This equips them to identify and construct declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.

Introducing grammar in Class 2 ensures that students build a solid foundation. By understanding the basic rules and structures of the language, they can construct sentences correctly, express their thoughts clearly, and comprehend written and spoken English better. As they progress to higher classes, having a strong grammatical base will aid in grasping more complex linguistic concepts with ease.

English Grammar is not just about rules; it’s about conveying ideas effectively and coherently. By understanding the basics of sentence construction, punctuation, and parts of speech, students can articulate their thoughts more clearly. This not only boosts their written communication but also aids in verbal interactions. In an increasingly globalized world, effective communication in English can be a valuable asset, and early exposure to grammar can facilitate this proficiency.

Class 2 English Grammar Solution

Learning grammar in Class 2 , is not merely rote memorization; it involves understanding patterns, applying rules, and analysing sentence structures. This cognitive exercise can enhance a child’s analytical and reasoning abilities. It encourages them to think critically, deduce patterns, and make connections between words and their meanings. Such skills, cultivated early, can be beneficial not just for language learning but across other academic subjects and real-life scenarios.

What is the name of Class 2 English Grammar Book issued by NCERT?

There is not any book issued by NCERT, only private publishers books are available to study based on Syllabus prescribed by CBSE.

Class 2 students should know the use of Nouns, Pronouns, and common Verbs used in daily life. Nouns are categorized further into proper, common, singular, and plural nouns. Children also get introduced to gender-specific nouns (like actor/actress) and collective nouns (like a herd of cows). Pronouns, which replace nouns, become another focal point. Basic ones such as ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘they’, ‘him’, ‘her’, and ‘them’ are taught to avoid redundancy in sentences. Verbs, or action words, are also highlighted, emphasizing their role in indicating actions or states of being.

What is the Syllabus for Class 2 English Grammar?

The common Syllabus for Class 2 English Grammar are the basics of English Grammar at an elementary level. The brief Syllabus for the students of grade 2 is mentioned above.

How to download the chapters of English Grammar for Class 2 in PDF?

To download Class 2 English Grammar Book in PDF file format, please visit to Tiwari Academy website or download Tiwari Academy App for class 1 to 12. It contains all the chapters of English Grammar from 1 to 10.

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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheets with Answers

  • English Worksheets


NCERT CBSE English Worksheets for Class 2

CBSE Class 2 English worksheets , class assignments, and practice papers for exams have been created in accordance with CBSE syllabus requirements and the topics covered in NCERT book 2022. All significant areas for the CBSE Class 2 English examination are covered, and the English worksheet for class 2 free PDF version is available for download. To obtain a free English test and English worksheet for Class 2 PDF.

The aim of these free printable worksheets(class 2 worksheets) is to provide a platform for vigorous practice and provide ease for students to remember answers. However, the aim of our worksheets is not just to boost academic proficiency in all Class 2 subjects, but to also make the learning experience more fun!

CBSE Class 2 English Worksheets


Steps to Score High with CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet

It's time to finish the class 2 English printable worksheet after finishing the course's normal curriculum. Here are a few recommendations from our knowledgeable Vedantu teacher to help pupils do better in class.

Step 1. Create a Proper Studying Schedule.

Dividing the syllabus and chapter equally can save time from last moment hassle.

Step 2. Gather Worksheet.

Gathering the reliable worksheet will help to practise more effectively toward the goal that you have marked.

Step 3. Revision After Completing the Syllabus is Necessary.

Students must revise the syllabus after completing all the chapters. Solving worksheets will help students to get vast experience in attempting the final exam. As it contains very short answers, short answers and long answers which helps students to achieve more marks by practising with the CBSE class 2 English worksheet.

Step 4. Start With the Long Questions as it Carries High Marks Weightage.

According to the exam pattern of CBSE, topics are divided as per marks weightage which is necessary for students to understand and prepare according to it.

Step 5. Set Up a Timer To Check Your Performance.

Many times students complain about the less time left to attempt the paper completely. So practising with the timer will help students to complete the entire paper on time.

Benefits of CBSE English Worksheet for Class 2

The NCERT CBSE class 2 English Worksheets will aid students in understanding ideas and increasing their exam scores.

These printable English 2nd-grade activities can enhance your problem-solving and analytical abilities.

Daily practice sheets will help to develop a regular schedule of students.

By reviewing all English-related material in preparation, you can complete the exam on time.

English Grammar Worksheet for Class 2

English Grammar is the main topic of the Class 2 English Worksheets. The questions in the Class 2 English Grammar Worksheets are based on the parts of speech, such as nouns, prepositions, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs. There are picture-based questions and crossword puzzles in the CBSE Class 2 English Grammar Worksheets. Kids can effortlessly learn the challenging facets of English grammar by practising with these exercises. For your child, you can download the English Grammar Worksheets for Grade 2 PDF from the numerous themes covered below.

Noun Worksheets for Class 2

Noun is a term which is used to refer to as particular someone, location, or thing. The noun is the first part of speech that children study. For a solid foundation in grammar, it's essential to have a firm understanding of the Noun. The Nouns Worksheets for Grade 2 provide a variety of questions on Common and Proper Nouns to aid students in strengthening their understanding of nouns. Children can practise from our Grade 2 Regular and Proper Nouns Worksheets and increase their understanding. The Class 2 Noun Exercise PDF can be downloaded from this page as well.

Preposition Worksheets for Grade 2

For Class 2, prepositions are the words that often come before a noun or pronoun and express the relationship between other words in a phrase. Children's prepositional understanding is clarified by practising preposition exercises for class 2. The preposition Worksheet for Class 2 is provided here; you may download it in PDF format from the link provided below.

Pronoun Worksheets for Class 2

A pronoun is a term that is employed in a sentence to take the place of a noun. Pronouns are mostly employed to prevent the repetition of nouns in sentences. Children who have a solid understanding of pronouns can create suitable sentences without the need for repeating nouns. Pronouns for Class 2 come in a variety of forms and have various meanings. We are giving you the top-notch worksheets for Class 2's Pronoun Exercise. The Class 2 Pronoun Worksheet can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Adjective Worksheets for Class 2

Class 2 Adjectives are the words that describe or modify a noun. These are likewise regarded as parts of speech. We present Class 2 students with Adjective Exercises that additional details about the noun in the sentence. Adjective Worksheets for Class 2 Children are provided below for download in PDF format.

Verb Worksheets for Class 2

Class 2 verbs are words that describe an activity or occurrence and are an essential component of all sentences. Without a verb, no sentence can be constructed. For Class 2 students, we are offering verb exercises to help them better comprehend verbs. The verb Worksheet for Class 2 in PDF format is available here.

CBSE Class 2 English Marigold Worksheets - Chapters

Chapter 3 - The Wind and the Sun

Chapter 4 - Storm in the Garden

Chapter 5 - Funny Bunny

Chapter 6 - Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Chapter 7 - Make it Shorter

Chapter 8 - The Mumbai Musicians

Chapter 9 - The Magic Porridge Pot

Chapter 10 - The Grasshopper and the Ant

CBSE Class 2 English Marigold Worksheets - Poem

Chapter 3 (Poem) - A Smile

Chapter 4 (Poem) - Rain

Chapter 6 (Poem) - Mr. Nobody

Chapter 7 (Poem) - On My Blackboard I can Draw

Chapter 8 (Poem) - I am the Music Man

Chapter 9 (Poem) - Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair

Chapter 10 (Poem) - Strange Talk

CBSE Class 2 English Raindrops Worksheets

Chapter 1 - Action Song Poem

Chapter 2 - Our Day

Chapter 3 - My Family

Chapter 4 - What's Going On

Vedantu hope your children enjoyed filling out the English Worksheets for Class 2 above. You can visit the Vedantu website to discover a variety of top-notch and notable Kid's Learning resources for your young one and help make learning enjoyable for them. Why not now? Enrol today!


FAQs on CBSE Class 2 English Worksheets with Answers

1. Where can I find the Class 2 English worksheets?

Class 2 English worksheets along with their solutions are easily available in a PDF format on Vedantu’s website. These worksheets along with the solutions are extremely helpful and come in handy when students want to revise quickly whatever they have studied. These English worksheets have been curated by Vedantu expert teachers Who have done extensive research into producing solutions for these worksheets. These worksheets along with the solution also help students to get a good score in the exam as they explain how there are numerous ways in which a particular question can be answered and what is the best way to answer it.

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

2. Is it important to study Class 2 books Marigold and Raindrops worksheets?

It is extremely important to study class with books marigold and raindrops as they form the basis of English literature and they just wouldn’t inculcate a habit of reading and their interesting stories and poems will help students to get engrossed in the subject. These books will increase the English vocabulary and Will teach them how to answer a particular question in fluent English.

3. What are the chapters included in the  Class 2 English Marigold worksheet?

The chapters in Class 2 English Marigold book are as follows:

Unit 1: First Day at School

Unit 1: Haldi’s Adventure

Unit 2: I am Lucky!

Unit 2: I Want

Unit 3: A Smile

Unit 3: The Wind and the Sun

Unit 4: Rain

Unit 4: Storm in the Garden

Unit 5: Zoo Manners

Unit 5: Funny Bunny

Unit 6: Mr. Nobody

Unit 6: Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Unit 7: On My Blackboard I can Draw

Unit 7: Make it Shorter

Unit 8: I am the Music Man

Unit 8: The Mumbai Musicians

Unit 9: Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair

Unit 9: The Magic Porridge Pot

Unit 10: Strange Talk

Unit 10: The Grasshopper and the Ant

4. What are the chapters included in the Class 2 English Raindrops worksheet?

The chapters included in the Class 2 English Raindrops worksheet are as follows:

Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem)

Chapter 2: Our Da

Chapter 3: My Family

Chapter 4: What’s Going On?

Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter

Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem)

Chapter 7: My Village

Chapter 8: The Work People Do

Chapter 9: Work (Poem)

Chapter 10: Our National Symbols

Chapter 11: The Festivals of India

Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant

Chapter 13: Going to the Fair

Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)

Chapter 15: Sikkim

5. How can the Class 2 English worksheets help students in their exam preparation?

The Class 2 English worksheets provided by Vedantu can help the student to get an edge over the other students in the class. These worksheets are included with the solutions and that can help students to inculcate a habit of self-study and will help them to keep in check of their progress. It will also teach them how to answer numerous questions in English. It will increase their vocabulary and explain the skills that are much needed in English literature. These worksheets are based on the curriculum set by the Central Board of secondary education therefore they are extremely important and beneficial.

6. Under whom guidance CBSE English Worksheet for class 2 is made?

The class 2 worksheet with answers is designed by a Vedantu expert teacher under their guidance each question is checked and solved step-by-step.

7. Can students download the printable worksheet of CBSE for class 2?

Of course, students can download the printable worksheet from Vedantu's website. The link can be found on the website itself.

8. Is there any charges and fees to download printable worksheets?

No, there is no charges or fee for the printable worksheet PDFs of class 2.

9. Do more subjects worksheet for class 2 available?

Yes more subjects like (Maths, EVS, S.St and Hindi) worksheet for class 2 is available on Vedantu’s website.

Learn Practice Succeed!

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