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Successful Personal Statement For Natural Science (Physical) At Cambridge

Last Updated: 12th April 2022

Author: Chloe Hewitt

  • Natural Sciences

Table of Contents

Welcome to our popular Personal Statement series where we present a successful Personal Statement, and our Oxbridge Tutors provide their feedback on it. 

Today, we are looking through a Natural Science applicant’s Personal Statement that helped secure a place at Cambridge University. The Natural Science Course at Cambridge is a unique and demanding course focused on blurring the boundaries between the different fields of science. 

Read on to see how this candidate wrote a Personal Statement that helped secure their place on a reputable degree. 

Here’s a breakdown of the Personal Statement:


The universities this candidate applied to were the following:

Enrolling on our Cambridge Natural Science comprehensive Programme will give you access to Personal Statement redrafts. 

Your tutor will give you actionable feedback with insider tips on how to improve and make your Personal Statement Oxbridge quality for the best chances of success.  

Natural Science (Physical) Personal Statement

The more I discover about physics, the less I realise that I know, and the keener I am to further explore unfamiliar topics at university. Studying areas such as special relativity and quantum mechanics have made me question concepts I took as given, such as the nature and manipulation of time and the degree of certainty to which we can truly know anything.

My particular interest in physics was sparked when I read an article on quantum physics, and was introduced to a simple description of the fundamental constituents of matter. This led me to read further about particle physics. I particularly enjoyed Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe, which gave me a brief insight into the intricacies of string theory, and The Feynman Lectures on Physics, from which I learnt new mechanics and probability theory. I watch lectures on the MIT website, read New Scientist and am a junior member of the IoP to further my knowledge of new scientific developments. I enjoyed visiting CERN last year and learning more about the experiments conducted there. I have also competed in national challenges to develop my thinking skills further, achieving bronze in the Physics Olympiad, silver in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and gold in the Senior Maths Challenge. Additionally, this year I won the school leavers’ physics prize.

Last summer I attended a residential Headstart physics course at the University of Leicester, and spent three days at the Debate Chamber physics school. I enjoyed performing undergraduate experiments, and was particularly interested by the lectures on recent developments in nanotechnology and the ways in which nanoparticles could be used to destroy cancerous cells in the body. I also had a tantalising glimpse of some of the complex mathematics behind General Relativity, and would love to study this intricate topic in more detail. These experiences confirmed my love of physics as well as increasing my appreciation of more complicated subjects not covered by my A Level courses. Furthermore, they helped to develop my skills in processing new information and quickly adapting to unfamiliar concepts.

I recently took part in an extended-essay competition at school, producing an independently researched piece of work on the superluminal neutrinos apparently found in 2011. I focused on the impossibility of faster-than-light travel according to special relativity, and the implications for time travel the discovery would have had if the measurements had been correct. This gave me the chance to explore further a subject I was interested in but had not studied at school. I researched my essay by reading scientific journals and textbooks, and speaking to scientists I met at physics events.

I will shortly begin a paid internship at Hildebrand Technology Ltd, where I will be using mathematical modelling of real life situations for statistical analysis. This will be an opportunity to apply mathematical techniques I have learnt in school to more complex problems. This placement, along with self-studying university textbooks and extra further maths modules, will ensure that I maintain and expand my maths skills and scientific knowledge during my gap year.

In my final year I was captain of the school Boat Club. I have rowed in the top senior boat since I was 15, and in 2013 I won silver at National Schools and gold at Schools Head. This sport has involved intensive training, which demands self-discipline and commitment. I love music, and take part in many close harmony groups and choirs, as well as taking grades in musical theatre, singing and piano. My music and sport, along with lifeguarding and weekly volunteering at a local primary school, have allowed me to develop my time management skills and use the time I have for work efficiently and productively.

I am a hardworking and intellectually curious student and am excited by the prospect of developing my mathematical skills and studying physics at a more advanced level at university.

For more inspiration, take a look through our other successful Personal Statement a nalysis articles:

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Download our Free Personal Statement Starter Guide 

Good Points Of The Personal Statement

This is a very good statement. The statement is well structured, and the student’s motivation to study physics is clear. All points are explained clearly, and experiences expanded on. The student uses examples beyond their A-level studies to explain their desire to study physics, which comes across very well to the reader.

Bad Points Of The Personal Statement

The student forgets to use quotation marks around the names of books etc., and also ‘the’ before ‘New Scientist’. Whilst these are rudimentary errors, a simple proof-read would have found these. The main issue with this statement is its length. There are eight paragraphs in total.  By the penultimate paragraph it is clear enough that the student has done many physics-related extra-curricular activities. The quality of the statement will not be reduced if it is shortened.  The student does not explain acronyms, e.g. ‘IoP’. Some sentences can be shortened in order to save space, e.g. ‘I have also competed in national challenges to develop my thinking skills further, achieving bronze in the Physics Olympiad, silver in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and gold in the Senior Maths Challenge’ can be shortened to ‘I have also competed in national challenges to develop my thinking skills further, achieving bronze, silver and gold medals in the Physics Olympiad, Cambridge Chemistry and Senior Maths Challenges respectively’.

UniAdmissions Overall Score:

In general, this is a very good statement. It is well written, and the student’s motivation to study physics at university is clear from the very beginning. Due to the length of the statement, it is quite cumbersome to read. With some shortening, this would be a compact and powerful statement.

This Personal Statement for Natural Science is a solid example of demonstrating a wealth of knowledge, motivation and interest, vital to Admissions Tutors.

Remember, at Cambridge, these Admissions Tutors are often the people who will be teaching you for the next few years, so you need to appeal directly to them.

Check out our other successful personal statements and our expert guides on our Free Personal Statement Resources page.

Our expert tutors are on hand to help you craft the perfect Personal Statement for your Cambridge Natural Science application.

With our  Cambridge Natural Science Premium Programme, we help you craft the perfect Personal   Statement , perform strongly on the Admissions Test  and teach you how to  Interview effectively .

Discover our Cambridge Natural Science Premium Programme  by clicking the button below to  enrol and triple your chances of success.

UniAdmissions students placed at Oxford And Cambridge

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U2 Tuition

How to Write a Biology Personal Statement Worthy of Oxbridge!

By U2 Tutor, Holly (Cambridge Biological Natural Sciences graduate and current Graduate Medic at St George’s Hospital Medical School)

Writing a personal statement can be overwhelming - there’s so much pressure to ‘sell yourself’ to the universities in just 4000 characters. In this blog we’ll discuss how to structure your personal statement, as well as tips to simplify the writing process and make your personal statement stand out.

How to Structure your Biology Personal Statement

Paragraph 1: This should be motivation focused i.e. why you want to do Biology above any other course.

Paragraph 2: This should demonstrate your aptitude for the course - explore what you have done so far and the skills you’ve gained from it, in order to show that you’re suited to university learning.

Paragraph 3: This should be a continuation of paragraph 2, ideally discussing some other areas of biology or other skills.

Paragraph 4: Brief discussion of extra-curriculars, but only if they also demonstrate skills which suit you to the course.

Tips For a Biology Personal Statement

Writing the Perfect Biology Personal Statement Introduction

If you take anything from this guide, it’s to avoid clichés! The most important thing you can do is convey your genuine interest in the subject, and saying you’ve wanted to do biology since you were a child isn’t the way to do this (even if it is the case). Equally, try not to exaggerate with your wording, as this can also come across as less authentic. Just try and explain your motivations clearly and honestly, and focus on showing this motivation through your experiences and beyond syllabus knowledge.

Writing the opening sentence can be the hardest part, so is often best left until the end . There’s a misconception that you have to write a captivating, attention-grabbing opening sentence - this isn’t the case, especially not for the sciences! It’s completely fine to start simply, such as with ‘I was first drawn to Biology when I studied x…’ and go from there. Remember you have a character limit, so it’s best to just go straight in!

Forming a First Draft of Your Personal Statement

Don’t put pressure on yourself to write a full draft on your first attempt. There will be lots of redrafting and restructuring and that’s okay! Give yourself plenty of time to allow for this.

The best way to start is to write down everything you want to include in your personal statement - include everything you can think of from an academic and extra-curricular perspective. Try not to include anything beyond the last few years, as this is unlikely to be relevant . For each point, determine what skills you gained from these experiences and what you learnt from them .

Then compare this to the skills/ qualities most sought after for the courses you’re applying to (this is likely to be very similar between universities). Whilst it can seem overwhelming at first, it’s a quick way of narrowing down what is worth including in your personal statement. From there you can work out how to elaborate on these experiences. Try to group them together in themes if possible, so that you can organise your paragraphs accordingly.

Ideas to Show Your Interest

You might be thinking that your list of things to include in your personal statement is going to be rather short - you hopefully have plenty of time to rectify that! If you’ve not yet had a chance, it’s important to explore Biology in more depth - this is to distinguish you from your classmates doing the same subjects. Remember the universities will also see your grades through UCAS, so you’re wasting some of the precious word count by mentioning these. Instead, you need to discuss co-curriculars - evidence that you’ve explored the subject and have a genuine interest. Try and find 2-3 broad areas of Biology that you’re interested in and ideally match with some of the modules offered as part of the courses you’re applying to . There are plenty of ways you can do this…

Books - these have been divided into some broad topics within some of the popular Biology courses:


Do No Harm - Henry Marsh

Fragile Lives - Stephen Westaby

The Body: A Guide for Occupants - Bill Bryson

The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins,

The Epigenetics Revolution - Nessa Carey

Genome - Matt Ridley


Any of Oliver Sacks books, particularly The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat or Awakenings

The Psychopath Test - Jon Ronson

On the Origin of Species - Charles Darwin

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Epigenetics: The Wisdom of Whores - Elizabeth Pisani

Cognitive sciences: Daniel Kahneman - Thinking, Fast and Slow

Successful Biology Personal Statement Book Recommendations

Essay competitions

There are yearly competitions hosted by Minds Underground to allow you to explore topics you might not have encountered before.

Many Oxbridge colleges also run their own essay competitions , as well as biological societies e.g. Royal Society of Biology and British Society for Cell Biology . Essay competitions are particularly relevant to Oxbridge applications as supervisions often require you to write similar essays.

Biology Work Experience

It can be useful to get work experience, such as in a lab, but don’t feel like this is an essential - universities understand it can be very difficult to find, especially in the post-covid era. If you do have experience, be careful not to just list what you did during work experience. Focus on the skills you gained, and how you could use these at university e.g. familiarity with different lab-based techniques.

Research Projects (Minds Underground)

Similar to Extended Projects offered by some schools, you could write your own research project exploring a topic of your choice. It can be difficult to decide on a title - it might be easier to use your A-level content as a springboard, and design a project to investigate something you’ve learnt about. For example, you could design a literature review to analyse existing research on a topic, in order to identify gaps in current research and inform future research opportunities. You could also design your own experiment (although there obviously limits to this!) such as investigating conditions needed by different plants.

Minds Underground can guide you through this with a Biology expert… https://www.mindsunderground.com/work-research-experience

Biology Summer School (Minds Underground)

Summer schools can be an exciting way to get a taster of a variety of different university level biology subjects, from genetic engineering and cancer therapies to ecology and behaviour. Minds Underground hosts an amazing Biology summer school run by Oxbridge graduates, allowing you to broaden your knowledge of Biology whilst gaining useful personal statement and interview material.

Talks and podcasts

Online lectures can also give you a taste of university courses - these are widely available from universities and sites such as Ted Talks . Podcasts are increasingly popular, and are an easy way to keep up to date with current development in Biology. We recommend The Infinite Monkey Cage (less Biology specific, but very interesting!) and Radiolab .

Biological Sciences Personal Statement Podcasts


In the past there’s been a focus on the ‘all rounder’: someone who is academic, musical and sporty. This is not really the case any more, and so extracurriculars shouldn’t take up a significant proportion of your personal statement. The purpose of mentioning these should be to show what skills you’ve gained, and how you could apply these to your course or university life. For example, your weekly football match could have helped develop your team working skills and communication skills, something which is essential in a lab environment. Equally, it could allow you to switch off for a few hours and maintain your high work ethic - this is just as important, as universities (particularly high achieving ones) increasingly want to see that you can maintain a work-life balance.

Applying to Oxford for Biology? Here’s What You Should Also Do

To craft a standout personal statement for Oxford Biological Sciences specifically, it can be helpful to gear your personal statement to specific qualities and details that the university values. Here are some tips to enhance your Biology personal statement with an application for Oxford in mind:

1. Demonstrate Academic Rigour:

Highlight your passion for biology through academic achievements, relevant coursework, and independent research.

Discuss specific topics or scientific concepts that have captivated your interest and showcase your understanding of advanced material. You could have a look through the 1st year Oxford Biology modules and see if anything you have explored links to material you may cover at the university.

2. Emphasise Independent Thinking:

Discuss instances where you've independently pursued scientific inquiry or engaged in co-curricular activities related to biology.

Oxford values students who can think critically and contribute to discussions, so emphasise your ability to approach problems independently.

3. Reflect on Your Reading:

As detailed above, mention books, articles, or research papers that have influenced your understanding of biology. However, don’t just list them - make sure you give your independent analysis and opinion on everything you have included in your personal statement.

Oxford is known for its tutorial system, and demonstrating that you've engaged with challenging material beyond the standard curriculum can set you apart.

4. Discuss Your Practical Skills:

Describe any laboratory work, experiments, or field studies you've been involved in.

Showcasing hands-on experience is crucial, as it aligns with Oxford's emphasis on practical learning.

5. Showcase Interdisciplinary Interests:

Oxford appreciates interdisciplinary approaches. If your interest in biology connects with other disciplines, explain how and why.

Mention any relevant projects or coursework that spans multiple scientific domains.

6. Make It Personal and Reflective:

Share personal anecdotes or experiences that sparked your interest in biology.

Reflect on how your unique background or experiences contribute to your perspective as a future biologist.

7. Highlight Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:

Illustrate instances where you've had to think critically, solve problems, or overcome challenges.

Oxford seeks students who can navigate complex issues and contribute meaningfully to academic discussions.

8. Address Your Motivation for Oxford:

Clearly articulate why you want to study biology at Oxford specifically, without mentioning the university explicitly as the personal statement also needs to be relevant to your other university choices.

Discuss the aspects of the Oxford programme (again, without mentioning the university explicitly) that appeal to you and how it aligns with your long-term goals.

9. Prepare for Interview Discussion:

Anticipate questions that might arise from your personal statement and be ready to discuss your ideas in-depth.

Consider how your experiences and perspectives can contribute to academic discussions at Oxford.

A standout personal statement for Oxford is not just a list of achievements but a narrative that demonstrates intellectual curiosity, a passion for biology, and the potential to thrive in Oxford's academic environment. View the personal statement as a springboard for engaging discussions during interviews!

Biological Science Personal Statement Example

Siddhartha Mukherjee's "The Gene: An Intimate History" ignited a profound curiosity in the intricate tapestry of genetic inheritance and molecular mechanisms. Mukherjee's narrative skilfully brought to life the historical context and societal impact of genetics, serving as a catalyst that fuelled my exploration into the foundational works of molecular biology. Inspired by Mukherjee's narrative, I expanded my exploration of genetics through literature, delving into Carl Zimmer's "She Has Her Mother's Laugh." This broadened my perspective on the broader implications of genetic inheritance, touching on topics from heredity and evolution to the societal impact of genetic discoveries. Zimmer's adept blend of scientific rigour and accessible storytelling not only deepened my understanding of genetics but also prompted me to critically analyse the ethical implications of manipulating genetic information, shaping my conviction to approach the rapidly advancing field of genetics with a thoughtful consideration of its societal ramifications. In delving into Watson and Crick's seminal paper on the structure of DNA, I also found myself captivated by the meticulous unravelling of the double helix. This exploration propelled me beyond textbook learning into an understanding of the molecular foundations that govern life. This foundational knowledge took on practical significance as I engaged in a genetic engineering project that utilised CRISPR-Cas9 technology to manipulate bacterial DNA. . This hands-on experience not only solidified my laboratory skills but also deepened my appreciation for the practical implications of gene editing, fueling my commitment to ethical scientific practices. I learn about the delicate balance between scientific innovation and responsible ethical practices, shaping my perspective on the potential impacts of cutting-edge technologies in the biological sciences. This awareness was further honed during a summer school class dedicated to the revolutionary CRISPR technology. Here, I explored the nuances of gene editing's potential applications, ethical implications, and the ongoing discourse in the scientific community. This exploration sparked a particular interest in the potential application of CRISPR technology for targeted gene therapy, a revolutionary avenue with transformative implications for treating genetic disorders at the molecular level. This newfound fascination with gene therapy, particularly in the context of CRISPR technology, has propelled my desire to contribute to the evolving landscape of biomedical research and therapeutic interventions, further solidifying my commitment to exploring the intersection of cutting-edge science and ethical considerations. My interest in biology extended beyond the microscopic realm into the intricate interplay of species within ecological systems. I recently watched an online lecture on ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity, which delved into the relationships that shape ecosystems. This exploration found resonance in a podcast episode titled "Ecology in Action," where real-world ecological projects illuminated the practical applications of ecological principles I had studied. I am particularly interested in the study of symbiotic relationships in ecosystems, exploring how mutualistic interactions between species contribute to the resilience and sustainability of ecological communities—a concept that I find particularly fascinating for its broader implications in conservation biology and ecosystem management. Each aspect of my exploration into the world of biology has added a layer to my understanding, creating a solid foundation for further academic pursuits and a future dedicated to advancing the frontiers of biological knowledge.

Looking for a Personal Statement Tutor or Support For Your Wider Biology or Biological Natural Sciences Application?

Biology personal statement support.


U2’s Oxbridge-educated mentors have a close insight into what admissions tutors like to see in a Biology personal statement, and can help students to convey their skills, motivations, and long term goals, in order to stand out from other applicants. The statement should be the candidates own work, but our mentors will provide direction and guide you through the process of content building and writing. We offer offline drafting as well as tuition sessions.

Oxbridge Biology Tuition

We offer Oxbridge Mentoring for students looking for support throughout the application process (book a free consultation to discuss options). We have a large team of Oxford Biology and Cambridge Biological Natural Sciences tutors including 1st Class, Master’s and PhD level graduates.

The Process:

1) We suggest an Oxbridge-educated Biology tutor and send their full CV for review. Our mentors are deeply familiar with the admissions process to study Biology at Oxford and Cambridge Biological Natural Sciences, and are well-placed to guide you through Biology personal statement curation and the interview process. We may suggest a range of application tutors to choose from with slightly differing rates depending on qualifications and level of experience.

2) We typically suggest beginning with a 1.5 hour diagnostic session , where the tutor will informally assess the student’s current performance level for application. Following this, we issue a report with feedback, and structure a plan to best prepare.

3) U2’s approach for regular Biology application sessions: The main focus of tutorial sessions will be to explore material that can be discussed in the personal statement and at interview - this may sometimes stretch from A-Level standard to First Year Undergraduate. Mentors ensure each student refines their interests within Biology, and is exposed to a range of key concepts and topics.

Frequency of sessions can be decided between student and tutor. Students can take either ad hoc sessions, or we structure a full programme for preparation, which may include further co-curricular opportunities such as our research projects , Biology Summer School and Oxbridge mock interview days . Honing the skills necessary to succeed for Oxbridge ideally requires long-term preparation and mentoring presents a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the very best Oxbridge has produced.

Sessions from £75/h + VAT.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Oxbridge Admissions Process

How to write a biomedical science personal statement.


Feedback within 48 hours

Natural Sciences Personal Statement

Learn how to write an excellent and outstanding Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement using our award-winning methods.

Cambridge Natural Sciences Personal Statement

Collect feedback on your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement within 48 hours.

Receive personalised analysis within 48 hours

Personal statements for every course

Our Oxbridge tutors have a comprehensive understanding of writing personal statements for a wide range of programmes, including Cambridge Natural Sciences. They can assist you in writing a compelling and successful Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement, ensuring that crucial elements are included and that you write in the proper tone.

In a nutshell...

  • Personal Statement analysis within 48 hours
  • Reduce your word count by 20%
  • Reviewed by Oxbridge Tutors

Line-by-line feedback

  • Ask unlimited questions
  • Matched to your needs

How it Works...

Why do so many applicants fail to secure a place on the Cambridge Natural Sciences course? The key reason is that their personal statement is lacking. Knowing what to include in your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement and how to impress the admissions tutors can be tough. Watch this video to find out how we can assist you.

How Oxbridge Mind’s Personal Statement Check works

Many applicants are denied a place on the Cambridge Natural Sciences course because their personal statement is insufficient.

Personal Statement Editing in 60 Seconds

Would you watch rather than read? ? Watch the video ☝️

How we can help

Response in 48 hours.

Send us your personal statement for Cambridge Natural Sciences n any draft stage—first, fifth, or final. You can also tell us if you want us to focus on a certain aspect of your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement, such as word count or relevant work experience.

Our Cambridge Natural Sciences tutors will thoroughly evaluate your personal statement for Natural Sciences and provide their analysis of what you did well and where you could improve.

After reading our feedback, you will feel motivated and encouraged to improve your personal statement for Cambridge Natural Sciences. We invite you to contribute another draught at this step if you choose.

You can now upload your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement to UCAS after making the necessary revisions. What a sigh of relief!

Our Oxbridge Natural Sciences tutors will thoroughly analyse your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement to ensure that it meets the Cambridge high requirements.


Complete with an analysis summary

We will offer you a line-by-line analysis of your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement, as well as advice on how you can improve in each of the key areas on which the Cambridge Natural Sciences admissions team will be focussing.

Write, revise and repeat

Consider the modifications we've suggested for your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement after reading our feedback. You are welcome to contact us at any time for further information or to request another Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement revision!


1-1 sessions with Zoom Tutoring

  • Discuss & Rewrite LIVE

To make the most of the time you have with one another, your Oxbridge Natural Sciences tutor will examine your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement and provide some initial input before to your one-on-one encounter.

You can discuss your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement in real time with your tutor and receive continuous updates.

Following the session, you can review your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement at your leisure and contact your tutor with any further questions.

Let’s work through an example

Reducing word count.

Your tutor can support you in reducing the number of words you use and refining the content to the most important elements.

Work Experience

Your Oxbridge tutor will be able to assist you in connecting your job experience to your interest and enthusiasm for Natural Sciences.

Spelling and Grammar

We'll thoroughly review your Natural Sciences PS for spelling, grammar, tone, and paragraph structure.

VM PS (9)

Extra Reading

We'll help you in connecting books and presentations you have attended to specific modules in the Cambridge Natural Sciences Course.

Motivation for Natural Sciences

You'll learn how to best communicate your motivations for studying Natural Sciences in the Oxbridge learning environment.

Language Style

Your Natural Sciences tutor will edit your sentence structure, tone of voice, and balance of subtopics.

How can we improve your Personal Statement?

Personal analysis.

Rather than simply providing basic advice, we will go over your writing and provide personalised analysis.

Reducing Word Count

Even though sticking to the 4,000 characters limit can be hard, we will assist you in writing more clearly.

Improving Language

Our tutors have all written successful personal statements for the Cambridge Natural Sciences programme and follow our tried-and-true methods.

  • Grammar Checking

We will make certain that you don't submit a Natural Sciences personal statement with poor grammar, as Cambridge would reject it.

Reviewed by Natural Sciences Tutors

Your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement will be checked by a team of tutors who are familiar with what Cambridge is looking for.

1-to-1 Feedback Lessons

You will receive continuing mentorship to ensure the quality of your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement throughout the programme.

Our students love us


I'm so thankful for the help Shameena gave! She managed to cut out 1,000 characters from my medicine personal statement! She also gave some great insights into how I could improve.


Thanks to Oxbridge Mind's Personal Statement check I managed to get invited to 4 interviews! They were very quick in their turnaround, and were able to address the areas I needed to edit.


I was surprised by how detailed Oxbridge Mind were in their feedback - they noticed things my head of sixth form didn’t. I liked the fact that I could Skype the tutor and discuss the edits through with her.


I had my medicine personal statement reviewed 4 times by Oxbridge Mind and they went above and beyond what I expected! They are a group of enthusiastic and professional teachers!


October 2019

The feedback they gave was very constructive and helped me cut down words. They took extra care to make sure I understood the feedback they were giving, and implement it effectively.


September 2018

I would highly recommend the Oxbridge Mind medicine personal statement review. They made sure they didn't just rewrite my personal statement but instead gave some real individual feedback!


August 2017

I could not recommend this website more! I bought a medicine personal statement check from many companies but theirs was the best. They also responded within 24h before my UCAS deadline


August 2019

I had a two hour 1-1 session with Alice who was so helpful in cutting down my medicine personal statement. She helped me with my surgical work experience paragraph, which had a few lengthy sentences.


September 2019

The medicine personal statement check happened so quickly - I got it back instantly. I have no complaints at all! Speed was good - I got it back within 2 days. The analysis was detailed and clear to me.


At first I was reluctant as I was skeptical that it was cheaper than most providers. However, I was very happy! My editor, Shameena, spotted grammar mistakes and helped me cut my word count


If it wasn't for Oxbridge Mind, I would never have known how to write a medicine personal statement so well. They helped teach me how to make links between my work experience and my skills.

Our packages

A professional Oxbridge tutor will analyse your personal statement, and all of our packages include content, structure, and grammar analysis. Whatever option you choose, you can be certain that you will have your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement within 48 hours, or your money will be refunded.

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  • Expert Feedback in 48h
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  • Analysis on Character Limit
  • Writing Suggestions
  • 2 Personal Statement Checks
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Our proven 4-Step Method

Step 1

Send us your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement

Send us your personal statement for Cambridge Natural Sciences in any draft stage—first, fifth, or final. You can also tell us if you want us to focus on a specific aspect of your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement, such as word count or relevant work experience.

Step 2

We’ll analyse your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement

Our professionals will thoroughly analyse your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement and provide their own assessment of what you did well and where you could improve.

Step 3

Write, Revise & Repeat

After reading our feedback, you will feel inspired and eager to improve your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement. We invite you to contribute another draft at this point if you choose.

Step 4

Submit and Relax

You can now upload your Cambridge Natural Sciences personal statement to UCAS after adding in the appropriate changes. What a relief, right?

Still got questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently asked questions, i need my natural sciences personal statement check back by 24 hours can you help.

Without a doubt! We provide an express service upon request, so when you e-mail us your Natural Sciences personal statement, let us know you'd like it faster and why, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Can I request you to write my Natural Sciences personal statement?

No, unfortunately. As current and prospective professionals, doing so is against our ethical standards, thus if we are asked to do so for your Natural Sciences personal statement, we will gently decline.

Will my Natural Sciences personal statement be secure?

Absolutely. Only the checkers will access your Natural Sciences personal statement - all of your data will be encrypted and safeguarded by our privacy policy.

I'm worried about the word count for my Natural Sciences personal statement - can you help?

Yes, we can. Simply let us know that you'd like to reduce the word count on your Natural Sciences personal statement, and we'll gladly accommodate.

I'm an international student - I'm worried my English isn't good enough for the Natural Sciences personal statement.

Don't worry; we'll offer you with a specialised service to ensure that your Natural Sciences personal statement fulfils the English standards required by Cambridge.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us directly

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Cambridge University Personal Statements

We hope our collection of cambridge university personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. please do not plagiarise them in any way, or ucas will penalise your application. our  personal statement editing & review services  are availble if you feel you need a little extra help..

History Personal Statement Example 2 I am captivated by the diversity and depth offered by a History degree; attracted by the way it encourages us to be analytical of the values and patterns of past societies. It was in my final year of secondary school that I was awarded the History Attainment Award, although my desire to study History dates back to an earlier age when I visited the site of the allied landings in Normandy at just eleven years old...

Linguistics Personal Statement Example 1 My most memorable Christmas came with a parcel of Harry Potter audio books and this was where my quest to understanding language began. The moment Stephen Fry started to narrate chapter one, I fell in love with words and all they could achieve...

Psychology Personal Statement Example 2 Psychology surrounds us. I often observe my class mates and ask myself why they are so different, struggling with attention or eating disorders. While looking for reasons, I also want to find ways to help them and I am confident that psychology will give me the means to do so...

Politics and International Relations Personal Statement Example 4 The era in which we live goes through constant turmoil and shifting powers. Not a day goes by without a change somewhere on our planet, which in turn has an effect on yet another change to come elsewhere...

Education and Drama Personal Statement Example (Oxbridge) "I shall have poetry in my life. And adventure. Unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart, come ruin or rapture." Perhaps one should not begin with the words of another when presenting oneself, but as an actress, utilising the words of others is something that has become second nature...

Psychology Personal Statement Example 6 It was the odd behavioural traits displayed by my uncle, who has Asperger’s syndrome that first generated from a young age my questioning about why he acted so ‘differently’ to the rest of us. This was part of what led to my interest of studying psychology, as it made me question how and why humans are so disparate from one another, and what part the brain plays in running our everyday lives...

Politics & International Relations Personal Statement Example 2 It was November 1989. My parents were rattling their keys in the main square of Bratislava with other Czechoslovak youngsters asking for the democracy that was denied by the Communist regime. They raised me in an environment, where appreciation of freedom, expressing my thoughts and being an active citizen have been essential...

Mathematics and Physics Personal Statement Example 1 Mathematics is a fundamental tool for understanding our world: it can be used to define the symmetry of flowers or to manage global companies. What is so appealing about mathematics is the opportunity of applying it in the physical world...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example 1 Fire, the wheel, boats, book printing, electricity, engines, automobiles, planes, spaceships, wireless information transfer: engineering is determining this progress. Leading engineers are the creators of our future...

Maths and Spanish Personal Statement Example For as long as I have recognised words and numbers, I have seen a connection between the two. As I progressed in the AS Mathematics course I realised how drawn I was to the subject, motivating me to spend 2 weeks at school over the summer holidays learning 2 entire AS Further Maths modules, in order to take the full A-level course in one year...

Languages Personal Statement Example 10 At the age of eight, a friend introduced me to Guy Hamilton's 1969 film 'Battle of Britain'. This instilled in me two things: my doomed childhood ambition to be a Spitfire pilot, long since grudgingly abandoned, but also, perhaps ironically, a love for the sound and feel of the German language that has stayed with me all through the intervening decade...

English Personal Statement Example (Mature Student) Having worked on a secure psychiatric unit for two years, caring for many people unable to or precluded from following their dreams due to mental illness, as well as over a decade employed in positions just to pay the bills, I am finally pursuing my dream of becoming a published novelist...

History Personal Statement Example 7 It isn't an exaggeration to say my devotion to History has moulded me into the diligent and ambitious person I am today. History continues to shape our contemporary world and my opinions have been formed from an intellectual curiosity about the resonances between the past and the present...

Chemistry Personal Statement Example 2 Science is not just a subject taken in school, or a body of knowledge; it is a state of mind as well – always inquisitive and wondering. As a child, the world around me constantly captivated me and inspired questions, and I found delight in having my questions answered, always wanting to learn more, from fundamental particles, to atoms and molecules, to organisms, planets, and the universe...

Anthropology Personal Statement Example 2 My fascination with human behaviour and the motivations behind human actions has existed for most of my adult life, to determine a cause however I would accredit this to the voluntary work I participated in with Crisis Single Persons Homeless charity...

Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement Example 2 Every day we make decisions and interact with others; the laws of economics help us make rational choices and consider the irrationality of others, as well as understand the world better. Maths and statistics are the necessary tools for me to understand the modern economics...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example 2 The ability to apply what I have learnt in the classroom to the outside world is an aspect of physics and maths that I particularly enjoy. An example of this was being able to calculate the coefficient of friction between a book and a table, by knowing the weight and measuring the angle at which it started to move...

Pure Mathematics Personal Statement Example Mathematics is beautiful to me because of the deep and meaningful ideas touched upon by it, the vastness of these ideas, the clearness and elegance of their representation. Mathematics gives me the ability to apply knowledge by approaching things logically, and thinking clearly...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement Example 9 Civil engineering is a discipline which is essential in the modern world: roads, bridges, airports, railways, sewage works and power stations all provide the fabric of today's society, and without them the world would be a very different place...

Mathematics and Engineering Personal Statement Example Questions regarding the reason for my liking of mathematics have only one answer: mathematical logic and concepts contribute to a practical approach in every aspect of life. It is the diversity and universal applicability of this subject that encourages me to delve further and study it in depth...

Maths and Science Personal Statement Example Maths and science, in particular physics, have always been my favourite subjects in school. I have an inquisitive mind and am always asking "how?" and "why?" to find out how things work. I chose maths, physics and biology for my A levels, yet only realised I wanted to do engineering when I started studying topics such as mechanics...

Medicine Personal Statement Example 48 Given that over ninety nine percent of the body consists of just six elements, it is hard to imagine the human body as an intricately synchronised and immensely complex machine. Yet, it has done well to puzzle even the brightest minds in history-but I am drawn to a challenge; I cannot think of anything else more fascinating to work with...

Geography Personal Statement Example (Human/Environmental) The possibility of the human race’s days being numbered by our destructive lifestyles, as planted in my mind by Al Gore’s sensationalised and controversial ‘The Inconvenient Truth’, has fuelled my interest in the global warming phenomenon, forcing me to question society’s reluctance to tackle it and realise the worldwide impact of each of our daily lives...

Psychology Personal Statement Example 51 There is a reason behind everything we do, a purpose to our actions. The cognition behind any decision that we make is one of the many aspects of psychology that I am fascinated by. The following five words, as said by the Prophet Muhammad, I believe explain such a suggestion: "Actions are but by intentions"...

Mathematics Personal Statement Example 12 Mathematics is at the root of many academic subjects, such as mechanics in Physics, organic Chemistry and even Music and this is why I find it so fascinating. The process of starting from a simple set of formulae and deriving nearly all mathematical truth from these is what makes Mathematics a leading academic subject...

Engineering Personal Statement Example 20 Overcoming economic hurdles tempered by ecological limits requires innovative solutions. For centuries mathematical and analytical skills have fused to solve practical problems. The diverse nature of engineering has made advancements possible in an array of fields from the wheel to The International Space Station...

Architecture Personal Statement Example 16 I vividly remember the moment when I knew I wanted to be an architect. I had been taken to Barcelona to see ‘the wavy buildings’, at the time I didn’t know anything about Gaudí or his work so I was relatively unenthusiastic...

History Personal Statement Example 37 My interest in history lies in the simple fact that I have always been fascinated by the past. At eleven I won a full academic bursary to attend my current school. This was a way into a community in which my intellectual curiosity would be valued and where I could further my enthusiasm for history...

Medicine Personal Statement Example 61 While the idea to care for others is appealing to me, the applications of medicine for finding remedies to the complexities of the human body fascinates me even more. Studying medicine opens several career options from general practice to clinical research! Having the interest and aptitude for scientific knowledge and the awareness to promote health safety, it encourages me to choose this highly rewarding and satisfying course...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example 17 While other children fell asleep to the sound of their parents reading them bedtime fairytales, I was busy re-reading Ladybirds Explorer’s, “Flight” for probably the fourth time that day. I’ve been enthralled by the concept of flight and aerodynamics ever since I was young...

Chemistry Personal Statement Example 17 The realisation I wanted to study Chemistry at degree level came with my growing appreciation of its contribution and significance in shaping modern society, coupled with an increasing interest in the subject as my knowledge and understanding have developed...

History Personal Statement Example 40 History has always fascinated me because of what it can tell us about humanity; the decisions taken, the actions chosen and the mistakes made can all make us reflect on what it means to be human. I firmly believe history is not simply a case of learning facts and dates but rather a chance to analyse the past, enhancing our understanding of how we interact with each other today...

Maths Personal Statement Example 12 Mathematics dictates our understanding of the universe; the sciences that the world depends on today are founded and dependant on maths. Scientists and mathematicians spend their lives making remarkable discoveries contributing to the development of humanity, the findings we have been making in fields like quantum mechanics would be completely impossible without maths...

English Personal Statement Example 30 English is not simply the study of humanity, or society, or history or the written word; it is all of those together and it is this versatility that makes it so appealing to me. The link between literary criticism and psychoanalysis is a great interest of mine...

Psychology Personal Statement Example 67 I first became interested in psychology whilst discussing the underlying causes of criminal behaviour and non-conformity with my father. The nature-nurture debate gave me a huge desire to increase my knowledge and understanding of the human condition...

Economics Personal Statement Example 31 Since my parents were busy with the financial income throughout my childhood, I have been raised up by my grandmother. She was the oldest of 8 siblings in a family who were living in impoverished conditions...

Natural Sciences Personal Statement Example 4 Why and How? I believe these are the two most important question words as they express mankind’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and they have lain the foundation of sciences and have helped us find answers and solutions to problems throughout history from the domestication of fire to Darwin’s theory of evolution, to landing on the moon and so on...

Archaeology Personal Statement Example 6 I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures and civilisations, reflected in my enduring love of history, and more recently, archaeology. Compared to modern history, archaeology carries a sense of enigma which makes it much more stimulating for an imaginative and inquisitive mind...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example 19 These days, we are surrounded by engineering marvels. From radios to space shuttles, everything involves a vital feat of engineering. That is what I find most attractive about this field as its application is everywhere...

Land Economy Personal Statement Example (Cambridge University) Having been born and lived all my life in Hungary, with an English father and Hungarian mother, I have always wanted to go to university in England and spend most of my summers working in England. Being bilingual gives me an ability to see both sides of the question, and examine things from different perspectives which I feel will be useful for my studies...

Engineering Personal Statement Example 23 As I triggered the release mechanism and watched two pounds of rock hurtle skywards I thought to myself, "trebuchets are awesome!". Years passed before I realised that this was my first engineering project...

Engineering Personal Statement Example 24 When I was a child, most of the sentences I spoke out finished with a question mark, asking how everyday things work. Receiving answers to these questions and learning more about Mathematics and Physics has enlarged my desire to make human life easier and become an Engineer...

Linguistics Personal Statement Example 3 Have you ever heard the Tuvan throat singing technique? Beautiful and intriguing at the same time. The question that's bound to accompany a throat singing performance is how the human voice could possibly produce such a sound...

Computer Science Personal Statement Example 56 Computer Science - the most exciting insight into humanity's mission to conquer the future. It has been my favourite and most fascinating preoccupation since childhood, though back then I did not even know it...

History Personal Statement Example (Oxbridge) 2 Whether considering the real world applications of Bentham's utilitarianism in Religious Studies, analysing the context of a changing Victorian society in English Literature, or debating the evolving ideology of the Labour Party in Politics, there is one common thread connecting what I enjoy most about my studies: history...

Sociology Personal Statement Example 14 The need for the study of Sociology in society is, arguably, universally fundamental. The study of society is of paramount importance in solving social problems of great magnitude such as poverty and family disorganisation...

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My Cambridge Application

This page is part of the Christ's College, Cambridge application support for students applying from the UK . If you are applying from outside the UK, please see the International application support in the international section .

College choir

Within 48 hours of submitting your UCAS application , you will receive an email with log-in details for the Cambridge-specific additional for. This is called My Cambridge Application, or MyCApp and we have it because we do not write the UCAS form and we need to ask additional questions.

When you receive your log-in details and the website link, you log-in and work on your My Cambridge Application form. You can save your work and go back if you need to complete the form in multiple sessions.  

Help with MyCApp

There is help text on the form itself, and guidance on the Cambridge Admissions website to help you complete your My Cambridge Application form, as well as a helpdesk to contact with any questions. Please see your log-in email for details.


The helpdesk is specialised for My Cambridge Application, and so the advisers there are the best people to help if you have any queries that you have not been able to find the answer to on the My Cambridge Application Page or on the form itself (for My Cambridge Application questions please email the helpdesk rather than Christ's).  

If you don't receive a log-in email

You should receive your My Cambridge Application log-in email within 48 hours of UCAS application submission, but it is not normally immediate. If you do not receive your log-in email when you expect to, please first of all check the spam / junk / promotions folders in your email and contact the helpdesk ( [email protected] ) if you can't find it.  

Deadline: 22 October (18:00 UK time)


We strongly advise you not to leave your My Cambridge Application form to the last minute - if you have a problem this could have serious consequences so why risk it?

If you are applying for Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering or Natural Sciences, please take into account your assessment date which is just before the My Cambridge Application deadline. TIP: We advise that if you submit your UCAS application and My Cambridge Application nice and early, this will give you space to focus on your written assessment and it will make the process much less stressful for you.

Additional personal statement

University Challenge team

You'll see that there's a box where you can add a brief additional personal statement if you want to. This is because your UCAS personal statement is read by all universities you are applying to and there may be things you want to say that only Cambridge reads. This is particularly relevant if there are differences in the courses you are applying to at different universities (e.g. if you are applying for Biology elsewhere but Natural Sciences at Cambridge).

If you are happy with the UCAS personal statement, don't feel that you need to complete this box - you won't be marked down if you don't write anything - it is genuinely just an opportunity to say something for students who felt limited by other universities reading the UCAS statement.

We run a called .
It runs from Spring until early August each year.

If you're reading this after August, see instead
the university-wide
It includes a Personal Statements webinar in September.

Tree in Third Court

Further information

My Cambridge Application is very similar to the SAQ that applicants previously completed - the questions are the same.

A change to be aware of: in the past one of the MyCapp questions asked you to upload a digital photograph. Please note that this no longer needed for students applying in October 2024.

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cambridge natural science personal statement only mentioning chemistry

would it be an auto rejection if i only mentioned chemistry in my personal statement and no physics for physical natural sciences. i’d be applying for straight chemistry everywhere else

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CRediT offers authors the opportunity to share an accurate and detailed description of their diverse contributions to the published work.

The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the descriptions are accurate and agreed by all authors

The role(s) of all authors should be listed, using the relevant above categories

Authors may have contributed in multiple roles

CRediT in no way changes the journal’s criteria to qualify for authorship

CRediT statements should be provided during the submission process and will appear above the acknowledgment section of the published paper as shown further below.




Ideas; formulation or evolution of overarching research goals and aims


Development or design of methodology; creation of models


Programming, software development; designing computer programs; implementation of the computer code and supporting algorithms; testing of existing code components


Verification, whether as a part of the activity or separate, of the overall replication/ reproducibility of results/experiments and other research outputs

Formal analysis

Application of statistical, mathematical, computational, or other formal techniques to analyze or synthesize study data


Conducting a research and investigation process, specifically performing the experiments, or data/evidence collection


Provision of study materials, reagents, materials, patients, laboratory samples, animals, instrumentation, computing resources, or other analysis tools

Data Curation

Management activities to annotate (produce metadata), scrub data and maintain research data (including software code, where it is necessary for interpreting the data itself) for initial use and later reuse

Writing - Original Draft

Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work, specifically writing the initial draft (including substantive translation)

Writing - Review & Editing

Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work by those from the original research group, specifically critical review, commentary or revision – including pre-or postpublication stages


Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work, specifically visualization/ data presentation


Oversight and leadership responsibility for the research activity planning and execution, including mentorship external to the core team

Project administration

Management and coordination responsibility for the research activity planning and execution

Funding acquisition

Acquisition of the financial support for the project leading to this publication

*Reproduced from Brand et al. (2015), Learned Publishing 28(2), with permission of the authors.

Sample CRediT author statement

Zhang San:  Conceptualization, Methodology, Software  Priya Singh. : Data curation, Writing- Original draft preparation.  Wang Wu : Visualization, Investigation.  Jan Jansen :  Supervision. : Ajay Kumar : Software, Validation.:  Sun Qi:  Writing- Reviewing and Editing,

Read more about CRediT  here opens in new tab/window  or check out this  article from  Authors' Updat e:  CRediT where credit's due .

Physical Natural Sciences

Physical natural sciences – 2014 ( cambridge, birmingham, ucl ).

However varied the scientific subject matter I study, links to other areas often appear. I find it intriguing how concepts which initially seem unrelated can be described by the same ...

Physical Natural Sciences – 2015 ( Cambridge, Birmingham, UCL )

Physical natural sciences – 2013 ( cambridge, imperial college, durham, edinburgh ).

Perhaps oddly, it was a surprisingly successful project in engineering that ulti-mately inspired me to study physical sciences. A colleague and I built a portable net-worked meteorological station, winning a ...

Physical Natural Sciences – 2013 ( Cambridge, UCL, Durham, Birmingham, Lancaster )

Science seeks to explain the world around us, from why water expands when it freezes to the inner workings of the human brain. I always want to understand how and ...

Physical Natural Sciences – 2013 ( Cambridge, Imperial College, Durham, UCL, Manchester )

I have always been struck by the notion that "Science is a field that grows continuously with ever expanding frontiers"(John Bardeen) and it is this that drives my desire to ...

Physical Natural Sciences – 2013 ( Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, Durham, King's College )

It is the marriage of physics and chemistry on the atomic scale that particularly interests me. The interdisciplinary nature of the physical sciences and mathematics on this level enlightens the ...

Physical Natural Sciences – 2013 ( Cambridge, Imperial College, Durham, UCL, Warwick )

I sat the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this summer, and was awarded a Roentgenium and invited to the Chemistry Camp at St Catharine's. We were taught by Dr Peter Wothers, whose ...

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