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    example of research paper in quantitative research


    example of research paper in quantitative research

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    example of research paper in quantitative research

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    example of research paper in quantitative research

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    example of research paper in quantitative research

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    example of research paper in quantitative research



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  1. A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Social Media Reviews on Brand

    me motivated and keen to study the research problem more. Thank you to my graduate advisor Cathy Levkulic. Your help was very crucial for a smooth Masters experience. Thank you, Dr. Michael Goodman for all your support during the two years of my Master's degree. I would also like to take the opportunity to appreciate all my professors.

  2. A Practical Guide to Writing Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    The answer is written in length in the discussion section of the paper. Thus, the research question gives a preview of the different parts and variables of the study meant to address the problem posed in the research question.1 An excellent research ... Definitions and examples of quantitative research questions. Quantitative research questions;

  3. PDF The Dignity for All Students Act: a Quantitative Study of One Upstate

    friends on social media. Earlier research conducted by Gross (2004) reflects similar results. In his survey of 261 students in grades 7-10, he found that students spend an average of 40 minutes texting per day. Likewise, research by Kowalski and Limber (2007) reflected comparable results of 3,767

  4. What Is Quantitative Research?

    Revised on June 22, 2023. Quantitative research is the process of collecting and analyzing numerical data. It can be used to find patterns and averages, make predictions, test causal relationships, and generalize results to wider populations. Quantitative research is the opposite of qualitative research, which involves collecting and analyzing ...

  5. Quantitative Methods

    Quantitative methods emphasize objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected through polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by manipulating pre-existing statistical data using computational techniques.Quantitative research focuses on gathering numerical data and generalizing it across groups of people or to explain a particular phenomenon.

  6. What is Quantitative Research? Definition, Methods, Types, and Examples

    Quantitative research is the process of collecting and analyzing numerical data to describe, predict, or control variables of interest. This type of research helps in testing the causal relationships between variables, making predictions, and generalizing results to wider populations. The purpose of quantitative research is to test a predefined ...

  7. (PDF) Example of a Quantitative Research Paper for Students

    Surprises at a Local "Family" Restaurant: Example Quantitative Research Paper A quantitative research paper with that title might start with a paragraph like this: Quaintville, located just off the main highway only five miles from the university campus, may normally be a sleepy community, but recent plans to close the only fast-food ...

  8. Quantitative Research

    Quantitative Research. Quantitative research is a type of research that collects and analyzes numerical data to test hypotheses and answer research questions.This research typically involves a large sample size and uses statistical analysis to make inferences about a population based on the data collected.

  9. How to Write an APA Methods Section

    Research papers in the social and natural sciences often follow APA style. This article focuses on reporting quantitative research methods. In your APA methods section, you should report enough information to understand and replicate your study, including detailed information on the sample, measures, and procedures used.

  10. Quantitative Research Methodologies

    In quantitative research, a variable is something (an intervention technique, a pharmaceutical, a temperature, etc.) that changes. There are two kinds of variables: independent variables and dependent variables.In the simplest terms, the independent variable is whatever the researchers are using to attempt to make a change in their dependent variable.

  11. PDF Introduction to quantitative research

    Mixed-methods research is a flexible approach, where the research design is determined by what we want to find out rather than by any predetermined epistemological position. In mixed-methods research, qualitative or quantitative components can predominate, or both can have equal status. 1.4. Units and variables.

  12. Sample papers

    These sample papers demonstrate APA Style formatting standards for different student paper types. Students may write the same types of papers as professional authors (e.g., quantitative studies, literature reviews) or other types of papers for course assignments (e.g., reaction or response papers, discussion posts), dissertations, and theses.

  13. PDF A Quantitative Study of Course Grades and Retention Comparing Online

    sample. A two-factor ANOVA was used to answer the first research question: Is there is a statistically significant difference between students' grades in online classes and traditional face-to-face classes? Results showed no significant difference between the grades of online and face-to-face students. Chi-square analysis was used for Research

  14. Writing Quantitative Research Studies

    Summarizing quantitative data and its effective presentation and discussion can be challenging for students and researchers. This chapter provides a framework for adequately reporting findings from quantitative analysis in a research study for those contemplating to write a research paper. The rationale underpinning the reporting methods to ...

  15. PDF Quantitative Research: A Successful Investigation in Natural and Social

    need to quantify data. Since then quantitative research has dominated the western cultural as the research method to create new knowledge. This method was originally developed in the natural sciences to study natural phenomena [Williams, 2007]. In quantitative research, a variable is a factor that can be controlled or changed in an

  16. What Is a Research Design

    A research design is a strategy for answering your research question using empirical data. Creating a research design means making decisions about: Your overall research objectives and approach. Whether you'll rely on primary research or secondary research. Your sampling methods or criteria for selecting subjects. Your data collection methods.

  17. Quantitative Research

    Quantitative research methods are concerned with the planning, design, and implementation of strategies to collect and analyze data. Descartes, the seventeenth-century philosopher, suggested that how the results are achieved is often more important than the results themselves, as the journey taken along the research path is a journey of discovery. . High-quality quantitative research is ...

  18. Quantitative Research: What It Is, Practices & Methods

    Sample size: Quantitative research is conducted on a significant sample size representing the target market. ... Surveys are used to ask questions to a sample of respondents, using various types such as online polls, online surveys, paper questionnaires, web-intercept surveys, etc. Every small and big organization intends to understand what ...

  19. PDF Effective Teacher Leadership: a Quantitative Study of The Relationship

    Sebring et al. (2003) found, "Our own and others' research convinced us that to achieve and sustain significant advances in instruction, leadership practice had to develop towards a model of distributed leadership" (p. 2). The authors referenced research conducted by the Consortium on Chicago School Research:

  20. Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

    This type of research can be used to establish generalisable facts about a topic. Common quantitative methods include experiments, observations recorded as numbers, and surveys with closed-ended questions. Qualitative research. Qualitative research is expressed in words. It is used to understand concepts, thoughts or experiences.

  21. How to appraise quantitative research

    Title, keywords and the authors. The title of a paper should be clear and give a good idea of the subject area. The title should not normally exceed 15 words 2 and should attract the attention of the reader. 3 The next step is to review the key words. These should provide information on both the ideas or concepts discussed in the paper and the ...

  22. The Quantitative Research Paper example

    One commonly experienced mental health issue by students is the academic stress, which is mostly due to the students' apprehension of loss of grades and fear of failure. Fear of lower performance and delay in completion of studies are also the reasons to induce stress among students during COVID-19.

  23. What is Quantitative Research Design? Definition, Types, Methods and

    Quantitative research design is defined as a research method used in various disciplines, including social sciences, psychology, economics, and market research. ... Ensure Sample Representativeness: Pay attention to sample selection to ensure it is representative of the target population. Use appropriate sampling techniques and consider factors ...

  24. Quantitative vs Qualitative Research Questions

    Quantitative Research Questions. Quantitative research involves numbers, statistics, and hard data. It's like counting beans in a jar. Quantitative research questions aim to answer "how much," "how many," or "to what extent" questions. When understanding how to write research paper, quantitative research questions can provide clear, measurable ...

  25. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data in Research: The Difference

    More examples of quantitative and qualitative data. You've most likely run into quantitative and qualitative data today, alone. For the visual learner, here are some examples of both quantitative and qualitative data: Quantitative data example. The customer has clicked on the button 13 times. The engineer has resolved 34 support tickets today.

  26. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

    When collecting and analyzing data, quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics, while qualitative research deals with words and meanings. Both are important for gaining different kinds of knowledge. Quantitative research. Quantitative research is expressed in numbers and graphs. It is used to test or confirm theories and assumptions.

  27. APA Sample Paper

    Media Files: APA Sample Student Paper , APA Sample Professional Paper This resource is enhanced by Acrobat PDF files. Download the free Acrobat Reader. Note: The APA Publication Manual, 7 th Edition specifies different formatting conventions for student and professional papers (i.e., papers written for credit in a course and papers intended for scholarly publication).

  28. Blind Spots in Employee Communication Research ...

    This paper aims to uncover blind spots in research on employee communication regarding LGBT+ to provide guidance for future research. To this end, we conducted a scoping review following the PRISMA-guidelines. A systematic literature search in four databases yielded 3,055 records. Our final sample included 164 publications reporting on 178 quantitative studies (207,181 participants and 3,740 ...

  29. Qualitative vs. Quantitative: Key Differences in Research Types

    Qualitative research uses open-ended methods like interviews, focus groups or content analysis. Nature of data: Quantitative research involves numerical data that you can measure and analyze statistically, whereas qualitative research involves exploring the depth and richness of experiences through nonnumerical, descriptive data.

  30. What Is Data Analysis? (With Examples)

    This type of analysis helps describe or summarize quantitative data by presenting statistics. For example, descriptive statistical analysis could show the distribution of sales across a group of employees and the average sales figure per employee. ... Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other ...