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30 Best SEO Case Studies: Real Examples & Results That Work

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How would you like to read the best SEO case studies ever published?

More importantly, how would you like to copy the best practices in search engine optimization that are based on real-world examples and not just theory?

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 30 SEO case study examples along with the results and key findings. By studying these SEO case studies and applying the lessons learned on your own site, you can hopefully achieve similar results for your SEO campaigns.

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Best SEO Case Studies

How i increased my organic traffic 652% in 7 days  – backlinko seo case study, seo investment – google search central case study.

Find out how an investment in SEO and implementing applicable structured data can improve user experience and increase organic traffic on Google Search.

How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 74.5%  – Gotch SEO Case Study

See how Nathan Gotch used 9-step approach to create a squeeze page that converts at 74.5%. The tactics revealed in this case study also boosted another one of the pages by 69%, so you know it’s a proven method that works.

From 126 to 121,883 Unique Visitors in Under 6 Months – Ahrefs SEO Case Study

This SEO case study example focuses on Northmill, a Fintech company founded in Stockholm. It reveals how you can analyze your business competitors to develop higher-quality content that will gain a huge amount of traffic and convert those readers into customers. Read it to find out exactly what Northmill did during an SEO campaign to go from 126 unique visitors to 121,883 in under 6 months.

Ranking in 24 Hours in the Competitive SEO Niche – SEO Chatter Case Study

This case study was a partnership between SEO Chatter and Keyword Chef. It shows you how much organic traffic and money was earned by publishing 45 blog posts based on keywords found with the Keyword Chef tool. You’ll also discover the steps taken to get those posts to rank in the top 10 positions on Google within 24 hours or less after publishing.

From 0 to 75,000 Visits A Year – Ryan Darani Case Study

Find out complete details on the challenges, limits, budgets, and timeframes for a client that went from 0 clicks per day to now 300-400 on average with only 60 pieces of content on the site.

How We 4x’d Traffic and Doubled Revenue in E-Commerce – Diggity Marketing SEO Case Study

Diggity Marketing is also featured on my SEO secrets page and is a good resource for more SEO success case studies.

6-Step Process That Generated 150,732 Visits  – Robbie Richards SEO Case Study

In this SEO case study, you’ll learn a repeatable 6-step process that one SEO marketer used to get his client to #1 in Google. This strategy helped him outrank big name brands like Mashable, and increase organic traffic by 11,065% in just 6 months.

Scaling an Outdoor Niche Site to a $175K Exit – The Website Flip SEO Case Study

Get a complete month-by-month breakdown of how one business bought a website on Flippa and scaled it for a $175,000 exit. You’ll learn every step they took with SEO and site improvements from day one of the purchase at $23,000 and the sale 22 months later, all while making $100,938 revenue on top of the final sales price.

How Long Does It Take to Rank for A Keyword  – Bloggers Passion SEO Case Study

Find out how long it really takes for a keyword to hit the first page of Google in this case study. SEO for a new post can take some time to kick in before the page generates thousands of visitors from search. But how long do you have to wait? Is it one week, 30 days, or longer? Read this data-packed example to find out as well as get actionable steps you can take to speed up the ranking process.

Traffic Improves SEO and Affects Google Rankings – Cognitive SEO Case Study

This company tracked a strong correlation between a spike in traffic from a Reddit post to an increase in Google rankings for an ultra-competitive keyword. Find out how they experienced a boost from the 74th position to the 8th in Google search results in just one day.

$780 Revenue In Month 1 with An Aged Domain – Stream SEO Case Study

This is an ongoing case study of a website built on an aged domain. In this first post, you’ll learn how the aged domain was resurrected and what SEO steps were taken in the first month to generate $780.

Large Images In Google Search – Google Search Central Case Study

How i increased seo traffic by 600% in 24 months  – wordstream seo case study.

The author of this case study took a site from 20,000 monthly visitors to over 150,000 (a 600% increase) with mostly on-page SEO updates and internal linking methods. He even unpublished 90% of the content on the blog. Learn the four SEO techniques that he used in the right way to explode the search traffic.

A Case Study of Winning in Local SEO  – SEMrush Blog SEO Case Study

How to 4x organic traffic in 6-months using pure seo basics – authority builders seo case study.

This is an interesting case study on SEO because the site that was studied had increased organically from 7,000 visitors per month to about 68,000 between January to April. The site owner was doing a lot of things right but many simple things were also being done wrong. Find out here how you don’t need fancy SEO tricks to get high rankings and traffic to your blog or website. Once the author performed a technical SEO audit and put into place some off-page optimization strategies like link velocity, anchor text ratios, and relevance, the site’s traffic quadrupled in the next 6 months.

How to Rank in the First 2 Results on Google – Leanne Wong SEO Case Study

How to 14x search traffic in 8 months – matthew woodward seo case study.

Matthew Woodward is an expert in search engine optimization and he publishes a lot of SEO case study examples. This one in particular is worth the read because it shows you how SEO doesn’t have to be complicated to get exponential results. Inside, you’ll learn how to create a strong plan of action based on 7 steps. Using these same strategies in this case study, the author We increased traffic on an affiliate website from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8 months (14x higher or 1,306% to be exact).

Data-Informed Strategy Delivers Results – Rise Interactive SEO Case Study

This is an SEO case study for the American Egg Board (AEB), a U.S. The AEB is best known for its long-running slogan, “The Incredible, Edible Egg”, and the Just Mayo scandal. The AEB relies heavily on organic traffic to drive awareness; however, it was experiencing a steady decline in traffic and organic visibility, year-over-year. Learn how the Rise Interactive agency used an integrated site-wide keyword strategy, an SEO-first approach on the site structure, and ways to capitalize existing SEO equity to generate an 87% increase in mobile traffic and 22% improvement in desktop traffic.

How an Integrated, Keyword-Driven Blog Strategy Increased Organic Traffic to a Leading Analytical Laboratory’s Blog by 58% – TopRank Marketing SEO Case Study

Organic visitors increased by 87%, located in target local cities – wastecycle seo case study.

The client behind this case study is Wastecycle, a sustainable waste management company that provides a recycling and waste management service. Wastecyle wanted to get more business by reaching customers looking for local skip hire and Hallam digital marketing agency provided local SEO strategies to achieve this goal. Read the SEO case study to find out how the agency generated an 87% increase in organic visitors in local cities, 150% increase in clicks for the targeted term “skip hire”, and 297 varied phrases achieving page one rankings on Google.

How We Ranked on the First Page of Google for 4 Competitive Keywords in Just 8 Months – OutreachMama SEO Case Study

Design modo penalty removal boosts organic traffic by 61.79% – reposition seo case study.

This is a good SEO success case study to read because it focuses on Google penalty removals. You can skim through in less than one minute too. Design Modo, a resource for digital designers and developers, had an apparent partial penalty that had gradually decreased its organic traffic month on month. Reposition SEO agency got involved and found out that the root of the penalty was due to Design Modo’s outbound links rather than the usual inbound links. After a few tweaks and a reconsideration request to Google, the organic traffic increased 61.79% along with an 86% improvement in all keyword rankings.

An Increased In Total Organic Users By 555% – Victorious SEO Case Study

This case study follows the journey of Oji Vape, a wholesale vaping supplied company, that initially got burned by an agency that used outdated SEO tactics that no longer applied to Google’s constantly evolving algorithms. After switching to Victorious SEO agency, Oji Vape experienced a 555% increase in organic visitors within 8 months. This has translated to a 745% improvement in goal completions that took into account sales inquiries by phone and online form submissions. Find out what Victorious did to achieve these amazing results.

Content Strategy for a B2B Furniture Supplier – Web Talent Marketing SEO Case Study

313% more organic traffic with real examples – from the future seo case study.

This case study examines the SEO results from 3 different websites, in 3 totally different niches, that all have different conversion metrics for “success.” Learn what steps were taken to run an SEO campaign for each website to meet the key goals for success.

How We Got a 32% Organic Traffic Boost from 4 On-Page SEO Changes – Moz SEO Case Study

A 48% boost in year-on-year organic traffic – brand new copy seo case study.

This case study focuses on Field & Lawn, a marquee hire company that operates throughout the UK. As a result of the hired agency’s efforts, Field & Lawn saw a 48% increase in Year-on-Year traffic, a 5% reduction in bounce rate, and a significant ranking improvement for almost all 42 targeted keywords. Find out what methods were used to gain these increases in visibility and how you can copy them for your own success.

How I Ranked 1800+ Keywords on Page 1 of Google in Just 6 Months – Shane Barker SEO Case Study

7 steps to 197,514 monthly traffic – apollo digital seo case study.

In this SEO case study, you’ll discover the step-by-step formula of the entire search engine optimization process that Apollo Digital uses to rank its clients’ websites. This study in particle focuses on a SaaS business process management software and how it went from around 8,000 monthly visitors to about 200,000 in less than 2 years. You’ll get everything explained in detail like the content writing process, interlinking strategies, visual improvements, headline tweaking, and of course, SEO tactics.

Read More Case Study Examples

I also have more digital marketing case studies with real results from other industry experts that you can study and use to improve your online marketing campaigns:

What Is an SEO Case Study?

An SEO case study is an in-depth study of search engine optimization in a real-world context. It can focus on one SEO tactic or a group of SEO strategies to find out what works in search engine optimization to improve traffic and organic visibility.

Are Case Studies Good for SEO?

Case studies are good for SEO because you can learn about how to do search engine optimization in an effective way. Instead of just studying the theory of SEO, you can learn from real examples that applied SEO methods to achieve success.

Summary for the Best SEO Case Studies

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best SEO case studies that are based on real-world results and not just theory.

As you discovered, the SEO case study examples above demonstrated many different ways to perform well in search engines. By studying the key findings from these examples, and applying the methods learned to your own site, you can hopefully achieve the same positive outcome. New SEO success case studies are being published every month and I’ll continue to update this list as they become available. So keep checking back to read the current sources of information on search engine optimization.

SEO Chatter is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of search engine marketing to help marketers understand how to increase organic website traffic and improve search engine rankings.

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14 SEO Case Studies: Challenges, Solutions & Results

Christina Lyon

Take inspiration from these successful SEO case studies to rise through the ranks.

Here, you’ll find: 

  • What exactly an SEO case study entails
  • A handpicked roster of stellar case studies to inspire
  • Unique SEO tactics that led to big results
  • How case studies can benefit your biz

Constant keyword research, consistent   content writing , user-friendly web design, backlinking … so much goes into a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

What’s more, you might invest a ton of efforts into all these tactics but still struggle to get anywhere near the top  of search results.

Two pieces of good news: You’re not alone, and there are ways to get your rankings where they ought to be.

Reading over a good SEO case study can help inspire new strategies and show you what’s possible with the right plan in place.

To give you a head start, we’ll cover dynamic SEO success stories from HawkSEM as well as other agencies. We’ll share the best tactics, common challenges to overcome, and results to support your marketing efforts. 

Get ready to ramp up your SEO.  First, let’s get back to basics.

What is an SEO case study?

An SEO case study highlights how a consultant or agency partnered with a specific client to drive significant, notable SEO results .

When brands want to beef up their SEO strategy, they often partner with an SEO agency or professional to help them achieve desired outcomes.

A case study helps paint a clear picture of how a brand went from point A to B on the search engine results page, or SERP   — with “B” being results like skyrocketed organic traffic , greater conversion rates , and high keyword rankings. 

But SEO isn’t the same for every brand. Sure, there are overarching categories like content and keywords. But different niches, budgets, and goals distinguish SEO tactics and results across the board. 

Reviewing an SEO case study helps you identify success markers and the strategies used to achieve that success.

With these insights, you can glean tips and tactics to apply to your brand’s SEO strategy. 

14 SEO case studies for top-ranking inspiration

Thousands of monthly traffic hits, 2X conversion boosts, and pumped-up keyword rankings are just a few of the incredible results our clients have experienced with the right SEO services. 

But you’ll notice each brand comes with a unique challenge that informs the right SEO strategy for them. 

  Moneta Group catches local leads with triple-boosted keyword portfolio

Moneta Group has over two decades of experience in the wealth management space. Still, competition increased over time, so we needed to study those competitors and their keywords closely. 

While Moneta wanted to improve national keyword rankings overall, their top priority was to stand out in four local markets.  If you’re also looking to boost visibility in your area, then check out the strategies used in this local SEO case study . 


  • Local SEO – We built geo-specific web content to capture potential wealth management clients in the four areas Moneta Group was interested in. On top of that, our beefed-up citation profiles for each office helped solidify independent local ranking signals. 
  • Competitive analysis to fill keyword gaps – Moneta still wanted nationwide keyword rankings, so we had to review their competitors to see what was missing. We identified keywords with the lowest competitive metrics and organized them into a brimming content calendar to rank for each one. 
  • Content optimization – Moneta had a ton of great content on its website, but it needed a revamp for Google and new audiences. We conducted ongoing, on-page optimization , including backlinking and keyword development. 


  • 326% increase in net organic keyword portfolio
  • 164% increase in organic keywords in positions 1-3
  • Over 23% increase in Google Analytics goal completions

  Escape the Room makes a real impression — 4 million, to be exact

With locations across 18 cities and 10 years of industry expertise, Escape the Room is a leader in the live game and entertainment industry. With all those locations to manage, their marketing initiatives fell behind. 

They had a substantial base but needed strategic input to maintain a strong digital footprint. 


  • Metadata revamp – Escape the Room had 16 different locations, and not every website contained optimized metadata. But crawlers dive into these details, so they deserve some attention. That’s why we added new SEO elements like title tags and meta descriptions to keep Google happy. 
  • Speedy load time – Slow site speed can send your audience packing after just a few seconds. We dove into each website’s assets to remove anything clunky and decrease load time. This also improved mobile responsiveness. 
  • Quality content creation – From team-building ideas for company staff to escape room tips and tricks, there was no shortage of relevant content to create for Escape the Room. We paired new pieces of content with fresh, snazzy website designs to attract information-seeking readers, planting the seeds for conversion later on. 
  • Achieved an account-wide peak of 62% impression share
  • Hit a record number 4 million monthly impressions
  • Reached an all-time-high account-wide ad position of 1.1 for the brand

  DesktopReady waves hello from the top of the SERPs

A new website launch caused DesktopReady to experience a traffic slump, despite being a leader in their industry with over 1 million users on their desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution. How could they maintain their leading position in this space with endless competition and minimal organic traffic ?

We knew what we had to do. 

  • Technical SEO audit – New website launches sometimes miss the mark with SEO. We conducted a full audit to catch all issues affecting the site’s appeal to SERPs . 
  • Content all around – We optimized old content with new targeted key terms and created new content to target more qualified leads and foster website traffic . 
  • SEO support for social media profiles and YouTube – Believe it or not, your social profiles matter, too. So, we optimized DesktopReady’s social media to complement its strong web content and backlink profile. 
  • Increased users by 409%
  • Grew backlinks from 822 to 1,340
  • Jumped from 4 to 468 terms in SERP rankings

Keyword revamps, backlink strategies, and content creation are not the simplest tasks to complete on a marketer’s endless to-do list. Luckily, an SEO agency can check all those boxes for you. 

  Honda doubles traffic and reaches 30 million people

Honda Motor Co. wanted to promote their new Civic hatchback and Accord models to South American audiences. The problem? They were competing for keywords with their dealership partners. 

On top of that, Honda just wasn’t reaching their target demographic with their existing content. 

  • New and improved keyword targets – We needed to get Honda and its dealers on the same page. So, we looked at the digital marketing goals for all parties and created new keyword targets for each to follow. 
  • Audience research – Honda had a target demographic, but SEO campaigns just weren’t reaching them. We sat down to discuss the brand’s unique selling points and linked them to their customers’ needs via tailored SEO content and keyword research . 
  • 30% decrease in CPC (cost per conversion) 
  • 40% increase in dealer inquiries
  • 200% increase in traffic

  Zephyr sees massive gains in lead volume and market share

When leading SaaS company Zephyr came to us, their digital marketing strategy was across the board and lacked cohesion. With campaigns and goals in place, they needed help reigning everything into a sharp message and aligned approach. 

With so many team members and initiatives at play, everyone was hamster-wheeling and struggling to stay caught up. 

This lapse in cohesion created a hodgepodge of mixed messaging, and, not surprisingly, they weren’t bringing in as many qualified leads as they desired. 

  • Big picture strategy: The first thing we did was get everyone on board about how to organize each and every initiative to work together cohesively. With an aligned, collaborative vision, we created a more unified strategy for all digital marketing campaigns.
  • Landing page redesign and optimization: We tackled creative from the get go and redesigned a landing page that was working against Zephyr by not engaging its visitors. Plus, the lead form was long and convoluted. With an engaging, dynamic new landing page design and a more efficient lead form, Zephyr saw immediate results–we’re talking double the lead volume than the original landing page. 
  • 100% increase in Zephyr’s lead volume with the new landing page
  • $250 decrease in CPA

  Career Group Companies boosts job applications with keyword revamp

Imagine you’re an employer with a ton of job listings, and you aren’t receiving any applications. Career Group Companies , a staffing agency, faced this problem. The culprit? Less-than-stellar SEO was hiding their listings from prospective candidates. 

We got to work with tried-and-true SEO tactics to improve the brand’s connection with their audience, drive more traffic, and improve application volume.

  • Keyword portfolio expansion – We needed to understand why people looking for certain jobs weren’t landing on Career Group Companies’ listings. The answer was a few adjustments to their keyword portfolio, including long-tail variations and keyword phrases that included specific job titles and industries. 
  • Data-driven strategy – Our proprietary tech, ConversionIQ ™, helps us decrypt all the data to reveal the whole picture of your SEO and content marketing campaigns. We used our platform to gather sophisticated data across multiple channels and identify qualified and unqualified leads to inform a greater SEO strategy . 
  • New content assets – Career Group Companies wanted to highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts and channel company-wide goals in their content. Naturally, we created new content assets to accommodate these goals and optimized existing content as well. 
  • 43% increase in job listing page views from organic traffic
  • 71% increase in entrances from organic searches directly to job listing pages
  • Significant growth in the candidate pipeline

  Content, colors, and CTAs bring Happy Ears Hearing Center a nearly 4X traffic increase

Happy Ears Hearing Center is a Phoenix-based audiology office that offers specialized ear healthcare services to clients. The company had two SEO goals: one, to capture the local audience that would best benefit from their services. And two? Establish their brand as a national industry expert on hearing issues. 

We tackled a wider net of keywords and user experience improvements to garner more conversions. 

Strategies : 

  • U ser experience enhancement – Don’t you hate clicking on a web page only to be met with a long, boring block of text? We spiced things up on Happy Ears’ website with colors, digestible headers, and engaging calls to action (CTAs). This led to more local conversions and appointments. 
  • Expanded keyword targets – Happy Ears wants to be an online go-to for all things hearing. So, we had to research what its audience was plugging into Google and expand that across the whole country. 
  • 245% increase in total organic keyword rankings 
  • 396% increase in organic traffic
  • 44% increase in local conversions

Happy Ears had its audiology services on-point. With added focus on the online user experience, readers benefited from their knowledge and expertise.

  More visuals and updated keywords help Dilo recover lost rankings

DILO is a gas-handling product and service provider with decades of experience, but even its longstanding SEO wasn’t immune to a website redesign in 2019. 

We’ve seen it before: lost traffic and dropped keyword rankings from a new launch or migration. And in DILO’s case, those lost rankings were high-value keywords that it really needed to get back in order to re-establish its place in the industry. 

  • On-page optimization – We always conduct a technical SEO audit after a redesign. This time, we fixed a few speed and navigation issues. Next step? Content optimization with updated target keywords and meta tags.
  • Visual content – The gas industry isn’t the easiest to grasp, even with an organized, comprehensive article. We introduced more infographics and charts into DILO’s content to improve organic traffic and the user experience . 
  • 36% increase in organic clicks within 6 months
  • 24% increase in Google clicks for high-value keywords within 3 months
  • 46% increase in Google impressions within 3 months

  Easly hits the SEO ground running with 70 new pieces of optimized content

Easly is a Canada-based platform that provides capital advances on SR&ED grants to innovative new brands. 

The company was new to the digital marketing world and came to HawkSEM with a brand-new website. It was our job to get it off the SEO ground with relevant content and authority to appeal to their audiences. 

  • New content to the max – We had to start from scratch, and 70 new pieces of content did the trick. Of course, we had to ensure the information was flawless and accurate to capture niche audiences for this brand. And we wrote for every potential customer in the funnel, from curious onlookers to conversion-ripe audiences. 
  • Domain authority – Easly was still fresh to Google’s eyes. They didn’t have enough external or internal links to channel credibility and thought leadership. We focused on creating linkable content that naturally brought backlinks from other reputable industry players. 
  • Technical tidbits – New websites always have a few snags. We enhanced site speed and adjusted some web elements to improve the mobile experience. 
  • 2,500% increase in referring domains
  • 40+ featured snippet results on Google
  • 1,500% increase in the brand’s keyword portfolio

People love reassurance, especially before making a purchase. A content library brimming with industry knowledge and helpful tips delivers that assurance to both readers and search engine crawlers. 

Wind River triples CTR with PPC and SEO management

Wind River is a global SaaS brand that helps companies with digital transformation for vital intelligence systems in the aerospace, medical, automotive, and defense spaces. 

They originally came to us for PPC services , but every cohesive marketing strategy leverages SEO, too. 

  • Internal linking – We improved site navigation and organic rankings by finding relevant placements for internal links across Wind River’s content. 
  • Content research – Tech niches are abundant with potential content, but you really need to ensure audience relevance before you start writing. We conducted competitive analysis and keyword research to inform our content calendar. 
  • Technical and on-page SEO – We covered our technical bases by cleaning up metadata and title tags. On top of that, we ensured logical formatting for web content with H1s and H2s, as well as updated all pieces of content with relevant keyword targets. 
  • 20% decrease in ad spend
  • 294% increase in clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • 39% increase in users

  Samanage reaps organic traffic with a poppin’ content calendar

Asset management and service-desk SaaS brand Samanage operates across 50 different countries. Despite their global presence, they still had trouble ranking in the SERPs . 

A custom-coded WordPress template impeded them from making technical SEO changes to appeal to Google’s crawlers. Plus, their blog wasn’t aligned with a cohesive SEO strategy , so they enlisted marketing agency Tinuiti to help them get on track. 

  • Robust content strategy – Tinuiti published over 65 pieces of content for Samanage across various types. They started with keyword-targeted blog posts and expanded to whitepapers, landing pages, and more evergreen content to improve web visibility. 
  • Blog redesign – Brainstorming ways to improve conversion rate optimization ? Take a page from Tinuiti’s playbook and optimize your blog’s design elements with overall website A/B testing. 
  • 42.14% increase in organic traffic YoY
  • High rankings for non-branded keywords

Mommy’s Bliss builds trust with new audiences via link building

When you’re a mom-and-pop shop, marketing might be as easy as a Facebook ad or physical sign. But when you start expanding, things get more hectic. 

Mommy’s Bliss sells high-quality baby products, and experienced immense growth that spurred an entire website redesign. Those two events can seriously throw your SEO strategy off-course.

Luckily, help from HawkSEM made all the difference, as showcased in this ecommerce SEO case study .

  • Backlinking for credibility – Mommy’s Bliss expanded its audience, so new visitors might not have been aware of the company’s strong values and credentials. That’s why we needed to launch a backlinking strategy to establish E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness). Think about it: parents need to feel 100% confident in a brand before purchasing a product for their kids. 
  • Daily SEO management – HawkSEM offers all clients a dedicated manager to oversee progress, strategize improvements, and catch any snags before they develop into bigger problems. We handled all the SEO oversight so Mommy’s Bliss could focus on creating new products for its booming audience. 
  • Over 65% increase in organic sessions year over year
  • 79% increase in total keyword rankings
  • Doubled goal completions

Forks Over Knives leverages search data to recover lost traffic during COVID

The pandemic kept people at home and away from Forks Over Knives’ website. The health lifestyle brand noticed a slump in organic search traffic , along with a decrease in search volume for their target keywords . 

But the problem wasn’t their rankings. They still held top spots for their target keywords , people just weren’t typing them into Google anymore. Search intent had changed, and marketing agency Wpromote knew the keywords needed to change, too. 

  • Trend research – Wpromote used Google Trends data to understand how people were shifting their search queries and which keywords were replacing the old ones. 
  • Content strategy shift – When life gives you new keywords, you make new recipes (at least, that’s what Forks Over Knives did during the pandemic). Everyone was looking for recipes, so Wpromote used trend data to predict the most highly searched recipes to create content for. 
  • 278,000 organic sessions for their “banana recipes” pages
  • 41% increase in total organic sessions month over month (MoM)
  • #1 trafficked all-channel landing page since publishing

People adapt with the times, and your SEO strategy should, too.

Even enterprise-level SaaS businesses like Vimeo need to stay sharp on their SEO . With over 260 million users uploading hundreds of thousands of videos on the daily, it’s not surprising that indexing and structure data issues arose.

Customers struggled to conduct basic SEO tasks to optimize their videos, like indexing APIs, adding structured data to their sites, submitting sitemaps, and beyond. Meaning? They weren’t getting as many eyes on their video content.

The solution? Vimeo got on board with Google’s SEO best practices to improve visibility and searchability for their active customers.

  • Allowing customers to index videos at scale – Vimeo streamlined the indexing process to allow embedded videos to show up on Google’s SERPs. By using iframe embeds and noindex in tandem, embedded Vimeo videos from customer websites’ could be indexed and thus, provide more visibility to their own web page without the mess of adding individual markups for each video.
  • Making Key Moments searchable – Ever searched for how to boil an egg and had to skip past the first three minutes to get to the instructions? Annoying, right? Fortunately, you won’t have this problem anymore because time-stamped segments of Vimeo’s video content now show up in Google Search. By adding Clip markup to all video pages and rolling out Seek markup (auto-generated Chapters that Google identifies as Key Moments), Vimeo customers can now attract more organic traffic to specific segments within each video.  

When it comes to visibility and video content, Google and Vimeo go together like PB&J.

The takeaway

Whether you’re running a small business or a giant ecommerce operation, SEO success is vital for a modern online marketing strategy. 

Each of these SEO case studies shows key takeaways and tactics you can apply to create the most effective strategy for your business goals.

And if you still need a hand? HawkSEM’s SEO experts have over a  decade of experience helping clients like you improve conversion rates , boost traffic, and smash any other SEO goals on your roster. 

Our clients enjoy an average of 4.5x ROI after working with us. So, let’s turn your SEO into one of our success stories. Book a call today . 

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case study for seo

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WordPress Tutorials, Tips, and Resources to Help Grow Your Business

SEO case studies to inspire and improve your strategy.

14 SEO Case Studies to Improve Your Strategy in 2024

author image

Are you looking for the best SEO case studies to inspire and improve your strategy in 2024?

SEO case studies are the ultimate way of finding out what works (and what doesn’t) to climb search results.

Join us as we share 14 real-life examples that cut through the noise to reveal strategies that yield results .

In This Article

What Is an SEO Case Study?

How can seo case studies help me, 1. later (saas), 2. medpark hospital (medical), 3. transit (mobile app), 4. iowa girl eats (food blog), 5. krispcall (saas), 6. handle the heat (food blog), 7. the independent pharmacy (b2c).

  • 8. Hawthorn (Local & eCommerce)
  • 9. All About Cookies (Web & Tech)

10. Oxford English Dictionary (Publishing)

11. meshki (ecommerce), 12. golfer geeks (golf blog).

  • 13. Explore (Travel & Tourism)

14. Wagering Terms (Sports)

Aioseo trends: your gateway to the latest seo success stories.

AIOSEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin. Get it for free!

An SEO case study analyzes how businesses transform their online presence using search engine optimization (SEO.) It uses real-life examples to showcase specific SEO strategies and their effect on a website’s rankings and traffic.

SEO case studies are one of the best ways to learn what strategies move the needle. They act like blueprints for the digital landscape, demonstrating the techniques behind top-ranking websites.

This is important for website owners because once you know what works, you can replicate those strategies to grow your traffic .

14 SEO Case Studies for 2024

Ready to learn from the best?

These websites use strategies that work—and these SEO case studies prove it.

SaaS SEO case study of Later reveals 147% YoY growth.

Later is a leading social media management tool. It helps over 7 million users create, schedule, and share their content across all major social media platforms. Later has over 1.8K positive reviews on the Apple store and over 5K on Google Play.

Key Growth Contributor: Later added a Social Media Glossary with over 200 pages of content. The impact was immediate. Shortly after going live, these pages generated an impressive 60% of the site’s total traffic.

Top Strategies for Your Site:

  • Create high-quality content that fulfills search intent.
  • Implement schema markup to win rich results on the SERP.
  • Build more backlinks to your site.

Read the full SEO case study here: Later 147% YoY Growth

Medical SEO case study of MedPark Hospital.

MedPark is a private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. It caters to its local audience but also aims to become a global destination for medical tourism. It was recently awarded one of Thailand’s top 10 hospitals .

Key Growth Contributor: In a push to expand its local and international reach, MedPark Hospital tailored content to its Thai and global audiences. They did this by creating thousands of new pages in both Thai and English. Thailand traffic more than tripled keyword rankings YoY, while U.S. rankings went from non-existent to 206K keywords . English pages generated over a quarter million organic visits in the analysis month’s traffic alone.

  • Tailor content to your audience(s).
  • Assign hreflang attributes on multilingual sites.
  • Use the marketing funnel to meet the different stages of your customer’s journey.

Read the full SEO case study here: MedPark Hospital 523% YoY Growth

Mobile app SEO case study of Transit.

Transit is a mobile app for public transportation. It provides real-time data on transportation lines, departure times, and delays. Transit covers over 300 cities worldwide and has over 10 million downloads on Android. It also ranks #4 in Apple navigation apps.

Key Growth Contributor: For most of the website’s lifetime, Transit had under 300 pages on its site at any given time. Then, in 2023, they accelerated their content production using programmatic SEO . Pages skyrocketed to 10-21K . These new landing pages highlight specific commutes using regional transportation methods, like buses, subways, and trains.

  • Build out your content portfolio to rank for more keywords.
  • Leverage automation to streamline content creation.
  • Optimize for Google’s People Also Ask box with FAQs.

Read the full SEO case study here: Transit 1,134% YoY Growth

Food blog SEO case study of Iowa Girl Eats.

Iowa Girl Eats is a gluten-free food blog by Kristin Porter. She started her blog in 2018 and received 1.5 million monthly organic visits in 2023. What’s even more impressive is that she reached this new traffic milestone in just 3 months.

Key Growth Contributor: Iowa Girl Eats’ success lies on the search engine results page ( SERP .) Thanks to a generous implementation of recipe and review schema markup behind the scenes, Porter won attractive recipe snippets on the SERP. Iowa Girl Eats is frequently featured in Google’s recipe carousel, and her food images rank in Google image search.

  • Implement recipe schema markup to win recipe snippets on the SERP.
  • Optimize images to rank in Google image search.
  • Craft user-centric content that ranks in People Also Ask.

Read the full SEO case study here: Iowa Girl Eats 508% Growth in 3 Months

SaaS SEO case study of KrispCall.

KrispCall is a virtual cloud phone system. It offers a range of SaaS communication products, from a cloud telephony system to virtual phone numbers and call center software. KrispCall boasts a global customer base, with headquarters in Singapore and an additional office in Australia.

Key Growth Contributor: KrispCall leveraged programmatic SEO to create a landing page for every area code in the United States. They also included international area codes of some of their top traffic-driving countries. These pages had a dramatic effect, generating 82% of all U.S. traffic during the analysis month.

  • Address audience needs and fulfill search intent .
  • Optimize page templates for programmatic SEO.
  • Implement FAQ schema markup to win PAA results.

Read the full SEO case study here: KrispCall 1,969% YoY Growth

Food blog SEO case study of Handle the Heat.

Handle the Heat is a baking blog by Tessa Arias. She started the blog in 2009 after graduating from culinary school. Today, Handle the Heat has over 1,000 dessert recipes online. Tessa’s blog stands out in the food blogging world because she infuses science into each recipe. Readers enjoy helpful baking tips that are backed by science and sweet-tooth-approved.

Key Growth Contributor: Handle the Heat had a two-fold primary reason for its SEO success. (1) Tessa’s commitment to high-quality , comprehensive content in every blog post. (2) Google algorithm updates that rewarded Tessa’s efforts with a boost in rankings. The full SEO case study dissects Tessa’s content and shares the specific algorithm updates that elevated the blog’s performance.

  • Write for people first, search engines second.
  • Engage your audience on social media.
  • Implement schema markup behind the scenes.

Read the full SEO case study here: Handle the Heat 295% Growth in 6 Months

B2C SEO case study of The Independent Pharmacy.

The Independent Pharmacy is an online pharmacy based in Bristol, United Kingdom. It provides medical consultations, health advice, and prescriptions to ePharma shoppers. The site was launched in 2013 and is considered one of the leading UK online pharmacies today. It has over 19,000 online positive reviews and offers over 800 treatments .

Key Growth Contributor: The Independent Pharmacy leveraged FAQs to enhance its visibility on the SERP. They include FAQs on almost every landing page and implement FAQ schema markup behind the scenes. This strategic move proved pivotal, winning them 8.7K keyword rankings in the People Also Ask box during the analysis month. It also contributed to them surpassing over 1 million monthly visits .

  • Use FAQs to optimize for PAA results.
  • Implement FAQ schema markup to win PAA snippets.
  • Maintain content freshness with regular updates.

Read the full SEO case study here: The Independent Pharmacy 634% Growth in 6 Months

8. Hawthorn (Local & eCommerce)

eCommerce SEO case study of Hawthorn Mall.

Hawthorn is a Chicagoland mall located in Vernon Hills, Illinois. It’s been a neighborhood staple for over 50 years and expanded into the online market in 2015. More recently, Hawthorn added an eCommerce platform in 2020. The blend of brick-and-mortar with eCommerce has been pivotal in Hawthorn’s long-term success.

Key Growth Contributor: During the spring of 2023, Hawthorn added 51K new pages to its online shopping platform . This move tripled their keyword rankings (326K keywords) and triggered a jump in traffic. It also brought more non-branded traffic to the site than ever, effectively expanding Hawthorn’s reach.

  • Include a 301 redirect strategy as you plan for a domain migration.
  • Extend your reach by optimizing for new, relevant keywords.
  • Use image SEO to win rankings in Google image search results.

Read the full SEO case study here: Hawthorn Reached 252K Monthly Visits in 5 Months

9. All About Cookies (Web & Tech)

Web SEO case study of All About Cookies.

All About Cookies is an informational resource for online privacy and data security. They cover topics like identity theft prevention, antivirus protection, VPNs, and more. Tutorials and software recommendations are their main type of content, generating over half of site traffic.

Key Growth Contributor: In 2023, All About Cookies added almost 600 new pages to its site. This new content was segmented into five distinct categories, each catering to a different stage in the marketing funnel . This comprehensive approach assured All About Cookies met the needs of each of its customers, regardless of where they were in their buying journey. It also contributed to an influx of new ranking keywords (approximately 259K.)

  • Create a content marketing funnel to serve each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Optimize for all areas of the SERP for maximum visibility.
  • Implement schema markup to win more attractive search results.

Read the full SEO case study here: All About Cookies 3,336% YoY Growth

Publishing SEO case study of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a prominent historical dictionary of the English language. It’s a comprehensive guide to the meaning, history, and usage of over half a million words. The OED is widely recognized as the most complete collection of the English language.

Key Growth Contributor: For most of the website’s lifetime, OED’s content was locked behind a paywall. However, in 2023, they switched to a freemium model, adding free factsheets to the site. Factsheets are accessible to all users and search engines. This transition proved instrumental in OED’s online presence. Factsheets account for 99% of all pages and are the primary driver of the site’s organic traffic .

  • Implement SEO-friendly URLs to aid users and search engines.
  • Add new, indexable pages to rank in search results.
  • Optimize content for People Also Ask results.

Read the full SEO case study here: Oxford English Dictionary 1,041% Growth in 3 Months

eCommerce SEO case study of MESHKI.

MESHKI is a popular Australian clothing brand. It features trendy women’s designs and is frequently spotted on social media influencers. MESHKI has an international customer base and leverages three domains to target specific audiences (Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.)

Key Growth Contributor: In 2023, MESHKI launched its third domain ( It was specifically designed to cater to UK customers . All three websites use a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) to signal their geographic locations to search engines. This decision allowed MESHKI to target traffic in each country , boosting rankings in their respective locations.

  • Use ccTLDs to target international markets.
  • Leverage on-page SEO to boost rankings for branded keywords.
  • Implement product schema to win review snippets on the SERP.

Read the full SEO case study here: MESHKI 589% Growth in 3 Months

Blog SEO case study of Golfer Geeks.

Golfer Geeks is a beginner-friendly golf blog. It was started in 2015 by Jamie Boudreaux, an entrepreneur and avid golfer. His goal? Share his love for the sport and help readers improve their game.

Key Growth Contributor: Boudreaux actively fought content decay (a natural decline in performance over time) by regularly updating his blog posts . This involved revisiting some of Golfer Geeks’ high-performing content, such as product lineups and reviews. By infusing new material into older content, Boudreaux optimized for content freshness . This approach holds dual benefits for both users and search engines. It demonstrates that the content is still relevant today, making it more likely to maintain or improve its ranking.

  • Fight content decay by monitoring organic performance.
  • Use image SEO best practices to rank in Google Images.
  • Implement FAQ schema to win People Also Ask rich results.

Read the full SEO case study here: Golfer Geeks 190% YoY Growth

13. Explore (Travel & Tourism)

Travel SEO case study of Explore.

Explore is a travel resource for planning trips. Just shy of accommodation bookings, it has everything globe-trotters need to choose and organize their next vacation. Explore provides destination recommendations, travel guides, planning tips, and more.

Key Growth Contributor: After a recent acquisition, Explore focused on its content strategy in 2023. They added thousands of new pages targeting long-tail keywords . These search queries are easier to rank for because there is less competition . They also have high conversion rates , making them ideal for websites looking to grow their traffic and revenue fast.

  • Target long-tail keywords and create content that fulfills search intent.
  • Implement schema markup to win more real estate on the SERP.
  • Build more backlinks and interlink across domains.

Read the full SEO case study here: Explore Quadrupled Traffic in 10 Months

Sports site SEO case study of Wagering Terms.

Wagering Terms is a digital glossary for sports betting terminology. It has an extensive catalog of key betting terms and phrases for both beginner and advanced bettors.

Key Growth Contributor: Leading up to its explosive organic growth, Wagering Terms had a simple approach to its content strategy: build out its glossary . They added around 1.5K new entries to the site in 6 months, and the results were immediate. Each month, organic traffic experienced significant growth. This effect snowballed into a record high of 42K monthly visits at the end of 2023. Ultimately, Wagering Terms proves that a simple concept, when done right, can lead to incredible results.

  • Grow your existing content portfolio.
  • Understand and fulfill search intent.
  • Implement schema markup for click-worthy search results.

Read the full SEO case study here: Wagering Terms 1,231% Growth in 3 Months

In the world of SEO, knowledge is power.

We hope these SEO success stories inspire you to unlock the full potential of your online presence. Each case study is a testament to the impact strong strategies can have on your growth.

To stay on top of the latest developments on SEO strategies and trending websites, we invite you to visit AIOSEO Trends .

We share new SEO case studies here every week .

AIOSEO Trends features new SEO case studies every week.

With AIOSEO Trends, you’ll learn:

  • Who’s dominating the SERP
  • What SEO strategies they used
  • How to replicate their success on your site

Plus, you’ll get the tips , tools , and resources you need to make these optimizations a reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make 2024 the year of higher rankings and more traffic now!

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case study for seo

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Reviews & Comparisons

8 seo case studies: examples that will energize your strategy.

Nick Eubanks

Looking to level up your SEO strategy, but need help figuring out where to start? What if you could learn from real-world examples of companies that have successfully improved their rankings and attracted more organic traffic?

I’ve got many compelling SEO case studies from the years I’ve spent learning everything I can about search engine algorithms. I hope these stories help spark ideas and develop strategies you can model in your own efforts.

By seeing what has worked for other businesses, you’ll gain invaluable insights on refining your approach and achieving your SEO KPIs . The case studies we’ll explore cover various industries, goals, and tactics — from revamping on-page content to building high-authority backlinks to recovering from Google penalties.

Discover eight concrete SEO success stories and get actionable tips you can implement today.

What Is an SEO Case Study?

An SEO case study is an in-depth analysis and strategic review of how a website improves its search engine rankings and organic traffic growth over time. SEO case studies explain the goals, technical approach, and results of specific optimization tactics.

The purpose of documenting SEO stories is multifaceted. 

First, they provide a blueprint for success (similar to a product launch checklist ) that others can model because they outline the step-by-step process of what worked to boost rankings and traffic. 

Second, case studies build trust and credibility by showcasing real examples with data and metrics. This is particularly valuable for SEO and SEM agencies creating bottom-of-funnel content to show their potential ROI.

Lastly, case studies are a learning opportunity for all SEO practitioners to improve their own strategies. Analyzing the factors that led to positive ROI, search visibility, and conversions for others helps you identify smart tactics to test on your sites.

In terms of content, a complete SEO case study will cover:

  • Initial objectives
  • Ranking situation
  • Technical audit findings
  • Specific on-page and off-page activities
  • Time frames for implementation
  • Associated costs
  • Measurable results month-by-month and year-over-year 

Tracking detailed analytics data is critical. The most compelling case studies also outline the estimated revenue and long-term ROI from the SEO initiatives.

Have you ever created case studies of your own work? They can help you persuade prospects and get more SEO clients .

I’m going to provide “mini” SEO case study examples to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Why Are SEO Case Studies Valuable?

Here’s why SEO case studies are worth reviewing.

  • They showcase proven strategies in action. You get to see what combination of tactics boosted rankings and organic traffic for actual sites.
  • You learn the step-by-step process of SEO initiatives that generated strong ROI. The case study format allows you to model what worked and avoid the efforts that don’t pay dividends.
  • Since case studies focus on the metrics and data, you get real analysis based on actual results — not guesses or estimates. You see what moved the needle.
  • By covering time frames in detail, you understand realistic SEO timelines — giving you a framework for smarter goal-setting.
  • Well-documented case studies outline the costs associated with SEO efforts , so you can optimize budget and resources.

In short, getting detailed SEO case study examples (particularly from sites in your industry) is like accessing an SEO expert’s blueprint for increasing organic search visibility.

SEO Case Study Examples to Check Out

Here are eight compelling examples that offer key lessons you can apply to your site.

1. Edelweiss Bakery

Edelweiss Bakery

Edelweiss Bakery is a small, local bakery in Florida that struggled with low online visibility despite having a loyal customer base. To boost their search rankings and web traffic, they partnered with the international SEO agency Why SEO Serious. 

Semrush described how the agency optimized Edelweiss’ on-page elements, conducted technical audits, redesigned the homepage, expanded its site structure, built backlinks , and created an SEO-optimized blog. 

Just four months after implementing these tactics, the bakery attracted 230 backlinks and grew its organic traffic by 214%.

2. Learning with Experts

Learning with Experts

The demand for online learning is high, and competition for top spots in the SERPs is fierce. Learning with Experts , an online learning community, partnered with UK-based agency Re:signal to boost their low organic visibility. 

Re:signal conducted keyword research, site audits, and on-page optimization. They identified keyword gaps, optimized category pages, improved site structure, and created new blog posts. After five months, organic sessions rose 59%, and Learning with Experts grew their revenue by 94%.

3. CMA Exam Academy

CMA Exam Academy

Accountant Nathan Liao created a CMA exam prep course but struggled to scale traffic with paid ads and social media. He saw some organic success but lacked the bandwidth to optimize this site further on his own.

Nathan hired Digital Commerce Partners (DCP), who analyzed and fixed technical SEO issues, reoptimized existing blog posts for quick wins, developed a custom content strategy integrated with DCP’s writers for scalability, and provided monthly reporting.

After a year, CMA Exam Academy saw a 125% revenue jump, increased its pageviews by 121%, and attracted 147% more users. DCP’s multilayered SEO approach drove significant business growth for CEA.

4. The CBD Supplier

The CBD Supplier

UK-based CBD product marketplace The CBD Supplier struggled with low organic visibility in a competitive industry. 

Web design agency Cude targeted long-tail keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. The agency also improved internal linking and built a plan to create topical content clusters. 

This laser-focused SEO strategy grew search traffic by 557% in 12 months. It transformed The CBD Supplier into a mid-5-figure e-commerce business — which is particularly remarkable, given that it previously only generated £1,000 in revenue. 


Avis Car Rental , partnered with digital marketing agency Big Leap in 2018. The rental car company has more than 1,700 locations, so Big Leap focused on local SEO optimization tailored to each specific branch.

The agency conducted extensive audits to optimize individual map listings and citations across search engines. It sought to improve the website’s location pages to rank for key city and state-specific terms.

Big Leap performed in-depth technical SEO audits to identify high-impact areas to target. Then it assembled a team of skilled writers to produce more than 300 original, on-brand pieces of content optimized around high-volume keywords and strategic internal linking. Maintaining quality control was a top priority.

The multi-channel local SEO strategy delivered tremendous ROI. Avis ranked on the first page for 213 additional target keywords, including valuable conversion-focused terms. This led to hundreds of thousands of new qualified leads, accelerating business growth.

6. Healthspan


Health supplement retailer Healthspan approached UK agency Re:signal seeking to improve rankings after a Google Penguin penalty tanked their search visibility. 

Re:signal set goals to increase organic revenue, recover from the algorithm hit, and reduce Healthspan’s reliance on paid search. They worked through the penalty problem using link analysis and optimized for key product terms in the supplement industry. 

The results? Organic revenue rose 144% in a year, enabling Healthspan to cut back on paid search spend. Re:signal also secured high-quality media coverage that showcased Healthspan’s brand on a larger stage.

7. Regional Dentist

Regional Dentist

A large regional dental provider hired the agency Momentic to improve local search visibility across 14 cities. 

Momentic audited the competitive landscape and optimized location and service pages through content updates. 

Just one month after implementing recommendations, the dental provider increased organic traffic so much that they could turn off paid search. Appointments skyrocketed alongside a 140% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

8. DesktopReady


Desktop-as-a-service company DesktopReady hired agency HawkSEM after a website relaunch tanked their traffic. HawkSEM audited technical SEO issues, optimized old content, created new targeted content, and enhanced DesktopReady’s social media profiles. 

This multifaceted strategy increased users by 409%, grew backlinks from 822 to 1,340, and catapulted DesktopReady to solid rankings for 468 more keywords . DesktopReady recovered from the traffic plunge and reclaimed its position as an industry leader.

TTT Academy: The Next Step for Your SEO Education

Now that you’ve seen some inspiring SEO case studies that show you what’s possible, I’ve got the next step for you. 

TTT Academy provides the ultimate training environment to grow your SEO knowledge and career. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • 200+ hours of exclusive webinars and training from top SEO experts on crucial topics to solve your biggest challenges.
  • Highly relevant sessions based on your skill level and current needs with a searchable archive of categorized resources.
  • Monthly Q&A calls so you can ask questions and get help applying what you’re learning.
  • Downloadable assets like process documents and cheat sheets to start implementing tactics immediately.
  • Access to a highly active community that lives and breathes SEO.

If you’re ready to shortcut years of learning curves and trial-and-error in your SEO growth, now’s the time to join TTT Academy. Sign up today to get instant access and start accelerating your SEO skills the fast (and smart) way!

92 SEO Case Studies, Examples and Success Stories

Seo case study: how google’s algo update rewarded our orthopedic client’s traffic by 71.69% for seo done right.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the only constant is change. We started working for this client (an orthopedic clinic) in January 2024. Our

eCommerce SEO Case Study: A 96.52% Organic Growth For An Online Home Decor Store

Our client, a rising star in the decor and home interior eCommerce sector approached us in December 2023. Our mission was clear: to ensure that

eCommerce SEO Case Study: A 108% Boost in Organic Traffic: Strategies That Grew a Health Food Empire

Our client, a burgeoning online health food store, found themselves in this exact predicament. Despite offering a wide range of high-quality, nutritious products, their online

SEO case study: Skyrocketing a brand new website from 0 to 49.6K impressions in 3 months

In the competitive digital landscape, launching a new website and carving out a significant presence is a formidable challenge. In early 2023, we partnered up

SEO Case Study: How We Used SEO-Structured Content to Generate Tons of Leads for a SaaS Company

In June 2023, we started working on a SaaS client who is facing a significant challenge – their web traffic was stagnant, and their online

SEO Case Study: Using Large-Language Model Optimization (LLMO) to Grow Organic Traffic & Revenues

In September 2023, we embarked on an ambitious journey with an emerging eCommerce client in the home improvement product sector. Our mission was clear: skyrocket

SEO Case Study: A Remarkable Traffic Turnaround After Being Hit by a Google Penalty

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, an ecommerce client found themselves at a crossroads in April 2023. With ambitions to scale and capitalize on

SEO Case Study: Accelerating Sales For A Singaporean Used Car Dealer Website

Our client, a prominent used car dealer in Singapore, faced challenges in attracting more online traffic that converts into leads. Their online presence was not

Skyrocketing Clicks and Impressions Post Google’s Algorithm Update

The August 2023 Google update posed a new challenge for digital marketers. Our client, a SAAS(Software as a Service) company, faced this head-on. Generally, for

eCommerce Site Revamp that Resulted in 1113% Impressions & 190% Clicks

Our client, an ecommerce website in the electronics industry, wanted to migrate their e-commerce website to a new platform to enhance user experience and drive

A Shopify eCommerce Success Story: 724% Increase in Clicks, 351% Rise in Impressions

One of our esteemed Shopify clients experienced a significant dip in website traffic in June 2023 after working with another SEO agency for some time.

How SEO-Structured Content Marketing can WIN it for SaaS Companies’ Web Traffic

In June 2023, we partnered with a SaaS client whose web traffic was facing a downturn. With our tailored SEO strategies, we were committed to

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the only constant is change. We started working for this client (an orthopedic clinic) in January 2024. Our goal

Our client, a rising star in the decor and home interior eCommerce sector approached us in December 2023. Our mission was clear: to ensure that when

Our client, a burgeoning online health food store, found themselves in this exact predicament. Despite offering a wide range of high-quality, nutritious products, their online visibility

In the competitive digital landscape, launching a new website and carving out a significant presence is a formidable challenge. In early 2023, we partnered up with

In June 2023, we started working on a SaaS client who is facing a significant challenge – their web traffic was stagnant, and their online presence

In September 2023, we embarked on an ambitious journey with an emerging eCommerce client in the home improvement product sector. Our mission was clear: skyrocket their

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, an ecommerce client found themselves at a crossroads in April 2023. With ambitions to scale and capitalize on the

Our client, a prominent used car dealer in Singapore, faced challenges in attracting more online traffic that converts into leads. Their online presence was not generating

The August 2023 Google update posed a new challenge for digital marketers. Our client, a SAAS(Software as a Service) company, faced this head-on. Generally, for SAAS

Our client, an ecommerce website in the electronics industry, wanted to migrate their e-commerce website to a new platform to enhance user experience and drive sales.

One of our esteemed Shopify clients experienced a significant dip in website traffic in June 2023 after working with another SEO agency for some time. The

In June 2023, we partnered with a SaaS client whose web traffic was facing a downturn. With our tailored SEO strategies, we were committed to navigating

10 of Our Best Cases Studies

1. how an ecommerce company totally dominates its target market with seo.

We recently discussed a case study for one of our Malaysian clients that runs a website for alcoholic beverages. Here are some numbers to show how …

2. Strategies to Overcome Traffic Stagnation and Trigger SEO Growth Momentum

This report is an update to our previous case study for a Singapore-based ecommerce site selling baby shoes. We started working with them in November 2021 …

3. How We Rank Keywords That Generate Enrolments Worth Lots of $$$ for a College.

Our client is an educational institute in Malaysia offering graduate and postgraduate level courses. Education in itself is a highly competitive market, with universities jostling for …

4. Strategies to Win Valuable Organic Traffic in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

Our client is a site that provides services in the finance niche- accounting, taxation, corporate secretariat consultancy, etc. Since they are based in Singapore, the world’s …

5. Strategies to get stubborn & highly competitive keywords indexed/ranked in Google fast.

This is a quick extension of our previous case study for our client, which offers consulting services in the VR technology niche. The client had originally …

6. Impressions increased by 4.8M since the last post 3 months back!

This is an update to one of our previous case studies (Click here to read). As mentioned earlier, we started working for an online pet food ...

7. SEO Case Study: How we increased the impressions by 300% in less than 3 months

Our client is a site that provides services in the female fertility niche in Singapore. This niche is a highly-targeted sector with low monthly search volumes ...

8. How we managed to increase our client’s organic traffic by over 80%

The client is an e-commerce site selling baby shoes in Singapore. Compared to various industry giants, the client’s site is relatively new with much lower domain ...

9. An increase in impressions by about 800% is achievable!

We own an app development platform/website that offers services on building native and hybrid mobile apps to feature on App Store. With a global target market ...

10. How we grew our site impressions from 2k to 4k+ in three months!

We own an informational site that talks about solar panels and other solar products. Since we’ve been targeting global readership and competing against industry giants for ...

At Growth Pro , we’ve learnt from both- failures and success.

Over the years, we’ve developed proven SEO strategies that include keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO content creation, on-page optimization, internal linking structures, local SEO, recovering from Google penalties, ranking for keywords, website redesigning, etc.

Check out how we applied SEO best practices for organizations in various niches to reach their goals and how your business can benefit from these!

Insightful SEO case studies that depict how we took over complex SEO projects and worked with clients to understand and resolve their pain points.

  • E-commerce SEO case studies
  • B2B SEO case studies
  • Shopify SEO case studies
  • International SEO case studies
  • Local SEO case studies/ Small business SEO case studies
  • SAAS SEO case studies

Follow these successful SEO case studies and learn the exact steps, tools and tactics we used to improve page rankings, grow organic traffic and drive conversions.

Get a feel of how your business can grow the same way!

Check out our range of services for SEO Malaysia , Global SEO , SEO website design and development , Whitelabel SEO , and SEO content writing services .

If you want to aggressively GROW your online presence, we need to talk ASAP!

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Seo case studies, playbooks that help you scale.

I hate bullshit. So for the SEO case studies below, I told the interviewee to leave their personal interests at the door and to give away their best secrets. ‍ And the results were...incredible. The guests got real. They shared actionable frameworks. They shared tricks, tips, and techniques that have never been shared before. We got the exact playbook used by each brand. Want to learn to scale traffic (like the most successful of SEOs)? Unlock +30 case studies for £17 ↓

Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore

"Love the case studies, they're excellent 🙌 I've been leveraging them to inform strategy and get buy-in from stakeholders it has been a tremendous help!"

case study for seo

Aaron Arias

"The UserPilot case study is just amazing. I've never subscribed to a paid newsletter before, but I'm hooked."

case study for seo

Josh Mcnicholas

"Love what you are doing and the money is 100% worth the gold you extract. You articulate it so well and save me a LOT of thinking time!"

Jump to Your Category ↓ ‍

Latest SEO Case Study

Here's the latest SEO case study we've published ↓

How Preply Grew to 3.8M Traffic/Month in Just 3 Years

Product-led SEO, forums, and scaled content production.

SEO Case Study

Our Top SEO Case Studies

These aren't really case studies. They're full playbook. They detail the exact strategy used by each company—with an interview with the person in charge.

case study for seo

How to Build a Content Operation Like Workello

Building an operation like this is the real secret behind a scalable search strategy.

Full Case Study

Scribe SEO Case Study

How Monday Wrote 1,000 SEO Articles in 12 Months (and then IPO'd)

In this actionable guide, the team behind monday's SEO teaches us how they did it.

Retro Dodo SEO case study

How Retro Dodo Grew to 1M Clicks & $50K Monthly Revenue in 3 Yrs

Brandon has built one of the most high quality gaming websites out there.

Best SEO Case Studies for Beginners

SEO can be a little overwhelming when you're getting started. These playbooks contain a lot more "beginner" level tips and suggestions. Whether you're a SaaS marketer or starting a blog yourself, these case studies are jam packed with great strategies ↓

case study for seo

What is E-E-A-T?

SEO can be a little overwhelming when you're getting started. These episodes contain a lot more "beginner" level tips and suggestions.

Expert Interview

Best Practice

case study for seo

How to Get SEO Clients (And Get Leads to Come to You)

How we get 10 inbound leads a week between us.

case study for seo

3 Types of SEO Research

Learn how to do audience, keyword, and customer research with our friends and Minuttia.

case study for seo

How Ahrefs Grew to 1.5M Monthly Visitors and Exploded Leads

How the Ahrefs team use content and search marketing to drive leads consistently over time with less and less work.

case study for seo

How to Zapier, Hubspot and Animalz Create Remarkable Content That Drives Results

Give this guide to your writers. 10X your quality.

case study for seo

Tomb Raiding SEO: The Keyword Strategy Behind the "Beast"

A fundamental keyword research technique that every SEO needs to know.

case study for seo

How Fery Kaszoni got 100s of Backlinks in One Weekend

Master PR backlink builder teaches you the fundamentals of building quality backlinks.

PR Link Building

case study for seo

The Secrets Behind Animalz Own Content Strategy

Learn how the content agency Animalz executes its own strategy.

Content Strategy

case study for seo

4 Thought Leadership Frameworks for SEO Content

Use these frameworks to make your SEO content really connect with your audience.

Best SEO Case Studies for B2B SaaS

From Eli Schwartz to Kevin Indig, from to Typeform, these SEO case studies display some of the most successful strategies of our time. They're *real* results by world-class SEOs ↓

case study for seo

How to Build Thought Leadership into a Velocity SEO Workflow

Erin Balsa teaches us how to scale quality. And she really, really knows her stuff about thought leadership-quality content.

case study for seo

How Seized First Mover Advantages and Got 1M Clicks in 5 Months

The SEO team who worked with during their SEO scale period tells all.

Part 1: How Monday Wrote 1,000 SEO Articles in 12 Months (and then IPO'd)

In this actionable guide, Brad Smith from Codeless teaches us how they scaled's SEO.

case study for seo

Part 2: How Scaled Search Traffic 600% in 2 Years

We catch up with the in-house team at to talk about their SEO strategy and how it evolved.

case study for seo

How SurveyMonkey Scaled Organic to $200M in Annual Revenue

Eli Schwartz teaches us product-led SEO and guides us on building an SEO engine with scale in mind.

case study for seo

Typeform's $3M Annual LTV SEO Strategy

Typeform's Head of Growth tells us about their experiments and core growth drivers.

Aura's Rise to ~1 Million Monthly Visitors in 12 Months: A Full-Funnel SEO Strategy

Gaetano from Aura teaches us the SEO strategy the Aura team implemented.

case study for seo

How Hotjar Drives Revenue with SEO (+20% Sign Ups)

Hotjar's Senior Content Strategist teaches us how deep customer understanding drives fast growth at Hotjar.

Scribe SEO case study

How Maze Built an SEO Revenue Engine. And You Can, Too.

Learn how Maze built a full-funnel SEO strategy that drives & captures demand [900 inbound sign-ups a month].

How Scribe Grew from 0-100K Monthly Visitors in 7 Months

Jakub from Scribe describes the type of content that drives both traffic AND sign-ups.

Supermetrics SEO case study

How SEO Helped Supermetrics Grow to $50m ARR

Product-led content was a core part of Supermetrics' SEO journey.

How Operto 4x Revenue in 12 Months With the FGS SEO Framework

This framework from Flying Cat Marketing is how you build revenue growth into your SEO strategy.

How Topical Authority Helped Respona Grow 0 to ~100K Monthly Organic Visitors

The team from Minuttia describe the concept of topical authority and they built it.

Tim Soulo explains the content they invest in, and why it matters for every SaaS product company.

How Venngage Went From 0 to 3M Monthly Traffic & 150K Monthly Sign-Ups

Learn about the tricks of rapid backlink building in this SEO case study with Venngage.

How Gaetano Generates High-Quality Organic Leads on a Budget

B2B legend Gaetano teaches us how to drive lots of leads with SEO.

How to Get 30K Organic Downloads and $2M ARR From One Ebook

CustomerGauge marketing leader, Ian, describes the campaign that exploded their eBook downloads.

Learn the secrets of scaling search traffic

• Instantly access 25+ case studies • Growing library of content ops templates • New case studies each week

SEO case studies

B2C SaaS SEO Case Studies

From Peanut App to Cazoo, these B2C SEO case studies display some of the most successful SEO strategies of our time. They're *real* results by world-class SEOs ↓

case study for seo

0 to £6 billion IPO in 2 years | The role of SEO in Cazoo's growth story

Cazoo's Director of Organic Performance explains how we designed their extraordinary SEO strategy.

case study for seo

6-Steps to Building a High-Converting SEO Strategy

Benji from Grow & Convert teaches us how to create a quality-focused SEO strategy that drives revenue AND traffic.

Fixing the SEO of an £80M Monthly Fashion Store (+22% In Revenue in 12 Months)

eCommerce SEO expert explains the nuance of enterpise eCom SEO and the mistakes this fashion company was making.

Local SEO case study

Growing a Daycare to £13M in Revenue via SEO (Local SEO Case Study)

Tim Hanson's local SEO strategy redesigned how this daycare approached organic growth.

How to Get 2m Clicks in 16 Months in a Tough-to-Win Niche

Healthcare is a YMYL space. Here's how to make sure your SEO strategy will win in such a difficult to win space.

How Peanut Grew from 0 to 2.3M Monthly Traffic in 12 Months

Peanut App grew faster than anyone we've ever seen. Here are all their SEO secrets.

Top Niche Site Case Studies

From Retro Dodo to Investopedia, these SEO case studies display some of the most successful publication case studies of our time. Here's a further break down of 4 niche site examples and the strategy behind them ↓

How Living Cozy Grew to 335K/Month

Ash Read's side-gig became a publishing powerhouse. Here's the full story.

case study for seo

Growing My Niche Website to 75,000 Visitors & £7K Income per Month in 2 Years

Samantha North learned SEO from scratch and replaced her full time income. Here's how.

Investopedia SEO Case Study

How Investopedia Gets 80 Million in Monthly Traffic

Investopedia is a powerhouse in the finance space. And for good reason, their topical and backlink authority is top of its game.

case study for seo

Tomb Raiding SEO: Effective Keyword Research

Every SEO needs to know this keyword research strategy.

case study for seo

How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Stop choosing passion. Start making money.

case study for seo

How to Use Aged Domains to Juice Up Your Authority

Aged domains are one way to quickly gain backlink authority. Here's how to not mess up buying an expired domain.

4 Incredible SEO Case Study Examples

1/ how wrote 1,000 seo articles in 12 months.

Monday SEO strategy

The project management software,, is infamous for their intrusive, yet intriguing advertising campaigns.

But, did you know they’re also HOT in the SEO game, too? 

Back in 2020, they were new kids on the block. They had an SEO manager but hadn’t built any kind of strategic SEO plan. But that all changed in Q4 2020.

Rotem Shay, monday’s Head of Acquisition of 8 years, was looking to diversify. And in true style their attitude was to go big, or go home.

‍ “The head of acquisitions mindset was to just go big or go home. And that's really what you saw.”—Zoe Averbuch, Senior SEO Manager, on the How the F*ck SEO Podcast

In the 12 months that followed,

  • Produced 1,000 articles
  • Scaled up to over 1 million monthly visitors

In the How the F*ck SEO community, I was lucky enough to interview multiple people involved in the scaleup.

In part one, we learned the lessons of scale. Brad Smith, from the content production company Codeless, taught the community the critical components of an content operation that can produce 100+ articles in a month.

In part two, insiders, Eliana Atia and Zoe Averbuch, shared their perspective. We learned how their 8 years of PPC helped prioritization of keywords, and we found out what mistakes, improvements, and best practices they learned on their journey.

“If all this relied on us just being brilliant, that would be bad. I’d probably still be broke.”-Brad Smith on the How the F*ck SEO Podcast

Key Takeaways:

  • ⚡ Moving forward: What were their biggest learnings and how are they continuously maintaining their enormous content library?
  • ⚡ Documentation: What foundational guides are fundamental to scaling content creation? And the ones you must not miss.
  • ⚡ Keywords: How to choose those that rank in a short space of time. So you see results now, not in 12 months.
  • ⚡ Writer acquisition: How to find enough great writers for 125 articles per month. And filter out the rubbish ones.
  • ⚡ Quality: How to write good enough quality for Monday, even on technical topics.
  • ⚡ Return on investment: Was the experiment worth it? How has Monday's SEO strategy iterated from their learnings?
  • ⚡ Why prioritization is everything in SEO . And why this means it's important to ship new content before it's fully edited.

Read the Case Studies:

  •’s SEO content operation scale up [part 1]
  •’s traffic scale up strategy [part 2]

Listen to the Interview:

2/ How Typeform Built SEO into a $3M Annual Lifetime Revenue Channel

Typeform SEO

Typeform felt like they came out of nowhere. SurveyMonkey dominated the space, but Typeform’s slick and intuitive UI put them on the map.

Jake Stainer, Typeform’s Head of Growth throughout their scaleup, was new to SEO when he joined, but built out one of the most profitable SaaS SEO strategies I’ve seen.

Typeform’s trick?

Embedding their product in their content strategy. I shared this in the How the F*ck newsletter in April 2023 which summarizes this part of their SEO strategy well:

top seo tips

“I guess the trick is how can you relate your SEO to your product as closely as possible and not start creating like just educational content"—Jake Stainer, Co-Founder of Skale, Ex-Typeform Head of Growth on the How the F*ck SEO Podcast

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we learn in this case study. From growth modelling to rank-boosting experiments, Typeform gave us a masterclass in SEO strategy.

  • ⚡ How Typeform selected and prioritized keywords to drive the most revenue growth (an example of product-led SEO in action)
  • ⚡ How Typeform built out their template library, ranking for 1,000s of bottom-of-funnel keywords.
  • ⚡ Typeforms unique backlink building technique that scaled them to 2.3M backlinks (and 93 domain rating)
  • ⚡ How to build an SEO growth model that makes sure your strategy prioritizes revenue (with template)

Read the Case Study here.

3/ How UserPilot Used Programmatic SEO to Scale to 100,000 Monthly Traffic in 10 Months

Emilia Korczyńska, UserPilot’s whip-smart Head of Marketing, built up UserPilot content operation to output 40 blog posts a month. 

But the potential output capability was, at one point, 29 long-form blog posts per hour.

You may be thinking, huh?! 🤨

But, yeah, that’s right. That’s the power of systems-based thinking and programmatic content compiling.

“Programmatic SEO is essentially building content at scale from templates. Typically it’s content that follows certain patterns, for example, a formulaic keyword with an interchangeable variable.”—Emilia Korczyńska on the How the F*ck SEO Podcast

In the case study, we learn how Emilia extracted product pain points and turned them into a customer-focused keyword strategy.

They tackled the bottom-of-funnel keyword patterns in priority:

  • Use case (ie. Customer segment + pain point)
  • Industry (ie. X + industry)
  • Role (ie. X + job titles)
  • Business Type (ie. X + for business type)
  • Solution (ie. tool, software, platform, solution)
  • Competitors (ie. X vs Y or X alternatives)

They leveraged a system of database of tools → templates → automation → human editing to write these keyword patterns rapidly.

Here’s an example of some content created:

pattern seo

  • ⚡ How to build systems that overcome your reliance on any one individual, so your content production never slows.
  • ⚡ How to leverage keyword patterns across content types to exponentially scale production.
  • ⚡ The templates and databases required to do programmatic SEO yourself (Spoiler: It's not that hard, even I have done it using Webflow + Sheets alone)

Read the Case Study: Programmatic SEO case study

4/ How Webflow Uses Programmatic SEO to Generate 100,000 Monthly Search Visitors—and Drive Customer Retention

webflow seo case study

I recently documented a clever strategy by the team at Webflow.

They’ve turned their user-generated template library into an internal search engine.

If you search for:

  • Text animation’s Webflow
  • Forms Webflow
  • Scroller examples Webflow
  • Essential ANY component you might want to see/steal examples from

Then they likely have a page for it, filled with examples and copiable components.

programmatic seo example

The best thing?

As a Webflow user, these genuinely really help get more value from the product. So by tapping into what their users are searching Google for, they’re aiding customer activation and retention.

Read the case study here.

How We Make Our SEO Case Studies

Most case studies really suck. Why? The incentives are all wrong. They're made by someone trying to sell to you. And, most people can't help but talk all about themselves, bending the truth along the way. When we make case studies—we focus on the actionable takeaways. Our goal is to educate and inspire, because that's what's valuable. If you're looking to get better at keyword research, SEO strategy, or the art of scaling your traffic, then our case studies are worth a read. Read more about how we make them here: SEO case study template .

SEO Case Study Best Practices

To create a best practice SEO case study, try to completely forget you are making a case study. If you were teaching someone exactly how you did it, what would you say? Focusing your case study on the fundamentals of teaching, not selling, is sure to make potential customers devour every single word.

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Best SEO Case Studies List that Actually Worked

Category: Case Study blogs SEO

Date: May 10, 2024

Best SEO Case Studies List that Actually Worked

Going through ‘SEO case studies’ is like a soldier getting ready for the war. Before pitching into the battlefield, soldiers will completely examine the rival, their armories, weapons, and so on.

In the same way, before you kickstart the SEO activities for your business, taking a sneak peek into the SEO case studies can greatly help. A complete SEO case study of an organization can serve as your eye-opener to identify what works and what doesn’t for your peers & competitors. Additionally, adding digital marketing services to your SEO arsenal can greatly help to boost your online presence and reach more potential customers.

In this blog, we have curated a few best SEO case studies that will help you devise a master plan for your SEO experiments. Grab a coffee, lock the door, and settle in to give the SEO case studies list a read.

Table Of Contents

16+ best seo case studies list to follow, 1. improve traffic & organic visibility, 2. increase organic traffic by 450%, 3. driving traffic to a localized website, 4. organic traffic increase through blogs, 5. drive local inquiries, 6. rank for 4 competitive keywords in just 32 weeks, 7. show up for keywords searches relevant to your service, 8. deliver leads through linkedin & ppc advertising, 9. optimizing existing campaigns to increase revenue & reduce cost, 10. increase roi during holiday season, 11. get 25% of keywords on your homepage within 60 days, 12. how to remove penalty, 13. how to renew an e-commerce company’s search engine ranking, 14. how to win in local seo, 15. how to improve on-page technical seo, 16. tips to recover from google’s penguin penalty, concluding our best seo case studies list.

Source : Rise Interactive

Website Revamp Goals

Industry: Food

  • Create a search-friendly website
  • Maximize visibility
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase visitors website

SEO Strategy

  • Develop an integrated site-wide keyword strategy
  • Uncovering user intent and organizing the site’s content
  • Create URL strategy to take advantage of established value
  • Remove and merge sections of the old website to support keyword strategy
  • Post website launch, SEO monitoring to fix issues

Website Revamp Takeaway – SEO First Approach

SEO Case Studies (SEO First Approach and Website Maintenance) - ColorWhistle

  • SEO-first approach and website maintenance goes hand-in-hand
  • Site architecture and content development is key to improving visitor experience and SEO
  • A URL strategy can help with SEO, user experience, and boost current marketing incentives


Increased website traffic, increased receipe sharing.

Source : Koozai

Website Improvements Objectives

Industry : Education

  • Improve traffic from organic search
  • Improve ranking for main keywords
  • Increase sign-ups
  • Build global awareness
  • Long-tail keyword research
  • Website structure refinement
  • Optimizing the site for mobile

SEO Maintenance Takeaway – Mobile SEO

SEO Case Study (Optimize for Mobile Users) - ColorWhistle

  • Long-tail keywords have amazing benefits including increased search volume, higher click-through-rate, higher conversion rate, easier and quicker ranking
  • We’ve all heard mobile is the ‘next big thing’ and it is here to stay, so it’s no big secret that website owners need to think about mobile users as well
  • Structuring a website is indeed a crucial element of SEO as it helps to generate more traffic and receive more internal links


#1 ranking for 20 keywords.

Source : Latitude Group

Local SEO Objectives

Industry : Hotel

  • Increase traffic to Arabic language website
  • Convert visits to bookings
  • Organically increase non-brand related traffic

Local SEO Strategy

  • Technical audit to optimize website for non-branded keywords
  • Changes to custom CMS
  • Combined content outreach and social media sharing to increase non-brand traffic
  • Publishing fresh content and sharing it on social media

Local SEO Takeaway – Regular Content Updates

SEO Case Study (Update Content Regularly) - ColorWhistle

  • Performing a technical audit improves the overall growth of a website. It is done to make a website flawless and more search engine friendly
  • Content outreach and social media sharing ensures direct visibility of your content and developing valuable relationship in the process
  • Constant flow of fresh content keeps your community engaged, more indexing, and helps the website to rank well in search engines


Of booking through organic sources, of top 10 landing pages by year end.

Source : TopRankMarketing

SEO with Blogging

Industry : Laboratory

Create a blog strategy to focus on solving customers pain points to increase qualified traffic

Blogging SEO Strategy

  • Post blogs relating to industry questions
  • Including keywords in content that target audience search
  • Adding call-to-actions(CTA) in each blog
  • Promote across social media platforms

Blogging SEO Takeaway – Use Better CTA’s

SEO Case Study (Improve CTA's) -ColorWhistle

  • If you write blogs that are relevant to your audience, it will give you an opportunity to drive back traffic to your website
  • Quality content is great, but it won’t improve your SEO efforts if relevant keywords are absent
  • CTA’s are so powerful that conversions, revenue, business, and profit rely on it
  • Even though there are many ways to promote content none of them are as good as social media platforms


Increase in page views.

Source : Hallaminternet

Lead Generation SEO Goals

Industry : Waste management

  • To be found at the time when users want to hire them
  • Increase awareness of their service
  • Focus on the locations they serve
  • Develop a detailed local SEO campaign
  • Optimizing visibility in ‘Google My Business’
  • Improving on-page local optimization
  • Generating high-quality mentions and links

SEO Maintenance Takeaway – Optimize on-page SEO

SEO Case Study (Optimize for On-page SEO) - ColorWhistle

  • A local SEO strategy is effective for improving customer experience, obtaining a higher SERP position, and pushes you ahead of your competitors
  • Staying on top of ‘Google My Business’ listing is a continuous process but, one that will be worth your effort as it increases your search engine visibility
  • When looking to achieve your goals, opt for small business SEO services. They offer tailored strategies to boost your online presence effectively. Wondering about SEO costs ? Our packages are designed to suit small businesses like yours, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.
  • On-page SEO not only gives you a better visibility but also helps you run successful internet marketing campaigns


Increased visibility in three targeted cities, increase in website traffic and leads.

Source : Outreachmama

Technical SEO Objectives

Industry : Online marketing

To get a first-page ranking for 4 competitive keywords

Fast SEO Link Building Strategy

  • Guest posting
  • Editorial link building
  • Skyscraper blogging and link outreach
  • Blogger outreach for links

SEO Link Building Takeaway – Outreach and increase visibility

SEO Case Study (Build Links) - ColorWhistle

  • While many are still at crossroads on whether guest posting works, doing it within Google’s guidelines is good for SEO
  • Guest posting and editorial link building are different. You can earn a link via guest post but, in editorial link building, you have to earn it naturally. If you somehow find a way to earn one, it is even more effective than guest posting
  • Small to big brands across the industries all swear by the skyscraper tactic to get amazing results
  • Link outreach plays an important role in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand
  • If you just want to connect with other bloggers or reach out to industry influencers, outreaching for links will amply your brand’s visibility. For that, you have to create truly exceptional content


Doubled organic traffic, 113 new referring domains.

Source : Simpletiger

Competitive SEO Goals

Industry : Software

Difficulty in showing up for keyword searches relevant to their services and features.

Competitive Technical SEO Strategy

  • A thorough technical, technical optimization, and recurring audits to find out new and existing problems
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Content audit to find out keyword rankings of the content
  • Steady blog publishing
  • Off-site audit to find out noteworthy content to get PR based articles in place to increase domain authority and get a better ranking

Technical SEO Takeaway – Conduct content audits

SEO Case Study (Content Keyword Audit) - ColorWhistle

  • Technical audit- Link building, content creation, content distribution, graphic design, etc is vital to successful SEO. But, all these “front end” SEO tactics won’t work if the “back-end” isn’t optimized. A basic technical audit includes finding broken links, proper usage of H1/H2/H3 tags and bolded words. It also extends into territory of servers, IP addresses, DNS services, web hosting, and all other kinds puzzling hi-tech terms
  • Technical optimization- If there are on-site factors hindering your SEO efforts, technical optimization is a must
  • Recurring audits- It will help you track your progress and whether your efforts are paying off
  • Offsite audit- It is the activities you do on your website to improve your ranking like manual link building, social media marketing, and guest blogging which will get a reference to your website in different places of the web
  • Keyword research is figuring out what the people are looking for in order to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right content. It should always be an ongoing process as the competition and trends keep changing
  • The aim of the content audit is to provide a qualitative analysis of all the content on your website. It will help you to develop an effective marketing strategy. Plus, you can also find out what worked and what hasn’t
  • Search engines love fresh content but you must know how to balance between quality and frequency


New users via organic traffic by 5 months, organic traffic increase by 12 months, increase in new users via organic traffic by 12 months.

1909 Keyword ranking increased by 1909 positions for 70 tracked keywords, average improvement of 27 positions per keyword

Source: passion digital

SEO with Social Media Objectives

Industry: Education

  • To drive quality leads to their new open programs Strategy
  • PPC (Google, Bing), LinkedIn used as advertising mediums
  • LinkedIn ad such as sponsored updates, InMails, and dynamic Ads was tried
  • Advanced data-led approach to target the courses to the right people

SEO with Social Media Takeaway – Run Ad campaigns

SEO Case Study (Paid Ad Campaigns) - ColorWhistle

  • There are many advantages of PPC services advertising via Google and Bing. Some of the major ones are PPC services is measurable and trackable, quick entry, incredible targeting options, provides loads of useful data, and gives quicker results.
  • LinkedIn consists of business people, business owners, students, and teachers. It provides a multitude of options through which you can target the right audience for your product and services.
  • Dynamic LinkedIn ads help deliver messages that can be relevant and customizable according to each member.
  • Data-driven ad campaigns deliver creative messaging and help the targeted people to see the real value. The ads allow you to offer ‘read-value’ to consumers. By exploring more in this area, you’ll get some serious rewards in return.


Leads generated totally out of which 473 from linkedin and 271 from ppc, average conversion from linkedin ads.

Source: Coast Digital

Conversion Optimized SEO Goals

Industry: Entertainment

Assistance with PPC, and SEO. Plus, wanted to generate more revenue and improve the existing brand campaign.

Conversion Optimized SEO Strategy

  • Auditing their AdWords account to optimize existing campaign
  • Using historical data analysis to determine how people search
  • Structured Adwords campaign around these terms

Conversion SEO Takeaway – Conduct Adword audit

SEO Case Study  (Ad Word Audit) - ColorWhistle

  • An Adword audit is auditing the Adword account to evaluate its effectiveness. It helps to identify issues and improves overall health and performance of the account. Once you’ve done it, you can better focus on your target audience and get the desired outcomes from your PPC efforts.
  • Historical data is nothing but looking for what worked in the past and implementing it. Once you get a hold of it, you’ll be able to start your new campaign with a fresh and confident mindset. By using this method, you can easily predict your future efforts and stop wasting time on areas that don’t work. It’ll help to increase your ROI on each campaign.


Click-through rate – 138.9% increase, avaerage order value – 10.9%, return on ad spend(roas) – 92.2% increase, cost per acquisition(cpa) – 42.2% decrease.

Source: 9thCO

Innovative SEO Goals for Seasons and Trends

Increase online sales during peak season

Season Special SEO Strategy

  • Comprehensive SEO audit to remove constraints in indexing
  • Improve organic traffic through online promotion
  • PPC search campaign to increase ROI

Innovative SEO Takeaway – Make it Creative + Viral

SEO Case Study (Competitive SEO Audit) - ColorWhistle

  • Typically, a competitive SEO audit includes toxic link analysis, content keyword analysis, backlink competitive analysis, website speed analysis, duplicate content analysis, Javascript test analysis, and content audit. After the audit is done, you can determine SEO weaknesses, identify strengths of your competitors, and improve your SEO strategy.
  • With online promotion, you can reduce cost, measure every activity, increase brand engagement, target specific demographic, get more exposure and hold attention for a longer time.
  • With PPC you can get fast and measurable results, reach the right audience and you needn’t depend on SEO or algorithmic changes.


Increase in roi, decrease in cost per acquisition.

Source: Arrow Digital

Brand and SEO Visibility Challenges

Industry: Equipment supplier

  • Improve online presence
  • Optimize digital marketing strategy to cover B2B and B2C marketing

Brand and SEO Visibility Strategy

  • Adding keywords to attract the right type of audience
  • Website enhancements and Mailchimp integration was made
  • Social media content was created to engage with audience

Brand SEO Takeaway – Improve UX as Per Trend & Brand

SEO Case Study (Website Redesign Trend) - ColorWhistle

  • You have to know how people are looking for your products or services that you offer. Once you figure it out you will be able to add the right keywords and attract the right audience.
  • Technology and design trends change quickly, so businesses have to stay current to get more online opportunities. Redesigning your website has benefits like more exposure, trust from search engines, faster loading time and improved user experience.
  • Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The only way to resonate with people on social media is to add useful content.


15.1% traffic increase within first 2 months, 568% increase in social media traffic.

Source: Seo UK

SEO Reputation Management Challenges

Industry: Information and resource sharing for the online community

Needed to quickly remove a penalty that was causing problems with organic traffic

SEO Reputation Management Workaround

After doing thorough research, root cause of the penalty was found. Issues were due to outbound links and deactivated hyperlinks

Organic SEO Takeaway – Avoid 404 links, build links with content engagement

SEO Case Study (Broken Link Audit) - ColorWhistle

  • As SEO experts you probably know that links are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Poor outbound linking practices will hurt your website. Identify the harmful links and remove them.
  • Broken links are a terrible nuisance as it makes it difficult to find information and cause problems for search engine crawlers. So your wordpress website won’t be indexed properly and will affect your SEO efforts.
  • Ensure that the content looks clean and optimized, including the use of proper anchor text. For that to be done he uses a quality tool Linkio that helps pick the right anchor text to use during the link building efforts and content creation. It can also analyze your competitors back links and give you the best percentage to beat their rankings and get to the #1 rank.


Source: Victorious

ECommerce SEO Goals

Industry: Fashion

  • To get a good search engine ranking and increase sales Strategy
  • To identify the gaps in the SEO, a six-month execution plan was strategized
  • A new keyword research was followed which is known as ‘Thematic keyword research.’ This technique was used to optimize the website, to let search engines identify new products for long tail keywords, increase website visibility and number of clicks
  • Created strategic internal backlinks from high authoritative pages to increase page authority and domain authority
  • Fixing the endless redirect loop that confused search engines to improve website speed optimization

ECommerce SEO Takeaway – Conduct keyword research

SEO Case Study (Thematic Keyword Research) - ColorWhistle

  • No matter what you’re trying to achieve with SEO, you have to devote a minimum of six months to get results
  • Thematic keyword research is a new concept that lays the foundation for SEO dominance. The process involves mimicking search engines, identifying purchase intent keywords, and selecting the highest value keywords
  • Getting quality backlinks from high authority websites in a natural way will result in the ranking surge, increased referral traffic, get a whole set of new audience, and most of all sales boost!
  • Page redirection affect a visitors browsing experience, especially mobile users. They also cause significant performance and speed issues. So make sure you remove unnecessary redirects to make your pages load super fast


New keywords ranked, total targeted keyword placement growth.

Source: Semrush

Local SEO and Local Brand Challenges

Industry: Taxi Company  

  • Website not appearing in the local pack for city searches
  • Do on-site edits (restructuring the navigation especially in mobile view, etc)
  •  Post more location-based content/guides
  •  Provide airport location content/guides
  •  Changing the name, address and phone number (NAP)

SEO Case Study (Find Target Audience)  - ColorWhistle

  • Always try to understand if the business knows its needs. This way you can create a more appropriate plan
  • Content guides which included detailed information for short and long stay was a huge plus. It gave users all the information in one place. This is known as adding value to the user
  • Downloadable Google maps and video content that played inside the cabs was a huge plus
  • Travel content calendar for tourists helped them to target over 60 million people
  • Study your audience and give them the right content. It will be a game changer for your SEO efforts


Source: Internet Marketing Inc

Organic SEO Challenges

Industry: Software

  • Increase indexation
  • Improve traffic and ranking
  • Comprehensive technical SEO audit
  • Change on-page SEO elements

Organic SEO Takeaway – Implement On-page SEO Strategies

case study for seo

  • Conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit will identify issues that may be preventing your website from getting visibility in search engines. By doing one, this company found gaps and formulated a plan to improve traffic and increase backlink profile. So it is advisable that an audit is conducted every year to find out issues in-order to make changes according to the new SEO trends and updates
  • If you want people to find your website quickly, it is important to form an on-page SEO strategy. It will increase traffic, give more accessibility, and improve page load speed


109 of the target keywords rank on the first page of google us, historical backlink profile increase.

Source: searchenginepeople

White hat SEO Challenges

Industry: Real estate agency

  • Significant decrease in website traffic
  • Loss of organic search
  • Unable to find the reason behind the dramatic ranking drop
  • In-depth website audit which included reviewing internal site architecture, content, and link profiles
  • After the website audit, it was found that they were hit by Google’s Penguin Penalty
  • Tactics such as social media and Google Local were followed while waiting to come out of the penalty

Takeaway – Utilize Social Media

SEO Case Study (Social Media Marketing Audit) - ColorWhistle

  • Even though they do not clearly mention the strategy they follow, we can understand the importance of website auditing. Proper website audit will help you find where your website lacks and SEO issues
  • They have mentioned that recovering from Google’s Penguin Penalty takes a lot of patience and hard work. And sometimes you may not recover from the penalty. Go through this detailed article from Search Engine Journal to find out how to recover and avoid this penalty
  • Social media marketing increases inbound traffic and you get to reach more potential customers outside of your loyal customer circle. It serves as an amazing platform to connect with different types of people with varying backgrounds


Penalty was lifted, visits via social media channel, good ranking in local search, looking for seo services.

Seize and experience the transformative impact of SEO Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

In summary, all these SEO case studies show how different business sectors can be improved by the right use of SEO.

Increased numbers of visitors, improvement in organic traffic, growth in total sales, and improved conversion rates are all testaments to the power of SEO as a business investment. However, to achieve these benefits, you need to get the right professionals on your side. Investing in well-crafted SEO Packages can deliver significant ROI and help you dominate your online presence.

SEO is one of the most misunderstood forms of marketing on the internet. Without having much knowledge of SEO, many companies guarantee a top ranking. Such type of companies will only be after your money and will not be interested to grow your business. You must know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you want right results, you must hire the right people. Before you start your search, check out our blog, Hiring An SEO Company? Ask These Questions, which will help you hire a trustworthy company.

The above case studies are some of the effective SEO case studies we’ve come across. Of course, you’ll have to adjust and tweak the process according to your requirement.

I hope you take these key points from them and apply it to your own strategy.

ColorWhistle’s clientele is both local and global. We are helping small and medium scale businesses ramp up their online presence in line with their business objectives. 

Contact us to discuss your SEO service requirements and get a customized SEO strategy for your business

In quest of the Perfect SEO Services & Solutions Buddy?

Be unrestricted to click the other trendy writes under this title that suits your needs the best!

  • Search Intent SEO Keyword Guide
  • Hiring An SEO Company? Ask These Questions
  • Increase Google Bot Crawl Rate Of Your Website
  • 301 Redirect for SEO : Comprehensive SEO Guide
  • Google Possum Update : Has It Affected Your Local SEO?
  • Google Featured Snippets Optimization : How To Get One For Your Webpage?
  • SEO Outsourcing to India : Pros and Cons

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About the Author - Anjana

Anjana is a full-time Copywriter at ColorWhistle managing content-related projects. She writes about website technologies, digital marketing, and industries such as travel. Plus, she has an unhealthy addiction towards online marketing, watching crime shows, and chocolates.

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case study for seo

6 Eye-Opening SEO Case Studies and What Made Them Successful [2019]

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October 9, 2019

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SEO case studies are a great way to learn more about how to do search engine optimization. Instead of studying the theory and applying it to your own site in the hopes of achieving results, you can instead see what someone else did and got out of it.

In the following, you will find the key findings of the best SEO case studies out there. In addition, since SEO is constantly changing, we have only included those ones that were published in the last two years.

SEO Case Studies to Inform Your Optimization Efforts

What follows is a list of case studies in search engine optimization to help improve your site ranking.

SEO Case Study: How I Increased My Organic Traffic 652% in 7 Days – Backlinko

Brian Dean’s Backlinko blog has quickly become one of the go-to places for learning SEO. He also has a number of case studies on there.

backlinko seo case study

The one mentioned above is the follow up to his well-regarded Skyscraper Technique . Here is its essence:

  • Figure out the user intent — Use Google to understand what kind of information searchers are looking for (informational, navigational, commercial, transactional).
  • Satisfy your users’ intention — Make sure your content fulfills that intent. You can apply this to brand new posts you are planning or by improving an existing piece of content.
  • Optimize for UX signals — Optimize dwell time , organic CTR , and bounce rate. For example with videos, a table of content, short intros, examples, and proper headings .

The case study itself is full of screenshots and showcases. So, if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend you read it in its entirety.

How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 74.5% – Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO belongs to Nathan Gotch and a treasure trove of SEO advice. I only recently discovered the blog but have been a fan since.

The site also has a few case studies but this one is my favorite.

Because 74.5 percent conversion rate is insane! Normally, 12 percent is a good target , but three quarters!?

How did he do it? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Warm-up visitors with your content before sending them to a squeeze page
  • Use ad retargeting to bring back those who ignored it the first time
  • Offer a lead magnet/bribe for handing over their information
  • Keep the page simple, distraction-free, and to the point
  • Use benefit-driven headlines to create desire and interest
  • Only ask for necessary information and do it directly
  • Customize your calls to action to fit your lead magnets.
  • Include trust signals such as your logo and a disclaimer for GDPR compliance

gotch seo squeeze page strategy

For more excellent content, check out the rest of the blog.

SEO Case Study: 6-Step Process That Generated 150,732 Visits – Robbie Richards

Robbie Richard is an online marketing expert who shares excellent advice on his website. Among them is this SEO case study courtesy of one of his readers.

robbie richards seo case study

As you can see from the title, he managed to generate impressive visitor numbers for a client site. Here’s how:

  • Do keyword research to discover evergreen topics, keyword opportunities, related keywords, and questions. Do a thorough competitive analysis to determine for which you can rank in the top five within the next three to six months.
  • Create the best piece of content in existence for your topic (see the Skyscraper Technique).
  • Make sure you tick all the boxes for on-page optimization . That includes things like site speed and image optimization .
  • Create a lead magnet and use it to collect email subscribers.
  • Engage in content promotion , such as on Quora, forums, social media.
  • Build backlinks through reverse engineering your competitors’ profiles, taking advantage of link gaps, roundups, and resource pages.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Overall, most of it comes down to simply doing solid SEO work. However, the devil is in the details, so I encourage you to read the entire case study.

Google Search Ranking SEO Case Study: How Long Does It Take to Rank for A Keyword – Bloggers Passion

Professional blogger Anil Agarwal asked himself how long it would take for a new keyword to land on the first page of Google.

The short answer: 52 days.

bloggers passion seo case study

The post in question also generated 5,500 visits within three months and managed to rank for almost 70 other keywords.

Here’s what led to these results:

  • Do keyword research with a focus on long-tail keywords. Pick a primary keyword with 1,000-1,500 monthly searches and a number of secondary keywords. Include them in all the usual places.
  • Write longer blog posts, in this case, 4,000 words. Learn more about optimal content length here .
  • Build backlinks through content that naturally attracts them, outreach, guest posting, and commenting.

Again, this is not very unique advice. However, that’s sort of the point. To rank well in Google, do your research beforehand, create truly useful content, then promote it to get people to link to it. This has been a working formula for a long time.

SEO Case Study: How I Increased SEO Traffic by 600% in 24 Months – WordStream

This case study is, weirdly, by an anonymous author on the WordStream blog. The site offers tools for improving your online marketing with a focus on PPC advertising . They also post excellent content.

The author went from 20,000 monthly visitors to well over 100,000 through content optimization.

wordstream seo case study

Here’s how:

  • Do an in-depth content audit. Identify posts with great potential to revamp and re-publish them as well as content that needs to go. Redirect the latter to other assets on the blog.
  • Reach out to people who have linked to similar content before and send them highly personalized, valuable outreach emails asking for links.
  • Do keyword research for future articles, be sure to target groups of keywords instead of just one. Focus on creating valuable, well-optimized content regularly.
  • Go through your existing content and add internal links with optimized anchor tags.

I found this case study interesting because it focused mainly on content pruning and optimizing existing assets rather than starting a strategy from scratch. Too often, people focus their efforts only on creating new content instead of working with what they already have. See how to increase traffic without creating new content for more on this.

A Case Study of Winning in Local SEO – SEMrush Blog

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools out there. Unsurprisingly, they also have an excellent blog on all things search engine optimization.

This particular case study talks about how to dominate in local searches. It uses the example of a local taxi company in a mid-sized town. Here’s how the author improved their local visibility:

  • Improve site structure and layout to focus on your services. Include the city name on service pages. Introduce structured data .
  • Create helpful content for tourists and other potential customers, e.g. information about nearby airports. Plan future content.
  • Optimize NAP (name, address, phone number) and map position to be closer to the city center.

Overall, the case study stresses understanding the client’s needs first and making decisions from there.

All SEO Case Studies in Summary

Case studies are a great way to learn things in a more practical manner. They demonstrate knowledge with actual examples and results. For that reason, they are a great source of information.

The SEO case studies above demonstrate different ways to perform well in search engines. To drive the point home, let’s summarize them one more time:

  • Make sure to do proper research to understand your audience, find the right keywords , target the right people.
  • Put a lot of effort into your content so that it provides value, looks good, and performs well. Long-form content is often the best option.
  • Check all the boxes for optimizing your pages to look good in search engines.
  • Engage in content promotion to build links and get it in front of people.
  • Optimize existing content, this can also mean getting rid of some of it.

Hopefully, you have found some inspiration in the above to improve your own site. If you have additional resources, we’d love to hear about them!

Do you have more SEO case studies you find worth sharing? If so, please let us know in the comments section below!

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Take The 28 Day SEO Challenge Now

From Google Penalty To 5x Search Traffic

Growing Revenue $17,122 To $92,119 Per Month

Growing Revenue $17,122 To $92,119 Per Month

How To Triple Ecommerce Revenue

How To Triple Ecommerce Revenue

+73% Search Traffic With These 6 Fixes

+73% Search Traffic With These 6 Fixes

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: 3x Revenue In 90 Days

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: 3x Revenue In 90 Days

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How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months

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The Best Keyword Research Tools (And How To Use Them)

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Google Keyword Planner: How To Use It The Right Way

Google Keyword Planner: How To Use It The Right Way

case study for seo

Take The 28 Day SEO Challenge Now

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18 SEO Copywriting Hacks That Get Instant Results

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The Ultimate On Page SEO Checklist To Increase Rankings

The Hidden SEO Ranking Factor You’re Probably Deleting

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3x Ways A Silo Structure Will Boost Your Search Traffic

3x Ways A Silo Structure Will Boost Your Search Traffic

15x Incredible Link Building Strategies

15x Incredible Link Building Strategies

Link Building Services: What You REALLY Need To Know

Link Building Services: What You REALLY Need To Know

Backlink Analysis – The Easiest Ways To Build Links

Backlink Analysis – The Easiest Ways To Build Links

Podcast Jacking For Links, Traffic & Authority

Podcast Jacking For Links, Traffic & Authority

8x Ways To Build Powerful Edu Backlinks

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Testimonial Link Building: Powerful Homepage Links

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case study for seo

7 Google Penalty Checker Tools

The Step By Step Process To Recover From Any Penalty

The Step By Step Process To Recover From Any Penalty

Google Page Experience Update Checklist

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Drop In Search Traffic? Watch This Video Now!

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The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

The Ultimate Guide To Search Engine Submission

The Ultimate Guide To Search Engine Submission

SEMRush Review: How To Increase Search Traffic

SEMRush Review: How To Increase Search Traffic

Surfer SEO Review - How I Used It To Win The #1 Position

Surfer SEO Review - How I Used It To Win The #1 Position

NitroPack Review & Case Study

NitroPack Review & Case Study

WPX Hosting Review – Faster Than You Might Think

WPX Hosting Review – Faster Than You Might Think

My Kinsta Hosting Review & Case Study

My Kinsta Hosting Review & Case Study

guest posting services

5 Guest Posting Services You Can Rely On

Seo case studies: strategies that actually work.

What’s the fastest way to increase SEO skills? Short answer – Study real-life SEO case studies. Here’s why: Case studies are a great way to get an insight

What’s the fastest way to increase SEO skills?

Short answer – Study real-life SEO case studies.

Here’s why:

Case studies are a great way to get an insight into how successful SEO campaigns are created and executed. You get the whole picture of what it really takes to implement a quality SEO strategy.

  • Different SEO tools & tactics
  • How to overcome specific challenges
  • Best SEO practices in different industries
  • End-to-end SEO campaign strategy

And so much more! Real SEO case studies are one of the best ways to see how SEO pros get the job done. That’s why we are so committed to sharing our results with you!

What You Can Expect To Learn From Our SEO Case Studies

All of our case studies are real.

What does that mean?

We only use real examples of real results from our own clients. It’s like looking through a microscope at our client campaigns to see how our team handles different SEO challenges. You’ll also see exactly what tactics they use in each scenario.

Cool right?

You can literally take these tactics and immediately apply them to your site. And that’s what we want you to do!

But that’s not all…

Each SEO case study is written to explain the “WHY” behind each decision our team makes. So many people are in a rush to implement tactics without understanding what they are really doing.

If you really want to level up your SEO skills, you need to spend time studying and understanding case studies completely. That’s how you will get the most benefit from them.

4x SEO Case Studies You Should Check Out First

Ready to dive into some case studies?

Here are four case studies that we recommend looking at first:

  • From Google Penalty To 5x Search Traffic – See how our team overcame a Google algorithmic penalty and even increased search traffic by over 500%.
  • 5x Ecommerce Revenue: $17,122 to $92,119 Per Month – See what we did to increase our client’s revenue by 500%, even in the competitive health supplements niche.
  • +73% Search Traffic With 6 Technical SEO Fixes – See the 6 technical SEO fixes we executed for our ecommerce clients’ site that increased monthly search traffic from 26,668 to 46,136.
  • Google Core Update Recovery – See how we recovered our client’s site from a big core algorithm update and simultaneously managed to increase revenue by 53% year on year.

Spend time reading through each of these case studies. They will set you up with an excellent base to see how different SEO strategies apply to different situations.

You’ll also learn why you need to look at SEO holistically. Most people (falsely) believe that if they just build more links or write more content, their website search traffic will skyrocket.

That’s not necessarily the case.

All websites are different. You need to understand how to analyse a site properly to know what SEO tactics need to be combined to create a great SEO strategy.

That’s how you get long-term, sustainable SEO results that can completely transform your business!

Read Through All Of Our SEO Case Studies

We spend a lot of time and effort creating our SEO case studies.

Because case studies are one of the best ways to learn. You get to see the real SEO challenges we face and what our team does to overcome them.

Below you’ll find tons of excellent SEO case studies from real clients. Make sure that you check back regularly because we’re always adding new ones!

content optimisation case study

SEO Content Optimization Case Study: $6.3k to $37.3k Monthly Organic Revenue

In this case study, you'll see how we grew our client's monthly organic revenue by 493% after optimizing key pages.

case study for seo

Monthly Revenue

case study for seo

Organic Traffic

zero link building case study

Zero Link Building Case Study: 44% Increase In Traffic

Learn how we grew search traffic by 44% in just 12 months without building any new links to the site!

case study for seo

Top 10 Results


SaaS SEO Case Study: 223% More Traffic After A Site Migration

In this case study, you’ll see how we grew our client’s organic traffic by 288% after implementing a complete site migration.

Top 10 Rankings

gambling case study

Gambling SEO Case Study: +180% Increase in Conversions

In this case study, you’ll see how we more than doubled our gambling client’s monthly sessions from 52k visits to over 77k in just 12 months.


casino case study: 8x more traffic

Casino SEO Case Study: +889% Organic Search Traffic

In this case study, you’ll see the exact strategy we used to grow our gambling client’s organic traffic by over 800%.

seo case study finance

SEO Audit Case Study: 1.4M Visitors in 6 Months

These are the 4 steps we followed to drive our clients websites to 1.4M visitors in just six months without building any links!

Organic Visitors

Featured Image - Beat Core Update

How This Site Beat The May 2022 Core Update

This SEO case study shows you how we beat the May 2022 core update to increase search traffic by 111% and revenue by 51% per month.

Organic Revenue

Google Penalty Recovery

SEO Case Study: From Google Penalty To 5x Search Traffic

We'll show you how we recovered our client's coupon websites search traffic after it was destroyed by Google’s May 2020 core algorithm update.

5x Revenue

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: $17,122 To $92,119 Per Month

We'll show you the SEO strategy we used to increase revenue by 438% for an ecommerce health brand, whilst facing heavy competition.

6x Ways To Increase Your Search Traffic

SEO Case Study: +73% Search Traffic With These 6 Fixes

In this SEO case study, see the 6 technical SEO problems we fixed to increase search traffic by 78% and revenue by 28%.

SEO Case Study – A Core Update Recovery

Core updates have the potential to destroy your SEO. We'll show you how we recovered our client's website from a huge Google core algorithm update.

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Discover how we 3x a client's revenue from organic search in just 90 days by focussing on fixing big SEO issues that were holding the site back.

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SEO Case Study: From 920 to 13,503 Visitors Per Month

See how we increased our client's search traffic by 1,367%, including the big challenges we faced & the strategies we used to overcome them.

case study for seo

Monthly Visitors

Case Study How To Triple Revenue

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: How To Triple Revenue During Covid-19

Discover how our team increased monthly sales to £109,377 for our client during COVID & lockdowns despite the fact they're in the sports niche.

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SEO Case Study: +488% Search Traffic

Learn how we increased monthly search traffic from 5,156 to 30,347 in the highly competitive gambling niche by taking a different approach to SEO.

Daily Visitors

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SEO Case Study: 656 Top 3 Rankings

Learn how we won 656 top 3 rankings with 1,951 keywords listed on the first page with our SEO case study. The result was 498% traffic growth.

Top 3 Rankings

Featured Image - How To 14x Serahc Traffic In 8 Months

SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months

See exactly how we took search traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months in this detailed SEO case study.

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[CASE STUDY] How To Rank In The Most Competitive Niche In SEO

Learn the link building & SEO strategy behind 53,000 visitors per month in one of the most competitive niches.

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Doubled Search Traffic SEO Case Study

This client runs an ecommerce store that sells pet products and were not ranking for any kind of commercial terms to begin with.

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Featured Image - Case Study Real Estate

How We Tripled Revenue For This Real Estate Agent

This client works in the highly competitive world of real estate and was spending a small fortune every month.

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Ecommerce SEO Case Study: Highest Revenue For 2 Years In 6 Months

The site was already established but it had a range of issues and was losing traffic and revenue for over a year before we started working on it.

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SEO Case Study: How To Remove A Penalty Within A Month

This site was hit with a manual penalty from Google so we had to act fast. We cleaned up the site and had our reconsideration request accepted first time.

Number 1 Rankings

Featured Image: Furniture ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: +369% Organic Revenue

Learn how we beat big brand competitors to increase this furniture stores e-commerce revenue by 369%.

Featured Image - Case Study Diet Weight Loss

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: 500,000+ Visitors After Penguin Penalty

Learn how we managed to overcome the Penguin penalty and bring this sites search traffic to record levels.

Any Questions? Read Our FAQ

SEO case studies are real-world examples of successfully executed SEO campaigns. They provide an in-depth overview of the-

Tactics used 

Strategies employed

Results achieved.

The purpose of SEO case studies is to help others learn how different SEO strategies can be applied to their own sites. The SEO world is getting more competitive. SEO case studies can give you an advantage because it is like sitting next to a real SEO pro and learning over their shoulder.

SEO case studies are one of the best ways to learn SEO and increase your skills. They provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from real-world examples. By studying successful campaigns, you can better understand what tactics and strategies are most effective. You will also see how the SEO pros put together comprehensive SEO campaigns.

Remember - The best case studies are practical. That means you can take what you have learned and immediately apply it to your own website.

Increase Your Search Traffic In Just 28 Days...

case study for seo

How to Use Case Studies for SEO

Customer case studies are the most versatile marketing asset you can have.  

And that versatility even extends to adding extra juice to your SEO.  

Because you can use case studies—and the inputs, outputs, and byproducts of the case study creation process (such as social media cards, video testimonials, audiograms)— to attract new eyeballs online through thoughtful SEO practices.  

(For more specifics on how to implement SEO strategies and practices, check out these resources from Moz .)   

Here are just some of the ways you can use case studies for SEO:  

  • Target [service] + [customer]
  • Target “how to” phrases
  • Target prominent brand names
  • Target thought leaders
  • Link to related services, products or offers
  • Use as link building material
  • Create additional assets to target long-tail search phrases

1.   Target [service] + [customer]

Typically, case studies tell the story of how your product or service helped your customer solve a specific problem.  

So try targeting those keywords in combination in your SEO.

For example, say your case study describes how a crypto exchange company (let’s call it “ABC Company”) is using your crypto platform to scale. You can try to rank for that combination of keywords: “crypto platform” + “ABC Company.”  

This strategy may catch the attention of people who’re trying to figure out who provides that service (i.e. crypto platform) to that company (i.e. ABC Company.).  

2.   Target “how to” phrases

Case studies naturally lend themselves to “how to” keyword phrases. In fact, many of our case study headlines use the “How Company A helped Company B achieve XYZ” format.   With just a few tweaks, you can change that format to match a “how to” keyword search phrase.  

So a headline such as:

“How Company A Achieved 100% ROI With Service X”  

becomes the keyword phrase…  

“How to achieve ROI with Service X” or “How to achieve ROI with [non-branded description of service].”

Let’s look at another example.  

The headline “How Company A Stops Cyber Attacks with Product X” can be tweaked to target these keyword search phrases:

“How to stop cyber attacks with Product X” or

“How to stop cyber attacks with [non-branded description of service].”

3.   Target prominent brand names

If the company or product featured in your case study has brand name recognition, you can use that name as a keyword to capture the attention of people searching for that brand.  

In this case study example, SearchLab Digital (our client) helped Panama City Toyota triple its organic traffic.  

Here’s a screenshot of the cover page:   

Searchlab Digital for Panama City Toyota

Given its expertise in SEO, you can bet that SearchLab Digital will take steps to benefit from the authority of the Toyota brand name.  

4.   Target thought leaders

Similarly, if your case study includes a quote or two from a thought leader who garners search traffic , then that’s another keyword term you can target in your SEO.  

So, for example, if you’re fortunate enough to have a thought leader speak about the benefits of your product/service—you’ll absolutely want to put their names front and centre in your keyword list.

5.   Link to related services, products or offers

Case studies also provide excellent linking-off points.  

So if your case study describes how you provide Service A to your client, you can link from that case study to the page of your website that describes Service A.

This kind of link allows readers to learn more about your service, product, or offer —immediately after learning how you used that service/product/offer to solve a pain point for a company just like them.  

6.   Use as link building material

You can go further with this linking approach and use your case study as link building material , especially if it’s a great story with a prescriptive angle that you can leverage.

7.   Create additional assets to target long-tail search phrases

As hinted at above, case studies don’t just deliver a single sales and marketing asset. You also get all the inputs, outputs and byproducts of the case study creation process.  

And you can use these for SEO purposes too.  

For example, say you work with our team to create a powerful video testimonial stemming from the same customer success story. You can use that video asset to rank for long-tail search phrases that go beyond those contained in the written case study.  

Put the power of case studies behind your SEO

It’s astonishing how much value you can derive from a single case study—including pumping up your SEO.  

So don’t let those valuable assets languish on your website. Wring out every drop of value by targeting related search terms and building quality links.  

Want to create powerful case studies that will help improve your SEO?

Contact us to start the conversation and learn more.  

Head of Writing and Interviewing

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Holly is pumped to tell stories of companies succeeding and doing good in the world.

Ya, you like that? Well, there’s more where that came from!

Should you send case study interview questions in advance.

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How to Write Cybersecurity Case Studies

When it comes to case studies, cybersecurity poses special challenges.  The cybersecurity landscape is saturated with solutions—and so sales and marketing teams have never been hungrier for customer success stories they can share as proof of their product’s abilities. But cybersecurity clients are very reluctant to be featured. They don’t want to talk about the time they almost got hacked, they don’t want to disclose the details of their setup and risk more attacks, and they just plain don’t want...

Let’s tell your stories together.

Get in touch to start a conversation.

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How to Build a Killer SEO Case Study (+ FREE TEMPLATE!)

Let me let you in on a secret: half of being “good” at SEO is knowing how to communicate results to your current and future clients.

A lot of folks in the SEO business tend to think that higher-ups in marketing will just innately understand the value they bring to the table. They’ll typically think that showing a bunch of green arrows and big numbers will be enough. They’re wrong.

Building a GOOD SEO case study isn’t just about fancy graphs and arrows reaching toward the sky: it’s also about building a story, showing just what all of those numbers REALLY mean for clients.

What does it practically mean for clients to rank for keywords? What does a 500% increase in traffic really translate into?

If you work in SEO, you’re going to be screaming at your screen right now. “It’s an increase in traffic! What else needs to be said?”

Yeah. No — trust me, we get it. But clients won’t — and if they aren’t getting it, that’s your failure, not theirs. 

So, let’s talk about how to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Image by tirachardz on Freepik

SEO Case Study Basics: Where to Begin

First, it’s important to understand what the point of a case study really is. Case studies are built to show clients that yes, you do know what you’re talking about — and that you have some experience in your field.

Think of them as brochures showing how your company has helped similar clients in the past.

Case studies (and what they exactly contain) will differ a bit from industry to industry (hence why this is the SEO case study guide and not, say, the marketing case study guide).

If you’re trying to build an SEO case study, you’ll have to do three things:

  • Show the client what’s possible with SEO.
  • Show the client how you are responsible.
  • Show the client how it can work for them.

… and you need to do it all within a quick, easy-to-digest narrative.

Let’s break that down a bit:

Showing Potential Clients What’s Possible

This bit is simple: it’s just showing them what success looks like. While not every client you have will show smooth, linear progress, you’ll generally want to limit your case studies to ones that fit that bill.

You want their success to be easy to follow, because you want your future client to be able to imagine this path for their own company.

This is the part of the case study where you can show off all those fancy numbers. Keep it general, though — there’s no need to get hyper-specific. Talk about how many keywords you helped them rank for. Feel free to shout out any particularly impressive keywords you’ve snagged for them — but only if they don’t require much explanation.

Most importantly, though, you need to tie those numbers to dollars.

Keep this question in mind when writing a case study:

Did the client get a return on investment — and was it significant?

As an example here, we can use a screenshot from one of our clients:

One client paid us to write content for them. We did — and in six months one blog post had made $14,248.00 in revenue . It had brought in 186,751 sessions . And that was just one of many posts that generated thousands in sales.

We charged $2,000 for each of these posts. In total, they were worth $40,959 for this particular six-month period — and keep in mind, that value doesn’t just go away after a few months, either.

(You can get our generic proposal here, if you’d like to know more about our rates.)

This was in a hyper-competitive space and our client was being heavily outspent by competitors. Yet, this is what we were able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time.

Your SEO case study should show that money spent on SEO = an increase in revenue.

Of course, you won’t be able to do this all the time — but you should be able to say something like, “This led to an increase in X% more sales,” or “This led to an X% increase in new leads.”

Showing You’re Responsible

This is where that part two comes in: you’ve got to highlight what you bring to the table that no one else can. 

We can’t tell you what that is, necessary. What is YOUR value proposition? What is your unique angle?

For TCF, it’s our expertise and our writing talent. We put our blog content up front in a lot of cases because we’re confident that our writers are better than… well, just about anyone.

We’re also confident in our expertise. 

We can talk endlessly about how our CEO, Kari DePhillips, was named one of the top 3 women in SEO by Serpstat . Or how we practice what we preach and have driven our entire business through SEO. 

Or how we were ten years ahead of the curve when it came to working remotely .

All of that allows us to weave a simple narrative in our case studies we hand to clients: SEO works, we’re better at it, and we can utilize our specific advantages to do incredible things for your business.

What Data Range Should You Include in Your SEO Case Study? 

As a quick aside, it’s important to point out just what data you’re including. Or, more accurately, what data range you’re including.

The obvious answer is whatever shows your impact in the most dramatic way.

A little less obvious, however, is something standard — something that both shows your impact while being a relatively common metric of success. This is why we typically show year-to-year results in our case studies. When you start breaking things up into smaller units, it can start to look like cherry-picking.

Year-to-year results typically are big — and to marketers and execs in the know, they’re also impressive because they tend to include spin-up time. This means that they tend to be realistic, too — something that can earn you kudos in a space known for being, uh, let’s say a little less than honest.

As far as what data you’re showing, we suggest sticking to the big numbers: sessions or users, conversions, and number of ranking keywords. SEMrush can be useful here — we find their historical data to be the best. (PS: If you want to give SEMrush a try, you can get a free week by using our link. )

Showing It’ll Work For Them

This is a special bit that’s going to require us to go on a bit of a tangent.

At the end of 2019, a client came to us with a unique problem: their customer is a needle in a haystack.

They were convinced that they were different. They were the exception. SEO wouldn’t work for them.

Because they sell luxury doors, windows, and security solutions to some of the richest people on Earth. Basically, if you need a bulletproof panic room for your yacht, we know a guy. 

Could SEO really help them find their target market? Were these hyper-rich folks really looking at Google to find the best security solutions for their home? 

Maybe they weren’t — but someone certainly is.

We convinced our client that high-end architects and interior designers are absolutely Googling this sort of thing. 

They want to know about the latest options and building materials to woo clients over. With the pandemic eliminating the ability to make in-person sales calls or attend conferences. Googling is the easiest and next best option

We were able to tell — thanks to keyword research — that security consultants were looking for options for their clients.

A year later, and surprise:

Before our client signed with us, he was going door-to-door around the United States trying to sell millionaires and billionaires these products.

Now? He gets clients coming to him — clients he otherwise would’ve never reached.

Big clients, with big budgets – even some famous people from Hollywood! Their security and interior design teams Google various terms we’ve optimized our client’s website for, and BAM.

Within six months, our client received so many new leads from SEO he had to hire new salespeople to keep up with demand.

But what does this hyper-specific case study show? How is it relevant to potential new clients?

That’s easy: because it shows we’re competent, and it also shows that we can develop an SEO strategy that works for industries that aren’t typically thought of as “SEO friendly.”

It’s for this reason that we think that any simple story you can tell about a client’s success is good — even if they aren’t in an especially common industry.

Good stories are good stories. It’s as simple as that.

Include a Narrative in Your Case Studies

Marketing is just storytelling. SEO folks tend to be very focused on the data — but the reality is, even good data can’t sell itself. You’ve got to include a narrative.

Why did your client come to you? What did they need? What were they struggling with? How did you solve their problem? How does that relate to the potential client reading the case study?

To make this easy, most of our SEO case studies follow a simple formula:

  • The Problem
  • The Strategy
  • The Results
  • What This Means For Your Brand

Here, the problem refers to the initial dilemma. Why are they coming to you? What do they need? What questions do they have?

The strategy is exactly what it says on the tin — just boiled down into a paragraph or two of easy-to-digest copy.

The results is where most of the three things listed above this section. We talk about the numbers, what they achieved, and what that means for the client.

Finally, the last section translates our past (or current) clients’ success into the potential success of the person reading the case study. We’re careful to point out how the client in the case study is unique, but at the same time, we make sure to point out that the nature of SEO is inherently universal.

That is, SEO can work for all businesses — it might not work in the same way, and it might not have the same results, but there’s a strategy there that CAN work to some extent for YOUR business.

What to Avoid When Making an SEO Case Study

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on big names.

Many of the folks on TCF’s staff have had the luxury of sitting on both sides of the table. That means that, in addition to having to pitch businesses before, many of our team members have also had to court agencies.

This means that we are familiar with what some of your pitch decks look like.

And… we have to be honest, we’re a little embarrassed for you.

Far too many big (like, if you work in marketing, you’d know their names) agencies rely on case studies that just name drop Fortune 100 companies, talking about how they “helped” them “achieve results.”

...but if you ask for details?

“Well, everyone said we did a great job!”

If you can’t cite specific details about the project and what you did, then you aren’t writing a case study — you’re just writing copy for your execs to high-five over.

Your case study shouldn’t look like an algebra quiz.

Numbers are good. They’re concrete. 

But we’re marketers, folks. You’ve got to tell a story. 

What problem did you help your client solve? Why did they come to you in the first place? What did you DO for them?

Numbers and graphs can help illustrate these points, but they aren’t the whole story.

Don’t just show green numbers. You’ve got to explain what they mean.

At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard here. Don’t start getting into technical details. 

Your client probably doesn’t need to know the differences between sessions and users. They don’t need to know about algorithm updates, or E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness), or crawl depth.

They just need to know about results — and the general strategy of how you got your client to wherever it was they wanted to go.

Your case study shouldn’t look cherry-picked.

Your data should look honest. If it’s obvious you’ve been trimming down your graphs, or moving around numbers to make your impact look bigger than it is… well, your future client is going to have some uncomfortable questions for you.

It’s okay to only report on pages you had control over — or if you walk away from a client, only focusing on the time you were there (and the direct results that came from your effort).

Just keep in mind — you’re going to have to answer for any discrepancies.

What an SEO Case Study Looks Like (Download our Case Study Template!)

To help you figure out how to put a case study together, we’ve gone ahead and put together a just for this guide.

We’ve commented on it extensively, so you can see precisely why we’ve made the choices we have. 

We’ve done this because — let’s face it — it’s one thing to tell you how to do it, it’s another thing to see it in action. 

By   Guest Contributor

In accordance with international sanctions, the Semrush platform is no longer accessible to businesses registered or based in Russia. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and if you believe there is a mistake, please send us an email to [email protected] so our team can review.

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You’re about to choose an SEO company, and your entire team is counting on you to find an SEO agency that will achieve everything you — and leadership — want from search engine optimization (SEO).

Shake off the nerves and take the shot with this data-backed guide, which covers:

How to choose a good SEO company in 2024

  • How businesses are choosing an SEO in 2024

3 mistakes smart businesses make when picking an SEO company

Top seo companies in the world.

Keep reading to learn how to choose an SEO company that will deliver the results your business demands.

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Get My FREE SEO Outsourcing Guide

Learn how to choose a good SEO company in 2024 with these eight tips:

1.     Collect stakeholder requirements

Choosing an SEO agency starts with your stakeholders and their requirements for outsourcing like:

  • Budget: How much is your business willing to spend on SEO ?
  • Goals: What does your company want to accomplish by outsourcing SEO , and when?
  • Involvement: How much of the workload does your team want to share with the SEO provider?
  • Point of contact: Who will serve as the point of contact for your SEO campaign?
  • Location: Does your team prefer to work with an agency in the area?
  • Time zone: Does your team prefer to work with a provider in the same or similar time zone?
  • Specialization: Are you looking for help with SEO or something more specific, like local SEO?
  • Miscellaneous: What information is unique to your business, like past outsourcing experiences?

When you understand what your team expects from hiring a search engine optimization firm, you can:

  • Filter agencies faster
  • Provide candidates with accurate information about your expectations, timeline, and SEO strategy
  • Pick the right SEO marketing company for your team

The above saves you, your team, and your business time, money, and headaches.

2.     Research what ‘good’ SEO companies look like

Next, take some time to research what a ‘good’ SEO company looks like. Some standout features include:

  • Case studies , which demonstrate the service provider’s ability to meet (or exceed) client expectations.
  • Certifications , like Google Premier Partner, which Google awards to the top 3% of agencies.
  • Reviews , which highlight the client experience — the good and the bad.
  • Awards , which acknowledge stellar performance by an agency in results, service, or approach.
  • Transparency , which can range from publishing prices to documenting SEO work.
  • Experience, which should encompass several years or decades in the best SEO companies.
  • Reporting, which provides regular updates on work completed, progress made, and more.
  • Team, which includes multiple specializations to deliver a turn-key SEO solution.
  • Client ratio, which should be lower to ensure your account receives the attention it needs.
Expert insights from Trevin Shirey WebFX’s Vice President of Business Operations “Past and proven performance is the most important factor, in my mind, when somebody is looking to find an SEO partner. Especially with the Internet nowadays, it’s easy to say a lot of nice things about yourself or to look like a really reputable agency that knows what they’re doing at a surface level, but SEO agencies that are truly successful are going to have a lot of specific, proven, and verifiable results available for potential clients.”

If you want to standardize your vetting process for picking an SEO company, consider creating a sheet with columns for the above features (case studies, certifications, reviews, and awards), and add your notes or observations in the appropriate row. This way, you’ll have a reference for all your research.

Once you know what to look for in an SEO agency, you can make shopping for one smarter and faster.

3.     Compile potential SEO companies

Once you have a baseline for what makes an SEO company a good SEO marketing company, start researching potential agencies. From our study, we found businesses rely on a few outlets for finding agencies, including:

  • Online search
  • Social media
  • Industry conferences or events

Referrals provide an excellent starting point and often connect you with a good SEO agency.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for through referrals, move to online search next.

When searching online for an SEO company, keep in mind how you search.

For example, if you’re focused on getting the lowest price possible from a reputable SEO company, you’ll often search in a way that lists cheap SEO agencies — agencies advertising SEO services for a few hundred dollars each month — which won’t meet your needs for a reputable provider.

Typically, you’ll find third-party review sites and agency websites when researching SEO experts. Using what you’ve learned from our earlier tips in how to find an SEO marketing company, you can narrow this list of firms and then evaluate them using the following steps.

4.     Review case studies

Case studies provide great data when choosing an SEO company.

I always recommend that people ask for specific examples of past work, such as a website or a campaign…So, proven performance is number one on my list. Make sure that you have verifiable proof that the company knows what they’re doing and that they’re able to drive meaningful results for their clients.”

Trevin Shirey, WebFX’s VP of Business Operations

When evaluating a search engine optimization firm’s case studies, look for the following:

  • Objectives: What was the client (and agency) trying to achieve?
  • Metrics: What metrics did they measure, and did they align with the client’s objectives?
  • Timeframe: How long did the campaign last, and what timeframe was used to measure change?
  • Testimonials: What does the client say about their experience?

You can investigate case studies further by taking a few additional steps, like:

  • Confirming the client exists
  • Checking the featured client’s website in tools like Screaming Frog

The above steps can help you verify the case study’s credibility. If you found the search engine agency through a referral, your friend or colleague’s recommendation is likely enough to validate the agency’s work and its case studies.

Overall, your research will help you understand:

  • Whether the agency adapts to client needs or uses a copy-and-paste SEO strategy
  • How the agency measures success, like by focusing on revenue vs. rankings
  • How the agency’s SEO process works, including how it executes SEO strategies
  • What types of companies the agency works with, like business-to-business (B2B)

You’ll also better understand whether the firm is the right SEO company for you.

5.     Read client reviews

Next, spend some time reading client reviews on:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Third-party review sites like Clutch
  • Bing Places
  • Social media sites like Facebook

While reading online reviews, consider the following questions:

  • Are the reviews detailed or generic?
  • What is the balance between positive, neutral, and negative reviews?
  • What are the most common positive and negative things reviewers say?
  • How does the client respond (if supported by the platform) to reviews?

Think about the considerations other businesses make when choosing an SEO company, too:

  • Reputation overall
  • Reputation in a specific industry
  • Experience and expertise
  • Customer service
  • SEO rankings

While many companies focus on the agency’s reputation, price, and experience, they often de-prioritize customer service. When you read client reviews, look for what people say about the customer service, like response times, communication, and reporting.

From reading reviews, you can better understand:

  • Where the agency excels
  • Where the agency misses the mark
  • How the agency handles feedback

Once you have your takeaways, consider them from your company’s perspective.

If your business really values reporting, for example, and this agency gets repeated complaints about its reporting, then you’ll probably want to skip that agency. In comparison, if the SEO firm receives high marks for its reporting, you might want to look more into picking that SEO company.

6.     Speak with past or current clients

When you start speaking with past or current clients, you’re close to choosing an SEO company.

For this tip on how to find an SEO company, you’ll need to contact the agency. Most SEO agencies will want to speak with your team before providing a client list. These conversations help you and the agency determine if you’re a good fit for one another.

If you and the SEO firm align, they’ll provide a client list when requested.

When it comes to what you do next, Shirey recommends the following, “Make sure that you call maybe three to five current clients of a particular SEO vendor to vet them. Ask them how they like working with that particular company.”

Additional questions you can ask include:

  • How long have you worked with this SEO company?
  • What were your goals when you hired the SEO agency, and have you achieved them?
  • How fast do they return your calls or emails?
  • How much of your time is spent working with the agency?
  • What is one thing the SEO firm could do better?
  • Would you recommend them? Why or why not?

If the agency refuses to provide a client list or can’t compile at least three to five current clients, reconsider choosing that SEO company. Likely, they don’t have any raving fans — or don’t have a large enough client base.

7.     Request deliverables

Deliverables are your best friend when shopping for SEO agencies because they share the what, when, and how of SEO services . From the deliverables, you’ll learn what the agency will do for you, when they’ll do it, and how much it’ll cost you.

Most SEO companies do not publish their service deliverables online ( WebFX is an exception ), so you’ll need to contact the agencies for this step. Again, the agency will likely want to speak with you to determine if you’re a good fit for their marketing services, before sharing their deliverables.

Once you have the deliverables, check if they include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimizations
  • Off-page optimizations
  • Technical optimizations
  • Regular reporting
  • Dedicated point of contact

If you spoke with the agency, see if the deliverables include anything specific to your discussions. While not required, this additional touch can show the agency listened to your SEO needs and is invested in working with your business.

8.     Ask questions

The final step in how to choose an SEO company revolves around meeting your potential agencies.

Before you sign with an SEO agency, you want to meet them. Whether you meet in-person or virtually, like through a video conference, that face-to-face meeting can help your team determine if they are the right SEO agency for you.

Come to the meeting with questions, too.

People sometimes apologize for asking us questions in the sales process, but I think that the more questions that you can ask about past performance, the clearer picture you’re going to get about how skilled an SEO agency is and how well they’re able to perform. A company that’s well-rounded isn’t going to have anything to hide, and they’ll have a whole bunch of clients that are eager and willing to share their experience working with them.”

Examples of questions you can ask include:

  • How much time will you need from my business?
  • When should we expect to see results?
  • What experience do you have in our industry?
  • How much do your services cost?
  • How do you execute SEO strategies?

For the best meet-and-greet, brainstorm various questions with your team and company leaders. While your team may have questions about strategy and reporting, your decision-makers may have questions about pricing and return on investment (ROI).

Make sure you also feel comfortable with the agency. You want to feel like you can ask questions, voice concerns, and more. If you don’t, it can lead to problems with developing a long-term partnership, which is critical as SEO is a long-term, ongoing strategy.

How businesses are choosing an SEO company in 2024

Notes icon with checkmark.

Key Takeaways

  • 61% of businesses hire an SEO firm for the expertise
  • 46% of businesses would recommend their SEO agency to a friend
  • Most businesses find an SEO company through referrals
  • Reputation is the #1 factor in businesses choosing an SEO company

Before compiling our advice on choosing an SEO agency, we wanted to understand how organizations choose an SEO company today. So, we polled 500 U.S.-based marketing and sales professionals to understand their motivations, process, and satisfaction with their pick.

Why are companies hiring an SEO agency?

Companies are hiring an SEO agency for one big reason: Their expertise.

From our conversations, we learned that 61% of businesses hire an SEO firm because the business doesn’t have the expertise to do search engine optimization in-house. For smaller companies, a lack of results was the biggest motivator for outsourcing their SEO campaign.

When it came to choosing an SEO company, we knew that research was then critical.

Businesses need the tools to research an SEO service provider in-depth so they can verify the agency’s expertise. Case studies, reviews, awards, and client references could help businesses find the right SEO company for their needs.

Source data

Lack of expertise 26.87%
Lack of resources 22.70%
More cost-effective 21.48%
Lack of results 15.48%
Lack of time 10.70%
Other 2.78%

How are companies finding an SEO agency?

Companies lean heavily on one channel for finding an SEO agency: Referrals.

From friends to colleagues, sales and marketing professionals prefer to ask around. If they don’t find what they’re looking for from their network, though, they’ll turn to search engines, which put the expertise of SEO service providers to the test.

However, more than 20% of respondents shared that SEO agencies have contacted them directly.

While an effective sales tactic, direct outreach gets a mixed reception because of its use of:

  • Aggressive sales tactics, like pushing a limited-time offer
  • Overpromising results, like promising page-one rankings in 30 days
  • Limited transparency, like shrinking from sharing pricing or deliverables

After learning how companies find an SEO marketing company, we knew education was important. Businesses needed to educate themselves before picking an SEO company on what reputable, trustworthy agencies look like so they could evaluate firms and direct outreach offers effectively.

Referral 31%
Direct outreach by service provider 21.60%
Online search 17%
Industry conference or event 14%
Social media 13.80%
Other 2.06%

How are companies choosing an SEO agency?

Companies weigh several factors when choosing an SEO agency. The most to least important are:

Only enterprise-level businesses placed SEO costs as the most important factor (followed by reputation).

Based on this information, we knew companies need to do a few things before picking an SEO agency:

  • Learn what makes a company reputable in SEO
  • Educate themselves on how much SEO costs
  • Understand the benefits of a long-term SEO partnership vs. short-term

Are companies satisfied with their SEO companies?

53.8% of businesses.

would not recommend their SEO provider to a friend.

Source: WebFX

Companies appeared satisfied with their SEO company, with 46% willing to recommend their SEO partner.

As a part of our survey, businesses rated their satisfaction using Net Promoter Score (NPS) . Most polled as Promoters, meaning they would recommend their SEO provider to a friend. The remaining, a total of 53.8%, were Detractors (dissatisfied) or Passives (neutral).

From this data, we knew that while most companies weren’t dissatisfied with their SEO provider, the majority weren’t willing to recommend their SEO firm to a friend or colleague — which is the number one way businesses go about choosing a good SEO company!

Again, we knew education was essential in helping businesses evaluate SEO agencies and find the best SEO company.

We also knew that companies had an opportunity to change what they look for in an SEO services provider , as de-prioritizing customer service in the shopping process likely affected their experience (and satisfaction) later.

Everyone makes mistakes , and that includes the best businesses. That’s why, before you start choosing an SEO company, you should review the common and big mistakes organizations often make when finding an SEO agency.

These three mistakes include:

1. Choosing a “cheap” SEO agency

$2500 – $7500.

is the average cost for monthly SEO services

Price does matter when it comes to SEO services and agencies. You want to set an SEO budget and find an SEO company within that budget. The mistake, however, is that many businesses set unrealistic budgets.

They see agencies offering SEO for $100 per month , for instance, and think that’s reasonable. The truth, however, is that the SEO companies promoting those ultra-low rates often underdeliver.

They underdeliver when it comes to your strategy, for example, using copy-and-paste approaches to deliver nonexistent returns.

Or, they fail to communicate with your team. Again, this lack of service results in terrible customer experience and returns.

In some cases, they’ll use black-hat SEO practices, which can result in a Google penalty.

With SEO, you get what you pay for, which is why you need a realistic budget.

Educate your company about SEO pricing. Then, you can set a feasible monthly budget for SEO services. For reference, businesses spend an average of $2500 to $7500 per month , though this number can fluctuate based on your strategy, company size, and more.

2. Browsing only local SEO companies

Getting to work with a local SEO agency is a bonus when choosing a good SEO company.

When it comes to what to look for in an SEO company, however, the location of your agency shouldn’t be your top factor. You want to prioritize experience, performance, and client experience over location because that will impact the quality of your service the most.

Limiting yourself to a small area can stop your business from achieving the kind of results you want.

If  your competitor , for example, partners with an experienced agency several states away and you settle with a local, but inexperienced agency, it can prevent your company and website from ranking at the top of valuable search results and capturing that organic traffic.

That means less revenue, sales, and leads for you and more for your competitor.

Even if you choose an SEO company that isn’t local, they will often try to bridge the gap. For example, they may travel on occasion to meet your team in person. Or, they may use video conferencing or phone calls to chat with your team in a more personable way.

3. Selecting a black-hat SEO agency

Your company (and its business leaders) want results. SEO doesn’t deliver immediate results, though. In most cases, it requires three to six months to start providing a return.

This feature can lead to frustration, as well as smart companies falling for  black-hat SEO  strategies. Black-hat SEO describes unethical (and ineffective) long-term SEO tactics. While you can use black-hat approaches to rank in organic search results quickly, you will fall from page one fast.

Worse, Google may even ban your website from ever appearing in its own search engine results. That means people wouldn’t be able to find your business’s site via the world’s biggest search engine. You don’t want that, which is why you need to focus on established, white-hat SEO agencies.

These companies use best practices and ethical strategies that help your company rank in organic search results. In most cases,  low-cost SEO services  and black-hat SEO agencies go hand-in-hand.

Now that we’ve talked all about the dos and don’ts of how to choose an SEO company, it’s time to put it all into practice. Start by exploring some of the top SEO companies in the world. From the U.S. to Australia, we’ve rounded up five of the top SEO service providers:

Pennsylvania, USA

Starting at $1375 / month

Key SEO Services

  • National, local, ecommerce, and enterprise SEO
  • SEO auditing
  • Return on investment (ROI) reporting for offline and online channels
  • MarketingCloudFX
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Social media SEO
  • Technical SEO

Why We Picked Them

Wait a second — you’re WebFX!

Okay, you got us, but hear us out. As an award-winning full-service SEO agency with 775+ reviews across sites like Google and Clutch, and 25+ years of experience , we can’t help but throw our metaphorical hat in the ring.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for SEO, which is why our SEO services are fully custom . We dig deep into your business’s website, audience, and competitors to get a 360° understanding of your online presence. Then, we take those insights and turn them into results-driving optimizations .

So, how do we get that crucial data? With the help of our very own marketing automation software, MarketingCloudFX . Fueled by 1+ billion data points , MCFX has helped our partners see a 20% average ROI increase from their digital marketing efforts.

The SEO Works

Sheffield, United Kingdom

$100 – $149 / hour (Clutch)

The SEO Works logo

  • Education, healthcare, automotive, ecommerce, professional, and manufacturing SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Technical and organic SEO

For expert SEO services in the U.K., look no further than The SEO Works. As a team of SEOs with over a decade of experience helping diverse businesses, The SEO Works offers industry-specific SEO services to help you land a top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Kraków, Poland

delante business logo

  • International, ecommerce, and local SEO
  • Link building services
  • Long-tail SEO keyword optimization
  • Core web vitals audit

Whether you need a little SEO assistance or a lot of SEO assistance, Delante has you covered. With services ranging from SEO setup to expanding your reach with international SEO, the team behind Delante can help you develop a well-rounded SEO strategy for your business.

Ignite Digital

Mississauga, Canada

$50 – $99 / hour (Clutch)

ignite digital logo

  • On- & off-page, technical, and local SEO
  • Competitive analyses and comparisons
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Content marketing and optimization
  • Reporting and analytics

Ignite Digital offers data-driven SEO services to help you achieve your SEO goals. With services like competitive analyses and in-depth keyword research, you and the team behind Ignite Digital can make SEO decisions that are rooted in actionable data.

Digital Nomads

Mooloolaba, Australia

digital nomads logo

  • Local and technical SEO
  • Link building
  • Competitor auditing

The experience team at Digital Nomads is dedicated to helping you get the best results possible out of your SEO efforts. That’s why they offer a full suite of SEO services, from website auditing to content creation. With optimizations driven by actionable data insights, you can start working your way to the top of SERPs with Digital Nomads.

Independent research from Clutch has named WebFX the

Top seo company in the united states..

Clutch has personally interviewed more than 250 WebFX clients to discuss their experience partnering with us.

arrow right

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  • How Businesses Are Choosing an SEO Company in 2024
  • 3 Mistakes Smart Businesses Make when Picking an SEO Company
  • Top SEO Companies in the World
  • Learn More About How to Find the Right SEO Company

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Google Case Study Shows Importance Of Structured Data

Google published a case study showing how structured data and optimizing URLs for crawling resulted in nearly doubling clicks from the SERPs

case study for seo

Google published a case study that shows how using structured data and following best practices improved discoverability and brought more search traffic. The case study was about the use of Video structured data but the insights shared are applicable across a range of content types.

The new case study is about an Indonesian publisher called Vidio.

How CDNs Can Cause Indexing Problems

One of the interesting points in the case study is about an issue related to how CDNs can link to image and video files with expiring URLs. The new documentation specifically mentions that it’s important that the CDN uses stable URLs and links to another Google documentation page that goes into more detail.

Google explains that some CDNs use quickly expiring URLs for video and thumbnail files and encourages publishers and SEOs to use just one stable URL for each video. Something interesting to note is that not only does this help Google index the files it also helps Google collect user interest signals.

This is what the documentation advises :

“Some CDNs use quickly expiring URLs for video and thumbnail files. These URLs may prevent Google from successfully indexing your videos or fetching the video files. This also makes it harder for Google to understand users’ interest in your videos over time. Use a single unique and stable URL for each video. This allows Google to discover and process the videos consistently, confirm they are still available and collect correct signals on the videos.”

Implementing The Correct Structured Data

Google highlighted the importance of using the correct structured data and validating it with Google’s structured data testing tool.

These are the results of the above work:

“Within a year of implementing VideoObject markup, Vidio saw improvements in impressions and clicks on their video pages. While the number of videos that Vidio published from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 increased by ~30%, adding VideoObject markup made their videos eligible for display in various places on Google. This led to an increase of ~3x video impressions and close to 2x video clicks on Google Search. Vidio also used the Search Console video indexing report and performance report, which helped them to identify and fix issues for their entire platform.”

Indexing + Structured Data = More Visibility

The keys to better search performance were ensuring that Google is able to crawl the URLs, which is something that can easily be overlooked in the rush to correlate a drop in rankings to a recent algorithm update. Never rule anything out during a site audit.

Another thing the case study recommends that is important is to assure that the proper structured data is being used. Using the appropriate structured data can help make a webpage qualify for improved search visibility through one of Google’s enhanced search features like featured snippets.

Read Google’s case study:

How Vidio brought more locally relevant video-on-demand (VOD) content to Indonesian users through Google Search

Featured Image by Shutterstock/Anton Vierietin

I have 25 years hands-on experience in SEO and have kept on  top of the evolution of search every step ...

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How to remove content and links from Google’s AI Overviews by using ‘preview controls’ like nosnippet, data-nosnippet, and max-snippet [Case Study]

May 16, 2024

google , seo

How to remove content and links from Google's AI Overviews

Update: May 21, 2024 – My post is BACK in the AI overview, even when using nosnippet. I have provided more information below about that, including a screenshot. Update: May 22, 2024 – Google’s John Mueller replied to me after checking with the team working on AI overviews. The link card should drop out over time. Learn more below . Update: May 23, 2024 – As John Mueller explained, it just took a little longer for the link card to be removed. It’s now gone from the AI overview. You can see the screenshot below.

———- At Google I/O a few days ago, Google announced that AI Overviews would be rolling out to users in the United States (with more countries coming soon). That’s beyond the Search Generative Experience (SGE) labs experiment that launched in May of 2023. It’s a huge deal since many have been wondering how Google would proceed with injecting AI into the search results. I’ve had access to SGE since the first day it rolled out via labs in May and have been keeping a keen eye on its evolution, how AI answers were provided, how ads would be handled, and gauging the overall impact to clicks from the search results. Well, now we will have a much better understanding as many more users will be exposed to AI Overviews in the search results. And as I expected, Google will not break out AI Overview data in Search Console, but they will be handled like any other search from a reporting perspective. For example, impressions, clicks, and position data will show up in GSC, but just like any other search. Sorry, there won’t be a GSC filter for AI Overviews. It’s the same situation for featured snippets by the way. So you will be able to see the data in GSC, but there won’t be a specific filter for AI Overviews. It’s worth noting that Google tested a featured snippets filter in 2016, but never rolled it out. I was super-excited to see that filter since I was in the beta, but unfortunately it never saw the light of day.

A Disappearing Act: Solutions For Publishers That Want Out Of AI Overviews! Some publishers are very upset that Google used their content to train their models. And some of those publishers do not want AI Overviews that provide their content (even when Google is linking to their content). In the past, Google explained that there was no way to opt-out of having content show up in SGE’s AI Overviews since that’s a search feature. So the only way to “opt-out” would be via normal blocking mechanisms like noindexing content, blocking via robots.txt, etc. But that’s a VERY BIG HAMMER since it removes your content from search completely. But, they did provide another interesting tidbit after announcing AI Overviews were rolling out… They explained that ‘ preview controls’ work as well. And that led to a lot of confusion about how that would actually work (or if it would work at all). Using preview controls is a way to either tell Google to not provide a snippet in the search results, or limit how much content can be used for the snippet. The search snippet is what shows up under a title in a listing in the SERPs. Note, I wrote a post about using data-nosnippet to change a snippet in the search results, and that’s one of the preview controls that site owners can employ.

Google's preview controls can help site owners remove content from AI overviews.

Below, I’ll quickly provide the options publishers have and then provide a quick case study of using one of the controls to remove my content from an AI Overview. And just to clarify, I’m not necessarily recommending that site owners do this, but many have asked about how to remove content from Google’s AI Overviews. So I wanted to provide a breakdown of the options site owners have while also providing a quick case study about how it works.

Preview Controls That Site Owners Can Use To Limit or Remove Content From AI Overviews: First, you can use nosnippet to completely remove a snippet from the SERPs. This is also a big hammer since it will impact non-AI overviews as well. For example, your default search listing will contain a title, but no snippet. It’s funny looking, awkward, and will probably decrease click through rate for you, but hey, you won’t be in the AI overviews if you don’t want to be. I’ll show you what this looks like soon.

Using nosnippet can hep site owners remove content from Google's AI Overviews.

Second, you have the max-snippet control which tells Google to limit the snippet to a certain character length. This applies to all types of search results like images, video, Discover, and more. And third, you have data-nosnippet , which I mentioned earlier. I wrote a post explaining how to use data-nosnippet to remove certain pieces of your content from the search snippet (in the default search listings). For example, you can wrap certain pieces of content with data-nosnippet to make sure Google doesn’t use that in the snippet for your search listing.

The experiment: Testing nosnippet to remove a site’s content from AI Overviews. It’s great Google explained this can work, but will it actually work when you want to remove your content from an AI Overview? I had to test it out. So I found one of my older blog posts, used a query that yielded the post in an AI Overview, and then took out that big hammer and added nosnippet via the meta robots tag. First, here’s a screenshot of what was showing up consistently for me when searching for that query.

An example of an AI Overview containing content and links from Glenn Gabe.

Then I simply added nosnippet via the meta robots tag and requested indexing in Google Search Console. It was quickly recrawled and reindexed. But the search results still showed my post in the AI Overview and the standard snippet was showing in the 10 blue links. I expected that since Google’s systems need to recrawl, reprocess the page, and then it could still take a bit to be reflected in the search results. I patiently waited. And just a few hours later, boom, my content was completely removed from the AI Overview. My content wasn’t reflected in the answer, the card containing a link to my post was removed, etc. You can see the new AI answer below.

An example of removing content and links from Google's AI Overviews.

But hold on… there is collateral damage when using this approach. My search listing in the default search results (10 blue links) does not have a search snippet. It’s pretty awkward looking and I’m sure that would decrease click through rate from the SERPs. I used nosnippet versus max-snippet in this experiment, so maybe the other preview controls would yield better results overall. Here is what the default search listing looks like now. Pretty anemic, right?

An example of a standard search listing when nosnippet is used.

Update: My post is back in the AI overview, even when using nosnippet: Well, that was short-lived. My post is now back in the AI overview even when nosnippet is being used. So the experiment initially worked, but nosnippet is now NOT working. I’ll send this along to Google today to make sure they understand that preview controls are not working as intended. See the screenshot below of my post back in the AI overview.

The link card returns after initially being removed from the AI Overview.

Update 2: Google’s John Mueller’s reply about the situation: Google’s John Mueller checked with the team working on AI Overviews and they explained that the link card should also drop out of the AI Overview. It can just take a little longer for that aspect to be reprocessed by Google. John said it should be resolved within a few days. I’ll update this post when that happens just to close the loop. But overall, that’s great news for any site owner that wants to remove their content completely from AI Overviews.

Google's John Mueller replies about removing content from AI Overviews after checking with the team working on the feature.

Update 3: The link card finally gets removed. Just like John Mueller explained above, it just took a little longer for the link card to be removed. So it seems using nosnippet is a viable solution for site owners trying to remove their content and links from AI Overviews. You can see the link card has been removed in the screenshot below.

The link card finally gets removed from Google's AI Overview.

An AI Overview disappearing act. Some closing thoughts and questions: First, it was cool to see how fast this worked. In just a few hours, my content was removed from an AI Overview in the search results. Second, I’m not sure how the other preview controls would work when trying to remove or cut down AI Overviews that use your content. I might test that out and I’ll update this post with more information if I do. Update based on my post returning to the AI overview: And third, it was surprising to see my post back in the AI snippet about a week after implementing nosnippet. Again, I’ll be sending that information to Google to make sure they know that preview controls are not working as intended. So that’s it. A quick and easy way to remove your content (and links) from AI Overviews. Again, I’m not sure how many publishers will want to be removed from AI Overviews, but at least there is a mechanism for doing so. Google is claiming that AI overviews yield more clicks than standard search results , but I’m not sure I believe that. Sure, featured snippets can yield a lot of clicks if users can’t get a full answer from the snippet, but AI Overviews contain much more content overall. Time will tell how AI Overviews impact traffic to publishers… But hey, if you’re not comfortable with Google providing your content in its AI Overviews, at least you have some ‘preview controls’ that can help. As you can see above, those can work quickly. GG

case study for seo

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    Best SEO Case Studies: 1. How I Increased My Organic Traffic 652% in 7 Days 2. SEO Investment Google Search Central Case Study 3. How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 74.5% 4. From 126 to 121,883 Unique Visitors in Under 6 Months 5. Ranking in 24 Hours in the Competitive SEO Niche 6. From 0 to 75,000 Visits A Year 7. How We 4x'd Traffic and Doubled Revenue in E-Commerce 8. 6-Step ...

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    14 SEO Case Studies You Can Learn From. Every now and then we publish real-world examples of how brands use SEO to dominate organic search and get more traffic to their websites. Below are the SEO case studies we've published so far. Zapier. Learn how Zapier gets 1.6M monthly search visits from their blog. Wise.

  3. SEO Case Studies and Success Stories

    Case studies SEO fundamentals Introduction Search Essentials SEO Starter Guide How Google Search Works Do you need an SEO? Crawling and indexing ... Browse SEO case studies and success stories to see first-hand how Google Search can help you reach more people with your website. [{ "type": ...

  4. 14 SEO Case Studies: Challenges, Solutions & Results

    14 SEO case studies for top-ranking inspiration. Thousands of monthly traffic hits, 2X conversion boosts, and pumped-up keyword rankings are just a few of the incredible results our clients have experienced with the right SEO services. But you'll notice each brand comes with a unique challenge that informs the right SEO strategy for them.

  5. 14 SEO Case Studies to Improve Your Strategy in 2024

    Top Strategies for Your Site: Include a 301 redirect strategy as you plan for a domain migration. Extend your reach by optimizing for new, relevant keywords. Use image SEO to win rankings in Google image search results. Read the full SEO case study here: Hawthorn Reached 252K Monthly Visits in 5 Months. 9.

  6. SEO Case Studies: Learn From These 8 Success Stories

    SEO case studies present the various ways you can increase performance on search engines. By studying the key findings for each, you can then apply what you find to your own strategy. Also, case studies give you a unique opportunity to discover things in a practical way , providing examples and results you can easily relate to, making them a ...

  7. 8 SEO Case Studies: Examples That Energize 2024 Strategies

    SEO Case Study Examples to Check Out. Here are eight compelling examples that offer key lessons you can apply to your site. 1. Edelweiss Bakery. Edelweiss Bakery is a small, local bakery in Florida that struggled with low online visibility despite having a loyal customer base.

  8. 92 SEO Case Studies on How we Win it for our Clients

    SEO Case Study: How Google's Algo Update Rewarded our Orthopedic Client's Traffic by 71.69% for SEO Done Right. April 1, 2024. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the only constant is change. We started working for this client (an orthopedic clinic) in January 2024.

  9. Examine SEO Case Study: 7 Lessons to 1 Million Monthly Visits

    Create an "about" page and "editorial policy" page showcasing why people should trust you. Lesson 7. Run regular SEO site audits. While Examine never focused on SEO as a main strategy, it wasn't oblivious to it either. It runs twice-a-year SEO audits on its site to ensure it's not missing simple things.

  10. +30 SEO Case Studies from 2023 [Real Interviews]

    Top Niche Site Case Studies. From Retro Dodo to Investopedia, these SEO case studies display some of the most successful publication case studies of our time. Here's a further break down of 4 niche site examples and the strategy behind them ↓. Ash Read's side-gig became a publishing powerhouse. Here's the full story.

  11. SEO Case Study: 5 Reasons Why Their SEO Rocks

    In this one-of-a-kind case study, we'll explore five reasons why Wise's SEO strategy rocks: Landing page templates that can be scaled up. A custom CMS built around their SEO needs. Content optimized for featured snippets. Multiple ways of attracting and acquiring links. Flawlessly migrating millions of pages with a lot of risk.

  12. SEO Case Study: How I Increased SEO Traffic by 600% in 24 Months

    SEO Case Study: How I Increased SEO Traffic by 600% in 24 Months. I used to think SEO case studies with titles like this were written by snake oil salesmen. After all, saying you increased someone's organic traffic―especially someone who's a multiple time New York Times best-selling author and already had a bunch of traffic―by 600% can ...

  13. Best SEO Case Studies List that Actually Worked

    A complete SEO case study of an organization can serve as your eye-opener to identify what works and what doesn't for your peers & competitors. Additionally, adding digital marketing services to your SEO arsenal can greatly help to boost your online presence and reach more potential customers. In this blog, we have curated a few best SEO case ...

  14. 6 Eye-Opening SEO Case Studies and What Made Them Successful ...

    SEO Case Studies to Inform Your Optimization Efforts. What follows is a list of case studies in search engine optimization to help improve your site ranking. SEO Case Study: How I Increased My Organic Traffic 652% in 7 Days - Backlinko. Brian Dean's Backlinko blog has quickly become one of the go-to places for learning SEO.

  15. SEO Case Studies: Strategies That Actually Work!

    SEO case studies are one of the best ways to learn SEO and increase your skills. They provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from real-world examples. By studying successful campaigns, you can better understand what tactics and strategies are most effective. You will also see how the SEO pros put together comprehensive SEO campaigns.

  16. How to Use Case Studies for SEO

    Here are just some of the ways you can use case studies for SEO: Target [service] + [customer] Target "how to" phrases. Target prominent brand names. Target thought leaders. Link to related services, products or offers. Use as link building material. Create additional assets to target long-tail search phrases.

  17. How to Build a Killer SEO Case Study (+ FREE TEMPLATE!)

    Case studies (and what they exactly contain) will differ a bit from industry to industry (hence why this is the SEO case study guide and not, say, the marketing case study guide). If you're trying to build an SEO case study, you'll have to do three things: Show the client what's possible with SEO. Show the client how you are responsible.

  18. Linktree SEO Case Study: The Rise, Fall, & Future

    To do this, I've entered Linktree's domain into the search bar, scrolled down to the overview, and selected "Avg. organic traffic.". We can see the organic traffic rise and fall. Let's look at the rise first. The site had a bump in organic traffic around March-April 2020. The traffic peak was in August 2022, reaching ~6.5 million.

  19. SEO Case Study: How I Increased My Organic Traffic 652% in 7 Days

    There's a SEO strategy that's crushing it right now. ("Skyscraper Technique 2.0") I used this strategy to increase organic traffic to one of my pages by 652.1%: (In 7 days!) This same approach helped my brand new post hit the #1 spot in Google… within weeks: And today's SEO case study I'm going to show you exactly how I did it ...

  20. SEO Case Studies

    Melton Trucking Increases Traffic by 25% Without New Content. Proven SEO success with BrightEdge builds case for SEO program. Load more. , Learn how organizations in lots of industries capitalize on SEO opportunities and find digital success with BrightEdge. Read these SEO case studies.

  21. SEO Case Studies

    After - Ranking for 25,096 terms. An increase of 24,223. Positions 1-3 saw an increase of 885 keywords ranking, while positions 4-10 gained 1,464 additional keywords on page 1 after engaging with

  22. 6 Things I Love About Zapier's SEO Strategy: A Case Study

    Head over to our list of SEO case studies. 1. Pitching the product through the back door. SEO is generally worth it if one of the following things is true: Potential customers are searching for what you sell or do. Potential customers are searching for solutions to problems your business helps to solve. But there seems to be a third way.

  23. How to Choose an SEO Company: 8 Steps for Success [Data]

    Filter agencies faster. Provide candidates with accurate information about your expectations, timeline, and SEO strategy. Pick the right SEO marketing company for your team. The above saves you, your team, and your business time, money, and headaches. 2.

  24. Google Case Study Shows Importance Of Structured Data

    1.1K. READS. Google published a case study that shows how using structured data and following best practices improved discoverability and brought more search traffic. The case study was about the ...

  25. How to remove content and links from Google's AI Overviews by using

    Second, you have the max-snippet control which tells Google to limit the snippet to a certain character length. This applies to all types of search results like images, video, Discover, and more. And third, you have data-nosnippet, which I mentioned earlier.I wrote a post explaining how to use data-nosnippet to remove certain pieces of your content from the search snippet (in the default ...