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105+ Creative Presentation Ideas to Engage Your Audience

105+ Creative Presentation Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Written by: Orana Velarde

100+ creative presentation ideas that will delight your audience

With most people tuning out of a PowerPoint presentation within the first 10 minutes , developing engaging slide show presentation ideas that keep your audience hooked till the end can be a challenge.

This is why we've created this post with 105+ creative presentation ideas to help you put together exciting presentations that don't put your audience to sleep. You can use these presentation ideas for business meetings, webinars, classrooms, online courses, pitch decks and more.

Here are some of the ideas we’re covering:

  • Use neon colors and duotones
  • Unify transitions horizontally
  • Use a monochrome palette
  • Tell a personal story
  • Use isometric illustrations

In this article, you'll find unique slide examples, templates, designs and more. Put these slide show presentation ideas to practice using our presentation maker and create your own presentation in minutes.

Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit Presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more below:

presentation ideas to present

  • Add bright and bold colors to make your presentation stand out and grab your audience's attention. Create a vibrant and dynamic look by using neon colors and duotones.
  • Instead of using different transitions for each slide, use the same transition horizontally throughout your presentation. This creates a cohesive and visually pleasing flow.
  • To create a sophisticated, minimalist look, limit your color choices to shades of a single color.
  • Connect with your audience and make your message more relatable by incorporating personal anecdotes or stories into your presentation.
  • Add depth and dimension to your presentation with isometric illustrations, which can be a fun and engaging way to present complex information.
  • Sign up for Visme’s presentation software to start applying these creative presentation ideas.

105+ Creative Presentation Ideas

The ideas we've shared cut across various design concepts, industries and use cases. We've also sprinkled presentation design ideas from Visme's template library.  If you're running out of creative steam, you can use these templates to jumpstart your designs.

And if you're running out of time, consider using Visme's AI presentation maker to bring these 100 creative presentation ideas to life. It's a user-friendly tool that effortlessly transforms your ideas into visually stunning presentations.

Now, let's jump into the creative presentation design ideas.

1 Use Neon Colors

Neon colors will give your presentation enough color kick to keep the viewer’s attention. Use neon colors either as the background, as specific elements or as details inside the slides. The trick with neon is to not go overboard with the contrasts. Instead of using a neon rainbow, think more along the lines of neon accents.

presentation ideas to present

2 Be Minimal

Using a minimal design composition is one of the unique presentation ideas. The trick is to have just enough information and visual details for the viewer to feel comfortable seeing the slides. A minimal design can instill calm and awe in your audience when done right. The trick with minimalism is to know when enough is enough, you wouldn’t want to be boring instead of minimal.

Our Simple presentation theme with over 300 different slide designs to choose from.

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3 Use all caps

Another creative presentation idea is using all caps when you feel like the topic of your presentation can be delivered with few words. Using all capitals in your slides will give the message importance. This design might not be suited for a text-heavy presentation but maybe one with an audio narrative that goes along with it or bullet points.

Also, this kind of presentation design is suitable for captivating introduction slide ideas.

use all caps creative presentation ideas

Image Source

4 Go vertical

Rectangular presentations are definitely the norm, but with the rise of Instagram Stories, this might be starting to change. This shift introduces a unique opportunity for those looking for ideas for presentation styles that stand out. Now that we can put archived stories into Highlights, why not publish vertical presentations there? Going vertical is just one idea. Along with that, you can add any other design technique.

go vertical creative presentation ideas

5  Use duotones

Duotone doesn’t exactly mean “two colors,” it actually means “two tones.” The idea behind this design angle is to use two contrasting tonalities which can have different shades. The difference between duotone and two colors is that it has a more edgy look. Depending on what two tonalities you choose, it can be subtle or very powerful. The photos used in the design also need to be customized to the duotone color you chose.

presentation ideas to present

6 Add a video in different shapes or snippets

Videos can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for engaging your audience during a presentation. Not only do they help to break up the monotony of a lecture-style presentation, but they can also help to explain complex concepts, add visual interest, and evoke emotions.

One way to make your videos stand out is by using different shapes or snippets. Rather than presenting a standard rectangular video, consider incorporating shapes such as circles, triangles or diamonds. These shapes can add a unique and visually appealing element to your presentation.

Another way to incorporate video snippets is by breaking up a longer video into smaller, bite-sized pieces. This can be particularly useful if you have a lengthy video that you want to show but don't want to lose your audience's attention. By breaking it up into smaller segments, you can keep your audience engaged and prevent them from losing interest.

Don’t worry about the design complexity. If you create your presentation in Visme, you can resize your videos instantly and turn them into any shape you want.

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presentation ideas to present

7  Unify transitions horizontally

Unifying the transitions between slides is always a great idea, but doing it horizontally is especially effective. By keeping all the movements going in one direction, it's both easy to follow and will look great. You don’t need to just apply horizontal transitions to the switch between slides, you can also apply animation to the titles and images. As long as they all go in the same direction, you are gold.

Create a slide deck like this in minutes.

  • Search for the exact slides you need from a library of 900+ layouts
  • Choose a classic or modern style
  • Create automatically animated presentations

8  Black and white + spot of bright color

This presentation design idea is highly effective if you're looking for a creative way to present information.

Adding a bright color to a black and white scheme can add just the right amount of attention-grabbing detail to your presentation. Try choosing a powerful color so that it’s really noticeable and pops visually. You can use the color in small amounts or in large sections. Up to you, just remember to maintain a balance throughout.

presentation ideas to present

9 Use a color theme

A cohesive color theme throughout your presentation can engage your audience and create a more visually appealing experience.

To start, consider the overall tone of your presentation and what emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Are you presenting on a serious topic, such as healthcare or finance, where a more subdued color palette may be appropriate?

Or are you presenting on a more lighthearted topic, such as creativity or innovation, where bright and bold colors can help to capture your audience's attention?

Once you have a general idea of your color palette, try to use it consistently throughout your slides. This means using the same background, font and accent colors for headings and graphics– like the presentation template below.

presentation theme

Visme's presentation templates offer a wide range of professionally designed themes with 300+ slides in 20+ different categories, making it the best choice for exploring creative presentation ideas without PowerPoint. You can create visually stunning slides with our carefully curated color schemes and stylish designs.

Read this article about 25 free presentation themes in Visme and find the perfect one.

Visme's presentation maker and branded presentation templates have been helping businesses create impactful presentations while saving them time and money. That's why many businesses choose Visme over other tools.

But don't just take it for word. Here's what one of our satisfied customers has to say about Visme.

"Previously we were using PowerPoint, which is fine, but the interactivity you can get with Visme is so much more robust that we've all steered away from PowerPoint."

"PowerPoint templates are plain and boring, and we want to create more fun and engaging content. Visme has multiple slide templates to choose from, which makes this so much easier."

"I just made a deck recently and it took me about 15-20 minutes. I found a template I really liked and tweaked it and put it in our brand colors. In PowerPoint, it would take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half."

- Kendra Bradley, Graphic Content Developer at WOW!

10  Add full-screen videos

The use of full-screen video in your slides can have a big impact on your storytelling. There’s a catch though. The wrong video will be detrimental to your message, be mindful of the videos you chose to grace the background of your slides. The video should either tell your story without words or be a complement that won’t interfere. The wrong video will confuse your viewers and it will be hard to get their undivided attention back.

If you’re looking for quick idea inspiration, check out our YouTube video where Mike shares 30 of our favorite presentation ideas at a glance.

presentation ideas to present

11  Use an 80’s visual style

If looking for a unique design style, why not try an 80’s style for a change. Neon graffiti writing, disco balls, and brightly colored shapes might go well with your presentation’s topic. You can use 80’s visuals as small complementary elements or as the entirety of the presentation style. Nevertheless, if your presentation is about something quite serious then maybe you should try another style.

presentation ideas to present

All you have to do is provide a text prompt, choose your preferred template style and the tool will generate text, images and icons and prepare a ready-to-use presentation within seconds. 

The flexibility to customize these presentations in the Visme editor adds the perfect finishing touches to your visual storytelling journey.

12  Go vintage

Another creative presentation idea is the vintage look. This could work really well with a history-themed presentation or anything to do with recuperating old traditions. When we say “vintage” we mean sepia-toned photos, intricate picture frames, bold fonts which look like they came out of old posters.

presentation ideas to present

A vintage color palette is usually pastel turquoise green, ochre yellow and washed out blue and orange. You could consider using vintage mockup sets to create scenes for your slides, or use vintage style fonts, and old photographs as backgrounds.

presentation ideas to present

13  Use a monochrome palette

A monochrome palette is one that maintains a single tonality in different strengths. For example, you can create a presentation in shades of blue, or in shades of orange. Use the palest shade for the background and a stronger shade for the titles and decorative shapes. Try doing it the opposite way as well. You can even use photos with a bit of a filter effect in the chosen color by adding a color filter.

presentation ideas to present

14  Tell a personal story

Telling stories from your own life—whether those stories are deeply moving, humorous tales, or just little snippets that allow someone to look into your history—can be a great way to make a presentation more meaningful.

Colin Stokes uses this to his advantage in his TED talk. He begins by talking about the movies he watches with his daughter and what she likes, and then moving into watching a movie with his son, and wondering how it has affected him, allowing him to move seamlessly into his actual points.

Watch the video below to learn how Colin Stokes did it

presentation ideas to present

Choose a relevant story from your past, and tell it with all the honesty that you can. Your audience will feel that, sympathize, and therefore connect more with your message.

15  Creative photo crops

The photos in your presentations can be cropped hundreds of different ways. From simple circles or rectangles to more elaborate triangles, polygons, letter shapes or even a brushstroke. Analyze the message of your presentation to know which shape to use for the cropping of your photos. You can also create a collage with the shapes as long as they don’t distract from the information being presented.

presentation ideas to present

16 Add fun illustrations

Adding fun illustrations is a great idea to engage your audience during a presentation. They can help break up text-heavy slides, make your presentation more visually attractive and reinforce your message, making it one of the best fun presentation ideas.

Hand-drawn doodles, icons and graphics and animated GIFs are all illustrations you can use. To maximize the visual impact of your illustrations, you can use them in 3D.

With Visme, you can enhance your presentation by adding 3D objects that allow you to customize their colors, size and alignment. Additionally, you can add 3D animated graphics to take things to the next level.

When using illustrations, it's important to remember to use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming your audience. Less is more when it comes to adding graphics to your slides. Remember to match the illustrations with your theme and color scheme to keep things consistent.

an image of 3D icons

17  Thick and bold fonts

Huge chunky fonts are a great way to call attention to titles on slides. You could even try making the letters bleed over the edges or place the words vertical along the side. The best thick and bold fonts are the ones with minimal decorations. Try using fonts that have strong corners or the opposite, extreme rounded terminals. It will also work best if the title is short and sweet.

presentation ideas to present

18 Go with nature

Freshen up your presentation with some natural elements around the edges or as a background. You could use full-screen background photos of leaves or palm fronds coming in from the sides of the slides.

Another presentation idea would be to use nature-related photography along with other design ideas like interesting photo crops. This technique could be used for presentations that relate to nature or natural topics, but also for a home decor proposal or creative direction pitch for a TV ad.

Integrating nature into your slides is a beautiful presentation example of how to connect with your audience on a different level. This technique could be used for presentations about environmental topics or even about home decoration.

presentation slides - company overview template visme

19 Use circles

Circles represent wholeness and a natural sense of completion. They can signify eternity and constant movement. They can also make your presentation more friendly and emotionally accessible. You can try using circles as decorative elements or as the shape for cropping images and as backgrounds for illustrations.

presentation ideas to present

20 Add some sparkle (glitter backgrounds)

Give your presentations a little bit of a festive feel with some glittery details. This PowerPoint idea can work great if you are presenting a creative proposal for a fashion label or clothing catalog. It can even work really well for holiday-themed pitches or products. There are different types of glittery graphics you can use, like a glitter texture, a glittering rain or even just a dash of glitter. You can find some great glitter backgrounds and textures over at Freepik .

add some sparkle creative presentation ideas

21 Get crafty (ripped paper details)

Sometimes to tell a story, visual details can really help get a mood across. Ripped paper shapes and edges can give a presentation a special feel, almost as if it was done by hand. This visual technique works for any type of presentation except maybe in a corporate setting. Ripped paper can be found on creative graphics resource sites or you can do it yourself and take a photo.

Get-crafty creative presentation ideas

22 Cut-out paper illustrations

Another crafty idea to design your slides is by using cut paper illustrations. This technique could look really crafty or quite elegant if done well. Cut paper can be used as an elaborate background, as the letters in titles or as decorative elements. There are some great cut paper bundles online to use as PNG files which can be uploaded to the Visme editor.

cut-out paper illustrations creative presentation ideas

23  Pathway transitions

Create interesting transitions by designing scenes or pathways instead of just sliding them in one unified direction. By doing this, you can use a storytelling technique that will keep the audience’s attention throughout the presentation and information relay. You can find out how to do it in our free guide to creating captivating presentations .

Create an automatically animated presentation in minutes.

24  use isometric illustrations.

If you are looking for a different way to illustrate your slides, why not consider using isometric illustrations? This style of illustration is great for explaining things that can be separated into parts. The parts can be animated as well. An isometric illustration can work for any kind of presentation, from technology to corporate. It will give your presentation a modern edge and a professional look.

Use-isometric-illustrations creative presentation ideas

25  Use motion graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to illustrate an idea with animated objects . They don’t tell stories on their own, they support the context and illustrate the content.

For example, if your presentation is about travel, you could have flying airplanes across the slides or bags on a luggage conveyor belt. For something more abstract, you can use moving shapes and add effects to the titles. Your Visme editor has a variety of design tools to help you create all sorts of content with motion graphics.

Here’s what one of Visme’s satisfied customers Jessica L. | Small-Business Owner, has to say about Visme’s presentation tool:

"No need to go back to PowerPoint. Visme makes project presentations easy and fast. Lots of useful templates and excellent graphics. I enjoy the features they continue to add and update often. They make project work easy".

26  Add GIFs to your slides

GIFs can be fun, entertaining and humorous. They can also be informational. GIFs be sourced from sites like Giphy , where you can also create your own! Choosing to include a GIF in your presentation slide or a few different GIFs will depend on what message you want to send with your story. The theme and topic of your presentation will help you decide if you need a clip from a blockbuster movie or a quick representation of the process of your systems.

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27  Use quotes between slides

Quotes can be good breathers between a bunch of informative slides. You can either use them to separate ideas inside your presentation or to start new sections of information. It’s important that your quotes represent the topic of your presentation so that they make sense and not confuse the viewer.

presentation ideas to present

28  Start with “once upon a time”

One of the most effective and engaging ways to present a presentation is by incorporating creative storytelling techniques.

If a presentation can be created as a story, then why not go all the way and start the presentation with a classic story opening? Using the “once upon a time” phrase will instantly grab the viewer’s attention because it will be out of the ordinary. Make a slide especially for it with a visual that matches the topic of your presentation.

start with once upon a time creative presentation ideas

29  Turn the slides into a scrolling infographic instead of a presentation

To showcase your content in a unique and engaging way, consider using creative slide ideas that break away from the traditional slide-by-slide approach. For instance, you can arrange your slides vertically to create a scrolling infographic instead of a classic slide-by-slide transition presentation.

This innovative format expands the types of presentations you can create, offering a fresh perspective on information delivery.

An added bonus to this presentation style is to add parallax scrolling or interaction animation. As the viewer scrolls down, the information fills each slide progressively. It doesn’t continue until the viewer scrolls again. This technique is best for displaying online slide show presentation ideas.

Create a scrolling presentation in minutes.

30  engage your audience.

What’s one of the best ways to make your presentations more interesting? Make the audience a part of them.

Regardless if you’re presenting in person to a room full of people or via Zoom to viewers around the world, there are a number of techniques to engage your audience with both your content and yourself. The trick is to make them feel connected somehow, like they can relate. You can achieve this with humor, storytelling, asking questions and inviting them to leave comments in the webinar chat window.

Take this speech by Donovan Livingston. He delivers a commencement speech in spoken word poetry, and specifically encourages the audience to take part, saying they should clap, throw their hands in the air, or otherwise participate if they feel so moved. While not seen, several people are heard cheering and clapping throughout the video.

Participation can also be accomplished through things such as games, posing questions or something as simple as asking participants to raise their hands.

31 Use a scrunched paper background

Give your presentation a laid-back and grunge feel by designing it with a scrunched paper background. It can be any kind of paper really, depending on your topic. It could be notebook paper, or printer paper, it could even be recycled paper. Try a few different types of paper until you find the one that suits your story.

Use-a-scrunched-paper creative presentation ideas

32 Add interactive pop-ups

Adding interactive pop-ups is a game-changer when it comes to creative ways of presenting. These pop-ups allow you to go beyond the traditional approach, giving your audience a more dynamic and engaging experience.

Interactive pop-ups can take many forms, from quizzes and polls to clickable infographics and interactive timelines. With Visme, you can access various interactive features that can help you create engaging and effective presentations.

For example, you can create clickable icons or buttons that allow your audience to explore additional information or resources. You can also create interactive timelines that enable your audience to explore different events or milestones.

One of the most powerful interactive features of Visme is the ability to create quizzes and polls. You can make interactive questions and answer options that allow your audience to engage with your presentation on a deeper level.

You can also use this feature to gather feedback from your audience, allowing you to tailor your presentation to their needs and interests.

Watch the video below or read this article to learn how to create an interactive presentation .

presentation ideas to present

33  Use a back-to-school theme

A back-to-school theme can make your presentation look like a lot of fun. This is a great technique for teachers and educators welcoming their students back to a new school year. The background can be a sheet of notebook paper, an open notebook, or a blackboard. The edges could be decorated with pencils and paperclips, maybe an eraser or sharpener. The back-to-school theme has lots of possibilities.

back to school theme creative presentation ideas

34  Use a billboard-inspired theme

Use billboard mockups to create slides which look like billboards. This could look interesting and quite unique.  You could use the same billboard for all the slides, or different ones for a more varied approach. This technique would work great with a pitch for an election or a local spot in a government office.  

Do-a-Billboard-inspired-theme creative presentation ideas

35  Use black-and-white photography

Black and white photography is a classic design technique. They import elegance and sophistication to any design by providing a minimalistic approach to the visuals. The photos can either be desaturated from color photos or given an artistic flair with extra contrast and fewer grey tones.

presentation ideas to present

36  Explain your reasons

What people really want to know is why you’re giving the presentation you’re giving. This is especially true if you’re pitching to investors or potential new clients. When you share your why with the audience using storytelling and body language, you make meaningful connections and lasting relationships

Simon Sinek explains quite well why this is so important—the greatest leaders, the ones who inspire the most people, understand why they do the things they do, rather than just what or how.

When it comes to explaining your reasons, one tool that can significantly improve your presentations is Visme's AI writer . This advanced feature helps you write your presentation copy, break down complex ideas and edit or improve your existing words. With Visme's AI writer, you can make sure your "why" is clear and easy to understand alongside your visuals.

37  Add an audio narrative

Your presentation doesn’t need to be silent, especially if you won’t be standing by it to tell the story yourself. Adding an audio narrative can turn a viewable presentation into an experience. You can either set it up as a video that runs on its own and the viewer looks and listens, or it can be triggered by arrows that are clicked on.

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38 Follow a space theme with photography

Most of the photos from Nasa are labeled as public domain. Meaning that you can give your presentation a space theme quite easily. Choose images of astronauts in space or more abstract and colorful images like distant galaxies and nebulas. The latter can make great backgrounds behind content without the topic necessarily being about space.

presentation topic ideas - moon landing science presentation template visme

39 Do a space theme with illustration

An illustrated space theme can be either colorful and whimsical or sober and elegant. By choosing the style of illustration you use, you can either use this technique for presentations related to children or scientists. Cartoon astronauts can be lots of fun, line illustration planets can be educational and data-driven drawings can be informational.

Do-a-space-theme-with-illustration creative presentation ideas

40  Include music

Sometimes, when listening to someone talk for long periods of time, it helps to have something else to draw your attention. While images are great, including music can really help stimulate an audience and set the mood.

Dean Burnett talks about why this happens: “[Music] provides non-invasive noise and pleasurable feelings, to effectively neutralize the unconscious attention system’s ability to distract us.” Essentially, music is entertaining enough that, when in the background, can keep us focused on otherwise un-entertaining things.

Take, for example, this valedictorian’s speech. While peppered with humor and stories of his time through high school, he uses background music to help keep people’s attention—in fact, this is specifically stated to be his reason for including music, humorously quipping about giving the audience something to listen to while they “zone out” of his speech.

Whether incorporated into individual slides, in a video, done live, or with a music-playing device nearby, this creative presentation idea can be a great way to enhance the quality of your speech or talk.

41  Graffiti photography backgrounds and details

Using colorful backgrounds like photos of urban graffiti can give your presentation a bit of an edge. There are lots of free photographs of graffiti on sites like Unsplash which you can use straight away. Apart from graffiti murals, you can also incorporate graffiti letterings in your titles and quotes. You can find graffiti style fonts online quite easily.

presentation ideas to present

42  Stop-motion

The stop-motion technique can take time but it can also make your presentation unforgettable. There are lots of ways to use stop-motion, either with characters doing actions or objects that move around and create a scene. Stop-motion can also be used to create titles that move into place. What the title is written with can be anything, from toys to plants. The theme and topic of your presentation will ultimately be the driving point to what kind of stop-motion can be used. But be sure that it works from educational to promotional to corporate.

43  Claymation

Very similar to stop-motion, claymation is the animation of things created with clay or play-doh. Anything can be created with clay, so the possibilities really are endless about what can be achieved. This technique really does take a lot of time, you can source it out to a professional or buy some already created footage. The claymation can be just a decorative element in the background or it could also be the center of the presentation.

44  Color blocking

The color blocking technique is another creative presentation idea that entails using color in large sections and in contrasting tones. The idea is that the color blocks will be strong and colorful. The color blocks can either be the shapes that determine where the information goes or just a way to separate the slides in specific sections.

Any type of presentation can benefit from color blocking. Just make sure you use colors that go together and don’t clash. Explore this technique for different presentation slide ideas, especially when aiming for a bold and visually striking effect.

color blocking creative presentation ideas

45  Get surreal

Surrealism is an avant-garde movement from the 20th century which was meant to tap into subconscious creativity. This might not be the kind of design technique for any sort of presentation but it can work for one that is about art, or literature or other creative outlets. There are plenty of surrealist artworks in the public domain sector or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These can be used as subtle backgrounds or visual complements to the text.

get surreal creative presentation ideas

Designing a presentation for an organization requires input from different stakeholders. However, when collaborating with others on a presentation design, keeping track of all the moving parts can be difficult.

That's where Visme's workflow management feature comes in. It helps organize roles, tasks, progress, deadlines and corrections all in one place to make your presentation design process efficient and smooth.

46  Polaroids

Polaroids, often a photography favorite, can inspire creative photography presentation ideas. The original Polaroids from the 70’s could be used as vintage polaroids that have been kept in a box for years. The newest Instamatic photographs, which are the new kind of polaroids, can be used for a fun way to show photos and visuals in presentation slides. You could either use one polaroid per slide or a collection of polaroids on a table or corkboard.

There are many topics that can work with Polaroid photography backgrounds and details in your slide show presentation ideas.

presentation ideas to present

47  Use a Handwriting Font

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, including lots of handwriting fonts. Handwritten fonts can be used for any type of presentation as long as the style matches the topic of the information. There are kid-style handwriting, calligraphy style handwriting, hand lettering, and novelty fonts as well. The options are wide and varied for this design technique. Creative Bloq has a great collection of handwritten fonts.

presentation ideas to present

48  Use a geometric background

A geometric background can look really nice on any presentation. Geometric backgrounds can be tiled polygons or more abstract compositions of different size polygons. The decision to choose between tiled shapes and more creative compositions will depend on your creative angle and disposition. You can use these types of designs with any colors, so you can match the theme or your brand.

presentation ideas to present

49 Coffee style design

Using a coffee-style design can work for any PowerPoint presentation idea, from office-related topics to digital nomads to anything or anyone who loves coffee. If the background is subtle, it can fit a more serious topic or data report. It can make a boring presentation just a bit more visually entertaining than the rest. Of course, it can also be perfect for a small coffee brewer pitching their company to investors.

presentation ideas to present

50  Include memes

You’ve seen them everywhere by this point. You might be pretty sick of them. However, that doesn’t mean memes can’t be useful—in fact, using a couple strategically can surprise the audience and make them laugh.

The presentation " Memes, Memes Everywhere" focuses on, unsurprisingly, memes, and explains their purpose while using examples on every slide, which help support their points and add some humor to a very text-heavy presentation.

Choosing relevant memes and using them sparingly can really help add some personality to your presentation, without distracting from the work.

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51  Polka dots

Using a polka-dot background is suitable for various types of presentations. It can give your presentation a whimsical look or simply give it a subtle texture. The polka dots could be small and soft or big and punchy. A strong polka-dot background can work great in a creative setting or even boring data analysis. The style of polka dots will depend on the general topic of your presentation. You can use the polka-dot design as a full background or as a decorative section on the slide.

Polkadots-2 creative presentation ideas

52  Metaphors

Visual metaphors can be useful in a similar manner; they can spice up your presentation, illustrate your point, and make your work far more entertaining. James Geary speaks about just how important metaphors are.

His presentation provides several examples of metaphors--such as the phrase “some jobs are jails”--and explains just how hard it is to ignore the lasting power of a well-used metaphor. Because of the connotations a metaphor can bring to the table, their use is an excellent way to imbue added meaning to your words.

53  Use timelines in your slides

Timelines can be used in lots of different ways inside a PowerPoint presentation, and the ideas are limitless. A timeline can either be inside one slide, or it can be connected between various slides. You can make a timeline with icons, connected shapes, or an inclined line. The timeline can be a visual way of explaining a chronological event or a plan of action that needs to be taken care of. Make sure the timeline fits the rest of the theme.

presentation ideas to present

54  Use a comic book style

Comic books are a source of inspiration for many people. The visual aspect of a comic style composition can really make your presentation shine. There are a few ways you can use this technique. You could set up the slides as if they were snippets of a comic book, place the text in speech and thought bubbles and apply a background with a pointillist texture. If using characters, make sure the characters fit the theme of your presentation. For a perfect fit, hire a designer to create a comic book presentation just for your company.

Use-a-Comic-book-style-3 creative presentation ideas

55  Use a manga style

Looking for creative PowerPoint slide ideas that stand out? Consider taking inspiration from the Japanese art of Manga. Manga can give your presentation a distinct and eye-catching look, much like comic books.

It isn’t as versatile as a comic book because it has a more specific look, so it might not work for all topics. It can work for more creative outlets like fashion, art, and photography. Manga has a specific style for the atmosphere around the unique characters as well. They are more common in black and white and look very photographic.

Use-a-Manga-style creative presentation ideas

56  Use psychedelic visuals

Psychedelia was a big part of the design world in the 60’s and 70’s. Music and creative event posters were so intricate and colorful that they took an important place in the design history books. This design style can be used for a unique visual approach in your presentations. Just like many other techniques we have mentioned, they can be used as a background in slides or as decorative elements. The swirly shapes and contrasting colors can call attention to the viewer in a positive way.

Use-Psychedelic-visuals. creative presentation ideas

Create professional and engaging presentations online!

  • Choose from hundreds of fully designed templates
  • Align colors, fonts and images with your brand
  • Add custom charts, timelines, icons, animations and more

57  Use neon lights

Neon lights are a great way to give your presentation some life when it’s otherwise visually bland. There are plenty of neon light fonts available online to choose from, from classic style neon tubing on a wall to a neon style given to a font to make it look like neon. Presentations of any topic can be given an additional visual with a bit of neon brightness.

Use-Neon-lights-2 creative presentation ideas

58  Cinemagraph backgrounds

A cinemagraph is like a GIF loaded with elegance. The idea behind a cinemagraph is a photo with a moving section which makes it look cinematic. This kind of background can keep your viewers happily hypnotized while listening to your audio narrative or keep them on the slide longer to truly grasp the information being given. There are cinemagraphs available for all sorts of themes and topics. You can definitely find one that suits your needs.

59  Full-screen video backgrounds

A full-screen background can be really appealing. But just like other design ideas, the video you choose needs to match the theme and topic of your presentation. Your best bet is to have a video which is directly related to what your presentation is about. Videos can be created especially for your purpose, sourced with permission from YouTube or bought from a stock video site.

60  Visualize data

Staring at a large amount of numbers on screen can be overwhelming for most people, even if the realities of those numbers enforce your point. What’s the best way to avoid scaring your crowd? Put the data into easily understandable visualizations.

If you want to take this a step further, you can use illustrations or create infographics to make these data visualizations even more engaging.

report examples - market research report template

61  Use a wild west theme

The wild west is not a very versatile theme but can work for a history project or a proposal for a wild west themed party or event. What entails a wild west theme? Brown sandy tones, horses, cowboys, and tumbleweeds. If the full-on wild west theme is too much, you can also take a cue from the era and be inspired by the color scheme. Another approach would be to use photography from the actual west of the United States, mountains and deserts and so on.

Use-a-Wild-West-theme. creative presentation ideas

62 Use mind maps

Mind maps are great visual tools for explaining concepts easily. By including mind maps in your slides, you can relay complicated information visually and creatively. There are eight types of mind maps, the most common being bubble maps, the tree map, and flow map. Each one has a different purpose and you can learn all about this in our guide about mind maps in the Visual Learning Center.

presentation ideas to present

63  Use interactive geographic maps

The difference between a static map and an interactive map will define how much attention your slides get. Regions can switch colors according to a change in data over time, making the map more into a chart. With Visme, you can make your maps interactive with live data . All you need to do is sync your data from a Google Sheets file and when your presentation is published online, your map will always be synchronized to that data.

Want to create your own interactive map?

  • Create a color-coded map to visualize geographical data
  • Choose either the entire world map, a continent or a country
  • Enable feature to have data values appear on hover

64  Color contrasts

Using contrasting colors in your slides will make the information pop out of the screen in a positive way. The trick to using contrasting colors is to know how colors match together. Contrasting doesn’t mean they need to clash. Try using a color palette generator like Adobe Color to find great palettes that will make this technique your new best friend. You can learn more about how color works in our guide about color perception in the Visme Learning Center.

color contrasts creative presentation ideas

65  Live data graphs

Adding live data to a presentation can turn your slides into evergreen content in a flash. You can use any type of chart and populate it with live data such as bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, and more. You can add live data graphs to one or two slides in your presentation or have a series of them. Creating a live data graph is easy with the Visme editor.

66  Color fade transitions

Transitions come in lots of different styles. We have mentioned horizontal transitions, animated transitions, and pathway transitions. This particular technique involves color as the ruling factor.

A color-fade transition makes each slide connected to each other through color. This can be achieved with gradients, color blocks, or colored photo filters. Make your PowerPoint presentation ideas stand out with color fade transitions.

67  “Grow” your presentation so it looks like one animated slide

This creative PowerPoint idea is quite interesting as it really only uses one slide that grows upon itself. The practical way to do this is to create the final slide with all the parts and information set up like a finished puzzle. Once you have the completed slide, duplicate it as many times as you need and systematically take off a bit of information until you’ve reached the first title slide. Once you have all the slides, make sure they are in order before downloading the entire thing.

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68  Use humor

Want a great way to connect with your audience and make a memorable, more engaging presentation? Be funny. When used strategically, this is a great way to capture attention. In fact, infusing humor into your talk is one of the most effective fun presentation ideas you can use.

Morgan Spurlock makes wonderful use of this in his TED talk. For example, in one of his earliest statements, he offered individuals the opportunity to buy the rights to name his TED talk—which he refers to again at the end, where he reveals the title. He peppers the entire presentation with humorous commentary that nonetheless supports his point.

Create relevant jokes or find a way to bring out the humor in your subject, and your audience will be much more engaged and more likely to remember your words.

69  Tree diagram transitions

A tree diagram is one of the eight thinking maps which help visualize idea and concepts. The purpose of a tree diagram is to classify and organize information. This map can help build a presentation by making sure each slide is a continuation of the one before. They might need to be grouped into sections so that all the information is relayed easily.

tree diagram transitions creative presentation ideas

Want to create your own tree diagram?

  • Get a head start with pre-made flowchart blocks
  • Easily snap lines and objects together
  • Dozens of shapes and lines styles to choose from

70  Journal style (with hand-drawn illustrations on the margins)

One creative presentation idea is to make your talk just a little bit different than the rest is to use a journal style. The general visual idea for this technique is to make your slides look like the pages of a journal. The style of the journal will depend on what your presentation topic is. It can be a whimsical bullet journal or an intricate botany journal. You could even consider handwriting on paper as a background.

journal style creative presentation ideas

71  Ink splatters

Use ink splatters to decorate your slides any way you like. They can be big and impressive behind the content, or they can be small and subtle like drops from a pen. An ink splatter can give your presentation a bit of an artistic flair and if done right, can make your slides look elegant and clean. Any style of presentation can benefit from some ink splatters as a decorative element.

If you're looking for fresh presentation slide ideas, why not experiment with ink splatters and see how they can enhance your next presentation?

ink splatters 2 creative presentation ideas

72  Passport with stamps

Using travel stamps as a decorative element can work for a presentation with a travel-theme or a creative design proposal for a department store or airport mall. The stamps can be used as a background on a passport page or on their own around the content. A photo of a real passport page can be used for this technique but there are plenty of graphics available in this style on sites like Freepik .

passports with stamps creative presentation ideas

73  Express your emotions

We can sometimes be afraid of expressing how we feel, even to those we’re close to, much less in front of a crowd. However, showing them makes your words more authentic and can generate compassion or excitement in your audience.

Take this TED talk by Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger , for example. While the two talk about their experiences, their voices break and crack. The emotional turmoil they went through is clearly heard, and viewers can clearly understand their pain.

This can take some getting used to, and some courage. However, the results are well worth the effort.

74  Use a video game theme

Video games come in all shapes and sizes. From kids' games to arcade games to car games. Each one has their own style, just like presentations do. If you think a video game visual style is good for your project, consider all the different kinds until you find the one that fits best. You can use game screenshots as backgrounds or infuse the entire design of the presentation with the video game style you chose.

use a video game theme creative presentation ideas

75  Use postcards

One of the least-used creative presentation ideas is to turn your content inside slides into postcards which have been sent from around the world. They can be new postcards which could be used from either front or back sides. The back part would make a great text block for the content you need to display, the photo side can be on the sides or as a background. This design technique can work for presentations about literature, family connections, history or travel. There are postcard templates available on sites like Creative Market .

use postcards creative presentation ideas

76  Incorporate robots in the design

Using robots in your slides can be a creative approach to visually elevate your presentation. There are different styles of robots you can add to your presentation design; realistic photography of anamorphic robots, cute illustrated robots, or robotic parts from factories. These visuals might only apply for technology-themed presentations or about robots themselves. Cute illustrations of robots can be great backgrounds for whimsical topics or other styles of storytelling presentations.

incorporate robots in the design creative presentation ideas

77  Chalk on blackboard

Looking for creative slides presentation ideas? Consider using a chalkboard design to add a unique and nostalgic touch to your presentation.

Writing on a chalkboard is not limited to a school setting or a bar menu. These two might be the most common yet they are not the only possibilities for using chalk on a blackboard. A good handwriting font is the best companion to a chalkboard design. Some of these fonts are already available with a chalky texture and others might need some professional tweaking to get the right texture.

chalk on blackboard creative presentation ideas

78  Get inspired by a specific location

Even if the PowerPoint presentation ideas you are designing are not about a specific place in the world, you can be inspired by one to set up the color scheme and feel of the slides. For example, if you get inspired by Greece, you can use white and light blue hues or even photos of Greek islands. If you get inspired by Brazil, you can use photos of the beach, the texture of the boardwalk tiles or green, blue, and yellow color schemes.

get inspired by a specific location creative presentation ideas

79  Use props

Using props can quickly turn a run-of-the-mill presentation into a unique, interactive experience. Kenny Nguyen demonstrates this well. In his talk he often refers to the “sword of yes” and “shield of no.” Naturally he picks up a sword and shield from the table to help demonstrate his points.

Choosing similar props can help you really illustrate your points—and make it that much more entertaining, too.

80  Use hashtags as titles

In the age of social media, hashtags are used every day. They appear regularly on social media, in spoken and written conversations, and of course in content marketing. Why not include some hashtags as titles? This technique will work great in a presentation for a social media content management pitch, or an in an influencer marketing strategy. On another note, hashtag titles can even be used for any type of presentation geared at the digital generation.

use hashtags as titles creative presentation ideas

81  Black background, white letters, and color accents

When you use a black background, the colors that you place on top will usually look brighter than if they were on a white background. When creating this kind of color palette, make sure the colors you use don’t clash with each other or with the black. Along with the bright colors, make sure you use white to make the composition pop! Neon colors or pastel tones are what will work best.


82  Vintage film edges

Even though we are used to taking photos with our phones, the classic nostalgia of film is still prevalent in the world of visuals and design. The graphic representation of a film negative is as recognizable as an envelope representing an email. Use a vintage film edge along the horizontal edges of your slides to give your visuals a cinematic feel. Even better if you make the edges animated so that it looks like it’s rolling along on a projector.

vintage film edges creative presentation ideas

83 Adult coloring book inspired design

Using a coloring book design can be really creative. Practically anything can be turned into a coloring book style illustration. A great way to use this technique is to have the first slide with the un-colored illustration and then progressively color in the illustration as the slides progress. Furthermore, if the illustration is depictive of the information, the visuals can be even more engaging.

adult coloring book inspired creative presentation ideas

84  Stripes

A stripes design is as classic as it gets. From pinstripes to artistic colorful lines, you can use them as a subtle background or a powerful striped theme intertwined with text boxes. Stripes are the kind of design technique that can work for any type of presentation, from corporate to educational.

stripes creative presentation ideas

85  Make each slide look like a social media post

Just like postcards and polaroids, you could try a creative approach and use social media templates to put the content in. The most notorious social media visual channel is Instagram. It has been known to inspire offline events as well. Make your slides look like social media posts or social media pages. For this technique, you can either use screenshots or templates.

make each slide look like a social media post creative presentation ideas

86  Ink in water

Dropping ink in water creates beautiful colorful bubbly designs which can be photographed at high speed. These images can be used as backgrounds for any type of creative theme presentations. Choose the color and thickness of the ink design to match the theme of your presentation. There are also animated versions of this effect which can be bought like video stock.

ink in water creative presentation ideas

87  Lego bricks

Use lego bricks as inspiration to fill your presentation slides with color and fun. Use the bricks to create slide frames, letters or even charts. The best approach to a lego inspired presentation is to be creative. There are lots of things you can do with lego, you could go as far as using the legos to write the titles of the slides. Don’t use the Lego logo though unless you are specifically designing a presentation about lego.

lego bricks creative presentation ideas

88  Use classic storytelling techniques

A presentation is, in a way, like a story—you’re talking about your chosen subject and leading viewers on a journey to discover what that subject means. Moreover, stories hold an intrinsic interest for us. Therefore, you can easily use several storytelling techniques to help improve your presentation.

Alex Blinkoff  goes into this in great detail, examining things such as “The Hero’s Journey” and provides several examples of ways to use storytelling techniques in your presentations. Check them out, and decide what might work best for your subject.

hero's journey monomyth infographic

Click on image to view interactive slide show created with Visme

89  Jigsaw puzzles

Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle can be used to make charts, infographic diagrams, or interlocking frames. The idea behind puzzle pieces is that things come together to form a whole and this concept can be used for any slide and any kind of presentation. Make sure to use a suitable color palette that matches your theme and the rest of the presentation.

jigsaw puzzle creative presentation ideas

90  Headlines coming in animated on boats/trains/airplane

Headlines or titles can be given a life of their own inside the slides. One interesting and creative approach would be to make the titles enter the slide on top of some kind of vehicle. The vehicle could be anything, from a train to a boat, to an airplane. Depending on the type of vehicle, this animated technique can be used for child-themed topics, transportation themes, travel ideas, or even about a corporate sales report.

91  Use a camouflage design

Camo doesn’t necessarily need to convey a sense of military, although it does carry a strong connection. Thankfully, camouflage comes in different styles, from jungle greens to desert browns. Other out of the box camouflage styles are the ones where the colors are completely off the charts, like pinks and blues. Camouflage designs are better used as backgrounds or small subtle sections.

use a camouflage sign creative presentation ideas

92  Use unique novelty fonts for headers

There are so many novelty fonts to choose from out there these days! Using a unique novelty font for the titles and headers is a great way to add some visual pizzazz to your slides. Try looking for some really special fonts that carry personality. Once you have selected the font, add some color and texture to make it look even better.

use unique novelty fonts for headers creative presentation ideas

93  Use a city skyline

Using a background of a city skyline can work great for a presentation related to business or corporate topics. It can also be perfect for an urban travel related theme or educational presentation. You can choose to use photography as a background or with the buildings cut out from the sky. Another choice is to find an illustrated city skyline and use it as a border on the slides.

presentation ideas to present

94  Use a connected dots background

One of the design trends of the last few years is the connected dots visual. It’s used on websites and on printed flyers. It’s so versatile that it can be added to any kind of presentation in a heartbeat. The lines can be short or long between the dots and the composition can be tight or spread out. You can find connected dot visuals easily on sites like Freepik, in lots of different colors. If you can manage vector graphics , you can also change the composition of the dots quite easily yourself.

use connected dots in the background creative presentation ideas

95  Use a bokeh background

Bokeh is a photography and light technique which turns dots of light into bright shiny spheres. With a bit of creativity, the lights can be turned into shapes, like hearts or stars. This design style is great for backgrounds since it’s mostly abstract. It works best as a complement to the content instead of an important visual aspect. You can find bokeh backgrounds in stock photo sites or make it yourself.

use a bokeh background creative presentation ideasv

96  Use watercolor designs

The use of watercolor designs is an easy way of infusing some lively color into a presentation. Watercolors can be a splash on the background, shapes around the content, or colorful strokes intertwined with text boxes. Depending on the color of the paint used, the watercolor technique can be used for any type of presentation. A soft watercolor brushed background can work for a feminine theme and a deep intense splash can add visual creativity to an otherwise boring corporate presentation.

use watercolor designs creative presentation ideas

Just like watercolor graphics, paint can add a dose of creativity to any presentation. Different to watercolors though, paint is more intense. Paint based graphics come in all shapes and sizes, from thick brush strokes to paint drips. Digital paint compositions can also make great backgrounds for colorful and creative presentations.

Paint creative presentation ideas

98  Use bright fun colors

Why create a bland presentation when you can make it fun and colorful instead? Creative color palettes can include up to six different colors which look great together. Use shapes, cut-outs, color blocks, swashes, anything your heart desires. This technique is for letting go and being creatively free with color. Just make sure the colors go together by trying out some palettes first.

presentation ideas to present

99  Use arrow graphics

Arrows symbolize direction. They can be a great addition to your charts, infographic visuals and slide sections. You could even do the entire presentation using arrows. According to their size, color, and thickness, they have different temperaments. Look for different styles of arrows and see if they fit your topic and theme. Freepik has some great arrow visuals and the Visme editor also has arrow icons and infographic visuals.

use arrow graphics creative presentation ideas

100  Use electronic visuals

Another great idea for a background visual is the inside of a computer system. The intricate details of a motherboard or a close up of a memory chip can make a great visual impact. Apart from using an electronic background image, little pieces of electronic devices can be placed around the slide as decoration. This technique is generally limited to electronic or computer theme topics.

use electronic visuals creative presentation ideas

101  Metaphors

Visual metaphors can be useful in a similar manner. They can spice up your presentation, illustrate your point, and make your work far more entertaining. James Geary speaks about just how important metaphors are.

102  Keep it feminine

A feminine style design can work for your presentation if your company makes products for women or if your targeted audience is women. By feminine design, we mean light and soft colors, subtle shapes and a general airy feeling to the composition. Feminine design can be minimal but it can also be decadent and full of style. Whichever you chose, make sure it fits with your audience.

Feminine creative presentation ideas

103  Go futuristic

A futuristic style can fit any theme as long as the concept of the future depicted, fits the topic of the presentation. Futuristic design can be of many different styles; from spaceship driving controls to cosmos related atmospheres, to flying cars, and artificial intelligence. Even color palettes can look futuristic if you add some metallic tones.

Futuristic creative presentation ideas

104  Add a music background

A music soundtrack can be added to any presentation that doesn’t have any other sort of audio already. The best music for a presentation is one without lyrics, in other words, an instrumental track. A good track will accompany the content in a positive way and not interfere with the message. You can find audio tracks easily online.

105  Communicate with images

A picture can speak a thousand words. Naturally, they can be used to communicate concepts that, for the sake of space or time, you might not be able to include in the presentation itself. This slide deck  uses this strategy to its advantage.

The presentation includes many images as backgrounds and minimal text. The images used always either enhance what’s being said or, in some cases, provide the answer for viewers. For example, the second slide states “The Landscape Today,” and includes a bleak background with a broken, tilted picture frame, emphasizing the idea that the following slides (which describe the landscape) offer some pretty disheartening information.

Using images in a related fashion can help express your views and emphasize your message.

Harness the power of Visme's AI image edit tools in your toolkit. These advanced yet easy-to-use tools let you effortlessly edit, touch up, unblur and upscale your images using simple prompts. It's an incredibly convenient way to add extra polish and clarity to your pictures to make your presentations more impactful.

106  Include artsy data visualization

Data visualization is a way of showing data and information in a way that is visually expressive. Creative data analysts can make some really beautiful creations and you can hire them to make them for you. If you haven’t seen any creative data visualizations, take a look at our collection of the best of 2018 and get inspired. You can either make the whole presentation into a data viz or add them to some of the slides.

By Beyond Words Studio

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107  Stay branded

This creative tip is a simple yet effective way to spark good presentation ideas. When creating your presentation, do your best to stay on brand. This, of course, will work only if you are creating a presentation for your own brand. If creating one for a client, then you should stay on brand with their own brand style guide. This means only use the brand colors and fonts, use photos, textures, and shapes that match the brand.


Use Visme's brand design tool to ensure your presentations perfectly reflect your brand personality. Just copy and paste your website URL, and the tool will automatically extract your branding assets, such as brand colors, brand fonts and company logo.

108 Ask questions

A great tip to make your PowerPoint presentations ideas more interactive is to ask questions from your audience.  Like the example below, you can display only your question on the slide. Once the audience has pitched in their opinions and answers, you can click to reveal the actual answer. You can enable this type of interactivity on click when making a presentation in Visme .

presentation ideas to present

109 Replace boring bullet points with visuals

While adding bullet points in your slides might be better than adding walls of text, they're still not the most effective way to get your message across and engage your audience. Take things up a notch and replace boring bullets with visuals, such as photos and even icons. Here's an example of how you can use icons to add a creative twist to the plain ol' bullet points.

presentation ideas to present

110 Share your slide deck

Downloading your slide deck and presenting in front of an audience is not the only way to use your presentation. Make the most of your slides by sharing your presentation online.

Add interactive elements, such as clickable buttons, links, hover effects, popups, embedded videos and more so your audience can view and engage with your slides on their own.

If you've created your presentation in Visme, you can share your presentation publicly or privately using a link, or embed it anywhere you like.

Start Using These Creative Presentation Ideas

Ready to start creating your own presentation after over 100 pieces of inspiration? Choose your favorite creative presentation ideas and incorporate them into your own presentation.

You can add interactivity, animation, visuals and all kinds of creative elements to your presentations when you design them in Visme's online presentation maker. With our Dynamic Field feature , you can automatically update key information in real-time across all your slides or multiple projects. Customize existing dynamic fields or create new ones and format them to maintain design consistency.

Create a free account with Visme to start building a presentation your audience will love.

Design a beautiful and engaging presentation with Visme

presentation ideas to present

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presentation ideas to present

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Orana is a multi-faceted creative. She is a content writer, artist, and designer. She travels the world with her family and is currently in Istanbul. Find out more about her work at oranavelarde.com

presentation ideas to present

120 Presentation Topic Ideas Help You Hook Your Audience

Jenny Romanchuk

Updated: January 15, 2024

Published: August 09, 2023

Cooking is easy. The puzzle is figuring out what to eat. As soon as you know that, you can get started. The same holds for presentations. The sooner you can whip up a good, informative, and catchy topic, the easier the rest of the process becomes.

 man presents presentation topics to a group

Pick a good topic that resonates with you and your audience to set a strong foundation. But select the wrong topic, and it becomes difficult to connect with your audience, find mutual interests, or hold their attention.

So, let’s learn how to develop thought-provoking and relevant topics for your presentations. You’ll also find some best practices to make your presentation memorable.

presentation ideas to present

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

  • Creative templates.
  • Data-driven templates.
  • Professional templates.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic in 5 Steps

120 presentation topic ideas, 5 presentation tips.

How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic. Be novel. Begin with the end in mind.

4. Choose an appropriate presentation style.

There are many ways to present a topic. Your personality, the topic at hand, and your audience’s personas will help you determine which style would best fit you and your audience.

Select a presentation style that will communicate the main idea clearly and have a lasting impact on your audience.

For instance, explore a freeform style presenter by Sir Ken Robinson.

5. Engage with your audience.

Work on your presentation skills to make a strong connection with your audience, get through to them and leave a mark.

Think of the presenter as the link between the topic and the audience. A strong or a weak presenter can make a difference between a presentation being a thriving success or a boring failure.

Hone your skills by engaging and interacting with your audience. Make them feel like a part of the presentation and not just spectators. 70% of marketers have found presentations with interactive content to be more effective than those without.

Here are a few ways you can make your presentation interactive:

  • Start your speech with uncommon questions to your audience. Involve them from the get-go, like ask to raise their hands if X.
  • Make eye contact to build credibility and show confidence. Don’t stare at your slides or notes. Smile occasionally and talk to the audience directly.
  • Have an active and confident body language. Don’t stand in the same place the entire time. Move around the stage.
  • Don’t be monotonous. Speak as you would to a colleague — with enthusiasm.
  • Ask close-ended questions in between to keep the audience engaged without losing time. Address them using their names to keep things interesting.
  • Share personal experiences and stories that your audience will find fascinating and relatable.
  • Practice thoroughly before you present so you’re fluent with the material and delivery.
  • Energy and excitement can be quite contagious. Make sure you exude enough to spread some to your audience.

Feeling Inspired Yet?

Now you have all the right ingredients for choosing amazing topics and a hundred ideas to drive inspiration from. So, go ahead and start cooking presentations that will blow your audience away.

Don’t forget to choose a super-relevant topic and add meaty information. Do it with excitement to make it enjoyable for you and your audience. Best of luck!

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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100+ Creative Presentation Ideas You Can Steal Today

User Avatar

Renderforest Staff

20 Aug 2023

11 min read  

100+ Creative Presentation Ideas You Can Steal Today

Have you ever struggled with forcing yourself to stay awake during a presentation? Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

In essence, a presentation is nothing but sharing ideas with others. Whether you intrigue and interest your audience or not depends on how interesting the topic is and how well you present it. 

Whether you plan on making a PowerPoint presentation with neatly designed slides or a video presentation with dynamic transitions, you first  need creative presentation ideas. 

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of the most captivating and creative presentation ideas you can put to use. We have separated them into three main categories to make things easier for you.

Let’s dive right in!

Business and Management Presentation Ideas

Education presentation ideas, general presentation ideas.

create presentations and pitch decks

In business, presenting information and complex ideas in an easy-to-digest manner is crucial. If you already have a presentation idea, you only need to find a presentation template to bring it to life. But if you’re still looking for creative presentation ideas, read the list we’ve prepared below.

  • Corporate Presentation : Have you ever wondered what the best way is to build and communicate your company’s identity? Corporate presentations are great for promoting your brand, services, and products by simply talking about them.
  • Company Profiling : Introduce your team. Who are you? What are you passionate about? Your audience is interested to know more about your team members.
  • Company Story : What can strengthen the ties between you and your audience better than a compelling success story told through creative presentations?

Company story presentation

Use Template

  • Product Promos : Create a buzz around your new product with an engaging promo presentation.
  • Sales Pitch : Close that sale you’ve worked so hard for with a well-built sales presentation.
  • Office Tour : Present the cool interior design of your office. Show your favorite spots where you like to wind down with a cup of coffee or, hey, maybe a beer.
  • Product Features : Does your product have interesting features that not everyone knows about? Make a detailed presentation on all the hidden features of your product. Use images and videos to explain how everything functions.
  • Fundamental Principles : Choose a general topic in Business and Management and discuss it through your creative presentation. Here’s an idea: “Fundamental Principles of Strategic Planning.” Could be a great prompt to start with, right?
  • Best Strategies: Be it marketing, financial, or any other type of strategy, an overview of the best strategies can make for informative and useful presentation content.
  • Industry Introduction : Make a presentation about the industry your business operates. Use strong visuals to complement your content and introduce your industry in the best light possible.
  • Comparing Tactics : Make a presentation reflecting on and comparing various tactics.
  • Calculated Risks : We are all worried about possible risks when taking action. Risks are unavoidable. It’s a great idea to prepare your audience for the risks before they come across them. There is a multitude of ways to do it through creative presentations. Cover “Risks in Investing,” “Risks Associated With Trading Derivatives,” and so forth.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages : One never comes without the other. Introduce your team to the pros and cons of your plans, actions, and anything else you consider important.

Advantages and disadvantages presentation slide


  • Debates : Make your presentation even more interactive by involving the audience in debates. Plus, debates and discussions are always helpful in establishing a better understanding of a topic.
  • SWOT Analysis : You can never go wrong with a proper analysis of business strategies, marketing plans, and more. So consider making an analysis presentation to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a specific business strategy.
  • Portfolio Presentation : Showcase your best projects and works. Why should anyone be interested in you if they haven’t seen your work? Presenting your best projects in a compelling and attractive format will increase your reputation quickly.
  • Current Trends : What are the current trends in business and management.  Always keep an eye on them to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Challenges : Who doesn’t agree that challenges are tough? Making a creative presentation on challenges and the ways that you have overcome them will help you keep track of your development and also prepare for the future.
  • Reporting Progress : Why don’t you make weekly or monthly presentations on your performance, such as financial statements? Measuring and reporting your performance will smooth your path toward your goals.
  • Customer Testimonials : Present your customers’ responses and feedback on your product/service to see what steps you need to take to improve your offerings.
  • Profiles of Successful People : Encourage your team by introducing them to the experiences and achievements of successful people.
  • Tips and Tricks : If you want to cheer your audience up, provide them with hacks and tricks to deal with certain issues. This can include technical tricks and some tips on teamwork, for example.

Office tips presentation slides

  • Rules and Regulations : What are some of the rules that your company never breaks? Discuss the rules and regulations that apply to your team.
  • Top Criteria : Selecting a new quality management system is not easy, is it? Introducing the top criteria for a specific task can be a great presentation topic. How about making a presentation on “Top Criteria for Selecting a New Quality Management System?”
  • Product Development Process : Sometimes, we are interested to see how a product was created. Showcase the development process of your product through a presentation.
  • Most Effective Ways : It’s always good to be introduced not only to what to do but also to how to do it. So make a presentation on the best ways of conducting surveys, research, or anything else.

Product development guidelines slide example

  • Success Factors : This is something all of us are interested in. Introduce the success factors in different areas such as managing successful teams or product design tips.
  • Cause and Effect : This simple and informative presentation structure will be ideal to dive deeper into the intricate world of cause and effect.
  • Past vs. Present vs. Future : Growth will become more visible and obvious once you start comparing what you had before to what you have now. This can turn into a great summary of the major changes within a certain time period.
  • Comparisons : Compare different products/services. It’s a good strategy that will help you emphasize the good and the bad sides of a particular thing.
  • Positive and Negative Effects : It’s always important to show the two sides of a coin. Consider presenting the positive and negative effects of a certain thing. For example, the positive and negative effects of social media is a debated topic nowadays. Pick your topic and reveal it from both perspectives.
  • Problem-Solution Presentation : Identify a relevant problem. A great presentation format would be to introduce not only the complicated problem but its solution as well.
  • Training : Your presentation can become a training session. You can organize a theoretical part and add a practical portion too, like quizzes and discussions.
  • Graphs and Charts : One of the best ways to introduce your info is through statistical graphs and charts, combining survey and observational data. You can use visual animated scenes and infographics.

Key statistics report format

  • Popular Misconceptions : People are often mistakenly drawn from one end to another due to inaccurate data. Help your audience avoid misunderstandings about entrepreneurs, investors, and business management in general. Your presentation will guide them in the right direction, drawing the line between truth and lie.
  • Introduction to Business Topics : No matter the topic, it’s always useful to present basic ideas. Keep it short and clear. This can include an introduction to income statements, or any other important business concept.
  • Stages of a Process : Don’t leave your audience confused with theory but let them see the practical stages of how things are accomplished. (e.g., “The Stages of User Journey”)

User journey stages

  • Management : How do you efficiently manage a business? You can prepare dozens of presentations on management: be it resources, public relations, time, money, or anything else.
  • Competitor Analysis : Know your enemy! You’ve probably heard the famous saying, haven’t you? Track down your competitors and share the info with your team.
  • Appreciation : This presentation should be devoted to the team members who have done an exceptional job.
  • Unknown Facts : Pick a topic and reveal facts that are unknown to most people. What are some of the interesting and truthful facts that they don’t know about branding?

Brand recognition facts

  • Restrictions : No matter what business you have, restrictions are guaranteed. Make a presentation on the restrictions and limitations you face. (e.g. “Restrictions in Integrated Web Design”)
  • Big Breakthroughs : Want to feel proud of yourself and your team? Here is how you can do it: Reveal some cases when you have successfully overcome the toughest of obstacles and learned lessons as a result. Talk about the long path you have been on with your company.
  • Partners and Investors : Tell about your partners. Give info about investors. Cooperation is way more successful when team members are acquainted with the investors. Your presentation can have a strong influence on the performance of your team.
  • Business Ethics : As a significant part of business, it’s important to understand ethics. How about “Ethics in Marketing Research?” There are countless ethical issues.
  • Theories : Gather some of the most important theories that you find useful and prepare a good presentation with examples and visuals.
  • Product/Service Improvement : A briefing like this might include a recap of your product or service or a discussion of any possible improvement before the product is ready for the market.
  • The Rise and Fall of Brands : Don’t avoid talking about the failures and successes of other brands. Doing so can help you with your own journey.
  • Upcoming or Recent Events : Talk about exciting events that you are planning to organize or already have. For upcoming events, you can make a welcoming presentation, announcing the date and venue. Check out an example below:

Event presentation slide example

  • Inspiration : Get ready to give a professional and motivational talk to inspire your audience to take action towards targeted goals.
  • Explain Business Concepts : How does a certain idea or concept work? Give a specific and clear presentation on the concepts that not everyone is familiar with. How does a franchise work? How do partnerships work?
  • QA Presentation : Assure that your audience knows that your product/service is of the best quality.
  • Announcements : Is there a cool and intriguing event that’s coming? Give an announcement through your presentation. It can be short and clear, covering all the key points.
  • Discovery, Invention, Innovation : Share the most interesting discoveries and recent innovations in the business world.
  • How-to Presentations : If you are skilled at something, then you can make a presentation to guide others. Present a step-by-step guide for a specific task, such as conducting surveys or managing conflicts.

Whether it’s a school project or an online class presentation, you need to make it attractive and engaging. So, choose the topic wisely. Below are some education presentation ideas you can use for your next project.

  • Academic Presentation : If you want to educate and share info, then academic presentations with supporting visuals, presentation slides, and videos are what you need.
  • Explainer : Explainers are a powerful way of sharing essential information. You can make short and engaging  explainer videos  to include in your presentations.

  • Pros and Cons : Make a presentation explaining both pros and cons of a certain issue at stake.
  • Best Methods : Talk about various effective methods, be it methods of teaching, learning, or preparing for an exam.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Making Presentations : You can make a whole presentation just talking about presentation best practices . Separate what’s recommended and what’s not and then present those to your audience in a simple way.
  • Guidelines : Present the most effective guidelines for teaching, studying, and co-working.
  • Personal Experience : What can be more helpful for an audience than to learn from someone’s real-life experience? Make a presentation on your personal experience and share your most valuable insights.
  • Quiz-Presentation : Test your students. Make a presentation quizzing their knowledge and competence in a certain field. Why presentation? Because it’s both visually and technically effective.
  • Research : An attractive slideshow is one of the best ways to present your research. Try working on a visual and multimedia presentation to showcase the whole potential of your research in a visually appealing format.
  • Problem-Solving : Decide on an issue and prepare a set of solutions to offer. Don’t leave any questions uncovered. If a problem exists, so does its solution.
  • Project Proposal : How are you planning to get approval for your projects if you don’t propose the main idea and expected outcomes in a professional way? Give your project a classy presentation with this Minimal Titles Pack . 

  • Listing Presentation : Lists always work when you have big sorted data to introduce to your audience.
  • Controversial Topics : Attract your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with a controversial slide deck. Bring forward debatable issues such as euthanasia, AI, and more. Let your audience join you or argue against you.
  • Textbook Presentation : Introduce a textbook in a creative way through interesting visuals and supporting multimedia.
  • Curriculum : What if presentations are the best way of getting your audience acquainted with a curriculum. Alternatively, you can make your next presentation about how to develop a well-organized curriculum.
  • Dissertation : Prepare a presentation for your dissertation. But keep in mind that it has to be accompanied by proper supportive media.
  • Predictions Presentation : What will happen next? It’s fun to predict, isn’t it?
  • Instructions : Do you like giving instructions? Sometimes that’s what you need to do. Structure your presentation in a how-to format, giving instructions for certain actions, like “How to Work Out the Best Schedule?”
  • Precautions : Prepare your audience for the worst and hope for the best. Make a presentation on a set of warnings.
  • Case Studies : What’s the best way of demonstrating your case study? A multimedia presentation can be the answer.
  • Tricks and Hacks : Tips and tricks are always appreciated by your audience. Create an informative presentation on studying tips, time management tips, or anything else you might find interesting.
  • Success Stories : We are always eager to hear success stories. Why? Because they motivate us to move forward with hope for what’s to come. So, make a presentation, telling success stories to motivate teachers, learners, and everyone else.
  • Fact or Fiction : Draw a line between truth and lie, fact and fiction. Bust some myths about a topic of your choice to educate your listeners.
  • Data Analysis : Is a presentation the right place to start with data analysis? Not really. But once you have analyzed your data, showcase it in your presentation, demonstrating your analysis through charts and graphs.
  • Techniques : What kind of techniques can you cover? How about “Techniques for Memory Improvement,” or “ Teaching Techniques ?” You can make up a number of similar topics to share.
  • Recent Advancements : Share the recent advancement in the field of education. What are some of the newest teaching methods? What advanced methods do we need to implement to make the learning process more effective?
  • Steps in the Process : What are the best steps to take towards certain goals? Each path is different and thus requires different steps.
  • Interesting Facts : Gather a set of creative ideas and facts to cover in your presentations.

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  • Timeline Presentations: Extensive Guide to Creating Visual Narratives

Here we have random presentation ideas that can inspire you. Make your next presentation a blast by introducing a new creative topic through a unique presentation design.

  • Introduction to a Topic : Often, we don’t really want to go deep into complex concepts but just need a short and clear intro to get a grasp of them. Make a presentation on the basics of the most intriguing and puzzling themes.
  • Ethics of a Certain Field : There are a number of important fields that need to be discussed in terms of ethics. For example, ethics in journalism is a very trendy and essential topic to discuss nowadays.
  • The Future : We are always interested in the future, aren’t we? We make plans for it. We carry hopes for it. Let’s make a compelling presentation that discusses the future of various fields, such as AI or the Internet.
  • Benefits : What are the benefits of a bilingual brain? Try to cover the benefits of a number of issues, such as digital transformation, or a healthy diet.
  • Risks : Discuss the risks of taking certain steps. When we know the risks we can circumvent them, can’t we?
  • Evolution : How do things evolve? It’s super important to present the ways that certain things unfold and change. How did artificial intelligence grow and evolve to such degrees?
  • Components: Pick some topics to discuss the components of. How about making a presentation on “Components of Web Applications?” Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
  • Alternatives : We always feel a need for alternatives. Make a presentation offering alternatives for different tools and objects. One example could be a presentation covering “The Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office.”
  • Memoir : Tell the stories of influential people or your own in a value-packed presentation.
  • Video Games : You can reveal the pros and cons of a game or just talk about the trendiest games as of now. You could also reveal statistics about the influence they have on gamers.
  • Music Album Presentation : Present a music album, composers, and musicians. You can talk about their tours, also including videos and audio files of the tracks.
  • Reviews and Reports : Do a book or a film review. Present your criticism and reflections on a book or movie of interest.

Report review presentation slide examples

  • Scientific Presentation : What are the recent scientific discoveries? Not all people are aware, right? Bring forward some intriguing info about the latest discoveries.
  • Job Interview Presentation : Impress your potential employers with a structured and clean job interview presentation.
  • Important Skills : What are the top skills needed in your industry? Create your list and share it.
  • Requirements and Qualifications : What are some requirements for a specific job position or a field in general? Share your experience and knowledge on this topic.
  • “Best of ” Compilation : Gather a list of the best movies, games, books, tools, meals, and anything else, really.
  • News : Sometimes, people don’t care to sit and listen to an hour-long news report. So, how about making a brief and informative summary of the most noteworthy news?
  • Experiments : Make a scientific or social experiment and reveal your results; they might be different from what you expected.
  • Life Story : Use presentation slides to tell about the life of a famous or personal story of an influential person. Use images, videos, and any other visual elements to make your story more vivid.

Making a compelling presentation doesn’t purely depend on presentation software , even though that’s also very important. To make an impactful presentation, one has to first figure out how to approach the topic and decide on the presentation design. 

We hope you found your topic on the list of creative presentation ideas presented above. Best of luck with creating presentations!

Ready to create your video presentation? Find hundreds of slideshow video template options, browse stock images to find a background image, use hand-drawn illustrations, add your color palette, customize your entire presentation the way you want, and share your creative presentation idea in an interesting way. Click the button to get started:

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presentation ideas to present

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The 9 best AI video generators of 2024

The 9 best AI video generators of 2024

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presentation ideas to present


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1) structure your presentation like a story, 2) make it minimalist, never design a presentation again, 3) color theory is your friend, 4) black and white with pops of color, 5) add music to your presentation, 6) ask your audience questions, 7) visualize your data with engaging graphics, 8) pop culture can be your friend, 9) pair fonts to keep your presentation dynamic, 10) make the right impression with visual metaphors, 11) place your images into unique frames, 12) juice up your presentation transitions, 13) turn your presentation into one moving slide, 14) make room for quotes, 15) get your presentation ideas from history, 16) engage your audience with activities, 17) give your presentation a seasonal theme, 18) be forward thinking with a futuristic design, 19) keep it fresh with a modern presentation, 20) enter a new dimension with 3d graphics, 21) come up with a motif inspired by your content, 22) include your logo in every slide, 23) color code your themes, 24) make it fun with gifs, 25) shoot for the moon with an outer space theme, 26) keep it lighthearted with humor and memes, 27) format each slide like a social media post, 28) bring your presentation to life with motion graphics, 29) get everyone involved with interactive elements, 30) make it cohesive with photo overlays, 31) alternate your slide formats, bonus: give your presentation a pro polish with penji, 31 creative presentation ideas to captivate your audience.

presentation ideas to present

Presentations are about sharing important info with the right folks – bosses, coworkers, or future clients. Making a good impression matters, and a creative presentation can push you ahead.

Stuck on how to begin? Check out these 31 awesome presentation ideas to spark your next successful pitch.

Chart outlining the "hero's journey" story structure

A fantastic presentation carries its audience through a journey. Consider your key message as the driving force that propels the audience through the storyline of your presentation. You can deconstruct it as follows:

  • The current situation : Where are we now?
  • The transition : What’s changing?
  • The future : What’s on the horizon?
  • The conclusion : Where will we ultimately land?

Especially in a business setting, you want your PowerPoint design to be simple, stylish, and inviting. Minimalism can be a great way to give your presentation slides a professional look without sacrificing style. A simple backdrop also helps important facts and figures stand out.

Get unlimited presentations + any designs you need with Penji

presentation ideas to present

As you’re designing your presentation, remember to use colors that complement each other. Is your company’s color pale green? Combine it with an equally pale pink. To get more in-depth, there are plenty of tools online like Coolors that help you make full color palettes.

Black and white real estate presentation design with splashes of red

On the other end of the spectrum (no pun intended), sometimes one color is all you need. For a more minimal presentation, a black and white aesthetic with a single accent color can really stand out. You can use that color to emphasize key facts and figures, because the audience is already drawn to it.

Music themed slideshow template

Want to take your presentation up a notch from mere static slides? Harness the power of musical cues – a swift and engaging strategy. While incorporating music into slideshows can sometimes lead to technical hitches, mastering the technique can yield remarkable audience engagement.

PowerPoint slide question template

“How do I engage my audience?” Have you tried talking to them? Question and answer sections can be a great tool for team-building presentations, and they can turn potential buyers into engaged participants.

Try creating questions that will feed into your point. Rather than saying “You need ___,” ask your audience what they need and bring it back around to your product or service.

Infographic design for presentation ideas

Data visualization is a key part of any presentation (okay, most presentations). Looking for presentation ideas to make your data pop? Don’t settle for basic charts.

Highlight key figures with bold fonts and colors. Use imagery that conveys what your data means. It’s easy to zone out in a meeting—it’s up to you to visualize data in a way people can’t ignore.

Avatar: The Last Airbender themed presentation ideas

Whether you’re guiding a team meeting or captivating customers, pop culture references can pique interest and bridge gaps. Even in formal presentations, a quick pop culture nod can foster connection. But always consider your audience—avoid references that might leave them puzzled.

Canva Google Slides template pairing different fonts

A common error among novices in presentation design is sticking to a single font. To maintain visual interest, embrace diversity. Experiment with eye-catching fonts for titles, complemented by polished sans-serif fonts for body text. Further enhance variety with distinct weights, styles, and colors for various text elements.

Presentation template with a money tree visual metaphor

Ideally, everyone would pay attention to you. But since you can’t account for that, you want your audience to understand the ideas behind your presentation no matter how much attention they’re paying. On top of emphasizing key data and words, visual metaphors are a great way to ensure that even the least attentive listeners are getting the gist of it.

Presentation idea with hexagonal image frames

Is your presentation appearing outdated, confined, and lacking in dynamism? The reason might be your fixation on squares and rectangles.

Incorporating distinctive image frames isn’t just visually appealing; they also expand your slide’s spatial dimension. By steering clear of rigid squares and borders and opting for circles, hexagons, and other shapes, you create a sensation of suspended freedom.

Presentation animation options menu in PowerPoint

One of the classic marks of a middle schooler’s first PowerPoint: every transition under the sun. Using different transitions for each slide will make your presentation feel amateur. Instead, stick to one style of transition, or make your use of transitions thematically consistent (e.g. moving in the same direction).

Free PowerPoint template with one moving slide concept

This is an advanced transition technique for all you presentation design pros out there. Elevate your slideshow by giving it the sense of a literal living document. You can create a flipbook or folder motif (as in the example above) or create a scrolling graphic format. If nothing else, you can mesh transitions and design to make each slide seamlessly morph into the next.

Colorful quote slide concept for presentations

Whether you’re getting a point across or just trying to inspire your audience, a quote is a great addition to any presentation. Quotes by experts can help lend your point some authority. Meaningful quotes can open up the floor to discussions. Funny or inspirational quotes can provide some levity without sacrificing professionalism.

20th century history themed PowerPoint design

Much like references to pop culture, integrating historical elements into your presentation provides a shared language with your audience. Like the alien species from the Star Trek episode “Darmok,” incorporating historical moments can resonate deeply with your audience. For instance, if you’re aiming to evoke a sense of romance, a backdrop inspired by Shakespearean times could be remarkably effective.

Colorful activities slideshow ideas

First of all, yes, a presentation is a great idea for facilitating a group game in a classroom or office setting. But believe it or not, any presentation can benefit from capturing the audience’s attention through activities.

For team-building presentations, build trust and relationships through simple games. For pitches, create space to “test out” your product or service. The possibilities are endless.

Halloween themed PowerPoint title slide

Pop culture references can ensure your presentation is current, but depending on your audience, you may have to avoid being too current. Seasonal themes, on the other hand, keep you timely no matter who you’re presenting to. You can go all in on a theme, like the Halloween example above, or incorporate subtle elements for a more corporate presentation.

Futuristic purple esports presentation ideas

In the business world, particularly in the tech sector, projecting a cutting-edge image is paramount. When presenting a novel product, service, or strategy, it’s crucial that your audience perceives you as a forward-thinking entity.

That’s where a futuristic design can help. Implement sleek shapes, dark colors, and interactive elements to make your presentation futuristic. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding images of modern tech products.

Modern PowerPoint design from Envato

Futurism has its place, but if you want to convey a cutting-edge feel in a more subtle way, a modern, artistic presentation design is the way to go. Unique shapes and color combinations—as well as bold, sans serif fonts—can help your slides look effortful and fresh. You can work with an expert designer or design service to really make your presentation unique.

Presentation idea with 3D graphics

3D illustrations are relatively novel, and even freely available models are underused in presentations. Even in 2022, they still convey a sense of novelty, whether they’re playful, artistic, or scientific. On top of lending flair to your slides, they can also be great for visualizing data in informative presentations.

Lighthouse themed slideshow design by 24Slides

Elevate your presentation to a masterpiece with a well-chosen motif. Delve into your key presentation points and the emotions you aim to stir.

For instance, a lighthouse motif can symbolize navigating challenges or pioneering innovative solutions. Meanwhile, a whimsical animal theme can evoke a sense of coziness and tranquility. Embrace creativity, while ensuring meaningful content takes the lead.

Hiyya logo design PowerPoint concept

A presentation can be a great way to propose a new logo design , but your logo is a great fit for any type of presentation. For pitches, they make your brand look professional. For internal meetings, they help make it feel official, boosting engagement from your audience. Design your slides to make room for your logo and try to balance colors and fonts to fit your brand.

Color coded presentation ideas

While we’ve emphasized the importance of a central theme in your presentation, it’s also true that many presentations encompass various topics or subcategories within the overarching theme. Employing diverse colors to mirror distinct subjects or slide types can infuse your presentation with nuanced depth.

GIF of Michael Scott from The Office saying "PowerPoint" while pointing his finger.

GIFs have become a crucial part of the online ecosystem. However you pronounce it (team “jif,” for the record), a GIF is a casual, effective way to evoke emotion, humor, or otherwise build a relationship with your audience. There’s a reason Twitter is overrun with these things; there’s a GIF for every occasion.

Title slide for an outer space presentation idea

Space is one of the most versatile themes to use in a presentation design . Where a futuristic slideshow places you on the cutting edge, space creates the impression that your ambitions go even bigger. Whether you’re trying to pump up your coworkers or attract new clients, placing your presentation in the final frontier is bound to inspire them.

Two memes involving presentations

While certain presentations are all business, remember that public speaking often centers around forging a connection with your audience. A surefire approach to achieve this is by strategically incorporating a meme or a clever punchline.

Yes, it’s true that meme culture travels fast, and it can be hard to tell what will still be fresh when you’re presenting. But if there’s one place where you can get away with an old-school, impact-font -over-JPEG meme in 2022, it’s in a business presentation.

Presentation design based on Twitter layout

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea: what design layout are people most familiar with today? Chances are, a format inspired by social media is one of the best ways to make your audience feel at home. This is best for a presentation where social media is relevant, but it can also serve a similar function to memes, creating a fun dynamic with your audience. Your slide text shouldn’t be longer than a tweet, anyway.

PowerPoint template with moving GIF elements

We’ve already gone over transitions, the animations taking you from one slide to the next. But that doesn’t have to be the only animated thing about your presentation. Motion graphics can help each slide come alive, as well as emphasizing key facts and helping visualize data. Just try not to make the graphics too distracting.

File cabinet themed interactive presentation design from SlidesGo

Ever sat through dull vacation photos? Well, a lackluster presentation can feel the same. To truly involve your audience, interactive elements are a must.

Think animations and clickable transitions or even a lighthearted quiz. It’s all about sparking engagement.

Stylish slideshow design with black and white photo overlays

Maybe you’re showcasing your photography work. Maybe you’re presenting a product with a series of photos. You might just be using stock photos to illustrate your point.

Either way, most presentations will involve at least a few photos. If you want a slick, artistic look, you can use color overlays and filters to make these photos part of your slides’ aesthetic. Use complementary colors and keep them consistent for each photo you put in, or go black and white for a luxury look.

Inspirational PowerPoint design with alternating slides

Here’s a common rookie blunder, and it’s easy to overlook. Even with a striking design and captivating content, if you sense something’s amiss, your presentation could be too monotonous.

To infuse dynamism, mix up slide formats, particularly for text-heavy ones. Just shifting text from left to right can work wonders. It’s a vital trick to keep your audience engrossed.

Penji presentation idea with red and white cycling theme

These presentation ideas are all about shaping a presentation that delivers real results. But if you’re aiming to craft a truly impactful PowerPoint, you might not want to go the DIY route. Opting for a presentation crafted by a certified pro is the ultimate method to impress your audience. And if you want consistently professional designs every time, then you want Penji.

Our unlimited design service works with the world’s top design talent to provide you with stunning presentations, logos, websites, packaging, and everything else you need.

Still have questions? You can request a design today from our marketplace with no strings attached, or sign up for a demo to see how Penji can work for you.

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Blog Marketing 15 Interactive Presentation Ideas to Elevate Engagement

15 Interactive Presentation Ideas to Elevate Engagement

Written by: Krystle Wong Aug 04, 2023

Interactive presentation ideas

As attention spans continue to shrink, the challenge of engaging audiences in a short timeframe has never been more significant. Let’s face it — grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention can be quite the challenge, especially when time is ticking away. But fear not, I’ve got the perfect solution: interactive presentations!

Believe it or not, creating an interactive presentation is easier than you might think. In this guide, I’ll show you how to effortlessly turn ordinary slides into captivating experiences with 15 interactive presentation ideas that will leave your audience begging for more. From quirky polls and fun games to storytelling adventures and multimedia magic, these ideas will take your presentation game to the next level.

Venngage is a game-changer when it comes to empowering interactive presentations. With just a few clicks, users can customize their favorite presentation templates , add multimedia content and create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or a newcomer, get started with Venngage to elevate your presentation game to new heights of engagement and creativity.

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What is an interactive presentation?

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An interactive presentation is a dynamic and engaging communication format that involves active participation and collaboration between the presenter and the audience. Unlike traditional presentations where information is delivered in a one-way manner, interactive presentations invite the audience to interact, respond and contribute throughout the session.

Think of it as a two-way street where you and your audience have a friendly chat. It’s like playing a fun game where you ask questions, get live feedback and encourage people to share their thoughts. 

To make a good presentation , you can utilize various tools and techniques such as clickable buttons, polls, quizzes, discussions and multimedia elements to transform your slides into an interactive presentation. Whether you’re presenting in-person or giving a virtual presentation — when people are actively participating, they’re more likely to remember the stuff you’re talking about.

presentation ideas to present

Interactive presentations leave a lasting impression on the audience. By encouraging active participation and feedback, interactive presentations facilitate better understanding and knowledge retention. Here are 15 innovative 5-minute interactive presentation ideas to captivate your audience from start to finish:

1. Ice-breaker questions

Start your presentation with intriguing and thought-provoking questions or a fun icebreaker game. These questions should be designed to pique the audience’s curiosity and encourage them to think about the topic you’ll be covering. By doing so, you create an immediate connection with your audience and set the stage for a more engaged and attentive audience.

For example, if you’re giving a business presentation about management and leadership training, you could ask audience questions such as “What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received, and how has it impacted your career?”

presentation ideas to present

2. Live polling

Incorporate live polls during your presentation using audience response systems or polling apps . This allows you to collect real-time feedback, opinions and insights from active participants. Live polling encourages active participation and involvement, making your presentation feel like a collaborative and interactive experience.

3. Q&A sessions

Encourage the audience to ask questions throughout your presentation, especially for pitch deck presentations . Address these questions in real-time, which fosters a more interactive and dynamic atmosphere. This approach shows that you value the audience’s input and promotes a two-way communication flow.

4. Clickable buttons

Add clickable buttons to your slides, allowing the audience to navigate to specific sections or external resources at their own pace. For example, you could include links to your social media accounts or extra reading materials in your education presentation to give further information about the topic and get your students engaged.

By providing this autonomy, you empower the audience to explore areas of particular interest, creating a more personalized and engaging experience through your interactive slideshow.

presentation ideas to present

5. Storytelling

Incorporate anecdotes or personal stories related to your topic. Storytelling is a powerful way to emotionally connect with your audience, making your presentation more relatable and memorable. A little storytelling along with a set of creative slides draws the audience in and keeps them engaged as they follow the narrative.

6. Interactive charts and graphs

Use interactive charts and graphs that respond to user input to make your presentation interactive. For instance, allow the audience to click on data points to view more detailed information or to change the displayed data series. Creating charts with interactive visuals help the audience interact with the data, fostering better understanding and engagement.

7. Animated infographics

Add animations to your infographics, making them visually dynamic and progressive. Animated infographics reveal information gradually, keeping the audience curious and attentive. This transforms complex data into an easily digestible and engaging format.

Venngage’s extensive library of infographic templates is a powerful tool to visualize data and elevate the interactivity of your presentations. Personalizing the visuals ensures a cohesive and professional look throughout your interactive presentation. The templates are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust colors, fonts, and styles to match your presentation’s theme and branding. 

presentation ideas to present

8. Gamification

Introduce an interactive quiz, puzzles, or challenges related to your presentation content. Gamification adds an element of fun and competition, motivating the audience to participate actively and boosting their learning experience. Here are some gaming presentation templates you could use. 

presentation ideas to present

9. Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR)

If applicable, leverage VR or AR technologies to provide immersive experiences. These interactive presentation tools transport the audience into a virtual or augmented environment, making your presentation more captivating and memorable.

10. Collaborative whiteboarding

Get your audience involved in your presentation by utilizing digital whiteboards or collaborative tools to brainstorm ideas collectively. This fosters teamwork and creativity, enabling the audience to actively contribute and feel a sense of involvement in the presentation.

presentation ideas to present

11. Hyperlinked text

Keep the information in your slides minimal with a simple presentation and incorporate hyperlinks to direct viewers to relevant websites or blogs , resources, or additional information. This encourages self-exploration and gives the audience the opportunity to delve deeper into topics of interest.

12. Role-playing

Engage the audience in role-playing scenarios to explore different perspectives. Role-playing promotes active learning and helps the audience relate the content to real-life situations, enhancing their understanding and retention.

13. Embedded videos

Include video clips in your slides to provide visual explanations, demonstrations, or interviews. Videos add a dynamic element to your presentation, enriching the content and keeping the audience engaged.

presentation ideas to present

14. Audience-generated content

Encourage the audience to contribute ideas, stories or examples related to your professional presentation . Audience-generated content fosters a sense of ownership and involvement, making the presentation more interactive and personalized.

15. Slide transitions

Use slide transitions to create smooth animations between slides. Well-planned transitions maintain the audience’s interest and keep the presentation slides flowing seamlessly.

Interactive elements aside, enhance your presentation with these guides on how to summarize information for a captivating presentation and how to make a persuasive presentation to captivate your audience. 

presentation ideas to present

If you’re looking to create engaging and interactive presentation slides that captivate your audience, these presentation software options are sure to elevate your game:

Prezi is renowned for its dynamic and non-linear presentation style, enabling users to craft visually stunning and interactive presentations. With an array of templates and animation effects, Prezi enhances audience engagement, making your presentations more captivating and memorable.

2. Mentimeter

Mentimeter serves as an audience response system, empowering real-time interaction during presentations. Users can create interactive polls, quizzes, word clouds and more, allowing the audience to respond using their smartphones or other devices. This fosters active participation and provides valuable feedback instantly.

3. Google Slides

Google Slides is a free cloud-based presentation software that not only offers collaboration features but also enables real-time interactions. It includes add-ons and third-party integrations to further enhance interactivity, making it an excellent choice for collaborative and engaging presentations.

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint, a classic presentation software, has evolved to incorporate more interactive features like live captions, real-time collaboration and interactive elements such as quizzes and forms. With its familiar interface and versatile functionalities, PowerPoint remains a reliable choice for interactive presentations.

5. Prezentor

Prezentor caters to sales-oriented presentations focusing on interactive storytelling and data-driven content. It offers analytics to track audience engagement and behavior during presentations, allowing you to fine-tune your approach and keep your audience hooked.

6. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is a visual and interactive data collection tool designed to engage and excite audiences whether sitting in a lecture hall, participating in a live Zoom, or watching an on-demand webinar. The Opinion Stage tools are simple and intuitive, making it easy to create attention-grabbing quizzes, surveys, and polls in minutes. A great way to spice up any presentation, encourage audience participation, and collect authentic feedback.

7 . Venngage

Venngage stands out as a versatile design tool that facilitates the creation of interactive infographics, data visualizations and presentations with ease. Offering various interactive elements and animations, Venngage empowers you to craft visually appealing and engaging presentations effortlessly.

With these interactive presentation software options at your disposal, you can unleash your creativity and deliver presentations that leave a lasting impact on your audience. So, go ahead and make your presentations interactive, captivating and memorable!

For more presentation software options, check out this blog on the 12 best presentation software for 2023.

presentation ideas to present

Creating interactive presentations can be a game-changer for engaging your audience and enhancing your presentation skills, but steering clear of common pitfalls is essential. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when crafting your interactive presentations:

1. Overloading with interactivity

While interactivity is fantastic, bombarding your audience with too many interactive elements can backfire. Strive for a balanced approach that enhances engagement without overwhelming your listeners.

2. Ignoring audience relevance

Failing to tailor interactive elements to your audience’s interests and preferences can lead to disconnection. Make sure your interactions resonate with your specific audience for a more meaningful experience.

3. Not testing interactive elements

Skipping thorough testing of interactive features before showtime can spell disaster. Avoid technical glitches by diligently testing all interactive components in advance.

4. Poor timing and pace

Timing is everything, especially with interactive activities. Ensure seamless integration by planning your key points and the timing of your interactive elements carefully.

5. Lack of clear purpose

Every interactive element should serve a purpose and contribute to your presentation’s objectives. Don’t add interactions just for the sake of it — ensure they add value and align with your message.

6. Failing to engage beyond interactivity

While interactive elements are powerful tools, remember that content is king. Combine your interactive features with compelling storytelling and valuable insights to create an immersive and impactful presentation.

Incorporating animated slides into your interactive presentations enhances the overall appeal and interaction, turning an ordinary presentation into an engaging experience. Try it out with one of our animated presentation templates to get started. 

presentation ideas to present

How do you start an interactive presentation?

Begin by grabbing the audience’s attention with an intriguing question or a surprising fact, setting the tone for a dynamic and engaging session.

Which type of presentation is the most interactive?

Workshops and seminars are often the most interactive types of presentations as they encourage active participation, discussions and hands-on activities.

How can interactive presentations enhance audience engagement?

Interactive presentations foster a two-way communication flow, involving the audience through polls, quizzes, discussions and multimedia elements, leading to increased interest, attentiveness and better retention of information.

What are some common interactive elements to include in a presentation?

Common interactive elements include clickable buttons, hyperlinked text, polls, quizzes, interactive charts, multimedia content and audience participation activities.

Can interactive presentations be used for educational purposes?

Absolutely! Interactive presentations are highly effective for educational purposes as they promote active learning, encourage critical thinking, and provide real-time feedback and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Need inspiration on how to give an engaging presentation ? Here are 120+ presentation ideas you could use. 

presentation ideas to present

Venngage makes it easy for anyone to infuse interactivity into their presentations. From clickable buttons and hyperlinked text to interactive infographics and dynamic charts, Venngage offers a diverse range of interactive elements to captivate and engage the audience. Here’s how you can make your presentation more fun and interesting with Venngage:

  • Sign up or log in to Venngage to access the platform.
  • Choose a presentation template or start with a blank canvas to begin designing your interactive presentation.
  • Add and edit slides in the Venngage editor to structure your presentation content effectively.
  • Customize the design by selecting themes, fonts, colors and backgrounds to match your style and branding.
  • Use interactive elements like buttons, links, pop-ups and hover effects to engage the audience during the presentation.
  • Enhance engagement by incorporating interactive media such as videos and audio clips.
  • Preview and test your entire presentation to ensure everything works smoothly before presenting it to your audience.
  • Save your interactive presentation on Venngage and share it online or download it in various formats for presenting purposes.

Well, I hope these 15 5-minute interactive presentation examples can help unlock a new level of audience engagement for your next presentation. From fun quizzes and interactive storytelling to multimedia magic and gamified challenges, the possibilities are endless. So, don’t be afraid to experiment, tailor the ideas to suit your audience members and let your creativity shine.  

That said, remember to strike a balance and keep the interactivity purposeful and relevant. Some common mistakes to avoid when creating interactive slides include overloading the presentation with too many interactive elements and failing to align the interactive elements with the overall presentation goals and content. 

Got it? Great. Now let’s turn that boring presentation around!

Discover popular designs

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Infographic maker

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Brochure maker

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White paper online

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Newsletter creator

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Flyer maker

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Timeline maker

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Letterhead maker

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Mind map maker

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Ebook maker

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10 Presentation Ideas That Will Radically Improve Your Presentation Skills

No matter the audience size, great presentation skills are vital. Here are my 10 favorite presentation ideas so you can level-up your presentation skills.

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Need a few presentation ideas to make your presentation great? A good presentation needs to be engaging, memorable, and impactful.

Whether you’re speaking to 10 people or 10,000 people, you need to have sparks. Here are my 10 favorite presentation ideas you can try to level-up your presentation skills.

Use this step-by-step guide to get your message across clearly and confidently, with some presentation ideas you might not have heard before.

How to Prepare for a Presentation

Let’s start with your presentation preparation. Writing, brainstorming, researching, and organizing your presentation is key.

Save the best for last (and first)

The very first thing you should do when preparing for a presentation is to write down all of your ideas, points, examples, and case studies. I highly recommend using flashcards, but you also can use slides. Put one idea per slide or card. This will make it easy to move your presentation ideas around.

Next, you have to put your presentation ideas in the correct order. Many presenters make the mistake of going chronologically, burying their most important points in the middle of a presentation. This is a mistake!

Most of us remember the first and last parts of a presentation the most.

This is the serial-position effect – the tendency of people to remember the first and last items in a series the most clearly.

Presentation Mistake: Starting off with something too basic, such as background or foundational information, before you get into the heart of your presentation. A slow start means a bad first impression and a less memorable message overall.

A strong start and end has marked every important speech throughout history.

Here is Martin Luther King’s powerful opening line from his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech:

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

Here are the inspiring closing words of Malala Yousafzai’s address to the United Nations:

One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education First.

How to start a presentation:

Always start a presentation with an interesting hook or captivating message . Look at all of your presentation ideas and pick out your strongest points. Here are some ideas on how to start your presentation:

  • Do you have a sparkling one-liner or question to hook people in?
  • Do you have a captivating story you can kick-off with?
  • Can you make people laugh?
  • Do you have an interesting fact that will make people curious about what you are going to say next?

How to end a presentation:

One of the best presentation ideas is to always end a presentation with the one take-away you want people to remember.

  • What’s your big idea?
  • What’s an action step you want your audience to take?
  • What’s the most important point you want your audience to remember?
  • Can you express gratitude to your audience?

Re-organize your cards so you start on a high and end on an important take-away. You will notice in my TEDx talk I start with an interesting, funny one-liner about myself and end with a powerful take-away and audience compliment:

Get even more public speaking tips with our related resources:

  • How to Start a Speech: The Best (and Worst) Speech Openers
  • 6 Public Speaking Apps to try Before Your Next Presentation
  • My Top 5 Favorite Public Speakers
  • 15 Science-Based Public Speaking Tips To Become a Master Speaker
  • How to Give Captivating Presentations
  • How to Give an Awesome Toast

Change Modalities

Studies by educational researchers suggest that up to 83 percent of human learning occurs visually, while the Social Science Research Network reports that 65 percent of people are visual learners.

Presentation Mistake: Delivering your entire presentation in one modality — all spoken, with very few visual or interactive elements.

People usually only retain 10 perecent of the information they receive in an oral presentation – when it’s just someone talking at them – but 65 percent from a presentation that includes visuals.

Think about how you can incorporate graphs, photographs, or illustrations as visual aids to demonstrate your point and support your main message.

Have you heard the cliche ‘Show, don’t tell’? Think about how you can illustrate some of your main points or ideas with different modalities. Every modality is a different way to explain your point. Modality ideas:

  • How can you explain your concept with words?
  • Is there a graphic that can help support your point?
  • What visual would help someone understand your idea?
  • Is there a video example you can show?
  • Can you demo your concepts?
  • Can you ask your audience members to try out, discuss, or brainstorm a concept from your presentation?

It’s also important to try to avoid putting huge chunks of unbroken text up on the screen like it’s a Star Wars prologue, or going through large portions of your presentation without refreshing your visuals.

Create Interactivity

One of the best ways to improve your presentation skills is involving your audience in interesting and unique ways. Most presenters think about the audience as listeners and forget they can be a critical part of your success as a presenter.

Presentation Mistake: Your audience members should not be passive listeners. They should be active partners in getting your message across.

It is estimated the average person’s attention span starts drifting within minutes of a presentation beginning The best way to keep your audience engaged is to involve them!

You can involve your audience in numerous ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Icebreakers. If you have a group that wants to get to know each other, or you want to loosen up your audience, try starting off with a non-awkward icebreaker .
  • ‘Raise your hand’ questions. A great way to take the audience’s temperature is asking a simple yes or no question and having people raise their hands. This is a nice easy one for introverts because people can stay in their seats.
  • ‘Table’ questions. If your participants are sitting at tables, or easily can get into small groups, assign a question or idea and have the small groups host discussions.
  • Social media voting. You can ask people to hop onto a social media hashtag or use vote texting to poll the audience.
  • Partner brainstorms. I frequently ask my audiences to partner up and discuss an idea, role play, or practice something. You also can assign a conversation starter to help people get to know each other.
  • Role playing. If you need to demo something, consider having audience members come up to role play an idea.
  • Question & answers. The simplest and most common kind of interaction is a simple question and answer session. These can be done during a presentation, after or before a break, or at the very end.
  • Audience case studies. One great way to demonstrate a concept is having someone from the audience come up to be a case study. I sometimes do this during my body language presentations . I have someone come up to give their elevator pitch and we fix their body language so the group can see.

A great example of interactivity comes from game designer Jane McGonigal, who involves her audience in her new app by getting them to do some low-key aerobics at around 12:41 – 14:07 in her TED Talk.

The more fun and unique the interactivity, the better!

Get a public speaking role model

Sometimes it helps to look at other amazing presenters and learn from them. I constantly am looking for great public speakers.

I think everyone should have a public speaking role model. This is someone who speaks like you — with your energy, your pace, your desired presence. For example, I speak very conversationally, but also love quoting science. Brené Brown is one of my public speaking role models.

Here are 5 of my favorite public speakers who might inspire you as well:

How to Design Presentation Slides

Design really matters when it comes to a presentation. Think about your key message. — Are you empowering people to be more confident? Are you selling a fantastic new product? Are you pitching an idea to a panel of judges? Use your key message to guide your design decisions.

Get Creative with Color

How would you feel if your entire bedroom was painted luminous pink? Or if hospital gowns were black? It is likely these color choices would make you feel a bit uncomfortable. According to various studies , this is because people associate certain colors with certain environments and moods.

Incorporating this interesting aspect of psychology in your presentations can help express your message by using color as an emotional cue.

Presentation Mistake: Not aligning colors with your message.

Here is a simple breakdown of colors and their meanings:

Different colors chart for presentation ideas

Here are some ways you can use color in your presentation:

  • Is your niche associated with a certain color scheme? For example, medical typically is associated with white (think white lab coat). The environment typically is associated with green. Can you match your industry OR do you want your product/idea/service to be associated with a certain industry? For example, if you are presenting on architecture and how you can be more green in your building materials, you can use green to subtly associate your content with the environment.
  • Color intensity should match your energy. If you feel bold and strong, you should use bold and strong colors. Light or neutral colors are more muted and less intense. Use the color intensity to match your intensity.
  • Use a color theory. If you really want to go crazy on color, I highly recommend diving into color strategy resources for how to choose colors that complement each other.

No matter what colors you use, be sure you are consistent! Unless your presentation is about rainbows — don’t use all the colors of the rainbow.

Fonts Matter

Just like colors, people also are influenced by typography . Consider how you want to come across to your audience, and choose a font based on this message.

A traditional serif font works great for authoritative presentations, such as pitches or presenting your findings from a scientific study at a conference . Typography is so influential to an audience that research suggests people are more likely to agree with sentences that are written in Baskerville.

On the other hand, an elegant script font is more friendly, which works best for more informal presentations.

No presentation can be improved by Comic Sans under any circumstances.

A chart of different fonts. The use of different fonts can change the way people view your presentation ideas.

Think about how your message, tone, and theme could be improved by your font choices. Again, remember to be consistent – don’t change your fonts from slide to slide!

All kinds of apps can help you prep for your presentation. From practicing to tempo to getting rid of “ums”.

Here are 6 of my favorite public speaking apps :

How to Deliver with Exceptional Presentation Skills

So, you’ve written the perfect talk and designed your slides magnificently. Now comes the tricky bit – actually standing in front of an audience, and delivering your presentation. Here are some of the best ways to make sure it goes without a hitch.

Don’t Over Rehearse

When you’re anxious about a presentation, it can be tempting to just read a script, memorize your lines, and get off stage as soon as possible. However, this can kill your vocal charisma! Monotonous speaking is one of the fastest ways to disengage your audience. The best way to keep someone listening is by using vocal variety.

A study analyzing 100,000 presentations revealed that just a 10 percent increase in vocal variety can greatly impact your audience’s attention!

Presentation Mistake: We are very good at vocal variety in conversation, but once we hit the stage we can sometimes over formalize our speech or sound too rehearsed.

How can you add vocal variety? Try these ideas:

  • As you practice your presentation, experiment with pitch, volume, and speed. Try including some dramatic pauses, or slowing down the most important messages and emphasizing the key words.
  • Warm-up your voice with some of my favorite vocal warm-ups :

  • One of the best ways to do this is to inject emotion into your presentation . Studies have shown that emotions capture an audience’s attention. Reflect the emotions of your story by using pitch, volume, and speed to express yourself.
  • A great way you can try for vocal variety is pretending you are speaking to an old friend. It’s as if you are having a conversation from the stage.

Quantum physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili is an incredible example of an animated and energetic presenter. Between 2:12 and 3:15, he speeds up with excitement and enthusiasm when he talks about the importance of artificial intelligence. Then slows to a more considered pace to drive home his main message in the sentences following.

Work the Stage

Most presenters completely forget about the stage or the space where they present. Use of space can be a great and unique way to emphasize parts of your presentation.

Most people don’t realize that the way we command our use of space can signal our perceptions and mindsets.

If you command your stage, it looks like you have command of your material.

Our use of space and contexts is often a reflection of our inner thoughts and moods. And this is directly related to the audience’s perception of how well you know your content. Even if you know your content well, if you don’t know how to use the space, this can signal low competence or low confidence in your work.

For example, if a speaker enters the stage, goes behind the podium and stands small and tight, this can signal to the audience that the speaker thinks or feels nervous or closed-off. On the other hand, if a speaker enters the stage with no notes, open body language and works the entire space, it signals to the viewer that this speaker feels comfortable and this translates to comfort with the content.

In People School I offer a full tutorial of how to work a stage . See a sneak preview here:

End With an Exhale

This might seem like a silly presentation trick, but it is a tiny cue that goes a long way.

The exhale.

When we exhale it does three important things:

  • It forces us to pause, which creates drama and helps us add more vocal variety when we continue.
  • It encourages us to breathe and brings in more oxygen, which helps us think and speak more clearly.
  • It relaxes our vocal chords so we can speak with more resonance.

When it comes to presentations most people think about what they want to deliver, not how they want to deliver it. How you deliver your message is just as important.

It’s important for you to find your maximum resonance point. Here is a full tutorial:

Harnessing the power of the exhale is also a great way to stop yourself from peppering your presentation with ‘um’ and ‘er’. It takes some practice, but i f you can end your sentences on a complete exhalation, it will stop you from rambling.

The exhale also creates a natural pause for you to gather your next thought. It might sound difficult, but you can practice the exhale by reading out loud and paying attention to your breathing. Print out a script of your speech and add a highlight when you want to take a large exhale.

5 Presentation Ideas

Bonus: 15 Science-Backed Presentation Skills

These presentation ideas will help make your presentation great — but they are just the start. Read our full guide for 15 science-backed public speaking tips to really be an expert-level speaker.

With these tips in mind, take another look at your presentation. Identify the weakest points, practice until it feels natural, and make these habits second nature. Every time you do your presentation, you will feel stronger and more confident .

You got this!

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75 Unique School Presentation Ideas and Topics Plus Templates

presentation ideas to present

Are you tired of seeing the same PowerPoints repeating overused and unoriginal school presentation ideas covering repeated topics in your classes?

You know what I’m talking about; we’ve all been there, and sat through yawn-worthy demonstrations, slides, or presentation videos covering everything from the solar system, someone’s favorite pet, past presidents of a country, to why E=mC squared.

school presentation ideas bored cat meme

From grade school to university, first graders to college students, we are obligated to create, perform, and observe academic presentations across a plethora of curriculums and classes, and not all of these public speaking opportunities fall into the category of an ‘interesting topic’.

Yet, have no fear! Here at Piktochart, we are here to help you and your classmates. From giving examples of creative and even interactive presentation ideas, providing presentation videos , and suggesting interactive activities to give your five minutes of fame the ‘wow’ factor that it deserves, this article is your guide!

Our massive collection of unique school and college presentation ideas and templates applies if you’re:

  • A teacher looking to make your class more engaging and fun with student presentations.
  • A student who wants to impress your teacher and the rest of the class with a thought-provoking, interesting topic.

A Curated List of Interesting Topics for School Presentations

Did you know that when it comes to presentations , the more students involved improves retention? The more you know! Yet sometimes, you need a little help to get the wheels moving in your head for your next school presentation .

The great thing about these ideas and topics is you can present them either in face-to-face classes or virtual learning sessions.

Each school presentation idea or topic below also comes with a template that you can use. Create a free Piktochart account to try our presentation maker and get access to the high-quality version of the templates. You can also check out our Piktochart for Education plan .

Want to watch this blog post in video format? The video below is for you!

The templates are further divided into the following categories covering the most popular and best presentation topics. Click the links below to skip to a specific section.

  • Unique science presentation topics to cultivate curiosity in class
  • Engaging culture and history presentation ideas to draw inspiration from
  • Health class presentation topics to help students make healthy lifestyle decisions
  • Data visualization ideas to help students present an overwhelming amount of data and information into clear, engaging visuals
  • First day of school activity ideas to foster classroom camaraderie
  • Communication and media topics to teach students the importance of effective communication
  • Topics to help students prepare for life after school

We hope this list will inspire you and help you nail your next school presentation activity.

Unique Science Presentation Topics to Cultivate Curiosity in Class

Science is a broad field and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with too many topics to choose for your next presentation.

Cultivate curiosity in the science classroom with the following unique and creative presentation ideas and topics:

1. Can life survive in space?

template for can life survive in space

2. Do plants scream when they’re in pain?

template for do plants scream when they're in pain

3. What are the traits of successful inventors?

template of what are the traits of successful inventors

4. How vaccines work

template for how vaccines work

5. Massive destruction of the Koala’s habitat in Australia

template for massive destruction of the koala's habitat in australia

6. Left brain versus right brain

template for left brain vs right brain

7. What are great sources of calcium?

template for great sources of calcium infographic

8. Recycling facts you need to know

template for recycling facts you need to know

9. Do you have what it takes to be a NASA astronaut?

NASA astronaut template

10. The rise of robots and AI: Should we be afraid of them?

rise of robots template

11. How far down does the sea go?

template for how far down does the sea go

12. The stages of sleep

stages of sleep template

13. Will Mars be our home in 2028?

template for will mars be our home in 2028

14. A quick look at laboratory safety rules

template for laboratory rules

15. The first person in history to break the sound barrier

template for the first person in history to break the sound barrier

Engaging Culture and History Presentation Ideas to Draw Inspiration From

History is filled with equally inspiring and terrifying stories, and there are lessons that students can learn from the events of the past. Meanwhile, interactive presentations about culture help students learn and embrace diversity. 

16. Women in history: A conversation through time

infographic template about women in history: a conversation through time

17. The sweet story of chocolate 

visual for sweet story of chocolate 

18. A history lesson with a twist 

template for a history lesson with a twist

19. The history of basketball 

history of basketball visual template

20. The origin of the Halloween celebration 

origin of the halloween celebration template

21. AI History 

AI history template

22. What you need to know about New Zealand 

infographic template about new zealand facts

23. 1883 volcanic eruption of Krakatoa 

template for volcanic eruption of krakatoa 

24. Roman structures: 2000 years of strength

template for roman structures: 2000 years of strength

25. The most famous art heists in history 

template for the most famous art heists in history 

26. Elmo: The story behind a child icon 

template for elmo: the story behind a child icon 

27. 10 things you should know before you visit South Korea 

template for things you should know before you visit south korea 

28. 8 things you didn’t know about these 8 countries 

eight things you didn't know about these countries, template 

Health Class Presentation Topics to Help Students Make Healthy Lifestyle Decisions

Want to learn how to engage students with healthcare topic ideas? Then consider using these templates for your next interactive presentation.

According to the CDC , school-based health education contributes to the development of functional health knowledge among students. It also helps them adapt and maintain health-promoting behaviors throughout their lives. 

Not only will your presentation help with keeping students engaged, but you’ll also increase class involvement with the right slides.

The following examples of health and wellness interactive presentations include fun ideas and topics that are a good start. 

29. How to look after your mental health?

how to look after your mental health infographic template, mental health, mental health infographic, eating disorders

30. The eradication of Polio

template for the eradication of polio, healthcare infographic, healthcare infographic template

31. How to have a healthy lifestyle 

infographic template about healthy lifestyle, health infographic template

32. 10 handwashing facts 

handwashing infographic template, handwashing visual

33. Myths and facts about depression

infographic template about depression, depression infographic template, infographic on depression

34. Hacks for making fresh food last longer 

hacks for making fresh food last longer template, quarantine infographic

35. Ways to avoid spreading the coronavirus

template about how to avoid spreading the coronavirus, covid infographic

36. Mask protection in 5 simple steps 

template about mask protection, covid infographic

37. Everything you need to know about the flu

cover photo of the presentation about everything you need to know about the flu, flu infographic

38. All about stress: Prevention, tips, and how to cope 

template about stress prevention, tips, and how to cope , stress infographic

39. The importance of sleep 

template about the importance of sleep, sleep infographic

40. Is milk tea bad for you?

template about milk tea is bad for you, health infographic

41. How to boost happiness in 10 minutes

template about how to boost happiness in 10 minutes, happiness infographic

42. How dirty are debit and credit cards 

template of how dirty are debit and credit cards, credit card infographic

43. Why do you need sunscreen protection

template about sunscreen, sunscreen infographic

Data Visualization Ideas to Help Students Present Overwhelming Amounts of Data in Creative Ways

Data visualization is all about using visuals to make sense of data. Students need to pull the main points from their extensive research, and present them by story telling while being mindful of their classmates’ collective attention span.

As far as student assignments go, storytelling with data is a daunting task for students and teachers alike. To keep your audience interested, consider using a non linear presentation that presents key concepts in creative ways.

Inspire your class to be master data storytellers with the following data visualization ideas:

44. Are we slowly losing the Borneo rainforest?

deforestation infographic, template about deforestation, example of how to share about current events

45. Skateboard deck design over the years

skateboard infographic, template about skateboard deck design over the years

46. Food waste during the Super Bowl

super bowl infographic, food waste infographic, template about food waste during the super bowl

47. The weight of the tallest building in the world

building infographic, construction infographic, template about the weight of the tallest building in the world

48. Infographic about data and statistics

data infographic, statistics infographic

49. Stats about cyberbullying

template for stats about cyberbullying, cyberbullying infographic

50. How whales combat climate change

climate change infographic, template for how whales combat climate change

First Day of School Interactive Activity Ideas to Foster Whole-class-Camaraderie

Calling all teachers! Welcome your new students and start the school year with the following back-to-school creative presentation ideas and relevant templates for first-day-of-school activities.

These interactive presentations grab the attention of your students and are remarkably easy to execute (which is the main educator’s goal after all)!

51. Meet the teacher

meet the teacher template, introduction template, meet the teacher visual

52. Example: all about me

introduction infographic, about me visual template

53. Self-introduction

template about self introduction, introduction infographic, about me visual template

54. Tips on how to focus on schoolwork

template about how to productive, productivity infographic, taking notes

55. Course plan and schedule

course plan template, course plan visual, course list

Give our class schedule maker a try to access more templates for free. You can also access our presentation-maker , poster-maker , timeline-maker , and more by simply signing up .

56. Interpreting a student’s report card (for parents)

student report card template, student report card visual

57. Introduction of classroom rules

classroom rules, classroom rules template

58. Assignment schedule

course topics, assignments, course template, course infographic

59. Daily planner

daily planner template

60. Course syllabus presentation

course syllabus template

61. How to write a class presentation

template for how to create a class presentation,

Topics to Teach Students the Importance of Effective Communication

Visual media  helps students retain more of the concepts  taught in the classroom. The following media topics and infographic templates can help you showcase complex concepts in a short amount of time. 

In addition, interactive presentation activities using these templates also encourage the development of a holistic learning process in the classroom because they help focus on the  three domains of learning:  cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. 

62. Interactive presentation do’s and don’ts 

template for presentation dos and donts, presentation infographic

63. How to create an infographic 

template about how to create an infographic 

Recommended reading : How to Make an Infographic in 30 Minutes

64. How to improve your internet security and privacy

infographic template about internet privacy

65. What is design thinking?

what is design thinking infographic template

66. What are your favorite software tools to use in the classroom? 

infographic template about educational software

Presentation Topic Ideas to Help Students Prepare for Life After School

One of the things that makes teaching a rewarding career is seeing your students take the learning and knowledge you’ve instilled in them, and become successful, productive adults.

From pitching a business idea to starting your podcast, the following topics are good starting points to prepare students for the challenges after graduation (aka adulting 101):

67. How to make a resume

resume template

68. How to start a startup

how to start a startup, startup infographic, how to temple

69. Credit card vs. debit card

infographic about credit cards and debit cards, credit card infographic

70. Pros and cons of cryptocurrency

pros and cons of cryptocurrency infographic template

71. How to save on travel

ways to save on travel infographic template

72. How to do a SWOT analysis

swot nalysis infographic

73. How to pitch a business idea

business idea pitch infographic template

74. Habits of successful people

presentation template about habits of successful people

75. Starting your own podcast: A checklist

infographic template about starting your own podcast

Find out how a high school teacher like Jamie Barkin uses Piktochart to improve learning in the classroom for her students.

Pro tip: make your presentation as interactive as possible. Students have an attention span of two to three minutes per year of age. To keep minds from wandering off, include some interactive games or activities in the lesson. For example, if you conducted a lesson on the respiratory system, you could ask them to practice breathing techniques.

Maintain eye contact with your students, and you’ll get instant feedback on how interested they are in the interactive presentation.

Make School Presentation Visuals Without the Hassle of Making Them From Scratch

School presentations, when done right, can help teachers engage their classes and improve students’ education effectively by presenting information using the right presentation topic. 

If you’re pressed for time and resources to make your school presentation visuals , choose a template from Piktochart’s template gallery . Aside from the easy customization options, you can also print and download these templates to your preferred format. 

Piktochart also professional templates to create infographics , posters , brochures , reports , and more.

Creating school-focused, engaging, and interactive presentations can be tedious at first, but with a little bit of research and Piktochart’s handy templates, you’re going to do a great job!


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How to Make a Better Presentation Without PowerPoint (+Top Alternatives)

Zach LeBar

  • Bahasa Indonesia

Do you have to make a presentation soon? It probably isn't your first. You know the drill:

  • Fire up PowerPoint, or Keynote.
  • Create some slides.
  • Try some new fonts.
  • Play with a new template.

And yet, you're still feeling unenthused. You want something new, something different.

Maybe you're putting together the monthly sales report, and you're presenting it to your bosses yet again. Or, you're pitching something to a brand new client and you need to make an impact. You know they've heard other proposals, and you want yours to stand out from the rest. Or, you're struggling to figure out how to get a PowerPoint presentation to look nice in the first place.

We've already looked at the absolute basics of making a presentation with PowerPoint:

presentation ideas to present

But do you know how to make a presentation without PowerPoint?

In this article, we review a few different types of powerful alternatives to PowerPoint presentation software. We explore why you might want to use each of these options, and how you can quickly put them to work for you. We also take a quick look at how to make a presentation without PowerPoint. We'll explore creative presentation ideas other than PowerPoint or any other slide presentation software tool. 

We also have a comprehensive eBook you can download for free:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations .  It'll help you master the complete presentation process.

Making Great Presentations eBook Free Download

So, we've seen how you can make a great presentation in any app. But perhaps you want more. In that case, you need the " anti-PowerPoints ," the newest apps with novel approaches to presentations. 

Let's dive in. 

How to Engage Your Presentation Audience - Without PowerPoint

It's easy to think only of software tools such as PowerPoint when you consider giving a presentation. But there are many PowerPoint alternatives you can use to make an effective presentation. Some of those tools and techniques aren't even software oriented.

The main goal of any good presentation is to engage your audience. If you'll be giving a presentation, first consider using one or more of these creative presentation ideas without PowerPoint or the need for other software:

  • Props . Show and Tell isn't just for elementary school. If you bring an example of what you're talking about, your audience will be more receptive to what you're saying. Make sure that whatever object you use as a prop is large enough to be seen by everyone in the audience.
  • Q&A . Give your audience a chance to get involved in your presentation by scheduling a question and answer session as part of your presentation. Or, provide another twist on Q & A and let a panel of experts answer audience questions. 
  • Videos . Slide presentations are great and so is added animation. But sometimes what your audience really needs is a quick movie. A short video presentation can increase audience interest when it's relevant to the point you're making.
  • Music . Research shows that adding music to your presentation helps your listeners remember what you're saying.
  • Humor . Adding a joke into your presentation can lighten your audience's mood and make them more receptive to what you've got to say.

To learn more about how to connect with your audience, and more creative presentation ideas without the need for PowerPoint, review this tutorial:

presentation ideas to present

Now that we've explored some non-technical PowerPoint alternatives, let's look at some great software PowerPoint alternatives.

1. Great Alternatives to PowerPoint: Google Slides & Keynote

Of course, there are many other alternatives to PowerPoint when it comes to selecting presentation software. Two of the most notable options are Google Slides and Keynote . Let's take a quick look at each of these tools:

Google Slides

Google Slides has come a long way since it was introduced as part of Google apps included with Google Drive. One of its strengths is that it's web-based. That makes it ideal for collaboration. If you need to work with someone else on your presentation, Google Slides may be the right choice for you.

Keynote is part of Apple's iWork productivity suite. The intuitive interface will be familiar to Mac users. But if you want to open a Keynote file on a PC you will need to export it to either a .pdf or .ppt file.

For a more in-depth look at both Google Slides and Keynote, as well as a comparative look at PowerPoint, review this article:

presentation ideas to present

2. The Original Anti-PowerPoint: Prezi

Popular PowerPoint Alternative Prezi

When it comes to the "anti-PowerPoints,"  Prezi is king. It walks that fine line between being unique yet understandable, engaging and yet still comfortable. Prezi bills itself as a " nonlinear presentation tool. " That's an apt description for an app that flies in the face of traditional presentations' " stack of slides " metaphor. 

Prezi Is a Powerful Nonlinear Presentation Tool

Instead of seeing each part of your presentation as individual slides, Prezi lets you lay out your entire presentation on one canvas, and then zoom in and out to see specific points or the bigger picture. 

You've likely already seen nonlinear presentations during TED talks. Perhaps you've seen infographic-style videos that put info together for a big picture at the end. It can be an effective presentation style for conveying information that goes together—or just for spicing up a traditional presentation.

If you want to make nonlinear presentation, you'll find that Prezi is a great app for it. It's simple to use, with an interface that keeps enough of the traditional slide layout to make you feel comfortable with it, while giving you the simple tools you need to format your text and more. 

As a web app, you can use Prezi from any computer, and collaborate with others on the same presentation. But then, that's not much different from Google Slides , Keynote for iCloud , and Microsoft's PowerPoint web app.

Prezi's main differentiator, of course, is its nonlinear presentation style. That's tough to really capture with mere words. So, check out the short video below to see Prezi in action, and how its nonlinear format changes the way you think about presentations:

presentation ideas to present

Isn't that cool?! Prezi really is a great solution when you feel like you've seen one-too-many PowerPoint presentations. The online tools are very intuitive and easy to use, you'll be creating Prezis in no time. It's the perfect first app to try if you want alternatives to PowerPoint for your next presentation.

3. Do-It-Yourself Animated Videos

This is an interesting segment of the " anti-PowerPoint " market. Tools to help you make those popular stop-motion animation films or hand-drawn cartoons that are so popular for advertising new apps these days. 

As with any filming, hand-animated videos are difficult and time-consuming to make and need a ton of expensive equipment. That's clearly more work to take on than you want for your next presentation.

But with animation apps, you can get a similar effect far cheaper, and in far less time. That makes them perfect for something you'd otherwise have tried to describe with a PowerPoint slide deck. Plus, animated clips have the advantage of letting you step outside of the laws of physics and reality. They help you make an idea or concept more understandable than it otherwise would have been.

Now, if you're truly wanting a full-featured animated video, you'll never have a replacement for professional animators. Each of these apps, even though billed as " professional animated tools ," are simplified animation tools designed just for making a simple demonstration video. That's great if that's all you need, but don't dive in thinking you'll be able to make the next Paperman  in five minutes.

If you're wanting to make a much better presentation than PowerPoint—or Prezi—could ever allow, though, these tools are perfect. They'll let you put together a hand-drawn animated video in minutes, ready to show off your ideas better than bullet points ever could. Here's the best apps for that:

Vyond - Powerful PowerPoint Alternative

Presentation Alternative GoAnimate

In the realm of online do-it-yourself animation tools, Vyond  is at the top of its game. Its web app makes it easy to pull their wide array of animation styles and pre-made graphics together into an animated presentation. You can easily customize those graphics as well, so your finished product will look like your very own—even if it's built from stock graphics.

Beyond just the animated graphics, Vyond supports audio, too. You can give your characters dialog, uploading your own voice recordings—or outsourcing to professional voice actors. And those characters will automatically get built-in lip sync animations. But more than just the spoken word, Vyond offers a library of both music and sound effects, helping your animation really come to life. Once things are finished, you've got a wide array of one-click export options to various social networks. Or if you'd prefer, you can download an HD video file for use wherever you like.

The app  is very polished. If you're wanting to quickly make animated videos, it's a great option. All in all, Vyond's vast catalog of built-in customizable graphics and audio support with lip sync animations makes it a great PowerPoint Alternative if you want to animate your next presentation.

VideoScribe - Creative PowerPoint Alternative

PowerPoint Alternative VideoScribe

VideoScribe carved out a nifty little niche for itself by letting you create those fancy " whiteboard animations " that have become a huge hit across the Web. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, have a look at this video, produced by VideoScribe . Cool, right?

I'm a big fan of this style of animation, but it can be a costly thing to produce custom. What VideoScribe lets you do is take a whole bunch of pre-drawn, pre-animated images, put them together in a way that best suits you and the message you want to convey. Then it turns the whole thing into a slick little animation. Where Vyond lets you make a cartoon-style video, VideoScribe gives you similar stock graphics that'll be drawn on-screen during your presentation with a real hand, to give the feel of someone sketching your presentation.

It's surprisingly simple to put together a VideoScribe—much like you might expect. You'll mainly drag-and-drop pre-made graphics into the storyboard. Then let the app work its own magic—and you can have something presentable worked up in a matter of minutes.

This sort of video will definitely make an impact if all your audience was expecting was a humdrum PowerPoint presentation.

4. HTML-Based Presentations With Reveal.js

Then, with the apps we've looked at so far being web apps, it's only fitting to look at the latest " anti-PowerPoint" : HTML-powered presentations. As you've perhaps seen from some Google IO conference presentations, there's plenty of web features today to turn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a full presentation that's just an animated website. 

You can create your presentations in your favorite code editor, save them online in revision control tools like Git, and present them in any browser. Anything you can add to a website, you can put into an HTML presentation.

That's very cool, but it'd also typically take far longer to make presentations with raw code than it'd ever take to make a PowerPoint presentation. But thanks to  Reveal.js  and its web app counterpart,  Slides , it's as easy to make an HTML presentation as it is to make a presentation in any of the other apps we've looked at.

PowerPoint Alternative Revealjs

Reveal.js is an open-source framework for turning an HTML document into a killer presentation. It's pretty impressive. Just look at this introduction presentation to get a feel for what Reveal.js is capable of—especially considering it's all done with standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It offers modern transitions, some subtly non-linear presentation features, and even a PDF export option.

If you're capable of hand-writing your own HTML code, then take a look at the documentation for Reveal.js on Github . With the help of some JavaScript code and specific tag attributes on your HTML elements, Reveal.js turns a typical HTML document into a fancy presentation, for free.

But then, everyone doesn't want to hand-code an HTML page each time they make a presentation, so that's where  Slides comes in. It's a hosted version of Reveal.js, combined with an elegant GUI. So, you can use its power to make your own slideshows with the simple tools you'd expect from any other presentations app. There's even the extra features, such as web fonts and CSS customization, that you'd expect from a web-powered presentation.

Both Reveal.js and Slides have lots to offer—the former's great if you're comfortable coding your own presentation. The latter's a perfect option if you're looking for a new, simpler presentations app that won't need any coding.

You can read more about Slides below.


Visme is a software where you can create a presentation without PowerPoint. It's a cloud-based software where you can create more than just presentations. You can also create:

  • infographics
  • data visualizations
  • product demos

Visme comes with templates that you can use. Along with templates, there are millions of free images, thousands of icons, and hundreds of fonts. You can share your presentation by sharing a URL or embed it into a blog post or web page.

Visme is a free software. But to unlock premium features you need the Starter or Pro packages, which bill at $12.25 USD per month or $24.75 USD per month.

6.   Slides


Slides is another cloud-based alternative where you can create a presentation without PowerPoint. This software allows you to edit and access presentations from multiple devices and also allows you to present offline.

For example, if you've got a math-based presentation, Slides makes it easy with the ability to display math formulas. There are three purchase options for slides starting with the Lite options, which start at $5 per month and are billed annually.

7. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a software where you can create a presentation without PowerPoint. It’s a part of a workplace bundle. With this software, you can embed live tweets, YouTube videos, and Flickr images. The Workplace Bundle plans start a USD three a month per person billed annually.


Canva is an easy-to-use alternative to PowerPoint. This presentation without PowerPoint software comes with templates ready to use. You’ll have access to millions of images if you use the paid plan. 

This free software comes with premium features you can get with the Canva Pro Plan is USD 119.99 per year per person.

Make Great Presentations (Free PDF eBook Download)

Grab this new eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It's available for FREE with your subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

It'll help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, use the best presentation software, design like a pro, and deliver memorably. 

Making Great Presentations eBook Free PDF Download

Which PowerPoint Alternative Is Best for Your Next Presentation?

There you have it. We've looked at how to do a presentation without PowerPoint and dived into the best types of " anti-PowerPoint " apps:

  • nonlinear presentations
  • animated drawn presentations
  • HTML presentations

You've learned about ways to present other than PowerPoint. We've also discussed Google Slides and Keynote. If you're looking for a tool with a different perspective, then Prezi can help breathe some life into an otherwise tired presentation. 

Also, if you want to really stand-out, you can do so by putting together an animated short that helps explain your point for you. If so, Vyond and VideoScribe are great options to work with. And finally, if the flexibility of an HTML-based presentation has you intrigued, there's Reveal.js and its web-app counterpart, Slid.es, to explore.

The next time you've got to put together a presentation, instead of just reaching for the safe choice of PowerPoint or Keynote, give one of these alternatives to PowerPoint tools a try. They're your best shot to help your presentation stand out and actually get people's attention.

Editorial Note : This post was originally published in 2014. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date by our staff—with special help from Laura Spencer and Sarah Joy .

Zach LeBar


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What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation

  • Carmine Gallo

presentation ideas to present

Five tips to set yourself apart.

Never underestimate the power of great communication. It can help you land the job of your dreams, attract investors to back your idea, or elevate your stature within your organization. But while there are plenty of good speakers in the world, you can set yourself apart out by being the person who can deliver something great over and over. Here are a few tips for business professionals who want to move from being good speakers to great ones: be concise (the fewer words, the better); never use bullet points (photos and images paired together are more memorable); don’t underestimate the power of your voice (raise and lower it for emphasis); give your audience something extra (unexpected moments will grab their attention); rehearse (the best speakers are the best because they practice — a lot).

I was sitting across the table from a Silicon Valley CEO who had pioneered a technology that touches many of our lives — the flash memory that stores data on smartphones, digital cameras, and computers. He was a frequent guest on CNBC and had been delivering business presentations for at least 20 years before we met. And yet, the CEO wanted to sharpen his public speaking skills.

presentation ideas to present

  • Carmine Gallo is a Harvard University instructor, keynote speaker, and author of 10 books translated into 40 languages. Gallo is the author of The Bezos Blueprint: Communication Secrets of the World’s Greatest Salesman  (St. Martin’s Press).

Partner Center

  • Delivery Techniques →

Creative Presentation Ideas Without PowerPoint: 7 Unique Ways to Engage Your Audience


Are you in a creative rut when it comes to making presentations and engaging your audience? Have you found yourself relying too much on good ol’ PowerPoint and need a breath of fresh air? We have the ultimate answer to your woes – 7 unique ways to present your subject without PowerPoint! These top 7 suggestions guarantee to get your audiences’ attention, keep them engaged, and make them beg for more. From utilizing props and infographics to interactive activities and storytelling, you’ll be able to find the method that works best for you. And they all come without having to use PowerPoint! So Read on to discover the secrets behind our top 7 creative presentation ideas without PowerPoint, and how you can make your next presentation a smashing success!

Quick Breakdown

There are many creative ways to present information without using PowerPoint, such as creating a hands-on demonstration , using scanned images with voiceover narration, or making a video. You can also use posters, flipcharts , props, and other visuals to help engage your audience.

Explaining Concepts with Storytelling

Storytelling can be a powerful way to explore complex concepts and engage with audiences. Using stories to explain ideas encourages critical thinking, increases audience engagement, and gives meaning to abstract topics. Unlike the structure of PowerPoint slides, storytelling allows for organic dialogue between presenter and audience, creating an environment where both are actively involved in exploring concepts. Furthermore, by using a narrative approach to present information, ideas become easier to remember as they are given much-needed context. Arguments against using stories as a means of communication focus on its relative unstructured nature and the lack of advantages that tangible visuals provide. Others find it difficult to measure engagement when using stories as opposed to traditional PowerPoint slides or other visual aids . However, the most effective storytellers understand how to use emotion, tension, humor, surprise, and suspense to narrate concrete arguments that will stay with their audiences long after their presentations have ended. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of interpersonal communication; it’s no wonder the listener’s attention is captured from start to finish. By creatively utilizing this ancient technique in combination with modern teaching practices, presenters can captivate their audiences with gripping narratives about important topics. Such engagement not only encourages comprehension but also sparks curiosity and debate among listeners. With so much potential for success, explain concepts with storytelling has become increasingly popular in business settings and other professional environments. Ready to take your presentation skills up a notch? By engaging audiences with interactivity you can ensure that your audience members leave with a full understanding of the concept you were trying share while having a great time doing it!

Engaging Audiences with Interactivity

Interactivity is a great tool for engaging (and not boring) audiences in a presentation. Interactivity can come in many forms and can be tailored to the subject matter, needs of the presenter, and objectives of the audience. Depending on the environment and resources available, there are several ways to introduce interactive elements into presentations. Two popular types of interactivity that can be used are Q&A sessions and polling or surveys . Q&A sessions can be structured by designating time at the end of the presentation or set up as an ongoing part of the presentation. This allows the presenter to quickly address questions from the audience while also staying on topic and providing additional clarity when necessary. Polling or surveys are great for getting more in-depth opinions from participants on a specific topic, helping to provide further context around various aspects of presentation topics . Another method for introducing interactivity is game-based activities. This could include quizzes, challenges, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and other types of games depending on the objectives. Games are often a great way to get people engaged with one another as well as pique interest in the content presented. It’s important to carefully consider whether this type of activity is appropriate for your particular situation prior to implementing it into a presentation. Overall, there is no single best way to incorporate interactivity into your presentation but it is a powerful tool that can help make it successful if used correctly. It’s important to understand how certain interactive elements might affect your message by building in enough time for feedback and thorough responses if needed. With careful planning and consideration for all audiences involved, you can craft engaging presentations without relying on PowerPoint alone. Next we will look at how using an interactive whiteboard is another great alternative for presenting without PowerPoint.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard technologies offer content-rich, audience-engaging presentations without the same level of formality as PowerPoint. With an interactive whiteboard, you can tap into a wide variety of multimedia content that encourages audience engagement and creativity while reducing any text-heavy messages. A well-made and engaging presentation on an interactive whiteboard can provide students or trainees with an immersive experience, allowing them to visualize and understand complex topics in ways that are not possible with traditional paper-based materials. From the point of view of traditional powerpoint presentations, one advantage of an interactive whiteboard is the fact that the audience can actively participate in the process by sharing their thoughts or responses via either verbal discussion, written comments, or drawings in real time. Other benefits include simple navigation and navigation tools for finding specific parts or pages within a presentation. Additionally, sound effects like music or videos may also be included to make the presentation more attention-grabbing and creative. A disadvantage is that interactive whiteboard systems are typically more expensive than traditional PowerPoint software. Moreover, they often require additional hardware such as a projector or other devices needed to connect it to media sources such as computers and tablets. Furthermore, without technical support assistance at hand, it can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with this technology to operate the interactive board effectively. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration these potential cons before planning a presentation on an interactive whiteboard system. Overall, when used responsibly and creatively, an interactive whiteboard provides a captivating alternative to PowerPoint presentations without diminishing its educational value and potential effectiveness in communicating key messages and ideas to your target audience. As the next section will discuss further, adding hands-on activities to your presentation is another way create impactful and engaging experiences for your attendees.

Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities evoke a sense of participation and engagement that can be just as powerful as engaging with a PowerPoint presentation. However, they work best with smaller audiences where the participants are able to get up close to the facilitator and interact with one another. Depending on the type of message you’re trying to convey, different types of hands-on activities may be suitable. For example, if you want to capture creative ideas in a group setting, an exercise such as “speed sketching” could be conducted. Everyone in the group would have to collaboratively draw a set concept or idea in five minutes or less . Alternatively, if you’re trying to inspire people about a specific topic, physical representation will help them retain more information and give them a better understanding of complex topics . More traditional activities such as panel discussions and debates are also great options for fostering an interactive environment amongst any audience. Leading into the next section: Illustrating ideas with multimedia has been tried and tested by many businesses and organizations for its ability to effectively engage larger audiences who may have varying interests or perspectives on the topic being presented.

Illustrating Ideas with Multimedia

When it comes to creative presentation ideas without PowerPoint, leveraging multimedia to illustrate ideas can be an effective method of bringing the audience into an experience and capturing their attention. Multimedia elements such as images, videos, audio clips, and even live web streams can help bring the presentation to life and add a “wow” factor that PowerPoint cannot provide. Not only can visuals help encourage engagement, but this type of multimedia also helps break up the monotony associated with lecturing for long periods of time. By introducing multimedia elements during a presentation, audiences will find this type of approach to be interesting and memorable. Using multimedia for presentations can also add to the impact of narrative content. Rather than just reading from a script or speaking from memory, adding visuals or sound effects can make stories more captivating while strengthening an argument. That said, it’s important to remember there are drawbacks associated with multimedia elements. If not used sparingly, they can quickly become too distracting or take away from the message you’re trying to convey. Ensuring multimedia adds value instead of detracts from your talk is key when leveraging multimedia in creative presentations. Finally, leveraging multi-media is only one side of incorporating creative techniques into a presentation — performance demonstrations are another great way to engage an audience. In the next section we’ll look at how you can use props and physical demonstrations to capture the audience’s attention and create a lasting impression.

  • According to a 2004 study , PowerPoint is just presentation technology’s latest iteration and will eventually be replaced by something else.

Performance Demonstrations

Performance Demonstrations are a great way to keep your audience engaged and excited about your presentation. Whether you decide to show off a skill you possess or hire an expert in their field, an engaging, “real performance” is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. The advantages of performing a demonstration are that it keeps the audience focused, provides an interactive element to the presentation and makes for a more creative form of communication. Additionally, it allows the presenter to explain some abstract ideas in concrete terms. For example, when explaining aerodynamics, if you have an expert mathematician available, they could use calculus to calculate air resistance and lift force while teaching the audience a physical demonstration. On the other hand, there are potential downsides when incorporating performance demonstrations into your presentation. Not everyone will understand the topic presented; visual learners may comprehend more easily than those with auditory learning styles and vice-versa. Additionally, performance demonstrations run the risk of not being done effectively causing confusion instead of clarity during the presentation. Regardless of these drawbacks, if done correctly, performance demonstrations can be a great way to engage any audience. Following this section about Performance Demonstrations we will explore how Presenters can use Physical Objects as another unique way to capture an audience’s attention and lead them through their message without PowerPoint.

Present Ideas Using Physical Objects

Using physical objects to convey a message can be an effective and creative means to engage an audience. By incorporating tangible elements, such as props, displays, and other materials, presenters can physically demonstrate a concept or idea in a way that captures attention and encourages interaction. Additionally, physical objects can enable the audience to have both tactile interaction as well as visual stimulation. This can help to keep individuals focused on the presentation and more likely to remember what is being said. For example, while explaining increasing sales numbers over time, a presenter may use a graph written on a whiteboard with colored markers. As each section of the graph is explained, the presenter can point to sections of the board with the markers to emphasize certain points or data points. This allows for visual tracking of progress on the graph, as well as directing attention away from other slides or topics being discussed. Furthermore, using physical markers instead of electronic slides gives the audience something tangible with which to interact and remember. Physical objects may also be used as props for storytelling or examples within a presentation. However, this approach can prove difficult if not done correctly due to unexpected issues with transport or storage of materials. If not managed properly ahead of time, these unforeseen problems can have an impact on the quality of the presentation and its potential success. For this reason it is important to weigh all options carefully before selecting any physical props for incorporation into the presentation.

Visual Props

Visual props are a great way to engage audiences and create interesting presentations. These props can include items such as whiteboards and markers, storyboards, sculptures, or even art installations. Visual props can be used to illustrate complex concepts, break up information into more concentrated bits, and make your audience feel like they are actively participating in the presentation. On one hand, visual props might help enhance rather than dominate a presentation. Rather than simply showing an audience slides of written words on a screen and speaking over them, visual props may allow the presenter to incorporate elements of drama and interaction with the audience. For example, depending on the type of prop you choose, viewers may be encouraged to ask questions or share their experiences in relation to what is being presented. On the other hand, using too many props can become overwhelming for an audience and detract from the larger message you want to convey. Additionally, if your chosen prop is too heavy or bulky it can become difficult for a presenter to move around while speaking over them. It is important to focus on how much of your prop should be seen and how much of it should remain behind-the-scenes or in storage during a presentation so that it has maximum impact if needed but also won’t distract from the topic at hand. Overall, visual props provide an effective way to engage viewers in a presentation without the use of PowerPoint. With thoughtful planning, visuals can be used in strategic ways that emphasize key points and foster a greater understanding rather than being distracting or overwhelming to your audience. In order to reach your audience with flashcards – the next step after incorporating visual props – additional considerations have to be taken regarding content selection as well as readability and accessibility.

Reaching the Audience with Flashcards

Using flashcards is a great way to engage an audience and make sure information is retained. This can be done before your presentation, during question and answer, or at the end as a review for what has been discussed. Flashcards are especially helpful for presentations that include a lot of facts and/or data, as they allow individuals to easily retain information without relying on taking notes. Moreover, flashcards can be used in creative ways to keep an audience’s attention. For example, a presenter can set up different stations throughout the room that have cards which can be collected during the presentation. Additionally, they can be used as an interactive prop to illustrate points or ask questions to audience members. Finally, they can be used as part of a game or challenge to test how well attendees absorbed the content. The downside is that using flashcards can take up considerable time depending on the size of the audience and it must be incorporated correctly into the flow of the presentation to avoid disruption. Additionally, it may not be effective if you are presenting topics with limited supporting numbers or facts. That being said, incorporating flashcards into an engaging presentation when done properly adds excitement and encourages participation among attendees. As mentioned previously, there are many different ways to creatively engage your audience without having to rely on tools like PowerPoint. However, having a few final tips will help make sure your unique presentation goes off without a hitch so let’s discuss that in the following section: A Few Final Tips on Creative Presentations.

A Few Final Tips on Creative Presentations

Creating a successful and engaging presentation without PowerPoint can be difficult. Apart from frameworking it differently and using alternative tools, there are a few time-tested approaches that could help you create powerful presentations. Here are a few tips to consider when creating creative presentations without PowerPoint. 1. Develop Your Story: Whether it’s one of your own experiences or craft an interesting case study for the audience to learn from, using the story format allows for naturally captivating presentation. By starting with a hook and weaving through historical perspectives and facts, you can make sure your presentation will be more memorable and enjoyable for the audience. 2. Have Fun With It: When developing your presentation without PowerPoint, it’s essential that your main focus is getting the information across in an easy-to-understand yet engaging way. Having fun while delivering the content will make it easier for audience members of all age ranges to remember what they were taught. 3. Enrich with Visuals: A presentation isn’t complete if there aren’t visuals to enhance the delivery of your message or topic. Tools like Prezi and PowToon are great alternatives to PowerPoint that you can use if you want to add visual appeal to your next presentation; similarly, incorporating images or art into your slides will guarantee attendees understand essential points they need to take away from your content delivery process. 4. Set Your Audience Expectations: Prepare a clear plan before presenting so that every component found within each slide is communicated effectively and thoroughly explained during the talk; also tell your audience exactly what you should expect from them as well – is there a question and answer session ? Do they have an activity or assignment to complete by the end? By providing these expectations ahead of time, navigating through the material will appear much easier both visually and mentally. 5. Practice & Rehearse: No matter how great of an idea you come up with, if you don’t practice it beforehand then it won’t go over as smoothly as intended. Make sure you’re well rehearsed on all topics covered within the presentation so that no questions go unheard due to memory recall issues caused by stress in public speaking contexts; additionally, rehearsing frequently also allows for polish lines that add even more flavor to any speech! When crafting a creative presentation without PowerPoint, following these top tips helps ensure success in each delivery. As long as thought is put into their approach beforehand, practically anyone can develop an effective method for teaching others without relying solely on slideshows generated through computer software programs like Microsoft Office Suite products!

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using alternative presentation ideas without powerpoint.

The advantages of using alternative presentation ideas without Powerpoint are plentiful. For starters, they allow speakers to be more creative and expressive since they don’t need to limit themselves to text-based slides and static visuals. Additionally, these alternatives can be especially effective for highly interactive or participatory presentations. For example, having audience members take part in activities such as role playing, group exercises and simulations can help create an engaging dynamic and offer a much more immersive experience than a traditional powerpoint presentation. Finally, alternative presentation ideas allow the speaker to use a wide range of media formats including videos, visuals, music and sound effects to present their message in a compelling way. These elements can create emotional connections with the audience that are unlikely to be achieved through static “bulleted text” slides.

How can I make an effective presentation without Powerpoint?

Making an effective presentation without Powerpoint can be achieved by leveraging various creative techniques. Firstly, it is important to know your audience and the message which you are trying to convey. When beginning a presentation without Powerpoint, it is beneficial to start strong with a short introduction of yourself and the topic. This will help the audience to more easily relate to what you are sharing. Secondly, using hands-on activities such as demonstrations or simulations are powerful teaching tools that could help to engage your audience in the presentation. You may also consider using props, videos/animations or storytelling techniques as they can draw in an audience and bring to life the subject matter. Thirdly, focus on keeping your audience well informed throughout the duration of the presentation by strategically placing breaks or visual cues. This can make the content easier to digest, in addition to lightening up any dull sections with humour or anecdotes. Lastly, end on a strong note and ensure that there is closure after delivering your message. Acknowledging any questions from the audience, a summary of what was discussed and thanking them for attending will help round off a successful presentation without Powerpoint.

What are some creative presentation formats that do not require Powerpoint?

Creative presentation formats that do not require Powerpoint include: 1. Storytelling – Use stories to bring your message to life and engage your audience. Telling an interesting, engrossing, or even personal story can be a great way to capture and retain the attention of your audience. 2. Role Play – An interactive way to demonstrate a concept is by having people act out scenarios related to the topic at hand. Whether it’s two people performing a skit or a large group of volunteers playing characters in a scene, role play can make abstract concepts concrete while providing a visual aid for the rest of your audience to latch onto. 3. Visual Presentations – One of the most common forms of presentations rely on visuals such as diagrams, maps, charts, etc., rather than words. Incorporating some visual elements will make it easier for people to understand certain key points in your discussion as well as help you keep your audience engaged during long sections of speech. 4. Demonstration – Show don’t tell is an old adage that applies when presenting without Powerpoint. You might prefer to use the time allotted for interactive demonstrations either in person or video clips that show the product or service in action. 5. Workshops – Teaching your audience a new skill or practice can be incredibly engaging while managing to educate them along the way as well. Setting up guided workshops with activities designed around group dynamics can also be highly effective in terms of creating lasting engagement with everyone present.

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90 Creative Ways to Present a Project in Elementary Classrooms

creative ways to present a project

Gone are the days when learning was confined to reading textbooks, listening to lectures, and answering questions. Today, educators and parents seek innovative approaches to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a deeper understanding in young minds.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through creative projects that allow students to express what they’ve learned uniquely and personally. These projects enhance understanding and foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Understanding the need for such dynamic educational tools, we’ve compiled an extensive list of 90 creative presentation ideas tailored for elementary students . This collection is designed to cater to a wide range of subjects, from the intricate details of science and the broad timelines of history to the expressive depths of literature and the vivid expressions of art.

Whether you’re an educator looking to bring your lessons to life or a parent searching for ways to help your child complete their school project, this list offers a wealth of ideas to transform learning into an adventure.

creative ways to present a project girl presenting a project.

90 Ways Students Can Creatively Present Their Projects Organized by Learning Style

These fun presentation ideas accommodate varied interests and learning styles , from constructing detailed dioramas to producing engaging digital slideshows, writing and performing puppet shows, or creating interactive quizzes.

They encourage students to explore, inquire, and present their findings or understandings in ways that resonate with them personally, making learning a truly enriching experience. Teachers and parents can choose a project that will engage students based on their preferred way of learning.

Visual Learners

For our visual learners, who grasp concepts best when they see them come to life, a picture can be worth a thousand words. They thrive on the energy of vibrant posters, comprehensive mind maps, or carefully crafted storyboards that illustrate their ideas in vivid detail.

By incorporating infographics, drawing comics, or designing colorful PowerPoint presentations, we give these students the tools to showcase their understanding in ways that light up their eyes and the entire classroom.

  • Comic Strip : Students create a series of illustrations to tell a story or explain a concept. Have them use speech bubbles to show dialogue between characters.
  • Diorama : Building a three-dimensional scene to represent a historical event , ecosystem, or story setting.
  • Digital Slideshow : Use software to compile images, facts, and short text to present information visually.
  • Art Gallery : Students create artworks inspired by their studies and set up an exhibition.
  • Timeline : Construct a visual timeline with significant events or discoveries related to the subject.
  • Model Building : Create scale models of buildings, historical sites, or scientific concepts.
  • Photo Essay : A series of photographs that tell a story or document an event with captions.
  • Collage : Assemble a piece of art by combining various materials, images, and texts on a canvas.
  • Interactive Map : Design a map with parts that can be moved or interacted with to reveal information.
  • Infographic : Create visually engaging representations of data or information.
  • Mind Map : A visual diagram that connects information around a central concept.
  • Museum Exhibit : Set up displays that include artifacts, information tags, and interactive elements.
  • Animated Video : Produce a short animated story to explain a concept or narrate a historical event.
  • Flashcards : Design cards with visual cues on one side and information or questions on the other.
  • Vision Board : Create a collage of images and words representing goals or learnings .
  • Stop Motion Film : A video made by photographing physical objects in small increments to show movement.
  • Architecture Design : Sketch designs for buildings or cities that relate to a specific period or style.
  • Symposium (with visual aids) : Present short speeches supported by visual aids like posters or a slide show.
  • Documentary : Film a documentary-style video exploring an aspect of the subject in depth.
  • Interactive Notebook : Craft a notebook with visual and interactive elements like flaps and pop-ups.
  • Augmented Reality Display : Use AR technology to create an interactive experience related to the subject.
  • Virtual Reality Experience : Develop a VR scene that immerses the user in a historical, scientific, or imaginative setting.
  • Origami : Fold the paper to create models representing figures or concepts from the study.
  • Fantasy Map : Draw a detailed map of a fictional world, including geographical features and landmarks.
  • Chalk Art : Create large drawings on pavement or boards to illustrate concepts or themes.
  • Lego Construction : Build scenes or models related to the subject using Lego bricks.
  • Board Game Creation : Design a game with rules and objectives that teach or reinforce the subject matter.

Auditory Learners

For those students who absorb information better when it’s heard, auditory learners flourish when given the chance to express themselves and their learnings through sound.

Encouraging them to create podcasts or audio recordings of interviews with historical figures (portrayed by classmates, of course!) can allow these students to harness the full potential of their auditory skills.

These learners might also excel by composing songs or raps about their subjects—turning the rhythms and rhymes of knowledge into music that sticks with them long after the lessons are over. Sharing these auditory projects creates a symphony of voices and sounds that cater to their learning style and enrich the entire classroom.

  • Music Performance : Compose and perform a song related to the study topic.
  • Podcast : Record an audio program discussing the topic or interviewing a “character.”
  • News Report : Act as a news anchor and present facts or stories related to the topic.
  • Interview Role Play : Pretend to interview a historical figure or character, focusing on oral communication.
  • Poetry Reading : Write and recite poems that explore themes or information about the subject.
  • Language Cafe : Simulate a cafe setting where phrases, songs, and conversations in a studied language are shared.
  • Soundtrack : Create a collection of songs or musical pieces representing different aspects of the topic.
  • Public Service Announcement : Record a PSA to inform or persuade listeners about an issue related to the study.
  • Debate : Participate in a structured argument focusing on a topic, developing oral communication skills.
  • Symposium (with oral presentations) : Deliver presentations or speeches that delve into different aspects of the subject.
  • Puppet Show : Design and perform a puppet show, focusing on the auditory storytelling aspect.
  • Cooking Demonstration (with verbal instructions) : Explain and demonstrate a recipe, emphasizing verbal instructions.
  • Quiz Show : Host a game show where students answer questions about the topic aloud.
  • Book Trailer : Create an audio or video trailer for a book, focusing on compelling narrative delivery.
  • Newscast : Produce a video or audio newscast with updates and reports on a significant event or topic.

Kinesthetic (Tactile) Learners

With their hearts on their sleeves and hands eager to explore, Kinesthetic learners thrive in environments that encourage movement and hands-on experiences.

It could be as simple as a Scavenger Hunt , where learners dash to find hidden facts around the classroom, or as elaborate as a Living History simulation, where they embody figures from the past and reenact pivotal moments. For the child who can’t keep still, let them construct their own Interactive Model – be it the water cycle or a Roman aqueduct – so they can physically manipulate the pieces to see direct cause and effects.

Teaching in this way, we cater to their tactile love for learning and bond, laugh, and grow together..

  • Science Experiment : Conduct a hands-on experiment and demonstrate the findings.
  • Model Building : Engage in creating detailed models that require manipulation and assembly.
  • Cooking Demonstration : Prepare a significant dish for the study, focusing on the tactile experience.
  • Dance Routine : Choreograph and perform a dance that interprets a historical event or concept.
  • Fitness Routine : Develop a series of physical activities inspired by the study topic.
  • Nature Walk Presentation : Collect samples or observations from nature, then present findings through physical displays.
  • Craft Project : Create crafts related to the topic involving cutting, gluing, and assembly.
  • Herb Garden : Plant and maintain a garden with plants relevant to the study.
  • Puzzle Making : Design and solve puzzles or riddles that incorporate elements of the subject.
  • Escape Room : Create a physical space with puzzles and tasks that teach or reinforce knowledge.
  • Invention Prototype : Build a prototype of an invention that solves a problem related to the topic.
  • Fashion Show (with costume creation) : Design and model costumes that reflect a historical period or culture .
  • Sensory Box : Assemble a box filled with items related to the topic to touch, smell, and explore.
  • Kite Making : Design and fly kites that incorporate symbols or themes from the study.
  • Birdhouse Construction : Build birdhouses as part of a study on birds involving woodworking skills.
  • Geocaching Adventure : Set up a real-world treasure hunt with clues related to the subject.
  • Product Design : Invent and model a product that could solve a problem studied.
  • Upcycling Project : Transform recycled materials into new creations related to the topic.
  • Magic Show (with physical tricks) : Perform magic tricks that illustrate principles or facts of the topic.
  • Fashion Design (creating outfits) : Sketch and possibly create outfits based on a specific era or culture.
  • Survival Guide (with practical skills) : Compile a guide with skills necessary for a specific historical period or scenario.
  • Signature Dish (cooking) : Prepare and present a historically or culturally significant dish.
  • Interactive Storytelling (with movement) : Tell a story that involves audience participation and physical activity.

Reading/Writing Learners

For the young minds that find solace in the written word, the beauty of reading and writing unfolds in a world where they can express their deepest thoughts and wildest imaginations.

We instill the love for prose and poetry by guiding students to pen their personal journals, helping them understand that each sentence they write is a step towards self-exploration and reflection.

  • Storybook Creation : Write and illustrate a book that narrates a story or explains a concept.
  • Journal : Maintain a journal from the perspective of a historical figure or during a scientific inquiry.
  • Travel Brochure : Design a brochure that provides information about a place using persuasive and descriptive writing.
  • Scrapbook : Compile a scrapbook with written captions, descriptions, and reflections on the topic.
  • Biography Presentation : Research and write a biography of a significant figure, focusing on a written presentation.
  • Advice Column : Write responses to hypothetical questions from historical figures or characters.
  • Webpage Design : Create a webpage or blog with articles, posts, and essays on the subject.
  • Newspaper Article : Create a newspaper-style article about the topic.
  • Social Media Profile : Develop a profile for a historical figure or concept, focusing on written content.
  • Social Media Post : Create a series of social media posts from the perspective of a historical figure living with today’s pop culture.
  • Email Exchange : Simulate email exchanges between characters or figures, emphasizing written communication.
  • Field Guide : Assemble a guide with descriptions, drawings, and observations about a specific topic.
  • Memory Game (with written facts) : Create a game where matching pairs involve reading text to find connections.
  • Autobiography : Write an autobiography from the perspective of someone living in a different era or involved in a key event.
  • Pen Pal Letters : Exchange letters written from the viewpoint of characters or historical figures.
  • Greeting Card Design : Create greeting cards incorporating facts or themes, focusing on creative writing.
  • Book Trailer (with scriptwriting) : Write and possibly record a trailer for a book, focusing on crafting a compelling narrative.
  • Mock Trial (writing scripts and arguments) : Prepare scripts and arguments for a mock trial involving historical figures or literary characters.
  • Instructional Manual : Write a detailed manual or guidebook explaining how to do something related to the topic.
  • Mathematical Models (with explanations) : Build models to explain mathematical concepts, accompanied by written explanations.
  • Interactive Quizzes (with written questions and answers) : Design quizzes that test knowledge on the subject, emphasizing written content.
  • Culture Box (with written descriptions) : Fill a box with items representing a culture, including detailed written descriptions.
  • Time Travel Diary : Write diary entries like traveling through time to different events or periods related to the subject.
  • Zine Making : Produce a mini-magazine (zine) that features articles, drawings, and interviews about the topic.
  • Charity Campaign (with written proposals) : Design a campaign to support a cause, focusing on persuasive and informative writing .

By categorizing these project ideas according to learning styles, teachers can more effectively plan activities that will engage all students, recognizing and honoring their individual preferences in learning.

This approach enhances students’ educational experience by making it more accessible and enjoyable for different types of learners. It also encourages students to explore and develop skills across various modalities.

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How to create and deliver a winning team presentation

Get your team on prezi – watch this on demand video.

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Anete Ezera May 31, 2024

Team presentations are about creating a dynamic experience for your audience whilst working together to share valuable information.

You might need to do a team presentation in various situations. For example, in a school project, a team presentation lets each member highlight their contributions. In the workplace, team presentations are great for updating projects, pitching ideas to clients, or sharing research findings with stakeholders. 

Using a platform like Prezi can really boost your team’s presentation. Let’s look at what makes team presentations effective and how you can create a successful one.

presentation ideas to present

Team presentations explained

So what exactly is a team presentation? Simply put, in a team presentation you’re working with others to share information or ideas. Each person brings their strengths and viewpoints, making the presentation more engaging.

Typically, the team divides the content so everyone has a part to focus on. This involves planning, creating visual aids like slides, and practicing together. The goal is to ensure everything flows smoothly and the message is clear. By combining everyone’s efforts, you end up with a presentation that effectively shares your team’s insights and knowledge.

How to create a great team presentation: a step-by-step guide

When done right, team presentations can be a really rewarding experience for everyone involved. To make sure the creation process runs smoothly, follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Gather your team

To start, you need to get everybody together. Use this opportunity to discuss the purpose of the presentation and what you want to say. This way, everyone understands the goal and can be on the same page with the project.

2. Divide the responsibilities

During the discussion, pinpoint what each team member is good at and assign roles based on their strengths. For example, one person might be great at research, another at designing slides, and someone else might excel at public speaking. By dividing tasks this way, you ensure a high-quality presentation as everyone gets to contribute the best way they can.

3. Plan the content

When planning your content, outline the key points you want to cover. Break down the presentation into sections and decide who will handle each part. Make sure the content flows logically from one section to the next. This planning phase is crucial for a cohesive presentation.

4. Develop visual aids

Great visuals can make your presentation stand out. That’s where Prezi steps in to help you create engaging visuals that complement your content. Also, make sure to keep the design consistent and not too cluttered. Remember, visual aids should enhance your message, not distract from it.

5. Rehearse together

Practice makes perfect! Schedule a few rehearsals where everyone presents their part. Pay attention to the transitions between speakers to ensure they’re smooth. Rehearsing together helps you catch any issues and make sure everyone is comfortable with their role.

6. Get feedback

To improve your delivery, practice in front of a trusted audience of friends or colleagues, and get their honest opinions. They can give you feedback on any tweaks you can make to improve your presentation. Following this, you can then make any necessary adjustments based on their feedback.

7. Prepare for Q&A

Be ready to answer questions from your audience. To prepare, discuss potential questions with your team and decide who will answer which types of questions. This preparation helps ensure you can handle the Q&A session confidently.

8. Present with confidence

On the day of the presentation, stay calm and confident. Trust in the preparation you’ve done. Remember to engage with your audience, make eye contact, and speak clearly. Most importantly, support each other as a team, and have fun with it.

To learn more about delivering a successful presentation with two or more people, explore our article on co-presenting tips and techniques .

9. Reflect and learn

After the presentation, gather your team to reflect on what went well and what could be improved for next time. Learning from each experience helps you continually improve your presentation skills.

By following these steps, you can be sure that every aspect of creating a team presentation is covered, allowing maximum success. 

What are the advantages of team presentations?

Collaborating as a team for presentations has many advantages, including: 

The opportunity to work together as a team provides a sense of unity. Whether it’s in the workplace or an educational setting, relying on each other and sharing insights can really improve morale in any team. Also, being in a group provides motivation and excitement that you may not necessarily experience in solo presentations. 

Understanding of each other

In education and business settings, working on a team presentation means interacting with other members. Hearing other’s opinions and suggestions can help in getting to know your team better, which can help in other aspects of work or school. 

presentation ideas to present

Promotes teamwork 

The ability to work together effectively for a team presentation can improve other team interactions further down the line. It’s a great opportunity to get everyone involved, especially those who might usually shy away from group discussions. This creates a more forthcoming team for the future. 

Less opportunity for errors

Having more than one person contributing to a presentation means that there’s less chance of making mistakes. There’s going to be more than one person looking over progress, which means that any initial errors will likely be spotted by someone in the team. Even when working on your own sections, the chance to rehearse together means that you can all pick up on potential mistakes before the big day. 

Diverse perspectives

Having a whole team involved means that several different viewpoints are brought together. Having each team member contribute their unique insights can lead to a richer and broader presentation overall. This ensures your presentation has a bigger impact on your audience. 

Shared workload

With a team presentation, the workload is distributed among the group, making it more manageable. This should reduce the pressure off any one individual and allows for more thorough preparation before you take to the stage. 

Improved audience engagement

Having multiple speakers can help to keep your audience interested. Each presenter will have different voices and styles of presenting, which can help maintain the audience’s attention throughout the whole presentation. 

Demonstrates team strength 

For business professionals in particular, creating and presenting a successful team presentation shows the power of your company. It portrays to your audience how reliable you are as a team and how you can work together to deliver great results. This is going to help you with future prospects and gaining the trust of clients, investors, and partners. 

Top tips for creating and presenting your team presentation

Here are some top tips to help you nail a team presentation, with some advice on what to do and what to avoid.

Do: plan early

Start planning your presentation as soon as possible. Early planning gives you ample time to organize content, assign roles, and create visuals. Don’t wait until the last minute – good preparation is key to a smooth presentation.

Two young cheerful businesswomen working on laptop computer together on laptop computer in cafe. One of them is jotting down notes during the meeting.

Don’t: overload slides

Avoid cramming too much information onto your slides. Instead, keep them clean and simple with key points and visuals. Your audience should be listening to you, not reading dense text on the screen.

Do: practice together

Rehearse your presentation as a team several times. This helps ensure smooth transitions between speakers and a cohesive delivery. In addition, practicing together builds confidence and helps you refine your timing.

Don’t: ignore feedback

Constructive criticism can help you improve your presentation. However, don’t take feedback personally – use it to make your presentation stronger.

Do: engage your audience

Keep your audience engaged by incorporating questions or a brief activity into your presentation. This interaction helps maintain their interest and makes your presentation stand out.

presentation ideas to present

Don’t: monopolize the presentation

Ensuring everyone on the team has a chance to speak values each member’s contribution and keeps the presentation dynamic and interesting.

Do: use effective visuals

Visuals are great for engaging your audience and capturing their attention! That’s why make sure to incorporate charts, images, and videos to illustrate your points. Compelling visuals can make complex information easier to understand – just make sure they’re relevant and support your message.

Don’t: forget to smile

A friendly demeanor can make a big difference. Smiling helps you appear confident and approachable, and it can put both you and your audience at ease. Remember, you’ve prepared well, so enjoy the experience!

Do: use Prezi

If you want to stand out, use Prezi for your presentation! Its dynamic, non-linear format can make your content more engaging and visually appealing. Prezi allows you to create a more interactive and memorable presentation experience and makes the presentation creation process even easier with AI-powered functionalities .

Don’t: rush through transitions

Transitions between speakers are crucial. Don’t hurry through them; take your time to smoothly hand over to the next person. This maintains the flow of the presentation and keeps the audience engaged.

Creating a team presentation is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your collective talents and knowledge. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to delivering a presentation that’s both impressive and enjoyable.

Why Prezi is perfect for team presentations: the power of Prezi AI

Prezi is the go-to platform for team presentations, thanks to its incredible AI features. Prezi AI makes creating a polished, professional presentation a breeze, allowing you to focus on your content while it handles the design.

With Prezi AI, you can simply provide a prompt about your subject, and it will suggest the best layout, color scheme, and design elements. This means you don’t have to be a design expert to create a visually stunning presentation. Prezi AI can even put your entire presentation together for you, ensuring that it looks cohesive and engaging.

One of the standout features is the Prezi AI text tool. It can suggest edits to improve your content, recommend the best way to display your text—whether it be in lists, bullet points, or paragraphs—and even adjust the length of your text to fit perfectly on your slides. This not only saves time but also means you don’t need to constantly double-check your work. You can present with assurance, knowing your presentation is professionally polished.

Presenting with Prezi is incredibly easy, making it ideal for both virtual and in-person settings. For virtual presentations, Prezi Video allows you to display your slides live next to you, creating a more engaging experience for your audience. Prezi’s collaborative features are perfect for team presentations, enabling the entire team to present together virtually. Each member can take turns presenting their sections seamlessly, making it feel as if you’re all in the same room, even if you’re miles apart.

Prezi AI takes the stress out of creating and presenting, making it the best tool for team presentations. With its intelligent design suggestions, text editing capabilities, and seamless virtual presentation features, Prezi ensures your team can deliver an impressive and professional presentation every time.

Here’s a summary of the key things Prezi AI can do

Build your presentation: Prezi AI can literally put together your team presentation for you. It will come up with the best theme and layout and put the whole presentation into action. 

Suggest improvements: Prezi AI can offer suggestions to make sure your presentation looks visually appealing and engaging. By proposing matching color palettes, images, and layouts, Prezi AI helps you create a polished presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

Text editing: To make your message clear and concise, use the Prezi AI text editing tool. It can generate text based on prompts you provide as well as offer edit suggestions on existing text. This way, you know your text is correct and makes sense. 

Team presentation ideas from Prezi

Here are some Prezi presentation examples that would work well as team presentations: 

TED talks: From Inspiration to innovation

The Prezi presentation by Neil Hughes is a great example of a team presentation because it’s divided into sections, giving each participant a chance to share their insights. Incorporating videos for each section, where specific team members speak, effectively ensures that everyone has their say. This approach helps convey the message clearly and makes sure all voices are heard.

Adopting a gratitude frame of mind

The layout chosen for this presentation is ideal for a team effort. With four main points, each delved into further, it allows each team member to take responsibility for one point. This ensures a fair division of speaking time and workload among all team members.

UX design tips for product managers

Similar to the previous example, this serves as great inspiration for team presentations due to its division into five main points, each explored in detail. Assigning one team member to focus on each area allows them to dedicate their full effort to their section, resulting in a high-quality presentation overall. Additionally, this showcases how Prezi’s open canvas can create an immersive experience by zooming in and out of points, making your message much clearer.

Hopefully, these examples have given you more of an insight of what your team presentation could look like. Allocating one team member to each key point is a great idea to split the workload and ensure everyone gets their chance to speak and show off their expertise. 

However, not all team presentations require every team member to be involved in the presenting stage. Sometimes, tasks may be split in a way where some participants focus on the creation process, while others focus on the presenting aspect. It purely depends on where the talents of your team members lie. 

Wow your audience with a team presentation created with Prezi

Team presentations provide many positives that may not be attained with solo presentations. The opportunity to have different ideas and points of view can really broaden the perspective of your audience. They can deliver a sense of team unity and strength, which is particularly important in business. When it comes to educational settings, team presentations are a great opportunity to practice working in a group and identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Creating a team presentation should be more about the content you’re sharing and less about spending hours on design. This is why utilizing Prezi AI to create your finished product is a great choice, as you can focus more closely on working as a team. 

By using Prezi for your next team presentation, you can take your audience on an immersive journey through your words, ensuring your audience is hooked from start to finish.  

presentation ideas to present

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Step 4 Record or Stream Your Video

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8 Engaging Ways to Plan a Preschool Orientation to Welcome New Families

  • brightwheel
  • Family engagement

6 Childcare and Preschool Orientation Ideas to Impress New Families

As the new school year approaches, you’re likely getting ready to welcome new children and their families to your childcare center or preschool. Planning a preschool or pre-k orientation can be a fun and informative way to introduce new families to school staff and the classroom.  

Since your center will be some preschoolers’ first time away from home, a well-planned orientation can help you establish strong relationships with children and even reduce their anxieties about starting the school year.

In this article, we'll share eight ways to plan a preschool or pre-k orientation to help your families confidently start the school year.

For stress-free planning, download our family orientation checklist! 

8 engaging preschool orientation ideas

A preschool orientation sets the scene for a successful school year. It's an opportunity for families to learn more about their child's school, meet teachers, and understand the center's philosophy and curriculum. For educators, it's a chance to lay the  foundation for a positive relationship with families and ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and goals for the school year.

Before hosting your orientation for new families, simplify your entire enrollment process with brightwheel . This preschool enrollment software saves you time and makes it easy for families to apply to your program online and set up their child's profile. With this tool, you'll be able to collect digital signatures, request documents from families, and track enrollment details—all from the same software that you use to manage your childcare billing and communication.

The following are some ideas you can use to plan an engaging and productive preschool orientation.

1. Decide whether your preschool orientation will be for parents only or a family orientation

Before you begin planning, decide whether your preschool orientation will be for parents and guardians only or if it will be a family orientation. A “parents only” orientation may not involve as many children’s activities, so you may be able to share more information. If you decide to go this route, consider setting up another orientation day to allow children to meet you, their teachers, and a few other classmates before the first day.

Alternatively, you may decide to hold concurrent orientations for adults and children in separate spaces with an opportunity to come together at the end for a joint activity led by their teacher. To engage with the children in your classroom, you may want to play the name game , decorate a file folder, or create an "All About Me" book or worksheet for their first day. For family orientations, you may consider setting up sensory tables or activity centers around your school or classroom to keep the children engaged while you speak to the parents.  

Be sure to indicate the event's intended audience on the invitation and relevant information such as planned activities, items or objects needed for those activities, childcare options (if parent-only), and things to bring to the event. Including this type of information makes the event more welcoming and engaging. 

Preschool director welcoming family in her office

2. Greet each family as soon as they arrive and help them feel at home

Before your orientation, ask at least one of your staff members to greet families at the front entrance. Your greeter can also inform guests of any COVID-19 safety protocols you may have for the event, such as wearing a mask or using hand sanitizer before entering the building. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you greet families. 

Prepare your greeters for questions they may get asked frequently, such as how long the orientation will be or its schedule. This information will help your greeters feel more confident and ensure that your new families get the information they need right when they walk through your doors!

You can also set up a welcome table near the entrance with a sign-in sheet, name tags, and other materials to help families feel comfortable and prepared for the orientation. Make sure to include the child’s name on each parent’s name tag as this will make it easier for you, your staff, and other new parents to get to know each family. 

3. Use a fun icebreaker to help parents get to know each other

Orientations are an excellent opportunity for families to meet each other too. The sooner new parents connect, the sooner they’ll feel a sense of community in your program.

Start your orientation with a fun activity, so parents have a chance to talk before the main portion of your agenda. Icebreakers can help your guests warm up to each other, feel more engaged, and help set the tone for the rest of the orientation.

Some examples of icebreaker activities are:

  • Asking each family to introduce themselves and share what they’re most excited about for the new school year
  • Human bingo , which will help families learn interesting facts about each other
  • Dividing families into teams for a scavenger hunt that helps them get to know your center or school 
  • Asking each family a fun icebreaker question, such as what their favorite preschool snack was as a child

Your activity could be as simple as setting up a refreshment table and letting families eat and mingle for the first 15-20 minutes of the orientation. You don’t need to plan anything fancy, as long as you make space for families to connect!

4. Give a presentation on what new families should know before the first day of school

Many programs find it helpful to give a short presentation on what parents should know before the school year begins. Use a presentation format you’re comfortable with, whether it’s a speech, a slideshow, or a video. Y our presentation can highlight your program’s unique offerings and benefits.

Your presentation might include: 

  • Your center’s background and teaching values 
  • An introduction of yourself and your staff 
  • Drop-off and pick-up procedures
  • Curriculum overview 
  • Tuition policies 
  • Calendar 
  • Communication expectations and best practices
  • How families can volunteer and get involved
  • Any technology you’ll be using throughout the year, such as the brightwheel app
  • Your family handbook

Finding different ways to present information will help keep families engaged throughout your preschool orientation program. You'll want to ensure that you print all materials beforehand. Along with the school handbook, you may consider publishing a sheet of important notes for families to help them retain the information shared.

5. Lead new families on a walking tour of your center

New families will be eager to get to know your facilities so they can better understand what their children’s daily activities will look like. A simple tour of your center can also help ease separation anxiety as both children and families will be familiar with the physical space when the first day of school arrives.

Guide your guests throughout your center and explain their children's activities in each designated area. As you lead the tour, remind parents how different parts of your classrooms facilitate different learning benefits, such as fine and gross motor development or creative expression. 

If you run a larger center, you can ask your teachers to show parents around their classrooms or help lead other parts of the tour. Don’t forget to show families important outdoor spaces, such as your playground or drop-off and pick-up areas.

6. Set up teacher meet-and-greets so families can get to know your staff

Even if you include a teacher introduction during your presentation, it’s best to set up a time for families to meet your staff more personally. Connecting with teachers will help new families trust your program more and further engage with their children’s education. 

Here are a few ideas for teacher meet-and-greets:

  • Station each teacher in their own classroom. Let families explore the classroom and ask the teacher any questions they may have.
  • Have each teacher give a short speech about their background and what they’re excited about for the new school year. Save time at the end for families to ask follow-up questions.
  • If children will be present at your orientation, have teachers lead learning activities for families to participate in together. You can also create photo stations for teachers and children so families have a fun way to remember the orientation! 
  • Prepare “Meet the Teacher” printouts for families to take home. These sheets can include each teacher’s photo, contact information, a list of their favorite things that children can relate to (such as color, snack, and book), and a welcome note for the children. 

7. Prepare for a Q&A at the end of your presentation

You’ll present a lot of information during orientation, so remember to allow plenty of time for Q&A at the end of your presentation or preschool orientation program.

To help you prepare, here is a list of common questions and their answers that parents may ask:

  • What are the class sizes and teacher-to-child ratio? Parents would like to understand how many children will share the space with their child, as class size and ratio vary across age groups and schools. 
  • What time is drop off and pick up? Parents know that being on time for school is essential. They may ask this question to ensure they have transportation arrangements to get their child to school on time. At the same time, they'd also like to guarantee their child is picked up and brought home safely and on time. 
  • What is your educational philosophy or curriculum style? There are so many curriculum styles and ways to teach a classroom. STEM, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Bank Street, and HighScope, to name a few, are some popular curriculum styles. Parents will be interested to understand how learning experiences are planned and how teachers will approach the material. 
  • How do you handle discipline? Like there are so many ways to teach, there are also many ways to discipline or guide children’s behavior. A parent asking this question may want to ensure your discipline style aligns with their values. 
  • What is your sick policy? Unfortunately, things happen, and everyone gets sick from time to time. You'll want to inform parents about your sick or health policy to answer this question. You can also share any COVID-related precautions and whether or not children and teachers have to wear a mask. 
  • Are parents allowed to visit the classroom? Parents love to see their children in action. Therefore, they may want to know if there are events and/or times when they can come and experience what their child is doing daily.  
  • What security measures do you have in place? Child safety is a parent's number one priority. When asking this question, parents may want to know who can pick up their child and how you will identify them, if the doors to the school are locked, or if there is a unique padlock code to access the school. They may even want to know if a security guard is on site. 
  • Are meals provided? Parents would like to be prepared and know if they need to pack any meals for their children. In addition, they may want to know if you provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks and, if not, what foods aren't allowed in the school or childcare center (e.g., some schools are nut and dairy free to protect children with allergies). 
  • What is the best way to communicate with teachers? There are so many ways to communicate. Some teachers prefer to communicate via email, the brightwheel app , or over the phone. Be sure to share this information with families. 

8. Follow up with new families after your orientation

During your orientation, families will be busy taking in a lot of new information and may not remember everything they learned. Help them by sending a follow-up message reiterating the most important details they need to know before the first day of school.

If you took photos at your orientation, you can include them in your message and tell families how excited you are to start a new year with them. Don’t forget to remind them that you’re available for any questions they have in the meantime!

When school starts, continue engaging with families and providing important updates on their child's progress. With a tool like brightwheel's communication feature , you can share learning milestones like an activity they completed on their first day of preschool or an update on meal or nap time.

Start the new school year right

These preschool orientation tips can help you create an engaging, welcoming event for children and families. By offering a detailed tour, helpful handouts, and opportunities for parents to ask questions and connect with other families, you can help ease their transition into this exciting new phase of their lives.

A well-planned orientation can set the tone for positive and lasting relationships between your center, families, and children, creating a sense of community and collaboration.

Brightwheel is the complete solution for early education providers, enabling you to streamline your center’s operations and build a stand-out reputation. Brightwheel connects the most critical aspects of running your center—including sign in and out, parent communications, tuition billing, and licensing and compliance—in one easy-to-use tool, along with providing best-in-class customer support and coaching. Brightwheel is trusted by thousands of early education centers and millions of parents. Learn more at  mybrightwheel.com

New Family Orientation Checklist

A checklist to help you plan a successful new family orientation.

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REV Group to Present at the 14th Annual East Coast IDEAS Investor Conference on June 12th in New York

Jun. 6 th , 2024

BROOKFIELD, Wis. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- REV Group, Inc. (NYSE: REVG), today announced Mark Skonieczny, President and CEO, and Amy Campbell, CFO, will present at the East Coast IDEAS Investor Conference on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at Jay Conference – Bryant Park in New York, NY . The company’s presentation is scheduled to begin at 11:30 am ET. The presentation will be webcast and can be accessed through the conference host’s main website at www.threepartadvisors.com/east-coast and in the investor relations section of the company's website at www.revgroup.com .

About REV Group, Inc.

REV Group® companies are leading designers and manufacturers of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services, which serve a diversified customer base, primarily in the United States , through two segments: Specialty Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles. The Specialty Vehicles Segment provides customized vehicle solutions for applications, including essential needs for public services (ambulances and fire apparatus,) and commercial infrastructure (terminal trucks and industrial sweepers). REV Group’s Recreation Vehicle Segment manufactures a variety of RVs from Class B vans to Class A motorhomes. REV Group's portfolio is made up of well-established principal vehicle brands, including many of the most recognizable names within their industry. Several of REV Group's brands pioneered their specialty vehicle product categories and date back more than 50 years. REV Group trades on the NYSE under the symbol REVG. Investors-REVG

About IDEAS Investor Conferences

The mission of the IDEAS Conferences is to provide independent regional venues for quality companies to present their investment merits to an influential audience of investment professionals. Unlike traditional bank-sponsored events, IDEAS Investor Conferences are “SPONSORED BY INVESTORS. FOR INVESTORS.” and for the benefit of regional investment communities. Conference sponsors collectively have more than $200 billion in assets under management and include: 1102 Partners, Adirondack Research and Management, Allianz Global Investors: NFJ Investment Group, Ariel Investments, Aristotle Capital Boston, Ascend Wealth Advisors, Barrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss, BMO Global Asset Management, Constitution Research & Management, Inc., Diamond Hill, First Wilshire Securities Management, Inc., Granahan Investment Management, Great Lakes Advisors, Greenbrier Partners Capital Management, LLC, Hodges Capital Management, Ironwood Investment Management, Keeley Teton Advisors, Luther King Capital Management, Marble Harbor Investment Counsel, North Star Investment Management, Perritt Capital Management, Punch & Associates, Shepherd Kaplan Krochuk, Westwood Holdings Group, Inc., and William Harris Investors.

The IDEAS Investor Conferences are held annually and are produced by Three Part Advisors, LLC. Additional information about the events can be found at www.IDEASconferences.com .

If interested in participating in or learning more about the IDEAS conferences, please contact Lacey Wesley at (817) 769 -2373 or [email protected] .

presentation ideas to present

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240606938048/en/

Drew Konop VP, Investor Relations & Corporate FP&A Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-888-738-4037 (1-888-REVG-037)

Source: REV Group, Inc.

presentation ideas to present

presentation ideas to present

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Programs 2024 TechSprint: Generative AI in Housing Finance

Generative AI in Housing Finance

Register to Livestream FHFA’s Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Housing Finance TechSprint

Register here  to livestream Opening Day and Demo Day of FHFA’s Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint.

  • Opening Day, beginning at 10:30 am EST on Monday, July 22, will feature remarks from FHFA leadership and keynote speakers.
  • Demo Day, beginning at 9:00 am EST on Thursday, July 25, will feature remarks from FHFA leadership and keynote speakers and presentation​s from the TechSprint teams.

About th​e FHFA Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint

The FHFA Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint will be an in-person, team-based problem-solving event hosted by the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Office of Financial Technology (OFT). The TechSprint will bring together technology, regulatory, housing, and consumer finance experts to identify use cases and associated control measures to support the responsible use of generative AI in housing finance.​

Partici​pants are organized into TechSprint teams and work over a three-day period to solve for problem statements centered around the question:

“How might the responsible use of generative AI promote a transparent, fair, equitable, and inclusive housing finance system, while fostering sustainable homeownership and rental opportunities?”

The TechSprint culminates in a Demo Day where each team will present its ideas to an independent panel of judges drawn from subject matter experts in government, industry, nonprofits, and academia.

The Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint will be held at FHFA’s Constitution Center headquarters in Washington, DC, and will run from July 22 to July 25, 2024. The application period to participate in-person at the TechSprint was open from March 20 through May 24, 2024.

FHFA Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint: Problem Statements

Umbrella Stateme​​nt​

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination and interest of a diverse set of stakeholders, including industry, government, and consumers. For the housing finance system, the transformative potential of generative AI extends beyond technological advancement. Generative AI presents an opportunity to promote a housing finance system that is transparent, fair, equitable, and inclusive and fosters sustainable homeownership. Realizing this potential, however, is contingent on a commitment to responsible innovation and ensuring that the development and use of generative AI is supported by ethical considerations and safety and soundness.

FHFA’s Generative AI in Housing Finance TechSprint challenges participants to address the question,  “How might the responsible use of generative AI promote a transparent, fair, equitable, and inclusive housing finance system while fostering sustainable homeownership and rental opportunities?”​

TechSprint participants will demonstrate:

  • A key  use case  for generative AI in one of the four areas of focus provided below; and
  • Recommended  control measures , incorporating​ careful consideration of the associated risks.

Focused Statements ​

The four areas of focus are as follows:

  • Consumer Experience:  How might generative AI be used to further educate and empower prospective homebuyers in evaluating, comparing, and obtaining a mortgage loan and in sustaining their homeownership over time?
  • Assessing Creditworthiness:  How might generative AI be used to improve the evaluation of homebuyer credit, as well as the fairness of the credit decisions related to mortgage loans, particularly for homebuyers from underserved communities?
  • Operations:  How might generative AI be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes within the housing finance system, from origination to servicing and secondary market activities?
  • Risk Management and Compliance:  How might generative AI be used to enhance the effectiveness of risk management and compliance processes within the housing finance system?

Have additional questions about the 2024 TechSprint?  Please contact OFT at  [email protected] . To learn more about OFT, please visit  the OFT home page . And to learn more about FHFA’s inaugural TechSprint held in 2023, please visit the  Velocity TechSprint webpage .​​

Page Last Updated: May 28​​, 2024​​​​​


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  25. Processing Times for U.S. Passports

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  26. REV Group to Present at the 14th Annual East Coast IDEAS Investor

    BROOKFIELD, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- REV Group, Inc. (NYSE: REVG), today announced Mark Skonieczny, President and CEO, and Amy Campbell, CFO, will present at the East Coast IDEAS Investor Conference on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at Jay Conference - Bryant Park in New York, NY.The company's presentation is scheduled to begin at 11:30 am ET. The presentation will be webcast and can be accessed ...

  27. 2024 TechSprint: Generative AI in Housing Finance

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