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You may be required to write a home essay in school or in a variety of higher education programs, particularly those in social sciences.

You may be required to describe your hometown and how it affected your childhood and adolescence. Alternately, the essay may cover your dream house and what you would like to see in it.

Such essays generally appreciate originality and cleverness, and you should make them interesting and engaging. However, you should not go overboard with additions and expressions, as some of them may be excessive or unnecessary.

This article will help you understand what you should and should not do when writing a home essay of either variety. When discussing the topic of your hometown, you should consider a variety of aspects, as this sort of essay is not solely about yourself.

Your family biography would be a good choice among various home essay topics to provide background to your childhood and describe your upbringing.

Prominent memories would also be helpful, as your perception of your childhood tends to be the primary focus of this variety of essay. As such, you should not discuss factors that you learned about later on unless they are directly relevant to the story.

You should also try to avoid letting such knowledge twist what you remember of the circumstances. You may note that you later learned that the reality was different from what you remember as a child, but you should always mention the latter.

When discussing your ideas of a perfect house, you will want to cover a variety of aspects. The physical parameters, such as location, size, design, color scheme, and many other options you have to consider when furnishing your home are important topics.

However, the essay will want you to provide a more complete picture, including your idea of your future family and other inhabitants.

Examples of what you can use include what pets you would like to have, possibly with details such as breed and gender, and other home essay titles.

However, you should generally not reveal too many private details and be non-specific about your family. The essay is primarily about yourself, and the family should be described in basic details such as the number of children.

Here are some additional tips for your writing process:

  • When you are writing an essay about your home in school, you will usually want to concentrate on its current state. Discuss your family and possibly contemplate how your neighborhood changed throughout your upbringing.
  • Try to avoid overly concentrating on any one aspect of your dream house at the expense of others. The purpose of the essay is to create a comprehensive picture of your ideal. As such, you want to talk about many different things that will come to your head.
  • The essay is personal and not scholarly, and so you do not have to write in a formal academic style. You are free to separate it by topics and use section titles if you wish, provided the paper is long enough. However, you should still avoid colloquialisms and other non-literary language.
  • Many people will have similar ideas of their ideal living conditions, ones close to the overall societal norm. It is not necessary for everyone to introduce outlandish ideas just to be different from the rest, as the small differences are more important.

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  • Favorite Movie: “Home Alone” by John Hughes Despite the fact that the film is primarily associated with Macaulay Culkin, the rest of the actors have contributed significantly to the movie’s atmosphere.
  • Why Working From Home Is Better Whether under a tree shade, in the bedroom, or wherever, an employee working from home is of their own volition to choose and can relocate the workstation whenever necessary.
  • Fast Food vs. Home Cooking: Lifestyle and Traditions The good thing with this business is that the food was from natural products hence healthy, a fact that has since changed Many people are very busy for the better part of the day and […]
  • Home School Versus Public School These two types of schools are also similar in that most of the subjects taught in public schools and home schools are the same.
  • The Meaning of Home Home is a word that means a lot in the life of every person. This view of a home is quite common: “home is where the heart is”.
  • The Strength of a Nation Derives From the Strength of the Home In this passage, Confucius addressed the role of the family in the growth and development of a nation. Being the smallest unit in the nation, the family plays a vital role in ensuring the stability […]
  • Comparison of Life at Home and Away Living at home with one’s family may not expose one to diverse communities as a person interacts with the same people continuously.
  • The Future of the Home: Houses in 2030 In this paper, the evaluation of three types of homes will be offered to define how materials and requirements for building as well as ethical aspects and technological use may be changed: a luxury home […]
  • Review of “On Going Home” by Joan Didion In the essay the author says that ‘By “home” I do not mean the house in Los Angeles where my husband and I and the baby live, but the place where my family is, in […]
  • Issue of Falls at a Nursing Home: Professional Reflection The problem of patients’ falls in nursing homes is an urgent nursing issue, and my experience in one of these institutions in New Zealand is the object of evaluation.
  • Home Gardening Veggies Business Plan It is to this growing concern that the home gardening veggies business came up with an idea of developing a vegetable and fruits home garden to help the town residents to purchase fresh and healthy […]
  • Race and Meaning of Home in Toni Morrison’s Novel In her novel Home, however, Morrison argues that the history of race and racism in the United States complicates the concept of home.
  • The Unique Feeling of “Home” The period of living with the parents was anxious, disturbing, and entirely pessimistic, which continues to affect my visits to the place where I have spent most of my years.
  • Home Imagery and Symbolism in Literature: The Most Crucial but Underestimated Things in Human Life Being the representatives of different literary genres, the chosen stories contributes to the promotion of home as the only place for hope, safety, and empowerment.
  • Home Health Agency: Business Plan The population of senior citizens in the state is growing rapidly, and the majority of them prefer home health services to nursing homes.
  • Home-Based Pay System for Employees However, the major weakness of this system is that employees may not benefit from many incentives and extra benefits provided in the home country.
  • Many Students Choose to Live Away From Home When They Go to University: Is It a Good Thing for Them or Not? This is because, the students are able to attain some sense of flexibility and thus, they are able to seek life paths that are very different from their parent’s.
  • Home Care and Nurse’s Ethical and Legal Concerns The main goal of this paper is to discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities of a nurse who supports the idea that home care patients need to be cared for in a hospital, and that […]
  • Movies: It Is Better to Go Out or Stay at Home Going to the movies can be a great deal but it is also good to stay at home and watch a movie.
  • Concept of Home in “The Odyssey” and “Harry Potter” In the end, it could be said that both of these books show that home is a haven and safe place to return to.
  • Home Visit Activity in Nursing Establish the willingness of the family to participate This is by asking the family about their view of the visit. I also advised them about the value of washing hands before eating for the entire […]
  • Stay-Home Moms and Full-Time Working Mothers: Indicators of Happiness In some parts of the world, it’s considered well that a woman is working, but mostly in eastern countries, women are preferred to stay at home at look after their houses and children.
  • Significance of Home in The Wizard of Oz by Baum According to Taymaa, “From the moment Dorothy arrives in Oz, her sole wish is to return to Kansas, and the whole of the story recounts her search for the ability to do so”.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Home The primary factor to consider is the cost of buying versus the rent expenditure incurred. In this case, the recent increase in charges associated with homes and higher mortgage levels have resulted in minimal costs […]
  • Internet of Things for Home: Benefits and Challenges The IoT can be characterized as the unification of the virtual and real worlds with the help of many devices and sensors connected to the same network and providing interaction between machines and people.
  • Organic Compounds at Home and at the Workplace One of the defining features of ketones and aldehydes is that these compounds are not soluble in water. In conclusion, functional groups of organic compounds can help define some of their features, such as dissolution, […]
  • Home From Home Cooking: A Business Proposal Speaking of the means of production, the meals are going to be cooked in the takeaway, or, to be more precise, in one of the rooms of the premises in which the takeaway is going […]
  • Zhong Kui, the Keeper of Hearth and Home: Japanese Myth With Buddhist Philosophy Zhong Kui, the Demon Queller, or Shoki, as foreigners call this creature, is the keeper of the hearth and home in Japan and one of the most picturesque characters of Japanese legends.
  • Home Depot Company: Products and Services Improvement The variety and assortment offered by the Home Depot include a wide range of building materials, products for lawns and gardens, and several services. The Home Depot operates in specialty stores offering only a specific […]
  • The Significance of Home Schooling This article examines the concept of home schooling. 4, 2002, p.197.
  • Approach to Learning at Cloudview Nursing Home Since the approach adopted to learning determines an organization’s performance, it is essential to understand the motivations for learning and their influence on workplace education.
  • Home: Connotative Definitions of the Word Although the word home seems to have only one common definition, it is evident from its usage that it has a broad connotative definition that varies greatly with context making its use to have a […]
  • Stay-At-Home Dads The responsibility of a father is very influential and also powerful to a child. It is therefore necessary for a father to be close to the kid.
  • What Is It Designwise to Make a House Home? Basing on my perception and comprehension, a home is a sacred and fabulous place that welcomes both spiritual and non-spiritual people.
  • Home, Housing, and Housing in International Practice The desire of people to live in large communities led to the appearance of the first multi-story buildings, but their disadvantage was that they did not protect people from the cold and wind.
  • Regression Analysis of Home Prices One of the variables that are important in determining the home price is the economic indicators. The other variable that will determine the price of a home is the neighborhood.
  • China’s Home Appliances Market Analysis In this respect, regardless of the opportunities presented by the industry boom, competitors need to be wary of an array of waves in the Chinese market.
  • Hillsborough County Home Health Agency’s Challenge From the information obtained from the Middleborough community, the health challenges that the Hillsborough County Home Health Agency might face in the next ten years is the inability to satisfy the demand for health services […]
  • Stay-At-Home Mother’s Contribution to the Family Economy The data showed that with a complete package of services, including taking care of two children and being in the house around the clock, the fee could reach up to $6,500 per month.
  • Developing Design Solutions for Smart Home: Bibliography The researchers offer insights into how parents’ perceptions of the hazards smart home technologies bring to children’s physical and digital safety developed and altered over the course of three phases. User needs in smart homes: […]
  • Home, Work, and Relationships in Modern Families The study found that parents were in one room without their children for less than 10% of the observed time. Another finding from the article was that 77% of families ate dinner together at least […]
  • Healthcare Devices in Smart Home and Telemedicine A SH system is often outfitted with a combination of interconnected software and hardware components to monitor the living area by capturing and interpreting the resident’s behavior.
  • The Work-From-Home Model of Employment Both technological progress and shifts in employee behavior have contributed to a shift in the proportion of employees who regularly travel to and from the office and the number who sometimes or regularly do their […]
  • A Nitrogen Gas Accident at a Nursing Home The nursing home workers failed to recognize this error and did not check the gas before hooking the tanks to the system.
  • Strong Relationships Between Home and the School Moreover, parents and teachers benefit the most from interacting with each other in terms of creating strong connections and implementing effective communication to support the behavior and learning of the younger generation.
  • Home Appliances for Comfort Life in Barrhaven Its expected yearly energy will be 122 kWh of electricity use, and its annual operating cost will be $90. It will also be cost-effective because the initial price is cheap and has an operating cost […]
  • Home Visits and Families Empowerment The purpose of home visits is to give a more detailed assessment of the family structure, the natural or home environment, and behavior in the home environment”.
  • Catholic Medical Home: Project Details Our staff is a family, and we are all bound by the desire to protect vulnerable populations and to show compassion and genuine support.
  • My Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The city is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, which join at the tip of the “Golden Triangle” to form the Ohio River.
  • Why Is Home Dialysis More Beneficial for the Adult Population? The purpose of the study is correctly focused on such phenomena as a comparison, description, and characterization of the fundamental components of home dialysis and its impact, influence, and effect on a patient.
  • Requesting a Warrant for Trump’s Home Search In his opinion piece for KCRA, Alanna Durkin observes that a checklist of stringent conditions governs the procedure of getting a search warrant. Durkin notes that the court could have only authorized the request if […]
  • Monitoring Home Administration of Medications Another issue related directly to a patient’s mental health, the presence of PTSD and the related issues that may impede the development of the necessary habits must be mentioned as one of the major drivers […]
  • Working From Home: The Future of the Office Working at home also helps to save money both for the employer and the employee. As long as home working can boost productivity, it can also lead to distractions due to interruptions from children, neighbors, […]
  • Home Dialysis in the United States This fact determines the rationale of the research, the purpose of which is to explore the possible ways of preventing in-center dialysis by using home dialysis and the issue of positionality.
  • Effectiveness of a Tool for Monitoring Home Administration of Medications A drawback of non-instant response is the examination of medicine-intake behavior over an extended timeframe. To ascertain the effectiveness of a tool such as MEMS, it is important to involve experts in the healthcare field.
  • Work From Home in a Smart Home After Covid-19 Thus, there was a need to organize the workplace in the post-pandemic era, which is why the smart home is the solution to this problem.
  • Smart Home and Control Security System The two represent the technical characteristics of the sensors and units that are installed in this smart home system. In addition to “Methods,” the article is also missing the “Discussion” section that should interpret what […]
  • Where Home Is: Narrative in Literature Jose Marti describes the home as a place where people are proud of who they are as he tries to free the people of Latin America from the repression of the conquerors.
  • What Is the Amazon Effect: Home Furnishings Industry The Amazon Effect refers to Amazon’s expanding prominence in selling, driving out new entrants to the market while reshaping e-commerce overall.
  • Smart Home: Schneider C-Bus and Schneider Wiser In addition, a modern security system is used, which allows users to control the locks in the house and notifies the owners of the intrusion.
  • Plan-Do-Study-Act for Time Management at Home I will have to stick to a sleep schedule to change my current sleep habit, resulting in the recommended seven to eight hours every night.
  • Amazon’s AI-Powered Home Robots The objective of the present plan is to provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the introduction of AI-powered home robots as Amazon’s next disruptive customer product.
  • Home Description and Perception For instance, I have a friend in the same class as me who is like a sibling to me. Home is a sense of calm and security, and for myself, I single out such a […]
  • “Home, School, and Community Relations”: The Complex Role Nature of Parenting However, emphasizing work sometimes leads to a lack of attention to the educator’s role, which can also hurt a child. From my perspective, such behavior is a warning signal, which has to be taken seriously […]
  • Regulation of a Large For-Profit Nursing Home Chain To solve the problem of unlawful actions of the stakeholders in nursing homes, there is a need for the implementation of the practical management theory.
  • Advocacy on Home Health Nursing Currently, nurse professionals are experiencing issues in their ability to perform home health care due to the lack of available advocacy, especially in the case of clinical decisions. The home health nursing branch of the […]
  • Stay-At-Home Mothers and Their Economic Role The interview made many appreciate the importance of mothers in the economy of a family. The above meme photo is a funny reflection of the work that stay-at-home mothers get involved in.
  • Out-Of-Home Healthcare Services and Regulations On the other hand, for the recipient the best approach is to humbly accept the help of the fellow Christians and the government, accepting it as a blessing.
  • Choosing a Computer for a Home Recording Studio The motherboard is responsible for the speed and stability of the system and should also have a large number of ports in case of many purposes of the computer in the studio.
  • The National Council for Adoption and the Children’s Home Society of Florida The National Council for Adoption is a nationwide organization, while Children’s Home Society of Florida covers the Florida context, and they demonstrate that legal and personalized assistance is necessary to popularize adoption practice.
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): Georgia The history of the program dates back to the 1980s when the Low Income Energy Assistance Program was created to mitigate rising energy prices.
  • “Implementation and Effects of MRC in a Nursing Home” by Henskens The research’s dependent variable is the outcome to be measured the treatment’s impact on the aforementioned patients’ ADL and QoL. However, the researchers did not provide a clear delineation of the above-mentioned variables in the […]
  • Home Schooling From the Nursing Perspective Much to the credit of both sides, one must admit that the proponents of homeschooling and the supporters of the traditional teaching approach act on behalf of the child and in the latter’s interests.
  • Home to School Connections in Terms of Learning When speaking of the child’s development as of a sophisticated socio-cognitive process, it is of paramount importance to acknowledge the fact that the positive learning outcomes are impossible to achieve without the integration of various […]
  • Nursing Home Beds: Fundamental Uncertainty and Values If it is assumed that the admission will stay the same, the decision to dismiss a certain amount of employees will reduce fixed costs in both facilities.
  • Telenursing and Home Healthcare Telenursing is the use of telecommunications and information technology for providing nursing services in healthcare.
  • Sociology: Home School Environment Homeschooling may also cause stress in a child because when the contents get tough, the child may have no peer to talk to, and the guardian is not suitable for such talks.
  • The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters Aarash said that children’s well-being is his priority and mentioned that the family needs proper food for Hamdiya and a washing machine and iron to ensure the children look neat.
  • “How Home Hospice Care Facilitates Patient and Family Engagement”: Article Analysis A study “How home hospice care facilitates patient and family engagement” by Dillon aims at examining the impact of home hospice care on patient and family engagement and related factors facilitating this engagement.
  • Home Buying Process: Trends for Interest Rates and Loans The area with the facilities around it – such as schools, amenities, roads, and the town in which the home is located – all contribute to the valuation of the house.
  • Sears Technician-Dispatching and Home Delivery Problems The article outlines the problem with the efficacy of a previously used geographic information system for timely route decision-making, the solution designed to eliminate the problem, and the benefits the company obtained from the implemented […]
  • Strategic Plan-Heritage Home Healthcare Agency (HHHA) The HHHA strategic plan serves to improve service quality, employee productivity, expand market share, reduce service cost and to maintain its financial stability.
  • Discussion of Theory of Count in Chores of Home The essence of this revelation is that women’s financial independence is a crucial factor in determining the division of chores in the home.
  • A Nursing Home Working Scenario Working in nursing homes has its opportunities and challenges; therefore, the paper will cover the multidisciplinary teams’ working scenario, their interaction and diversity, communication in client care, and support accorded to clients considering their family, […]
  • Fostering the Home/School Connection This work is focused on discussing the demographic characteristics of the city of San Dimas to apply the knowledge gained to build a respectful and positive learning environment.
  • Domestic Violence: The Impact of Law Enforcement Home Visits As the study concludes, despite the increase in general awareness concerning domestic violence cases, it is still a significant threat to the victims and their children.
  • The Project Home Is Where the Heart Is The project Home is Where the Heart Is developed by professional cardiologists is aimed at the prevention and treatment of heart failure since this disease is one of the most common causes of death among […]
  • Hearth and Home Perception in 19th-Century Victorians Due to Immigration Nevertheless, the Victorian perception of what constitutes the concept had undergone severe changes in the 19th century, when the heart of the British Empire saw a significant wave of migration into the metropolis from its […]
  • Mobile Phone-Accessed Health Database Home Care Patient Owing to the highly functional cell phone coverage in the area, I propose that the home health care agency develop a health database that could be accessed via the mobile phone to assist the elderly, […]
  • Analysis for Home Prices for Austin, Texas A multiple regression analysis was used to determine how various explanatory factors affect the prices of homes in Austin. Home prices in Austin differ from place to another and the cost is determined by various […]
  • Analysis of Scottsdale AZ Home Prices The aim is to determine whether the four independent variables have any correlation with the dependent variable, that is, the price of the homes sold around the city.
  • Nursing Home Blueprint and Requirements The aim of the facility should be geared towards the promotion of the health of the old patients through the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities.
  • Home Physiological Monitoring System for Chronic Cardiovascular Conditions When PMD starts, it activates the radio modem, which transfers the information to the Coordinator asking for the parameters list, and then the PMD monitors the list before transferring it to the master microcontroller. The […]
  • Nursing Practice: Hospital and Home The study results will be of great importance in addressing all issues concerning the management of congestive heart failure. In this case, adequate numerical and statistical data concerning the management of congestive heart failure will […]
  • Home Health Care vs. Telemonitoring: Reducing Hospital Readmissions for Patients With Heart Failure In the United States, chronic heart failure is regarded as the number one cause of both the hospitalization and readmission of patients.
  • Influence of the Home Environment on the Development of Obesity in Children The main objective of the research is to identify, investigate and explain the connection between the home environment and socio-economic factors as well as their contribution to the increase of obesity among children.
  • Child Birth at Home and in the Hospital This paper will, therefore, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth at home or in hospital according to the article that has been named above.
  • Individual Income Tax & Home Mortgage Interest Deduction To ease the burden of taxation on the citizens, the United States Congress included the deduction for home mortgage interest in the internal revenue code.
  • Departmental Budget Preparation for Nursing Home However, while the total population in our area of operation is expected to decrease, the population of people who are above 65 years in the US is projected to rise.
  • Northern Cochise Nursing Home: Federal and State Surveys Following the findings of the health inspection carried out by Arizona Department of Health Services, the management of the Northern Cochise Nursing home took immediate steps to correct the deficiencies.
  • Redondo Nursing Home: Providing Above Average Care While the potential resident and family members are expected to disclose all information pertaining to medical conditions, the planner is required to provide a complete description of the home.
  • Diarrhea: Medication and Home Remedies Treatment of diarrhea helps to alleviate the excessive loss of body liquid and promotes lessening of abdominal pains and uneasiness. The medication streams into the intestines and reduces the rate of liquid loss from the […]
  • Problems Related to Defining and Regulating Crimes in the Home The police consider the freedom of a person outside the family set-up as public, and their duty is to serve and protect the public welfare and not their private affairs.
  • Organization Strategic Plan for a 40 Bed Nursing Home Unit The core values are to ensure that a team of the highest quality and honesty in delivering services attends to all.
  • Choosing an Appropriate Computer System for the Home Use It looked at the history of how personal computers have evolved to become one of the most adopted gargets in businesses and the personal lives of many individuals.
  • Strategic Management in Home Healthcare This is followed by the formulation of strategies following the identification of the objectives and mission of the organization. Market entry strategies assist the organization to find resources within and without that will help it […]
  • Strategic Management Plan for Home Health Agency It is one of the leading health care providers in New York and it is still growing. This ranges from the use of telephone to the use of videoconferencing between health care providers and their […]
  • A Veterans Affairs Healthcare Program to Deliver Hospital Care in the Home As for the study In Mader et al, the limitations in the study might prevent the generalization of the described case to other settings.
  • Growing Use of 3D Technology in Theatres and at Home One of the major beneficiaries of technological advances that have been made by man over the cause of the last century has been the entertainment industry which as grown exponentially through the years.
  • How to Utilize Oxygen Safely in the Home The key factor to home oxygen therapy is the communicating and the sharing of relevant information between the caregivers professionals and family members.
  • “Caring for People Dying at Home” by Smith & Porock This was adopted in scientifically identifying initial concerns related to the reluctance of community nurses in carrying out end of life care as part of their profession.
  • Present and Past Understanding of Home: Social Mores and Culture People have the authenticity of referring to a place as a home provided that it contributes to their socioeconomic and personal development.
  • Home and Neighborhood Description Significance in Araby and Among Plants and Animals The conflict, which threads through the short story, is caused by Fyodorov’s sense of dissatisfaction with his life and a desire to achieve more.
  • Aspects of Home Health Care and Taking Care of Elderly People The issue of the lack of financial aid from the government will not be resolved any time soon, so the only way to establish a proper staff is to provide nurses with extra pay.
  • Buying a Home: Trends and Strategies in the Real Estate Industry The uniqueness of the borrower coupled with rules and principles of the financier presents the need for deliberation in brokering the best deal possible.
  • Home Isolation Survival Kit: Food Kits for Emergencies This makes it the best choice for the home emergency kit because during disasters access to medical care is hard, and this can make the difference between life and death.
  • The Effect of Home Ownership on Inter-City and Intra-City Labor Mobility The liquidity of the houses is important as it ensures that the ownership of a house does not act as a hindrance to the mobility of labor.
  • The Meanings of Home in Postwar Britain: A Home-Centered Society Postwar Britain focuses on a home-centered society as the foundation of the working nation, a home-centered is a symbol for the end of the war in Britain.
  • Renting vs. Home Ownership: Advantages and Disadvantages Concerning Today’s Economy Therefore, when it comes to minimizing costs, renting is much more advantageous compared to owning a home, as the cost of owning one’s own home is much higher and maybe beyond the reach of the […]
  • Home Loan Offered by Bank of America Corporation (BAC) In case of a default by the borrower, the money is retrieved by the bank through the sale of the property.
  • Home-Based Business in Saudi Arabia: Suitable Incentives for Its Citizens Wishing to Start Businesses From Home The research will focus on the business environment of the kingdom, together with the advantages of setting up a home-based business in the country.
  • “Home, School and Playroom” by Claire Etaugh: The Combined Effects and Interactions Among Parental Child-Rearing Practices The main hypothesis, though not explicitly stated by the psychologist-researchers, was that the 245 boys and girls ranging in school level from Kindergarten to Grade 8 would reveal statistically significant differences in toy preferences, experiences […]
  • Protectionism as a Way to Protect Home Industries From Overseas Competition We have to realize that we are all part of the global economic crisis, we cannot solve these issues as individual entities; there is power in “we”.
  • Home Design and Built Environment for Activity Space and the Gifted Child This paper will try to establish a connection of a home design and activity space with the facilitation of development of gifted children.
  • Home-Start Family Supporting Program: Supporting Program for Children and Their Families The home start is a family supporting program that helps the parents in developing the welfare of their family unit. The home start program is conducted based on the age of the children.
  • The Attitude of Leaving Home in the English Literature During the Elizabethan age, the theme of moving away from home was a topic both in plays and travel writings. Their writings valorized this movement away from home and home country in the light of […]
  • Home Schooling and Children’s Social Development Going back in time, the victory of the 13-years old Rebecca Sealfon in the contest Scripps National Spelling Bee in 1997, brought the attention of the country to the phenomenon that is called homeschooling.
  • Home-Based Care and Its Consumers Chronic illness is the hallmark of aging and the number one health problem for the elderly in the United States. Emphasis on the activities the individual desires and is capable of achieving is essential.
  • Home Birth: Pros and Cons
  • Pros and Cons of Work From Home
  • Home Schooling and Public Schooling Comparison
  • Elderly Patients’ Post-Stroke Care at Home
  • Future Care Nursing Home in Baltimore City
  • Healthcare Research at Pearl City Nursing Home
  • Nursing Home and Its Impact on Lifespan
  • Choosing an Adult Foster Home or a Nursing Home
  • Home Birth: Case Analysis and Crucial Points
  • Home Networks, Their Functions and Features
  • Women at Home in the 20th Century
  • First Home Care Interventions and Their Effectiveness
  • First Home Care: Internship Clinical Practice
  • Pursuing Home Interior Design Career
  • Home Networking Problems and Mistakes to Avoid
  • Home Exchange and Implications for Tourism Management
  • Child Care at Home vs. in Day Care Centers
  • Home vs. Public Schooling: Middle Ground Argument
  • Environmental Health Assessment of Home
  • First Home Care Agency: Goals and Evaluation
  • First Home Care: Program Evaluation
  • Blumberg’s Nursing Home’s Staffing Crisis
  • Home and Community-Based Services vs. Nursing Facilities
  • On-Reserve Home Loan Program for Okanagan People
  • Fall Among Elderly People at Home: Causes and Consequences
  • Professional Home Staging, Its Issues and Solutions
  • Group Home and Foster Care Forensic Settings
  • Home-Style Cookies and Waste-Free Production
  • Investor Competence, Trading Frequency, and Home Bias
  • Blumberg’s Nursing Home: Staffing Crisis
  • Berlin as a Home for Culturally Diverse Population
  • Home Firearms in McDonald vs. Chicago Court Case
  • Home Birth Risks and Reduction Program
  • Plaza Home Health Services Brand Management
  • Mechanism of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
  • Penwick Home Appliances’ Subsidiary in El Pais
  • Urban Home Gardens for Small Native Mammals
  • Drink-At-Home Inc.’s New Product Development Plan
  • Smart Home Network Design
  • Canadian Tire and the Home Report Companies Valuation
  • Home Network: Hardware and Security Management
  • Home, Work and Relations in Middle-Class America
  • Writings About Hobby – Home Brewing Beer
  • Explorer “Light” in Home Environment: The Little Scientific Concepts
  • “Barbarian Virtues: The United States Encounters Foreign Peoples at Home and Abroad, 1876-1917” by Matthew Frye Jacobson
  • The Arguments and Debates of the Home Schooling System
  • St. John’s Home of the Handicapped
  • Home and Community Care Program
  • Home Delivery of Medication
  • Home Office: Network Attack Protection
  • Positive Development: Home School vs. Public School
  • Nana Children’s Home Advertisement
  • The Home Movie Industry
  • Home Video Rental Industry
  • War and the Meaning of Home
  • Stay at Home Dads: Not So Bad
  • This American Life: Take a Negro Home
  • Home Style Cookies Production Management
  • The Unique Challenges of Careers in Cities Outside the Home Country
  • Many People Do Not See Their Home as a Place Where They Are Free From Work, but Rather as Their Second Workplace and a Less Rewarding One
  • Provision of Home Care Services
  • Home With No Father: Single Mothers
  • Behaviors in Preschool and Home Setting
  • Child Psychology: Poor-Quality Home Environment
  • Family Issues: Parents Should Stay at Home When They Have Babies
  • Friendship Essay Ideas
  • Child Welfare Essay Ideas
  • Evacuation Essay Topics
  • Home Depot Titles
  • Social Class Research Ideas
  • Construction Research Ideas
  • Public Safety Research Ideas
  • Community Service Questions
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . 2024. "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/home-essay-examples/.

1. IvyPanda . "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/home-essay-examples/.


IvyPanda . "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/home-essay-examples/.

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Essay Samples on Home

What makes a house a home: beyond the bricks.

When we think of a house, we envision four walls and a roof — a physical structure that provides shelter. However, a house becomes a home when it transcends its mere physicality and becomes a place of comfort, belonging, and cherished memories. In this essay,...

Feeling of Real Home: How My Adopted Parents Saved Me

The home triggered a sense of familiarity which I couldn't define. Had I been here before? I stood on the ample gravel driveway glancing up at the three-bedroom detached family home, quietly tucked away at the end of a winding road on the outskirts of...

  • Childhood Memories
  • Family History

How My Room Reflects My Inner State and Personality

It is true that our memories fade. It cannot be disputed. Our mind alters the truth, changing the events every single time. That's why I don't remember that day the way you do. So how are we to know whose version is the truth? Time...

  • About Myself

The Story of My Ocean Home: Memories and Sentiments

Have you ever felt home somewhere? A place where you feel safe, and can be yourself without anyone judging you. The ocean is that place for me, it’s my home. The majority of people you ask will say that the beach their favorite vacation destinations....

  • Personal Experience

Personal Experience of Moving Out and Separation From Home

Become Independent from Home During the course of our lifetimes, we are urged to make momentous and difficult decisions that either shape us or break us. One of the major life decisions I have made along the way was moving from home to go to...

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The Meaning of Home: More than Just a House

What is home? If one looks in a dictionary the answer would come out to be, “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, for anyone who has had an actual home, they would know that such...

Best topics on Home

1. What Makes a House a Home: Beyond the Bricks

2. Feeling of Real Home: How My Adopted Parents Saved Me

3. How My Room Reflects My Inner State and Personality

4. The Story of My Ocean Home: Memories and Sentiments

5. Personal Experience of Moving Out and Separation From Home

6. The Meaning of Home: More than Just a House

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Roni Beth Tower Ph.D., ABPP

  • Relationships

The Meaning of "Home"

Four approaches to studying "home" show how home affects our experiences..

Posted November 4, 2021 | Reviewed by Michelle Quirk

  • “Home” researchers might study environmental psychology, memory and attachment theory, a hierarchy of needs, and identity.
  • Resources guide us toward different ways of thinking about, understanding, and developing notions of “home.”
  • "Home" and "family" are not necessarily synonymous; nor are they always "happy".


When you ask yourself, “What does home mean to me?," how does your inner voice respond? Has your answer to the question changed as your life and circumstances have changed? Mine certainly has, as I recently described in an essay on my personal blog, "Love Is Real."

I wonder how many people remember learning to read and to print and then endlessly writing out their name, street address, town or city, state, perhaps a zip code (those did not exist when I was a child), country, continent, and then maybe “World,” possibly followed by “Universe.” What is this urge to situate ourselves in space, in a geographic location, especially one centered around our earliest memories of where we lived?

Four ways of looking at these questions ask if “home” is defined by the following:

  • Environmental cues and their impact on our perception, cognition , emotions, behaviors, and relationships.
  • A hierarchy of needs and the context in which the most basic of them are met.
  • Emotional memories and fantasies along with their impact, including memory -driven attachment scripts that a person wants to implement or avoid.
  • Our sense of identity and belonging, extending to and beyond group memberships.

But, first, before we dive into the topic, a caveat. In the spring of 1986 or 1987, the Whitney Museum of American Art branch in the Champion building in Stamford, Connecticut, offered the public a gripping look into the dark side of “home.” Noting that much media and many people associate home with positive experiences — often idealized ones — the curators chose to acknowledge that the reality often fails to match a desire or wish. Artists depicted homes plagued by violence, addiction , exploitation, chaos, and ill will.

These are the dwellings that easily produce traumatized children and eventually adults, those studied in Adverse Childhood Experiences research , who are at risk for developmental disruptions as well as emotional, cognitive, physical, and relationship problems. The consequences are tragic and many — see the list of resources curated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . “Home” is not necessarily a synonym for “happy place.”

4 Perspectives on Home

1. Environmental psychology . Research on person–environment relationships can include the study of spaces where people dwell. Environmental psychologists have documented qualities to which homes expose people, like noise levels, toxins, emotional climates, crowding (or its absence), and their impact on all aspects of experience, from the personal (biological, cognitive, emotional, behavioral) to the social. Organizational psychologists often use or adapt these methods and the literature to maximize an organization’s goals . Another branch, architectural psychology, focuses on the impact of design to amplify positive or minimize negative impact. Applications range from single-person dwellings to community institutions, from a treehouse to a hospital.

Around the world, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, people became interested in homes in new ways. They sought housing opportunities that would provide more inside space and greater access to the outdoors. Alternately, isolated living “pods” popped up, housing university students banished from their dorm, families educating small children, people yearning to be in a situation that included a “safe” community.

2. A hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes to mind as we examine what people who moved during the pandemic were searching for: greater attention to meeting survival needs for shelter, nutrition , hygiene, safety, work and play, and interpersonal needs for contact, communication, companionship, and belonging.

When social interaction changed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, external sources of


spiritual and cultural nourishment decreased, and countless people, rather than searching for an alternative living arrangement like a different residence or a pod, turned their attention to their current homes, what they might potentially provide, and what they required in maintenance. Countless practical modifications were put in place. They expanded exponentially as the number of people in a living space grew. “Family” definitions broadened to include those related by blood, marriage , or choice, with “home” embracing those who lived together and intended to continue living together following the crisis, at least according to the American Red Cross.

3. Attachment and memory . A broader definition of “family” makes room for another aspect of “home,” that which sees home as the center for forging and nourishing human attachment bonds. "Home" includes primary locations where early memories and their emotions result in attachment scripts and their consequences. A sense of belonging securely or less so persists into adulthood or until changes in unconscious expectations make room for revised understanding. 1

home life essay

Two more caveats: “Family” and “home” can be separate as well as associated, and they can be temporary. Long-distance relationships are currently flourishing; those in them dwell apart. And, as mentioned above, “family” can refer to people who live together by choice and are not related by legal or blood bonds, at least for many purposes. Therefore, attachment-oriented researchers often focus on the symbiotic relationships of those who cohabit by choice.

In contrast, scholars who study migration more broadly emphasize the “push” away from a current residence and “pull” toward a new one. Attachment to either "homeland" can be weak or fierce. Along these lines, researchers might investigate places in which basic cultural beliefs are imprinted along with the geography of the location. 2 In both cases, culture and a sense of belonging (or not) are absorbed systemically and often unconsciously, as suggested by Bronfenbrenner's theory of ecological development.

4. Identity and possible selves. From a personality perspective, we craft an identity from internal


experiences like temperament, needs, and desires, as well as through our relationships with others and with the larger social and cultural systems in which we are embedded. Our own imagination creates what Hazel Markus has labeled “ possible selves ,” imagery of who we might become. From this perspective, “home” is one context in which such creation can take place. It can become an expression of personal choices and aspirations as well as history.

In a different approach, family process psychologists often talk about ways in which people use or construct boundaries , connections, and communications. Space is both material and metaphor. It represents how a small group of related individuals expresses values and their implementation.

What has “home” been for you? Has its meaning changed during your adult life?

2021 Copyright Roni Beth Tower

1. Simpson, J. A. & Rholes, W. S. (Eds.) (1998). Attachment Theory and Close Relationships . New York: Guilford Press.

2. Tuan, Yi-Fu (1977). Space and Place. Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press.

Roni Beth Tower Ph.D., ABPP

Roni Beth Tower, PhD, a retired clinical, research and academic psychologist, earned a BA from Barnard (Religion), her PhD from Yale, and did postdoctoral work in epidemiology and public health at Yale Medical School.

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May 2024 magazine cover

At any moment, someone’s aggravating behavior or our own bad luck can set us off on an emotional spiral that threatens to derail our entire day. Here’s how we can face our triggers with less reactivity so that we can get on with our lives.

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To Have a Happier Home Life, Treat It a Little More Like Work

  • Whitney Johnson

It’s especially important for working parents.

Many people hope that their home lives will be a relaxing refuge from work. But for people with busy spouses and children, that rarely happens. In fact, their professional lives often seem to run more smoothly than their personal ones. The solution is to bring a little of that business mojo home with you. Managing household and parenting tasks is not rocket science. But it’s still work. And we need to employ many of the same tactics we use at the office: planning and scheduling, thoughtful decision-making, and putting people first.

Not long ago, I spent almost three weeks on the road, doing meetings and talks in multiple countries and a couple of U.S. cities, too. I enjoyed the travel and the work, but it was with relief that I returned home. I was ready to relax.

home life essay

  • WJ Whitney Johnson is the CEO of Disruption Advisors, a tech-enabled talent-development company and author of Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company .

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How to Write a Life Story Essay

Last Updated: April 14, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Alicia Cook . Alicia Cook is a Professional Writer based in Newark, New Jersey. With over 12 years of experience, Alicia specializes in poetry and uses her platform to advocate for families affected by addiction and to fight for breaking the stigma against addiction and mental illness. She holds a BA in English and Journalism from Georgian Court University and an MBA from Saint Peter’s University. Alicia is a bestselling poet with Andrews McMeel Publishing and her work has been featured in numerous media outlets including the NY Post, CNN, USA Today, the HuffPost, the LA Times, American Songwriter Magazine, and Bustle. She was named by Teen Vogue as one of the 10 social media poets to know and her poetry mixtape, “Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately” was a finalist in the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 102,444 times.

A life story essay involves telling the story of your life in a short, nonfiction format. It can also be called an autobiographical essay. In this essay, you will tell a factual story about some element of your life, perhaps for a college application or for a school assignment.

Preparing to Write Your Essay

Step 1 Determine the goal of your essay.

  • If you are writing a personal essay for a college application, it should serve to give the admissions committee a sense of who you are, beyond the basics of your application file. Your transcript, your letters of recommendation, and your resume will provide an overview of your work experience, interests, and academic record. Your essay allows you to make your application unique and individual to you, through your personal story. [2] X Research source
  • The essay will also show the admissions committee how well you can write and structure an essay. Your essay should show you can create a meaningful piece of writing that interests your reader, conveys a unique message, and flows well.
  • If you are writing a life story for a specific school assignment, such as in a composition course, ask your teacher about the assignment requirements.

Step 2 Make a timeline of your life.

  • Include important events, such as your birth, your childhood and upbringing, and your adolescence. If family member births, deaths, marriages, and other life moments are important to your story, write those down as well.
  • Focus on experiences that made a big impact on you and remain a strong memory. This may be a time where you learned an important life lesson, such as failing a test or watching someone else struggle and succeed, or where you felt an intense feeling or emotion, such as grief over someone’s death or joy over someone’s triumph.

Alicia Cook

  • Have you faced a challenge in your life that you overcame, such as family struggles, health issues, a learning disability, or demanding academics?
  • Do you have a story to tell about your cultural or ethnic background, or your family traditions?
  • Have you dealt with failure or life obstacles?
  • Do you have a unique passion or hobby?
  • Have you traveled outside of your community, to another country, city, or area? What did you take away from the experience and how will you carry what you learned into a college setting?

Step 4 Go over your resume.

  • Remind yourself of your accomplishments by going through your resume. Think about any awards or experiences you would like spotlight in your essay. For example, explaining the story behind your Honor Roll status in high school, or how you worked hard to receive an internship in a prestigious program.
  • Remember that your resume or C.V. is there to list off your accomplishments and awards, so your life story shouldn't just rehash them. Instead, use them as a jumping-off place to explain the process behind them, or what they reflect (or do not reflect) about you as a person.

Step 5 Read some good examples.

  • The New York Times publishes stellar examples of high school life story essays each year. You can read some of them on the NYT website. [8] X Research source

Writing Your Essay

Step 1 Structure your essay around a key experience or theme.

  • For example, you may look back at your time in foster care as a child or when you scored your first paying job. Consider how you handled these situations and any life lessons you learned from these lessons. Try to connect past experiences to who you are now, or who you aspire to be in the future.
  • Your time in foster care, for example, may have taught you resilience, perseverance and a sense of curiosity around how other families function and live. This could then tie into your application to a Journalism program, as the experience shows you have a persistent nature and a desire to investigate other people’s stories or experiences.

Step 2 Avoid familiar themes.

  • Certain life story essays have become cliche and familiar to admission committees. Avoid sports injuries stories, such as the time you injured your ankle in a game and had to find a way to persevere. You should also avoid using an overseas trip to a poor, foreign country as the basis for your self transformation. This is a familiar theme that many admission committees will consider cliche and not unique or authentic. [11] X Research source
  • Other common, cliche topics to avoid include vacations, "adversity" as an undeveloped theme, or the "journey". [12] X Research source

Step 3 Brainstorm your thesis...

  • Try to phrase your thesis in terms of a lesson learned. For example, “Although growing up in foster care in a troubled neighborhood was challenging and difficult, it taught me that I can be more than my upbringing or my background through hard work, perseverance, and education.”
  • You can also phrase your thesis in terms of lessons you have yet to learn, or seek to learn through the program you are applying for. For example, “Growing up surrounded by my mother’s traditional cooking and cultural habits that have been passed down through the generations of my family, I realized I wanted to discover and honor the traditions of other, ancient cultures with a career in archaeology.”
  • Both of these thesis statements are good because they tell your readers exactly what to expect in clear detail.

Step 4 Start with a hook.

  • An anecdote is a very short story that carries moral or symbolic weight. It can be a poetic or powerful way to start your essay and engage your reader right away. You may want to start directly with a retelling of a key past experience or the moment you realized a life lesson.
  • For example, you could start with a vivid memory, such as this from an essay that got its author into Harvard Business School: "I first considered applying to Berry College while dangling from a fifty-food Georgia pine tree, encouraging a high school classmate, literally, to make a leap of faith." [15] X Research source This opening line gives a vivid mental picture of what the author was doing at a specific, crucial moment in time and starts off the theme of "leaps of faith" that is carried through the rest of the essay.
  • Another great example clearly communicates the author's emotional state from the opening moments: "Through seven-year-old eyes I watched in terror as my mother grimaced in pain." This essay, by a prospective medical school student, goes on to tell about her experience being at her brother's birth and how it shaped her desire to become an OB/GYN. The opening line sets the scene and lets you know immediately what the author was feeling during this important experience. It also resists reader expectations, since it begins with pain but ends in the joy of her brother's birth.
  • Avoid using a quotation. This is an extremely cliche way to begin an essay and could put your reader off immediately. If you simply must use a quotation, avoid generic quotes like “Spread your wings and fly” or “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’”. Choose a quotation that relates directly to your experience or the theme of your essay. This could be a quotation from a poem or piece of writing that speaks to you, moves you, or helped you during a rough time.

Step 5 Let your personality and voice come through.

  • Always use the first person in a personal essay. The essay should be coming from you and should tell the reader directly about your life experiences, with “I” statements.
  • For example, avoid something such as “I had a hard time growing up. I was in a bad situation.” You can expand this to be more distinct, but still carry a similar tone and voice. “When I was growing up in foster care, I had difficulties connecting with my foster parents and with my new neighborhood. At the time, I thought I was in a bad situation I would never be able to be free from.”

Step 6 Use vivid detail.

  • For example, consider this statement: "I am a good debater. I am highly motivated and have been a strong leader all through high school." This gives only the barest detail, and does not allow your reader any personal or unique information that will set you apart from the ten billion other essays she has to sift through.
  • In contrast, consider this one: "My mother says I'm loud. I say you have to speak up to be heard. As president of my high school's debate team for the past three years, I have learned to show courage even when my heart is pounding in my throat. I have learned to consider the views of people different than myself, and even to argue for them when I passionately disagree. I have learned to lead teams in approaching complicated issues. And, most importantly for a formerly shy young girl, I have found my voice." This example shows personality, uses parallel structure for impact, and gives concrete detail about what the author has learned from her life experience as a debater.

Step 7 Use the active voice.

  • An example of a passive sentence is: “The cake was eaten by the dog.” The subject (the dog) is not in the expected subject position (first) and is not "doing" the expected action. This is confusing and can often be unclear.
  • An example of an active sentence is: “The dog ate the cake.” The subject (the dog) is in the subject position (first), and is doing the expected action. This is much more clear for the reader and is a stronger sentence.

Step 8 Apply the Into, Through, and Beyond approach.

  • Lead the reader INTO your story with a powerful beginning, such as an anecdote or a quote.
  • Take the reader THROUGH your story with the context and key parts of your experience.
  • End with the BEYOND message about how the experience has affected who you are now and who you want to be in college and after college.

Editing Your Essay

Step 1 Put your first draft aside for a few days.

  • For example, a sentence like “I struggled during my first year of college, feeling overwhelmed by new experiences and new people” is not very strong because it states the obvious and does not distinguish you are unique or singular. Most people struggle and feel overwhelmed during their first year of college. Adjust sentences like this so they appear unique to you.
  • For example, consider this: “During my first year of college, I struggled with meeting deadlines and assignments. My previous home life was not very structured or strict, so I had to teach myself discipline and the value of deadlines.” This relates your struggle to something personal and explains how you learned from it.

Step 3 Proofread your essay.

  • It can be difficult to proofread your own work, so reach out to a teacher, a mentor, a family member, or a friend and ask them to read over your essay. They can act as first readers and respond to any proofreading errors, as well as the essay as a whole.

Expert Q&A

Alicia Cook

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About This Article

Alicia Cook

A life story essay is an essay that tells the story of your life in a short, nonfiction format. Start by coming up with a thesis statement, which will help you structure your essay. For example, your thesis could be about the influence of your family's culture on your life or how you've grown from overcoming challenging circumstances. You can include important life events that link to your thesis, like jobs you’ve worked, friendships that have influenced you, or sports competitions you’ve won. Consider starting your essay with an anecdote that introduces your thesis. For instance, if you're writing about your family's culture, you could start by talking about the first festival you went to and how it inspired you. Finish by writing about how the experiences have affected you and who you want to be in the future. For more tips from our Education co-author, including how to edit your essay effectively, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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home life essay

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What is home? If one looks in a dictionary the answer would come out to be, “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, for anyone who has had an actual home, they would know that such a term goes much beyond its concrete description. It is an impassioned aspect filled with values and foundation of nurturing. A home is not just an abode built to live in; in fact, that is just a definition of a house. Home is a place where one not only feels comfortable, but a place they look forward to opportunely live in every day. A home is built not by bricks or wood, but with the bond of family. A home is a place that reminds a person of countless memories and values when he walks through a

Essay about What Home Means to Me

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I used to think my life was so hard. Ever since the Great War ended, I know what a hard life actually is. My early life was so much simpler because Dad had a job as a lawyer that paid well. When he went off to war, my older brother, Robert, my mom, and I had to find jobs to pay the bills and feed the family. Now we cannot eat enough to be satisfied. When Mom sends me to the grocery store to get food, I can only buy the inexpensive items. After a year of Dad being gone, there is never enough to feed Mom, my little sister, Emma, my little brother, Luke, my oldest brother, Robert, and me. Dad still has not come home from the war. Every day, when I hear someone walking in the hallways of our apartment building in New York City, I pray that it is Dad coming home from the war.

New York- home- a place where I was free to be myself. Sure, there was crime and it was no place for a little baby, but it was home for me. It always gave me a sense of comfort when I needed it; everything I've ever known was back in New York. Tennessee- a place of longing and nostalgia. It was the year 2008, and on a cold winter day we got ready to board the plane. Little baby me had thought we were just going on vacation. But little did I know that was the last time I'd be in my real home. All of my family gone, just like that, and I couldn't even do anything to stop it. I mean who would even consider listening to a four- year- old about moving. I had cried almost the whole plane ride, considering I was leaving the only home I had ever known.

Life In My Life

Everybody you come into contact with has a completely different story, a completely different home life. My life has definitely been far from perfect but it’s what makes me who I am today.

When I was in middle school, I was very depressed. I was struggling to find my place among my peers and be accepted the way I suppose I wanted to. And my home life wasn’t the best; my dad was suffering from a brain tumor and my mom was stressed about it. We had multiple people living in our home because I have six other siblings and we do not have a big house. Because of all of this and bullying in school, online bullying, and bullying in the real world, I had a poor sense of self-concept and thus a poor self-esteem. I was cutting myself starting in about fifth grade until about seventh grade. I also smoked weed and drank often in middle school, which surprises many people, yet it isn’t abnormal among my friend group.

My Life Of My Brother 's Basement

I watched as my father pulled on the twelve gage three phase electrical wire protruding out of the electrical breaker box in my brother’s basement. It was a cold October evening, so I had decided to put on several layer of clothing to keep warm in that cold dark room. We had spent all day work in a cabinetry shop designing and building customs doors and cabinet that had a pretty good set of wood burning and electrical furnaces. Only to leave work at five p.m. to go and continue working on my brother’s house that he, with my fathers and my help, was slowly building. One by one my dad would take the several different wires, that we had just finished running through the entire house and stuffed it through the correct hole in the breaker box.

My Childhood Home For As Long As I

The same pictures have lined the hallway of my childhood home for as long as I can remember. There is the heavily contrasted photograph of my grandparents, my mother, her two brothers and baby sister in front of St. John’s Catholic Church in Many, Louisiana. My grandmother is wearing a burnt orange dress which screams 1970 something and my mother, about thirteen in the photo, is wearing a lime green box-like dress with her straight as a board hair parted down the middle in direct contrast to the curly black mass atop my grandmother’s head. The next picture is my mother at sixteen. This one is a headshot of the same deathly straight dark hair and that perfect middle part. When I was eight, I asked my mother why her hair was so straight while Grandma Rita’s and Aunt Janie’s had always been so curly. “I have straightened my hair since I was thirteen,” she said. She then went on to tell me how growing up, she had been given so many perms that she had developed an aversion to eating eggs, as the smell of the perm mixture was oddly similar to that of rotten eggs.

The buzzing of my alarm woke me up from a deep sleep. Just as I was about to hit snooze I remembered why I even had my alarm set. Today we were moving to Helena, Montana. Throwing my tie dye covers onto the beige carpet I leaped out of bed and went straight to my window. Opening up the purple curtains I saw the moving truck was already out front and most of our furniture was already inside. Looking around my room I realized this would be my last morning waking up in this house. It would be my last morning waking up in Utah to. Knowing I need to get dressed I head towards my closet to grab the last pair of jeans from the shelf and a shirt from the clothes rack. After getting dressed and doing my usual morning routine I walk out of my

My Life With My Parents

In my culture, the son is supposed to take care of my parents. However, even after 17 years, my oldest brother Bee is still working at a low wage job, my second oldest brother Davis has moved to Wisconsin 16 years ago and hasn’t returned, and my third younger brother Doua is living in Minnesota and is a member of a gang. My older brother Bee lives with my parents and has no motivation to pursue for a better life for him or for my parents. He works part time and has no social interaction. He plays computer games and drink beers daily. My younger brother joined a gang, doing drugs and was getting involved in criminal activities in middle school. He left home when he was 12 years old.

My Everyday Life

In our everyday life we encounter different relationships: friends, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, and other people. We tend to want real friends that are caring and all that. I want to know when passing in our everyday life, how do you know what you are doing is right or wrong especially in relationships? Just keep in mind “passing” means that you are not being who you actually are. Throughout our lives, we tend to have many best friends or friends. That friend is inclined to care for you and be there for you, right? After time has passed, at the end of the day you don’t know if they are true friends or not? What are true friends? That friend was so close to you, but after a while had drifted away or maybe because steh

My Visit At My Home

Thùy Nguyen and I first met at my home in Austin, Texas. Thùy came to visit her close friend - my first wife Dao Tran. This was during Thùy’s second U.S. visit; Oct. 27, 2012 to Mar. 4, 2013. At that time, Thùy’s English was minimal and I knew details of her through my wife Dao. Thùy visited frequently and helped Dao – who had terminal cancer. Dao was physically weak, but brutally honest and mentally sharp in a “matter of fact” way. Once Dao asked me, “What are you going to do about women after I’m gone?” I said, “Don’t worry about that!” She continued with the subject, “You’re young and going to need a woman and that is ok.” I tried to dismiss her again with a joke. Dao bluntly said, “Thùy is a great woman. She helps others, never has had a boyfriend and is very good.” She continued very sincerely, “I wish Thùy would accept you! I would bow at her feet if she would accept you!” I let Dao finish her wish but didn 't think more about the matter.

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Critical Analysis Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Home Life

home life essay

Show More “Home Life” is a manuscript that was written in 1875 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It is unknown where she wrote “Home Life” but it was mostly likely in New York because she was lived there her whole life. Elizabeth Stanton was a white woman, well educated, and an activist for women’s rights. Elizabeth’s characteristics will affect her perspective while writing. These characteristics will shape her perspectives because she is going to support women’s rights in her writings. In her writings, she will talk about property rights, divorce rights, and human rights. Elizabeth Stanton created this manuscript to inform people of society’s problems dealing with women’s rights and to convince people to want to change society’s problems. She wants people …show more content… In 1868, the United States passed the 14th amendment which granted citizenship to anyone born in the United States. In 1870, the United States passed the 15th Amendment which gave all citizens the right to vote despite race or color, this did not include women. At this time, women activist started becoming more popular because they felt that they deserved the same liberties as men. Elizabeth Stanton starts her essay by saying that the United States is in a social revolution, she states “… a question of magnitude presses on our consideration, whether a man and woman are equal…” (Stanton, page 14). This question is very important to society because of all the other historical events happening during this time period. The second industrial revolution was coming to an end in the 1870s but during the revolution it allowed for the economy to grow and it allowed for some men like Carnegie or Rockefeller to get rich. This influenced Elizabeth Stanton’s text because she writes about how men are scared to be equal with women because men like to have authority and are used to being in charge. The other historical event that might have influenced this text was the corrupted politics during this time period. The corrupted politics lead to a focus on laws about economics and not a lot of focus on the social issues. The focus that was on the social issues was about workers …show more content… The manuscript was very informative about the current divorce laws and the role that women should play in society verse what role they are forced to do. Elizabeth Stanton might have had other perspectives or cultural factors shaping her main argument and message to the audience. One cultural factor that could have shaped the essay is the idea of the traditional family. This factor could have played an important role in Elizabeth Stanton’s writing process because she wanted her audience to see that the tradition family is still possible with these new rights. It is not necessary to be a part of the idea of the traditional family. In the essay, Elizabeth says when the social changes happen that it will not destroy the idea of the traditional family but “it will entirely revolutionize it” (Stanton, page 15). This quote is important because it shows how when writing this essay Elizabeth Stanton was thinking about other people’s perspectives and cultural factors playing a role in people’s opinions. It is significant that the audience remember that Elizabeth Stanton is leaving out the historical perspective of the males and how they view these social problems. Elizabeth Stanton’s manuscript also leaves questions that the audience might have about how a solution to the problems will happen. Overall, her essay is very informative

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Second great awakening dbq essay.

American society was morphed by the “market revolution” and the religious “Second Great Awakening.” These developments changed the role women played in their households, and carriers. Through flourishing jobs an era of women's rights also begun to occur. Women became unified politically, economically, and socially. Like any other movement there were diverse ideals which have influenced America to this day.…

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Paper

Elizabeth Cady Stanton My research report is on Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Elizabeth Cady (later known as Stanton) was born on November 12, 1815. She was born in Johnstown, New York. She was born to Margaret and Daniel Cady.…

Women's Rights In The 1800s

Once, women were looked down upon. Not only were their rights neglected, but so were their lifestyles. For many years, it was nearly impossible for a women to have any self-confidence whatsoever without being judged by the opposite sex, or even the government. There were times when even the most ignorant men were given more rights than the most intelligent women. Women were not only forced to be uneducated, but to practically “wear the pants” in the relationship by doing nothing short of the dirty work.…

Women's Rights Dbq

In the nineteenth century, women and slaves had very little rights. Women were holding various movements to trying to gain rights for themselves. They were furious at that fact they were being denied many of the rights men had, solely based on their gender. Women would lose property once they got married, even it had been it their family for centuries. If they were working when they got married they had to quit their job to become a housewife.…

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Personal Narrative For The Women's Rights Movement?

Since the making of the United States woman have always been underestimated with their talents, independence, and intelligent. White men had always been the ones who decide the rules and regulation for our country and kept women and other races at a lower education social status so they won’t be able to compete. When women were able to earn somewhat of an income married women were demanded to give their money to their husbands and were not allowed to own property, could not vote, and were taxed without representation. Women did not stand up and make a move for their rights until July 19, 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York at the Woman’s Rights Convention that was held inside the Wesleyan Chapel. The meeting was held by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.…

Dbq Women's Rights

Throughout American history, women have gone through incredible troubles to earn the same rights as men. They were denied to have some of the enjoyed rights that men had. The expected duties of women were housework and mothering children; no politics could be involved. They could not legally claim any money they earned and they could not own any property. In 1800’s, women began to petition and organize to win the right to vote; after decades they accomplished their purpose when the amendment got introduced in 1878.…

Elizabeth Cady Argumentative Essay

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Women’s Right Fighter Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the earliest American women’s rights activists in the 19th century. However, Stanton was also an active abolitionist with her husband and cousin. During her time, Stanton was a well-educated woman, who wanted to attend a college that only admitted males. It was common that colleges would restrict women from attending there. When it came to Stanton, she focused mainly on the issues pertaining to women’s right beyond voting rights.…

What Is The Cause Of Women's Suffrage?

It was back in 1848, women like Elizabeth Stanton were pleading for their right to vote. Stanton was a demagogue for the rights of women. All women, at the time, were all denied the essential right to be a part of the bigger picture and to be equal. Woman suffrage was the single largest enfranchisement and extension of democratic rights in our nation’s history. Women’s Suffrage is one of the most important American Political movements.…

Elizabeth Cady Stanton And The Women's Rights Movement

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a known women's rights activist. She paved the way for the women of america, and still makes a impact on the world today. She started in a family who didn’t really value women’s opinions, and went on to co-author of the amendment that single-handedly is responsible for the rights women have today. Elizabeth cady Stanton is an example of a modern working mother and wife, in a time when those to occupations weren’t accepted.…

The Antebellum Period In America

Appreciating the lives of American ladies and their roles is basic for comprehension the antebellum period in America. The period 1820 to 1870 in the United States was noticeable by a compelling and far reaching verbal confrontation on women’s rights and their appropriate business whether this be in the home or outside the home and getting to be wage workers. This was, then again, still a period in which females were urged to be unadulterated, loyal, local and agreeable by men and the legislature. Then again, due through this, the clear truth was disregarded that was that women’s rights were consistently starting to reach outside the family and home, there were picking up trust in themselves and their autonomy was developing.…

What Are The Arguments For Women's Rights In The 1800s

During the eighteen century woman did not have the same rights and privileges as men. The right to vote was not allowed. Education and occupation opportunities were scarce. After marriage women had to give control of their property to the husband. A woman place was in the home caring for the children and tending to domestic affairs.…

Women's Right To Vote

The right to vote, down to its core, has had an illustrious history here in the United States of America. More specifically, women gained the right to vote less than one century ago. Upon the ratification of the 19th Amendment in August of 1920, women were now able to have a say their governance. It was how women gained the right to vote that has made a lasting impact. Not only did they overcome stereotypes, but they also exited their proper “sphere” in society.…

Trail Of Tears: Removal Of The Indians

Chapter 9: Trail of Tears The Trail of Tears began with the removal of the Indians. When white settlers began to move westward, they ran into the Native Americans which were known as the Five Civilized Tribes. The Five Civilized Tribes were Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminoles. These tribes and civilizations had very much impressed missionaries in New England.…

Argumentative Essay On Women's Rights Movement

A woman by default was expected to be a loving a wife and mother with strong religious values and morality, it is her obligation. The ideal of a woman has not really changed from what it was two centuries ago, but in the United States there has been an effort to tear down the gender-roles that have been established. A woman now might be expected to become the “Martha Stewart” of her home, but if she chooses not to it is not a big deal. Additionally she is able to pursue an education and obtain any job she chooses. However, it would not have been possible if the women of earlier decades have been conformists with their status.…

Reflection On Invitation To Sociology

Now let’s switch over to the sociological view and the sociological imagination of sexuality and gender. In The Way We Weren’t: The Myth and Reality of the “Traditional” Family we see how it begins by stating the stereotypes and the norms that an American family used to follow, by having the male be the one who worked and brought money into the family and the woman was the one who stayed home taking care of the children. This use to be the norm that society followed, making males the dominant working sex and female’s inferior by having them do house work and take care of children; but as the years progressed so did we. This has benefited society because not only has it created more jobs but also allowed women to run for office which before would have never even been asked…

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home life essay

Essay on Life for Students and Children

500+ words essay on life.

First of all, Life refers to an aspect of existence. This aspect processes acts, evaluates, and evolves through growth. Life is what distinguishes humans from inorganic matter. Some individuals certainly enjoy free will in Life. Others like slaves and prisoners don’t have that privilege. However, Life isn’t just about living independently in society. It is certainly much more than that. Hence, quality of Life carries huge importance. Above all, the ultimate purpose should be to live a meaningful life. A meaningful life is one which allows us to connect with our deeper self.

essay on life

Why is Life Important?

One important aspect of Life is that it keeps going forward. This means nothing is permanent. Hence, there should be a reason to stay in dejection. A happy occasion will come to pass, just like a sad one. Above all, one must be optimistic no matter how bad things get. This is because nothing will stay forever. Every situation, occasion, and event shall pass. This is certainly a beauty of Life.

Many people become very sad because of failures . However, these people certainly fail to see the bright side. The bright side is that there is a reason for every failure. Therefore, every failure teaches us a valuable lesson. This means every failure builds experience. This experience is what improves the skills and efficiency of humans.

Probably a huge number of individuals complain that Life is a pain. Many people believe that the word pain is a synonym for Life. However, it is pain that makes us stronger. Pain is certainly an excellent way of increasing mental resilience. Above all, pain enriches the mind.

The uncertainty of death is what makes life so precious. No one knows the hour of one’s death. This probably is the most important reason to live life to the fullest. Staying in depression or being a workaholic is an utter wastage of Life. One must certainly enjoy the beautiful blessings of Life before death overtakes.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

How to Improve Quality of Life?

Most noteworthy, optimism is the ultimate way of enriching life. Optimism increases job performance, self-confidence, creativity, and skills. An optimistic person certainly can overcome huge hurdles.

Meditation is another useful way of improving Life quality. Meditation probably allows a person to dwell upon his past. This way one can avoid past mistakes. It also gives peace of mind to an individual. Furthermore, meditation reduces stress and tension.

Pursuing a hobby is a perfect way to bring meaning to life. Without a passion or interest, an individual’s life would probably be dull. Following a hobby certainly brings new energy to life. It provides new hope to live and experience Life.

In conclusion, Life is not something that one should take for granted. It’s certainly a shame to see individuals waste away their lives. We should be very thankful for experiencing our lives. Above all, everyone should try to make their life more meaningful.

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College Essay Examples | What Works and What Doesn't

Published on November 8, 2021 by Kirsten Courault . Revised on August 14, 2023.

One effective method for improving your college essay is to read example essays . Here are three sample essays, each with a bad and good version to help you improve your own essay.

Table of contents

Essay 1: sharing an identity or background through a montage, essay 2: overcoming a challenge, a sports injury narrative, essay 3: showing the influence of an important person or thing, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about college application essays.

This essay uses a montage structure to show snapshots of a student’s identity and background. The writer builds her essay around the theme of the five senses, sharing memories she associates with sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

In the weak rough draft, there is little connection between the individual anecdotes, and they do not robustly demonstrate the student’s qualities.

In the final version, the student uses an extended metaphor of a museum to create a strong connection among her stories, each showcasing a different part of her identity. She draws a specific personal insight from each memory and uses the stories to demonstrate her qualities and values.

How My Five Senses Record My Life

Throughout my life, I have kept a record of my life’s journey with my five senses. This collection of memories matters a great deal because I experience life every day through the lens of my identity.

“Chinese! Japanese!”

My classmate pulls one eye up and the other down.

“Look what my parents did to me!”

No matter how many times he repeats it, the other kids keep laughing. I focus my almond-shaped eyes on the ground, careful not to attract attention to my discomfort, anger, and shame. How could he say such a mean thing about me? What did I do to him? Joseph’s words would engrave themselves into my memory, making me question my appearance every time I saw my eyes in the mirror.

Soaking in overflowing bubble baths with Andrew Lloyd Webber belting from the boombox.

Listening to “Cell Block Tango” with my grandparents while eating filet mignon at a dine-in show in Ashland.

Singing “The Worst Pies in London” at a Korean karaoke club while laughing hysterically with my brother, who can do an eerily spot-on rendition of Sweeney Todd.

Taking car rides with Mom in the Toyota Sequoia as we compete to hit the high note in “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera . Neither of us stands a chance!

The sweet scent of vegetables, Chinese noodles, and sushi wafts through the room as we sit around the table. My grandma presents a good-smelling mixture of international cuisine for our Thanksgiving feast. My favorite is the Chinese food that she cooks. Only the family prayer stands between me and the chance to indulge in these delicious morsels, comforting me with their familiar savory scents.

I rinse a faded plastic plate decorated by my younger sister at the Waterworks Art Center. I wear yellow rubber gloves to protect my hands at Mom’s insistence, but I can still feel the warm water that offers a bit of comfort as I finish the task at hand. The crusted casserole dish with stubborn remnants from my dad’s five-layer lasagna requires extra effort, so I fill it with Dawn and scalding water, setting it aside to soak. I actually don’t mind this daily chore.

I taste sweat on my upper lip as I fight to continue pedaling on a stationary bike. Ava’s next to me and tells me to go up a level. We’re biking buddies, dieting buddies, and Saturday morning carbo-load buddies. After the bike display hits 30 minutes, we do a five-minute cool down, drink Gatorade, and put our legs up to rest.

My five senses are always gathering new memories of my identity. I’m excited to expand my collection.

Word count: 455

College essay checklist

Topic and structure

  • I’ve selected a topic that’s meaningful to me.
  • My essay reveals something different from the rest of my application.
  • I have a clear and well-structured narrative.
  • I’ve concluded with an insight or a creative ending.

Writing style and tone

  • I’ve crafted an introduction containing vivid imagery or an intriguing hook that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • I’ve written my essay in a way that shows instead of tells.
  • I’ve used appropriate style and tone for a college essay.
  • I’ve used specific, vivid personal stories that would be hard to replicate.
  • I’ve demonstrated my positive traits and values in my essay.
  • My essay is focused on me, not another person or thing.
  • I’ve included self-reflection and insight in my essay.
  • I’ve respected the word count , remaining within 10% of the upper word limit.

Making Sense of My Identity

Welcome to The Rose Arimoto Museum. You are about to enter the “Making Sense of My Identity” collection. Allow me to guide you through select exhibits, carefully curated memories from Rose’s sensory experiences.

First, the Sight Exhibit.

“Chinese! Japanese!”

“Look what my parents did to me!”

No matter how many times he repeats it, the other kids keep laughing. I focus my almond-shaped eyes on the ground, careful not to attract attention as my lip trembles and palms sweat. Joseph couldn’t have known how his words would engrave themselves into my memory, making me question my appearance every time I saw my eyes in the mirror.

Ten years later, these same eyes now fixate on an InDesign layout sheet, searching for grammar errors while my friend Selena proofreads our feature piece on racial discrimination in our hometown. As we’re the school newspaper editors, our journalism teacher Ms. Riley allows us to stay until midnight to meet tomorrow’s deadline. She commends our work ethic, which for me is fueled by writing一my new weapon of choice.

Next, you’ll encounter the Sound Exhibit.

Still, the world is my Broadway as I find my voice on stage.

Just below, enter the Smell Exhibit.

While I help my Pau Pau prepare dinner, she divulges her recipe for cha siu bau, with its soft, pillowy white exterior hiding the fragrant filling of braised barbecue pork inside. The sweet scent of candied yams, fun see , and Spam musubi wafts through the room as we gather around our Thankgsiving feast. After our family prayer, we indulge in these delicious morsels until our bellies say stop. These savory scents of my family’s cultural heritage linger long after I’ve finished the last bite.

Next up, the Touch Exhibit.

I rinse a handmade mug that I had painstakingly molded and painted in ceramics class. I wear yellow rubber gloves to protect my hands at Mom’s insistence, but I can still feel the warm water that offers a bit of comfort as I finish the task at hand. The crusted casserole dish with stubborn remnants from my dad’s five-layer lasagna requires extra effort, so I fill it with Dawn and scalding water, setting it aside to soak. For a few fleeting moments, as I continue my nightly chore, the pressure of my weekend job, tomorrow’s calculus exam, and next week’s track meet are washed away.

Finally, we end with the Taste Exhibit.

My legs fight to keep pace with the stationary bike as the salty taste of sweat seeps into corners of my mouth. Ava challenges me to take it up a level. We always train together一even keeping each other accountable on our strict protein diet of chicken breasts, broccoli, and Muscle Milk. We occasionally splurge on Saturday mornings after interval training, relishing the decadence of everything bagels smeared with raspberry walnut cream cheese. But this is Wednesday, so I push myself. I know that once the digital display hits 30:00, we’ll allow our legs to relax into a five-minute cool down, followed by the fiery tang of Fruit Punch Gatorade to rehydrate.

Thank you for your attention. This completes our tour. I invite you to rejoin us for next fall’s College Experience collection, which will exhibit Rose’s continual search for identity and learning.

Word count: 649

  • I’ve crafted an essay introduction containing vivid imagery or an intriguing hook that grabs the reader’s attention.

Prevent plagiarism. Run a free check.

This essay uses a narrative structure to recount how a student overcame a challenge, specifically a sports injury. Since this topic is often overused, the essay requires vivid description, a memorable introduction and conclusion , and interesting insight.

The weak rough draft contains an interesting narrative, insight, and vivid imagery, but it has an overly formal tone that distracts the reader from the story. The student’s use of elaborate vocabulary in every sentence makes the essay sound inauthentic and stilted.

The final essay uses a more natural, conversational tone and chooses words that are vivid and specific without being pretentious. This allows the reader to focus on the narrative and appreciate the student’s unique insight.

One fateful evening some months ago, a defensive linebacker mauled me, his 212 pounds indisputably alighting upon my ankle. Ergo, an abhorrent cracking of calcified tissue. At first light the next day, I awoke cognizant of a new paradigm—one sans football—promulgated by a stabbing sensation that would continue to haunt me every morning of this semester.

It’s been an exceedingly taxing semester not being able to engage in football, but I am nonetheless excelling in school. That twist of fate never would have come to pass if I hadn’t broken my ankle. I still limp down the halls at school, but I’m feeling less maudlin these days. My friends don’t steer clear anymore, and I have a lot more of them. My teachers, emboldened by my newfound interest in learning, continually invite me to learn more and do my best. Football is still on hold, but I feel like I’m finally playing a game that matters.

Five months ago, right after my ill-fated injury, my friends’ demeanor became icy and remote, although I couldn’t fathom why. My teachers, in contrast, beckoned me close and invited me on a new learning journey. But despite their indubitably kind advances, even they recoiled when I drew near.

A few weeks later, I started to change my attitude vis-à-vis my newfound situation and determined to put my energy toward productive ends (i.e., homework). I wasn’t enamored with school. I never had been. Nevertheless, I didn’t abhor it either. I just preferred football.

My true turn of fate came when I started studying more and participating in class. I started to enjoy history class, and I grew interested in reading more. I discovered a volume of poems written by a fellow adventurer on the road of life, and I loved it. I ravenously devoured everything in the writer’s oeuvre .

As the weeks flitted past, I found myself spending my time with a group of people who were quite different from me. They participated in theater and played instruments in marching band. They raised their hands in class when the teacher posed a question. Because of their auspicious influence, I started raising my hand too. I am no longer vapid, and I now have something to say.

I am certain that your school would benefit from my miraculous academic transformation, and I entreat you to consider my application to your fine institution. Accepting me to your university would be an unequivocally righteous decision.

Word count: 408

  • I’ve chosen a college essay topic that’s meaningful to me.
  • I’ve respected the essay word count , remaining within 10% of the upper word limit.

As I step out of bed, the pain shoots through my foot and up my leg like it has every morning since “the game.” That night, a defensive linebacker tackled me, his 212 pounds landing decidedly on my ankle. I heard the sound before I felt it. The next morning, I awoke to a new reality—one without football—announced by a stabbing sensation that would continue to haunt me every morning of this semester.

My broken ankle broke my spirit.

My friends steered clear of me as I hobbled down the halls at school. My teachers tried to find the delicate balance between giving me space and offering me help. I was as unsure how to deal with myself as they were.

In time, I figured out how to redirect some of my frustration, anger, and pent-up energy toward my studies. I had never not liked school, but I had never really liked it either. In my mind, football practice was my real-life classroom, where I could learn all I ever needed to know.

Then there was that day in Mrs. Brady’s history class. We sang a ridiculous-sounding mnemonic song to memorize all the Chinese dynasties from Shang to Qing. I mumbled the words at first, but I got caught up in the middle of the laughter and began singing along. Starting that day, I began browsing YouTube videos about history, curious to learn more. I had started learning something new, and, to my surprise, I liked it.

With my afternoons free from burpees and scrimmages, I dared to crack open a few more of my books to see what was in them. That’s when my English poetry book, Paint Me Like I Am , caught my attention. It was full of poems written by students my age from WritersCorps. I couldn’t get enough.

I wasn’t the only one who was taken with the poems. Previously, I’d only been vaguely aware of Christina as one of the weird kids I avoided. Crammed in the margins of her high-top Chuck Taylors were scribbled lines of her own poetry and infinite doodles. Beyond her punk rock persona was a sensitive artist, puppy-lover, and environmental activist that a wide receiver like me would have never noticed before.

With Christina, I started making friends with people who once would have been invisible to me: drama geeks, teachers’ pets, band nerds. Most were college bound but not to play a sport. They were smart and talented, and they cared about people and politics and all sorts of issues that I hadn’t considered before. Strangely, they also seemed to care about me.

I still limp down the halls at school, but I don’t seem to mind as much these days. My friends don’t steer clear anymore, and I have a lot more of them. My teachers, excited by my newfound interest in learning, continually invite me to learn more and do my best. Football is still on hold, but I feel like I’m finally playing a game that matters.

My broken ankle broke my spirit. Then, it broke my ignorance.

Word count: 512

This essay uses a narrative structure to show how a pet positively influenced the student’s values and character.

In the weak draft, the student doesn’t focus on himself, instead delving into too much detail about his dog’s positive traits and his grandma’s illness. The essay’s structure is meandering, with tangents and details that don’t communicate any specific insight.

In the improved version, the student keeps the focus on himself, not his pet. He chooses the most relevant stories to demonstrate specific qualities, and the structure more clearly builds up to an insightful conclusion.

Man’s Best Friend

I desperately wanted a cat. I begged my parents for one, but once again, my sisters overruled me, so we drove up the Thompson Valley Canyon from Loveland to Estes Park to meet our newest family member. My sisters had already hatched their master plan, complete with a Finding Nemo blanket to entice the pups. The blanket was a hit with all of them, except for one—the one who walked over and sat in my lap. That was the day that Francisco became a Villanova.

Maybe I should say he was mine because I got stuck with all the chores. As expected, my dog-loving sisters were nowhere to be found! My mom was “extra” with all the doggy gear. Cisco even had to wear these silly little puppy shoes outside so that when he came back in, he wouldn’t get the carpets dirty. If it was raining, my mother insisted I dress Cisco in a ridiculous yellow raincoat, but, in my opinion, it was an unnecessary source of humiliation for poor Cisco. It didn’t take long for Cisco to decide that his outerwear could be used as toys in a game of Keep Away. As soon as I took off one of his shoes, he would run away with it, hiding under the bed where I couldn’t reach him. But, he seemed to appreciate his ensemble more when we had to walk through snowdrifts to get his job done.

When my abuela was dying from cancer, we went in the middle of the night to see her before she passed. I was sad and scared. But, my dad let me take Cisco in the car, so Cisco cuddled with me and made me feel much better. It’s like he could read my mind. Once we arrived at the hospital, the fluorescent lighting made the entire scene seem unreal, as if I was watching the scene unfold through someone else’s eyes. My grandma lay calmly on her bed, smiling at us even through her last moments of pain. I disliked seeing the tubes and machines hooked up to her. It was unnatural to see her like this一it was so unlike the way I usually saw her beautiful in her flowery dress, whistling a Billie Holiday tune and baking snickerdoodle cookies in the kitchen. The hospital didn’t usually allow dogs, but they made a special exception to respect my grandma’s last wishes that the whole family be together. Cisco remained at the foot of the bed, intently watching abuela with a silence that seemed more effective at communicating comfort and compassion than the rest of us who attempted to offer up words of comfort that just seemed hollow and insincere. It was then that I truly appreciated Cisco’s empathy for others.

As I accompanied my dad to pick up our dry cleaner’s from Ms. Chapman, a family friend asked, “How’s Cisco?” before even asking about my sisters or me. Cisco is the Villanova family mascot, a Goldendoodle better recognized by strangers throughout Loveland than the individual members of my family.

On our summer trip to Boyd Lake State Park, we stayed at the Cottonwood campground for a breathtaking view of the lake. Cisco was allowed to come, but we had to keep him on a leash at all times. After a satisfying meal of fish, our entire family walked along the beach. Cisco and I led the way while my mom and sisters shuffled behind. Cisco always stopped and refused to move, looking back to make sure the others were still following. Once satisfied that everyone was together, he would turn back around and continue prancing with his golden boy curly locks waving in the chilly wind.

On the beach, Cisco “accidentally” got let off his leash and went running maniacally around the sand, unfettered and free. His pure joy as he raced through the sand made me forget about my AP Chem exam or my student council responsibilities. He brings a smile not only to my family members but everyone around him.

Cisco won’t live forever, but without words, he has impressed upon me life lessons of responsibility, compassion, loyalty, and joy. I can’t imagine life without him.

Word count: 701

I quickly figured out that as “the chosen one,” I had been enlisted by Cisco to oversee all aspects of his “business.” I learned to put on Cisco’s doggie shoes to keep the carpet clean before taking him out一no matter the weather. Soon after, Cisco decided that his shoes could be used as toys in a game of Keep Away. As soon as I removed one of his shoes, he would run away with it, hiding under the bed where I couldn’t reach him. But, he seemed to appreciate his footwear more after I’d gear him up and we’d tread through the snow for his daily walks.

One morning, it was 7:15 a.m., and Alejandro was late again to pick me up. “Cisco, you don’t think he overslept again, do you?” Cisco barked, as if saying, “Of course he did!” A text message would never do, so I called his dad, even if it was going to get him in trouble. There was no use in both of us getting another tardy during our first-period class, especially since I was ready on time after taking Cisco for his morning outing. Alejandro was mad at me but not too much. He knew I had helped him out, even if he had to endure his dad’s lecture on punctuality.

Another early morning, I heard my sister yell, “Mom! Where are my good ballet flats? I can’t find them anywhere!” I hesitated and then confessed, “I moved them.” She shrieked at me in disbelief, but I continued, “I put them in your closet, so Cisco wouldn’t chew them up.” More disbelief. However, this time, there was silence instead of shrieking.

Last spring, Cisco and I were fast asleep when the phone rang at midnight. Abuela would not make it through the night after a long year of chemo, but she was in Pueblo, almost three hours away. Sitting next to me for that long car ride on I-25 in pitch-black darkness, Cisco knew exactly what I needed and snuggled right next to me as I petted his coat in a rhythm while tears streamed down my face. The hospital didn’t usually allow dogs, but they made a special exception to respect my grandma’s last wishes that the whole family be together. Cisco remained sitting at the foot of the hospital bed, intently watching abuela with a silence that communicated more comfort than our hollow words. Since then, whenever I sense someone is upset, I sit in silence with them or listen to their words, just like Cisco did.

The other day, one of my friends told me, “You’re a strange one, Josue. You’re not like everybody else but in a good way.” I didn’t know what he meant at first. “You know, you’re super responsible and grown-up. You look out for us instead of yourself. Nobody else does that.” I was a bit surprised because I wasn’t trying to do anything different. I was just being me. But then I realized who had taught me: a fluffy little puppy who I had wished was a cat! I didn’t choose Cisco, but he certainly chose me and, unexpectedly, became my teacher, mentor, and friend.

Word count: 617

If you want to know more about academic writing , effective communication , or parts of speech , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.

Academic writing

  • Writing process
  • Transition words
  • Passive voice
  • Paraphrasing


  • How to end an email
  • Ms, mrs, miss
  • How to start an email
  • I hope this email finds you well
  • Hope you are doing well

 Parts of speech

  • Personal pronouns
  • Conjunctions

A standout college essay has several key ingredients:

  • A unique, personally meaningful topic
  • A memorable introduction with vivid imagery or an intriguing hook
  • Specific stories and language that show instead of telling
  • Vulnerability that’s authentic but not aimed at soliciting sympathy
  • Clear writing in an appropriate style and tone
  • A conclusion that offers deep insight or a creative ending

There are no set rules for how to structure a college application essay , but these are two common structures that work:

  • A montage structure, a series of vignettes with a common theme.
  • A narrative structure, a single story that shows your personal growth or how you overcame a challenge.

Avoid the five-paragraph essay structure that you learned in high school.

Though admissions officers are interested in hearing your story, they’re also interested in how you tell it. An exceptionally written essay will differentiate you from other applicants, meaning that admissions officers will spend more time reading it.

You can use literary devices to catch your reader’s attention and enrich your storytelling; however, focus on using just a few devices well, rather than trying to use as many as possible.

Most importantly, your essay should be about you , not another person or thing. An insightful college admissions essay requires deep self-reflection, authenticity, and a balance between confidence and vulnerability.

Your essay shouldn’t be a résumé of your experiences but instead should tell a story that demonstrates your most important values and qualities.

When revising your college essay , first check for big-picture issues regarding message, flow, tone, style , and clarity. Then, focus on eliminating grammar and punctuation errors.

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Essay on Home Life and Hostel Life

home life essay

Marks came home during the Autumn Break for about a week, and met his friends whom he had not been able to meet during thae last 2-3 months, as he was staying in the hostal. He was daily surrounded by them, as they were also equally keen to learn from him about his new experiences at the college as well as the playground.

One day one of his friends expressed a wish to be in a hostal, whereupon Marks had to remark that he was not right, in wishing for the hostal life and that their home life was far better than the hostel life. He had various points in support of his belief. These are some of the important arguments put forward by him.

Early in the morning, when one gets up from the bed, one finds either or mother, or some brother, sister or other near and dear one in a home, while in the hostel it is the same room-mate or a bearer carrying a tray with cups, full of cold tea being served, while one is in bed. You feel like greeting your parents or other, while in a hostal you are terribly annoyed with the servants disturbing your sleep, early in the morning.

Then for cleaning, sweeping or for your meals, you have to struggle a lot, as no one appears to be the least bothered about you, or your friends. There, every thing is so stereotyped.

In the evening also you generally do not get your hot cup of milk, coffee or tea, or you have to remind the servant, day in and day out for your share of meals.

One misses the home life most in a hostel, especially on the eve of festivals, as it is not always possible to go home during every vacation, big or small. The friends and relatives are missed the most.

Whether it is meals or sleep, games or study, cleanliness or comfort, home life is better than hostel life.

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An Accident I Saw

An Accident I Saw

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

My Class Teacher

My Class Teacher


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Essay on Life | Life Essay for Students and Children in English

February 13, 2024 by Prasanna

Essay on Life : Life is one word that comes with multiple meanings and experiences. Above all life is not just about existence but also about how an individual defines that existence. Hence, it is important to look at life not just from one single perspective. Philosophers, scholars, poets and authors have written much about what constitutes living and more importantly what are the necessary items that define someone’s life. Ofcourse this exercise has been done in various ways. While philosophers would try to find the meaning and purpose behind the life of individuals, poets and authors would document the richness of life at various stages. Life is thus perhaps something that is more than intriguing.

Here we have provided sample essays on life which includes both long and short essays that can serve the purpose of a lot of students in light of their examinations.

You can read more  Essay Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Long and Short Life Essay in English for Students and Kids

We have written over here two sample essays on life which includes a long essay of 500 words, short essay of 100-150 words and ten important points that highlight the subject matter of the essay.

Long Essay on Life in English 500 words

Wordsworth had remarked long ago that our lives are a reflection of the lives in heaven. While many might find that too far-fetched, life is nevertheless very precious. Had it not been so, none would have made efforts to cling on to it as long as possible. The one thing about life that is integral to it is existence. Life includes existence and without existence life cannot happen. Existence is however sometimes challenging. There are many who do not have the fortune to get good education, there are some who do not have access to food and shelter.

For them existence is difficult and life is despicably harsh. But just like existence is an important feature about life, another such element is hope. Hope is what people cling on to when they find darkness taking over their lives. Hope is what gives way to survival. Survival and hope are important aspects for anyone and everyone as far as life and living is considered.

The world these days, governed by competition, makes survival the most difficult thing. And for those whose existence is challenging hope is the only way of survival. This is one way, life can be summed up in words. The fact however is, life cannot be summed up in words. Words fail to express the meaning and purpose that anyone feels he or she has in life. For some it might be to create or build something, for someone it might be gaining knowledge, for someone it might be to have fun.

None of these outlooks can be said to be better or worse in terms of the other. It shows how people look at their individual lives as well as the life of others around them so as to make a sense of what they do with their existence on earth. Meaning and purpose however are both difficult to find. Experiences are a major part of life. In fact it guides an individual through his life till his death. Each experience is a lesson for those who come by it. Some intend to learn from their experiences while others tend to ignore it. Experiences are what make it difficult for someone to find the meaning and purpose of his life.

A new experience every time influences a person’s way of looking at life. Thus, there cannot be one single way in which one cannot look at life. Consequently there cannot be one single meaning and purpose that one might find to his or her life. Some of us, especially the ones who suffer in life, try to relate it to the lives of people around us who have suffered the same or more.

Often in the process of doing this we resort to autobiographies and biographies. While one is written by the person who feels the other is written by a person who documents such feelings. But both represent life in a completely different way.

It shows how life carries on even after death, almost taking the course of the ancient Egyptians who believed the same. But nevertheless, life and 58558520 the legacy about it remains even after death. Therefore, if we put it in another way, life is infinite and continues beyond death.

Christians believe that the soul leaves the body after death, and the body goes back to dust. Life is not about the body or the soul. Life is what is beyond the body and the soul. That is the reason why it continues even after death in various forms. This essay can be used for students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10 for their exams and assessments.

Short Essay on Life in English 200 words

Life is the journey of living. We live, we lead our lives and we die. In doing so, we try to give shape to our lives. Life is not the same for everyone. Some people face a lot of difficulty with life while some don’t. Those who do not face any difficulty in life look at it in one way. Those who suffer in life look at it in another way. Life is often said to be precious. That all the more is evident through the various ways in which people try to save lives.

Every day doctors and scientists engage themselves in finding out ways by which life can be extended as much as possible. Life includes happiness and sorrows. Those are called the ups and downs of life. Without them, life is just an endless battle that can always be won. It is however important to find happiness in life to overcome one’s sorrows. Only then life seems to be beautiful. This essay can be used by students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for their respective exams.

10 Lines on Life Essay in English

  • Life is like a river that goes on flowing.
  • Life includes existence.
  • Life includes hope and survival.
  • Hope is necessary for survival.
  • Life is also about happiness and sorrows.
  • Experiences often shape a person’s life.
  • The meaning and purpose of someone’s life is important.
  • Meanings and purposes of life change with time.
  • Life is often said to be precious.
  • Life is not the same for everyone and happiness has to be found.

FAQ’s on Essay on life

Question 1. How do experiences shape someone’s life?

Answer: Experiences are learning episodes that change the outlook of an individual. This inturn shapes a person’s life in various ways.

Question 2. How can someone value life?

Answer: To value life one has to acknowledge that life has meaning and purpose that charts the course of a person’s life

Question 3. What are the ups and downs in life?

Answer: The ups and downs in life represent peace and turmoil and signify the fact that nothing is everlasting except for life itself which continues beyond death through legacy.

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Personal Life Essay Examples

My personal ethics and its influence on my life.

People have different values, and it is very important to reflect on these different values throughout life, and to know when our values change. I developed most of my values when I was younger and I continue to keep these values, but as I am...

What I Learned About Myself: My Personal Message

“My life is my message” is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. This quote can mean anything to anyone but to me it means everything. Every single moment, thought, image, and feeling I have created is my message. Everything I helped, complimented, joked about, and smiled...

Impact of Covid-19 on Personal Life

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on personal lives around the world. From changes in daily routines to the disruption of social interactions, the effects of the virus have been far-reaching. This essay will explore the various ways in which COVID-19 has impacted...

My Hate-love Relationship with Piano

It can sounds weird, but the piano played a big role in my life. So that was the purpose to wtite an "Piano essay" where I will share my relationship story with piano. “I really regret letting you learn the piano!” my mom yelled sitting...

Life Story Example of Personal Beliefs

To start with, this is my life story example where I want share personal experience. To start my example of life story, I lost my father when I was 4 years old. For my optimum upbringing, my mother started her own business of selling female...

The Meaning of a Good Life: a Personal Journey of Discovery

What are some of the first things that would come to your mind if you were asked, “What is a good life?” If young ones were asked this question they would say something like not going to school and eating pizza with extra cheese for...

My Autobiography: a Personal Journey to Achieving Goals

Hello everyone, my name is Lina Sha and in my autobiography essay I want to share my autobiography today. My major is hospitality of management, and I am going to transfer to UNLV next year to complete my bachelor's degree. Most of my family members,...

Dear Diary - Examples of Personal Writing

Dear Diary, I have something terrible to tell you. Wait… I haven’t even introduced myself. Let me start over…. Dear Diary, My name is Anna and I have never written in a diary before, I saw dear diary examples how to start writing, but it...

How Do I Want to Live My Life: My Vision for a Meaningful Life

According to Carl Rogers every person could achieve their Goals, Wishes, and Desires in life. It might seem easy to understand at first but, what does it really mean? One must have a deeper understanding in philosophy in order to understand Carl Rogers’ statement. We...

My Life: a Challenging Experience that Changed Me

My life essay: a challenging experience that changed me. An Erie of quiet welcomed my kin and me as we went into my grandma's home one night. As we wandered further into the calm house, scanning each space for my grandma our guiltless interest covered...

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