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Essays About Divorce: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Essays about divorce can be challenging to write; read on to see our top essay examples and writing prompts to help you get started.

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. It can be a messy affair, especially if it includes children. Dividing the couple’s assets also often causes chaos when divorce proceedings are in session. 

Divorce also touches and considers religion and tradition. Therefore, laws are formed depending on the country’s history, culture, and belief system.

To help you choose what you want to talk about regarding this topic, here are examples you can read to get an idea of what kind of essay you want to write.


1. Divorce Should Be Legalized in the Philippines by Ernestine Montgomery

2. to divorce or not to divorce by mark ghantous, 3. what if you mess up by manis friedman, 4. divorce: a life-changing experience by writer louie, 5. divorce’s effects on early adult relationships by percy massey, 1. the major reasons for divorce, 2. why i support divorce, 3. my divorce experience, 4. how to avoid divorce, 5. divorce and its effects on my family, 6. the consequences of divorce, 7. divorce laws around the world.

“What we need is a divorce law that defines clearly and unequivocally the grounds and terms for terminating a marriage… Divorce is a choice and we all should have the freedom to make choices… in cases where a union is more harmful than beneficial, a divorce can be benevolent and less hurtful way of severing ties with your partner.”

As the title suggests, Montgomery and his other colleagues discuss why the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, needs to allow divorce. Then, to strengthen his argument, he mentions that Spain, the root of Christianity, and Italy, where the Vatican City is, administer divorce. 

He also mentions bills, relevant figures, and statistics to make his case in favor of divorce more compelling. Montgomery adds that people who want a divorce don’t necessarily mean they want to marry again, citing other motives such as abuse and marital failure.

“Divorce, being the final step in a detrimental marriage, brings upon the gruesome decision as to whether a married couple wishes to end that once made commitment they had for each other. As opposed to the present, divorce was rare in ancient times…”

Ghantous starts his essay with what divorce means, as not only an end of a commitment but also the termination of legal duties and other obligations of the couple to each other. He then talks about divorce in ancient times, when men had superior control over women and their children. He also mentions Caroline Norton, who fought with English family law that was clearly against women.

“So even though G‑d has rules,… laws,… divine commandments, when you sin, He tells you: ‘You messed up? Try again.’ That’s exactly how you should be married — by treating your spouse the way G‑d treats you. With that much mercy and compassion , that much kindness and consideration.”

Friedman’s essay discusses how the Torah sees marriage and divorce and explains it by recounting a scene with his daughters where they couldn’t follow a recipe. He includes good treatment and forgiveness necessary in spouses. But he also explains that God understands and doesn’t want people in a failed marriage to continue hurting. You might also be interested in these essays about commitment .

“Depending on the reasons that led up to the divorce the effects can vary… I was fourteen years old and the one child that suffered the most emotional damage… My parents did not discuss their reasons for the divorce with me, they didn’t have to, and I knew the reasons.”

The author starts the essay by citing the famous marital promise: “For better or worse, for richer or poorer,” before going in-depth regarding the divorce rate among Americans. He further expounds on how common divorce is, including its legalities. Although divorce has established legal grounds, it doesn’t consider the emotional trauma it will cause, especially for children.

Louie recounts how his life changed when his dad moved out, listing why his parents divorced. He ends the essay by saying society is at fault for commercializing divorce as if it’s the only option.

“With divorce becoming more prevalent, many researchers have taken it upon themselves to explore many aspects of this topic such as evolving attitudes , what causes divorce, and how it effects the outcome of children’s lives.”

Massey examines the causes of divorce and how it impacts children’s well-being by citing many relevant research studies. Some of the things he mentions are the connection between the child’s mental health, behavioral issues, and future relationships. Another is the trauma a child can endure during the divorce proceedings.

He also mentions that some children who had a broken family put marriage on a pedestal. As a result, they do their best to create a better future family and treat their children better.

Top 7 Prompts on Essays About Divorce

After adding to your knowledge about the subject, you’re better prepared to write essays about divorce.

There are many causes of the dissolution of marriage, and many essays have already discussed these reasons. However, you can explain these reasons differently. For example, you can focus on domestic abuse, constant fighting, infidelity, financial issues, etc.

If you want to make your piece stand out, you can include your personal experience , but only if you’re comfortable sharing your story with others. 

If you believe divorce offers a better life for all parties involved, list these benefits and explain them. Then, you can focus on a specific pro of legalizing divorce, such as getting out of an abusive relationship. 

If you want to write an essay to argue against the negative effects of divorce, here’s an excellent guide on how to write an argumentative essay .

This prompt is not only for anyone who has no or sole guardian . If you want to write about the experiences of a child raised by other people or who lives with a single parent, you can interview a friend or anyone willing to talk about their struggles and triumphs even if they didn’t have a set of parents.

Aside from reasons for divorce, you can talk about what makes these reasons more probable. Then, analyze what steps couples can take to avoid it. Such as taking couples’ therapy, weekly family get-together, etc. To make your essay more valuable, weigh in on what makes these tips effective.

Essays About Divorce: Divorce and its effects on my family

Divorce is diverse and has varying effects. There are many elements to its results, and no two sets of factors are precisely the same for two families. 

If you have an intimate experience of how your immediate and extended family dynamic had been affected by divorce, narrate those affairs. Include what it made you and the others around you feel. You might also be interested in these essays about conflict .

This is a broad prompt, but you can narrow it down by focusing on an experience you or a close friend had. You can also interview someone closely related to a divorce case, such as a lawyer, reporter, or researcher. 

If you don’t have any experience with divorce, do not know anyone who had to go through it, or is more interested in its legal aspects, compiles different divorce laws for each country. You can even add a brief history for each law to make the readers understand how they came about.

Are you looking for other topics to write on? Check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

Persuasive & Argumentative Essays about Divorce: Free Tips

A divorce is a life-changing experience that affects spouses and their children (if there are any). Since divorce rates are relatively high in modern society, more and more people face this problem nowadays.

When you are assigned to compose an argumentative essay about divorce, you should be as careful as possible. Remember that the split-up of marriage can be a painful experience for everyone involved.

The article will give you useful advice on how to write an outstanding paper on the topic. Learn the essential features of the following types:

  • persuasive essay about divorce,
  • for and against essay,
  • causes and effects of divorce essay,

Check tips from below and write the best paper!

  • 💍 How to Write It
  • 📂 Essays by Type
  • ✒ Causes and Effects

✍️ Divorce Essay Topics

💍 how to write a divorce essay.

The general structure of essays on divorce is quite common:

  • introduction;
  • conclusion.

Yet, there are some variations of what info to include in the body, depending on the essay type. The following structure is applicable for divorce argumentative essay. To learn about the features of other types, keep on reading our article.

Argumentative divorce essays are composed according to the standard structure:

1. Thesis Statement about Divorce

A divorce essay introduction isn’t anything extraordinary as you have to introduce your topic and position.

  • You should always give broad information about the issue and state the main problems you will discuss in your writing.
  • Make a general statement about the consequences of divorce or the common divorce effects on people.
  • Then write your thesis statement on divorce. Clearly explain to the audience the topic you’re going to discuss and your position on that topic. In case you find this task difficult, try using a thesis generator for argumentative essay . This will save you some time.

That’s it! Now your divorce essay introduction is ready.

What’s next?

2. Main Body

This section presents all of your ideas and arguments related to the topic of divorce.

  • Here you can write about the adverse effects of divorce on children or the most common reasons people divorce.
  • Use compelling arguments and support your ideas with examples.

There are tons of surveys and statistics about divorce on the internet, so it won’t be too challenging to gather the information you need.

3. Conclusion

In the last paragraph, you have to sum up your paper and leave a final expression.

  • Summarize every idea presented in your divorce essay.
  • Restate your thesis statement on divorce, relying on your reasoning.
  • Then list your concluding thoughts on this topic.

Make your sentences clear and easy to follow. Use synonyms to improve your writing style. Such an approach will help you convince the readers and express your thoughts better.

📂 Divorce Essays by Type

The content and reasoning of each paper on divorce depend primarily on the type of essay . See the following sections to understand how to write each of them.

Here are a few types you can consider:

Argumentative Essay about Divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are many disputable topics—for example, the reasons people separate or its impact on children. It’s easy to find support and statistics for both issues. And you’ll need them as facts are a crucial part of a divorce argumentative essay.

As a starting point:

Research your idea and choose a side to support. Make sure that among all argumentative essay topics about divorce, you selected the most interesting for yourself. In your thesis statement, concisely express your position, so the reader can quickly get it.

Then, start writing the entire essay. Regardless of what type of paper you are writing—anti or pro divorce argumentative essay—your writing should meet these requirements:

  • Base your points on logic;
  • Present both sides of the arguments, but support only one;
  • Take into consideration counterclaims;
  • Support all the arguments by valid evidence;
  • Use a calm, informative tone.

Don’t forget to incorporate quotes and figures to convince your readers.

Persuasive Essay about Divorce

What is the goal of writing persuasive essays ? It’s to convince your reader that your position on a particular problem is true.

Therefore, writing this paper means that you should identify an individual problem related to the topic. In the introduction of your persuasive essay about divorce, you should choose your side and deliver it to the reader.

Crucial note:

Similarly to an argumentative essay, you have to provide credible facts to support your position. Yet here, you use them to back up your opinion and persuade your reader.

While composing your persuasive essay about the legalization of divorce, remember its distinctive features:

  • Based on emotions;
  • Presents only one side of the argument;
  • Ignores counterclaims;
  • The tone is dynamic, emotionally-charged, and aggressive to some extent.

Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

Whether it concerns old parents or a young couple, divorce typically has the same causes and effects. You can often see them clearly, even in books or movies.

The essay outline for the causes and effects of divorce essay is quite common:

  • Introduction.

In your divorce essay introduction, provide a general background and compose a clear thesis statement. For example, your thesis might look like this:

A divorce, caused by the spouses’ expectations mismatch, results in a lack of communication between children and one of the parents.

In this part of your essay, investigate the cause and effect of divorce, you stated before.

For the given thesis, the main points would be the following:

The primary cause of divorce is the mismatch in the spouses’ expectations from the marriage.

The divorce often results in a lack of children’s interactions with one of the parents.

  • Conclusion.

Synthesize all of your arguments and give your audience a space for a further investigation of your issue.

Narrative Essay about Divorce

If your assignment is to write a family essay, you can choose from a wide range of topics. For this purpose, a marriage essay or a divorce essay would be perfect.

In a short paper about your family, it isn’t easy to cover many topics. So choose only one.

Look through some narrative essay topics and select the one you like:

  • The story of my divorce: how did I decide to break up with my spouse?
  • My life completely changed after my parents divorced.
  • How my life looked like before the divorce with my wife/husband and how it looks now.
  • The way divorce destroys healthy communication between children and parents in my family.

For and Against Divorce Essay

As you know, both the negative and positive effects of divorce are disputable, making them appealing to discuss. There are many recent studies and relevant statistical data on the topic to help you write such an essay.

This topic would also be great for a speech on divorce.

Wondering what are the for and against divorce arguments? Take a look at the following:

If a person is in an abusive relationship, divorce might be the only option. It’s better to feel safe and protected than to be predisposed to violence.

You are still a family: you raise children and have a set of values. Consider preserving them and saving your family.

Are you that type of person that cannot forgive adultery? Then, break with your spouse and don’t waste your time.

Are you sure you and your partner are capable of living on their own? Often, spouses are financially dependent and cannot afford to lead the household after the divorce.

If a spouse continually mistreats their children and is unwilling to change their behavior, consider getting divorced.

If you decided to divorce after a single quarrel, don’t hurry up! Reconsider your decision and give your relationship a try.

✒ Divorce: Causes and Effects

We have a pleasant bonus for you! Below, you can find useful arguments and insightful ideas that you can use in your papers on divorce. Apply our concepts in any type of essay, adjusting them to your topic.

Divorce essays can cover the following issues:

Generally Known Facts on Divorces

When covering this issue in your persuasive essay on divorce, you will have to cover the problem altogether. Include the common marriage problems that psychologists all over the world study. Use their statistical data on divorces when crafting your argument.

Divorce is quite a broad topic, and you may want to narrow it down. With so much information available, you could write a research paper on divorce without any difficulty.

Statistical Data on Divorces

Good divorce essays should include enough statistical data. It will add more scientific value and reveal your research abilities. Besides, facts and figures present many exciting topics to comment on.

For example:

You can do significant research concerning divorce causes and consequences. Draw a contrast between divorce in several countries, or examine the age and education of people who officially separate more often.

Reasons for Divorces

What does an essay on divorce mean without discussion of its reasons?

Find out different sociologists’ viewpoints on the reasons for divorces. Then underline the cause you consider to be the most truthful one.

You can also provide your own theory on the grounds for divorces in your persuasive essay on divorce. The key point is to prove the accuracy of your statement.

Divorce Prevention Ideas

If there is a problem, there must be some solution. So, think of the possible ways to make a marriage work.

Investigate divorce causes from a scientific point of view. Examine the primary studies that reveal why people actually break up. Also, discuss the precautions that can help married couples avoid significant conflicts.

Effects of Divorce on Children

Parents sometimes forget that their divorce isn’t only about them but also about their children. It causes psychological problems for kids, which you can classify in your paper. Don’t forget to add some statistical data on divorce to support your arguments.

Every child reacts differently to their parents’ breakup. It’s a rare case when divorce consequences are positive, making the effects on kids an urgent topic to discuss.

Positive Effects of Divorce

Sometimes divorce isn’t a catastrophe but rather the only way to heal wounds and begin a new life. Often, people don’t recognize that they need to change their lives for the better. This situation is primarily related to abusive marriages or those with regular cheating.

In these cases, the positive effects of divorce may seem easy to understand. However, psychologists have to make great efforts to persuade people to end their relationships. Write a paper making this same argument.

  • Negative outcomes of divorce on children.
  • Connection between divorce and antisocial behavior of children.
  • Family crises and the issue it causes: divorce, remarriage, stepparents, adoption.
  • Effect of divorce on teenagers’ academic performance.  
  • Causes and consequences of divorce .
  • What can be done to decrease divorce rates in America?  
  • Does parental divorce affect the rates of juvenile delinquency ?
  • The most widespread reasons for divorce.
  • Analyze marital success factors and Gottman’s predictors of divorce.
  • Impact of divorce on child’s mental health.
  • Change of divorce law throughout history.
  • Positive and negative changes in children’s behavior after divorce.
  • Divorce : a disaster or a benefit?
  • Is cheating one of the main reasons of divorce?
  • Gender stratification impact on divorce trends.
  • Effect of divorce on family relationship.
  • Do divorced parents change their child-rearing styles?
  • List of factors typically associated with higher divorce rates.
  • The support required for all the members of divorced and single-parent families .
  • Analyze the reasons for high divorce rates .
  • Does divorce only impact adolescent in a bad way?
  • Effect of poverty on divorce rates.
  • Specifics of divorce in the UAE.
  • Does divorce lead to depression?
  • Family therapy and its role in decreasing divorce rates.
  • The impact of divorce on children-parents relationship.
  • Evaluation of child custody in divorce proceedings.
  • How to manage the stress of divorce.
  • Effect of divorce on children’s self-esteem.
  • How to minimize the devastating consequences of divorce.
  • Addiction as the reason for divorce.
  • Effective communication in marriage and its role in preventing divorce.
  • Divorce as the only way out of an abusive relationship.
  • Financial issues of divorce and how to overcome them.
  • Parental support is the best way to help children to go through divorce.
  • How do adolescents adjust to parental divorce?
  • Do boys and girls react to the parental divorce the same way?
  • Social media can destroy relationship and lead to divorce.
  • Can Christian counseling help couples to resolve their issues and avoid divorce?
  • Poverty among divorced women.
  • Young marriage has more chances to break-up.
  • Respect is the best way to get marriage satisfaction and avoid divorce.
  • Is interfaith marriage doomed to divorce?
  • Why a successful marriage may end in divorce?
  • Marriage contract will help to facilitate the legal side of divorce process.
  • Reduction of the number of divorces.
  • Personal development after divorce.
  • How family relationships influence future marriage and divorce chances of children.
  • Child support in case of marriage divorce.
  • Will lack of family and work balance definitely result in divorce?

If you are stuck on writing, you can always ask us for help! Whether you need a persuasive essay on divorce or any other paper, we are here and ready to assist.

Thanks for reading the article! Share it with friends who may need our tips or assistance.

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Wow! Thanks for this! This will help me on my speech topic a lot! Thank you Jack‼️

Writing Prompts about Divorce

  • 🗃️ Essay topics
  • ❓ Research questions
  • 📝 Topic sentences
  • 🪝 Essay hooks
  • 📑 Thesis statements
  • 🔀 Hypothesis examples
  • 🧐 Personal statements

🔗 References

🗃️ essay topics on divorce.

  • The impact of divorce on children’s mental health: A review of the current research.
  • Factors that contribute to the rise in divorce rates in modern society.
  • The effect of financial strain on marital satisfaction and the likelihood of divorce.
  • A comparative analysis of divorce laws across different countries.
  • Divorce and its effects on the economy: An examination of the economic costs of divorce.
  • The role of social media in divorce: An analysis of the ways in which social media affects relationships and contributes to the rising divorce rates.
  • The impact of divorce on gender roles: An examination of how divorce affects traditional gender roles within the family.
  • A study of the psychological processes involved in coping with divorce.
  • Functionalist theory and divorce rates .
  • An exploration of the ways in which cultural and religious factors influence divorce rates.
  • The effects of divorce on children’s academic performance and educational attainment.
  • The role of counseling in the prevention and management of divorce.
  • An analysis of the ways in which divorce affects workplace productivity and employee well-being.
  • The effect of divorce on physical and mental health: A review of the current research.
  • An examination of the ways in which divorce affects social relationships and support networks.
  • The impact of divorce on the housing market: A study of the effects of divorce on homeownership and property values.
  • An investigation of the ways in which divorce affects family dynamics and relationships.
  • An analysis of the long-term economic consequences of divorce for men and women.
  • The effect of divorce on mental health and substance abuse: A review of the current literature.
  • A study of the legal and financial implications of divorce for couples with significant assets.
  • An examination of the ways in which divorce affects retirement planning and financial security.

❓ Divorce Essay Questions

  • What factors contribute to the rise in divorce rates in modern society?
  • How does the experience of divorce affect children’s mental health and well-being?
  • In what ways does financial strain impact marital satisfaction and the likelihood of divorce?
  • What are the long-term economic consequences of divorce for men and women?
  • How do social and cultural factors influence divorce rates in different countries and regions?
  • What role does counseling play in the prevention and management of divorce?
  • What are the psychological processes involved in coping with divorce, and how can these be effectively managed?
  • How does social media use contribute to divorce rates, and what can be done to mitigate its effects?
  • How does divorce affect gender roles and traditional family structures?
  • What is the impact of divorce on the housing market, and how does it affect homeownership and property values?
  • What is the effect of divorce on workplace productivity and employee well-being?
  • What are the long-term physical and mental health consequences of divorce for both men and women?
  • How does divorce affect social relationships and support networks, and what strategies can be employed to mitigate these effects?
  • What is the role of religion and culture in shaping attitudes toward divorce, and how does this impact divorce rates?
  • What legal and financial implications does divorce have for couples with significant assets, and how can these be navigated effectively?

📝 Topic Sentences on Divorce

  • Divorce rates have risen steadily in recent years, prompting concerns about the impact of divorce on families and society as a whole.
  • Financial strain is a major factor in many divorces, highlighting the need for effective financial planning and management in marriages.
  • The psychological toll of divorce on children can be significant, underscoring the importance of minimizing conflict and ensuring that children have access to emotional support during the process.

🪝 Good Hooks for Divorce Paper

📍 definition hooks for essay on divorce.

  • Divorce, the legal dissolution of a marriage, is a complex and emotionally charged process that can have significant ramifications for individuals and families.
  • The term “divorce” refers to the legal termination of a marriage, a process that can be difficult and painful for all parties involved.

📍 Statistical Hooks about Divorce

  • According to a recent study, the divorce rate in the United States has increased by 30% over the last decade, with almost half of all marriages ending in divorce.
  • Statistical data shows that children of divorced parents are more likely to experience negative outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems, highlighting the potential long-term impact of divorce on families.

📍 Question Hooks on Divorce for Essay

  • What factors contribute to the high divorce rate in modern society, and what impact does divorce have on individuals and families?
  • How do cultural and societal attitudes towards marriage and divorce vary across different regions and countries, and what can be learned from these variations in terms of promoting healthy relationships and reducing divorce rates?

📑 Divorce Thesis Statements

✔️ argumentative thesis examples on divorce.

  • Despite the prevalence of divorce in modern society, it should be viewed as a last resort rather than a quick solution to marital problems, as it can have significant negative consequences for individuals and families.
  • While divorce can be a difficult and painful experience, it can also provide individuals with the opportunity to grow and thrive in new ways, particularly in cases where the relationship was toxic or abusive. Therefore, divorce should not be stigmatized, but rather viewed as a valid and sometimes necessary choice for individuals seeking to improve their lives.

✔️ Analytical Thesis about Divorce

  • Through an analysis of social, economic, and cultural factors, this essay explores the root causes of the high divorce rate in modern society and its impact on individuals and families.
  • By examining the experiences and perspectives of divorced individuals, this essay offers insights into the emotional and psychological challenges of divorce and highlights the importance of providing adequate support and resources to those going through the process.

✔️ Informative Thesis Samples about Divorce

  • This essay provides a comprehensive overview of the legal and procedural aspects of divorce, including the different types of divorce, the division of assets and debts, and the role of attorneys and the court system.
  • Drawing on research from psychology and sociology, this essay presents an informative analysis of the effects of divorce on children, including the short-term and long-term consequences for their emotional, social, and academic well-being.

🔀 Divorce Hypothesis Examples

  • The more financial stress a couple experiences, the higher the likelihood of divorce. Financial stress is a major contributor to divorce. If a couple is facing financial difficulties, such as job loss, debt, or other financial hardships, it can put a strain on the relationship and lead to divorce.
  • Couples who have more communication and conflict-resolution skills are less likely to divorce. This includes skills such as active listening, compromise, and the ability to manage emotions during disagreements. Couples who lack these skills may struggle to navigate conflicts and may be more likely to divorce as a result.

🔂 Null & Alternative Hypothesis on Divorce

  • Null Hypothesis: There is no significant difference in the rates of divorce between couples who have children and those who do not.
  • Alternative Hypothesis: Couples who have children are more likely to divorce than those who do not.

🧐 Examples of Personal Statement about Divorce

  • Growing up with divorced parents, I have seen firsthand the impact that divorce can have on a family. While my parents remained civil and co-parented effectively, I know that this is not always the case. Through my personal experience and research, I have developed a deep interest in understanding the factors that contribute to divorce and the ways in which families can navigate this difficult transition.
  • As someone who has been growing up in a culture that often stigmatizes divorce, I have always been interested in the social and cultural factors that shape our attitudes toward divorce. Through my research, I have explored how cultural norms, religious beliefs, and societal pressures can influence the decision to divorce, as well as the way divorce is perceived and experienced by individuals and communities.
  • The impact of family structure on the health of children: Effects of divorce
  • Divorce and its effects on the development of children
  • Reasons for Divorce and Recollections of Premarital Intervention: Implications for Improving Relationship Education
  • Research on Divorce: Continuing Trends and New Developments
  • Marriage and Divorce: Changes and Their Driving Forces

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Divorce is a complex and deeply personal process that involves the legal dissolution of a marriage. It marks the end of a once-promising union and triggers a range of emotions, from sadness and anger to relief and newfound independence. Understanding the intricacies of divorce and its effects is crucial when writing college essays about divorce.

How to Write College Essays About Divorce

When exploring the subject of divorce, it is important to delve into the factors that contribute to its occurrence and look at college essays about divorce examples. These can include communication issues, incompatibility, domestic abuse, financial strain, or even external factors such as societal expectations or cultural norms. Discussing these causes helps paint a comprehensive picture of the complexities surrounding divorce.

To provide a well-rounded perspective for an example of college essay about divorce, consider including statistics or research findings related to divorce rates, average durations of marriages, or common age groups affected by divorce. This data can help support your arguments and provide a factual foundation for your essay.

Additionally, it is crucial to examine the legal aspects of divorce. Different jurisdictions have specific laws and regulations governing the process, including property division, alimony, child custody, and visitation rights. Incorporating information about these legal frameworks can add depth to your essay and showcase a comprehensive understanding of divorce proceedings.

While divorce can be emotionally challenging, it also offers opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Discuss the psychological and emotional impacts divorce can have on individuals, as well as strategies for coping and rebuilding one’s life after the end of a marriage.

Lastly, explore the societal implications of divorce. Analyze how divorce impacts the perception of marriage, family structures, and gender roles. Consider the evolving attitudes towards divorce in different cultures and how society supports or stigmatizes individuals going through this process in the divorce essay example.

Cause and Effect of Broken Family: Exploring the Impact on Individuals and Society

A broken family, characterized by divorce, separation, or strained relationships among family members, can have profound effects on individuals and society as a whole. This essay delves into the cause and effect of broken families, and examines the far-reaching consequences on emotional well-being, academic performance,...

Growing Up with Divorced Parents: Discussing the Topic of Divorce With Your Children

“Kids need parents not part-time visitors with a checkbook” how important it is to have to a male figure and a woman figure In your childhood? Understanding that your child’s growing stages could be affected because the child's parent doesn't want involvement with them. How...

Growing Up With Divorced Parents: The Impact of Divorce on the Children

Introduction Evidence suggests that children of divorced or separated parents have a higher tendency of being diagnosed with affective disorders such as depression, in comparison to children with parents who are still together. However, the effect size of this finding is weak. The reasons that...

The Effects Of Divorce On Children

Introduction: Divorces are common; unfortunately, the children are the victims of this decision. One out of every two marriages today end up in a divorce, and many divorced families include children. Parents who are getting divorced every now and then are stressed over the impact...

The Effects Of Divorce On Children In America

Introduction Every year, over a million American youngsters endure the separation of their parents. Separation makes hopeless mischief all included, yet most particularly to the kids. In spite of the fact that it may be appeared to profit a few people in some individual cases,...

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The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Young Adolescents

Introduction The Star Online recorded an alarming figure in 2015 – one divorce every 10 minutes in Malaysia! According to the latest statistics released the Department of Statistics Malaysia in 28 December 2018, there are about 50,000 divorce cases per year in 2016 and 2017....

The Causes Of Divorce That Lead To The Annulment

The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the major causes of divorce, psychological effects and how to cope with it. An increase in amount of U.S. couples divorcing is growing. Statistics stated in the paper is proof. The lacks of communication, physical and...

  • Marriage and Family

The Causes Of Divorce And The Ruined Marriages

Divorce is becoming more common in today's society. Webster defines divorce as an act of separation. For each marriage, the reasons of divorce vary. The main reasons for divorce are lack of commitment, lack of communication, financial problems and infidelity. A lack of commitment is...

  • Divorce Rate

The Causes Of Divorce: The Reason Marriage Fails

Divorce among married couples is more popular than ever in today's day and age. Webster's specified divorce is the formal breakup of a relationship. Statistics show that the major causes of divorces are: infidelity, lack of communication, lack of commitment, and financial problems. A lack...

The Causes And Effects Of Divorce

In today’s world, we are encountering a variety of social problems. From the lack of healthcare, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, crime, unemployment, and much more. Then, there are the type of social problems that society often faces behind closed doors. For instance, one of...

Main Reasons For Divorce In The United States And How It Impacts Family

Approximately 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in separation or divorce. As many understand, this disunion brings about change, oftentimes negative. The majority of households witness increased conflicts among family members, distance, and health-related issues. The increase in division among so many...

My Personal Opinion On Why Divorce Shouldn't Be Legalized

Healthy marriages are important for couples, mental and physical health. However, based on the 2019 American Psychological Association statistics, Divorce has affected 40 to 50% of the total number of married couples all over the globe and has become one of the most prominent contemporary...

Common Social Problems Encountered In Family Life And How They Affect The Marriage

In this paper I will be addressing some common social problems a family faces. A social problem is an issue that influences a large number of individuals within a society. The social problems I will be discussing in this paper are divorce, violence, financial problems,...

  • Infertility

Divorce Rates In Kenya And Means To Reduce Them

Introduction Family is the essential unit of human cooperation, accommodating both generational renewal and individual linkage to the bigger society as it has been for a huge number of years. We can therefore argue that Family is the most fundamental part of society. It is...

Divorce Process And Finances In Hennepin County

The divorce rate in Minnesota is 10% — one of the highest divorce rates in the country, government statistics reveal. Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships and has been found to be responsible for at least 21% of divorces. Married couples considering...

  • Child Custody

Comparison of Cohabitation and Marriage: Advantages and Disadvantages

In our modern world, there are so many couples that are adapting to the idea of living together with their partners as an alternative to marriage or just to get a taste of how marriage is. Cohabitation and marriage are quite different in various ways...

  • Cohabitation

Report on the Family Structure of the UK and Changes Within It

What are the different types of family in the UK and how common are they? Using statistical evidence discuss to what changes are occurring in the structure of families in Britain. The different types of family in the UK. Single person household It represents 29%...

Issues with Divorce in Roman Catholic Marriage

Divorce refers to putting an end to a matrimonial union, whereby, both couples may go separate ways. Christians use the Bible as a guideline when addressing issues of marriage (religiously recognized marital union) and Christian life, while in the union. In the new testament, the...

  • Christian Marriage

Why Divorces Become More Frequent: Research Study

Pothen (2002), studied 200 divorced men and 200 divorced women. She found that husbands and wives had great expectations about their future partners before marriage, which were not fulfilled in marriage. Strains in their marital life started when these expectations did not meet reality. Majority...

Divorce and Its Rate: Literature Review

Brian, (2011) stated “Separation is linked with highly increased risk of so many psychological and social problems throughout the life span of a person. While experiencing the parental separation most of the family members specially children got rough reactions towards divorce during the process but...

  • Literature Review

Problem of Divorce Rate in Canada and Its Effect on Children

Sadly, the world we live in today is made up of many problems and sad truths that seem to be growing faster than we can imagine, one in which we see most often in society today that is overlooked. This problem we face today is...

How Divorce Has Affected My Future Relationships

I did not grow up in a stereotypical family home with loving parents and siblings. At five years old, my parents had separated to get divorced. My mother received full custody. We moved to a neighboring city to remain close to my father. Although they...

  • Family Relationships

Family and Marriage: The Rate and Percentage of Divorced

Family and marriage is a significant factor in the public arena today. A decent family structure can shape youngsters' lives as they change from youth to adulthood, anyway, a poor family structure could be the defeat of numerous kids in the present society. Numerous components...

A Smart Exit Strategy Before Initiating The Divorce Process

Of all the financially draining and time-consuming legal hassles you can possibly encounter in your lifetime, divorce is among the most difficult. Unfortunately, divorce is a cold reality that many couples must face when their idealistic marriage fantasies go wrong. However, the best thing you...

Divorce and Custody: Sources of Information That Can Support Your Case

Electronically stored Information is increasingly a focus in divorce and child custody cases. Discovered evidence can be used to support or refute legal claims including infidelity, income and spousal/child abuse or neglect. However, this evidence must be handled correctly or you risk having it rejected...

Causes of Divorce Cases in Malaysia and How to Avoid Them Increasing

There are a lot of divorce cases happened in Malaysia. According to Malay Mail. (2014, March 3). The divorce cases have dramatically increased in only eight years from 2004. In 2012, 56,760 separations were recorded, which is equivalent to a marriage separate every 10 minutes....

Parents' Divorce & Its Impact On Children

Divorce is portrayed as the authentic end of a marriage, anyway in its bona fide sense there is fundamentally more to it than essentially the complete of a relationship. Nowadays various social associations end in divorce, and shockingly the lion's share of them end at...

  • Parent-Child Relationship

Some Hardships In Human Relations

For a great deal of untouchables who don't know there is a tremendous measure of reason that causes this tormented condition. Infer a 2006 review by that asked scrutinizes what had caused their parcel or separation, I found that unfaithfulness or extramarital issue is...

  • Relationship

Examining Injustice in Alimony Laws on Examples of Divorce Cases in Quebec

In Canada, the first ever official divorce laws were adopted in 1960. Back then, marriage was the norm for couples. However, nowadays, couples tend not to get married and opt for common law unions. Despite this situation, spousal support laws haven’t been changed. This essay...

Best topics on Divorce

1. Cause and Effect of Broken Family: Exploring the Impact on Individuals and Society

2. Growing Up with Divorced Parents: Discussing the Topic of Divorce With Your Children

3. Growing Up With Divorced Parents: The Impact of Divorce on the Children

4. The Effects Of Divorce On Children

5. The Effects Of Divorce On Children In America

6. The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Young Adolescents

7. The Causes Of Divorce That Lead To The Annulment

8. The Causes Of Divorce And The Ruined Marriages

9. The Causes Of Divorce: The Reason Marriage Fails

10. The Causes And Effects Of Divorce

11. Main Reasons For Divorce In The United States And How It Impacts Family

12. My Personal Opinion On Why Divorce Shouldn’t Be Legalized

13. Common Social Problems Encountered In Family Life And How They Affect The Marriage

14. Divorce Rates In Kenya And Means To Reduce Them

15. Divorce Process And Finances In Hennepin County

  • Perseverance
  • Personal Experience
  • Feature of Character

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Should You Talk about Divorce in Your College Admissions Essay

  • Written by The Hello College Team
  • Last Updated on December 1, 2022

As a high school student, you should plan out your college application essay s carefully. You want to write a strong piece centered around a topic that is personal, compelling, and unique. But figuring out what that personal, compelling, unique topic is can be difficult. 

Some students feel that there are so many important moments they want to write about in their essay that they can’t choose among them. Other students may have the opposite experience: feeling as if there’s nothing that makes them special and so no topic around which to build an essay.  But, because this is your only chance to personally connect with admissions officers , it’s still important to pick a topic that will provide readers a sense of your character and your story. To accomplish this, some students decide to talk about their passions or times in their lives that made them re-evaluate themselves, and some students discuss heavier topics, such as personal loss. 

In particular, many students want to write about their experience of their parents’ divorce in their college application essay . This is a tricky topic to navigate in a personal statement, but it can be done. We’ll talk below about whether you should write about divorce and, if you do decide to focus on the topic, how best to frame your essay.

Can You Write about Divorce in Your College Essay ?

Because it can be hard to properly articulate how someone’s parents’ divorce or a loved one’s death helped them grow as individuals, many college advisors try to steer students away from writing about these more serious situations. It’s very easy, if the essay isn’t well structured, for the tragedy of divorce or death to overshadow the writer’s personal qualities that they are trying to highlight for admissions officers . 

Screenshot (4)

Your College Admissions Journey, Mapped Out!

Introducing our college planning timeline with a handy checklist of essential tasks, a step-by-step guide for every grade level, from freshman to senior year, AND financial aid, college applications, extracurricular activities, and more.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t write about your parent’s divorce and how it shaped you. Depending on how you frame the divorce, you can make the topic work in your favor, but you need to make sure that you’re writing about your role in the divorce in a way that is flattering and that shows—through concrete examples—how you grew as a result of your experiences. 

When Should You Write about Divorce in Your College Application Essay ?

Students can write about almost any topic, as long as they answer the essay prompt and show colleges that they have the right qualities to attend their school. However, if you plan on writing about divorce in your essay, we recommend thinking about a few key factors. 

First, consider how much time has passed since the divorce. If your parents have just divorced this year, it might not be appropriate to write about this as your essay topic. A divorce is a traumatic event for students of any age, so you want some distance between yourself and the divorce, enough that you can properly process its effects on your life. If your parents are recently divorced, it may be harder to gain the necessary perspective and clarity to write a strong essay. 

Next, ask yourself if you have a good reason for writing about your parent’s divorce. Some students simply pick this topic because they feel like they need to write about a challenging time in their life. However, it’s best if you have other strong reasons for writing about your parent’s divorce—generally some personal growth or resilience that the divorce highlights. If you can’t show clearly how the trauma of divorce led you to grow or develop, it may be best to seek a different topic. 

Any essay about divorce is bound to highlight emotional hardships, but you want to be careful that those challenges don’t become the central focus of the essay. It’s okay to show vulnerability in your application, and opening up about challenging experiences can help your essay stand out and seem more unique. But you’re having suffered doesn’t inherently make you a more attractive candidate to colleges. Rather, you want to be able to show how that suffering it connects to your college ambitions, how it led you to become more resilient or more focused or how it directed you toward a career assisting people who have similar traumatic experiences. 

Really, anyone writing about this topic needs to show admissions officers that they’ve emerged from this experience stronger, a better potential asset to colleges they’re applying to.   

How to Write a Strong College Application Essay about Divorce

If you’ve considered your options and writing about your parents’ divorce still seems like your best option, there are many ways to approach the topic. We have a few pointers to help you set up your essay and grab admissions readers’ attentions below:

Create a Solid Outline

As with any essay, planning is everything. You want to create a solid outline that will really help admissions officers understand you and your experience of your parents’ divorce. Start by writing a strong hook that isn’t overly cliché. You might begin by describing a particularly difficult moment in the divorce, though this runs the risk of highlighting too strongly the negative aspects of your experience. To overcome that problem, you might instead paint a picture of your current life, of the ways in which you’ve improved following the divorce . 

You can analyze the situation a little, but make sure that, throughout the middle part of your essay, you talk about how the divorce positively shaped your outlook on life. What lessons did you learn? How did you grow? How are you stronger for having undergone these difficult experiences? Answer these questions well, then talk about how these life lessons prepared you for your chosen college. 

Try Not to be a Cliche

While divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially children, you need to remember that a lot of people go through a divorce. That means that plenty of students have written on this topic—and your reader will likely be familiar with common tropes of the genre: slammed doors and angry voices, financial challenges and difficult relocations. So, you need to help yourself stand out by making your writing more unique.

  The best way to do this is by presenting your experiences with enough specificity that the experience you’re describing is yours and no one else’s. Slammed doors may be a cliché of arguments, but if you describe the how, after they slammed the door, you watched your parent walk away through the door’s cut glass window, their image fractured into a thousand fragments by the prismed glass, no one will mistake your story for that of another student. Through specificity and concrete imagery, you can make your essay stand out.. 

It’s true that similarities will exist in anyone’s account of a divorce, but you can make your essay distinctive by adding personal details. The most important thing is to tell admissions how you specifically overcame the divorce and learned from this experience. 

Have Other People Read Your Essay

Finally, have people you trust look over your essay. It might be uncomfortable letting other people read such a personal essay, but you want to make sure that you’re submitting the best possible writing for your college application. Friends and family members can give you constructive feedback and even tell you how to improve your writing. They can also check for grammar and other spelling mistakes so your essay is fully polished and ready for submission!

At  HelloCollege , we know how difficult it can be to prepare for college and aim to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We want to help you get accepted into the university of your dreams! Schedule a free consultation today. 

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divorce essay hook

Home — Essay Samples — Life — Divorce — Divorce, Its Causes, Effects, and Solutions


Divorce, Its Causes, Effects, and Solutions

  • Categories: Divorce Divorce Rate

About this sample


Words: 1209 |

Published: Dec 3, 2020

Words: 1209 | Pages: 3 | 7 min read

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Divorce, Its Causes, Effects, and Solutions Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to elaborate on the major causes of divorce, psychological effects and how to cope with it. An increase in amount of U.S. couples divorcing is growing. Statistics stated in the essay is proof. The [...]

The concept of divorce mediation is deeply explore in the following essay as well as base improvment of National Mediator Standards Board (NMAS) in the US. The National Mediator Standards Board aims to encourage quality, [...]

There are many perspectives which will be discussed further in my research divorce i.e. global perspective, national perspective and religious perspective. The issues of divorce are financial problems, forced marriages, child [...]

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Marriage and Divorce Essay Introduction, Tips, and Samples

Table of Contents

Divorce is a common topic for law and social science students to research and write about. The effects of divorce are varied and can be brought on by various factors.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to write a marriage and divorce essay. It provides tips, guidelines, topics, and sample introductions to make the writing process as easy as possible.

Let’s dive in!

silhouette of man and woman under yellow sky

How to Write an Essay on Marriage and Divorce

Sometimes divorce results from a mutual decision and a clean break with the family. But, more often, it is the culmination of years of tension. For this reason, the law includes numerous safeguards for parents and their offspring in the event of a divorce.

Family circumstances leading up to the divorce are also essential to consider. This is because socioeconomic status can significantly impact a couple’s ability to keep their marriage together. In conclusion, there is a wide range of potential topics for an effective essay on divorce.

Prove that you’ve thought about the bigger picture by discussing the factors contributing to divorce.

Find the root causes of the issue and explain them in a way that will convince the leader of their veracity. Use relevant statistics to support your claims and give your research more weight.

Once you’ve spotted a worrying pattern, you can try to elaborate on it and explain why this particular family issue is so pervasive.

Such concepts can be developed into full-fledged essays with the potential to leave a deep impression on the reader.

Legal Proceedings

It’s important to talk about the various legal proceedings involved in a divorce, regardless of the reason for the split. One of the worst parts of divorce is having to go to court to resolve issues like property division and child custody.

Prenuptial agreements are one example of precautions that can be taken to avoid such problems. However, you should also mention the drawbacks of these agreements.

Finally, you can talk about the societal factors contributing to divorce, such as teen pregnancy leading to early or forced marriages.

Sociological research can help pinpoint the root causes of divorce, which must be addressed to end this social problem.

If you want your essay to have more of an impact, remember to follow these general guidelines:

Points to Note for Marriage and Divorce Essay Introduction

Use interesting and engaging ways to start your divorce essay to keep the reader interested. If the reader loses interest and skims, you’ve failed.

Write an introductory paragraph that presents a high-level summary of the issue without diving into subtopics or specialist language.

Conclude with a clear thesis statement that states the question you will address and the position you will take, if applicable.

Don’t stray too far from the central argument you laid out in your thesis. To better engage your reader, keep your work narrowly focused.

Like how you should begin the paper, your divorce essay should end with a conclusion that summarizes the entire paper. Restate your thesis and add a few fitting closing remarks to your essay.

Separate article sections with titles that identify the themes should be explored in different paragraphs. This method makes the essay easier to read and more organized overall.

15 Topics and Sample Introduction on Marriage and Divorce Essay

What Happens to a Person After a Prolonged Divorce? When one spouse, typically the man, abandons the spouse and their children during a divorce, the surviving spouse may have trouble providing for them.

Young children are especially vulnerable to the adverse outcomes of divorce. Children’s reactions to their parent’s separation and eventual divorce vary depending on their age, gender, and personality.

Based on these issues, here are some topics and introductions to start your essay.

1. Psychological Counseling for Dealing with Divorce

One thing that happens after a divorce is that a person’s emotional and mental state changes. Counseling began in the country in the 1950s, when it was realized how important it was to… Why and how people get divorced.

Many marriages end because one partner cheats on the other. The person who was cheated on feels like all the work and sacrifices made to keep the marriage together was for nothing.

2. What Divorce Does to Children

When a married couple with children gets divorced, the law says that the children’s best interests must be protected. Difficulties that children face and ways to solve the new problems that arise after a divorce.

3. An Overview of the Children of Divorce’s Living Situation

Recent studies show that the number of divorces worldwide has increased a lot. This is primarily due to the shift […]

4. Exegetical Study of Divorce in the Bible

The divine plan for marriage and the right to divorce can be used to understand the passage of marriage and divorce.

5. How divorce affects the children

Scholars pay attention to how the child’s age affects their feelings about their parents’ split. Psychologists say that when parents split up, it’s a big change in how children are raised.

8. Marriage and Divorce in the Bible – Religious Studies

The most important thing is that the Bible says not to do it. Both society and the Church suffer when people get divorced. Infidelity is often a cause of divorce and stress disorder.

Divorces and stress disorders can have different causes. But the idea of cheating is still a bit shocking because people have the right to choose whether or not to do it. […]

9. Rates of Divorce in the United Arab Emirates

Even more worrisome is the fact that Emirates are involved in 30% of divorce cases in the UAE.

10. “How Divorce Affects Children” by Meera Chowdhry

For example, it is said that after the end of the Second World War, there was an increase in divorces.

11. How women are affected by divorce

Both people who believe in religion and those who don’t agree that it has helped bring peace and civilization to the world. On the other hand, divorce…

12. Why and how people get divorced in the UAE

In this case, the rate is the number of divorces compared to the total number of marriages in a year.

13. Deontology and Utilitarianism: The Ethics of Divorce

Before discussing the ethics of divorce, the paper first talks about ethics and then discusses divorce in modern society.

14. Settlement talks for a divorce

The goal of the meeting is to work out Rex’s divorce without going to court. All the people involved in the negotiations should be prepared for the negotiations. The results of divorce are poverty and instability.

Divorce isn’t the answer to problems in a marriage because it leads to poverty, instability, and a bad environment for the kids. Due to this situation, personal analysis shows that some children are usually left to the […]

15. How is coaching different from therapy when it comes to divorce?

Divorce is one situation where parents and children need help from a professional life coach to deal with the changes.

Wrapping Up

An introduction sets up the background, setting, and the immediate questions that need to be answered to determine how the essay will be structured.

We write about problems from the standpoint of the emotional, social, and practical effects that these issues have on people’s lives.

Marriage and Divorce Essay Introduction, Tips, and Samples

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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Divorce in the American Families Essay

  • To find inspiration for your paper and overcome writer’s block
  • As a source of information (ensure proper referencing)
  • As a template for you assignment

There has been an argument that United States has the weakest family in the developed world and this is based on various aspects. As far as this paper is concerned, we will look at the aspect of divorce in American families. Various stakeholders have reported that America has a divorce rate of more than 50% but this has not been fully authenticated for proper accuracy (Coontz, 2010, p. 23). At this rate, more marriages are likely to end in divorce as time goes by and this is not good news at all.

It should be known that the divorce rate is more prevalent in third marriages than in first marriages. As a matter of fact, those couples that have children have recorded low rates and levels of divorce than those ones without children. Currently, there are all indications that divorce rates are declining but this is more so on people who are just living together instead of marrying.

Most couples who had been married before and divorced never marry again and this is startling. In this case, they have never been ready to give it a chance and trial. The marriage rate has been declining as time goes by and people are opting to be single parents. Because single parenthood is on the rise in the United States, it gives us a good insight on why the country is having a lot of divorce rates (Coontz, 2010, p. 35).

It should be known that more divorce cases are prevalent in married women than in married men. This means that they are the ones who call the shot when things are not going on well. An increase in divorce in American families is not good news for children who end up being raised by single mothers. This therefore denies them an opportunity to be raised by both parents as expected of a good family.

Apart from touching on divorce, other family unions are not progressing well and this is a matter of concern. This means that such unions are not stable and it explains a given trend that is taking shape in the American family. Children are supposed to grow up with their biological parents and this can not be achieved with such divorce rates. To reinforce the point on why United States has the weakest family in the developed world, we can still base our point on an increase in solo parenting.

The African American home has suffered a lot of divorce cases and this is something that needs to be looked at (Ruoff, 2002, p. 28). Because divorce rates are prevalent in families with children, this seeks to explain to us something. In this case, couples have seen children as a burden or they have had problems with raising a family with children thereby opting to divorce.

Couples have always given various reasons as per to why they opt to divorce and this needs to be looked at. In this case, males and females give different reasons for divorce based on their own understanding. There are various factors that have transformed the institution of the American family over the past few years.

This revolves around various economic and cultural features. There has been an argument t that most couples do not give comprehensive reasons for divorce but this has always varied. In this case, it should be known that not all marriages can always fail for the same reasons (Ruoff, 2002, p. 36). As far as reasons for divorce are concerned, there are others that have been prevalent than others.

Couples have always blamed poor communication for divorce and this has been recorded from different couples. In this case, the couple fails to connect well thereby leading to divorce. There are cases where financial problems have also led to divorce and this is a major reason and concern. It should be known that partners that have not been able to take care of their families have caused problems thereby leading to divorce.

On the other hand, financial problems have brought about disagreements that have occasionally led to divorce (Baskerville, 2007, p. 38). Some partners and couples have cited lack of commitment as a reason for divorce and this is a reality. In this case, one of the partners is never committed to the marriage and that is why it has always ended up in divorce. This means that families are supposed to commit to the relationship for long term sustainability.

Commitment is necessary for success in everything and marriage has not been an exception in American families. As much as couples have given different reasons for not being committed, it has been one of the reasons for divorce. A dramatic change in priorities is also another reason that has been given for divorce. In this case, couples have been known to shift their priorities beyond family hood and thereby led to divorce.

When a partner changes his/her priorities, it will not be easy to live together as a family and that is why it has led to termination of the union (Luscombe, 2010, p. 48). Infidelity can also be considered as the reason behind divorce in American families. There is no partner who has been ready to see the other cheating and lived with it. This has been the reason behind bitter divorce cases in recent years and partners need to be faithful.

As much as there are other reasons for divorce cases in American families, these ones have been cited as the most prominent. Other reasons, though major, have not been prevalent and common in America. For instance, unmet needs and failed expectations have also contributed to divorce. In this case, people always have various expectations from their partners but when this is not met, partners have felt let down and opted for divorce.

Marriages in America experience various problems and this needs conflict resolution skills for success (Bratter, 2009, p. 43). As far as problems are concerned, some couples have lacked conflict resolution skills in the family and that is why we have had cases of divorce in America. Although minor, cases like substance and emotional abuse have also been responsible for divorce cases in America, this is something that can be taken care of by the society.

Divorce and the American family are an intertwined issue and topic that needs to be looked at by the whole society for long term sustainability. A good marriage should be saved and there is no reason for divorce. In this case, divorce in America should be effectively looked at as time goes by.

This is based on an increase in divorce rates that has been witnessed in recent years. When we say that the divorce rate in American families in more than 50%, this indicates that couples are more likely to break up as time goes by and this is not good news to the American society (Luscombe, 2010, p. 37). The American belief has been cited as one of the reasons behind divorce and there is need for change. As a matter of fact, Americans believe in freedom and this can be replaced with love as much as there is commitment.

It is undeniable that divorce is an aspect that has gained precedence and prominence in the American family in recent years beyond reasonable doubt. Different couples have admitted that they prefer to marry with high expectations but this has not been practical and that is why they have ended up in divorce. This has always been done if they think the family will not give them the happiness and safety that they had desired.

Because most Americans love freedom, this has made them to think of themselves being at the center. This has been done at the expense of the family and children that one has (Bratter, 2009, p. 39). Any rise in divorce will ultimately have bad effects and impacts on children and that is why it needs to addressed. This is based on the fact that our children are the future generation and they need to grow in a stable family with both parents.

Children develop their own personality from both parents and that is why divorce should not be entertained in the modern American society. In this case, a child can learn something different from both parents and that is why they should always be there for them. Couples should learn to persevere and live together no matter what because divorce is not always the best option (Coontz, 2010, p. 52).

The American family has been undergoing a lot of transformations and this is based on changing trends in the society. As much as the American family is changing in relation to modern needs, divorce is not a good trend that should be encouraged in the society. The family as an institution is supposed to change for the better to have a good American society.

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