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  1. 20+ creative alternative homework ideas for teachers

    2. Make a board game. This is definitely one of the most creative homework assignments. Let your students come up with an idea for a board game about the lesson content. They have to make cards, and pawns, draw, write, cut, and paste. They have to use their imagination and inventive ideas to create a coherent board game. Click to open.

  2. 13 Fun Homework Ideas: The Best Ways To Make Homework Fun

    Set up a homework play date. Go outside. Turn it into a game. Let them play teacher. Use a timer. Create a special homework space. Remember to be positive. Get help if you need i t. Thankfully, there are ways of making homework less boring and that little bit more fun for your child.

  3. Creative Homework Ideas

    Create a board game. Complete a quiz - you could also ask students to write the quiz in groups and then swap and complete for homework. Write a lesson plan for teaching the topic to a younger class. Teach the teacher - create a poster, Complete a series of exercises. Complete a family tree, real or imaginary.

  4. 7 Ways To Make Homework Fun For Back To School

    Instruct students they need to do five activities this week. If a word list, a game, or other resource is useful for completing the activity, you can attach it to the bingo card. You can even use the same card for more than a week. Let students know if they can repeat any activities or have to do all new ones in week 2.

  5. 28 Ideas On How To Make Homework Fun For Students

    Working on homework teaches children that work is a part of life, not just school, and fosters friendship without being overpowering. 5. Design an Awesome Workspace. Improve the area where your kids complete their schoolwork to increase efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

  6. 15 Innovative School Homework Design Ideas for Teachers

    1. Make it Relevant and Meaningful. Connect the school homework to their lives, interests, or current events to make it more meaningful and relatable. For example, if it's Christmas time, you can ask your students to explore the themes of charity, storytelling, etc. 2.

  7. Creative Homework Ideas For Your Students

    Go on a treasure hunt. As a fun homework task that will get your students out and about, ask them to go on a treasure or scavenger hunt, finding certain things that are related to your topic. For younger children, this could be as simple as collecting leaves, flowers, or twigs they might find in their local park, or particular shapes or colours ...

  8. 10 Helpful Homework Ideas and Tips for Primary School Teachers

    Firstly, divide your class into smaller ability groups, 3 or 4 groups would work. Each group can be given their own coloured homework basket. You then fill the coloured homework baskets with activities, games and task cards that the students can take home and play with parents, carers or older siblings throughout the week.

  9. Fresh Summer Homework Ideas

    Read on for Zimmerman's summer homework game plan and ideas for how to make summer assignments more fun for everyone. 1. Try a New Student Meet and Greet. If possible, meet your incoming students before summer break (even if it's virtual!) to instill the importance of summer learning. At the end of the school year, coordinate with the ...

  10. Homeschool Fun Ideas: 26+ Creative Activities (Free List)

    Board games (like these reading, geography, math, history, and science) are brilliant. Card games are also cool for math fun and more. You can make your first day of homeschool extra special with fun activities. Our free printable 5 Days of Back to Homeschool Fun guide can help (and is filled with activities, like bingo, conversation starters ...

  11. Creative Homework Ideas

    If you do assign homework, there are several creative ideas you can use that will motivate your students to complete the homework you assign. Creative hands-on learning activities and other similar learning ideas in the classroom are quite effective. They can be just as effective at home as well for a wide variety of subjects and assignments.

  12. 11 Vocabulary Homework Ideas And How To Motivate Students To ...

    In addition to the homework selection sheet, the bundle includes worksheets for vocabulary homework ideas number five and six. The other vocabulary homework options can be completed on a plain piece of paper or in student workbooks. Here are the vocabulary activities listed on the 7 Options for Vocabulary Homework handout: #1 Say Your Words

  13. 72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

    Hold a debate. Hold a mock court case. Create an episode of a reality show. Create a game show. Have a panel discussion of "experts". Compose a rap or other song. Use a Venn diagram to compare two aspects of the topic. Design a comic strip about the topic. Create a children's story about the topic.

  14. 13 Fun Homework Ideas: The Best Ways To Make Homework Fun

    Quick win: If you're looking for some fun homework ideas then check out this simple multiplication activity you can do at home, it'll even get in one of your child's five a day! 9. Let them play teacher. Make another fun homework game by creating your own mini-classroom and letting your child step into the role of teacher.

  15. 40 Spelling Homework Ideas

    Have a family member unscramble the words and sign your paper. 15. Spell your words with alphabet pasta. Glue them onto paper. 16. Cut out paper letters for half of the words and glue onto paper. 17. Make a word search puzzle in which you hide all of your spelling words. Give it to a family member to solve and sign.

  16. Entertaining homework ideas for English language learners

    Here are 10 fun and entertaining homework ideas for your ESL students: Cafe hopper. Tiktok star. Let's go to the movies. Hello Mr. Teacher. Interview a stranger. Shine like a Karaoke star. Expert on the loose. 24 hour challenge.

  17. 35 Fun Classroom Activities to Keep Students Engaged

    This activity can be adapted to various subjects, allowing students to express their ideas and thoughts creatively. By engaging in storytelling through Story Cubes, students can improve their communication skills, boost their confidence, and develop a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling in conveying messages and emotions effectively.

  18. Homework Ideas for Elementary Teachers: Save Time and Make Learning

    The third tip on this list of homework ideas is to save time by teaming up with the other teacher(s) at your grade level. Alternate prepping the packet for the week or designate different subjects to different teachers. ... Consider Creating a Menu of Optional Homework Activities. The last tip on this list of homework ideas is to create a menu ...

  19. 50 STEM Activities for Kids of All Ages and Interests

    STEM Focus: Engineering. This is one of those classic STEM activities every kid should try at least once. Kids can do it at any age, with different materials and heights to mix it up. Learn more: Egg Drop at Buggy and Buddy. 3. Engineer a drinking straw roller coaster. Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

  20. 25 Summer Homeschool Ideas To Keep The Learning Spark Alive

    A to Z List: 100 Fun Summer Homeschool Unit Study Ideas. 25 Summer Homeschool Ideas To Keep The Learning Spark Alive. 30+ Summer Activities for Middle School Kids. 11 Fun Summer Activities for Middle Schooler. How Do Sharks Float STEM Activity Free Shark Unit Study & Notebooking Pages. Fun Kids Hands-on Egg Carton Sea Turtle Life Cycle Activity.

  21. Homework Activities Teaching Resources

    Homework Activities. An extensive collection of resources to use when compiling a range of learning at home tasks. Homework gives students opportunities to explore concepts at home which have been covered in class. Engaging homework activities can also encourage students to explore new ways of thinking away from the classroom.

  22. 30+ Homework Station Ideas for Kids and Teens

    Homework Station Supplies. Below is a handy list of supplies that are sometimes useful. Pens and pencils. Loose leaf paper for scratch paper or notes. A timer or clock. A folder with pockets. Calculator. 1 box of color pencils or crayons. Computer and charger.

  23. 13 ESL Homework Ideas

    13 ESL Homework Ideas. Homework may not be many students' favorite thing, but research says it's truly an effective learning tool that teachers should use. The trick is assigning great homework. To help you do this with ease, we've compiled an awesome list of 13 homework assignments that will have your ESL students begging for more.

  24. 250+ Fun Activities For Kids To Do Instead of Homework

    Make a compost pile/bin. Make a water catch basin. Harvest your garden. Share your harvest with those in need. Make a fruit stand and sell your harvest. Organize a backyard carnival for the neighborhood kids. Play football. Play with action figures or dolls. Make a cardboard fort.

  25. Homework Help: 9 Tips for Parents and Caregivers

    Let's face it: homework often isn't an activity that kids want to do, and it can be a big source of stress and frustration. ... Discover more resources and ideas to help with homework on TPT. 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Stay in the know. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for free resources, updates, and special offers.