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thesis on divorce pdf

African Scholar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

African Scholar Publications

Marriage is an institution that guarantees the procreation, care, socialization and the stability of the family as well as the survival of human race. It is a union of relationship both mystical and physical between a man and a woman meant for long life companionship. Despite the many advantages of marriage, the separation of spouses with their children posed a traumatic danger on all parties. This, without doubt usually leads to breakdown and divorce. This study examined the causes and implications of divorce in four selected electoral wards in Keffi Local Government Area of Nasarwa State. The study investigates the most affected party by divorce as well as the extent of the effect on them. Critical literatures were reviewed on the cause and effects of divorce. Functionalist theory was adopted as theoretical framework for the study. As a survey type of study, multi-stage sampling method was used to elicit information from 378 respondents via questionnaire. 8 Key Informants comprising the District Heads were purposively selected and interviewed, their responses were transcribed. Frequency tables were used to describe the quantitative data using SPSS version 20, while regression analysis was used to analyse the data. The study found out that sexual incompatibility between couples significantly leads to divorce. Consequently, it was found that children are the most affected party by divorce in the Study areas. Based on the following findings, the study concludes that divorce is a serious social problem bedeviling Keffi Local Government. It is no gain to say that children and women suffer most by divorce. The study therefore recommends that Proper courtship should be done between a man and a woman before venturing into marriage. Parents should endeavor to socialize the children specifically girls on sex education and the importance of sex in marriage. Couples should also be encouraged to occasionally utilize marriage counseling to aid ameliorate the menace of divorce among many others. Keywords: Marriage, Divorce, Infertility, Couples/Spouses, Family

Adetoro Banwo

IOSR Journals

Globally almost 5 million children are living on street due to divorce. In Ethiopia around 4,042,357 children are living under difficult condition because of families' inability to support their children because of family dissolution (Woldekidan, 2007). This study investigates determinants of divorce and its effects on children's wellbeing in Eastern Wollega Zone of Western Oromia, Ethiopia. Descriptive research design with mixed research approach was employed. Data was collected through questionnaire, interview and focus group discussion from divorced individuals. One hundred fifty-eight (158) divorcees individuals from five districts were randomly selected by simple random techniques from each district. Eight (8) interviews and three (3) focus group discussion were conducted with divorced individuals and zonal high court officer on the factors related to divorce and children wellbeing. Study found that ,peoples in marriage at young age have the higher probability of divorce at the first five years than people at marriage who marry during their older ages. Major socio-cultural factors contributed to divorce in the study area which include age difference between couples, interference from family, repeated conflicts, substance abuse and lack of appropriate communication, the socioeconomic status of spouses insignificantly affects the wellbeing of their family, sexual relationship related factors were rated as a major factor leading to divorce. Children from divorced households are significantly depressed, exposed to financial crises and divorce diminishes children's learning capacity


This study examine Factors Influencing Divorce among married couple. Using Keffi local government area of Nasarawa as a case study. The purpose of this research work is to investigate difference in divorce rate between Christian and Muslims. The study also examine the relationship between early marriage and late marriage among married couples in Keffi local government. The study revealed that age, religion and marital infidelity plays a remarkable role in divorce among couple. It also showed that other causes of divorce ranges from childlessness, cruelty, undue interference from mother In-law and poverty. They also asserted that sexual deprivation is among the factors that can influence divorce. A total of 100 participants comprising 50 males and 50 females were used for the study. The participants were selected by using simple random sample technique. A survey research design was adopted and the sample selected from the targeted population was given copies of the questionnaire to measure their response. Chi-square was used to analyze the data to test the observed and expected differences of factors influencing divorce. Finding was discussed in relation to the literature reviewed and recommendations were also made.

This study investigated the prevalence, causes and consequences of divorce in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia. Mixed methods design was employed for the study and both qualitative and quantitative data were collected. For the quantitative data 361 randomly selected households and for the qualitative part 8 divorcees and 8 purposively selected community and religious leaders participated. Questionnaires were used to collect quantitative data while qualitative data were collected through interviews, focus group discussions and document analysis. The quantitative data were analyzed quantitatively using percentage and mean while the qualitative data were narrated and paraphrased. The result of the study indicated that the prevalence of divorce in three consecutive years (2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16) were 24%, 26.28% and 49.72% respectively. Moreover, the data from questionnaire respondents indicate that 46.5% of households were divorced. The major causes of divorce fall under psychological...

Jurnal Dinamika Hukum

Yohanes Lon

This study explores the complexity of marriage for people in Manggarai. Since they are citizens of the cultural community of Manggarai, Indonesian citizens, and members of a Catholic community, their marriage is required to follow the provisions of customary law, religious law, and state law. Using a library and ethnographic approaches, the study compares these laws on the legality of marriage and analyzes their differences and the impacts on the rights and obligations of married couples and children born to the couple. The study discovered that the differences in the provisions regarding the validity of a marriage between the three laws have provided space for the emergence of legal uncertainty and discriminatory treatment of customary marriages which are not legalized by religious law and state law as well as marriages that are divorced civilly but are still valid according to Catholic rules. Such a phenomenon is certainly a portrait of failure or incompetence in the attempt to un...

Sophia Chae

Esther Archibong


Mulugeta Deribe

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a socially and legally recognized marital relationship that alters the obligations and privileges of the two persons involved. Hence, the main objective of this study was to assess the magnitude of divorce associated factors in Bale Robe town. Purposive sampling was used to select sampling kebeles since all kebeles are assuming to be having a similar attribute in the case of divorce experience. The target participants were selected purposive and snowballing sampling techniques. To get the relevant data for this study the data has employed a qualitative, in-depth interview method with the combination of (FGD), and held archival analysis. The researchers used 12 divorced women for an in-depth interview, and six divorced women for focused group discussion. Thematic qualitative analysis technique has been employed by applying a rigorous data analysis procedure. The study finds that the prevalence of divorce in Robe town was 828 divorce cases were recorded during 2009/17-2011/19. Apart from this, in Odaa Robe, Baha Biftu and Caffe Donsaa divorce cases were 279, 233 and 312 respectively. The study has also identified the causes of divorce were complex and multidimensional such as infidelity, lack of communication, alcohol addiction and chewing khat, religious difference, lack of commitment, family intervention, and Health Problem (HIV/ HIDS). The husbands were refusing to divided property, not sharing money that invests together.

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Journal of Applied Philosophy

Laurie Shrage

International Journal of Epidemiologic Research

Masoud Amiri

Deepak Soni

ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal

Nilla Sari Dewi Iustitiani

International review

Enio Mateo Totic

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thesis on divorce pdf

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How to get a copy of a divorce decree or certificate

A divorce decree is a court order ending a marriage. A divorce certificate is a vital document proving a divorce occurred. Learn when you can use each and how to get copies.

Divorce decrees

A divorce decree establishes specific terms of the divorce. You will need a copy of it to get legal or government help that enforces decisions about:

  • The division of a couple’s assets and debts
  • Spousal alimony or maintenance
  • Custody, visitation, and child support

How to get a copy of a divorce decree

Contact the clerk of the county or city where you got divorced. They will tell you how to order a copy, the cost, and what information you need to supply.

Divorce certificates

In addition to a court-issued divorce decree, many state vital records offices provide a divorce certificate. The divorce certificate gives both people’s names and the location and date of the divorce. It may be all you need to:

  • Change your name

How to get a copy of a divorce certificate

Contact the state vital records office where the divorce took place to learn if that state issues divorce certificates. They will tell you the cost, what information you need to supply, and how to get a copy online, by mail, or in person.

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    The present study analyzes the effects of gender, family violence, and divorce on marital expectations. Participants were 293 students enrolled in an introductory psychology course at a southeastern university. The mean age of the participants was 19.67 with 62.5% being female and 37.5% being male.

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    that occurs when one of the partners decides the relationship is not worth continuing. Divorce changes the economic, social, physical and psychological aspects of the. individual's life (Krumrei, et al 2007). Adjusting to the divorce can lead to severe. physical, psychological and economical problems (Krumrei, et al 2007).

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    Negative effects of divorce. Negative effects of divorce which impact a "large majority of these students," according. to the principal include "attendance, lack of rest, change in economics, mom working more, more caregivers, fragmented life, parents not following through on things, transitioning.

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    College of Human Ecology Cornell University Spring 2007 I. Introduction. Parental divorce and its effects on children and adolescents has been the subject. of extensive social science research because of its important relevance and ramifications. on policy, culture and society. A significant body of literature has developed, exploring.

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    The Modern Divorce Joshua Viney Abstract: This thesis sets out to explore divorce law and current reforms. It proposed five themes. Firstly, that no-fault divorce law could be adopted. Secondly, that voluntary mediation may pose several benefits. Thirdly, that the two main aims of the current law have not been met.


    States (1999) and (1990) report, in 1996, the divorce rate among married women was 19.5, which is more than double the divorce rate of 9.2 in 1960. Also, the Statistical Abstract of the United State (1998) and (1985) state, in 1990, over one million children were involved in divorce, which is more than double the number in 1960.

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    2. drunkenness, imprisonment, drug addiction, or insanity. (See Maccoby and Mnookin 1992: 6). Over a 16-year period, between 1969 and 1985, each of the 50 American states changed its. divorce law ...

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    This divorce has been increasing across the world that family has undergone changes (Vida, 2013; Amato and Boyd, 2014). In Sub-Sharan Africa (SSA) countries, for example, on average about one quarter (25%) of the first union ended with divorce, which vary from 6.9% in Mali to 47.1% in Congo (Brazzaville) (Clark and Brauner-Otto, 2015).

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    Divorce may impact the academic success of some students. It is important for school counselors to have an awareness of the warning signs that a student is struggling with home-life issues that carryover into the classroom. Strategies that school counselors may use to minimize the impact of a troubling divorce include support groups,

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    Much of the concern over the high divorce rates in the 1970s stemmed from the impact of divorce on children. Indeed, as divorce rose in the 1960s and 1970s so too did the number of children involved in each divorce. In the 1950s, the average divorce involved 0.78 children; by 1968 that number had risen to 1.34.

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    According to Adofo and Etsey (2016), adolescents after divorce experience anger, fear, loneliness, depression and guilt. These affect how the adolescent relates with others. socially. In the case of depression for example, the adolescent may have depressed mood. and be in a low mood all the time most days.

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    The causes of the divorce are different mind-set of partners and economic circumstances and breakdown between the partners. While in Hungary, the divorce rate is 67%. The rate of divorce for men to women is moderately less; merely 10% of the males are divorced while 12.4% of the females are divorced in Hungary.

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    This thesis consists of three papers that investigate the labour market activity of women following a divorce and discuss the possible causes of divorce from theoret-ical and empirical perspectives. One of the consequences of divorce for women with dependent children who are not fully employed in labour market, is a major loss of income and ...

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    Abstract. This paper investigates "Divorce: Causes and Effects on Children.". Worthy of note is that the fact that, divorce is not an uncommon experience in human history. It is experienced by ...

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    Canada estimates that almost one-third of all Canadian marriages will end in divorce. Moreover, it is estimated that one in two divorce cases involve dependent children, illustrating that each year a substantial number of children are affected by divorce2. According to the report, in the

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    Theses on Marriage, Divorce & Spousal Neglect/Abuse by Rev. Thomas E. Smith, Ph.D. Primary Sources: There were two (2) primary sources that I used in creating what follows below: Theses on Divorce and Spousal Abuse, by Dr. Greg Bahnsen, which was written for a Special Committee of Presbytery, OPC, 1984.

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    After divorce children fear to ask, and share their opinions when they received less attention from their parents. Divorce also affected academic performance of the children. Following divorce 76% of the children were not satisfied, 15 % partially satisfied and 9% of them never satisfied with what they have got from parents.

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    The divorce certificate gives both people's names and the location and date of the divorce. It may be all you need to: Change your name; Remarry; How to get a copy of a divorce certificate. Contact the state vital records office where the divorce took place to learn if that state issues divorce certificates. They will tell you the cost, what ...

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    FL Divorce 241 Final Divorce/Legal Separation/ Valid/Invalid Marriage Order p. 3 of 10 [ ] The (check one): [ ] Petitioner [ ] Respondent must pay the other party (amount) $ . The court grants a judgment for this amount. The interest rate is 12% unless another amount is listed below. [ ] The interest rate is % because (explain): .