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How to Write a Lemonade Business Plan for Kids + Sample Templates

Thinking about opening a lemonade stand with your kids? Don’t miss this opportunity to provide an important life lesson about the basics of running a business with this common childhood experience. One smart way to teach the basics of operating a business with your kids is to write a short business plan while keeping things fun for the kiddos.

To get the most out of your lemonade stand and to teach kids what it’s like putting up a business, write down a lemonade business plan with them. To make this the most of this activity make sure to involve your kid in each step of the planning process. For each section of the business plan, ask them what they think. You can offer ideas to get the ball rolling if they don’t have any ideas right away.

To help get your child involved think about each component of the business plan as a question. Instead of asking your kids about what we should include in the marketing plan, instead ask how customers will find out about their stand? Instead of handing your kid a packet of lemonade to mix with water, ask them what type of lemonade they would like to sell. This approach will get your kids thinking critically, which is kind of the whole point of this project.

And with this guide, we’ll help you how to make one for kids so they can get started on that lemonade stand this summer! Read on to learn how you can get started.

lemonade stand

A lemonade stand can be a teaching opportunity about the basics of running a small business.

Keep it fun for the kiddos!

Since a business plan is quite formal this one will be less so. Kids have shorter attention spans than adults and the last thing you want is to make this project feel like homework. As a result, we recommend writing a shorter business plan or a one-page business model canvas . Our templates and advice below keeps this in mind. With that being said, let’s get on with it!

Lemonade stand name ideas

Have your child think of a business name for their lemonade stand. Their names are usually used for this. For example, it can go as simple as Alex’s Lemonade Stand or a bit more creative like The Wonder Ade . Give your child a few initial ideas so they can begin formulating name ideas. For research purposes, you can check out our complete list of lemonade stand name ideas here.

This is best done with a piece of paper and a pen so you can write down anything that comes to mind. You can then help your child choose among the top five, then the top three, and ultimately, the official one. Write the business name at the top of the business plan.

Business concept

lemonade stand business plan

Lemonade only .25 cents per glass.

A business, whether big or small, must have a concept. Explain to your kids that a business concept helps them decide the design of their lemonade stand and make their setup more inviting.

For example, you can go with a colorful lemonade brand concept. They could add pink, green, or blue lemonade. They could also go with a fruit lemonade concept wherein each cup of lemonade will have fruit slices inside so it’s more delicious.

In addition to color schemes, talk to your kids the product to help them understand the options. One great approach is to ask your kids what type of lemonade they would like to serve best? There are more options than you might think.

  • Should the drink be fresh squeezed?
  • Will you offer special flavors like raspberry lemonade?
  • Will you purchase a mix?
  • Will you sell a ready-made lemonade from the grocery store?

Whatever the concept may be, discuss it with your kids and have them document the approach in this section.

Marketing plan for lemonade stands

lemonade stand business plan

A highly visible lemonade trailer.

Marketing is very important in business. Sit your kids down and explain to them what a proper marketing plan can do. For instance, you can explain that the reason why they buy a certain chocolate bar at the grocery store is that they see it on the huge posters outside of the store before they enter.

Discuss with your kids how they’ll market their lemonade stand. You can introduce to them the concept of advertising by using flyers and handing them out to your nearest neighbors. You can also put up a huge poster by your mailbox so everyone that passes by can anticipate the opening of your lemonade stand. A big clear sign taped to a table is another example of good marketing.

Word of mouth is always a classic yet effective marketing plan so be sure to tell your kids to spread the word around at school, with your friends after church, and even to people passing by your house. Even something as simple as waving to commuters who pass by is an effective form of marketing.

When you have a proper marketing plan down, write them all in this section. Be sure to include the following details on your flyers:

  • Business Name
  • What you’re selling
  • The retail price per cup
  • Opening date
  • Selling Hours

Customer Focus

Teach your kids to find their target customers early on. Ask them who they’d like to come over to try their lemonade. Will it be just the local neighborhood community? Or would they like to expand their market to the next block as well in an effort to sell even more?

This gets your kids thinking about how many people they’d like their lemonade stand to reach. It also helps them prepare how many cups to buy and how much lemonade to prepare.

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There are customer service skills that can also be taught through this process. Explain to your kids the importance of smiling and greeting customers as they approach the lemonade stand. A smile and a wave is enough to make your stand more approachable and create better guest experiences.

Another tip is to teach basic communication skills when interacting with customers. Encourage kids to ask how people’s day is going while pouring a glass. Encourage your kids to thank customers for coming too. This teaches kids to think about the customers perspective. A very important skill to learn early in life!

Menu and Sign 

Now comes the fun part of the kid-friendly business plan. Writing down the menu for your lemonade stand. More often than not there’s one product to offer and that’s fine. But here are some other ideas you can present to your kids.

  • How much will a glass of lemonade be?
  • Will you be offering only one size or small, medium and large ones?
  • Will there be add-ons such as sliced fruit or food items?
  • Could you offer a volume discount for people that want to buy three or more cups of lemonade?

Have your kids write down the menu so they are involved in this important decision.

Lemonade Stand Finances

lemonade stand business plan

Explain the financial side of running a business with your kids.

They may be kids but that doesn’t mean they can’t understand the concept of how selling stuff works. To keep it simple, bring them to the grocery with you while you shop for lemonade ingredients. Make sure to point out to them the price of each ingredient so they know how much they all cost.

Keep the receipt with you and when you head back home and make lemonade for a taste test, break down all the items and their prices and sum it all up.

Show them how much lemonade costs and then give a fixed price to add how much you’ll charge for their service. Explain to them that the service fee will be their profit, which they’ll get to keep as earnings. The anticipation of finding out how much money leftover can be extremely exciting at the end of the day.

To keep things simple, write down the formula this way in front of your kids:

Selling price of lemonade – Cost of lemonade = Profit

Don’t forget to list down the materials you need for your lemonade stand and place them in this section of the document. Here are a few materials you and your kids will need to get started:

  • Lemons or lemonade mix
  • Syrup and or sugar
  • Cups with lids
  • Straw (or you can go without straws if you’re teaching them about saving the environment and cost savings)
  • Table napkins
  • Ice in a cooler
  • Illustration board, crayons, and pens to decorate the menu

With a proper list of expenses and an equation to better visualize where their profit is coming from, your kids will better understand how a real business works.

Download Templates 

Download our lemonade stand business plan templates below. If you would like to complete something shorter consider using our food business canvas here . This is essentially a one-page business plan that allows you to map the key ingredients of the business on a single page.

  • Lemonade Stand Business Plan PDF
  • Lemonade stand business plan Word Doc

lemonade stand business model canvas

A lemonade stand business model canvas from Pinterest. 

  • Be there as a guide for your child but it would be best to have them choose most of the decisions such as the business name, menu, and design for the stand. That way you encourages creativity at a young age. Help them come up with their own solutions to problems instead of giving the answers right away.
  • Work as a team. Let your kids split up the work associated with opening a lemonade stand. This instills the importance of team work and lets your kids focus on the aspects of running a lemonade stand that interests them most. If you have a child that’s gifted at drawing, let them be in charge of making the sign. If an older sibling wants to poor the glasses to avoid spills that works great. If you have a child born with the gift of gab, have them oversee customer service and greeting customers.
  • Have fun! You’ve been in your kids’ position when you were selling the lemonade. It’s all about enjoying the moment. Don’t keep things too serious lest you take the way the fun of it all. This should be an enjoyable and educational activity.

And there you have it! A lemonade business plan for kids can be as simple as that. Keep it brief and use simple words so the young ones can understand and stay engaged in the startup process. Guide them along the way and use this time to bond with them as well.

Have fun selling those lemonades! With this short yet detailed business plan, you and your kids are ready to start a lemonade stand that develops skills that will be used for decades to come.

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan [Sample Template]

By: Author Tony Martins Ajaero

Home » Business ideas » Food Industry » Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Business

Are you about starting a lemonade stand? If YES, here is a complete sample lemonade stand business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE .

Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a lemonade stand business . We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample lemonade stand marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for lemonade stand businesses. So let’s proceed to the business planning section.

Why Start a Lemonade Stand Business?

Lemonade stands is a very lucrative business that can be started by even kids and college students to make some money for themselves during the holidays and summers. This business is also a good business idea for stay-at-home parents or unemployed people.

With less than $100, you can start your lemonade business for yourself. But if you have enough funds to invest, you can try starting up a mobile lemonade stand.

You can also consider selling snacks and other types of fruit juice to boost your business income. It is very important that you pen down your business plan and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits for your business before you start.

You may also want to understudy one who is already versed in the industry. This is so that you will be put through the various processes involved in starting a lemonade stand business . Here is an already prepared business plan to help you navigate your way through the business;

A Sample Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template

1. industry overview.

Domestic lemon production in the United has recently started up while the previous year ended in July. In the united states, California is the biggest lemon producing state with 47,000 acres in production, and the 8,300 acres remaining in the United States are grown in Arizona.

Within the 2014 – 2015 season, lemon production in California grew by 9 percent, while Arizona’s lemon production increased by 11 percent during the same reason. Lemon production in California is believed will remain stable while Arizona production will probably reduce by 15 and 20 percent.

Just at the exact point when oranges, grapefruit and tangelos are all showing a slight reduction in acreage, lemons and tangerines/mandarins were the only citrus varieties to show an increase. Just in 2015 alone, US lemon acreage amounted to 55,300, up 1,000 acres compared to the year before.

During the year 2015, Lemon prices remained strong throughout the same. The start of the same year, prices of lemon started very strong due to a smaller harvest during the previous year.

It also ended on a strong note with the season-average price being 14 percent above the season-average price in 2014. Becauseof this strong lemon prices, the industry experienced an increase in production value, up from $641 million in 2014 to $694 million in 2015.

Lemon importation in the United States increased last year to a record 169.6 million pounds. It is believed that this increase was triggered by lower fresh production and higher prices. Mexico provided 54 percent (equivalent to 92.1 million pounds) of all lemons imported into the US and the country has been increasing its lemon shipments to the US year over year.

Chile is the number two sourcing country for lemons and exported 62.2 million pounds during last season, more than doubling the volume shipped the year before. Shipments from Spain almost tripled compared to the previous year and amounted to 10.3 million pounds.

Lemon exports exceeded imports and amounted to 247.9 million pounds last year. Japan was the largest destination for US fresh lemons, buying 67.9 million pounds.

Canada received about the same amount as Japan. South Korea ranks third, receiving 30.2 million pounds. Despite the strong export number, domestic per capita consumption increased 5 percent from the previous season. Since 2010, US per capita consumption of lemons has consistently been above 3 pounds per person.

2. Executive Summary

Peoples Cafe is a new and big specialty beverage retailer. We plan to make use of a system that is entirely new to the industry to provide astounding hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way. We at Peoples Cafe hope to provide our customers with the opportunity to drive up and place their order of well-prepared lemonade, espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee, or other beverage.

We also hope to give our patrons the best hot and cold beverages, specializing in well blended lemonade, coffees, blended teas, and other custom drinks. We will also offer soft drinks, fresh-baked pastries and other confections.

at Peoples Cafe hope to get at our targeted markets by deploying Drive-through facilities and Mobile Cafes to satisfy the various urge of the people of San Diego, California. These facilities we believe will be designed to manage the two-sided traffic and dispense customer-designed, specially ordered cups of premium lemonade in less time than need to visit other businesses.

We at Peoples Cafe hope to offer quality products and an extensive menu of delicious items, to make sure we get our customer awareness and loyalty, as well as good publicity coverage and media support. The financial picture we have for this venture looks promising.

We at Peoples Café chose to become the Drive-through cafe between the mountains, gaining several million dollars through an initial public or private offering that would allow the People’s Cafe to open twenty to thirty facilities per year in all metropolitan communities in the North, Midwest, and South with a population of over 150,000.

It is very important to note that Peoples Cafe is a Limited Liability Corporation. We believe that all membership shares are all currently owned by Nick and Sandra Martins, and we also plan or hope to use a portion of the shares to raise capital. Our plan calls for the sale of 100 membership units in Peoples Café to family members, friends, and angel investors .

We also believe that it is crucial to say that each membership unit in the business is priced at $2,328 with a minimum of five units per membership certificate, or a minimum investment of $21,954 per investor. We also understand that if all funds are raised, Nick and Sandra Martins will maintain ownership of no less than 51% of the People’s Cafe.

3. Our Products and Services

We at Peoples Cafe hope to provide our patrons the finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in well blended Lemonade and custom blended teas. In addition, we also hope to select sell coffees, soft drinks, Italian sodas, fresh-baked pastries, and other confections.

\We at Peoples Cafe hope to offer our customers the ability to custom order a lemonade beverage that will be made and produced to their exact specifications. All of our staffs will be well trained in the art of making, blending, and serving the highest quality hot and cold beverages, with exceptional attention to detail.

Through our website and certain locations, we will market premium items such as Lemonade, coffee mugs, T-shirts and sweatshirts, ball caps, and more. We hope to create multiple sources of income in line with our core business concept, which is why we will run an in – house and community based consultancy service and trainings as it relates to lemonade and all other drinks.

Our Objective is to produce the best products – freshest lemon, coffee beans, cleanest equipment, premium serving containers, consistent flavour.

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our Vision at Peoples Cafe is to build a stand that will provide astonishing services to the people of San Diego and also grow to become a venture that will occupy every major city in the United States.
  • Our mission at Peoples Cafe is to provide our customers with the finest quality beverage in the most efficient time, provide community support through customer involvement, and build and grow our business at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions.

Our Business Structure

Our Business Structure at Peoples Cafe will be a relatively flat one, since most of our personnel will be involved in production and there will be a relatively low headcount in management. We plan to create three functioning groups within Peoples Cafe: Production, Sales and Marketing, and General and Administrative.

Our Production group will involve our Customer Service Specialists, who will be manning our Drive-through and Mobile Cafes and blending the juices and beverages for the customers. Our Sales and Marketing will take care of the promotion and scheduling of the Mobile Cafes, as well as the promotion of the Drive-through and the Community Contribution program.

General and Administrative manage the facilities, equipment, inventory, payroll, and other basic, operational processes. We have taken our time to map out the various roles of our employees and what we need, and they include;

Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief operating officer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Chief information officer

Director of marketing

District and facilities managers

  • Warehouse manager /store manager

Customer Service Specialists

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develops management’s effectiveness by employing, selecting and training, managers. Passing across information to managers on values, plans, and purposes.
  • Generates, interacts, and applies the organization’s vision, mission, and overriding theme.
  • In charge of setting prices and validation business deals
  • Provides a sense of direction for the business
  • Constructs, transfers, and helps to drive the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction.
  • Validates checks and documents.
  • Appraises the achievement of the organization

Chief Operating officer

  • In charge of overseeing the smooth running of the business
  • Leads the producing of all business products
  • Part of the team that determines the quantity of products that are to be produced daily
  • Make lists and budget for all supplies
  • Oversee the entire business process
  • In charge of training new staffs
  • Makes sure that quality in maintained at all times
  • Maps out strategy that will lead to efficiency amongst workers in the venture
  • In charge of training, evaluation and assessment of the workforce
  • Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs.
  • Ensures that the bakery meets the expected safety and health standard at all times.

Chief Financial officer

  • In charge of preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization
  • Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports; analyses financial feasibility for the most complex proposed projects; conducts market research to forecast trends and business conditions.
  • In charge of financial forecasting and risks analysis.
  • Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting
  • In charge of developing and managing financial systems and policies
  • In charge of administering payrolls
  • Ensures compliance with taxation legislation
  • Handles all financial transactions for the organization
  • Serves as internal auditor for the organization

Chief Information officer

  • Provides technological guidance within an organization.
  • Supervises information system and communications network.
  • Develops and implements a customer service platform to serve the organization in every aspect.
  • Designs and maintain a network infrastructure for local and wide area connectivity and remote access.
  • Consults with administration, department managers, and manufacturing representatives to exchange information, present new approaches, and to discuss equipment/system changes.
  • Participates in vendor contract negotiations for all new computer equipment and software purchased for the corporation.
  • Creates a cost-benefit analysis as well as supporting a detailed definition of data requirements and departmental workflows.
  • Manages external research and coordinate all the internal sources of information to retain the organizations’ best customers and attract new ones
  • Models demographic information and analyse the volumes of transactional data generated by customer purchases
  • Identifies, prioritizes, and reaches out to new partners, and business opportunities et al
  • In charge of supervising implementation, advocate for the customer’s needs, and communicate with customers
  • Develops, executes and evaluates new plans for expanding increase sales
  • Documents all customer contact and information
  • Represents the People’s Cafe in strategic meetings
  • Helps to develop sales and growth for the People’s Cafe
  • In charge of outlining a comprehensive recruiting and training program for warehouse managers to follow
  • Monitor the P&L reports for each store and develop effective ways to fill in any gaps between actual performance and People’s Cafe projections
  • Prioritize store performance issues to make certain that the issues most directly affecting profitability are addressed first
  • Immediately address any lapses in compliance with corporate policies or local, state and federal laws
  • Act as a coach to the store managers and as a resource to each store employee to help inspire the success of each store

Warehouse manager / store manager

  • Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  • Complies with federal, state, and local warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
  • Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
  • Controls inventory levels by conducting physical counts; reconciling with data storage system.
  • Maintains physical condition of warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts; inspecting equipment; issuing work orders for repair and requisitions for replacement.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Ensures that all contacts with customer (e-mail, walk-In centre, SMS or phone) provides the client with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level
  • Through interaction with customers on the phone, uses every opportunity to build client’s interest in the People’s Cafe ’s products and services
  • Manages administrative duties assigned by the store manager in an effective and timely manner
  • Consistently stays abreast of any new information on Peoples Cafe, promotional campaigns etc. to makes sure accurate and helpful information is supplied to customers when they make enquiries
  • In charge of cleaning the stand at all times
  • Makes sure that toiletries and supplies don’t run out of stock
  • Cleans both the interior and exterior of the shop
  • Any other duty as assigned by the manager.

6. SWOT Analysis

Our Objective at Peoples Cafe is to build a classic business that will capture majority of the local market share. We are putting all things in place and we have taken everything into consideration.

We also decided to get our SWOT Analysis, which will go a long way in helping us establishing a business that will be very successful. We hired a business consultant to do this analysis for us because we believe they will be able to state our issues of we have any.

In view of that, we were able to take stock of our strengths, our weakness, our opportunities and also the threats that we are likely going to be exposed to in the industry and our business location. Scarcely summarized below is the result of our SWOT Analysis;

According to our SWOT Analysis, the strength of Peoples Café rests on the fact that we are set to bring in new products and innovation into the industry. Our workforce and business location was all notes to be one of the strength we have at Peoples Cafe. Our founders who are experienced individuals in the industry will go a long way to push our venture to the top.

Our SWOT Analysis stated that our threat will be the time it will take people to know where we are and what we offer. People go about their daily activities and most times they tend not to discover the new business next to them except the venture comes with a direct marketing Plan.

We at Peoples Cafe plan to start advertising even before we open up our shops, at least to make sure that our brand is known.

  • Opportunities

The opportunities available to us are unlimited. Our SWOT Analysis noted that the industry is a recession-proof industry that will always keep booming as long as the world’s population keeps growing. People may not always have the time to cook due to their schedule, and will always decide to grab a cup of lemonade or coffee on his way to the office.

According to our SWOT Analysis, our threat is the fact that we are competing with already established beverage stand in San Diego, California, and also there are other entrepreneurs who are likely going to launch similar business within the location of our business.

We understand that this is an easy business to start and people are currently planning on how to join the trend. But we have plans to make sure that this and other threats won’t stop us from achieving our objectives and mission.


  • Market Trend

Just as we must have said above, California is the leading agricultural state in the U.S., with $24.5 billion in 1996 farm gate sales, compared to $13.3 in second ranked Texas. Nine of the top 10 agricultural counties in the U.S. are located in California, all of which are billion dollar producers.

Fresno County, where this meeting is being held, is the country’s number one agricultural county, with $3.3 billion in farm gate sales.

The ranking of California as the leading citrus producing state in the United States has been aided by their climatic advantages which enable them to produce a great variety of agricultural products that are not grown extensively elsewhere in the U.S.

The rising demand of their production of vegetables and citrus is a function of domestic demand, export demand, and competition, both domestically and internationally.

These demands are hyped by things like price, population growth rates, income levels and elasticity, household size, age distributions, educational levels, availability and prices of substitutes and complements, exchange rates , and changing consumer attitudes and preferences.

One of the key lifestyle trends that is always affecting food consumption is the on-going entrance of women into the work force, increasing the demand for foods of high and predictable quality that offer convenience and variety.

Also the growth in public knowledge about how diet and health are linked and the importance of maintaining physical fitness throughout life is another trend that have influenced product mix and product form of foods consumed in the United States, as elsewhere.

Other countries are reacting to the U.S. market’s growing demand for imports, and are directly developing their horticultural industries, in alignment with the implementation of broader export-led economic growth and diversification strategies.

Also the U.S. is investing in the long-term establishment of new export markets, in response to maturing demand at home and the growth in year-round demand for produce in other countries.

8. Our Target Market

We at Peoples Café plan to focus on two different market audience: Commuters and Captive Consumers. We have designed our business extensively to be able to access both of these markets. Commuters are defined as any one or more individuals in a motorized vehicle travelling from point “A” to point “B.”

Peoples Café greatest concentration will be on commuters heading to or from work, or those out on their lunch break. Our Captive Consumers market audience would include those who are tethered to a campus environment, or in a restricted entry environment that does not give the right to free movement to and fro.

This will include high school and college campuses, where there is limited time between classes, and corporate campuses where the same time constraints are involved, but regarding meetings and project deadlines and special events–such as carnivals, fairs or festivals–where there is an admission price to enter the gate, but exiting would mean another admission fee, or where refreshments are an integral part of the festivities.

Our target market will also be the mobile individual who has more money than time, and excellent taste in a choice of beverage, but no time to linger in a cafe.

Our competitive advantage

We at Peoples Café hope to build a business that can provide a substantial value proposition where a customer does not have to find a parking place, exit the vehicle, stand in line to order, wait for the beverages ahead of him to be produced, pay a premium price for average product, find a place to sit, clean up the previous customer’s mess, then enjoy their lemonade or coffee.

That’s if they have much time to spend. But our business concept is to build a business where a customer drives up, places the order, receives a high quality product at a competitive price, and drives away, without spending much time and energy.

We will also be providing an important community value to patronizing our business. Because for every purchase a patron makes from us, we plan to donate up to 6% of the sale to the local charity selected by the customer. Our Competitive Advantages are very simple. Our high quality product that will be sold at a competitive price in our stands will be a devastating hit to our competitors.


  • Sources of Income

Peoples Cafe is a standard business established to be very successful, which is why we will be providing our products in the most convenient and efficient way available–either at one of our two-sided Drive-through shops, or at one of our Mobile Cafes.

This we believe will separate Peoples Café from the competition in that its customers won’t need to find a parking place, wait in a long line, jockey for a seat, and clean up the mess left by a previous patron. We hope to provide enough income to be able to run our business and still move on with our charity aspect.

We believe in the uniqueness of our products and we hope to gain income by providing our patrons the finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in well blended Lemonade and custom blended teas. We will sell coffees, soft drinks, Italian sodas, fresh-baked pastries, and other confections.

We hope to offer our customers the ability to custom order a lemonade beverage that will be made and produced to their exact specifications. We will also offer training and consultancy in regards to the beverage industry.

10. Sales Forecast

We at Peoples Café hope to start our business by having two Drive-through locations in operation. Our first location will start in the third month of this plan and be fully operational beginning on the 1st day of November, and our second Drive-through will open six months later.

We also hope to add two more Drive-through in our second year and, and an additional nine Drive-through facilities in our third year. We also hope to deploy one mobile unit in the fourth quarter of the first fiscal year. Deploy a second and a third mobile unit within our second fiscal year.

We also expect to boost revenue from the commerce portion of our website, where it will sell Peoples Café t-shirts, sweatshirts, insulated lemonade mugs, pre-packaged coffee beans, and other premium items. But we are not expecting this to be a significant profit centre, but it is a major part of the marketing plan — as a function of developing our brand and building product awareness.

We estimate that our total first year sales should reach $421,087. Our second year will see sales increase to $1,114,521.The third year, with the addition of such a significant number of outlets, we will see sales increase to $3,004,752.

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales strategy

We at Peoples Café understand how important a marketing plan is to the success of our business, which is why we will be placing our Drive-through stands in business locations of very high visibility and great ease of access.

We believe that our stands will be located on high traffic commuter routes and close to shopping facilities so as to attract customers going to or from work, or while they are out for lunch, or on a shopping expedition. Our Drive-through will be very simple, astounding, and eye-catching.

We will also be implementing a low cost advertising/promotion campaign which could involve drive-time radio, but not much more. We will also depend on establishing relationships with schools, charities and corporations to provide significant free publicity because of our community support program.

We believe that if we give out charitable contributions to these institutions, they will get the word out to their students/faculty/employees/partners about Peoples Cafe.

It is no doubt that the use of word of mouth has always proven to be the greatest advertising program any business venture can leverage. The media we believe will be more than willing to promote the charitable parts of Peoples Cafe and give us the opportunity for more exposure each moment Peoples Cafe contributes to charity.

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Our long-range goal At Peoples Café is to gain enough brand awareness to leverage the product line into other regions and gain inquiries from potential inventors. To achieve this goal to expand and grow, we plan to do the following;

  • Spend $1,000 per month on Public relations services for the next year intended to build awareness of editors and product information insertions, reviews, etc. We believe that the school fundraising program or our other charity programs will generate a fair amount of publicity on its own and will, perhaps, minimize–or even eliminate–the need for a publicist.
  • We will also spend $1,000 per month concentrating on drive time Radio advertising. We plan to experiment with different stations, keeping careful track of results. As with the school fundraising program, we expect the stand and signage to be a substantial portion of our advertising.
  • List our business on yellow pages ads (local directories)
  • Attend relevant international and local real estate , finance and business expos, seminars, and business fairs et al
  • Create different packages for different category of clients (individuals, start – ups and established corporate organizations) in order to work with their budgets
  • Leverage on the internet to promote our business
  • Engage direct marketing approach
  • Encourage word of mouth marketing from loyal and satisfied clients

12. Our Pricing Strategy

We at Peoples Cafe have put plans in place in other to boost our income, which may include posting specials on high-profit items at the drive-up window. We also plan to make sure that we give out free drink coupons to those who have purchased a certain number of cups or something similar.

We also plan to develop window sales techniques such as our sellers asking if the customer would like a fresh-baked item with their lemonade. We believe that our pricing will be comparable to the competition in the market, but with the value-added feature of immediate, Drive-through service and convenience.

  • Payment Options

We at Peoples Café plan to make sure that all our payment policy will be all inclusive because we understand greatly that different people prefer different payment options as it suits them. Here are the payment options that we will make available to our clients;

  • Cash payment
  • Point of Sale (POS) Machine payment
  • Online bank transfer (online payment portal) payment
  • Payment via Mobile money

It is also important to note that we have chosen banking platforms that will help us achieve our plans with little or no itches. Our bank account numbers will be made available on our website and promotional materials to clients who may want to deposit cash or make online transfer for our service charge.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

It is important to note that a lot of factors will decide the amount we will need to successful launch a beverage stand. These factors may include our location, the size of the business we want to start i.e. the number of outlets / stands et al, and of course the state of the economy as at when we intend starting the business. We have done our research and have decided on the various places we want to spend our start-up capital, and they include;

  • The Fee for registering the business in the United States – $750
  • The budget for legal fees, insurance, permits and license – $30, 000
  • The amount needed to build a two standard shop and renovation of the facility inclusive – $60,000
  • The Cost for the purchase of kitchen / production equipment and gadgets (industrial ovens, fridges, smoke detector, TVs, microwave oven, mugs, Foils, Sound System, tables and chairs et al) – $25,000
  • The Cost for supply of fruits and other inventories for a month – $120,000
  • The Cost of Launching a Website – $600
  • The cost opening party – $5,000
  • Additional Expenditure (Business cards, Signage, Adverts and Promotions et al) – $100,000

Going by the report from our research and feasibility studies, we will need an average of $350,000 to start Peoples Cafe a standard beverage stand in San Diego, California.

Generating Funding / Start-up Capital for Peoples Cafe

Peoples Cafe just as we must have said is a Limited Liability Company that was established by Nick and Sandra Martins. They hope to build a successful business and have made the business process and way of raising start-up funds open. We hope to raise our start up fund through the following ways;

  • Generate part of the start – up capital from personal savings and sell of stocks
  • Source for soft loans from family members and friends
  • Generate fund from Angel Investors
  • Note : We have been able to raise $200,000 from the personal savings of our founders and we are almost at the verge of completing the money needed as capital from a reliable Angel investor with an eye for astounding businesses.

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

We at Peoples Café believe that as time and seasons change, we will be offering products that will enhance sales and satisfy our customers’ desires. We also plan that during summer months, we will subsidize lower hot beverage sales with frozen drinks like lemonade, as well as soft drinks, and other cold beverages.

We all also make special beverages during holiday seasons, such as Egg Nog during the Christmas season and Hot Apple Cider in the Fall.

Our main desire at Peoples Café will be to listen to our patrons to understand what they are looking for most, and provide it. We all also be using our state-of-the-art, two-sided, Drive-through stands to provide convenience and efficiency for our customers.

We have already designed our state-of-the-art Mobile Cafes that will be deployed from time to time on high school and college campuses, corporate campuses, and at special events. We hope to purchase our lemonade and coffee from Citi fries Inc.

We have also created a wholesale purchasing agreement for other products with OK foods, Coca-Cola, Crunchies, Bubbles eatery, and Hoffer.

Our Drive-through stands will be manufactured by Niño palmers and our Mobile Cafes by Ceramic hob. Fulfilment equipment suppliers include Citifries Inc., Nino palmers, B &D foods limited, and Guaranteed Savage. Peoples Café computer equipment and Internet connectivity will be provided by Nicklaus Communications.

Checklist /Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Incorporation: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts various banks in the United States: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit: Completed
  • Purchase of All form of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies: Completed
  • Leasing, renovating and equipping our facility: Completed
  • Generating part of the start – up capital from the founder: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from our Bankers: In Progress
  • Writing of Business Plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials: Completed
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress
  • Purchase of the Needed software applications, furniture, office equipment, electronic appliances and facility facelift: In progress
  • Creating Official Website for the Company: In Progress
  • Creating Awareness for the business (Business PR): In Progress
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement: In Progress
  • Establishing business relationship with banks, financial lending institutions, vendors and key players in the industry: In Progress

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  • Shawarma Stand Business Plan [Sample Template]

Money Prodigy

10 Lemonade Stand Worksheets (Math, Business Plan, Budgeting, etc.)

By: Author Amanda L. Grossman

Posted on Last updated: May 8, 2024

Lemonade stand worksheets are the perfect way to help your child set up a real lemonade stand, OR, to teach students business math in a fun way.

Kid starting a lemonade stand?

group of tweens with teacher, working on calculator and worksheet, text overlay

OR, do you want to teach some serious math and business skills through lemonade stand worksheets?

I’ve got great lemonade stand printables that will help teach:

  • Planning your lemonade stand (i.e., create your first kid business plan !)
  • Pricing your lemonade
  • Attracting customers
  • Tracking sales and calculating profit

First up, some seriously cute (and free) lemonade stand business plans.

Lemonade Stand Business Plan PDFs

This is possibly one of my favorite sections because these are super cute and really comprehensive.

You can print one of these lemonade stand business plan PDFs out, and let your child or students work through planning their own stand!

1. Lemonade Stand Business Startup Printables

set of yellow and blue-teal lemonade stand business printables

Not only are the designs of these gorgeous, but they really offer some great guidance for kids.

Included are worksheets that help kids:

  • Price your lemonade
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Tally up their profits (using gross profits, expenses, etc.)
  • Reflect on their Lemonade Stand experience

There are also some pricing signs in the back you can just print, cut, and use.

2. Lemonade Stand Planner

yellow, light pink, and green set of lemonade stand worksheets

Running a good lemonade stand is like running a good business: making a plan is going to put you light years ahead.

Get your kids in on the business-planning mode wayyyyy earlier than me (my first business plan was about 4 years after starting one!) with these printables.

Included are:

  • Supplies list
  • Sales flyers for advertising
  • Expense & sales trackers
  • Planning sheet
  • Goals sheet

3. Lemonade Stand Business Planner

set of older-kid looking lemonade stand printables with checkered light blue decoration

Here’s a classy-looking business planner for a tween’s lemonade stand.

  • Brainstorm section for naming the stand
  • Menu brainstorm
  • Lemonade recipe + pricing sheet
  • Pricing, profit, goals, and tracking worksheet

4. Lemonade Stand Worksheets

three worksheets with designing a lemonade stand, Order sheet, and expenses sheet

This set of lemonade stand business worksheets has the same business plan PDF types as the sets above, but also includes:

  • Lemonade stand vocabulary worksheet
  • Lemonade stand quiz
  • Lemonade stand word search
Psst: starting a real lemonade stand? Here are my best lemonade stand ideas . And want different kid business ideas? Here are 17 boy crafts to sell , and 22 things for kids to make and sell .

Lemonade Stand Math Worksheet

Looking for free math worksheets with lemonade stands as the theme?

I’ve found a few for you!

1. Lemonade Stand More than, Less than Activity

one more one less play mat with three boxes and a glass of lemonade in each, and red buttons

Look at this cute, free printable!

Preschoolers can use it to practice multi-step activities, practice counting, etc. They’ll choose a card and then need to count the number of strawberries in the lemonade glass. They then count out their own objects to place on their mat, then figure out what is one less than that, and one more than that.

2. Lemonade Stand Math Pack

teal-blue and pink lemonade stand math and copypack with girl cartoon on front cover

Here’s a set of cute math worksheets that tackle the following money subjects:

  • Adding up various coins and coin math
  • Coin and bill identification
  • Profit, and figuring out how much a lemonade stand would need to sell to “break-even”

There are also handwriting practice worksheets.

3. Lemonade Preschool Math Game

bright yellow lemonade pitcher and glass on lemonade stand game printables

This preschool math game – centered around a lemonade stand – has a great imaginative play/pretend play element to it.

For example, kids can use any objects they can find as lemons, to fill their lemonade pitcher up.

You’ll give them different orders, in the form of an addition problem you make up.

4. Lemonade Math Word Problems

word problem black and white sheets, with boxes

This set of sheets deals with word math problems, money word problems, and time-elapse problems.

You’ll find math word problems for grades 2-4 (answer keys included).

Lemonade Stand Pretend Play Printables

Perhaps you’re not yet ready to tackle a business plan with your child.

There are still some great lemonade stand printables that will help with pretend play (and to spruce things up!).

1. Pretend Play Lemonade Stand Kit

blue, teal, pink, and yellow pretend play lemonade stand printables with menu and banner

These are cute, simple printables your child can use to either play pretend with a Lemonade stand, or at a real lemonade stand. There's a menu, decorations, and more.

2. Pretend Play Lemonade Stand Printables

yellow, blue-teal, and magenta colored pretend play lemonade stand printables

Look at these cute coasters your kids can play with in this set of printables! Your kids also get a price list, banners, favor tags, and more.

Really cute printables, right? I love how you can use these lemonade stand worksheets to teach business lessons, math lessons, or even to just have fun playing around the house.

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Lemonade Stand

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How to Open a Lemonade Stand

Written by: Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

Edited by: David Lepeska

David has been writing and learning about business, finance and globalization for a quarter-century, starting with a small New York consulting firm in the 1990s.

Published on May 9, 2023 Updated on June 5, 2024

How to Open a Lemonade Stand

Investment range

$550 - $6,800

Revenue potential

$5,400 - $108,000 p.a.

Time to build

0 – 3 months

Profit potential

$4,320 - $64,800 p.a

Industry trend

Lemonade stands have long been the go-to entrepreneurial venture for kids. However, lemonade stands don’t have to be just for children. You could start a mobile lemonade stand or cart, or even a lemonade kiosk in a mall. Interestingly, the lemonade industry is a large one, valued at nearly $10 billion and growing. 

But starting a lemonade stand, whether you’re a child or an adult, takes some business savvy. Luckily, this step-by-step guide details all the information you need to pour your way to lemonade stand success. 

Looking to register your business? A limited liability company (LLC) is the best legal structure for new businesses because it is fast and simple.

Form your business immediately using ZenBusiness LLC formation service or hire one of the Best LLC Services .

Step 1: Decide if the Business Is Right for You

Pros and cons.

  • Lemonade is a refreshing and popular beverage
  • High profit margins
  • Low startup costs
  • Generally not a high growth business
  • Compete with other lemonade stands

Lemonade stand industry trends

Industry size and growth.

Lemonade industry size and growth

  • Industry size and past growth – The global lemonade market is worth $9.2 billion in 2023 after growing by 5.7% from the previous year.(( ))
  • Growth forecast – The global lemonade industry is projected to grow 6.24% annually through 2030. 

Trends and challenges

Lemonade Stand Trends and Challenges

  • Lemonades with additional flavors like raspberry are growing in popularity.
  • Hybrid lemonade drinks, such as lemonade combined with iced tea or sparkling water are becoming more common.
  • Canned lemonade drinks are creating more competition for homemade fresh lemonade stands.
  • The rising price of lemonade ingredients is cutting into the profit margins of lemonade stands.

How much does it cost to start a lemonade stand business?

If you’re starting a lemonade stand in your yard and plan to run it on a regular basis, you can start for about $500. If you start a mobile lemonade cart, you’ll spend about $7,000 for the cart and equipment. 

You’ll need a handful of items to successfully launch your lemonade stand business, including: 

  • Lemonade cart
  • Lemonade making equipment
Start-up CostsBallpark RangeAverage
Setting up a business name and corporation$0 - $500$250
Business licenses and permits$100 - $300$200
Website$0 - $500$250
Homemade stand or a purchased cart$50 - $3,000$1,525
Lemonade making equipment and supplies$200 - $1,500$850
Ingredients$100 - $500$300
Total$550 - $ 6,800$3,675

How much can you earn from a lemonade stand business?

Lemonade Stand earning forecast

These calculations will include two scenarios. The first is for an at home lemonade stand and the second is for a mobile lemonade cart. In both scenarios lemonade prices will be assumed to b $3 per cup. An at home lemonade stand should have a profit margin of about 80%, while a lemonade cart would have a margin of about 60%.

A home based lemonade stand might have 20 customers a day, 90 days a year, bringing in $5,400 in revenue. This would mean $4,320 in profit, assuming that 80% margin. Not bad if you’re a kid!

A mobile lemonade cart that you set up in prime locations might have 200 customers day, 180 days a year, bringing in $108,000. This would mean a profit of a healthy $64,800. 

What barriers to entry are there?

There are a few barriers to entry for a lemonade stand. Your biggest challenges will be:

  • Funding the startup costs
  • Competing with other lemonade stands

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How to Open a Lemonade Stand

How to Start a Smoothie Business

How to Open a Lemonade Stand

How to Open a Liquor Store

Step 2: hone your idea.

Now that you know what’s involved in starting a lemonade stand, it’s a good idea to hone your concept in preparation to enter a competitive market. 

Market research could give you the upper hand even if you’ve got the perfect product. Conducting robust market research is crucial, as it will help you better understand your customers, your competitors, and the broader business landscape.

Analyze your competitors 

Research lemonade stands in your area to examine their products, price points, and customer reviews.

  • Make a list of lemonade businesses that offer similar products. 
  • Review your competitors’ products – their features, pricing, and quality – and marketing strategies
  • Check out their online reviews and ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook to get an idea of what their customers like and dislike.
  • Identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. 

This should identify areas where you can strengthen your business and gain a competitive edge to make better business decisions.

Why? Identify an opportunity

You’re looking for a market gap to fill. For instance, maybe the local market is missing a neighborhood lemonade stand that offers country time lemonade, or a mobile lemonade cart that makes fresh lemonade.  

lemonade stand business plan

You might consider targeting a niche, such as fresh lemonade and homemade cookies.

This could jumpstart your word-of-mouth marketing and attract clients right away. 

What? Selecting the perfect lemonade recipes and stand setup

In addition to lemonade, you could offer cookies or other snacks. 

How much should you charge for lemonade?

Your prices will depend on market prices in your area, but also on your costs to make the lemonade. 

Once you know your costs, use this Step By Step profit margin calculator to determine your mark-up and final price points. Remember, the prices you use at launch should be subject to change if warranted by the market.

Who? Identify your target market

Your target market will either be people in your neighborhood, or just thirsty people who like lemonade. You can market your business on TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Childrens lemonade stands can also distribute flyers in their neighborhood. 

Choosing a good location

Choosing a good location for your lemonade stand is essential for the success of your venture. Here are some steps you should consider:

  • High Foot Traffic : Choose a location that has a lot of foot traffic. Parks, popular neighborhoods, shopping centers, or sports fields during a game are typically great options. The more people that walk by your stand, the better your chances of making sales.
  • Visibility : Make sure your stand is easily visible to passersby. It should not be obscured by objects or other stands. A corner location can be ideal because it’s visible from two directions.
  • Easy Access : The location should be easily accessible. It should not be difficult for potential customers to approach the stand.
  • Weather Conditions : Consider the weather. If it’s sunny and hot, a location with some shade would be preferable to keep your lemonade cold and your customers comfortable.
  • Nearby Activities/Events : Setting up near a local event like a farmer’s market, a fair, a sports game, or a concert can bring you a lot of customers. However, you should always make sure you have permission to set up in these locations.
  • Safety : Choose a location where you, your employees, and your customers will feel safe. Avoid poorly lit or isolated areas.
  • Permit and Regulations : Before setting up, check if there are any permits or regulations you need to follow. Some areas may require a vendor’s license or have specific rules about where you can set up.
  • Competition : Avoid areas where there are already other lemonade stands, or many food and drink vendors. You want to stand out and not get lost in the crowd.
  • Parking : If you expect customers to stop by in their cars, you should choose a location that has adequate parking facilities nearby.

Lemonade Stand business idea rating

Step 3: Brainstorm a Lemonade Stand Name

Here are some ideas for brainstorming your business name:

  • Short, unique, and catchy names tend to stand out
  • Names that are easy to say and spell tend to do better 
  • Name should be relevant to your product or service offerings
  • Ask around — family, friends, colleagues, social media — for suggestions
  • Including keywords, such as “lemonade” or “fresh lemonade”, boosts SEO
  • Name should allow for expansion, for ex: “Citrus Splash Beverages” over “Sunshine Sippers”
  • A location-based name can help establish a strong connection with your local community and help with the SEO but might hinder future expansion

Once you’ve got a list of potential names, visit the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office to make sure they are available for registration and check the availability of related domain names using our Domain Name Search tool. Using “.com” or “.org” sharply increases credibility, so it’s best to focus on these. 

Find a Domain

Powered by

Finally, make your choice among the names that pass this screening and go ahead and reserve your business name with your state, start the trademark registration process, and complete your domain registration and social media account creation. 

Your business name is one of the key differentiators that sets your business apart. Once you pick a name, reserve it and start with the branding, it’s hard to switch to a new name. So be sure to carefully consider your choice before moving forward. 

Step 4: Create a Lemonade Stand Business Plan

Here are the key components of a business plan:

what to include in a business plan

  • Executive Summary: Provide a brief summary of your business plan, outlining your goals, target market, and financial projections.
  • Business Overview: Describe your lemonade stand, including its location, size, and the types of lemonade products you plan to sell (e.g., traditional lemonade, flavored varieties).
  • Product and Services: Detail the types of lemonade products you will offer, their pricing, and any additional services like delivery or catering for events.
  • Market Analysis: Analyze the market for lemonade in your area, including potential customers, demand during different seasons, and pricing strategies of competitors.
  • Competitive Analysis: Identify any competitors in the lemonade market, such as other stands or beverage businesses, and explain how your offerings will stand out.
  • Sales and Marketing: Explain how you will attract customers to your lemonade stand, including marketing strategies, promotions, and any partnerships with local businesses or events.
  • Management Team: Introduce yourself and any team members who will be involved in running the lemonade stand and their roles.
  • Operations Plan: Describe the day-to-day operations of your lemonade stand, including sourcing ingredients, production, staffing, and opening hours.
  • Financial Plan: Present financial projections, including startup costs, revenue forecasts, pricing strategies, and operating expenses, to show the financial feasibility of your business.
  • Appendix: Include any additional materials, such as recipes, pricing lists, or photographs of your lemonade products, to support your business plan.

If you’ve never created a business plan, it can be an intimidating task. You might consider hiring a business plan specialist to create a top-notch business plan for you.

Step 5: Register Your Business

Registering your business is an absolutely crucial step — it’s the prerequisite to paying taxes, raising capital, opening a bank account, and other guideposts on the road to getting a business up and running.

Plus, registration is exciting because it makes the entire process official. Once it’s complete, you’ll have your own business! 

Choose where to register your company

Your business location is important because it can affect taxes, legal requirements, and revenue. Most people will register their business in the state where they live, but if you are planning to expand, you might consider looking elsewhere, as some states could offer real advantages when it comes to lemonade stands. 

If you’re willing to move, you could really maximize your business! Keep in mind, it’s relatively easy to transfer your business to another state. 

Choose your business structure

Business entities come in several varieties, each with its pros and cons. The legal structure you choose for your lemonade stand will shape your taxes, personal liability, and business registration requirements, so choose wisely. 

Here are the main options:

types of business structures

  • Sole Proprietorship – The most common structure for small businesses makes no legal distinction between company and owner. All income goes to the owner, who’s also liable for any debts, losses, or liabilities incurred by the business. The owner pays taxes on business income on his or her personal tax return.
  • General Partnership – Similar to a sole proprietorship, but for two or more people. Again, owners keep the profits and are liable for losses. The partners pay taxes on their share of business income on their personal tax returns.
  • Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) – Combines the characteristics of corporations with those of sole proprietorships or partnerships. Again, the owners are not personally liable for debts.  Here’s how to form an LLC .
  • C Corp – Under this structure, the business is a distinct legal entity and the owner or owners are not personally liable for its debts. Owners take profits through shareholder dividends, rather than directly. The corporation pays taxes, and owners pay taxes on their dividends, which is sometimes referred to as double taxation.  Read how to start a corporation here .
  • S Corp – An S-Corporation refers to the tax classification of the business but is not a business entity. An S-Corp can be either a corporation or an LLC , which just need to elect to be an S-Corp for tax status. In an S-Corp, income is passed through directly to shareholders, who pay taxes on their share of business income on their personal tax returns.

We recommend that new business owners choose LLC as it offers liability protection and pass-through taxation while being simpler to form than a corporation. You can form an LLC in as little as five minutes using an online LLC formation service. They will check that your business name is available before filing, submit your articles of organization , and answer any questions you might have. 

Form Your LLC

Choose Your State

We recommend ZenBusiness as the Best LLC Service for 2024

lemonade stand business plan

Step 6: Register for Taxes

The final step before you’re able to pay taxes is getting an Employer Identification Number , or EIN. You can file for your EIN online or by mail or fax: visit the IRS website to learn more. Keep in mind, if you’ve chosen to be a sole proprietorship you can simply use your social security number as your EIN. 

Once you have your EIN, you’ll need to choose your tax year. Financially speaking, your business will operate in a calendar year (January–December) or a fiscal year, a 12-month period that can start in any month. This will determine your tax cycle, while your business structure will determine which taxes you’ll pay.

lemonade stand business plan

The IRS website also offers a tax-payers checklist , and taxes can be filed online.

It is important to consult an accountant or other professional to help you with your taxes to ensure you are completing them correctly.

Step 7: Fund your Business

Securing financing is your next step and there are plenty of ways to raise capital:

types of business financing

  • Bank loans: This is the most common method but getting approved requires a rock-solid business plan and strong credit history.
  • SBA-guaranteed loans: The Small Business Administration can act as guarantor, helping gain that elusive bank approval via an SBA-guaranteed loan .
  • Government grants: A handful of financial assistance programs help fund entrepreneurs. Visit to learn which might work for you.
  • Friends and Family: Reach out to friends and family to provide a business loan or investment in your concept. It’s a good idea to have legal advice when doing so because SEC regulations apply.
  • Crowdfunding: Websites like  Kickstarter  and  Indiegogo  offer an increasingly popular low-risk option, in which donors fund your vision. Entrepreneurial crowdfunding sites like  Fundable  and  WeFunder  enable multiple investors to fund your business.
  • Personal: Self-fund your business via your savings or the sale of property or other assets.

Bank and SBA loans are probably the best option, other than friends and family, for funding a lemonade stand business. You might also try crowdfunding if you have an innovative concept.  

Step 8: Apply for Business Licenses/Permits

Starting a lemonade stand business requires obtaining a number of licenses and permits from local, state, and federal governments.

Federal regulations, licenses, and permits associated with starting your business include doing business as (DBA), health licenses and permits from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ), trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual properties, as well as industry-specific licenses and permits. 

You may also need state-level and local county or city-based licenses and permits. The license requirements and how to obtain them vary, so check the websites of your state, city, and county governments or contact the appropriate person to learn more. Even a neighborhood lemonade stand may need a permit. 

You could also check this SBA guide for your state’s requirements, but we recommend using MyCorporation’s Business License Compliance Package . They will research the exact forms you need for your business and state and provide them to ensure you’re fully compliant.

This is not a step to be taken lightly, as failing to comply with legal requirements can result in hefty penalties.

If you feel overwhelmed by this step or don’t know how to begin, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to help you check all the legal boxes.

Step 9: Open a Business Bank Account

Before you start making money, you’ll need a place to keep it, and that requires opening a bank account .

Keeping your business finances separate from your personal account makes it easy to file taxes and track your company’s income, so it’s worth doing even if you’re running your lemonade stand business as a sole proprietorship. Opening a business bank account is quite simple, and similar to opening a personal one. Most major banks offer accounts tailored for businesses — just inquire at your preferred bank to learn about their rates and features.

Banks vary in terms of offerings, so it’s a good idea to examine your options and select the best plan for you. Once you choose your bank, bring in your EIN (or Social Security Number if you decide on a sole proprietorship), articles of incorporation, and other legal documents and open your new account. 

Step 10: Get Business Insurance

Business insurance is an area that often gets overlooked yet it can be vital to your success as an entrepreneur. Insurance protects you from unexpected events that can have a devastating impact on your business.

Here are some types of insurance to consider:

types of business insurance

  • General liability: The most comprehensive type of insurance, acting as a catch-all for many business elements that require coverage. If you get just one kind of insurance, this is it. It even protects against bodily injury and property damage.
  • Business Property: Provides coverage for your equipment and supplies.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Covers the cost of replacing or repairing equipment that has broken due to mechanical issues.
  • Worker’s compensation: Provides compensation to employees injured on the job.
  • Property: Covers your physical space, whether it is a cart, storefront, or office.
  • Commercial auto: Protection for your company-owned vehicle.
  • Professional liability: Protects against claims from a client who says they suffered a loss due to an error or omission in your work.
  • Business owner’s policy (BOP): This is an insurance plan that acts as an all-in-one insurance policy, a combination of the above insurance types.

Step 11: Prepare to Launch

As opening day nears, prepare for launch by reviewing and improving some key elements of your business. 

Essential software and tools

Being an entrepreneur often means wearing many hats, from marketing to sales to accounting, which can be overwhelming. Fortunately, many websites and digital tools are available to help simplify many business tasks.  

You may want to use industry-specific software, such as  Vev , or ShipEdge , to manage your inventory, purchases, and sales. 

  • Popular web-based accounting programs for smaller businesses include Quickbooks , Freshbooks , and Xero . 
  • If you’re unfamiliar with basic accounting, you may want to hire a professional, especially as you begin. The consequences for filing incorrect tax documents can be harsh, so accuracy is crucial.

Create a website

Website development is crucial because your site is your online presence and needs to convince prospective clients of your expertise and professionalism. You can create your own website using services like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace . This route is very affordable, but figuring out how to build a website can be time-consuming. If you lack tech-savvy, you can hire a web designer or developer to create a custom website for your business.

Your customers are unlikely to find your website, however, unless you follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. SEO will help your website appear closer to the top in relevant search results, a crucial element for increasing sales. 

Make sure that you optimize calls to action on your website. Experiment with text, color, size, and position of calls to action such as “Order Ahead”. This can sharply increase purchases. 

Here are some powerful marketing strategies for your future business:

  • Eye-Catching Signage: Ensure your signage is bright, bold, and easy to read from a distance, attracting passersby with enticing visuals and a clear indication of your offerings.
  • Local SEO  — Regularly update your Google My Business and Yelp profiles to strengthen your local search presence.
  • Sensory Appeal: Leverage the power of scent by strategically placing a few lemon slices near your stand; the enticing aroma will draw people in and enhance their perception of your lemonade.
  • Interactive Sampling: Offer small, free samples to passersby—let them taste the quality of your lemonade, creating a direct experience that can convert them into paying customers.
  • Themed Events: Plan themed days or events, such as “Lemonade Happy Hour” or “Thirsty Thursdays,” to create anticipation and attract a regular customer base.
  • Community Engagement: Establish partnerships with local businesses or community events to set up your stand, expanding your reach and becoming a familiar presence in the area.
  • Loyalty Programs: Introduce loyalty cards or discounts for repeat customers, encouraging them to choose your stand over competitors and fostering customer loyalty.
  • Social Media Challenges: Launch social media challenges or contests, encouraging customers to share their lemonade experience online and tagging your stand, boosting online visibility.
  • Mobile Lemonade Stand: Explore mobile options like a cart or a pop-up stand, allowing you to reach different parts of your community and cater to various events.
  • Bundle Deals: Introduce bundle deals, such as a combo with a snack or a discounted rate for buying multiple cups, enticing customers to spend more.
  • Thirst-Quenching Promotions: During hot days, offer promotions like “Beat the Heat Specials” with discounted prices or larger cup sizes to attract more customers during peak times.

Focus on USPs

unique selling proposition

Unique selling propositions, or USPs, are the characteristics of a product or service that sets it apart from the competition. Customers today are inundated with buying options, so you’ll have a real advantage if they are able to quickly grasp how your lemonade stand meets their needs or wishes. It’s wise to do all you can to ensure your USPs stand out on your website and in your marketing and promotional materials, stimulating buyer desire. 

Global pizza chain Domino’s is renowned for its USP: “Hot pizza in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.” Signature USPs for your lemonade stand business could be:

  • Ice cold fresh lemonade
  • Thirsty? We’ve got you covered
  • Fresh lemonade with only organic ingredients

You may not like to network or use personal connections for business gain. But your personal and professional networks likely offer considerable untapped business potential. Maybe that Facebook friend you met in college is now running a lemonade business, or a LinkedIn contact of yours is connected to dozens of potential clients. Maybe your cousin or neighbor has been working in lemonade stands for years and can offer invaluable insight and industry connections. 

The possibilities are endless, so it’s a good idea to review your personal and professional networks and reach out to those with possible links to or interest in lemonade stands. You’ll probably generate new customers or find companies with which you could establish a partnership

Step 12: Build Your Team

If you’re starting out small, you may not need any employees. But as your business grows and you open a lemonade shop, you will likely need workers to fill various roles. Potential positions for a lemonade stand business include:

  • Store Clerks – make lemonade, customer service
  • Marketing Lead – create and implement marketing strategies
  • General Manager – accounting, inventory management

At some point, you may need to hire all of these positions or simply a few, depending on the size and needs of your business. You might also hire multiple workers for a single role or a single worker for multiple roles, again depending on need. 

Free-of-charge methods to recruit employees include posting ads on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or You might also consider a premium recruitment option, such as advertising on Indeed , Glassdoor , or ZipRecruiter . Further, if you have the resources, you could consider hiring a recruitment agency to help you find talent. 

Step 13: Run a Lemonade Stand – Start Making Money!

Whether you’re an ambitious kid or an adult looking for a new pursuit, a lemonade stand can be a great business. Most people love lemonade, making in a nearly $10 billion industry, so there’s money to be made. It’s also a simple business to start and you can have fun and be creative. 

You’ve got the business know how, so now you’re ready to launch your new money-making lemonade stand!

  • Lemonade Stand Business FAQs

A lemonade stand can be profitable, but it depends on various factors such as location, pricing, quality, and demand.

The growth potential of a lemonade stand is limited, as it is typically a small-scale and seasonal business. However, with effective marketing and expansion strategies, it is possible to increase its profitability to some extent.

A lemonade stand is considered a small-scale retail business, focusing on selling a specific product (lemonade) to customers.

Yes, you can start a lemonade stand on the side, as it is often operated on a part-time basis, especially during the summer months or special events.

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  • Decide if the Business Is Right for You
  • Hone Your Idea
  • Brainstorm a Lemonade Stand Name
  • Create a Lemonade Stand Business Plan
  • Register Your Business
  • Register for Taxes
  • Fund your Business
  • Apply for Business Licenses/Permits
  • Open a Business Bank Account
  • Get Business Insurance
  • Prepare to Launch
  • Build Your Team
  • Run a Lemonade Stand - Start Making Money!

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How to Start a Lemonade Stand

People have long enjoyed cold, refreshing lemonades on hot summer days. Lemonade stand businesses specialize in selling lemonade to hot and thirsty passersby. Some stands have fixed locations, while others are operated as mobile businesses.

Learn how to start your own Lemonade Stand and whether it is the right fit for you.

Ready to form your LLC? Check out the Top LLC Formation Services .

Lemonade Stand Image

Start a lemonade stand by following these 10 steps:

  • Plan your Lemonade Stand
  • Form your Lemonade Stand into a Legal Entity
  • Register your Lemonade Stand for Taxes
  • Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card
  • Set up Accounting for your Lemonade Stand
  • Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Lemonade Stand
  • Get Lemonade Stand Insurance
  • Define your Lemonade Stand Brand
  • Create your Lemonade Stand Website
  • Set up your Business Phone System

We have put together this simple guide to starting your lemonade stand. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant.

Exploring your options? Check out other small business ideas .

STEP 1: Plan your business

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

What will you name your business?

  • What are the startup and ongoing costs?
  • Who is your target market?

How much can you charge customers?

Luckily we have done a lot of this research for you.

Choosing the right name is important and challenging. If you don’t already have a name in mind, visit our How to Name a Business guide or get help brainstorming a name with our Lemonade Stand Name Generator

If you operate a sole proprietorship , you might want to operate under a business name other than your own name. Visit our DBA guide to learn more.

When registering a business name , we recommend researching your business name by checking:

  • Your state's business records
  • Federal and state trademark records
  • Social media platforms
  • Web domain availability .

It's very important to secure your domain name before someone else does.

Want some help naming your lemonade stand?

Business name generator, what are the costs involved in opening a lemonade stand.

A lemonade stand is inexpensive to open.  Anabelle , a 10-year-old, opened a licensed lemonade stand for $3,500. Businesses with fixed locations or larger stands may cost more to open, but they’re still affordable to open.

These startup funds go toward:

a stand, cart, or storefront

commercial-grade equipment for making and dispensing lemonade

lemons, sugar, water, and ice

cups, straws, and napkins

licensing and insurance costs

What are the ongoing expenses for a lemonade stand?

The ongoing expenses for a lemonade stand business are low. They include the cost of ingredients (lemons, sugar, water and ice), and facility, licensing and insurance costs.

For Annabelle, non-ingredient costs totaled $500 per year. Businesses that have to pay rent will have higher ongoing expenses. Compared to other businesses, though, these expenses will still be minimal.

Who is the target market?

A lemonade stand business’ ideal customer is a family or group of friends who are hot and thirsty. If someone in such a group suggests getting lemonade, everyone may agree to get one. Thus, a stand might sell several lemonades at once rather than just one to an individual customer.

How does a lemonade stand make money?

A lemonade stand business makes money by selling lemonade. Lemonade is typically sold by the glass or cup.

Most lemonade stand businesses price their lemonades at $5 or less. The exact cost depends on a stand's location. Even in high-demand areas, though, businesses resist going over $5 because. Many customers will think twice before spending more than $5 on an impulse purchase.

How much profit can a lemonade stand make?

In a busy location, a lemonade stand business can bring in a good profit.

One  lemonade stand business’ expenses  place the cost for ingredients of a 16-ounce lemonade below 50 cents. Making a 32-ounce lemonade costs less than 85 cents. At these prices, selling a lemonade for $5.00 provides a profit of over $4.00.

With the right traffic, $4.00 per sale quickly adds up. In a single day, a business that served 100 people would have $400 to cover that day’s expenses and provide a profit.

How can you make your business more profitable?

When looking for ways to increase profitability, a lemonade stand business should be wary of adding more products. Additional products can dilute a business’ brand as a lemonade stand. They also can increase overhead.

Instead, a business should look for ways to make more on the sale of each lemonade. This can be done by offering flavorings for lemonades and charging for the flavorings. Alternatively, a stand can sell a cup that comes with free refills for the day but costs much more than $5.00.

Want a more guided approach? Access TRUiC's free Small Business Startup Guide - a step-by-step course for turning your business idea into reality. Get started today!

STEP 2: Form a legal entity

The most common business structure types are the sole proprietorship , partnership , limited liability company (LLC) , and corporation .

Establishing a legal business entity such as an LLC or corporation protects you from being held personally liable if your lemonade stand is sued.

Form Your LLC

Read our Guide to Form Your Own LLC

Have a Professional Service Form your LLC for You

Two such reliable services:

You can form an LLC yourself and pay only the minimal state LLC costs or hire one of the Best LLC Services for a small, additional fee.

Recommended: You will need to elect a registered agent for your LLC. LLC formation packages usually include a free year of registered agent services . You can choose to hire a registered agent or act as your own.

STEP 3: Register for taxes

You will need to register for a variety of state and federal taxes before you can open for business.

In order to register for taxes you will need to apply for an EIN. It's really easy and free!

You can acquire your EIN through the IRS website . If you would like to learn more about EINs, read our article, What is an EIN?

There are specific state taxes that might apply to your business. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides.

STEP 4: Open a business bank account & credit card

Using dedicated business banking and credit accounts is essential for personal asset protection.

When your personal and business accounts are mixed, your personal assets (your home, car, and other valuables) are at risk in the event your business is sued. In business law, this is referred to as piercing your corporate veil .

Open a business bank account

Besides being a requirement when applying for business loans, opening a business bank account:

  • Separates your personal assets from your company's assets, which is necessary for personal asset protection.
  • Makes accounting and tax filing easier.

Recommended: Read our Best Banks for Small Business review to find the best national bank or credit union.

Get a business credit card

Getting a business credit card helps you:

  • Separate personal and business expenses by putting your business' expenses all in one place.
  • Build your company's credit history , which can be useful to raise money later on.

Recommended: Apply for an easy approval business credit card from BILL and build your business credit quickly.

STEP 5: Set up business accounting

Recording your various expenses and sources of income is critical to understanding the financial performance of your business. Keeping accurate and detailed accounts also greatly simplifies your annual tax filing.

Make LLC accounting easy with our LLC Expenses Cheat Sheet.

STEP 6: Obtain necessary permits and licenses

Failure to acquire necessary permits and licenses can result in hefty fines, or even cause your business to be shut down.

State & Local Business Licensing Requirements

Certain state permits and licenses may be needed to operate a lemonade stand business. Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBA’s reference to state licenses and permits .

Most businesses are required to collect sales tax on the goods or services they provide. To learn more about how sales tax will affect your business, read our article, Sales Tax for Small Businesses .

Certificate of Occupancy

Businesses operating out of a physical location typically require a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).  A CO confirms that all building codes, zoning laws and government regulations have been met.

  • If you plan to lease a lemonade stand location :
  • It is generally the landlord’s responsibility to obtain a CO.
  • Before leasing, confirm that your landlord has or can obtain a valid CO that is applicable to a lemonade stand business.
  • After a major renovation, a new CO often needs to be issued. If your place of business will be renovated before opening, it is recommended to include language in your lease agreement stating that lease payments will not commence until a valid CO is issued.
  • If you plan to purchase or build a lemonade stand :
  • You will be responsible for obtaining a valid CO from a local government authority.
  • Review all building codes and zoning requirements for your business’ location to ensure your lemonade stand business will be in compliance and able to obtain a CO.

STEP 7: Get business insurance

Just as with licenses and permits, your business needs insurance in order to operate safely and lawfully. Business Insurance protects your company’s financial wellbeing in the event of a covered loss.

There are several types of insurance policies created for different types of businesses with different risks. If you’re unsure of the types of risks that your business may face, begin with General Liability Insurance . This is the most common coverage that small businesses need, so it’s a great place to start for your business.

Another notable insurance policy that many businesses need is Workers’ Compensation Insurance . If your business will have employees, it’s a good chance that your state will require you to carry Workers' Compensation Coverage.

FInd out what types of insurance your Lemonade Stand needs and how much it will cost you by reading our guide Business Insurance for Lemonade Stand.

STEP 8: Define your brand

Your brand is what your company stands for, as well as how your business is perceived by the public. A strong brand will help your business stand out from competitors.

If you aren't feeling confident about designing your small business logo, then check out our Design Guides for Beginners , we'll give you helpful tips and advice for creating the best unique logo for your business.

Recommended : Get a logo using Truic's free logo Generator no email or sign up required, or use a Premium Logo Maker .

If you already have a logo, you can also add it to a QR code with our Free QR Code Generator . Choose from 13 QR code types to create a code for your business cards and publications, or to help spread awareness for your new website.

How to promote & market a lemonade stand

Since most lemonade is bought by passersby, all marketing efforts should be focused on getting the attention of people who are going by a lemonade stand. Signs are one of the best ways to attract people’s attention in this manner.

How to keep customers coming back

A lemonade stand business can increase how many returning customers it sees by offering great tasting lemonade. If a stand’s lemonade is subpar,  sales will decrease . If the lemonade is delicious, though, customers will return for another drink the next time they’re in the area and thirsty.

STEP 9: Create your business website

After defining your brand and creating your logo the next step is to create a website for your business .

While creating a website is an essential step, some may fear that it’s out of their reach because they don’t have any website-building experience. While this may have been a reasonable fear back in 2015, web technology has seen huge advancements in the past few years that makes the lives of small business owners much simpler.

Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t delay building your website:

  • All legitimate businesses have websites - full stop. The size or industry of your business does not matter when it comes to getting your business online.
  • Social media accounts like Facebook pages or LinkedIn business profiles are not a replacement for a business website that you own.
  • Website builder tools like the GoDaddy Website Builder have made creating a basic website extremely simple. You don’t need to hire a web developer or designer to create a website that you can be proud of.

Recommended : Get started today using our recommended website builder or check out our review of the Best Website Builders .

Other popular website builders are: WordPress , WIX , Weebly , Squarespace , and Shopify .

STEP 10: Set up your business phone system

Getting a phone set up for your business is one of the best ways to help keep your personal life and business life separate and private. That’s not the only benefit; it also helps you make your business more automated, gives your business legitimacy, and makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact you.

There are many services available to entrepreneurs who want to set up a business phone system. We’ve reviewed the top companies and rated them based on price, features, and ease of use. Check out our review of the Best Business Phone Systems 2023 to find the best phone service for your small business.

Recommended Business Phone Service: is our top choice for small business phone numbers because of all the features it offers for small businesses and it's fair pricing.

Is this Business Right For You?

Anyone who is looking for a business that’s easy to own may be interested in operating a lemonade stand business. Lemonade stands have low costs and are easy to run, yet they can be quite profitable. For these reasons, they appeal to entrepreneurs of all ages -- from kids to retirees.

It helps to enjoy interacting with people. While business owners don’t spend a lot of time talking to any one customer, they will serve and interact with many customers each day.

Want to know if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Take our Entrepreneurship Quiz to find out!

Entrepreneurship Quiz

What happens during a typical day at a lemonade stand?

Business owners spend most of their time service customers lemonade. To provide the freshest possible product and enhance the customer experience, each lemonade is usually made fresh when ordered. Making lemonade involves squeezing lemons, adding sugar water and ice, and mixing the ingredients together. It takes just a minute to make a lemonade.

When not serving customers, business owners order more supplies, clean their stand, and market their business. Business owners who have mobile stands must also spend time researching where to take their stands.

What are some skills and experiences that will help you build a successful lemonade stand?

Business owners should be comfortable with basic business principles, and they need to know how to make good lemonade.

Business owners who don’t know how to run a business may want to take a course on business practices. Local community colleges often offer courses. There are also many courses online.  Coursera  and  OpenCulture  have many free business classes.

To develop a recipe, business owners should consult online recipes.  and  Food Network  have many lemonade recipes. There are also lots of YouTube  videos on making lemonade .

What is the growth potential for a lemonade stand?

Most lemonade stand businesses remain local businesses that have one location. A few businesses might grow to have several locations in an area, but growing beyond this is uncommon.

There are  lemonade stand franchises  that have multiple locations, but growing a lemonade stand business through franchises is difficult. Because stands are easy to run, any training a franchise offers has limited benefit to business owners. Also, lemonade is often an impulse buy made by passersby. Thus, any advertising provided by a franchise is of little use to an individual stand.

TRUiC's YouTube Channel

For fun informative videos about starting a business visit the TRUiC YouTube Channel or subscribe to view later.

Take the Next Step

Find a business mentor.

One of the greatest resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get the help you need.

Having a support network in place to turn to during tough times is a major factor of success for new business owners.

Learn from other business owners

Want to learn more about starting a business from entrepreneurs themselves? Visit Startup Savant’s startup founder series to gain entrepreneurial insights, lessons, and advice from founders themselves.

Resources to Help Women in Business

There are many resources out there specifically for women entrepreneurs. We’ve gathered necessary and useful information to help you succeed both professionally and personally:

If you’re a woman looking for some guidance in entrepreneurship, check out this great new series Women in Business created by the women of our partner Startup Savant.

What are some insider tips for jump starting a lemonade stand?

When starting a lemonade business, choosing a good location is very important. Most customers won’t specifically seek out a lemonade stand. Instead, they’ll decide to get a lemonade while passing by if they’re hot and thirsty.

Therefore, a stand should be in a high-traffic area where it’s hot.  Good potential areas  include:

the boardwalk at a busy beach

an outdoor market in a city

fairs and festivals

Outdoor locations are preferable. Most indoor places are air conditioned, and cool air will decrease how much customers want a cold, refreshing drink.

How and when to build a team

A lemonade stand can be operated by one person. It’s helpful to have an employee, though. With two people, speed of service will increase during rushes. Also, a business owner will have the freedom to go get more ingredients if they run out during the day.

Useful Links

Industry opportunities.

  • Lemon Heaven (franchise)

Real World Examples

  • Just Squeezed
  • Anabelle Lockwood’s Lemonade Stand

Further Reading

  • How to start a lemonade concession stand
  • 7 business lesson from a lemonade stand
  • How to run a lemonade stand
  • How to sell lots of lemonade at a lemonade stand

Have a Question? Leave a Comment!

Let me show you how to start a lemonade business or “ Lemonade Stand “. Have you heard about my sisters?…

My Sister’s First Day = Over $500

My sisters, both adults, both with children – one has 4 daughters, the other has a son and a daughter. They needed some fast cash but also were looking for an immediate reliable income. (*and you’d think more of my family would do this)

How To Start A Lemonade Business

Monday I got the call.

Ben, we might be interested in doing a lemonade business. What do we need to do? How to start a lemonade business?

I sent them to a short article I wrote on how to start a lemonade business and what I’ve used to help 100’s of street food vendors (namely: hot dog vendors) get their starts.

Not only is it a great income, it’s inexpensive to start.

Low Barrier Of Entry

Although hot dog vending and mobile catering can be lucrative year round – it’s more expensive to start. The lemonade business has propelled hundreds of future hot dog vendors forward and has become a great cash cow for existing vendors.

Because lemonade vending has a low barrier of entry – meaning that the start up costs – are super low and there is less red tape; a person can go from an idea one day – to a vendor the next, just by setting up a lemonade stand.

Less Than 24 Hours A Lemonade Vendor

lemon wedge vendor

No License Needed?

They found they needed no license. To be sure, they called the city offices. They too – said no license required.

*side note – that’s rare as hell. Most cities, as in 99.99999% will require a business license. Usually not much, but all do.

With a couple banners I loaned them and because they didn’t have time to get a hand smisher smasher [read: citrus press] so I loaned them two of those as well.

They sourced their lemons – found the right sizes for the best juicing – and they set up.

I Must Admit

They didn’t get lucky. But they did have me. Because I was here to answer their calls and questions as they tried to source everything they’d need to start within 24 hours.

And although I’d do almost anything for family… I won’t be their magic button.

In other words. I won’t just do it all for them. But I told them if they were serious, they could read my course: Lemonade Cash In 24 Hours – And they did. I never mind helping anyone who is willing to help themselves.

Hence it’s why I’ll give it to you.

how to start a lemonade business

How To Start A Lemonade Business – The Crap You Don’t Consider Before Starting

You know how it is. You see the potential, the process but you don’t stop to think about all the details. Like:

  • how much sugar should I use
  • do I make simple syrup
  • which of the 185 simple syrup recipes do I use
  • Is sugar better than simple syrup
  • shake or stir
  • how many lemons
  • what size is best (there are many)
  • which process will allow me to serve the most lemonades in the least amount of time
  • what is the ideal setup
  • the best equipment to use
  • what signs attract more customers
  • which size cups do I use
  • how do I insure the lemon peel is clean
  • what should I do to prevent bacteria
  • how long will simple syrup last on a hot day
  • why you shouldn’t use shortcuts like lemon flavorings or mixes
  • styrofoam cups or clear plastic
  • lemon halves or wedges
  • chlorinated water problems (city water)
  • and more…

These are the things you don’t even know to ask and could cause immediate or nearly immediate failure . Even if you didn’t fail – wouldn’t it suck to learn  you could have done twice the money in the same amount of time had you known.

The beauty is – you can be a huge success and realistically make $50,000 or more during the warm months. And we have currently in our Vendor groups – over 470 vendors who do just that!

Read More On How To Start A Lemonade Business (Stand) And Grab My FREE COURSE…

Success galore.

Every year I watch more and more vendors adding a lemonade stand to their lineup of services. Even as an add-on, vendors are seeing net profits monthly from $2000 to $10,000.

At the same time, more and more I get asked how to start a lemonade business or stand. The lemonade vending niche is growing.

But – it’s a fact and we have hundreds of vendors in our groups including the Vendors United group who share their videos, their successes and their challenges every day.

Folks that are limited by budget in starting a mobile food cart (hot dog cart) are starting with lemonade stand and then letting that business propel them into mobile foods of all sorts.

843 In Three Days

Last week a brand new vendor in our group called me on WhatsApp . (app I use to help, talk, chat, text inside the VU group) – His voice message was LOUD. He was beside himself.

lemonade vending

He’d just made more in 3 days at a little hometown event than he had in a month – at his regular job.

843 lemonades sold. In about 20 hours spread over 3 days. Two smashers running, 3 helpers and 4 on the 3rd day plus him, his wife and sister in law. Now I must be honest.

He didn’t know how many refills he did. Only how many new cups sold: 843

Goose Bumps

While I listened to his audio message, I could feel his excitement and it actually gave me chill-bumps on my arms. My head was trying to do the math at the same time.

He sold lemonades the first day for $4 each. That’s a 32oz. cup.

The second day was a price increase to $6.00 but included any fruit addition you wanted  – like strawberries.

All in all – he did over $4200 gross income on sales plus refill sales of $3.00 a cup.

His line so long, people left. And it’s why he added another helper on the third day.

Back in 2011 I began teaching folks about the power of a lemonade stand, teaching them how to start a lemonade business. Some dismissed me because they thought it was a “kids game”.

How to start a lemonade stand

Now, I’m getting so many folks asking, that I’ve started writing more and more about the lemonade business and sharing all the tips and tricks of the trade.

Just today – this morning I updated the course again. With more juice.

Lemon juice!

Which equals = cash

Which equals = freedom

Lemonade Stand > UPDATE

I’ll update you soon on my two sisters. They have a gig Friday and Saturday. Wednesday got rained out. Plus with their combined 6 kids – they tend to be pretty dang busy as moms.


Want some cash?  Stupid question – I know. But I’ve got something for you. Usually I would sell it – because I’ve found that when you give great information away…  (many folks) don’t appreciate the VALUE.

Which in-turn makes them less likely to act on the information.

But I wanted to remove EVERY SINGLE BARRIER – so you could start right now. So you could become an entrepreneur right now and so you could get the freedom and income you deserve.


I’ve eliminated the excuses.

And I’m giving it to you.

Grab your copy now. (because I might just change my mind in a little bit)

Financial Model, Business Plan and Dashboard Templates - FinModelsLab

How To Write a Business Plan for Lemonade Stand in 9 Steps: Checklist

By alex ryzhkov, resources on lemonade stand.

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Welcome to our blog post on how to write a business plan for a lemonade stand in 9 easy steps! If you're considering starting a lemonade stand and want to ensure its success, then you've come to the right place.

The lemonade market has been experiencing steady growth in recent years, with an increasing demand for fresh and homemade beverages. According to the latest statistics, the lemonade industry is projected to reach a market value of $XX billion by the end of this year, with a compound annual growth rate of X%. This presents a great opportunity for you to tap into this lucrative market and establish a profitable lemonade stand.

To ensure your lemonade stand stands out from the competition and attracts the right customers, it's important to follow a structured approach. This checklist will guide you through the essential steps to create a comprehensive business plan for your lemonade stand.

  • Research the lemonade market
  • Identify the target audience and location
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Determine the initial investment required
  • Develop a pricing strategy
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Identify suppliers for ingredients and equipment
  • Determine the staffing needs
  • Develop a financial projection

By following these steps and paying attention to detail, you'll be well on your way to running a successful lemonade stand. So, let's jump right in and start crafting your business plan for a lemonade stand that will leave customers thirsty for more!

Research The Lemonade Market

In order to create a successful business plan for your lemonade stand, it is essential to conduct thorough research on the lemonade market. This will help you understand the current trends, consumer preferences, and potential competition in the industry.

Start by examining the demand for lemonade in your target location. Look for any existing lemonade stands or beverage shops that offer lemonade. Take note of their pricing, quality, and customer feedback. This will give you an idea of what is already available in the market and how you can differentiate your product.

Additionally, you should research the overall beverage industry trends. Determine whether lemonade is a popular choice among consumers and if there is a growing demand for fresh, homemade beverages. This information will help you gauge the potential success of your lemonade stand.

Tips for researching the lemonade market:

  • Utilize online resources: Look for industry reports, market research studies, and articles related to the lemonade market. These sources can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, market size, and growth potential.
  • Visit local farmers' markets and festivals: Attend these events and observe the popularity of lemonade stands. Talk to vendors and customers to gather information about their experiences and preferences.
  • Conduct surveys: Develop a survey targeting potential customers to understand their preferences when it comes to lemonade. Ask questions about flavors, pricing, packaging, and overall experience to gather valuable feedback.
  • Reach out to industry experts: Connect with beverage industry professionals, local business associations, or consultants who can provide guidance and insights into the lemonade market.

Lemonade Stand Financial Model Get Template

Identify The Target Audience And Location

When starting a lemonade stand, it is crucial to identify the target audience and choose the location wisely. The target audience is the specific group of people that you aim to attract and serve with your products. In this case, it would be individuals who enjoy refreshing beverages and are likely to appreciate the taste of homemade lemonade.

To identify your target audience, start by researching the local community and understanding their preferences. Consider factors such as age range, income level, and lifestyle. For instance, if you are located near a park or a school, your target audience might consist of families with children or students looking for a refreshing drink.

Furthermore, take into account the location of potential competitors to avoid direct competition. If there are already established lemonade stands in the area, try to find a location that attracts a different demographic or offers a unique selling point to differentiate yourself.

  • Consider conducting surveys or hosting taste tests to gather feedback and insights from your target audience.
  • Think about the accessibility and foot traffic in your chosen location. High visibility and easy access can attract more customers.
  • Don't forget to analyze the local weather patterns, as it can greatly impact the demand for your product. Lemonade stands tend to thrive in warm and sunny climates.

By correctly identifying your target audience and choosing the right location, you can position your lemonade stand for success. Understanding your potential customers will allow you to tailor your offerings and marketing efforts to effectively meet their needs and preferences, while the right location will ensure maximum visibility and accessibility.

Conduct A Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is an essential step in creating a successful business plan for your lemonade stand. It allows you to gain valuable insights into your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, helping you identify opportunities to differentiate your product and stand out in the market.

Start by researching and identifying your direct and indirect competitors. Direct competitors are other lemonade stands or businesses that offer similar products and target the same audience. Indirect competitors are businesses that offer substitute products or cater to a slightly different audience.

Once you have identified your competitors, analyze their products, pricing, marketing strategies, and customer base. Look for unique selling points that set them apart from others and attract customers.

Consider visiting your competitors' stands or exploring their online presence to see how they operate and engage with customers. This firsthand experience can provide valuable insights into areas where you can improve and differentiate your lemonade stand.

Here are a few tips for conducting a competitive analysis:

  • Make a list of your top competitors and gather information about their products, pricing, and marketing strategies.
  • Analyze their customer reviews and feedback to identify areas where they excel or fall short.
  • Look for any gaps in the market or untapped opportunities that your lemonade stand can capitalize on.
  • Identify any potential threats your competitors pose and develop strategies to mitigate them.

By conducting a thorough competitive analysis, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your lemonade stand's competitive landscape. This will help you position your business effectively, create a unique value proposition, and attract customers.

Determine The Initial Investment Required

Before starting a lemonade stand, it is essential to determine the initial investment required. This will help you understand the financial aspect of your business and plan accordingly.

1. List down all the necessary equipment: Make a comprehensive list of the equipment you will need to run your lemonade stand. This may include a lemon squeezer, pitchers, cups, a refrigerator, signage, and a cash register. Research and compare prices to get an estimate of how much these items will cost.

2. Calculate the cost of ingredients: Determine the cost of your lemonade's main ingredients, such as lemons, sugar, and water. Consider the quantity you will need to meet the demand and calculate the overall cost. Don't forget to account for additional options like flavors and fruit add-ons if you plan to offer them.

3. Consider location-related expenses: If you plan to have an offline presence, consider the costs associated with renting a space or setting up a stand at a local market or fair. Factor in any permits or licenses required by your municipality and calculate the expenses accordingly.

4. Estimate marketing expenses: Developing a marketing plan is essential to attract customers. Consider the costs of online advertising, printing flyers or business cards, creating a website, and any other promotional materials you may need to target your audience effectively.

  • Consider reaching out to local businesses to see if they are interested in sponsoring your lemonade stand, which can help offset some of the initial investment costs.
  • Create a budget to track your expenses and ensure that you allocate enough funds for each aspect of your lemonade stand.

By determining the initial investment required, you will be able to develop a realistic financial plan for your lemonade stand. This step is crucial in forecasting your future profits and making informed decisions throughout the planning process.

Develop A Pricing Strategy

One of the crucial steps in creating a successful lemonade stand business plan is developing a pricing strategy. Determining the right price for your lemonade will help you attract customers while also ensuring profitability. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Cost Analysis: Calculate the cost of your ingredients, supplies, and other expenses associated with running the lemonade stand. This will help you determine the minimum price you need to charge in order to cover your costs.
  • Market Research: Research the pricing strategies of other lemonade stands in your area. This will give you an idea of the average prices and help you set competitive rates.
  • Value Proposition: Identify the unique selling points of your lemonade stand, such as the use of fresh ingredients and homemade recipes. Consider adding a premium to the price to reflect the value that customers will receive.
  • Profit Margin: Determine the profit margin you want to achieve and set your prices accordingly. Keep in mind that you need to strike a balance between profitability and attracting customers.

Tips for Developing a Pricing Strategy:

  • Consider offering different sizes of lemonade cups at varying prices to cater to different customer preferences and budgets.
  • Offer discounted prices for bulk purchases or create combo deals to encourage customers to spend more.
  • Regularly review and adjust your pricing strategy based on customer feedback, market trends, and changes in costs.

Create A Marketing Plan

Once you have done your research and understand the target audience and competition, it's time to create a solid marketing plan for your lemonade stand. This plan will outline the strategies and tactics you will use to effectively promote your business and attract customers.

1. Define your target market: Clearly identify who your ideal customers are. Consider factors such as age, location, interests, and purchasing behavior. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts to reach the right audience.

2. Craft a compelling message: Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that highlights the key benefits and advantages of your lemonade stand. This message should differentiate your business from competitors and resonate with your target market.

3. Choose the right marketing channels: Determine which marketing channels will be most effective in reaching your target audience. Consider both online and offline options, such as social media, local advertising, partnerships with nearby businesses, and community events.

4. Utilize social media: Leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with potential customers, share updates on your offerings, and build a loyal following. Regularly post appealing visuals of your lemonade, recipes, behind-the-scenes content, and customer testimonials to generate interest and drive traffic to your stand.

5. Build a professional website: Create a user-friendly website that showcases your lemonade stand, highlights your menu and offerings, provides information about your location and hours of operation, and includes an option for online ordering or reservations.

Tips for Creating an Effective Marketing Plan:

  • Start small and focus on a few marketing channels that align with your target audience.
  • Regularly assess the performance of your marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed.
  • Consider offering special promotions or discounts to attract new customers.
  • Collaborate with local influencers or bloggers to generate buzz and expand your reach.
  • Establish partnerships with complementary businesses, such as local bakeries or health food stores, to cross-promote each other's offerings.

By creating a comprehensive marketing plan, you can effectively promote your lemonade stand and attract a wider audience. Remember to regularly evaluate the success of your marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments to maximize your business's visibility and profitability.

Identify Suppliers For Ingredients And Equipment

When starting a lemonade stand, it's crucial to find reliable suppliers for the ingredients and equipment that you will need to run your business smoothly. Here are some important steps to follow when identifying these suppliers:

  • Research Local Suppliers: Begin by researching local suppliers who specialize in providing ingredients such as lemons, sugar, and water. Look for suppliers who offer quality products at competitive prices.
  • Quality Check: Once you have shortlisted potential suppliers, conduct a thorough quality check. Ensure that they adhere to industry standards and provide fresh and high-quality ingredients that align with your business goals.
  • Cost Comparison: Compare the prices offered by different suppliers. Keep in mind that while cost is an important factor, it should not compromise the quality of your ingredients. Look for a supplier who offers a balance between price and quality.
  • Equipment Suppliers: Apart from ingredients, you will also need to identify suppliers for equipment such as pitchers, juicers, refrigerators, and other necessary tools. Research local suppliers or consider purchasing equipment online from reliable vendors.
  • Establish Relationships: Once you have finalized your suppliers, build strong relationships with them. This can include regular communication, prompt feedback, and timely payments. A good relationship with your suppliers can help ensure a steady supply of ingredients and equipment when you need them.
  • Backup Plans: It's always wise to have backup options for suppliers. You never know when unforeseen circumstances may disrupt the supply chain. Keep a list of alternative suppliers that you can rely on in case of emergencies.
  • Consider using local suppliers as they may offer fresher ingredients that can enhance the quality of your lemonade.
  • For equipment, check if there are any second-hand options available that can help you save on costs without compromising functionality.
  • Explore options for bulk purchases to negotiate better prices with your suppliers.
  • Regularly evaluate the performance of your suppliers to ensure they continue to meet your standards.

Determine The Staffing Needs

Running a lemonade stand may seem like a one-person operation, but it's important to consider the staffing needs to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer service. Here are some key factors to consider when determining the staffing requirements for your lemonade stand.

  • Evaluate the workload: Assess the tasks involved in running the lemonade stand, such as preparing the lemonade, serving customers, handling cash transactions, and restocking supplies. Determine if one person can handle these tasks efficiently or if additional staff is required.
  • Consider peak hours: Take into account the time of day when customer flow is expected to be at its highest. This could be during lunch breaks or weekends. Having extra staff during peak hours can help prevent long wait times and ensure prompt service.
  • Identify necessary skills: Determine the specific skills needed to operate your lemonade stand effectively. This may include good communication skills, cash handling proficiency, and the ability to provide excellent customer service. Look for individuals who possess these skills when hiring.
  • Recruit reliable staff: Seek individuals who are dependable, punctual, and have a strong work ethic. Good employees play a crucial role in providing a positive experience for customers and maintaining the reputation of your lemonade stand.
  • Consider hiring friendly and outgoing individuals with a passion for customer service. They can engage customers and create a welcoming atmosphere at your lemonade stand.
  • Offer training to your staff on the lemonade making process, customer service skills, and cash handling procedures. This will ensure consistency and quality in every aspect of your business.
  • Create a schedule that accommodates the availability of your staff, balancing their needs with peak hours and customer demands.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with your staff, providing feedback and addressing any concerns promptly. Encourage a positive and collaborative work environment.

Develop A Financial Projection

Developing a financial projection is a crucial step in creating a business plan for your lemonade stand. It helps you estimate the potential revenue, costs, and profitability of your business, giving you a roadmap for success. Here are some key points to consider when developing your financial projection:

Tips for Developing a Financial Projection:

  • Start by estimating your sales revenue. Consider factors such as the number of customers you expect to serve, the price of your lemonade, and any additional products or services you plan to offer.
  • Identify your fixed costs, including rent, utilities, and insurance. These costs remain the same regardless of your sales volume.
  • Calculate your variable costs, which include the cost of ingredients, packaging, and any commissions or fees associated with your online or offline presence.
  • Forecast your monthly expenses and revenue for at least the first year of operation. This will give you a clear understanding of your cash flow and potential profitability.
  • Consider setting aside a contingency fund to account for unexpected expenses or fluctuations in demand.
  • Use financial software or tools to help you create realistic projections and track your actual performance against your forecasted numbers.

By developing a well-thought-out financial projection, you'll be able to make informed decisions about pricing, marketing strategies, and overall business operations. It will also be useful when seeking funding or investors for your lemonade stand.

In conclusion, writing a business plan for a lemonade stand may seem like a simple task, but it requires careful thought and consideration. By following the nine steps outlined in this checklist, you can ensure that your lemonade stand is well-planned and set up for success.

Researching the lemonade market, identifying your target audience and location, conducting a competitive analysis, and determining the initial investment required will lay the foundation for your business. Developing a pricing strategy, creating a marketing plan, and identifying suppliers for ingredients and equipment will help you attract customers and make your lemonade stand stand out.

Additionally, determining the staffing needs and developing a financial projection will ensure that your lemonade stand is properly staffed and financially sustainable. Finally, utilizing an online and offline presence and offering additional options and convenience to customers will help you reach a wider audience and increase profitability.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to creating a successful and profitable lemonade stand. So, grab some lemons, sugar, and water, and start planning your lemonade stand today!

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template

If you’re looking to create a lemonade stand business plan, you’ve come to the right place!

Over the past 25 years, the PlanPros team has helped over 1 million entrepreneurs and business owners write business plans….and many of them have started and grown successful lemonade stand businesses.

Lemonade Stand Business Plan Example

Below is our lemonade stand business plan template and sample plan created using our ai business plan generator . This is just one of the many business plan examples we have created using PlanPros.

I. Executive Summary

Company overview.

At CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., located in the heart of our vibrant community, we are dedicated to redefining the lemonade experience. Our mission is to deliver handcrafted, superior-quality lemonade made from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. We offer a delightful array of flavors, from the classic tangy zest to innovative blends that cater to every palate. Our commitment extends beyond the glass; we aim to create memorable moments for our customers through exceptional service, making us a staple in our community and setting us apart in the beverage industry.

Success Factors

Our success is anchored in our commitment to quality, variety, and customer experience. We meticulously source our ingredients locally, ensuring each glass of lemonade is not only refreshing but also supports our community. Our diverse flavor offerings cater to all tastes, making us a go-to destination. To date, our achievements include a loyal customer base and recognition in local food and beverage awards, underscoring our market leadership and the positive impact of our community engagements and sustainability practices.

Industry Analysis

The beverage industry, particularly the niche of handcrafted lemonade, is experiencing a resurgence as consumers increasingly seek out authentic, quality, and artisanal products. Trends indicate a growing demand for healthier, natural alternatives to conventional soft drinks, with a preference for locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Competitive dynamics are influenced by quality, innovation, and brand storytelling, with successful businesses often those that create a strong emotional connection with their customers. CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. is strategically positioned to capitalize on these trends, leveraging our commitment to quality, community engagement, and environmental sustainability to differentiate ourselves in a crowded market.

Customer Analysis

Our target customers are diverse, spanning various age groups with a common appreciation for high-quality, natural beverages. They are health-conscious individuals who prefer products made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients and are willing to pay a premium for artisanal experiences. Our customers also value community and sustainability, aligning with our brand’s ethos. By understanding our customers’ preferences and values, we are able to tailor our offerings and marketing strategies, ensuring we meet their needs and exceed their expectations, fostering loyalty and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion.

Competitive Analysis

Top Competitors:

  • Local Lemonade Stands: Small, community-focused operations offering traditional lemonade.
  • Regional Beverage Brands: Larger companies with a wider reach, offering a variety of flavored beverages, including lemonade.
  • National Soft Drink Companies: Major corporations with extensive product lines, including lemonade options among many other beverages.

Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to quality, the variety of our offerings, and the exceptional customer service experience we provide. Unlike our competitors, we focus on creating a memorable experience for each customer, supported by our regular introduction of new and innovative flavors.

Marketing Plan

Our product line includes a wide range of lemonade flavors, made from locally-sourced, organic ingredients, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. We offer these premium beverages at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility while reflecting the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each glass. Our promotions plan is multifaceted, encompassing engaging social media campaigns, community events, and sponsorships to build brand awareness and loyalty. We leverage customer feedback to continually adapt our offerings and marketing strategies, ensuring we remain aligned with our target market’s evolving preferences.

Operations Plan

To ensure operational excellence, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. focuses on meticulous inventory management, rigorous quality control, exceptional customer service, proactive marketing and promotion, accurate sales tracking and reporting, efficient staff management, and maintaining cleanliness and compliance with regulatory standards. Our operational milestones include optimizing our supply chain to reduce waste, achieving significant sales growth through strategic marketing efforts, and expanding our product line to meet customer demand. By adhering to these operational practices and achieving these milestones, we aim to uphold our reputation for quality and service excellence as we grow.

Management Team

Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the beverage industry, business development, marketing, and operations. This diverse skill set ensures comprehensive oversight of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co.’s strategic direction, operational efficiency, and financial management. Our team’s leadership is instrumental in fostering a culture of innovation, quality, and customer-centricity, positioning us for long-term success and growth in the competitive beverage market.

Financial Plan

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. requires significant funding to achieve our growth goals. This investment will be allocated towards expanding our product line, enhancing our marketing efforts, and improving our operational capacities. By securing the necessary funding, we are confident in our ability to scale our business, increase our market share, and continue to provide high-quality, handcrafted lemonade to our valued customers.

Below is an overview of our expected financial performance over the next five years:

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $1,854,983 $2,008,632 $2,175,007 $2,355,163 $2,550,242
Direct Expenses $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
Gross Profit (%) 70.3% 71.2% 72.1% 72.9% 73.7%
Other Expenses $97,085 $100,030 $103,065 $106,192 $109,414
Depreciation $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $5,400 $5,400 $5,400 $5,400 $5,400
Income Tax Expense $418,805 $461,741 $508,599 $559,724 $615,486

II. Company Overview

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. is a new and vibrant addition to Walnut Creek, CA. As a local lemonade stand, we have noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, locally-produced lemonade, and we are here to fill that gap. Our dedication to providing refreshing and delicious lemonade options sets us apart in a community eager for quality and variety in their refreshments.

At CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., our menu is designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Our product line includes our signature Classic Lemonade, a variety of Flavored Lemonades for those looking for something unique, Lemonade Popsicles perfect for hot days, Iced Tea with Lemon for tea enthusiasts, and Lemon Bars or Cookies for a sweet treat. Each product is carefully crafted using quality ingredients to ensure the best taste experience for our customers in Walnut Creek, CA.

Our stand is strategically located in Walnut Creek, CA, making it convenient for locals and visitors alike to enjoy our offerings. This location not only allows us to serve our community directly but also to become a staple in the local food and beverage scene.

The foundation of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. rests on several key success factors. Firstly, our founder brings valuable experience from running a successful lemonade stand, providing us with insights and strategies to thrive in this industry. Secondly, our commitment to quality and variety positions us ahead of our competition. We believe that our ability to offer better lemonade and more varieties will make us the go-to choice for lemonade enthusiasts in the area.

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. was established on 2024-01-06 as a Sole Proprietorship, marking the beginning of our journey to refresh Walnut Creek with our delightful lemonade offerings. Our accomplishments to date include designing an eye-catching logo, developing our unique company name, and securing a prime location for our stand. These achievements are just the beginning, as we continue to strive for excellence and innovation in everything we do.

III. Industry Analysis

Research shows that the Lemonade Stand industry in the United States is thriving, with an estimated market size of $1.2 billion. The industry has seen steady growth over the past few years, driven by the increasing demand for artisanal and natural beverages. With consumers becoming more health-conscious and seeking out fresh, locally-sourced products, Lemonade Stands have become a popular choice for refreshment.

Experts predict that the Lemonade Stand industry will continue to grow at a steady pace, with a projected annual growth rate of 3.5% over the next five years. This growth is attributed to factors such as the rise of food and beverage tourism, the popularity of outdoor events and festivals, and the increasing preference for non-alcoholic beverages. As the industry expands, there will be ample opportunities for new players like CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. to establish a strong presence in the market.

Recent trends in the Lemonade Stand industry, such as the focus on unique flavor combinations, sustainable packaging, and experiential marketing, are aligning well with the offerings of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. Their commitment to using locally-sourced, organic ingredients and providing a memorable customer experience sets them apart in a crowded market. With the growing emphasis on authenticity and transparency in food and beverage businesses, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends and carve out a niche for themselves in Walnut Creek, CA.

IV. Customer Analysis

Below is a description of our target customers and their core needs.

Target Customers

We will target the local residents of Walnut Creek, CA, who are constantly on the lookout for refreshing, high-quality beverages, especially during the warm and sunny months. This group includes families seeking a quick, sweet treat during their weekend outings, as well as individuals looking for a refreshing pause in their daily routine. Our lemonade stand is strategically positioned to cater to these local customers, ensuring they always have access to our delicious, handcrafted lemonade.

We will also focus on health-conscious consumers who prefer natural and organic options. Our lemonade, made from freshly squeezed lemons and natural sweeteners, will appeal to this segment. By emphasizing the health benefits of our ingredients, we will attract customers who are particular about the nutritional content of their beverages.

Lastly, we will tailor our offerings for the event and catering market within Walnut Creek. Our mobile lemonade stand can serve as a unique addition to local events, parties, and gatherings, providing a customizable lemonade experience for attendees. This approach will not only expand our reach but also introduce our brand to a wider audience through word-of-mouth and social media shares from these events.

Customer Needs

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. aims to cater to the growing demand for high-quality lemonade among residents who prioritize taste and authenticity in their beverages. Customers can expect a refreshing experience with every sip, thanks to the meticulous selection of premium ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that each glass of lemonade not only quenches thirst but also provides a delightful taste sensation.

In addition to offering superior lemonade, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. recognizes the importance of environmentally conscious practices in today’s market. Customers are increasingly looking for brands that align with their values, including sustainability and eco-friendliness. By adopting sustainable practices in sourcing and packaging, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. fulfills this need, appealing to environmentally aware consumers.

Moreover, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. understands the significance of convenience in the fast-paced lives of its customers. The stand is strategically located and designed for easy access, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite lemonade without significant detours or waiting times. This focus on convenience ensures that customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience, making CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. a go-to destination for refreshment in the community.

V. Competitive Analysis

Direct competitors.

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co.’s competitors include the following companies:

Lemonade is a fast-casual restaurant chain that distinguishes itself by offering a modern cafeteria-style model. This establishment focuses on serving seasonal Southern California comfort food, with a special emphasis on fresh, gourmet lemonades. Their product range also extends to include salads, sandwiches, and hot dishes, catering to a variety of dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Price points at Lemonade vary, with lemonades starting at around $3 and meals ranging from $10 to $15, making it accessible to a wide audience. Lemonade boasts multiple locations across California, including in major cities and suburban areas, thus serving a broad geographic area and a diverse customer segment. Its key strengths lie in its wide variety of offerings and its strong brand identity that emphasizes freshness and sustainability. However, its weaknesses could include a higher price point compared to traditional lemonade stands and the potential for inconsistency across locations due to its size.

Wow Wow Lemonade Livermore stands out for its commitment to handcrafted, artisanal lemonade made from locally sourced ingredients. This brand focuses exclusively on lemonades and acai bowls, keeping their menu niche but highly specialized. Their lemonades start at around $4, reflecting the premium nature of their handcrafted, small-batch products. With its base in Livermore and considering its artisanal approach, Wow Wow Lemonade targets customers looking for high-quality, sustainable options within a localized setting. The company’s strength lies in its community-focused approach and the uniqueness of its product offerings, which could create a loyal customer base. However, its relatively narrow product line and higher price points might limit its appeal to a broader audience.

Happy Lemon is a global bubble tea and lemonade franchise known for its innovative beverages, including salted cheese tea, smoothies, and a wide selection of lemonade. Their products are priced competitively, with beverages starting at around $3, making it an attractive option for customers seeking both variety and value. Happy Lemon operates numerous locations worldwide, serving a diverse international customer base and catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. Happy Lemon’s key strengths include its extensive menu, competitive pricing, and strong international presence, which allows it to cater to a wide demographic. Its ability to innovate and introduce new beverage trends sets it apart from traditional lemonade stands and cafes. However, its focus on a broader range of beverages might dilute its brand identity as a specialist in lemonade. Additionally, the franchise model may lead to variability in product quality and customer experience across different locations.

Competitive Advantages

At CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., we take pride in our ability to craft superior lemonade, setting us apart from the competition. Our commitment to quality is evident in every sip, as we use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to create a beverage that is both refreshing and flavorful. We understand that our customers’ tastes are diverse, which is why we offer a wide variety of lemonade options. From our classic, tangy traditional lemonade to innovative flavors that challenge the palate, we ensure that there is something for everyone. This commitment to quality and variety positions us as a leader in the market, catering to the unique preferences of each customer who visits our stand.

Furthermore, our approach to customer service enhances our competitive advantage. We believe that the experience of enjoying lemonade goes beyond the taste; it’s about the memories created with every glass. Our team is trained to engage with customers in a friendly and welcoming manner, ensuring that every visit to our stand is memorable. This focus on creating a positive customer experience complements our product variety and quality, making us a preferred choice for refreshment. Additionally, our dedication to innovation keeps us ahead of trends, allowing us to introduce new and exciting flavors regularly. This adaptability ensures that our customers have something to look forward to with each visit, further solidifying our position in the market.

VI. Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan, included below, details our products/services, pricing and promotions plan.

Products, Services & Pricing

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. introduces a refreshing twist to the traditional lemonade stand by offering a range of delightful lemon-based treats and drinks to quench the thirst of its customers. At the heart of its menu is the Classic Lemonade, a perfect blend of tangy and sweet, crafted from freshly squeezed lemons and a hint of sugar. Customers can expect to enjoy this quintessential refreshment for an average selling price of $3.50 per glass, making it both an affordable and invigorating choice.

For those seeking a little variety, the Flavored Lemonades present an enticing option. These beverages take the classic lemonade base and infuse it with vibrant flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, peach, and mango, offering a unique twist on the traditional drink. Each glass of Flavored Lemonade is available for an average price of $4.00, providing a flavorful escape for those hot summer days.

Expanding beyond liquid refreshments, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. also caters to the frozen treat enthusiasts with its Lemonade Popsicles. These icy delights are made from the same high-quality, freshly squeezed lemonade, frozen into a convenient popsicle form. Ideal for on-the-go refreshment, Lemonade Popsicles are sold at $2.50 each, offering a cool respite from the heat.

Not to be overlooked, the Iced Tea with Lemon combines the robust flavors of freshly brewed tea with a generous splash of lemonade, creating a perfectly balanced beverage. This hybrid drink, appealing to both tea and lemonade lovers, comes at an average price of $3.75, offering a sophisticated twist on two classic beverages.

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. presents its Lemon Bars or Cookies. These baked goods are the perfect blend of tart and sweet, featuring a buttery base and a zesty lemon topping or a soft, lemon-infused cookie. Available for $2.00 each, these treats are the perfect accompaniment to any of the stand’s beverages, rounding off a menu designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

In summary, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. brings a refreshing array of lemon-based products to its customers, combining traditional recipes with innovative twists. From classic beverages to frozen treats and sweet snacks, there is something for everyone to enjoy, all offered at prices that promise both quality and value.

Promotions Plan

At CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., we understand the importance of effective promotional methods to attract our customers. We believe in the power of online marketing to reach our target audience efficiently. Our strategy encompasses a variety of digital channels to ensure we connect with our customers where they spend most of their time. From engaging social media campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to targeted email marketing efforts, we aim to create a buzz around our lemonade stand.

Additionally, we will leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to increase our visibility in search engine results. This will ensure that when potential customers in Walnut Creek, CA, search for the best lemonade stand around, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. appears at the top of their search results. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will also play a crucial role in our online marketing strategy, allowing us to place ads directly in front of people who are looking for lemonade options in their area.

But our promotional efforts don’t stop online. We understand the value of community engagement and word-of-mouth marketing. To complement our digital efforts, we will participate in local community events, sponsor activities, and partner with other local businesses to increase our visibility. Offering free samples at these events and in high foot traffic areas will allow potential customers to taste the quality of our lemonade, turning them into loyal customers.

Loyalty programs and referral incentives will also be part of our promotional tactics. We believe that rewarding our customers for their loyalty and referrals is a powerful way to build a strong and devoted customer base. Exclusive offers and discounts to our repeat customers will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also encourage them to spread the word about CitrusNoble Lemonade Co.

In all our promotional activities, we will ensure that our messaging highlights the unique selling points of our lemonade, such as its natural ingredients, unique flavors, and our commitment to sustainability. By effectively communicating what makes our lemonade stand out, we expect to attract a wide range of customers looking for a refreshing, high-quality beverage option in Walnut Creek, CA.

Finally, feedback and customer interaction will be a cornerstone of our promotional strategy. We will actively seek out feedback through online surveys and social media engagement to understand our customers’ preferences and improve their experience. This direct line of communication will not only help us refine our offerings but also build strong relationships with our customers, fostering a community around CitrusNoble Lemonade Co.

By implementing these comprehensive promotional methods and tactics, we are confident that CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. will become a beloved destination for lemonade enthusiasts in Walnut Creek, CA, and beyond.

VII. Operations Plan

Our Operations Plan details:

  • The key day-to-day processes that our business performs to serve our customers
  • The key business milestones that our company expects to accomplish as we grow

Key Operational Processes

To ensure the success of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., there are several key day-to-day operational processes that we will perform.

  • Check stock levels of lemons, sugar, water, and other ingredients first thing every morning.
  • Reorder supplies before running critically low, considering lead times for delivery.
  • Perform weekly inventory audits to ensure accuracy and minimize waste.
  • Inspect all ingredients for freshness and quality upon receipt and before use.
  • Taste test lemonade batches periodically throughout the day to ensure consistent taste and quality.
  • Train staff on proper preparation techniques and hygiene standards.
  • Greet customers promptly and with a smile to create a welcoming environment.
  • Take and prepare orders accurately and efficiently.
  • Handle customer inquiries and complaints graciously and professionally.
  • Update social media platforms daily with engaging content and promotional offers.
  • Engage with the local community through events and sponsorships.
  • Collect customer feedback to improve services and tailor marketing strategies.
  • Record all sales transactions accurately in the point-of-sale system.
  • Analyze sales data weekly to identify trends, peak times, and customer preferences.
  • Adjust inventory levels and staffing based on sales data analysis.
  • Schedule staff based on forecasted customer volume to ensure efficient operation.
  • Conduct regular training sessions on customer service, product knowledge, and operational efficiency.
  • Hold weekly team meetings to discuss performance, operational challenges, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure the stand and surrounding area are clean and inviting at all times.
  • Perform daily cleaning of equipment and utensils to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks for equipment to prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Stay current with local health and safety regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure all permits and licenses are up to date.
  • Train staff on health and safety practices to avoid violations.

CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. expects to complete the following milestones in the coming months in order to ensure its success:

  • Secure a Prime Location: Find a high foot-traffic location in Walnut Creek, CA, that is optimal for a lemonade stand. This location should be accessible, visible, and in an area frequented by our target demographic.
  • Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses: Complete all necessary regulatory requirements, including health department permits, city vending licenses, and any other local permits required to legally operate a lemonade stand in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • Launch Our Lemonade Stand: Officially open CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. to the public. This involves setting up the physical stand, ensuring we have adequate supplies and inventory, and beginning operations.
  • Develop a Strong Brand and Online Presence: Create a recognizable brand identity and establish an online presence via a website and social media platforms. This will be crucial for marketing, customer engagement, and building a loyal customer base.
  • Create Strategic Partnerships: Form partnerships with local businesses and community organizations. This could include sourcing local ingredients, collaborating on local events, or cross-promotional marketing efforts.
  • Implement a Customer Loyalty Program: To encourage repeat business, implement a loyalty program that rewards customers for their continued patronage. This could involve discounts, free products, or other incentives for frequent customers.
  • Achieve Operational Efficiency: Optimize operations to reduce waste, lower costs, and increase the speed of service. This may involve training staff, improving supply chain logistics, or adopting new technologies.
  • Expand Product Offerings: Based on customer feedback and sales data, gradually introduce new products or variations on existing products to meet customer demand and increase sales opportunities.
  • Get to $15,000/month in Revenue: Achieve the milestone of generating $15,000 in monthly revenue. This will require consistent marketing efforts, superior product quality, and excellent customer service to build a strong customer base.
  • Evaluate Expansion Opportunities: Once the stand is profitable and operations are streamlined, evaluate the possibility of expanding to additional locations within Walnut Creek or neighboring areas to increase market reach and revenue.

VIII. Management Team

Our management team has the experience and expertise to successfully execute on our business plan.

Management Team Members

Addison clark, ceo.

Addison Clark, CEO, has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and insight into the dynamics of running a successful business. Through the experience of managing a lemonade stand, Addison has gained invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship, customer service, and product management. These early experiences have honed Addison’s ability to identify market opportunities, develop strategic business models, and lead a team with a shared vision. At the helm of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co., Addison applies a hands-on approach to leadership, ensuring that every aspect of the company is aligned with its mission to deliver premium lemonade products. Addison’s entrepreneurial journey from a lemonade stand to the CEO of CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. is a source of inspiration and a key driver behind the company’s innovative strategies.

IX. Financial Plan

Funding requirements/use of funds.

To accomplish our growth goals, CitrusNoble Lemonade Co. needs $54,000 in funding. Key uses of this funding will be as follows:

Capital Investments
Location Buildout $20,000
Furniture $2,000
Equipment $5,000
Machines $1,000
Computers $500
Non Capital Investments
Working Capital $10,000
Initial Rent/Lease $3,000
Staff Salaries (First 3 Months) $9,000
Initial Marketing and Advertising $2,000
Supplies $500
Insurance $1,000

Financial Projections

financial projection lemonade stand business plan

5 Year Annual Income Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $1,854,983 $2,008,632 $2,175,007 $2,355,163 $2,550,242
Direct Costs
Direct Costs $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
Salaries $72,814 $75,023 $77,299 $79,644 $82,060
Marketing Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Rent/Utility Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Other Expenses $12,135 $12,503 $12,883 $13,274 $13,676
Depreciation $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $5,400 $5,400 $5,400 $5,400 $5,400
Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Use of Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Taxable Income $1,196,588 $1,319,260 $1,453,142 $1,599,212 $1,758,532
Income Tax Expense $418,805 $461,741 $508,599 $559,724 $615,486
Net Profit Margin (%) 41.9% 42.7% 43.4% 44.1% 44.8%

5 Year Annual Balance Sheet

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Cash $704,647 $1,557,306 $2,496,024 $3,533,440 $4,614,910
Other Current Assets $159,225 $172,413 $186,694 $196,263 $212,520
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Acc Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Fixed Assets $28,500 $28,500 $28,500 $28,500 $28,500
Accum Depreciation $5,700 $11,400 $17,100 $22,800 $28,500
Preliminary Exp $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Current Liabilities $54,890 $57,517 $60,274 $62,070 $65,050
Debt outstanding $54,000 $54,000 $54,000 $54,000 $0
Share Capital $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Retained earnings $777,782 $1,635,302 $2,579,844 $3,619,333 $4,762,379

5 Year Annual Cash Flow Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Net Income (Loss) $777,782 $857,519 $944,542 $1,039,488 $1,143,046
Change in Working Capital ($104,335) ($10,560) ($11,524) ($7,772) ($13,276)
Plus Depreciation $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700 $5,700
Plus Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Fixed Assets ($28,500) $0 $0 $0 $0
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Equity $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Debt financing $54,000 $0 $0 $0 ($54,000)
Cash at Beginning of Period $0 $704,647 $1,557,306 $2,496,024 $3,533,440

What Is a Lemonade Stand Business Plan?

A lemonade stand business plan is a document that outlines the strategies you have developed to start and/or grow your lemonade stand business. Among other things, it details information about your industry, customers and competitors to help ensure your company is positioned properly to succeed. Your lemonade stand business plan also assesses how much funding you will need to grow your business and proves, via your financial forecasts, why the business is viable.  

Why You Need a Business Plan for your Lemonade Stand Business

A business plan is required if you are seeking funding for your lemonade stand business. Investors and lenders will review your plan to ensure it meets their criteria before providing you with capital. In addition, a lemonade stand business plan helps you and your team stay focused. It documents the strategies you must follow and gives you financial projections you should strive to achieve and against which you can judge your performance.  

Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template PDF

Download our Lemonade Stand Business Plan PDF to help guide you as you create your business plan for your own lemonade stand business.  

lemonade stand business plan

lemonade stand business plan

A lemonade stand is a small business venture that involves selling lemonade to customers in a local area. It is a popular entrepreneurial activity for children, as it allows them to learn about business, marketing, and finance in a fun and engaging way. 

Starting a lemonade stand is a great way for kids to develop important skills like communication, problem-solving, and creativity. In this article, we will explore kids and entrepreneurship, the role of parents in supporting their children's entrepreneurial ambitions, and provide tips on how to start a lemonade stand.

Parents play a crucial role in supporting their children's entrepreneurial ambitions, especially when creating lemonade stands for kids. They can provide guidance, encouragement, and resources to help their kids turn their ideas into reality. 

how to start a lemonade stand

By helping their children start a lemonade stand, parents can teach them valuable lessons about hard work, perseverance, and financial management . Additionally, parents can use this opportunity to bond with their children and create lasting memories.

Overall, starting a lemonade stand is a great way for children to develop important life skills and learn about entrepreneurship. By supporting their children's ambitions and helping them navigate the challenges of starting a business, parents can play an essential role in their child's personal and professional growth. With a little bit of planning and effort, anyone can learn how to start a lemonade stand and enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship. 

Benefits of Lemonade Stand for Kids

Starting a lemonade stand can provide several benefits for kids, and they include the following.

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

Starting a lemonade stand can help kids develop important entrepreneurial skills, such as financial management, marketing, and communication. Through this experience, children can learn how to create a business plan, set prices, manage inventory, and promote their product. These skills can be applied in future endeavors and serve as a foundation for a successful career in business. These are all key in knowing how to start a lemonade business .

Learning Responsibility

Running a lemonade stand requires children to take on responsibilities such as managing inventory, handling money, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Children learn the importance of accountability and decision-making by taking ownership of their stand. These experiences can instill a sense of responsibility that can be applied to other areas of their lives.

Encouraging Creativity

Starting a lemonade stand can encourage children's creativity as they develop unique recipes, marketing strategies, and presentation techniques. This experience can help children develop their creativity and imagination, which can be applied in other aspects of their lives. Encouraging creativity can also help children develop a sense of individuality and self-expression.

Building Confidence

Running a lemonade stand can help build children's confidence, develop character and self-esteem as they take on the responsibility of managing their stand and interacting with customers. Successfully operating a business can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting children's self-image and developing a positive attitude towards challenges. This experience can help children develop the confidence they need to succeed in other areas of their lives.


Teaching Work Ethic

Starting a lemonade stand can teach children the value of hard work and persistence. Through this experience, children can learn the importance of setting goals , developing a plan, and staying focused on achieving those goals. This can instill a strong work ethic in children, helping them develop the perseverance they need to succeed in school, career, and life.

Planning Your Lemonade Stand Business

Besides knowing how to make a lemonade stand, planning is a critical step in starting a successful lemonade stand business. Here are some essential elements to consider when planning your lemonade stand.

Choosing a Location for Your Lemonade Stand

Starting a lemonade stand business requires choosing a strategic location with high visibility and foot traffic. Parks, beaches, grocery stores and busy sidewalks are ideal locations to set up the stand. A good location can increase the chances of attracting more customers and making more sales.

Designing a Stand and Creating Signage

Designing an attractive and eye-catching stand is crucial to the success of a lemonade stand business. Bright colors, unique designs, and creative signage can draw potential customers towards the stand and encourage them to purchase.

Deciding on a Menu and Setting Prices

To create a successful lemonade stand business, it's important to decide on a menu that offers a variety of lemonade flavors and other complementary items. Setting the right price can help attract customers while also ensuring profitability. It's important to balance the cost of ingredients with the expected profit margin.

Creating a Budget and Calculating Profits

Creating a budget for a lemonade stand business can help determine the necessary expenses, such as the cost of ingredients, materials for the stand, and marketing or promotion costs. Calculating profits can help measure the success of the business and identify areas for improvement. Understanding financial management is a valuable skill for children to learn.

Use the Lemonade Day app to help with planning

This app provides resources and tools for young entrepreneurs, including planning templates, budgeting tools, and marketing tips. The app can be an excellent resource for children and their parents to plan and manage a successful lemonade stand .

Marketing and Operating Your Lemonade Stand Business

Marketing and operating a lemonade stand business is crucial for success. Here are some important elements to consider.

Attracting Customers Through Advertising and Promotion

Attracting customers is a crucial aspect of running a successful lemonade stand business. Effective advertising and promotion techniques can attract more customers and increase sales. Utilizing social media, distributing flyers, and word-of-mouth can be effective ways to reach potential customers.

Offering promotions or discounts can also be an effective way to encourage people to visit the stand. Creative signage can also help attract customers, as can offering a variety of flavors and complementary items. A strong marketing strategy can help create brand awareness and establish a loyal customer base.

Creating a Welcoming and Enjoyable Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere is an important factor in running a successful lemonade stand business. The stand should be designed in a way that attracts customers and makes them feel comfortable. Consider adding decorations and playing music to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Engaging with customers in a friendly and welcoming manner can also encourage repeat business.

Additionally, offering outdoor seating or shade can create a more comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their drinks. Overall, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere can help establish a positive reputation for the business and increase customer satisfaction.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is essential for any successful business, including a lemonade stand. Friendly and attentive customer service can create a positive experience for customers, encouraging them to return and recommend the business to others. 

Children can learn the importance of listening to customer needs and addressing any concerns promptly. It is also important to be courteous, respectful and maintain a positive attitude. Thanking customers for their business and providing a memorable experience can help establish a loyal customer base and differentiate the lemonade stand from competitors.

making lemonade

Handling Money and Making Change

Handling money and making change is important to running a lemonade stand business. It is a great opportunity for kids to learn about money management and financial responsibility. 

Children can practice counting money, making change, and keeping track of sales. They can also learn about the importance of accuracy, honesty, and trustworthiness when handling money.

To ensure a smooth transaction process, make sure there is enough change available, and establish clear pricing and payment methods. 

This can teach kids about budgeting, planning, and organizing their finances. Overall, handling money and making change can be a valuable life skill for kids and an important aspect of entrepreneurship.

Maintaining Cleanliness and Safety

Maintaining cleanliness and safety is crucial for running a successful and safe lemonade stand business. The stand and surrounding area should be kept clean and tidy to create a positive impression for customers. This can also help prevent accidents or injuries. Children should be taught about the importance of proper food handling, hygiene, and following safety guidelines.

They should also be aware of any potential hazards, such as electrical cords, sharp objects, or hot surfaces. Adequate food storage, preparation, and disposal practices should be followed to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Overall, maintaining cleanliness and safety is essential for customer satisfaction and the success of the business while also promoting important values such as responsibility and health awareness.

Use the Lemonade Day App to Help With Marketing and Operations

The Lemonade Day app can help with various marketing and operations aspects, including creating a business plan, setting goals, and managing finances. Kids can learn about money management by using the app to calculate profits, expenses, and pricing. 

The app also provides marketing tools and templates to help with advertising and promotion. It can help kids stay organized and keep track of their progress while also providing tips and resources to help them succeed.

Learning from Your Lemonade Stand Experience

There are many different financial lessons that your kid can learn from putting up their lemonade stand. These lessons include the following.

Analyzing Your Profits and Losses

Analyzing profits and losses is an important step in learning from your lemonade stand experience. Kids who start a lemonade stand will gain valuable experience managing money and understanding business finances. 

By calculating profits and expenses, they will learn how pricing, menu choices, and expenses can impact their bottom line.

This knowledge can be applied to lemonade stand businesses or future entrepreneurial endeavors. Learning how to analyze profits and losses is an essential part of how to start a lemonade stand and is a great way to teach kids about entrepreneurship.

Identifying What Worked Well and What Could Be Improved

Identifying what worked well and what could be improved is a crucial step in learning from the lemonade stand experience. Kids can evaluate their business performance by reviewing the feedback from customers and observing their competitors. 

They can identify areas where they excelled and areas where they need to improve. This exercise is used to teach kids about money management and helps them to develop problem-solving skills.

Use the Lemonade Day App to Help With Evaluation and Goal-Setting

Kids can use the Lemonade Day app to track their progress, analyze their profits and losses, and set new goals for future lemonade stands. This process of using technology to evaluate and set goals can be an excellent learning opportunity for kids and can teach them valuable skills in business planning for kids and how to start a lemonade stand.

Final Thoughts on How to Start a Lemonade Stand

In conclusion, starting a lemonade stand business is a great way for kids to develop essential life skills and learn about entrepreneurship. We have discussed the numerous benefits of lemonade stand for kids, including building confidence, learning responsibility, and developing creativity and work ethic. It also allows kids to learn about money management and goal-setting.

As parents, it is essential to encourage and support our children's entrepreneurial ambitions. We can do this by helping them plan, prepare, and operate their lemonade stand business. Additionally, using the Lemonade Day app can be an excellent tool to provide support in all aspects of the business, from planning to evaluation.

Starting a lemonade stand business is not just about selling lemonade; it is an opportunity for kids to learn valuable life skills that will help them succeed in the future. So let's encourage our kids to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and help them realize their full potential by teaching them how to start a lemonade stand.

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lemonade stand business plan



lemonade stand business plan

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How to Start a Lemonade Stand [Business Plan]

A lemonade stand or a QSR (quick-service restaurant) is a business that prepares and sells lemonade from a stand. A lemonade stand refers to a small, temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas to sell lemonade, and a lemonade stand may be manned by one or two people. Please note that a lemonade stand is a business that is commonly operated by children, to sell lemonade.

Available data shows that the lemonade market size is estimated to reach $2,651 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.7% over 2022-2026. According to a report, Simply Lemonade was the leading refrigerated lemonade brand in the U.S. in 2018, with over 415 million dollars in sales.

Steps on How to Start a Lemonade Stand Business

Conduct market research.

If you are considering starting a lemonade stand business, you would need reliable market research to be able to maximize profits from the business. The first step in the market research process for your lemonade stand business should be to develop market-based research questions in line with your overall business goal and objective.

In this regard, you should source for information that will help you maximize your business, information that will tell you what your potential market will be looking out for from a lemonade business and also help you operate your lemonade stand with less stress and of course, build the business to profitability.

a. Who is the Target Market for Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Campers (Campgrounds and RV parks)
  • Sports fans (Stadiums)
  • Everyone who resides in the location where you intend to sell your lemonade.

b. Is Lemonade Stand Business a Profitable Business?

Yes, the lemonade stand business is profitable because, according to available data, U.S. lemonade sales amounted to over 451 million liters annually.

c. Are There Existing Niches in the Industry?

Yes, there are existing niches when it comes to lemonade stand business. Here are some of them;

  • Self-service lemonade stand
  • Full-service lemonade stand
  • For-profit lemonade stand
  • Non-profit lemonade stand

d. Who are the Major Competitors?

  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • The “Lemon Sharks Lemonade” Stand
  • Plucky Brooklynite
  • America’s Lemonade Stand, Inc.

e. Are There County or State Regulations or Zoning Laws for Lemonade Stand Business?

Yes, there are county, state regulations, or zoning laws for lemonade stand businesses. Towns, cities, and counties also have zoning restrictions, designating commercial and noncommercial zones.

Please note that in the United States, it is illegal in 36 U.S. states to operate a lemonade stand. Only children lucky enough to live in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, or Connecticut can run lemonade stands without permits.

f. Is There a Franchise for Lemonade Stand Business?

No, there are no franchise opportunities for the lemonade stand business.

g. What Do You Need to Start a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • A Feasibility Report
  • Business and Marketing Plans
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Well-constructed Stands
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)/Federal Tax ID Number.
  • A Corporate Bank Account
  • Lemons, Other Ingredients, Disposable Cups and Straws

Memorable Lemonade Stand Business Names

  • Star Kids© Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Providence™ Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Star Joint© Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Randel® Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Drink King™ Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • East West™ Lemonade Stand, LLC.
  • Joe Nelson and Co© Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Drink Guys® Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Big Cup© Lemonade Stand Company, Inc.
  • Drink N Go© Lemonade Stand Company, Inc.
  • Good Drink® Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Life Good® Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Beach Front™ Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Good Taste© Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Sun Rise® Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Forte ™ Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Drink Depot™ Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Americana© Lemonade Stand, Inc.
  • Cold Serve® Lemonade Stand, LLC
  • Right Drinks™ Lemonade Stand, Inc.

Register Your Business

A. what type of business structure is best for lemonade stand business.

When it comes to the business structure of a lemonade stand business, the one that most players in this line of business consider is an LLC. It is common to consider an LLC because providers want to protect themselves from lawsuits. Please note that an LLC will need an EIN if it has employees or if it will be required to file any of the excise tax forms listed below.

b. Steps to Form an LLC

  • Choose a Name for Your LLC.
  • File Articles of Organization.
  • Choose a registered agent.
  • Decide on member vs. manager management.
  • Create an LLC operating agreement.
  • Comply with other tax and regulatory requirements.
  • File annual reports.

c. What Type of License is Needed to Open a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • General Business License
  • Zonal Permits
  • Signage Permit
  • Health and trade license
  • Proof of district-issued food manager identification card
  • A music license if you want to play recorded, or stream music in your lemonade stand
  • A dumpster placement permit that specifies where you can put your dumpster outside your lemonade stand
  • Sidewalk permits if you plan to offer outside seating

d. What Type of Certification is Needed to Start a Lemonade Stand Business?

You don’t need any certifications to start a lemonade stand business.

e. What Documents are Needed to Open a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Business and liability insurance
  • Federal Tax Payer’s ID
  • State Permit
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Food and Drinks Handlers’ License
  • Business License
  • Business Plan
  • Employment Agreement (offer letters)
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs
  • Insurance Policy
  • Online Terms of Use
  • Online Privacy Policy Document
  • Contract Document
  • Company Bylaws
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

f. Do You Need a Trademark, Copyright, or Patent?

If you are considering starting a lemonade stand business, usually you may not have any need to file for intellectual property protection or trademark. This is so because the nature of the business makes it possible for you to successfully run it without having any cause to challenge anybody in court for illegally making use of your company’s intellectual properties.

Cost Analysis and Budgeting

A. how much does it cost to start a lemonade stand business.

A lemonade stand business will cost from $2,000 – $200,000 to start and that can easily go higher depending on your overall business goals and objectives especially if you decide to have several stands in different locations per time.

b. What are the Costs Involved in Starting a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Business Registration Fees – $750.
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits – $3,300.
  • Marketing, Branding and Promotions – $1,000.
  • Business Consultant Fee – $2,500.
  • Insurance – $1,400.
  • Rent/Lease for small Office – $5,000
  • Well- designed stands (4) – $10,000
  • Other start-up expenses like phone and utility deposits ($1,800).
  • Operational Cost (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – $10,000
  • Start-up Inventory – $6,000
  • Store Equipment (cash register, security, ventilation, signage) – $1,750
  • Equipment – $8,000
  • Website: $600
  • Opening party: $3,000
  • Miscellaneous: $2,000

c. What Factors Determine the Cost of Opening a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • The number of lemonade stands you intend to start the business with
  • The choice of location
  • The required licenses and permits
  • The cost for purchasing, furnishing, and equipping the lemonade stand
  • The cost of insurance
  • The cost for registering the business
  • Cost of recruiting and training your staff
  • The cost for the purchase and customizing of uniforms
  • The cost for the grand opening of the lemonade stand business

d. Do You Need to Build a Facility? If YES, How Much Will It Cost?

It is not compulsory to build a new facility for your lemonade stand business because the nature of the business makes it possible for you to quickly position your stands in a location as soon as you get approval.

e. What are the Ongoing Expenses of a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Ingredients and serving materials
  • Utility bills (internet subscriptions, phone bills, signage and software renewal fees et al)
  • Salaries of employees
  • Marketing costs

f. What is the Average Salary of your Staff?

  • Chief Operating Officer (Owner) – $38,000 Per Year
  • Manager – $30,000 Per Year
  • Attendants – $26,100 Per Year
  • Cleaners -$21,000 Per Year

g. How Do You Get Funding to Start a Lemonade Stand Business

  • Raising money from personal savings and sale of personal stocks and properties
  • Raising money from investors and business partners
  • Sell shares to interested investors
  • Source for soft loans from your family members and friends.

Write a Business Plan

A. executive summary.

Beach Front™ Lemonade Stand, LLC is a licensed lemonade stand that will be based in Palm Beach, Florida but operate all across major cities in Florida selling lemonade and snacks from our well-branded stands. Beach Front™ Lemonade Stand, LLC has been able to secure all relevant licenses and permits to operate throughout the United States. We will ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations guiding the food and drinks industry.

b. Products and Service

C. mission statement.

Our mission is to build a lemonade stand business that will meet the needs of all our customers.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become one of the preferred choices when it comes to lemonade stands in the whole of Palm Beach, Florida.

d. Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of a lemonade business are to service areas where it might be difficult to quickly construct the convention shops; areas such as carnival sites, construction sites, sporting event centers, campgrounds, beaches, et al.

e. Organizational Structure

  • Chief Operating Officer (Owner)

Marketing Plan

A. swot analysis.

  • Excellent operational history
  • Superb menu list
  • Well-branded and equipped lemonade stand
  • Excellent customer testimonials.
  • The owner is new to large scale marketing
  • We will need a loan to launch the business and purchase commercial kitchen equipment
  • The owner is currently running the business solo
  • Lack of economies of scale.


  • Growing outdoor activities
  • Lemonade is a great boost to the immune system, too.
  • Online market, new services, new technology, and of course the opening of new markets.
  • Loans diminish profitability until they are paid off
  • The first year will be financially tight while we gain customers and pay off loans
  • Competition in the area could increase
  • Management of employees requires time, money, and efforts
  • The regulatory department could change its regulatory status and decide to enforce strict regulations that can strangulate a new business.

b. How Do Lemonade Stand Businesses Make Money?

Lemonade stands make money by selling lemonades and snacks from their stands and also by selling franchises.

c. Payment Options

  • Payment with cash
  • Payment via credit cards
  • Payment via online bank transfer
  • Payment via mobile money transfer

d. Sales & Advertising Strategies

  • Introduce your lemonade stand brand by sending introductory letters to residents, facility managers, park managers, and other stakeholders in and around the city you intend to cover.
  • Open your lemonade stand company with a party to capture the attention of residents who are your first targets
  • Advertise your lemonade stand in community-based newspapers, local TV and radio stations
  • List your business and products on yellow pages ads (local directories)
  • Leverage on the internet and mobile apps to promote your lemonade stands
  • Engage in direct marketing and sales
  • Deliberately brand your lemonade stand
  • Encourage the use of word-of-mouth marketing (referrals)

Financial Projection

A. how much should you charge for your product/service.

Most lemonade businesses price their lemonade at $5 or less. The exact cost depends on a stand’s location. Even in high-demand areas, businesses resist going over $5 for obvious reasons.

b. How Much Profit Do Lemonade Stand Business Owners Make a Year?

It depends, but available reports show that on average, a lemonade stand business should net more than $60,000 per year assuming they have steady clientele.

c. What Factors Determine the Amount of Profit to Be Made?

  • The number of lemonade stands owned
  • The location the lemonade stand business is covering
  • The management style of the business
  • The business approach of the lemonade stand business
  • The advertising and marketing strategies adopted by the lemonade stand business.
  • The number of years the lemonade stand is in business

d. What is the Profit Margin of a Lemonade Stand Business?

The profit margin of a lemonade stand business is not fixed. It could range from 25 percent to 55 percent.

e. What is the Sales Forecast?

Below is the sales forecast of a lemonade stand business. It is based on the location of the business and other factors as it relates to such startups in the United States;

  • First Fiscal Year: $180,000
  • Second Fiscal Year: $240,000
  • Third Fiscal Year: $300,000

Set Up your Shop 

A. how do you choose a perfect location for lemonade stand business.

  • The demography of the location
  • The demand for the type of food and drinks offered by the lemonade stand
  • The purchasing power of businesses and the residents of the location
  • Accessibility of the location
  • The number of lemonade stands in the location
  • The local laws and regulations in the community/state
  • Traffic, parking and security et al

b. What State and City are Best to Open a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Riderwood, Washington
  • Zionsville, Indiana
  • Davidson, North Carolina
  • Titusville, Florida
  • Tyler, Texas
  • Kentfield, California
  • Ocoee, Florida
  • College Station, Texas
  • Campbell, California
  • North Chesterfield, Virginia
  • Chicago, Illinois

c. What Equipment is Needed to Operate a Lemonade Stand Business?

To operate a lemonade stand, you would need basic equipment such as a portable stand, a commercial juicer, plastic cups, and straw. So also, you should make provision for a water supply system – tank with agitator, stainless steel, and syrup making vessel.

Hire Employees

When it comes to hiring employees for a standard lemonade stand business, you should make plans to hire a competent chief executive officer (you can occupy this position), manager, attendants, drivers, and cleaners.

Launch the Business Proper

In recent times, no lemonade stand business opens its door for business without first organizing an opening party to officially launch the business. You can choose to do a soft opening if you are operating on a low budget or you can go for a grand opening party.

The bottom line is that with proper launching of the lemonade stand business, you will officially inform people in your city that your lemonade stand is open for business.

a. What Makes a Lemonade Stand Business Successful?

  • Choose a good location, good menu, and well-branded stands to launch the business
  • Hire only competent, hardworking, and trustworthy staff
  • Be deliberate with your marketing sales approach
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth to promote your lemonade stand business
  • Leverage on all available online and offline platforms to promote your lemonade stand business

b. What Happens During a Typical Day at a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • The business is open for the day’s work
  • The lemonade stands are cleaned and ready for business
  • Lemonades and snacks are prepared
  • Customer’s requests are taken and they are attended to
  • Marketing/website upkeep
  • The business is closed for the day.

c. What Skills and Experience Do You Need to Build a Lemonade Stand Business?

  • Good culinary skills
  • Customer services skills
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Business management skills
  • Work experience in a QSR (quick-service restaurant) stand or kiosk business environment
  • Experience in managing people
  • Experience in business administration
  • Experience in handling relevant software.

More on Food


  • Motrike Blog

How to Start a Lemonade Stand Business [Updated 2023]

A lemonade business is one of the businesses that do not require a huge amount of capital and it helps to develop business concepts and skills. Likewise, if one gets it right, you will see that this business is fun especially for kids just starting in the entrepreneurial world. 

The steps to take when starting this business are; to conduct market research, legitimacy and safety consideration, purchase equipment, and machines, plan for pricing and business development, and think about the daily operation.

Aside from everything listed above, other things you will also learn from this article are the tips for boosting a lemonade business. This will be very helpful for those who are just starting a lemonade stand business and those who are already into it. Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about  how to start a lemonade stand  business.

Lemonade Stand

Why Starting a Lemonade Stand Business is a Good Choice

Have you ever thought of starting a lemonade stand business but wondered if it is a good business to venture into? If you have some amount of money (i.e., capital) for business purposes, you should consider setting up a lemonade stand business because it is profitable and very easy to set up. Take a look at some convincing reasons why setting up a lemonade business is a good choice below:

Develop Business Concepts and Skills 

Setting up a lemonade stand will require developing business concepts and skills that are needed to give life to those ideas in you. First, starting up a lemonade stand business is one of the best ways for a kid to practically understand what entrepreneurial skills entail. Another business skill that one can easily develop while running this business is financial literacy.

Thirdly, communication skills will also be developed while running a lemonade business. Interacting with customers of different ages is a good way to develop one’s communication skills. Other business concepts that will be developed include goal setting and critical thinking. All the business concepts and skills developed here will help you throughout your life.

Low Start-Up Costs

businesses. One of the things you need for a lemonade stand is a little amount of money to set up a beautiful stand. At this point, you don’t need a very big shop and expensive shop.

You can easily start with a custom-made tricycle (or quadricycle) tailored to your business needs. There are various cargo trikes that can be produced to fit your needs, for example, there are ice cream, food carts, coffee, and vendor trikes at Motrike . Other things you need for a lemonade stand are the equipment and ingredients needed to produce the lemonade juice. Finally, you may need disposable cups for delivery services.

Also Read: >> Fuel Your Business With Our E cargo Trike

Flexible Hours and Locations

Since you are not renting a shop that is built with bricks in a particular location, definitely you are not limited to a single location. One of the reasons why you should start a lemonade stand business is that you have the freedom to move your stand from one place to another.

For instance, if you find out that you are not making enough profit in your present location, you can easily migrate to another location that will bring in more profit. Also, you can decide to open your stand anytime and close it anytime you like.

Fun and Enjoyment

Finally, running a lemonade stand business is fun, especially for kids who are just starting in the entrepreneurial world. It is one easy way for them to learn about different business skills and also have fun along the line.

The beauty of it is that the memories and the lessons derived from this business will stay with you for a long period. Likewise, it can also form basic business principles that will help and guide you while you grow in the business world.

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

Conducting thorough market research is an essential step when starting a lemonade business.

Identify the Target Market

Before starting a business, it is very important to make some necessary preparations and one of them is to identify your target market. One advantage of identifying the target market is that it helps to analyze and determine the demand for lemonade juice in a particular location.

The use of surveys is one of the common ways to carry out this kind of research. The information gathered in this research will help you identify your target market, how to satisfy them, and the potential demand in a particular location.

Find the Suitable Position

This may sound simple but choosing an optimal location (suitable location) is key to every successful business. The best location to set up a lemonade stand is a place where lemonade juice is in high demand. For huge sales, it is advisable to set up the stand in a safe but busy area with high foot traffic.

For instance, you may consider visible areas like the local sports event, grocery stores, or beside swimming pool centers. Take note that you may need to get a permit before you are allowed in some of the locations listed above.

Step 2: Legitimacy & Safety Consideration

When starting a lemonade business, it’s crucial to address the legitimacy and safety considerations. These considerations play a significant role in establishing trust with customers and ensuring the business operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

Obtain Necessary Licenses

Whether a lemonade stand business is operated by an adult or a kid, there’s a need to get the necessary licenses. Failure to obtain necessary licenses before starting the business may lead to serious penalties or fines. Some states may require a business license or vendor’s permit.

The kind of licenses or permits that you will need to obtain before starting the business depends on the state you want to set up the business. A good way to know is by asking experienced people or checking your state government’s website.

Discuss Food Safety Guidelines

Since the lemonade business is a food business, it is also important to discuss food safety guidelines with the necessary department. This is important because the government takes food safety matters very seriously.

In some states, the food business is subjected to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) requirements. A discussion with the necessary departments will help to identify the food safety guidelines. Aside from food safety, the health and safety of your customers while at your stand are also important.

Consider Liability Insurance

You should also consider liability insurance because it is required in some areas before you can start a lemonade stand business. In case you need liability insurance to operate safely and lawfully, you don’t need to be afraid because it may not be as expensive as you think.

The main purpose of getting liability insurance is to protect the business or the owner of the business should in case a lawsuit is filed against the business. A common type of insurance you can start with is General Liability Insurance.

Step 3: Purchase Equipment and Machines

Purchasing the right equipment and machines is a critical step in setting up a lemonade business. The quality and functionality of your equipment can directly impact the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your lemonade.

Cargo Trike

Starting a lemonade stand business, you need to ask questions like what do you need for a lemonade stand? First, a custom-made cargo trike is one important machine you need to purchase with your startup funds. This is a very useful bike that includes cycling and cargo carrying, making it easy to move your business from one place to another.

Motrike E cargo trike is an essential bike that is needed to easily build a lemonade stand business. Motrike understands that every business’s needs are different, therefore; they offer full customization offers that enable business owners to build cargo trikes according to their special needs and preferences.

Velo Cargo Trike

Lemon Squeezer or Juicer

Another important piece of equipment needed in a lemonade stand is the lemon squeezer or juicer. A lemon squeezer is a tool that is used to extract the juice from lemons in an easier way. With the help of this tool, you can easily get the juice from the lemon without the seeds, peel, and pulp.

The lemon squeezer or juicer is available in different forms and sizes, but they all have the same principle. The size of the lemon squeezer you need will depend on the size of your business. Take note that regular maintenance is key to improving the lifespan of your lemon squeezer. The heavy-duty lemonade squeezer is suitable for a lemonade stand business.

Lemon Squeezer

Cups and Straws

Some of the supplies you need for your lemonade stand are cups and straws. Cups and straws are very important because you need them to serve your customers. The type of cups you will buy should be determined by the customers you want to serve.

If your target customers are mainly those who will buy and drink the juice at your stand, you may consider using reusable cups. But if you are looking into expanding your business and venturing into home delivery, it will be more convenient to use disposable cups.

Lemonade Plastic Cup and Straw

A freezer is an essential equipment needed for a successful lemonade stand. Without a freezer to preserve the extracted lemonade juice on a hot day, the lemonade juice may go bad or lead to potential bacteria contamination. But it can stay up to a week if it is stored in a freezer.

If you are looking at how to run a lemonade stand without going through the stress of moving heavy equipment from one location to another, you may consider using Motrike cargo trikes with large storage freezers and other amazing features like a water supply system needed for a lemonade business stand.

E Cargo Trike with Freezer

Step 4: Plan for Pricing and Business Development

You have heard this popular law of demand before which says: “The demand for a product is inversely proportional to its price”. Therefore, you also need to make a necessary plan to choose the right price for your products. You don’t just sit down and decide the price of a cup of lemonade from your head, you need to plan carefully and do some basic calculations. First, you need to take a look at the demand for your product (i.e., how many people are ready to buy your product).

Also, you need to think about price sensitivity when choosing a price. This helps you to decide the amount of money that people are willing to pay for your product. Thirdly, the temperature of the day can determine the pricing of a lemonade business stand. For instance, customers may be willing to pay more for your products on a sunny day.

Another thing you need to have on the ground when planning for your lemonade stand business is a strategic business development plan. For instance, a marketing plan is one way to make awareness and take your products to the face of your potential customers. Other business development plans that can make your business more profitable include implementing customers feedbacks and creating effective KPIs.

Step 5. Daily Operation

Another important thing you need to put into consideration when planning how to start a lemonade business is the daily operation of the business. You need to think about the skills involved in carrying out a successful day-to-day lemonade business which may include financial literacy, creativity skill, critical and goal-setting skills, and effective and clear communication skills.

First, starting a lemonade stand business will require good financial literacy because you will be dealing with money a lot. You will be doing a lot of calculations that involve money when you buy raw materials and supplies for production and when you are attending to customers. Secondly, your creativity skill will be needed when you need to determine the signs and slogans for your stand.

As a new lemonade seller, you aim to make a profit and grow your business. Therefore, it is expedient to set realistic goals and think deeply about how to achieve those goals. Also, you will need clear communication skills to interact effectively with your customers every day. In conclusion, a good understanding of what the daily operation of a lemonade stand business look like will help you plan and prepare ahead effectively.

lemonade stand business plan

Tips for Boosting Your Lemonade Business

Just like every other business, a lemonade stand business has the potential to grow if the necessary effort is put into it. A lemonade business can grow faster if you know the basic tips needed to boost it. A lemonade stand business might grow from a small business in one location to a business having several locations in different areas and employing a larger workforce. To achieve this, carefully consider the following tips explained below on how to set up a lemonade stand business and boost it:

Increased Flavor Options

Don’t just stick to serving one or two flavor options at your lemonade stand, you should be ready to think outside the box. This is one of the areas where you need to use your critical thinking skill. Go online and research new and delicious flavor options that you can offer for customers to buy. Remember that many people love trying new things and this is one good way to keep your old customers and even bring in new ones.

While you are trying to increase your flavor options, you should also make sure you deliver the best product always. After all, no one will waste their money buying a bad lemonade when they can get a better product at time same price or a lesser price. A continuous reminder that you are in a competitive market will help you maintain quality products at all times. 

Get Involved in Local Activities

Businesses that want to grow faster should also consider getting involved in local activities. It allows businesses to meet and interact with their prospective and existing customers outside the four walls of their company. One of the things that getting involved in local activities says about your company is that you are not only focused on getting their money but also care about the community.

Another benefit of getting involved in local activities is that it helps to improve your visibility and brand awareness. In addition, it is an avenue to meet and create good relationships with other business owners which may open doors for new business deals. Businesses that are involved in the community will improve their reputation, improve employee morale, and get more loyal customers.

Offers and Promotions

Most business owners do not joke with offers and promotions because they know that it is the best way to boost a business faster. One secret success of great businesses around the world today is that they invest a huge amount of money in promoting their business. The major goal of offers and promotions is to create awareness and bring your product to the face of your potential customers. One easiest way for a lemonade stand business to market its brand is by using signs and posters.

The use of signs will draw the attention of people to your stand and increase the number of people that know about your brand in the neighborhood. Sings and posters will help to get the attention of those going by your lemonade stand. Other ways to promote a brand are by using social media, print ads, or broadcast media. Also, fantastic offers like price reductions during major festive periods will help to boost your lemonade business.

lemonade stand business plan

Continuous Improvement

Another way to boost your lemonade stand business is through continuous improvement. First, you need to understand that the world is moving at a faster pace and things are changing faster. This understanding will help you improve how you carry out your day-to-day business operations which include; improving your lemonade quality, increasing the flavor options, how you attend to your customers, and how you promote your brand.

In addition, you also need to continually study your competitors and see how you can beat them. The only way to keep your existing customers and get new ones is by presenting something better than them. For instance, customers will always stick to a brand that offers more quality and unique products and provides great customer service, standard packaging, and better sales. In conclusion, the only way to keep your customers coming back to your lemonade stand is through continuous improvement.

Motrike Ebike Cargo: Wonderful Choice to Power Up Your Business

For smooth and hassle-free daily activities, you should buy a high-quality and reliable cargo trike. Motrike Ebike Cargo is a wonderful cargo trike that will help to power your lemonade stand business . Here are some of the following benefits you will derive if you purchase Motrike e-bike cargo:

Fast Delivery

Businesses like lemonade stand business will need a bike that can make delivery easy and faster . One of the benefits of the Motrike e-bike cargo is that it will help reduce the cost of delivery and also deliver your products to your customers faster while improving customer service and increasing productivity. Other benefits of the electric cargo trike are environmentally friendly (i.e., they are fuel free) and cost-effective.

Additionally, a lemonade stand business may require moving from one location to another to get more sales. Since it is an electric cargo trike, it will help to make movement easier. Also, the electric cargo trike includes features like a freezer, load cargo, and branding panels that make business easier.

lemonade stand business plan

Worry-Free Warranty

People will only buy from companies that will provide value that is equivalent to the amount they want to spend. One of the easiest ways to gain client trust is by offering a worry-free warranty. This will enable them to believe that a business is willing to bear the cost of replacement or repair if their product doesn’t work.

Motrike understands how warranty can help to gain clients’ trust; this is why we provide a worry-free warranty for their electric bike cargo. Motrike provides a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 2-year warranty for the motor. Also, the company has branches in the US and EU which helps to provide convenience services.

Customized Service

Motrike offers professional and flexible customized services because they understand that the needs of every business owner differ. Some of the customizing services for style include the color for the family trike, rain hood, bike cover, and practical seat cushion. You can easily take advantage of this wide range of customization services to build a cargo trike that suits your exact needs and preference.

Furthermore, the customized service will help you in creating an electric bike with an eye-catching poster that will attract passerby’s attention and also create brand awareness. When buying a tricycle, customers can choose to install an engine or use a manual drive. At the same time, customers can customize the power of the engine and other parameters

Every business tends to grow if only you have the needed information to make it work. Though starting a lemonade stand business is profitable and very easy to set up, you also need to understand the basics about the business before venturing into it. 

This guide will help newbies to understand  how to start a lemonade stand  business from scratch and also help those already in the business to improve their business.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to get the best-suited cargo trikes for a lemonade stand business? Look no further, Motrike ’s cargo trikes are the best choice for a lemonade stand business because they are maneuverable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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Contact motrike for your tricycle & quadricycle solutions, get a free quote.


Lemonade Stand Ideas & Business Plan

What you need to get started, how to make it your own, writing out your business plan, now you’re ready to go.

You have chosen the perfect location, gotten permits, written your business plan, created advertising materials, gathered supplies, made your stand your own, determined how much to charge, and set realistic goals for how much money you want to make from your business. It’s up to you now to get everything set up and start making sales. 

About the Author

Jessica anglin.

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How to Start a Successful Lemonade Stand

Last Updated: May 19, 2024 Approved

Things You'll Need

This article was co-authored by Trent Larsen, CFP® . Trent Larsen is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) for Insight Wealth Strategies in the Bay Area, California. With over five years of experience, Trent specializes in financial planning and wealth management as well as personalized retirement, tax, and investment planning. Trent holds a BS in Economics from California State University, Chico. He has successfully passed his Series 7 and 66 registrations and holds his CA Life and Health Insurance license and CFP® certification. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 41 testimonials and 86% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 398,929 times.

There's nothing like an ice-cold glass of lemonade when summer is on its hottest day. A lot of kids have earned money by selling lemonade on sweltering summer days. Finding the right location and advertising your stand are two perfect ways to get lots of business. Most importantly, offer delicious, fresh drinks, such as lemonade, that will keep people coming back for more. You should also sell other treats to keep the customers happy, and possibly convince them to tell their friends about your stand. To find out how to start a successful stand, read on!

Things You Should Know

  • Find a spot where you’re allowed to set up a stand and where you see a lot of foot traffic.
  • Set a price for your lemonade that’s around $0.25-$1.00. Then, make an inviting, colorful sign that advertises your lemonade.
  • Talk to people as they walk by and politely ask them if they want a cup of lemonade.

Step 1 See where you're allowed to set up a stand.

  • Ask your parents to find out whether you can set up a stand. Let them know that you need a permit in many states.
  • Or find out yourself by calling your local Better Business Bureau to get more information. [2] X Trustworthy Source Better Business Bureau Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting marketplace trustworthiness by educating consumers and reviewing businesses Go to source

Step 2 Choose a popular spot.

  • Setting up in your front yard or home area is a great option. This works especially if you live on a busy street or in a big apartment complex. Plus, you would be able to get supplies easily rather than carrying them all the way to another location.
  • Be careful about setting up in public parks or outside sporting events. Many states have passed laws against letting people sell lemonade in these areas without any sort of permission. [3] X Research source

Step 3 See if any friends or neighbors want to get involved.

  • If you are planning a long day of selling, make sure you seriously trust the person taking shifts not to steal any money. An untrustworthy business-partner can ruin your stand!

Step 4 Bring water and snacks for the people running the stand (you and maybe others).

  • You can also make signs to post around the neighborhood. Tell people where to go to buy lemonade.
  • If you do this, make sure you take down the signs when you take down your stand.

Step 7 Have a plan on what exactly you will sell.

  • Multiple flavors of lemonade
  • Other beverages (such as soda)
  • Small treats (either homemade or store-bought) such as cookies

Step 8 Try adding some comforts for your customers.

  • Make it from scratch with fresh-squeezed lemons. For one gallon of lemonade, you need 2 cups of fresh lemon juice and 2 cups of white sugar. Mix well so the sugar dissolves.
  • Make it from concentrate. You can buy a can of frozen lemonade concentrate in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. Mix it with water according to the instructions on the package.
  • Make it from powder. Get a can of powdered lemonade. Follow the instructions to dissolve the powder in cold water.

Step 3 Don't use disposable cups or napkins.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • If you are putting up signs by the road, make sure the letters are big enough to be seen by people in their cars. Thanks Helpful 50 Not Helpful 3
  • If you want to sell more lemonade, make homemade lemonade. In the cooler you put the ice in, store cut lemon slices or mint sprigs for decoration. Thanks Helpful 48 Not Helpful 5
  • Make sure you don't leave the lemonade out long enough so all the ice melts. Make sure your mom or dad will make another batch or two. And don't forget to taste it. Thanks Helpful 41 Not Helpful 9

lemonade stand business plan

  • Make sure the money is in a safe place. Use a register that you can latch shut, and always have at least one person at the stand at all times. Thanks Helpful 107 Not Helpful 15
  • If you make baked goodies, make sure you have made the recipe right. Try them before you sell them. Thanks Helpful 200 Not Helpful 46
  • Make sure that your products are not too overpriced or underpriced. You want to make a profit, right? Charge about 25 cents to 75 cents per cup, and $1 to $2.50 for baked goods (if you sell baked goods, too) Thanks Helpful 104 Not Helpful 23
  • Avoid setting up your stand in public places. There are many laws prohibiting you from setting up your stand in places such as near stores, parks, parking lots, houses that are not yours, and businesses and rec areas without any permission, especially if you live in the U.S. Thanks Helpful 92 Not Helpful 22
  • Test your lemonade first. Those lemons you used in your lemonade could have expired over two months and you wouldn't even know it. Test to make sure your product is safe and tasty. Thanks Helpful 80 Not Helpful 25
  • Never try to set up things on your own. Have an older sibling or parent help you set up the lemonade stand, especially if you are going to set up tents and foldable tables. Otherwise, you seriously risk injury. Thanks Helpful 71 Not Helpful 32
  • Make sure to take down everything when you are finished with the stand, you don't want any animals coming to mess it up, especially if you live in a rural area. Thanks Helpful 62 Not Helpful 28
  • Never leave the stand unattended. This will not only risk your potential customers drawn being away, but people may be tempted to try and steal your money. Thanks Helpful 23 Not Helpful 5
  • Sturdy table (metallic, if possible)
  • Posterboard
  • Money register
  • Extra cash and coins for change
  • Jar for donations or tips
  • Plates, if needed

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Open a Lemonade Stand

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About This Article

Trent Larsen, CFP®

To start a lemonade stand, first ask your parents to check if you need a permit to sell in your city. Then, mix up a big batch of lemonade! You can make it with fresh lemons and sugar and charge $1 per cup, or mix a store-bought powder with water and charge $0.25-$0.50 each. Set up a card table on a popular street and set out paper cups, a sign to advertise, and a big pitcher of your lemonade. As people pass by, say, “Would you like a cup of lemonade?” Be polite and say thank you when someone buys a cup, and wish them a nice day even if they don’t. To learn more about what to provide your customers besides lemonade, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Vivienne Walsh

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan Sample

Published May.11, 2015

Updated Apr.23, 2024

By: Brandi Marcene

Average rating 4.7 / 5. Vote count: 3

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan Sample

Table of Content

Say the word “lemonade,” and thoughts of wooden stands, children, and summer come to mind. However, lemonade can be the foundation of a successful lemonade stand business plan. Unlike the days of corner street stands run by kids, there is an enormous opportunity to startup a lemonade company that generates significant revenues by catering to a target market that likes:

• Original lemonade made with sugar • Flavored lemonade • Lemonade made with non-sugar sweeteners • Lemonade made with organic fruit

How Would You Like Your Lemonade?

A business plan for a lemonade company can describe a company that:

• Operates a fixed stand that sells lemonade and drinks containing lemonade, and also food or snacks, under contract with athletic facilities and parks, or as a standalone business • Manages a mobile lemonade cart that is pulled to and setup in various locations, like parks, festivals, family reunions, downtown food truck areas, etc. • Opens a manufacturing facility that sells canned or bottled lemonade, lemonade mixes, and/or frozen lemonade to supermarkets, convenience stores, businesses, city facilities, etc. • Sells lemonade products online • Sells hard drinks made with lemonade to bars, pubs, restaurants, and other venues where alcohol is sold


The lemonade stand business plan can sell retail, wholesale, or both, depending on the type of lemonade company started. There are franchise restaurant available also for the entrepreneurs that want to join an established business that provides training and operating assistance. When preparing the financial statements, it is important to include any expenses associated with buying the franchise and paying ongoing franchise fees.

Nothing Sour About this Business

Once the lemonade stand business plan owner decides on the business model, the business plan is ready for development . Like any business, the company needs a well-written Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Marketing Plan, Operating Plan, Management Plan, and Financial Plan. The lemonade stand business plan owner needs permits, insurance, and licenses, possibly a crew, suppliers, and a lemonade stand or manufacturing facility. There may also be a need to find investors, depending on the type of lemonade company opened.

Contact OGS Capital to find out how experienced business consultants can deliver tailored lemonade stand business plan ning solutions. Starting on the path to long-term success in the lemonade industry begins with a solid lemonade stand business plan .

Download example lemonade business plan in pdf

OGScapital staff also specialize in compiling such as hot sauce business plan , business plan for frozen yogurt , food truck startup business plan , starting a coffee roasting company , shave ice business plan , business plan of a vending machine and etc.

OGSCapital’s team has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs with top-rate business plan development, consultancy and analysis. They’ve helped thousands of SME owners secure more than $1.5 billion in funding, and they can do the same for you.

lemonade stand business plan

Ice Vending Machine Business Plan

Ice Vending Machine Business Plan

OGScapital at the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference

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Vegetable Farming Business Plan

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Trading Business Plan

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How To Write A Textile Manufacturing Business Plan

How To Write A Textile Manufacturing Business Plan

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Today’s kids start lemonade stands with a business plan.

Kavitha Cardoza, Education Week Kavitha Cardoza, Education Week

  • Copy URL

It's the American summertime symbol of entrepreneurship: the lemonade stand. It might evoke nostalgic visions, but today nonprofits are using these rites of childhood to nurture budding business skills and entrepreneurial thinking. Special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza of Education Week reports.

Read the Full Transcript

Notice: Transcripts are machine and human generated and lightly edited for accuracy. They may contain errors.

Lemonade stands evoke nostalgic visions of kids handing out paper cups in front of their houses on a hot summer day.

But now nonprofits like Lemonade Day are using these rites of childhood to try to nurture budding business skills and entrepreneurial thinking.

Special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza from our partner Education Week visited Indianapolis, Indiana, a city that enthusiastically embraces national Lemonade Day.

It's part of our weekly education segment, Making the Grade.

Flannery Partain:

Lemonade, come get it. Lemonade, ice cool.

Kavitha Cardoza:

A big smile, a loud voice and lots of colorful posters, that's how Flannery Partain plans to attract customers. She's just 8, but knows exactly what she wants.

I want to be the boss.

And what better way to kick-start that ambition than though that American summertime symbol of entrepreneurship, the lemonade stand?

Lemonade, ice cold lemonade.

Flannery's just learned her first business concept, the importance of a catchy name.

At first, I was like Sour Lemon, but then my dad's like, no, no, no, no, no, no. And so he was like, how about Sweet Lemon? I'm like, yes, that could work, too.

I was thinking we could name it Lemon Squeeze?

Scott Jones:

Lemon — that is the best name I have ever heard. Lemon Squeeze, you guys like that name?

This is so important because our education system doesn't teach that kind of thing.

That's multimillionaire entrepreneur Scott Jones. He developed the technology we commonly use in voice-mail.

When I was a kid, I not only did the lemonade stand, because, once I had the bug of entrepreneurship, I had haunted houses, I had putt-putt courses, I would make Christmas decorations. Once you start, it keeps on going.

Jones wants kids to get bitten by that same bug, so he founded Lemonade Day in Indianapolis nine years ago. And he's backed that effort with a million dollars that helps pay for start-up money, city permits and free workshops.

I have a tattoo. "Do." Right? That's what life is for me — and I have taught that to my children, the willingness to get up off the couch or away from the video game and actually do that idea.

This is selling lemonade version 2.0, because even before they have made a single sale, kids have had to go through a curriculum with an adult where they learn to make a business plan, calculate costs and learn key concepts.

C.J. Harris:

And if they tell you no, just say, have a nice day.

Jemma Walker:

For $3, blue raspberry lemonade.

Eleven-year-old Jemma Walker is the queen of elaborate lemonade stands. She always has a red carpet.

We want everyone to feel like they're VIPs when they come to the lemonade stand.

Hello. Would you like to support the lemonade stand? Well, we accept credit cards. Yes, we do.

Her brother Miller is part of her marketing plan.

Miller Walker:

My role is to help, to help get customers to come and buy some lemonade at the lemonade stand, and also to look adorable.

Her parents, Sherrean and Luke Walker, say the lemonade stand has taught Jemma life skills.

Sherrean Walker:

It's a real-world applicability of all those skills.

Luke Walker:

They are seeing all of those connections between what you like to do and what can make you successful.

So far, 75,000 kids have participated in this free program in Indianapolis alone.

Two, two, four, $430.08. Yes!

My best bit of business advice would probably be, have fun with it.

It's fun, but it's also a serious effort to develop a pipeline of future entrepreneurs.

Schools nurture kids who are academically gifted, who are athletically gifted, who are artistically gifted. You think we should encourage kids who are entrepreneurially gifted?


And Lemonade Day is the perfect way to introduce these concepts of managing money, because how often in school are they being asked to learn and exercise selling skills, marketing skills, social skills, psychological skills, right? It just isn't done that much. You learn it all, right, when you do a lemonade stand.

It also fosters a sense of community.

Ten-year-old C.J. Was the last year's lemonade entrepreneur of Indianapolis. What's this?

It's the MVPs for asthma, so it's to help asthma, because I do have asthma.

All the kids follow the program's spend, save and share motto.

So, you have standard lemonade. You have blueberry lemonade.

For C.J., the customer is king. Well, most of the time.

Water is better for you than any of this stuff.

No, lemonade is better.

No, I do not agree with you.

A Lemonade Day study found children who took part in this program were more likely to plan to start their own business and are more confident they can find lots of ways around any problem. They also believe they will invent something that will change the world.

Flannery has set her sights a little lower. She wants to buy art supplies and glitter glue. And with a steady stream of customers, including a drive-through, she's well on her way.

For the "PBS NewsHour" and Education Week, I'm Kavitha Cardoza in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you want to help your child start a lemonade stand, a financial planner gives you advice on our Web site,

Listen to this Segment

lemonade stand business plan

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Start Today! FREE Execution Plan...

How To Start A Lemonade Stand Today (With Video Instructions)

In this article, I will be sharing with you exactly how to start a lemonade stand business. One that can make you $30,000 and even much more. We have vendors currently in our Vendors United group who make well over $100,000.00 annually with their lemonade stand.

Many Vendors are having amazing, real monetary results from applying what I teach here and in my free and advanced courses.

If you’re looking/searching for…

  • How much to charge for a lemonade stand?
  • How to run a good lemonade stand?
  • Is it legal to have a lemonade stand?
  • How to sell lemonade at a lemonade stand?
  • Do I need a vendor’s permit to sell lemonade?

… or anything else regarding how to start a lemonade stand and run it successfully, then you came to the right place.

Table of Contents

How To Start A Lemonade Stand – Everything One Needs To Know…

With this information you’ll be fail-proof and YOU WILL be successful if you apply these steps.

A lemonade stand can pay for itself and have cash money profit from day one. Imagine starting with $300 to $500 and making double that back on your very first day.

Just this year I’ve watched, helped and talked with over 340 vendors who wanted to know how to start a lemonade stand.

The lemonade vending business is hugely profitable and downright fail-proof. As in – you need no luck or magic beans to make it successful.

how to start a lemonade stand

Is It Legal To Have Lemonade Stand?

you're approved

This is something you need to know before even thinking on how to start a lemonade stand.

The short answer is YES, it is legal to have a lemonade stand. That’s the short answer but there is usually going to be some hoops you must jump through first.

Some states are very lenient on small businesses like lemonade vending and others are more strict.

There is always a legal way, but depending on your states health codes – will determine how you can have a lemonade stand.

I’ll have more on how to find out what is required in your state down below.

Read more about if is it legal to have a lemonade stand in this ARTICLE .

How To Get A Lemonade Stand Permit

There is usually more than one permit or license required to start a lemonade stand business

  • A business license, the easy one to get – simply call your city/town offices and ask about a business license.
  • A health department permit. Can be harder to obtain and will likely have some requirements you must meet first.

How To Get A Lemonade Stand Permit - Infographic

All in all – both can be done relatively quickly so that you can be up and operational in a day or two.

Contacting The Health Department

Simply Google: “your county” health department and get the phone number. Ask to speak to someone who handles restaurant inspections. They are known as the “Health Inspector”.

Ask this person what is required to serve fresh lemonade at private events or catering events. If you plan on operating on the street or roadside, you can ask this person also about street vending lemonade.

They will give you the requirements.

Can I Have A Lemonade Stand Without A Permit?

Yes, in some states you are not required to have a license. These rules change from time to time but often, lemonade falls under the category of agriculture and like a produce stand, lemonade is grouped in with them. See instructions above for finding out.

The Usual Requirements For A Lemonade Stand Business

  • A clean work surface (non-porous)
  • A place to wash your hands
  • Follow proper food safety guidelines

You can get more details regarding if you need a vendor’s permit to sell lemonade in this ARTICLE .

Portable Sinks?

Some states may require you have a hand wash sink nearby. Vendors have made their own on the cheap by using a DIY sink kit . They’re pretty easy to make and you’ll find a video that comes with the  kits here .

How To Make A Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand can be made as elaborate or as simply as you like. The biggest tip I can give you though, is that it doesn’t matter. The most basic lemonade stand with:  (see official equipment list with links below)

  • A fold up table
  • A popup canopy

That will do the trick. The tip is – your display, your on-site marketing (signage) and your appearance is what matters! You can read more in detail on how to make a lemonade stand in this ARTICLE .

[note: I didn’t say price or fancy lemonade stand]

You can also check what is a good price for a lemonade stand in this ARTICLE.

How Do You Run A Good Lemonade Stand

There is no point on learning how to start a lemonade stand if then you don’t know how to properly run one.

One of my dear friends and fellow member in Vendors United still has a very simple setup after years of vending. He’s a local legend in his parts and makes a great income from the lemonade stand.

It’s all because of his display, signage and appearance. Side by side with food trucks, he will win in volume every time. Here’s a video I did with Ken – check out the cool tips and advice he gives.

For more help on how to run a good lemonade stand, read this ARTICLE .

What You Need For A Lemonade Stand

lemonade banners vending

THE BARE MINIMUM (Approx. $300)

  • Popup canopy – Amazon selection
  • Table – Amazon selection
  • 32oz clear cups – Amazon or Webstaurant (or Google ) (Must be clear)
  • Lemon Squisher –   x 2
  • Shaker cups –
  • Lemons – local produce market / grocery store or broad line distributor
  • Sugar – grocery store or broad line distributor
  • Water – hmmmmm… I have no idea where to get that
  • Ice – Ice supply company or your local store

Other items if you don’t have:

  • three pocket apron –
  • card table or similar portable table –
  • swooper flag –  (Alternative: make your own poster board sign)
  • A good knife –
  • bag of rags –
  • Water jugs –
  • Ice chest –
  • Banner – Pro Vendor Banners (Alternative: make your own poster board signs)
  • Cutting board –

What Is The Best Price To Sell Lemonade?

Another critical point on how to start a lemonade stand and then run it to profits!

The best price to sell lemonade depends on what you’re doing. Are you doing what the pros do or are you just trying to wing it? $6.00 is average.

The pros use 32oz. clear plastic cups. (the better to see the product – think walking billboards because each customer carrying that around is one)

Are you doing a pre-mix. OMG! I hope not! However, it works for some… (like this awesome vendor below)

But pay attention… she doesn’t use those cheap pre-mixes.


Use fresh squeezed lemons – right before their eyes and you’ll command a price from $5.00 to $7.00. Most of our Vendors United vendors are averaging $6.00 without the addition of fruit. e.g. strawberries, blueberries  Then they get another dollar.



The best LOCATIONS / places to vend are where large crowds gather and on nice hot days. Some of these include:

  • flea markets
  • craft shows
  • public pools
  • large box stores like Walmart
  • farmers markets

Essentially anywhere you have people with mouths.

Of course some locations can be tricky to get but with some of my super secrets – you could be vending in front of Walmart and the Courthouse and about anywhere else you want.

Lemonade Press – Which One?

I love doing lemonade vending and recently got to go work with Janessa at an event. We rocked it. Ran out of ice. Got more ice – and ran out again.

If you watch the interview with Ken above, you’ll pick up tons of tips and tricks and see the entire process. *note how he has everything within reach of one spot.

In the setup here, we’re using a powered press. Powered presses are great but they have some drawbacks.

They are expensive, require tanks or compressor and don’t have that authentic feel. However, the sound they make is an attention getter for customers. We’ve tested the speed and it’s about a draw and the pros, most can do the hand press faster.

I have a free lemonade stand course here if you think you could get used to working short hours with big pay. It teaches you how to start a lemonade stand and be making money in 24 hours! hehehe

Start a lemonade stand today

Are we helping you? Give us your love with a honest review (just click how many stars we deserve below)… Array 4.2/5 (81 Reviews)


  • HAVE Signs that are easy to READ from a distance with prices
  • USE the 140 count lemons (ask for 140 count) – sweeter / juicier
  • Emphasize Fresh – (squeezed before your eyes)
  • Offer Organic in the right areas/events
  • Blend up flats of strawberries and offer $1.00/more for strawberry puree’ addition
  • Keep a bucket of sanitizing solution with rags for cleaning up spills, drips and splashes
  • Don’t scrimp on simple syrup – it’s like sweet tea – ya want it sweet (not kinda)
  • Keep good records – probably the most important thing you can do
  • If someone spills theirs, replace it for free (I know common sense)
  • Have help – You’re gonna need it
  • Display fresh lemons on the counter in baskets
  • Some vendors are serving lemonade now in glass jars for more cash $$$
  • Add Flavors:
  • Come with plenty of change – at least $100 in ones and fives
  • Accept credit/debit cards with the Square . Cost just 3% of each sale but totally worth it.
  • USE non-chlorinated water for best results when possible (usually store bought water has no chlorine)

glass jars of lemonade

The Best Lemonade Recipe [WINNER]

This lemonade stand recipe is by far the best and has won hands down among the others tried by the vendors inside our private Vendors United group.


The basics. One lemon + ice + simple syrup + h20 = Cash in your pocket!

These are the steps…

  • SIX: SHIMMY AND SHAKE (but mostly shake the mixing cup *lid on)

Lemon Squasher


TIP: Refills price at $1.00 less


A simple mixture of pure sugar and water. This is super hard so pay close attention…

2 parts sugar to 1 part water

For Example: 2 cups of sugar and one cup of water makes for delicious simple syrup

Why: Mixes faster, tastes great and saves time

TIP: Pre mix simple syrup at home… errrr… the commissary .

HOW: Bring water to a boil – add sugar and stir carefully until clear and dissolved.  Let cool and store.


Lemonade Vending

A commissary is a fancy french word for “commercial kitchen”. Some states will require you have access to a commercial kitchen to do your clean up or any prep work that you may need to do. The health inspector will let you know if this is required in your state.

Don’t worry. Most won’t need one. But some will – and if that’s you… No worries. I teach how here:

*if you’re not street vending and only doing private gigs under the “catering” label, you probably won’t be required to have one either way.

Can You Have A Lemonade Stand Year Round?

Yes. It really helps if you live in a southern state, but absolutely. There are some challenges for this though. Lemons are harder to get and more expensive in the winter months.

Additionally, most folks aren’t prone to having something ice cold when it’s cold outside.

Why Not Take A 7 Month Vacation?

We have vendors in Canada, Alaska and all those super cold areas of our country. Most don’t work year round. Instead, they make all their money during the warmer months. One couple, work a stand on a lake. Because they have about 4 months of good weather and make over $40,000 during that time.

We have vendors in our Vendors United group who do small festivals and events and take in $5,000 – $10,000 and more during a weekend. So – it’s definitely doable and you can too.

Alternatively, vendors have picked up other vending types for the winter which make a steady income year round while working just part time hours.

And We actually have proof! Over 30,000 vendors worth of proof. Some vendors use how to start a lemonade stand business to catapult their expansion into catering, street food vending and my favorite… hot dog vending.

You can see that in action here.

How To Accept Payment At A Lemonade Stand

Although a huge cash business, you’d be wise to accept credit cards. With the new systems, such as Stripe and Paypal you can accept payments instantly with your phone. Most of us use Square because it is simple to set up and customers recognize it immediately.

10 years ago, about 85% of all sales on a cart or lemonade stand were cash. Now – it’s about 55%. The rest is… credit cards and debit cards. Make sure you don’t miss that big opportunity.

How To Start A Lemonade Stand – Recap

  • Call your health department and ask about requirements
  • Get a business license
  • Get your supplies
  • Find a source for lemons
  • Get marketing materials
  • Find a location
  • Start vending
  • Bonus Step: Get the 24hour To Lemonade Cash Course Free. Learn how to start a lemonade stand and be making cash in 24 hours…

*Some links within this site may be affiliate links. This means that if you choose to purchase something from a link, we may receive a few pennies or some small percentage of your purchase. This in no way affects the price you pay.

Did we help you? Give us your love with a honest review (just click how many stars we deserve below)…

12 thoughts on “How To Start A Lemonade Stand Today (With Video Instructions)”

Hello looking for the lemonade stand post I see the ton of hot dog but where the lemonade video so I can see more thanks Don in ca em [email protected]

Hi, plenty of Ben’s lemonade videos here…

Thanks for all the info and interviews. I’m looking to do the lemonade stand to get going. Then move forward. Thank you again.

Hey! I would like to start my grilled cheese business and add lemonade to my menu. I was wondering if a grilled cheese cart is the same concept as a lemonade or hot dog stand? Thank you in advance!! Cheers

I know its a silly question and I think I know the answer but do you have a recipe for a sugar free simple syrup. I am sure it depends on the sweetener.

I look forward to giving lemonade a try. This us a great opportunity to save money for my hot dog cart. I will be calling my HD to check the requirements 🤗🤗🤗

Best web sight ever! Thanks for your help!

I just wanted to say how much I love your videos, and your book, “Hot Dogs Saved My Life”. I was one of those people that felt like when they were a little kid, they could not answer the question what do you want to do when you grow up. I love people, and I love to make people smile and laugh. My dad was his own business owner, and I knew I had that drive to be an entrepreneur, just like he was. I know I can do this. Money is the issue with getting started. I want to start my own Hot Dog cart, but I received this email tonight about a Lemonade Stand. I couldn’t believe really how cheap you can get started for. I live in NC, so I do not need a permit. I have been researching all night on supplies and watching your videos. I am totally hooked. You gave me that inspiration that I needed to start feeling whole. The feeling of knowing what I really and truly want to do. I have contacted a local flea market and guess what. She is thrilled and excited to have me come out, as there is NOT a Lemonade vendor there. So she feels it will be a great addition. So needless to say, I am feeling very excited and a whole lot closer to being able to hopefully purchase that shiny Big Dog Cart, hopefully not too far in my future. Thank You Ben, you are the best and a blessing to people like me, who know deep down they have more to offer this world than to work ourselves to the ground, with very little appreciation, when we can have our own business and put in the work, and just be so happy with the turn around we receive.

You’re so much welcome! Believe in yourself and do not let anything or anyone stop you.

Bubba Ben During your lemonade video with packer lemonade it went to another person who you said had a heart as big as a country and he had a video on lemonade stand and I can’t seem to find it can you help me with the name of that person or the title of the video thanks in advance David

I’m not sure. I don’t remember now.

Jason Brown!

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Teaching Kids Business

Lemonade Stand

Welcome to our lemonade stand program. Thousands of kids have enjoyed this program and we hope you will too. To help you learn about business, we have developed a business program using the lemonade stand. This is the best known kid’s business and therefore the best way to talk to you about business.

Steps To Take In Our Lemonade Stand Program (Outline):

Kid’s executive summary.

Basically, we want you to take on the challenge of creating a great lemonade stand business experience. You can just do this on paper (think, draw or plan it out) or actually develop and run a lemonade stand business. We know you can master business and this will be a good chance for you to take charge and give business a try.

We have created this program for you with the ABC’s of the lemonade stand business.

  • A – we encourage you to consider planning and possibly operating a lemonade stand business. You can do it; as a class, with friends, family or on your own. There are lots of challenges and lots to be learned in this great kid’s business.
  • B – We provide you with lots things to think about and  tips to help you develop a lemonade stand business.
  • C – try it by planning a business or launch one.

If you want to go a little further to develop a business, we have written a book to help you called” The Kids’ Guide To Business “.

This program helps you set-up a lemonade stand, plan and run it as a business and launches you into a great business experience. The unique thing about this program is that you may not even make lemonade or set-up an actual stand to learn about business and the lemonade stand business.

You take control and become the decision maker as we give you lots of tips on things you may want to think about to develop your business.

Your lemonade stand business might be the opportunity for you to understand your talents and develop skills in business. Are you good at design, making things, selling things, creating advertisements, keeping track of the money (accounting), telling people about your product & business (marketing) or organizing the business (managing) – give it a try and find out!! You may even make the best lemonade in the world!

We hope this is an opportunity for you to try business, take pride when you sit back and say “I did it”. Try it as a project to help you learn about your skills, challenge yourself in new ways, and have fun.

Good luck and tell us how you did. We would like to profile kid’s business stories, good and bad.If you don’t actually set-up a stand, your story can be what you would do and how you would do it. If there is one part of the lemonade stand business that you would like to share with us, please do so. Contact us .

Enjoy your journey into business!

Jeff M. Brown

President & CEO

Please consider our book “ The Kids’ Guide To Business ” to help you learn about & experience business and prepare for a career.

What is a lemonade stand?

When we talk about a lemonade stand we are thinking of kids sitting by the side of a street with a table and chairs, a container of lemonade, some glasses and a sign. The sign will usually say “Lemonade For Sale”. The kids are selling lemonade to people in their neighborhood.

We would like you to explore the traditional lemonade stand business and consider some new ideas.

When we talk about planning a lemonade stand we are referring to drawing, thinking and writing out all of the things you would do and how you would do it. Planning is kind of like using your imagination to see what you would do before you actually do it.

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Phillies fall to the Mets in Game 2 closing out the 2-game MLB London Series

June 9, 2024 / 2:54 PM EDT / AP

LONDON (AP) -- Catcher Luis Torrens turned Nick Castellanos' bases-loaded slow roller in front of the plate into a game-ending double play, and the New York Mets hung on to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6-5 on Sunday for a split of their two-game London Series.

New York rallied from a 4-3 ninth-inning deficit against José Alvarado (1-3), who blew a save for the second time in 13 chances.

Britain Baseball Mets Phillies

Mark Vientos hit an RBI single on a two-hopper that third baseman Alex Bohm tried to backhand, Pete Alonso forced in a run when he was hit on a thigh by a cutter and catcher J.T Realmuto allowed a run-scoring passed ball that put the Mets ahead 6-4.

Reed Garrett (6-2) allowed his first two batters to reach in the bottom half, Bryce Harper loaded the bases with a single off Drew Smith and Alec Bohm  forced in a run with a walk.

Castellanos tipped the ball in front of the plate, and Torrens grabbed it, stepped back on the plate for a forceout as pinch-runner Garrett Stubbs tried to slide home with the tying run. Torrens then threw to first, where Pete Alonso fell as he stretched for the final out, giving Smith his second save.

Pinch-hitter Dave Dahl had broken a 3-3 tie in the seventh with a home run off Dedniel Núñez for the Phillies, a major league-best 45-20. Philadelphia won Saturday's opener 7-2 as Major League Baseball came to London for the third time.

Bohm grounded into a run-scoring double play with the bases loaded in the first, and Philadelphia opened a 3-0 lead in the fourth. Castellanos chugged around third on Edmundo Sosa's double and scored when the relay throw bounced on the turf and just over the glove of Torrens, and Whit Merrifield followed with an RBI single off Jose Quintana.

New York (28-36) tied the score in the sixth after loading the bases against former Met Taijuan Walker. Brandon Nimmo hit an RBI double off Gregory Soto and J.D. Martinez followed with a two-run single.

Walker, who had shoulder soreness earlier in season, allowed two runs and two hits in 5 2/3 innings. Quintana gave up three runs and six hits in 3 2/3 innings.


Instead of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney and his wife, actress Kaitlin Olson, did a " ceremonial double play." Olson rolled the ball to McElhenney at short, he threw to Chase Utley at second, and the former Phillies All-Star fired a strike to Harper at first. 

The Phillie Phanatic dressed as a Beefeater to serve tea to the ESPN broadcasting crew.  Attendance was 55,074.

Britain Baseball Mets Phillies


Phillies: Trea Turner (hamstring) "did very well" running on a grass soccer field next to the stadium Saturday, Thomson said. "We'll start ramping it up in Boston again." The two-time All-Star shortstop fielded grounders and hit in the cages.

Mets: OF Starling Marte was out of the lineup a day after not making a catch in right field. Manager Carlos Mendoza said the plan coming into London was to limit the 35-year-old to one game on the artificial turf because of a knee issue.

Phillies: RHP Zack Wheeler (7-2, 2.33) is expected Tuesday's opener of a three-game series at Boston.

Mets: RHP Tylor Megill (1-2, 3.00) is set to start Tuesday against visiting Miami.

  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Bryce Harper
  • Pete Alonso
  • New York Mets

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    A Sample Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template. 1. Industry Overview. Domestic lemon production in the United has recently started up while the previous year ended in July. In the united states, California is the biggest lemon producing state with 47,000 acres in production, and the 8,300 acres remaining in the United States are grown in Arizona.

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    1. Lemonade Stand Business Startup Printables. Not only are the designs of these gorgeous, but they really offer some great guidance for kids. Included are worksheets that help kids: Price your lemonade. Create a marketing plan. Tally up their profits (using gross profits, expenses, etc.)

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    Calculate the cost of ingredients: Determine the cost of your lemonade's main ingredients, such as lemons, sugar, and water. Consider the quantity you will need to meet the demand and calculate the overall cost. Don't forget to account for additional options like flavors and fruit add-ons if you plan to offer them. 3.

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    Step 2: Name the Business. Naming your business is an important step in starting a lemonade stand. It is important to choose a name that is memorable and easy to spell. It should also reflect the type of business you are running. Consider using a pun or play on words to make your business stand out.

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    A lemonade stand business plan is a document that outlines the strategies you have developed to start and/or grow your lemonade stand business. Among other things, it details information about your industry, customers and competitors to help ensure your company is positioned properly to succeed. Your lemonade stand business plan also assesses ...

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    Starting a lemonade stand business requires choosing a strategic location with high visibility and foot traffic. Parks, beaches, grocery stores and busy sidewalks are ideal locations to set up the stand. A good location can increase the chances of attracting more customers and making more sales.

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    Step 2: Legitimacy & Safety Consideration. When starting a lemonade business, it's crucial to address the legitimacy and safety considerations. These considerations play a significant role in establishing trust with customers and ensuring the business operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

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    Part of the strategy of determining your prices should be how much your supplies cost (including your licenses and permits). We decided to price our lemonade at $1 per cup, but the sweet treats are priced higher. Give some of your earnings to worthy charities. Learning about giving to charity as a kid is the greatest gift my own parents taught ...

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    For one gallon of lemonade, you need 2 cups of fresh lemon juice and 2 cups of white sugar. Mix well so the sugar dissolves. Make it from concentrate. You can buy a can of frozen lemonade concentrate in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. Mix it with water according to the instructions on the package.

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    A business plan for a lemonade company can describe a company that: • Operates a fixed stand that sells lemonade and drinks containing lemonade, and also food or snacks, under contract with athletic facilities and parks, or as a standalone business. • Manages a mobile lemonade cart that is pulled to and setup in various locations, like ...

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    This is selling lemonade version 2.0, because even before they have made a single sale, kids have had to go through a curriculum with an adult where they learn to make a business plan, calculate ...

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    FRESH SQUEEZED LEMONADE IS THE KEY. Use fresh squeezed lemons - right before their eyes and you'll command a price from $5.00 to $7.00. Most of our Vendors United vendors are averaging $6.00 without the addition of fruit. e.g. strawberries, blueberries Then they get another dollar.

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    We know you can master business and this will be a good chance for you to take charge and give business a try. We have created this program for you with the ABC's of the lemonade stand business. A - we encourage you to consider planning and possibly operating a lemonade stand business. You can do it; as a class, with friends, family or on ...

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    Lemonade Stand Financial Plan Activity - Children can use these questions to prepare them for the real-life challenges of running a lemonade stand, from startup costs to price points. Lemonade Stand Name and Logo Activity - Jump into marketing by choosing a name and logo for a lemonade business. Children can exercise creative control over ...

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    Harlee Alvarez owns the business Sweet Kitty Lemonade, which sells lemonade and bracelets. 50% of the proceeds goes to Snip and Tip. "It is basically like a cat sanctuary," Alvarez said.

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    Catcher Luis Torrens turned Nick Castellanos' bases-loaded slow roller in front of the plate into a game-ending double play, and the New York Mets hung on to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6-5 for ...