Best AI essay writers in 2024 – our top picks

Table of contents, what are the best ai essay writers, best ai essay writer overall – rytr, best free ai essay-writer – writesonic, writesonic pros, best feature-rich ai essay writer – jasper, jasper pros, best ai essay writer for students –, pros, best ai essay writer for script creators – ai writer, ai-writer pros, which ai essay writer is best.

if you’re looking for the best AI essay writer , we’ve got you covered right here.

An AI essay writer is a tool that generates long creative essays on any topic from the given input. The tool uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to generate unique essays from scratch while maintaining a human tone. Picking the best AI essay writers is quite a tricky task. We picked some of the best AI essay-writing tools to generate content per your writing style.

Apart from writing tasks, these tools can suggest topics, detect grammatical errors, identify plagiarized content, and create an outline for essays. The main advantage of using an AI essay writer is it speeds up the writing process with high grammatical accuracy while focusing on the creative aspect of writing.

We have selected some of the best AI writing tools for you that can write great content within seconds. So, let’s dive in.

The AI-powered Rytr essay writer tool is capable of generating high-quality articles, blogs, and essays. Rytr offers dozens of creative writing features that can help you generate content with specific needs- for instance, type of tone, use case, and preferred creativity. In case you want to check whether your content is unique or not, you can use a built-in document editor to check for plagiarism.

One of the standout features of Rytr is that the AI tool allows you to create content in 30+ languages. There is a feature called ‘Continue Ryting’ that allows you to further extend the content if you are not satisfied with Ryter’s initial output.

Rytr AI essay writer tool is the best tool for high school students and working professionals who want to create in-depth articles or essays without wasting time and money.

  • Generate creative essays in 30+ languages within seconds
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Continue Ryting feature- to extend the content
  • AI text finisher
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Limited features in the free plan

Ryter’s premium monthly plan starts at $9/mo. However, it also offers a free plan with limited features.

The AI-powered Writesonic is a writing tool that offers a wide range of writing and text editing features from creating content (including essays, blogs, and articles) to paraphrasing. This AI tool allows you to edit and extend the existing generated content by just providing a simple prompt. Writesonic has a built-in plagiarism checker, and grammar checker so that you can check the quality of the content within the tool.

Wrtisonic does offer a free trial with a given 10,000 words limit and it’s a great free AI writing tool for students who generate short essays. Once the wording limit is over, you have to upgrade to Writesonic paid plans to continue using it. The main standout feature of this AI writing tool is the chatsonic feature. This feature is powered by GPT-4, which generates data quickly while maintaining high accuracy.

Writesonic is a great AI writing tool powered by GPT-3 that offers more customizations and control on content editing and creating. This AI essay-writing tool is best for content researchers, bloggers, and students.

  • Over 100+ AI templates support in free version
  • Content extender support
  • Writes emails, essays, and reports effortlessly.
  • Can summarize different types of content
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Lacks built-plagiarism checker

Writesonic paid plans start at $19/mo. Although there is a free version available with a limit of up to 10,000 words.

Essential AI Tools

Content Guardian – AI Content Checker – One-click, Eight Checks

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Jasper is an all-in-one AI writing tool that lets you generate content in over 30+ languages, including essays, articles, and product descriptions. The AI tools offer different tones and formats, which makes AI writing more catchy and creative. Jasper has a One-Shot Blog post template that generates a full blog post with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

In our Jasper AI review , we were pretty much impressed by its quick essay-generating capabilities and wide range of advanced AI features. We decided to find out the kind of output it generates based on the provided information.

We asked Jasper AI to generate a short 200-word intro on what the RTX 3090 is, how expensive it is, and a little about 4K gaming. To our surprise, it constructed a decent intro, and we liked the way it organized the information.

We rated Jasper AI five out of five in our review thanks to its user-friendly UI and over 50+ ready-to-use writing templates, including Advertising, Blog, Email, Product description, sales, and more. We also observed some flaws, such as content accuracy and a slightly robotic tone in the generated content. Still, they weren’t enough to stop Jasper AI from securing a spot on our best AI essay writer list.

Overall, Jasper AI is an excellent tool for writing essays. The best part is that it generates results quickly, so you won’t have to wait for hours just to see the output. Sure, the content it generates requires a human touch, but this is normal for AI-generated content.

  • Advantage of 50+ templates to choose from
  • Produces quick results
  • Great for curating essays, short content, and product descriptions
  • User-friendly UI
  • Slightly expensive
  • Sometimes, the output may sound robotic
  • Generated information needs to be fact-checked
  • Sometimes, it offers irrelevant information

Jasper’s monthly plans kick off at $49/mo.

This AI essay generator tool is beyond essay generation. You can create a full-fledged, high-quality research paper with the essay writer tool. The tool works similarly to the other AI essay writer tools- you have to provide a detailed prompt initially then will generate results for you within seconds.

The only quibble is that you won’t get specific essay prompt customizations here, like Ryter, to write an essay with specific needs. The AI tool, which has real-time internet data access, offers more accurate responses and brief content on any topic. has an Infobase feature that allows the user to upload a text file, and generates content based on the uploaded file. will let you generate long essays of up to 2000 words under the free plan. It’s the best AI essay writer tool for students who are just creating essays. If you are a graduate student and looking for a well-researched and creative research paper for your project, this tool generates the best research paper for your project.

  • It can generate brief content in multiple languages.
  • Built-in Inline documents editor.
  • The free plan lets you generate only up to 2000 words.
  • A paid subscription is expensive.’s monthly paid subscription plan starts at $49/mo.

Whether you want to create a long essay for your school assignments or generate a short creative blog post, the AI Writer turns out to be a great option. The tool effortlessly generates fresh, creative, and human-like essays and other content such as reports, advertising scripts, and sales copy.

AI Writer tool can also re-build/rearrange the already existing content while adding new information and completely transforming it into newly updated content. The working method of this AI tool is very creative, and it delivers SEO-friendly AI-generated output, which most AI writing tools can’t offer. It offers a Topic Suggest 2.0 feature that gives users the best keywords and ideas.

Overall, AI Writer is best for students and content creators who want to generate or repurpose their existing content. Sometimes, citation is mandatory in the generated content, and AI Writer can do that for you as well.

  • Allows integration with ‘WordPress’ CMS
  • Generate SEO-friendly, fresh, and unique content quickly
  • The enhanced feature gives your essay a good final touch
  • Reword feature
  • It’s expensive
  • No free version

AI-writer offers a free trial for new users, and its basic paid subscription plan starts at $29/mo.

Rytr is the best overall AI essay writer tool. The AI tool offers dozens of writing features and quick results, all at an affordable price. If you are looking for an AI essay writer who has multiple template support, built-in plagiarism support, and the ability to generate fresh and quality content, then Rytr is the best choice for you.

If you want an AI essay writer with advanced writing features and pricing that doesn’t bother you, Jasper is a stand-out AI writing tool you can look up to. Jasper AI tool is best for professionals, students, and anyone who wants to generate high-quality content.

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AI for Essay Writing — Exploring Top 10 Essay Writers

Sumalatha G

Table of Contents

Let’s admit it — essay writing is quite a challenging task for students. Especially with the stringent deadlines, conducting research, writing , editing, and addressing to-and-fro reviews — consumes a whole lot of time and often becomes stressful. Therefore, students are always on the lookout for tools that speed up the essay writing process.

And that’s when AI writing tools make their debut! Using the best AI for essay writing makes the lives of students much easier by automatically generating the essay for them.

The rise in the popularity of artificial intelligence technology and deep learning has paved the way for the numerous AI writer tools available today. To help you understand the different types of AI tools and their benefits, we’ve uncovered the features of the top 10 AI essay generators in this article.

Let’s explore the tools and learn how they are transforming the tedious task of essay writing!

What is essay writing?

Essay writing is a part of academic writing that emphasizes formulating an idea or argument. The main objective of academic essay writing is to present a well-reasoned argument or idea. Evidence, analysis, and interpretation are the three major components of essay writing . It should have a logical structure to support the argument or idea of the essay so that it communicates clearly and concisely.

What is an AI essay writer?

AI essay writers is a tool that is designed to help students generate essays using machine learning techniques. They can be used to generate a full essay or generate a few parts of the essay, for example, essay titles, introduction, conclusion, etc.

Why should researchers use AI essay generators?

There are infinite benefits to using AI tools for writing unique essays, especially for researchers or students. Here are a few of them —

1. Saves time

Using best AI for essay writing has its own benefits. Students can take care of the research process while these AI tools write the essays for them. Be it an essay topic or a full-length essay generation, it saves a bunch of students' time.

2. Boosts productivity

Writing is a tedious task especially when you want to write an essay about a novel topic, that writer’s block starts haunting and your productivity gets affected. But, with AI, it’s the other way around and increases productivity by quickly generating the essays for you.

3. Enhances writing skills — Vocabulary and Style

Adopting the best AI essay writing AI tool not only help with creating essays but also help us hone our writing skills by giving proper suggestions about grammar, sentence structure, tone, style, and word choice.

4. Reduces stress

Students often undergo a lot of pressure and stress because of deadlines and submissions. With the best AI essay generator, they help you write essays smarter thereby reducing stress and fear in no time.

5. Facilitates multidisciplinary research

AI essay writing tools foster interdisciplinary study through their ability to scan and combine knowledge from multiple domains. That way, it helps us quickly get a grasp of new subjects or topics without a heavy-lifting process.

6. Cost-effective

Most of the AI essay writing tools have lower pricing and also allow certain discounts for students. So, it is also a cost-effective approach to use AI writing tools.

The Top AI Essay Writing Tools and Their Features

Several AI essay writers are available based on the types of essays one would want to generate. Now, let's quickly understand the top 10 AI writing tools that generate essays within just a few minutes.



It is one of the best AI for essay writing that not only creates an essay but also comes up with advanced features including plagiarism detection, auto-referencing, and contextual analysis. As a result, it generates coherent essays that are well-researched and properly cited. It is best recommended for creating academic essays and essay outlines.

How does PerfectEssayWriter work?

  • Pick the right tool for your purpose — Go with an essay writer if you want to generate a full essay or choose the essay outliner if you want to create just the outline of the essay.
  • Enter your specific conditions and preferences. Add essay topic, academic level, essay type, number of pages, and special instructions, if any.
  • Click on “generate” and wait for the result
  • Once you have the essay generated, you can review, edit, or refine it and then download it.
  • Generates a large chunk of data up to 2000 words
  • Output is provided within 90 seconds
  • Provides a plethora of other tools like Citation generator, grammar checker, thesis statement generator, and more
  • Comes with 10+ essay writing templates
  • Subscription-based and not a free tool
  • Human review is a mandate

2. Essaybot - Personalized AI writing


Essaybot is the product of a reputed online essay-writing service, MyPerfectWords. It is meant to enhance academic essay writing and streamline the tasks of students. Its user friendly website makes it an instant and hassle-free essay generation saving a lot of time and effort for students.

How does Essaybot work?

  • Enter the essay title or topic
  • Click on “start writing” and wait for it to generate a well-reasoned essay.
  • The tools come for free
  • No sign-up is required
  • 100% unique and High-quality output
  • Very limited features that lack advanced functionalities


FreeEssayWriter is an organization that provides essay-writing services to students worldwide. It has an AI essay typer tool — that helps you generate essays instantly. What sets this essay typer apart is its initiative to help students with their free essay writer providing the students with a 2-page free essay.

How does work?

It works similarly to Essaybot, input the title or the topic of your essay and wait for it to generate the essay. They also have an option to edit and download a free version of the generated essay instantly.

  • Provides high-quality essays and is considered to be one of the reliable and trusted sources of information
  • Students can improve their writing skills and learn more about essays by referring to their free essay database or sources
  • Priority customer support is available 24*7
  • The site is not optimized for mobile devices
  • The quality of the essay output could still be improved

4. MyEssayWriter


This AI essay writing tool is no exception in terms of generating a high-quality essay. You can generate essays for various topics depending on the background of your research study. Be it academic or non-academic essay writing, this tool comes in handy.

How does MyEssay Writer work?

Add your preferences and then click on generate. It will give you a high-quality and 100% unique essay crafted based on your requirements.

  • The tool comes for free — no subscription is required
  • Knows for its consistency in the quality and the tone of the essay output
  • Also has a paid custom writing service that provides human-written essays
  • Might not provide quality output for complex and technical-based keywords or topic

5. College Essay AI


College essay AI stands unique as an ai writing tool as it not only uses an AI-based algorithm to generate essays but it also backs up the output as it is reviewed and approved by a team of professional experts. It is the best AI essay writing tool for college and graduate students where the output adheres to the graduate students' essay writing guidelines.

How does the College Essay AI generator work?

  • Input the required information — essay topic, academic level, number of pages, sources, and specific instructions, if any.
  • Click on “generate essay” and wait for the output
  • Conduct plagiarism and grammar check
  • Download the essay
  • High-level output for academic essay writing
  • Pocket-friendly premium plans
  • Doesn’t provide multiple sets of templates
  • Not quite suitable for non-academic essay writing

6. Jasper AI


Jasper AI has been the oldest player in the game of AI content writing. Fast forward to now, its features have been magnified with the inception of natural language processing algorithms and that’s how they are helping students write their essays as well. However, Jasper is the best AI tool for non-academic writing projects like content writing or creative writing.

How does Jasper AI work?

  • Choose a template — if you are about to write an essay, go with the “document”
  • Add your preferences
  • Click “compose” and get the output
  • Generates the essays instantly
  • Provides well-structured output according to the tone and style of your preferences
  • Not quite suitable for academic writing essays

7. Textero AI


Textero AI provides a few writing tools for students that facilitate their various academic papers and writing projects. Its essay generator helps you generate ideas for a full-length essay based on the topic and also suggests new topic ideas or thesis statement ideas for your academic assignments.

How does Textero AI work?

  • Click on “Essay Generator” located on the LHS (Left-hand Side)
  • Input the title and description based on which you want to generate the essay
  • Pick the right citation style
  • Click “generate” and wait for the output
  • It also provides other tools like an outline generator, and summary generator and has an AI research assistant that answers all your questions relevant to the research
  • The output is 100% unique and plagiarism and error-free
  • Might fail to provide an essay focussed on complex or technical topics

8. Quillbot


Though Quillbot is essentially built for paraphrasing and summarizing tasks. It comes as a rescue when you have to revamp, improvise, or refine your already-composed essay. Its co-writer helps you transform your thoughts and ideas and make them more coherent by rephrasing them. You can easily customize your text based on the customization options available.

How does Quillbot Paraphraser work?

  • Import or copy the content
  • Click on “Paraphrase” “Summarize” or “Suggest text” based on your requirement
  • Make the required customizations and save the document.
  • Offers a plethora of tools required for students
  • Both free and premium plans are available
  • Enhances vocabulary and language skills
  • Limited customization options with the free plan
  • Only supports the English language

9. SciSpace Paraphraser


SciSpace is the best AI tool that helps you fine-tune your essay. If you feel your essay writing needs AI suggestions to improve the language, vocabulary, writing styles, and tone of your essay, SciSpace is at your rescue. It has more customized options than Quillbot and improves your essay by rephrasing it according to the required or preferred writing style, and tone. This is a very good alternative to Quillbot.

How does SciSpace Paraphrasing work?

  • Simply paste the content to the screen
  • Choose the length and variation properly
  • Select the language
  • Click “Paraphrase”
  • Has 22 custom tones and all of them are available even on the free plan
  • Supports 75+ languages
  • Comes with an AI-detection report for English paraphrase output
  • Delay in the output

10. ChatGPT


It would be unfair if we talk about AI tools and do not enlist ChatGPT. When it comes to automated essay writing tasks, ChatGPT is not trivial. With proper prompts, you can automate the essay writing process and generate a well-crafted and coherent essay. However, the quality and the accuracy cannot be trusted as the model hallucinates and doesn’t include sources.

How does ChatGPT work?

  • Create a prompt based on your requirement
  • Ask ChatGPT to write an essay about your topic, specify conditions and preferences
  • Click enter and wait for the essay
  • Comes for free
  • Cannot rely on the output as the model hallucinates
  • Lacks the upgraded features that other essay-writing tools have


Writing essays can be a real struggle. But, the inception of the best AI essay-generation tools makes the entire writing process a lot easier and smoother. However, you should be extra vigilant while relying on these tools and consciously use them only as a technological aid. Because over-reliance on these AI tools could diminish student's writing skills and the user can become more gripped by the tools. So, use it wisely without affecting your knowledge and skills.

You can explore the above tools whenever you need any help with essay writing, and reap the benefits of them without compromising on the quality of your writing.

And! If you're stuck exploring multiple research papers or want to conduct a comprehensive literature review , you know which tool to use? Yes, it's SciSpace Literature Review, our AI-powered workspace, which is meant to make your research workflow easier. Plus, it also comes with SciSpace Copilot , our AI research assistant that answers any question that you may have about the research paper.

If you haven't used it yet, you can use it here !

Choosing the best AI for writing long-form essays depends on your requirements. Here are the top 5 tools that help you create long-form and college essays —

1. Free Essay Writer AI

2. College Essay AI

3. My Essay Writer

4. Textero AI

5. Perfect Essay Writer

The Perfect Essay Writer AI and Textero AI are the two best AI essay generators that help you write the best essays.

ChatGPT is not specifically built to assist you with essay writing, however, you can use the tool to create college essays and long-form essays. It’s important to review, fact-check the essay, and refer to the sources properly.

Essaybot is a free AI essay generator tool that helps you create a well-reasoned essay with just a click.

Unless your university permits it, using AI essay generators or writing tools to write your essay can be considered as plagiarism.

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Best AI writer of 2024

Use the best AI writers to create written content quickly

  • Best AI writer overall

Best choice for marketers

Best for wordpress users, best for long-form writing.

  • Best free version
  • Best for short-form

Best for sourcing

  • Industry rankings

How we test

Person writing on computer.

1. Best AI writer overall 2. Best for marketers 3. Best for WordPress users 4. Best for long-form writing 5. Best free option 6. Best for short-form writing 7. Best for sourcing 8. TechRadar's AI writer rankings 9. FAQs 10. How we test

The word "AI" has been named the word of the year. ChatGPT has made waves since its introduction in late 2022. With every new iteration of this powerful tool, users have found innovative ways to use it to simplify and speed up their work.

Now, there are many AI writing assistants on the market, competing with ChatGPT to become the king of AI-powered writing tools. These new tools aim to simplify the writing process by generating long-form content, researching keywords, creating images from text, and more. Many bloggers are using these tools to improve their content and save time. 

However, there are some drawbacks to using AI writers. The content generated may require additional editing to ensure it's polished and accurate. AI-generated content may also lack the unique voice and style a human writer can provide. Despite this, the benefits of using AI writers, such as cost and time savings, often outweigh these minor drawbacks.

In conclusion, AI writers are an excellent solution for creating high-quality content without spending countless hours or breaking the bank. With numerous writing tools available today, content creation can be easily sped up and simplified. If you're interested in trying one of these tools, we've got you covered with our list of the best AI writers of the year. Check it out!

The best AI writers of 2024 in full:

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

See how our top picks compare in the following analysis and reviews as we discuss reasons to subscribe, reasons to avoid, our test results, and what we liked most about each cloud storage platform.

The best AI writer overall

Website screenshot for Grammarly AI writer

1. GrammarlyGO

Our expert review:


Reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

✔️   You also need a grammar editor: Getting help from an AI writer is even better with one that also helps you with grammar, like Grammarly. 

✔️ Need to use it across multiple apps: With Grammarly installed on your computer, you instantly gain access to it across your favorite apps like Microsoft Word and other word processing packages. 

✔️ Want something that's easy to use — once you learn how to do it:  Once you understand how GrammarlyGO works, it's going to make your life easier and assist you in making your text better. 

❌  You're on a strict budget: No doubt, Grammarly itself is expensive, especially if you only want to pay for it on a month-to-month basis. 

❌  You don't need a grammar tool: Maybe this is overkill, depending on your situation. 

❌ You need social networking-specific tools:  GrammarlyGO doesn't offer these types of tools, at least for now. 

Even in beta, GrammarlyGO is an excellent addition to an already powerful Al-based writing tool. You can use it to become a much better writer in just a few steps. 

Check out our in-depth GrammarlyGo review for a closer look at the service, and see why it's our top AI writer pick for 2024.

Grammarly has been a reliable companion for writers, helping them polish their craft by providing suggestions that make their writing clearer, more engaging, or more effective. And now, they've taken it up a notch by introducing GrammarlyGO, a feature-packed add-on that comes bundled with the rest of the software.

To get the most out of GrammarlyGO, you must understand how Grammarly works, as the two are closely intertwined. When using GrammarlyGO, it's essential to remember the number of prompts available to you, which varies depending on the plan you choose. Whenever you ask Grammarly to improve your text, one prompt is used, regardless of whether you use the suggestion. Grammarly Free users get access to 100 prompts per month, while Grammarly Premium subscribers receive 1,000 prompts per month. For Grammarly Business users, the number goes up to 1,000 prompts per user every month.

GoogleGO AI features are classified into five categories: ideate, compose, reply, rewrite, and personalize. The ideate feature helps you generate article ideas that are exciting and thought-provoking. With Grammarly's assistance, you can develop topics like "Five ways to motivate employees" or "Name five great topics about fall" that can capture the reader's attention and spark their interest.

The compose feature is perfect when you want Grammarly to help you write something from scratch. For instance, you could ask Grammarly to help you write an announcement about your engagement or a cover letter for a new job. The more information you provide, the better the results, and GrammarlyGO can help you create a masterpiece with its advanced suggestions and insights. Adding details like the name of your fiancé and the engagement date can make your announcement even more unique. In contrast, information about the job you're applying for can make your cover letter more effective.

If you're unsure how to respond to a message, Grammarly's reply feature can save the day. You can ask Grammarly to answer questions like "What should I say to Brent about the new job?" or "How can I congratulate Tom and Becky on their upcoming nuptials?" With Grammarly's superior writing skills, you can craft an engaging, effective, and impressive response.

With these incredible features, GrammarlyGO can help you take your writing to new heights and unleash your creativity.

Please read our full GrammarlyGo review .

  • ^ Back to the top

Website screenshot for Anyword

✔️ You are a marketer: Anyword is the best AI writer for marketers on the planet. It helps you create content based on your company's "voice," and learns as it goes. 

✔️ You enjoy trial and error:  There's no "right" answer when it comes to AI text generation. Anyword makes it easier to tweak text once or unlimited times to help you get the text perfect for your needs. 

✔️ You need to generate unlimited words:  There are limits elsewhere, but Anyword doesn't limit how many words it will generate on a monthly basis. 

❌  You want app integration: You'll need to copy and paste text from your favorite word processor to Anyword, which can get annoying for some. 

❌ You want a free plan:  Once you exhaust your trial, you'll need to pick a free plan to continue. 

❌  You aren't a marketer:  The heavy marketing focus can't be avoided. 

Anyword offers a slick and easy-to-use interface. In mere moments, you'll be able to create excellent content that caters to your intended audience 

Check out our in-depth Anyword review for a closer look .

Are you tired of struggling to generate creative marketing copy or unsure how to optimize your existing content? Anyword is an innovative cloud-based writing tool that can help you overcome these challenges and achieve exceptional results. With Anyword's intuitive interface and user-friendly tools, you can generate, test, and optimize your copy in ways you never thought possible.

With unlimited words in each plan, Anyword gives you plenty of space to craft compelling content that truly resonates with your audience. Its advanced AI-powered algorithms can analyze your existing marketing materials and produce multiple variations of your copy, enabling you to compare and contrast different solutions and select the best option for your brand.

One of the key features of Anyword is its Brand Voice function, which enables businesses to establish a consistent identity across all their marketing materials. Whether you're refining your tone of voice, targeting your audience, or building out your messaging bank, Anyword can help you create copy that accurately reflects your brand's personality, tone, and style.

Additionally, Anyword seamlessly integrates with various platforms, from Hubspot to LinkedIn Ads, enabling you to use copy intelligence to enhance the quality of your future content. By analyzing the performance of your existing materials, Anyword empowers you to make informed decisions about optimizing your messaging for even better results.

But that's not all - Anyword's advanced algorithms can also analyze the performance of your competitors' marketing materials, giving you insights into their copy and enabling you to create content that sets you apart from the competition.

In summary, Anyword can help you unlock your creativity and produce exceptional marketing copy that resonates with your audience. With its range of user-friendly tools, advanced AI-powered algorithms, and seamless integration with various platforms, Anyword is the perfect writing tool for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Please read our full Anyword review .

Website screenshot for Articleforge

3. Articleforge

✔️ You use WordPress heavily: Articleforge works great with WordPress; get started in just a few steps. 

✔️ You want package customization:  The more you're willing to pay, the more words you can generate each month. It's flexible. 

✔️ You need marketing-based tools:  Offers SEO optimization, content in bulk, and more. 

❌  You don't want to self-edit : Articleforge may require more post-generation editing than other options, which could slow you down.

❌ You don't want to deal with duplicates:  Yes, sometimes Articleforge repeats suggestions. 

❌  If you don't want to spend more for a monthly subscription: It's cheaper to buy this on a yearly basis, and that might not be a commitment you're willing to make. 

Articleforge utilizes deep learning and AI to improve content over time, though heavy editing and fact-checking are often necessary.

Check out our in-depth Articleforge review for more information.

Articleforge is a tool that can greatly help speed up the writing process for users. It is a valuable resource for those who need to generate content quickly but do not have the time or resources to do so themselves. However, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for an experienced writer or editor. While it can provide recommendations for titles and automate SEO and WordPress publishing, it is not designed to produce ready-to-publish content.

One of the benefits of Articleforge is that it is available in seven languages, making it ideal for international blogs or multi-language sites. Users simply need to enter a few keywords and the topic they want to cover, and the platform will generate content in under 60 seconds. This generated content will use the provided keywords and cover the desired topic.

In addition to its quick and easy content generation, Articleforge also offers various integrations, including MS Word and WordPress integrations. The platform also provides integrations with other software systems like SEO AutoPilot, CyberSEO, RankerX, SEnuke TNG, and more. These integrations are easy to use, thanks to the API key offered by the platform.

While the platform is a convenient tool for creating content, its output quality falls short of expectations. As with any automated system, fact-checking is necessary for the majority of the content offered by the platform. The platform does offer better output quality with customized input. However, extensive testing is required, which can quickly exhaust the "word meter."

Overall, Articleforge can significantly expedite the writing process and help overcome writer's block. It is advisable to test it out and find a balance between the platform and tailored input to yield superior results. While it should not be relied upon as a sole source of content, using it in conjunction with other resources can help users quickly generate high-quality content.

Read our full Articleforge AI writer review .

Website screenshot for Jasper

✔️ You want a great plagiarism checker: You want to create original content, right? This checker makes sure that's true. 

✔️ You need to create content in multiple languages:  Some folks are writing content in multiple languages and Jasper lets you do this. 

✔️ You want access to a lot of features:  The team behind this solution tends to add new features on a regular basis without raising the price. That's sweet. 

❌  You don't have time to learn: Any AI writer takes time to learn. Jasper takes a little bit more time. 

❌ If you don't want to spend a lot:   Some folks might not feel the Creator package is enough and the next one is expensive. 

❌  If you aren't willing to edit a lot: Some of the content Jasper creates is better than others. Some extra editing is key. 

Jasper is a platform that is highly customizable and comes with a user-friendly interface. All the necessary tools that you need are just a click away. The platform’s content generation capabilities are hidden behind easy-to-reach templates, making it an easy-to-use tool.

Check out our review of Jasper to learn more about the AI writer.

Jasper is a powerful platform that leverages natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze data from various sources across the web. With this ability, it can generate content ideas based on the relevant data you input, such as keywords, topics, and more. Jasper can help create a wide range of content formats, including blog posts, social media content, emails, and much more.

One of the most significant advantages of Jasper is that it has a tone feature that allows you to assign a corresponding tone to the copy you create if you’re targeting a specific persona. This feature is incredibly useful because it helps ensure that the content you create resonates with your target audience. Additionally, Jasper can help you improve your content through optimization recommendations, which can be accessed through numerous templates available on the platform.

If you’re short on time and need to create content quickly, Jasper is the perfect solution. It can offer content in mere seconds with just a few clicks and some input. With Jasper, you can save time and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Another unique feature that Jasper offers is the “Boss Mode” feature, which allows you to write 5x faster. With this mode, you can give commands to Jasper, and it will do all the work for you. You can even write a complete book using this mode in just minutes. This feature is incredibly useful for writers who need to create a large volume of content in a short amount of time.

In the Boss Mode, you can also use pre-built recipes offered by the Jasper team such as “Write about (keyword),” but you also have the option of creating your own, which can be incredibly helpful if you have specific requirements for your content. By automating your writing process, you can save time and focus on other critical tasks.

Read our full Jasper review .

The best free version

Website screenshot for CopyAI

✔️ You want a free plan for minor work:  If you're okay with only generating 2,000 words per month, there's a free plan for that. 

✔️ You need unlimited word generation: You can create unlimited words each month with all the paid plans. 

✔️ You want multiple tools:  New features are added often, making the product even better. 

❌  You are a marketer:  There are better options if you primarily need to write marketing copy. 

❌  You aren't willing to learn:  Here's another option that is a little bit harder to learn, at least initially. 

❌ You need app integration:  Expect to stay on the CopyAI website to get your work done, which requires copy and paste. 

CopyAI helps writers create high-quality copy with the power of AI, saving time and producing better content that resonates with your audience.

Check out our in-depth CopyAI review to see whether it's the tool for you.

CopyAI has been making waves in the world of AI writing tools, becoming a favorite among users who want to create high-quality content that can help them stand out in today's crowded digital space. The tool offers a wide range of options that allow users to get started and take their writing to the next level, from exploring various writing templates, settings, and features on the user dashboard to creating a compelling copy in minutes.

The user dashboard serves as the creative command center for CopyAI users, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through different features. From here, you can quickly access various options that can help you create content that resonates with your audience, whether you need to write a blog post about travel or an email to a potential client.

The chat feature is the default option that acts as a blank canvas to help generate inspiration. The brainstorm feature allows you to create copy such as "ten catchy Twitter headlines on holiday shopping," "the best Facebook headlines for marketing professionals," and more. If you're struggling to come up with a topic, don’t worry. CopyAI’s chat function provides prompt templates to give you a head start. These templates cover various topics, including content creation, SEO, email marketing, social media, PR and communication, sales, and strategy.

Moreover, you can create custom templates that cater to your specific needs. Each template in the collection provides various options, so whether you need a headline generator, a step-by-step guide, or a product description, CopyAI has you covered. You can even use the "rewrite content" option to enhance your written content, making it more engaging and effective.

To fully personalize your experience with CopyAI, you should create one or more brand voices. This process involves providing text that accurately describes you or your company's unique voice. This text should be between 50 and 500 words and can come from various sources such as blog articles, social media posts, website copy, marketing emails, and more. This allows CopyAI to tailor its AI-powered tools to better suit your brand's needs, making it easier for you to create content that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your goals.

In summary, CopyAI is a powerful AI writing tool that offers a wide range of features and options to help you create high-quality content. From the user dashboard to the chat and brainstorming features, CopyAI provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create compelling and engaging content. With custom templates and brand voices, you can personalize your experience with CopyAI and create content that resonates with your target audience, helping you stand out in today's crowded digital space.

Read our full  CopyAI review .

The best for short-form

Website screenshot for Writesonic

6. Writesonic

✔️ You aren't tech savvy:  It's one of the easiest-to-use solutions on the market. 

✔️ You need lots of languages:  Writesonic supports 25 languages and counting. 

✔️ You're a freelancer:  There's a package just for you.

❌  You want to pay a lower price:  Some have criticized Writesonic for being too expensive. That's true with the Smart Team options

❌  You need more third-party integrations:  It doesn't really place nice with other software tools, which could add some time to your work. 

❌ You don't like tackling a learning curve : Like others on this list, there's a slighter higher learning curve with this one

Writesonic is an expansive AI writing platform with an intuitive interface and versatile templates for all content creation scenarios.

Check out our in-depth Writesonic review to see if this is the AI writing tool for you. 

Writesonic is an innovative content creation platform that provides users with various features and tools to generate high-quality, engaging content. One of the most impressive features of Writesonic is its versatility - it supports over 25 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more. This is a significant advantage for businesses that operate in multiple regions and need to produce content in different languages.

Another notable feature of Writesonic is its tone of voice customization tool. Users can choose from various tones, including "Excited," "Creative," and more. This feature adds a unique twist to the content, tailoring it to the user's needs. However, it's essential to note that the tone of voice feature may require additional editing to ensure the content is clear and coherent.

Regarding website copywriting, Writesonic provides users with an impressive range of tools. It can create landing pages, SEO meta descriptions, and feature-rich headers and subheaders. Additionally, it allows users to create social media ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google . Content creators can also benefit from Writesonic's blog writing, point expansion, and text analysis tools, which can rephrase the content and improve its readability.

The platform also offers e-commerce copy creation and popular copywriting formulas, such as the "AIDA" and "Pain-Agitate-Solution" formulas. These formulas are tried and tested approaches to writing compelling, persuasive content that resonates with readers.

However, it's essential to note that the content generated by Writesonic may require significant editing from the user. While the platform does an excellent job of generating content, it's essential to ensure it's clear, coherent, and tailored to the user's needs. If you're looking for a completely hands-off approach to content creation, Writesonic may not be the best option. However, for businesses that need to generate high-quality, engaging content quickly, Writesonic is an excellent choice.

Please read our full Writesonic review .

Website screenshot for Al-Writer

7. Al-Writer

✔️ You want a cheap package: You can get an AI writer for as little as $19/month. 

✔️ You need clear sourcing:  No better solution is available for providing sources for all text provided. 

✔️ You want an easy solution:  A very low learning curve exists. 

❌  You want app integration:  There's seamless integration with WordPress, but that's about it. 

❌  You need marketing-specific tools:  Sorry, this one doesn't have it. 

❌ You want unlimited word generation: If you need to generate more than 120 articles per month, this is a very expensive solution. 

AI-Writer is a unique word-generating tool that simplifies text creation and editing through an intuitive user interface. However, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Check out our in-depth AI-Writer review to see if it's the solution for you. 

AI-Writer is a word generator that is easily accessible and is popular among freelancers and bloggers. It may not be as extensive as Anyword or CopyAI, which are primarily aimed at marketing and sales, but it serves its intended audience well. 

One of the most significant advantages of AI-Writer is its unparalleled sourcing capabilities. It is the only AI content generator that cites sources for "everything it writes." Additionally, it updates its sources frequently, ensuring that any article generated by it sources the latest information on the subject. This is a significant advantage, particularly for those who are writing about current events or trending topics. With AI-Writer, writers can create content that is well-researched and accurate, without having to spend hours scouring the internet for sources. 

Another significant advantage of AI-Writer is that it recognizes that not all types of content require sourcing. For instance, op-eds or personal essays don't usually require sources. AI-Writer recognizes this and hides sources and links from the main results page, making it easier for writers to focus on their content and not worry about sources.

One of the drawbacks of using AI-Writer is that its extensive sourcing process can cause a minor delay in generating results compared to other AI writing tools. Although this may not be a significant issue, the noticeable delay should be mentioned. For instance, alternative tools like GrammarlyGO offer results without hesitation. However, it is worth noting that the issue with AI-Writer is primarily due to its thorough sourcing process. 

In conclusion, AI-Writer is an excellent tool for freelancers and bloggers who want to create high-quality content. It excels in sourcing capabilities, making it a go-to tool for writers who need well-researched and accurate content. Its ability to recognize when sourcing is not required is also an added advantage. While it may not be the fastest tool on the market, its thorough sourcing process is worth the wait.

Read our full  AI-Writer review .

TechRadar's AI writer rankings

Numerous AI writing solutions are already available in the market, and we can expect more to arrive in the future. Have a look at our rankings of popular services below, and also check out the honorable mentions that currently can’t compete with the top services available.

1. The overall winner
2. Best for marketers
3. Best for WordPress users
4. Best for long form writing
5. Best free option
6. Best for short form writing
7. Best for sourcing
8. Best for SEO
9. Best for bulk article updates
10. Best for image creation too

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a revolutionary tool, capable of creating text and content without human help; it utilizes algorithms and machine learning to generate various AI content. From data-driven, high-value pieces to conversion-focused content perfect for marketing campaigns, AI writers can easily create just about any content.

As AI writing assistants gain exposure to various forms of real-world information, they gain proficiency in generating natural-sounding output. With their data coming from human sources, the output created also has a human-like quality. Much like how humans rely on existing content to craft something new, AI content tools scour the web for relevant data to fulfill the user's instructions, thus creating original content.

This, in a nutshell, explains what AI writing is and how it functions.

How to choose the best AI writer for you?

Let’s get this out of the way. Whichever platform you choose, you will have to do some editing, if you want to create useful texts.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right tool for you: 

1. Ease of use

Tools that don’t require technical knowledge or prior experience should be on the top of your list. Investment in good UI means that other aspects of the tool are also likely to be of a higher quality.

While this may not be popular with everyone, the price should play a major role in deciding which tool to go for. Some are simply overpriced while not offering much more than their lower-priced competition. Pay attention to the amount of content each price plan offers.

3. High-quality output

Despite the fact that, in the end, you will be editing the texts and images the tool creates, having a tool that creates high-quality content will mean less time spent on fixing mistakes and editing.

4. Integrations

If you’re running a blog or business and have been doing so for some time, you probably have your set of tools that you use for writing content. Making sure that the new AI platform syncs well with your existing toolbox can be essential for how long and how well you utilize the AI tool.

The list above is not exhaustive, but does offer a great starting point in your quest to find the best AI writing tool for your needs.

During our assessment, we’ve evaluated various aspects such as the number of writing templates, categories, recipes, number of languages supported, grammar checkers, etc. Our goal was to create an extensive list of AI writing assistants that offer much more than simple rewording features. 

We tested the overall capabilities of the AI software, the tool's interface and ease of use, monthly article limits, SEO optimization features, and pricing, among other aspects.

In addition, we gave each platform a test article to write for us (a simple topic) and checked its sentence structure and content relevance.

Read more on how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar .

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I Tested Three AI Essay-writing Tools, and Here’s What I Found

An over-the-shoulder photograph of a college student writing an essay on a laptop

Writing essays can be draining, tedious, and difficult, even for me—and I write all day long for a living. If writing isn’t your special skill, it’s even harder, which is why there are so many sites and products out there that are designed to help you get your homework done. Some of them are pretty unethical, and I’m not going to recommend hiring someone else to write your papers for you, but there are some cool AI tools that can give you a hand that are worth considering. (The essay-writing businesspeople are probably using these, too, so you’re better off eliminating the middleman and using them on your own.)

The best AI essay-helper tools

I have an essay due next week on the history and impact of a federal law, 21 U.S.C. S856, which outlaws the operation of any building where drugs are made or used. I won’t lie: I’m excited to work on it this weekend, but that’s just me. I tested out a few of the more popular AI essay-helper tools, pretending I wasn’t excited about it, to see how they worked. Here’s my assessment. 

First up was Grammarly , which prompted me to fill out a personalization quiz before I could use it. I told the site I was a grad student, interested in improving the vocabulary I use in my work, and looking to brainstorm topics for my essay. I used the text-input section to type a quick introductory paragraph and selected “Generative AI” from the list of options. When I hit the “Improve It” button, Grammarly showed me a revised version that added a bunch of words, but still said the same thing as my more concise entry. To me, that’s annoying, but if you’re trying to hit a word count, this could be useful. I was also given options like “Make it assertive,” “Make it persuasive,” and “Make it confident.” When I selected “Make it more detailed,” the generative AI did expand the information pretty significantly, but it didn’t add any citations and I’m not convinced it drew on material outside of what I inputted. When I hit “Make it persuasive,” the AI automatically assumed the bias should fall in favor of the law, but when I added more detail to my original paragraph, suggesting for argument’s sake that the law has curtailed efforts to reduce drug overdoses throughout the country, the AI assistant said, “Grammarly assistance is unavailable for this prompt because it may result in sensitive content.”

Overall, this wasn’t great for my needs, as my topic's content was too “sensitive” and the generative AI really only added a bunch of words. This one would be most useful for someone trying to hit a word count. 

Next I tested Cramly , which I hadn’t heard of before. Before upgrading to a $4/month plan, you do get to try five free prompts, so I pasted my basic intro paragraph in there and, after a few seconds, got five paragraphs in return. It was obvious the AI was pulling from external sources somehow, as it mentioned fines and prison sentences associated with the law that I hadn’t specified, but it didn’t actually cite those sources. Still, the information it provided was helpful, so this one would be great if you’re not sure how to frame or expand on a topic and need a general idea of what your essay could look like. You’ll just have to go through everything it spits back at you and look it up independently, finding solid sourcing. 


EssayGenius is extremely easy to use. It asked me to type what I’m writing about into a box. I simply inputted the name of the law and, about 10 seconds later, got 10 paragraphs back, some with subheadings like “historical background” and “implications in criminal law and public policy.” Again, there were no citations here, but the service provided not only a lot of details that could be used as a springboard to find more, but a solid outline for what the paper could look like. The AI played both sides, objectively presenting the cases for and against the law, then provided a conclusion that made it easy to narrow down where to go with the topic. Impressively, I was able to generate all that for free, but if you want to write up to 10 essays per month, it’ll cost you $9.99 a month. 

Finally, I tried out JotBot , which I have seen advertised on social media. It asked me what I was writing about, plus if I wanted an outline, but also gave me an opportunity to upload my old essays so it could replicate my writing style. As scary as it was, the paragraphs it generated after reading some of my older work did sound more like me than standard AI does. It give me subtopic suggestions, like “impact,” “historical background,” and “controversies,” which I could select from a sidebar and, if I liked the paragraph it wrote, drag into the essay itself. From there, I could accept or reject sentences one by one as it generated new ones. I could write in the essay editing section, too, and it generated more suggestions based on what I was typing. Frankly, this one was really cool and I can see how it would help beat writer’s block with ease, since you can type and get suggestions as you go. There was a learning curve, though, and I didn’t realize how quickly I was blowing through my 10 free daily “credits,” since it’s unclear what, exactly, costs credits and how many it costs to, say, accept one suggestion. You can unlock unlimited credits, unlimited autocomplete, unlimited sources, and more for $14 per month. 


Overall, EssayGenius and JotBot were the best AI tools I tested. I was impressed by EssayGenius’s ability to research the topic on its own and JotBot’s mimicry of my own writing style. They do cost money, but that might be worth it if you’re someone who struggles with idea generation, outline creation, or getting into the flow of writing overall. 

Bear in mind these are not meant to churn out entire essays for you and you shouldn’t use them to do that. I don’t mean because it’s unethical, but I mean because it’s pretty easy for professors to catch you doing it . Even if you do use an AI tool to generate a whole paragraph or more, try to write it in your own voice and think of it more as a way to study and learn about your topic than have the writing done for you. 

Or, pay nothing and just use ChatGPT to generate outline ideas. I do that all the time and never have to worry about getting in trouble, cheating myself out of an education, or paying for anything. I just asked ChatGPT to generate an outline for an essay on 21 U.S.C. §856 and its impact on American harm reduction efforts and got eight sections, each with three subsections, and an easy roadmap I could follow to write my paper on my own. Doing it this way ensures I’ll actually research and learn about the topic, which is important to me, but also avoid the risk of going down for plagiarism or cheating, which is probably important to you. 

No matter what you end up doing, always run your work through a plagiarism checker (like Grammarly’s , which is better than its AI essay-writing tools) and ZeroGPT to make sure you’re not turning in something that’s going to get you in trouble.

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The 13 Best AI Writing Tools For Essays, Blogs & Content in 2024

  • Julie Simpson
  • February 23, 2024
  • 13 min read

Table of Contents

If you have recently spent time on popular social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn, chances are you have read all about the amazing benefits of artificial intelligence for writing — but you’ve probably seen the “will AI replace all of our jobs” looming around the web as well. All of the pros and cons of AI writing tools can be hard to keep track of. 

However, as a productivity platform whose ultimate goal is to help you work more efficiently, we believe that AI writing is here to stay — and here to help. As much as we can see the other side of the argument (not the machines taking over, but the stealing our jobs argument), AI can ultimately be used as a tool to help you do your job better, not completely take it over from you.

We are firmly in the camp that using AI for content creation can be highly beneficial. If you are also interested in how AI tools can maximize your content output, follow along to learn about the best AI writing tools and how you can implement them into your workflow today.

How to pick the best AI writing tool for your content

HiveMind and RyterAI and JasperAI, Oh my!

While it doesn’t have the same ring as lions, tigers, and bears, it still brings forth the same apprehension that Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz felt: the fear of the unknown and so many to choose from. So w here do you start?

If you are overwhelmed by all the AI writing tools on the market today, and their use cases are all blurring together, here are my top AI tools that are definite content contenders.

1. HiveMind

HiveMind is an AI-powered tool built into Hive’s project management product that automates tasks ranging from content writing to data extraction and translation. This tool leverages NLP algorithms to generate summaries of long articles or documents quickly and accurately. HiveMind was built to work seamlessly within the Hive project management platform, and can also help generate project outlines, next steps, and respond to emails.

HiveMind’s AI was constructed not to just write blogs and essays for you but to increase user productivity and efficiency across the board. More than just a content builder, it is an assistant, project manager, and editor all in one.

HiveMind Pros:

  • Free with Hive plans
  • Access OpenAI’s full suite of AI services
  • Integrates with Hive’s enhanced suite of project management capabilities
  • Creates project tasks based on simple inputs
  • Responds to emails automatically

2. JasperAI

JasperAI , formally known as Jarvis, is an AI assistant that helps you brainstorm, edit, and publish excellent content. Powered by natural language processing (NLP), this tool can understand the context of your copy and suggest alternatives accordingly. It can also provide insights on trending topics and keywords, giving you a better understanding of how to craft content that resonates with your audience.

Jasper AI is a popular tool among many writer demographics globally. For more information, check out this Jasper AI review article which includes a real example use case for applying this tool in today’s digital landscape.

JasperAI Pros:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrates well with other writing platforms like SurferSEO and Grammarly
  • Excellent at writing long-form content like stories or essays

JasperAI Cons:

  • Can be pricy
  • Can significantly miss the mark, and the content output goes off the rails

RyterAI is a natural language processing tool that helps you create content faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than ever before. RyterAI’s usage of NLP algorithms will read through your text and offers personalized suggestions on how to improve it through grammar, word choices or by increasing clarity. It also identifies popular keywords so you can find the best ones to use for SEO purposes and rankings.

RyterAI Pros:

  • Excellent at grammar and spelling checks
  • Great at finding keywords to help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • User-friendly interface

RyterAI Cons:

  • It can be expensive if you plan on using it for all your content needs
  • The final content still needs some tweaking/editing
  • Does not offer additional SEO features or 3rd-party integrations

4. is a one-stop solution for all your writing needs, issues, and queries. From creating fresh content like articles, blogs, or essays to checking for plagiarism , and grammar mistakes, this website has you covered. Most tools are free to use and accessible from any device. offer applications for mobile users. Premium users get access to complex writing needs. Pros:

  • Sleek UI, easy to use, and offers free modes and features.
  • Users can create, check and finalize their content in one place
  • Excellent results that compare with other top paper writing services and free essay writing tools Cons:

  • People with limited knowledge of AI tools might face issues using it
  • Monthly or yearly paid subscription is required for complex writing needs

You can’t search the web these days without someone mentioning ChatGPT and how it is revolutionizing AI content. But, it is just the new AI kid on the block, with more “fancy” features and a deeper code algorithm that “understands language.” Essentially, ChatCPT is a conversation AI engine that enables developers to create chatbots and other conversational interface applications .

Unlike other AI writing tools, ChatGPT is an open-source tool with several useful features like text prediction, dialogue flow control, and natural language understanding. It’s crucial to note that while ChatGPT brings helpful advancements, there are inherent risks associated with generative AI . Vigilance and responsible utilization of such powerful AI tools are imperative to mitigate these risks.

ChatGPT Pros:

  • Open source platform
  • It can be used to build complex conversational applications
  • Easy-to-use API’s

ChatGPT Cons:

  • Lacks the advanced features of other popular AI tools on the market
  • Limited support for languages other than English

Byword is the most advanced tool for producing high-quality AI content at scale, built from years of experience scaling websites with AI-powered SEO. For example, this website went from 0 to 750K/mo SEO traffic in 12 months by only using Byword’s AI-generated content.

You can upload 1,000s of keywords or titles and create SEO-optimized articles in a few clicks. Then publish the articles straight to your website using Byword’s CMS integrations. Simply enter a topic and click ‘generate’ to get started for free .

Byword Pros

  • Best tool for producing AI content at scale
  • High-quality GPT-4 powered writing output
  • Publish straight to your website with CMS integrations
  • SEO features such as indexing, internal linking and more

Byword Cons

  • Less suitable for small businesses or those looking to dip a toe into AI content
  • Slightly higher cost than other solutions ($2.50-$3.96 per article)
  • The quality of AI images generated could be improved

7. Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI writing tool that takes text input and assists you with paraphrasing, checking grammar, identifying plagiarism and more. The AI-powered assistant can make your thoughts and ideas more coherent and fluent by rephrasing them with changes to vocabulary, tone and style. Easily customize your text using a slider feature along with a mode selection to adjust the output to your writing needs. You can save time using Quillbot’s summarizer and citation generator features and present your writing with confidence.

Quillbot Pros:

  • Can help improve vocabulary and language skills
  • Offers additional writing tools and features
  • Integrates with multiple platforms

Quillbot Cons:

  • May struggle with complex sentences
  • Limited customization options in the free version
  • Only available in English

 Now that you have seen some of the top generative AI tools available today, let’s look and see which of the tools is best suited for your content needs. Of course, each tool has its pros and cons, and you might be more comfortable with one interface but like the output of another. For a more in-depth look, check out my winners below, as they might help you pick the right tool for your AI-generated content. 

8. Paraphraser  

Paraphraser  AI is an excellent paraphrasing tool that can improve all written works. Paraphraser can find the most suitable synonyms and phrases to craft a compelling and captivating message. The software can also modify sentence structure, expand your word choice pool, change your message voice from passive to active and improve the readability of your copy. Paraphraser offers a monthly and yearly plan and a student package with a special discount rate. 

Paraphraser pros: 

  • It’s easy to use, straightforward, and free up to 500 words. 
  • Offers plagiarism and grammar checks 
  • Students only pay $9 per week for the premium package. 

Paraphaser cons: 

  • Limited free package. The premium package costs $23 a month. 
  • Website is not user friendly 
  • Pop-us and many adds might make navigation confusing 

9. is an AI-powered content generator for social media, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses alike to create captivating posts tailored specifically to their audiences. With GPT-3 AI-designed brainstorming engine you can craft effective messages that engage your followers across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. pros:

  • Calendar prompts help your content planning to stay on top of celebration dates
  • Weekly trends for Reels (audio and ideas)
  • Monthly content creation challenges to improve your content performance on social platforms cons:

  • Pay version only after free trial
  • Limited languages (currently, only English and French)

10. Hubspot

HubSpot’s AI Content Writer is an AI writing tool that helps you and your business scale content output for your email, landing page or blog post. By inputting a simple prompt or topic, the AI-powered copywriter tools generate a first draft of engaging, researched, and tailored content for your use.

The AI content writer is designed to be user-friendly and work alongside any of your other HubSpot or external tools. You can provide additional details regarding your brand voice, customer persona, and additional entails to make your content exceptionally unique. Each content produced includes research, proofreading, and even SEO optimizations.

HubSpot Pros:

  • Excellent for grammar and proofreading
  • Content includes research and search engine optimization
  • User-friendly interface and sync with existing HubSpot tools

HubSpot Cons:

  • Still in the public beta phase
  • Content produced is a first draft which may require some additional tweaks and edits

11. Writesonic

Writesonic is an incredible AI writing software that offers a wide range of features on its platform. With its free plan, users can access 10,000 words on its optimized GPT 3.5 platform, while paid plans are powered by the even more advanced GPT 4. Writesonic also offers innovative products like Botsonic and ChatSonic, which provide customers with additional AI-powered tools. Thanks to Writesonic’s advanced AI technology, users can effortlessly generate high-quality written content in no time. 

Writesonic Pros:

  • Saves time and effort in researching and writing articles.
  • Helps in generating unique and creative ideas for your content.
  • Provides accurate and error-free content that is ready to publish.
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Writesonic Cons:

  • The AI may not always produce completely accurate copies and may require some human editing.
  • Some of the copy generated by Writesonic may sound robotic and strange, requiring additional modification to make it more human-like.

12. Flick AI Caption Generator

Flick AI Caption Generator has emerged as a game changer, revolutionizing caption creation, especially for social media. It leverages the power of AI and Natural Language Processing to generate high-quality and engaging captions. With Flick AI Caption Generator, you will never run out of caption ideas. Just enter a topic, and this tool will generate hundreds of captions within seconds.

Flick AI Caption Generator Pros

  • Boosts productivity by generating captions quickly
  • Crafts unique and highly personalized captions
  • Auto-generates hashtags based on your captions
  • Provides suggestions, brainstorming, and outlining support
  • Adapts the tone of voice and style of captions to sound like you

Flick AI Caption Generator Cons

  • No free plan
  • Limited contextual understanding
  • Learning curve

13. Simplified

Simplified is one of the top AI writing tools, known for its high-quality content, ease of use, affordability, and comprehensive templates. It uniquely combines GPT with features like image processing and data analysis, going beyond text generation. 

With options for personalization, such as training on custom data, Simplified adapts to users’ evolving needs, optimizing for speed, accuracy, or complex queries. Its AI engine accesses top language models from OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and includes Simplified’s custom model, ensuring a balanced use of technology and reducing dependency on a single source. It is designed for business contexts like marketing and sales. 

Simplified Pros

  • Excellent user experience that is simple to utilize
  • A vast range of tools
  • Library of  designs and templates 
  • Excellent social media scheduling capabilities

Simplified Cons

  • The presentations are rather basic and need to be polished
  • Writer is not superior to Chat GPT

What AI Writing Tool is best for you?

1. best ai tool for generating content automatically.

Winner: HiveMind

HiveMind beats out the competition in this category thanks to its free plan, seamless integration with the Hive project management platform, and ability to create project tasks based on simple inputs. This AI tool is perfect as a content assistant that works off of previous successes, and it can be integrated into your current Hive work process.

2. The Best AI tool for writing long-form content

Winner: JasperAI

JasperAI wins this contest, hands down. With its long-form content writing capabilities and integration with other writing platforms like SurferSEO and Grammarly, it gets the long-form blog content job done. It offers excellent prompts to input tone of voice and keywords, and you can also use protective text and suggestions to help write the entire blog for you. Long-form couldn’t be easier with the help of JasperAI.

3. Best AI tool for writing social media posts

Winner: ChatGPT

Will ChatGPT take over the job of a social media manager on the web? Probably not. But helping us create social media tags , posts, and captions is a great way to utilize ChatGPT for content creation in your everyday marking activities. Furthermore, its open-source platform and conversation AI ability add to the reasons why it’s great for social media posts . And because it can ultimately help you quickly generate engaging content that resonates with your audience, this tool is an excellent addition to any content creator’s arsenal.

Key Takeaways 

From some of my top picks for AI tools to their best use case scenario – you definitely have a lot to consider when picking an AI writing tool for your content. While each one of the tools mentioned will get the job done, some are better than others, and only you can decide what tool will work within your content workflow.

Considering the wide range of AI tools available, it’s essential to find the one that aligns with your specific needs. An  AI detector can also help you assess the accuracy and reliability of these tools, ensuring you make an informed decision.

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The 10 Best AI Writers & Content Generators Compared

Analyze the output of AI content writers post-ChatGPT so you can use what's best for your business and keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

reddit best essay writing ai

AI content creation tools have become much more accessible and mainstream since the release of ChatGPT and Gemini (previously known as Bard) by Google.

Since then, we have seen an accelerated uptake in the use of AI tools – and especially in AI content generation.

Revisiting an article we wrote pre-ChatGPT, we have reassessed our original list of tools to road-test AI content generators and see how their output compares.

How ChatGPT Is Changing The Content Industry

OpenAI has led the development of large language models and generative AI. In May 2020, GPT-3 was launched, which was a huge leap forward in quality from the predecessor GPT-2.

AI content writers began to improve greatly, and as we reported in the last version of this article, there were several content generator tools that all provided reasonable results.

Then, in November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT and opened up access to GPT-3.5 through an easy-to-access interface.

This resulted in an explosion of interest and uptake in the use of generative AI. By the end of January 2023, ChatGPT had 100 million users and was officially the fastest-growing app in history.

Many of the tools listed below (apart from Gemini) are all based on GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.

Bard (now called Gemini) , developed by Google Deepmind, was launched quickly in response to ChatGPT in February 2023 .

The other main contender is Claude from Anthropic, launched in March 2023 . But, at this time, Claude doesn’t have the mainstream dominance that ChatGPT holds.

Following the introduction of these generative AI tools and their mainstream adoption, there have been plenty of discussions about ethics, the impact on creativity, and the impact on jobs.

In a meta self-referential message, Gemini (Bard) even offers this message in response to the prompt “AI Content Creation.”

Chatgpt screenshot

The Drawbacks Of Using AI Writers

With easy access to AI content writing tools, the content production industry is changing.

Many websites have adopted AI as a tool for mass production and others are doubling down on the quality of human-written content where AI content generators cannot compare.

Generative AI is causing a lot of disruption in SEO and content creation. In reaction to this, there has been pushback from businesses that this could impact – such as the NYT suing Open AI for training its LLM on their content without approval.

What this means is that, right now, there are unresolved issues of fair use, copyright, privacy, security, and bias. It could result in a dispute over the ownership and copyright of AI-generated content.

There are many legal and ethical issues arising, including the impact on creativity and the jobs it might displace.

At SEJ, we consider generative AI a useful tool to support content writers and SEO professionals but not a replacement for human content writers (see use cases at the end of the article).

Apart from these problems, generative AI also has the following disadvantages:

  • Hallucinations and misinformation. Unless you understand your topic in-depth, you won’t know what you don’t know and cannot take the output from a chatbot for written facts.
  • Writing style can be unnatural, with an unusual choice of words that is jarring to read.
  • Getting the best results takes considerable skill and understanding of writing and using prompts.

Another major flaw is that if everyone is using an AI tool to target the same keywords, then where is the differentiating factor to what you are creating?

What will make your brand stand out and resonate with your audience?

For these reasons, SEJ recommends that you do not use generative AI to create content that you intend to publish. 

How You Can Use AI In Content Marketing

A tool is only as good as the person operating it.

Generative AI can be excellent for productivity and speeding up content production. But, you need someone who knows their subject and is a good writer behind the wheel to get results worthy of using.

A content marketer can truly benefit from generative AI as an efficient tool to make repetitive tasks easier and output faster. In those terms, the use of all kinds of AI will become more and more seamlessly integrated into marketing.

Here are some quick use-case examples specific to content creation and whether generative AI works or doesn’t.

Where AI Content Does Work (with human review):

  • For product descriptions at scale.
  • For meta descriptions at scale.
  • Creating summaries or key points of content.
  • Assisting with brainstorming and idea generation.
  • Creating outlines for content.
  • Improving headlines

Where AI Content Doesn’t Work:

  • Producing well-researched content.
  • Creating data-driven content.
  • Having innovative and fresh ideas.
  • Thought leadership.
  • Writing full articles.
  • Providing sources or facts.

In this article, we will review a selection of the current best content creation tools to see how they compare for illustrative purposes. Even though there are many use cases we don’t suggest, it wouldn’t be prudent to bury our heads in the sand about their capabilities. Let’s look at the results of the tools we tested:

10 AI Content Creation Tools Compared

All the content generator tools we tested were fed the same simple phrase: ‘AI content creation.’

We compared the use of the tool and the quality of the content output. You can see that output in each of the screenshots below.

As part of the comparison, we also ran all the content through Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

What has become apparent in the last few years since the previous version of this article is that ChatGPT and Gemini are set to dominate. Because of this, other AI writing tools will have to offer much more to differentiate and compete against them.

For the purposes of this article, we only tested tools that had a free option available. This list of AI writers is simply a selection of the most popular tools on the market and not our personal recommendation, nor a fully inclusive list of all tools available in the market.

ChatGPT example

ChatGPT is built on GPT-3.5 for free users and GPT-4 for paying subscribers.

ChatGPT is the tool that many of the other AI writers in this list are built on (apart from Gemini) and offers an easy-to-access interface to the powerful GPT LLMs.

The applications of ChatGPT go far beyond just content creation, with its use case experiments being documented almost daily. Learning how to write prompts has become one of the most in-demand skills in the last year.

ChatGPT also has GPTs which are plugin tools that can complete set tasks. A bit like templates or extensions for Sheets or add-ons for Chrome – expect this to become a fast-developing area.

Out of the box, ChatGPT appears easy to use, but the challenge is writing specific and tailored prompts to get the best results.

However, simply typing in “AI content creation” did generate 338 words of a comprehensive description that could be the basis of a human-written article.

The free version is an excellent starting point, and the premium Plus version allows access to the additional tools.

OpenAI provides ChatGPT in varied pricing tiers: ChatGPT Plus at $20/month for individuals, ChatGPT Team at $25 per person/month for teams, and a customizable ChatGPT Enterprise plan for larger organizational needs.

  • Ability to engage in detailed and context-aware conversations.
  • Accessible and easy to use.

2. Gemini (previously Bard)

Bard example

Gemini (Bard) , by Google Deepmind, is a Large Language Model tool built on the Gemini platform . Much the same as ChatGPT, Gemini is an infinitely powerful tool that has exponential applications.

The potential applications for content producers as a tool to help with content creation are endless. We expect that, between ChatGPT and Gemini, most SEO professionals and content creators will use one of these tools daily.

Gemini is very easy to use with the minimalist interface you would expect from Google.

In output terms, Gemini has different nuances to ChatGPT, as you would expect, built on different models. Using each of the tools on a regular basis highlights where each differs and excels to get the best results.

The output from Gemini is sometimes better than ChatGPT – or just different. However, information can be disjointed, and all information must be fact-checked, as both tools have a tendency to make things up with hallucinations.

One important point to note was that Gemini did flag two results in our Copyscape plagiarism check. ChatGPT did not flag any.

Gemini is available as a free version and Gemini Advance is priced at $19.99 per month just undercutting ChatGPT.

  • Provides real-time online access
  • Available in 46 languages.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic example

Writesonic is built on GPT-4 and is based on facilitating marketing copy, blog articles, and product descriptions. The generator can also provide content ideas and outlines, and has a full suite of templates for different types of content.

Writesonic has a variety of different tools for different purposes, but on the free trial, we didn’t have access to most of them.

We tested the article writing tool, and it was very easy to use. The article read well, but please remember all of the caveats above. This is an interesting test of the tool’s capabilities, but we don’t suggest directly publishing the outputs of generative AI, and it’s our internal policy not to do so.

Writesonic’s unique selling points include integrating with Google Search for more up-to-date content and providing sources.

The platform offers a free version with basic features, while paid plans range from $13 to $500 monthly. Enterprise solutions are available with customized pricing to fit the needs of larger organizations.

  • Features designed for SEO optimization.
  • Support for creating content in 30 different languages.
  • API access, bulk processing, and integrations for scalability and efficiency. example is an AI-driven platform that claims to automate various sales and marketing tasks, from cold outreach to content repurposing. provides templates across a variety of content types, such as blogs, ads, sales, websites, and social media. The generator also provides translation into 25 languages. differentiates by offering a zero-retention data policy, claiming that user inputs are never retained or used for training purposes, which could be crucial for privacy-conscious organizations. It says it only works with language models that adhere to this strict data policy.

From the three-word phrase input, the tool produced a long article about the subject without any additional prompting.

The quality was good, and we found that it would be difficult to discern that this was machine-generated. The output appears to have improved since we tested it last. Again, this doesn’t change the fact that writing final content outputs is not a use case that we suggest for these tools. has a free plan, and paid plans range from $36/month for Pro to $3,000/month for Scale.

  • Enhanced data privacy.
  • 25 languages supported.

5. HyperWrite

 HyperWrite example

HyperWrite is an AI-powered writing tool that claims to assist with creating marketing copy, conducting research, and improving overall writing and communication skills. It offers a Chrome extension for ease of use across various web platforms.

Hyperwriter looks a lot like ChatGPT, and the output returned was very similar to what we achieved directly in ChatGPT. Too similar for coincidence.

It would appear that HyperWrite uses the ChatGPT interface with a simple prompt layered onto the phrase we input. From this test, we don’t see any justification to use this tool over ChatGPT.

Free trial available: Premium plan at $19.99 monthly and Ultra plan at $44.99 monthly.

  • Chrome Extension available.

 Rytr example

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that claims to help users create high-quality content quickly and cost-effectively.

Rytr offers over 40 use cases, support for 30+ languages, and more than 20 tones of voice.

We found the tool very easy to use and quickly generated an output. However, the content was not as well-written as other writers tested, and the language output did not feel natural and was obviously AI-generated.

There were a few other tools that were nice to use, and we liked the cute poem creator. But, for the task of producing natural-feeling content, it didn’t quite meet the standard.

Rytr offers a monthly free plan with 10K characters, a “Saver” plan at $9/month, and an “Unlimited” plan at $29/month.

  • A plagiarism checker.
  • Integration with apps like WordPress and Shopify.
  • 30 languages supported.

7. LongShot

LongShot example

LongShot pitches itself as an AI-powered long-form content assistant and is built on a combination of GPT-3 and custom AI models. It tries to clearly separate from being a replacement content writer.

The platform has over 30 tools, including keyword research, rephrasing, and blog ideas, and you can write in 8 languages. Be aware that you should scrutinize any research or fact-checking claims that AI tools make carefully, we have yet to meet an AI tool we would be comfortable using for those purposes without checking the veracity of the outputs in depth.

To use LongShot as a writer, you have to go through a process of selecting suggested headlines before the tool generates an article outline and then a final output.

On a similar level to, LongShot produced an in-depth and relatively well-written article.

LongsShot also includes a feature called FactGPT that is targeted to trending and current topics

The pricing starts with a free trial, a “Pro” plan at $19/month, a ‘Team” plan at $49/month, and customizable pricing for larger needs.

  • Integration with multiple platforms.
  • Supports eight languages.

8. Jasper AI

Jasper AI example

Jasper AI  claims it will help you write faster, beat writer’s block, and rank better with SEO-optimized content.

They also claim to have consulted with SEO professionals and direct marketing experts to develop how the AI generator writes content.

Jasper AI is geared up for teams and project management as a content marketing platform, not simply an AI writing tool. It focuses on brand voice and has a prompt library and Chrome browser extension.

It differentiates itself through a stated commitment to security and data privacy, with the US-based data centers and a policy that states user data isn’t used for training third-party AI/ML models.

The platform’s messaging also focuses on responsible AI use and keeping data safe with evolving security protocols.

The AI writer was easy to use: enter your keyword and select a few variables such as audience and length. Jasper produced an article that was well-written and formatted.

On a surface level it’s difficult to discern whether this is a machine-written article and not by a human writer.

Jasper AI doesn’t offer any free plans, but it does have a free trial for five days. Be aware you have to input your credit card and you will get charged if you forget to cancel.

“Creator” plan at $39, a “Pro” plan at $59, and a customizable “Business” plan with pricing discussed upon request.

  • Emphasis on security and data privacy with U.S.-based data centers.
  • Integrations with various platforms.

9. Scalenut

reddit best essay writing ai

Scalenut focuses on integrating the entire SEO content process into one application.

The unique offering of Scalenut includes its Cruise Mode for SEO blog creation, AI that it says keeps updated with current information, and its capability to plan and execute entire content marketing strategies powered by AI.

Tools included in the platform are the content writer, content optimizer, keyword planner, traffic analyzer, and marketing copywriter.

To generate an article, Scalenut goes through the process of offering titles and outlines before you get to the final output in the editor. The tool and interface feel very similar to LongShot.

The actual content output was very good, and much like LongShot, it is difficult to discern from human-written content.

The pricing tiers include an “Essential” plan at $19/month, a “Growth” plan at $39/month, a “Pro” plan at $75/month, and an ‘Enterprise’ option with custom pricing.

  • Advanced keyword planning.
  • Research tools, including NLP Key Terms, competition analysis, and statistics.

10. Anyword

anyword example

Anyword claims to produce human-like content. It positions itself as a sophisticated solution for marketers and companies aiming to boost their content’s impact.

The tool’s messaging is that it differentiates itself with its ability to analyze historical content performance and generate outputs that align with the brand’s voice, audience targeting, and messaging effectiveness.

Anyword has the usual range of tools from ad copy, social media, meta descriptions, and blog writing. It also offers the capability to train custom AI models on a brand’s best-performing campaigns.

Similar to LongShot and Scalenut, the article generator goes through the process of offering titles to choose from and then a blog structure before generating the final output.

The output is reasonable, but the language used does feel a little unnatural, similar to how ChatGPT can at times. It’s not the best output in this list, but not the worst.

Anyword offers a free 7-day trial, a basic package starting at $39 a month, a $349 business package, and custom pricing for enterprise solutions.

  • Custom AI models trained on specific brand and performance data.
  • Chrome Extension.

Will AI Take Over Content Creation?

As we said above, a tool cannot make up for a lack of knowledge or ability; it can only enhance it.

You can be assured that content creation will go into overdrive with AI.

On the flip side, good quality journalist standard content with unique data, thought, opinions, and insights will become more in demand as the only way to stand out.

AI is changing fast, and we are all running to keep up with adapting to the new technology, so use your judgment based on developments.

It’s up to people like you to ensure human quality and creativity remain hallmarks of published content.

More resources:

  • Content Creation In An AI World
  • AI Generated Content Detection Software: Can They Detect ChatGPT?
  • State of SEO 2024: Disruptions, AI & Content Strategies

Featured Image: /Shutterstock

Shelley Walsh is the SEO Content Strategist at SEJ & produces the Pioneers, a series about the history of SEO ...

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Table of Contents

Top 10 AI Essay Writers for Students in 2024

  • December 12, 2023

Top 10 AI Essay Writers for Students in 2024 (Tested by Teachers)

What is the hardest part of writing an essay? It’s different for everyone. For some students, it’s coming up with a unique, original idea. Meanwhile, many experience writer’s block midway. Despite these issues, your submission must be timely and of high quality. So, how do you speed things up? Well, you use AI. 

Many students find themselves staring at a blank screen while the application deadlines are only days away. The stress and impending doom further dries up their creative juices. And many of them contact me through social media for a solution. 

In these cases, I don’t hesitate to suggest a few affordable AI essay writers to them. But don’t you get caught for unoriginal writing if you use AI? Not if you follow the proper strategies, I tell them. Your writing won’t be any less human-like or original if you use the tools correctly. 

Guess what? Students who followed this advice were able to submit their college essay timely and get admission to desired institutions. Follow this discussion, and you will be able to do the same. 

10 Best AI Essay Writer Tools For Students

There are more than a few AI writing tools out there. All of them help you generate bodies of text in seconds or minutes. However, you will find that most of these tools can’t create the coherent and well-structured text that college essays require. 

We have handpicked ten tools to save you the time and frustration of trying out hundreds of AI essay writers. The tools in this list have excellent ratings and are highly recommended by students and academics worldwide.  

1. PerfectEssay

Perfect Essay Writer is designed to help students of all academic levels. You generate original high-quality essays within seconds using this tool. They offer an AI essay writer, an outliner, and a large collection of templates to work with. 

The developing company, MyPerfectWords, has been providing professional writing services to students for a long time. They have a team whose expertise is in academic writing. So, it’s safe to assume these people know what they are doing. 

PerfectEssay Writer’s advanced algorithm can help you churn out assignments and dissertations in a very short time. 

The tool’s features can help you generate essay topics and create an outline for them. You can use the paraphraser and grammar checker to make your writing impeccable. 

Students short on a budget can use PerfectEssay Writer’s free plan. You get to use all the features the tool offers. However, since it’s a free plan, you won’t be able to enjoy the tool’s capabilities to the full extent. 

Price:  $9.99/month premium plan

  • Reliable for academic writing 
  • Easy to use with instant results
  • Offers the users various suggestions to improve their writing 
  • An experienced teacher might be able to detect AI writing
  • Isn’t reliable when the essay’s topic is too complex
  • Compatibility issues with some devices and browsers


Essay Genius is a professional AI Essay Generator. The tool has a simple interface like Google’s home page. You can get right down to business by entering a topic in the box and clicking ‘Start Writing.’ Browse their Showcase of essays to get an idea about the quality of work. 

This is another AI writing tool developed by linguists and educators. Therefore, it’s a more reliable academic writing tool than other AI text generators. Essay Genius uses its massive academic writing database to create authentic text for your assignments. 

One of the notable features of this tool is its ability to do comprehensive research. Most AI tools have rudimentary research abilities that aren’t enough for writing college essays. You can also use the paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism detection. 

Price: $12-$15/month

  • Creates in-depth academic-level content instead of generic AI texts
  • Can conduct comprehensive research to create authentic essays
  • Excellent grammar and vocabulary suggestions
  • Has a background of educators and linguists
  • Unlimited pre-written essays and monthly 1000 generations for upgraded accounts
  • Isn’t affordable for the majority of students 
  • Some of the text might lack the nuances of human writing


Good AI helps students generate high-quality college-grade essays in a matter of seconds. The developers claim it to be the No.1 Essay Outline generator in the world. And the best thing is you don’t need to pay any registration or sign-up fees. Just provide

The AI tool draws its inspiration from millions of top-quality essays and articles. Users can set the tone and type of essay they want. Good AI can also provide you with references for the information it presents. 

Want to blend your originality with the automation of artificial intelligence? Good AI’s Autocomplete feature can help with that. 

Write your essay’s first one or two paragraphs and let Good AI complete the rest. This can help you easily deal with any originality issues regarding the writing. 

Price: Free

  • It’s a free AI tool with premium-level features
  • Generates unique and engaging 1500-word essays within seconds
  • Provides comparatively authentic info with proper citations
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • You still need to edit, proofread, and cross-check the info before submission 
  • Requires a few attempts at setting the tone and type of the essay

4. TutorBin 

TutorBin’s study tools offer an essay generator, rewriter, paraphrase, and grammar checker. For less than a dollar/week, you can generate seven unique 1000-word essays. You can go for the more expensive plans if your requirement is higher. 

The platform’s AI assistance can help create a personalized student learning experience. It can analyze a student’s learning patterns and adapt the content accordingly. 

TutorBin had been a trusted platform for guiding students long before AI came along. The AI tool can draw from its base of tutoring experience and easily identify weak points in a student’s learning and writing. Thus providing the opportunity for improvement. 


  • $3.99/month (generate 30 essays 2000 words each) 
  • $0.99/week (essay rewriter) 
  • Can provide essay writing solutions for a wide range of complex subjects 
  • You can bring in human experts to work alongside the AI tool
  • Fast and responsive 24/7 customer service
  • The platform follows a strict no-plagiarism policy 


  • You might find that the platform works slower than average generative AI tools 

You can input scattered class notes or a few sentences, and TinyWow will generate high-quality essays in seconds. The tool offers three levels of essay creation – high school, college, and grad school. 

Apart from generating texts, assignments sometimes require working with images and PDFs. TinyWow can be of excellent service in that case. The AI tool was specifically designed to perform various basic digital tasks in addition to creating content. 

Students with small budgets can use the platform’s free plan. You don’t have to register or install anything. 

Price: $5.99/month

  • Manage text, PDFs, images, videos, and other essay-related tasks from a single interface
  • Enjoy several digital services without any installation or registration
  • Comparatively low-priced premium plan
  • Compatible with most of the common devices and browsers 
  • Perform file conversions at high speed while maintaining quality
  • Not a suitable AI essay writer for highly technical topics
  • Users on free plans are often bombarded with ads

Rytr is an AI writing assistant trained in all the major languages. It can help you create essays in more than 30+ languages. You can also browse from the 20+ tones to make the essay sound perfect to the academic audience. 

The free plan allows you to create 5000 characters each month. You can get unlimited characters and many helpful features if you buy the premium plan. 

Rytr can be a great tool when multiple students work on the same project. It offers Collaboration tools to help you manage all your tasks and partners from one interface. You can also use “Project Management” to organize and track the assignment’s progress. 

Price: $15/month for premium plan. 

  • Suggests creative ideas and helps you overcome writer’s block
  • Different tones and templates to make your essay more unique and original
  • Offers features that refine and polish your content
  • Encourages collaboration between partners. 
  • Helps you maintain discipline in the essay-writing process. 
  • Makes the editing process easy and creative. 
  • The free plan might create generic content on rare topics 
  • The starter pack is comparatively more expensive than similar AI writers

8. ProWritingAid 

ProWriting Aid is the tool of choice when you are submitting to a highly selective academic audience. It can catch and improve those minor flaws in your assignment which leads to the rejection of even the most well-researched papers. 

Educator and software engineer Chris Banks developed ProWritingAid in 2012. Over the last decade, it has steadily grown into a trusted writing tool for writers of all categories. 

However, the tool comes from the mind of an educator and helping students with their assignments was always its priority. 

After generating an essay with ProWritingAid, you can ask the assistant to evaluate the piece. 

It will analyze the writing and create reports about the various aspects of the writing. These include readability, word choice, overall structure, etc. You can use these suggestions to improve the essay further. 

Price: $20/month (starting)

  • The tool was designed keeping academic writing in mind. 
  • Provide in-depth analysis to improve the essay
  • Users can connect with a vibrant community of professional writers
  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of operating systems and apps
  • Costly plans might not be affordable for everyone 
  • Beginners can be easily overwhelmed by too many suggestions and insights from the tool

9. Cramly AI 

Students can craft unique essays using Cramly’s Content Genie and Paper Outlines. The Discussion Board helps you with suggestions and streamlines the research process. Thus yielding faster and more efficient results than unplanned Google searches. 

Cramly is a company that aims to help students get the most out of their education. They developed an AI assistant to cut down all the monotonous tasks of writing an essay. 

The minds behind Cramly AI are a group of Stanford graduates experienced in education and technology.


  • $9.99/month 
  • $59.88/year
  • Helps you write well by giving suggestions in real time 
  • Generates lengthy quality content in seconds 
  • You can create sophisticated text thanks to the tool’s rich vocabulary
  • Provides special tips to create engaging essays. 
  • Cheap and affordable annual plan 
  • The options for setting tones and templates are limited 
  • You must crosscheck the information and facts when writing on highly technical topics

10. Reword AI 

Reword AI is a well-known tool for human-centric writing. The developers, AI Power Lab, designed the tool keeping in mind all niches. This includes blogging, marketing, copywriting, social media posting, and academic writing. 

You might use Reword AI as a secondary tool for creating a college essay. For instance, use a more academic-focused tool to create the first draft of your essay. Afterward, use Reword AI to create the intro outro and make the writing overall more engaging. 

As the name suggests, the tool is well-reputed in its rephrasing abilities. Your essay might talk about the same things that everyone else does. However, creatively altering the sentence structure and paras can make it stand out.  

  • Formal, simple, creative, academic, etc. writing modes
  • Excellent feedback and suggestions on the created content.
  • The tool prioritizes human-centric writing
  • Free plans offer 500 words per day 
  • Lacks domain-specific knowledge and terminology
  • Fairly well-known tool and, therefore, a higher chance of AI detection by teachers who have used this writer

How Do You Use AI To Write Essays 

Sure, AI makes essay writing easier for you. However, it only performs as well as you use it. After all, you are still the main writer. The AI tool is only an assistant. 

Two people using the same tool will produce different results depending on their strategy. Here are a few ways to use AI to write better essays faster.

Generate Ideas    

Coming up with a unique idea from scratch can be quite difficult. You might end up wasting too much time wondering what to write about.

You can use AI essay writers to come up with ideas in mostly two ways. Most generative models simply require you to enter a keyword or topic. The AI assistant can help you by suggesting a list of ideas. You can explore them and select one to go forward.

Another way to get essay ideas is to chat with the AI tool. It would be like discussing essay ideas with a well-informed, knowledgeable friend who never gets tired.  

Creating Outlines 

Once you decide what to write about, it’s time to construct an outline. Otherwise, you won’t know where you are heading after beginning the essay. 

The AI assistant can do a great job at creating an outline for you. It can review the millions of samples available in its database and develop something different from those. That way, you can plan the structure of a unique essay in the shortest possible time. 

Conducting Research 

One of the most significant services AI can provide is being the perfect research tool. There are two reasons why AI research is better than normal Google or Bing search. 

Firstly, a regular search engine can’t answer your questions directly. You have to strategically provide them with a keyword. Meanwhile, AI can understand the user’s intent from the prompt and conduct the research accordingly. 

Secondly, normal search engine results are blogs and articles relevant to your keywords. You must still open that webpage, read the article, and extract the info yourself. That requires a lot of time and effort. 

In contrast, AI research can process hundreds of relevant web articles and scientific papers in seconds. It would then extract and present the precise info before you, along with proper citations. Thus, AI helps you conduct far more intense and rich research than ever humanely possible. 

Creating Text Bodies 

A writing is as good as the number of editing it went through. Most of the great articles and essays you read are their writer’s third or fourth draft. AI can help reduce time and effort by generating the primary drafts. So, you, the writer, will only edit the final draft. 

You might also use AI assistance to improve an essay you have already written. AI essay writers have excellent paraphrasing tools. 

Plus, you don’t have to spend time correcting grammar and spelling typos. The best thing is you can paraphrase and edit your text as many times as you want until it reads impeccably. 

5 Tips To Pass AI Detector For College Essays 

You might be thinking, okay, I can churn out a college essay with an AI tool. After all, it’s not that complicated. But how do I get away with it? 

The admission officers and course professors still expect you do the work on your own. And it’s not easy to fool them since they regularly review hundreds of student writings. You will face immediate rejection if an educator is convinced that your essay is AI-written.

Well, don’t worry. We got your back. Here are five tips to make your AI-crafted essay as good or even better than human writing. 

1. Understand AI Detection Methods 

AI detection tools came to the market soon after AI writers. Admission officers or teachers will upload your file to these tools and check the score. They will start to get suspicious if the tool detects more than 20 percent. AI.  

So, a good strategy is to perform the test yourself. You can find many free AI detection tools on the web. Upload your essay to them and check the score before submission. The essay requires retouching if you notice more than twenty percent AI writing. 

Other than AI tools there are some other symptoms that indicate AI writing. For instance, a teacher might consider your essay written if the text is repetitive, lacks transition, too generic and incoherent. 

2. Personalize the Text 

You can add a few relevant personal opinions, stories, or examples to your text and instantly make it more human-like. Focus more on the intro and outro since these parts make the most impact on readers. 

Humor and personal insights can do wonders. Every person has a unique and original perspective on the world. Bring that to your writing and no one would ever say it’s AI-content. 

3. Check Plagiarism 

When AI writes something for you, it draws from the millions of texts it has been trained on. While generating thousands of words in mere minutes, it might sometimes not alter original sentences from those texts. As a result, your essay will show plagiarism on detectors. 

You don’t want your essay to have more than 15%-20% plagiarism . Some institutions are more strict. They would deem your essay unoriginal (aka AI generated) if the text shows more than 10% AI. So, run your essay through an online Plag Checker and rewrite the marked sentences. 

4. Appoint a Human Editor 

Do all these seem like too much work? Well, you can hire a human editor to do them on your behalf. It would cost a fraction of what you pay someone to write 1000 words than to edit it. You can find an editor on freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. 

5. Site Sources 

Proper citation tells your professors that you have done your fair share of research on a topic. Even if your writing has a bit of a robotic tone, citations can help clear the teachers’ suspicion about your AI use. Plus, it provides support to the arguments in your essay. 

Should Students Use AI To Write Their Essays: Advantages and Disadvantages

So, let’s talk about the ethical side of this whole affair. Of course, educators would want you to write your college essays the old-fashioned way. From that perspective, writing essays with AI is not exactly honest. 

However, that is only true when you blindly generate an essay with AI and submit it as it is. Those who develop a content strategy and follow improvement techniques are still doing the writer’s creative work. In their case, AI is only an assistant. 

And what’s so wrong about using modern technology to craft better and more informative essays in a shorter time? From that point of view, even Google searches are kind of cheating. People should instead go back to dusty libraries and waste their time extracting simple info from books. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using AI to write your essays. Consider them to make your own decision- 


  • Reduce stress and save time on writing 
  • Do better research with less effort. 
  • Make more primary drafts to create the best final result. 


  • Some students might not dedicate any time to studying the topics as AI can write their essays for them. 
  • Students might lose their natural writing and research skills.
  • AI detection can result in application rejection or failing a course. 

Final Words :

Artificially Intelligent assistant is probably the greatest scientific innovation in recent times. There’s no point in not taking advantage of this to reduce time and effort and perform better than before. So, all students must be familiar with AI essay writers to become better versions of themselves. 

However, it’s important to not be overwhelmed by technology. There are cars, but people still walk and run to keep those muscles working. Similarly, you should always keep your writing and researching skills sharp. Remember, AI is just an extremely resourceful assistant and nothing more. 

reddit best essay writing ai

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reddit best essay writing ai

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The 11 best AI tools for academic writing

reddit best essay writing ai

By leveraging the power of the right AI tool, you can significantly improve the clarity, efficiency, and overall quality of your academic writing. In this guide, we reviewed and ranked 11 popular AI tools for academic writing , along with our top 3 choices, so that you can pick the best one.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below at  no additional cost to you.

What are the best AI tools for academic writing?

However, not all tools are created equal! And with the influx of options, it’s important for academics to discern between the high-quality ones and the mediocre ones that can hinder efficiency rather than enhance it.

Here are Master Academia’s top picks for the best AI tools for academic writing in 2023:

In addition to these advanced writing enhancements, Trinka offers a range of additional features. It includes consistency checking to maintain a coherent writing style, publication readiness checks to prepare your work for submission, plagiarism checking to ensure originality, and a citation analyzer to assess the quality and relevance of your citations.

Key Features:

As a comprehensive tool designed for academics, Genei goes beyond assisting with workflow organization and document storage—it also offers a plethora of features tailored specifically for academic writing.

For those heavily reliant on literature reviews in their academic writing, Genei proves to be a gamechanger.

3. Quil lBot

QuillBot’s online paraphraser allows you to modify the meaning of any text using a variety of options. It offers two free modes and five premium modes, allowing you to control the level of vocabulary change.

The free plan of QuillBot allows paraphrasing of up to 125 words and summarizing of up to 1200 words at a time, but excludes advanced features like advanced grammar rewrites, comparing paraphrasing options, and the plagiarism checker.

4. Writefull

Writefull is a powerful editing tool designed for individuals who struggle with writer’s block and prefer to revise and edit existing text rather than creating it from scratch.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly stands out among other AI tools by having a widespread and popular institutional license, which universities readily embrace.

The premium plan may seem expensive at $30 per month, but with the annual savings of 60%, it becomes much more affordable at $12 per month.

6. Wordtune

Although Wordtune excels in paraphrasing, providing synonym recommendations and an integrated plagiarism check for seamless usage, it is important to note that its focus is not primarily on academic writing, which influences the training of the system.

7. Paperpal

Available as Paperpal for Word, Web, and Manuscript, this comprehensive tool also checks for structural and technical inconsistencies in your writing.

8. Sourcely

Simply input your essay title or text, and Sourcely finds suitable sources to enhance your work.

With the convenience of a browser extension, Rytr saves time and ensures your copy is top-notch especially for emails, social media posts, or blogs.

10. Writesonic

Upon generating a paragraph, Writesonic provides three different versions for you to choose from. It allows you to select the best option or make edits and revisions using the various variations.

11. TextCortex

With the free version of TextCortex, you have the ability to create up to 10 pieces per day. For enhanced features and unlimited usage, the Pro version is available at a price of $19.99.

Summary and Top Picks

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reddit best essay writing ai

Special Features

Vendor voice.

reddit best essay writing ai

This article is more than 1 year old

University students recruit AI to write essays for them. Now what?

Teachers need to work harder to get students to write and think for themselves.

Feature As word of students using AI to automatically complete essays continues to spread, some lecturers are beginning to rethink how they should teach their pupils to write.

Writing is a difficult task to do well. The best novelists and poets write furiously, dedicating their lives to mastering their craft. The creative process of stringing together words to communicate thoughts is often viewed as something complex, mysterious, and unmistakably human. No wonder people are fascinated by machines that can write too.

Unlike humans, language models don't procrastinate and create content instantly with a little guidance. All you need to do is type a short description, or prompt, instructing the model on what it needs to produce, and it'll generate a text output in seconds. So it should come as no surprise students are now beginning use these tools to complete school work.

Students are the perfect users: They need to write often, in large volumes, and are internet savvy. There are many AI-writing products to choose from that are easy to use and pretty cheap too. All of them lure new users with free trials, promising to make them better writers.

reddit best essay writing ai

Monthly subscriptions for the most popular platform, Jasper, costs $40 per month to generate 35,000 words. Others, like Writesonic or Sudowrite, are cheaper at $10 per month for 30,000 words. Students who think they can use these products and get away with doing zero work, however, will probably be disappointed.

And then there's ChatGPT ...

Although AI can generate text with perfect spelling, great grammar and syntax, the content often isn't that good beyond a few paragraphs. The writing becomes less coherent over time with no logical train of thought to follow. Language models fail to get their facts right – meaning quotes, dates, and ideas are likely false. Students will have to inspect the writing closely and correct mistakes for their work to be convincing.

Prof: AI-assisted essays 'not good'

Scott Graham, associate professor at the Department of Rhetoric & Writing at the University of Texas at Austin, tasked his pupils with writing a 2,200-word essay about a campus-wide issue using AI. Students were free to lightly edit and format their work with the only rule being that most of the essay had to be automatically generated by software.

In an opinion article on Inside Higher Ed, Graham said the AI-assisted essays were "not good," noting that the best of the bunch would have earned a C or C-minus grade. To score higher, students would have had to rewrite more of the essay using their own words to improve it, or craft increasingly narrower and specific prompts to get back more useful content.

"You're not going to be able to push a button or submit a short prompt and generate a ready-to-go essay," he told The Register .

The limits of machine-written text forces humans to carefully read and edit copy. Some people may consider using these tools as cheating, but Graham believes they can help people get better at writing.

Don't waste all your effort on the first draft....

"I think if students can do well with AI writing, it's not actually all that different from them doing well with their own writing. The main skills I teach and assess mostly happen after the initial drafting," he said.

"I think that's where people become really talented writers; it's in the revision and the editing process. So I'm optimistic about [AI] because I think that it will provide a framework for us to be able to teach that revision and editing better.

"Some students have a lot of trouble sometimes generating that first draft. If all the effort goes into getting them to generate that first draft, and then they hit the deadline, that's what they will submit. They don't get a chance to revise, they don't get a chance to edit. If we can use those systems to speed write the first draft, it might really be helpful," he opined.

Whether students can use these tools to get away with doing less work will depend on the assignment. A biochemistry student claimed on Reddit they got an A when they used an AI model to write "five good and bad things about biotech" in an assignment, Vice reported .

AI is more likely to excel at producing simple, generic text across common templates or styles.

Listicles, informal blog posts, or news articles will be easier to imitate than niche academic papers or literary masterpieces. Teachers will need to be thoughtful about the essay questions they set and make sure students' knowledge are really being tested, if they don't want them to cut corners.

Ask a silly question, you'll get a silly answer

"I do think it's important for us to start thinking about the ways that [AI] is changing writing and how we respond to that in our assignments -- that includes some collaboration with AI," Annette Vee, associate professor of English and director of the Composition Program at the University of Pittsburgh, told us.

"The onus now is on writing teachers to figure out how to get to the same kinds of goals that we've always had about using writing to learn. That includes students engaging with ideas, teaching them how to formulate thoughts, how to communicate clearly or creatively. I think all of those things can be done with AI systems, but they'll be done differently."

The line between using AI as a collaborative tool or a way to cheat, however, is blurry. None of the academics teaching writing who spoke to The Register thought students should be banned from using AI software. "Writing is fundamentally shaped by technology," Vee said.

"Students use spell check and grammar check. If I got a paper where a student didn't use these, it stands out. But it used to be, 50 years ago, writing teachers would complain that students didn't know how to spell so they would teach spelling. Now they don't."

Most teachers, however, told us they would support regulating the use of AI-writing software in education. Anna Mills, who teaches students how to write at a community college in the Bay Area, is part of a small group of academics beginning to rally teachers and professional organizations like the Modern Language Association into thinking about introducing new academic rules.

Critical thinking skills

Mills said she could see why students might be tempted to use AI to write their essays, and simply asking teachers to come up with more compelling assessments is not a convincing solution.


Just $10 to create an AI chatbot of a dead loved one

"We need policies. These tools are already pretty good now, and they're only going to get better. We need clear guidance on what's acceptable use and what's not. Where is the line between using it to automatically generate email responses and something that violates academic integrity?" she asked The Register .

"Writing is just not outputs. Writing and revising is a process that develops our thinking. If you skip that, you're going to be skipping that practice which students need.

"It's too tempting to use it as a crutch, skip the thinking, and skip the frustrating moments of writing. Some of that is part of the process of going deeper and wrestling with ideas. There is a risk of learning loss if students become dependent and don't develop the writing skills they need."

Mills was particularly concerned about AI reducing the need for people to think for themselves, considering language models carry forward biases in their training data. "Companies have decided what to feed it and we don't know. Now, they are being used to generate all sorts of things from novels to academic papers, and they could influence our thoughts or even modify them. That is an immense power, and it's very dangerous."

Lauren Goodlad, professor of English and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, agreed. If they parrot what AI comes up with, students may end up more likely to associate Muslims with terrorism or mention conspiracy theories, for example.

Computers are alredy interfering and changing the ways we write. Goodlad referred to one incident when Gmail suggested she change the word "importunate" to "impatient" in an email she wrote.

"It's hard to teach students how to use their own writing as a way to develop their critical thinking and as a way to express knowledge. They very badly need the practice of articulating their thoughts in writing and machines can rob them of this. If people really do end up using these things all the way through school, if that were to happen it could be a real loss not just for the writing quality but for the thinking quality of a whole generation," she said.

Rules and regulation

Academic policies tackling AI-assisted writing will be difficult to implement. Opinions are divided on whether sentences generated by machines count as plagiarism or not. There is also the problem of being able to detect writing produced by these tools accurately. Some teachers are alarmed at AI's growing technical capabilities, whilst others believe its overhyped. Some are embracing the technology more than others.

Marc Watkins, lecturer, and Stephen Monroe, chair and assistant professor of writing and rhetoric, are working on building an AI writing pilot programme with the University of Mississippi's Academic Innovations Group. "As teachers, we are experimenting, not panicking," Monroe told The Register .

"We want to empower our students as writers and thinkers. AI will play a role… This is a time of exciting and frenzied development, but educators move more slowly and deliberately… AI will be able to assist writers at every stage, but students and teachers will need tools that are thoughtfully calibrated."

  • Human-replacing AI startups reach $1bn unicorn status
  • GPT-3 'prompt injection' attack causes bad bot manners
  • FauxPilot: It's like GitHub Copilot but doesn't phone home to Microsoft
  • AI chatbot trained on posts from web sewer 4chan behaved badly – just like human members

Teachers are getting together and beginning to think about these tools, Watkins added. "Before we have any policy about the use of language models, we need to have sustained conversations with students, faculty, and administration about what this technology means for teaching and learning."

"But academia doesn't move at the pace of Big Tech. We're taking our time and slowly exploring. I don't think faculty need to be frightened. It's possible that these tools will have a positive impact on student learning and advancing equity, so let's approach AI assistants cautiously, but with an open mind."

Regardless of what policies universities may decide to implement in the future, AI presents academia with an opportunity to improve education now. Teachers will need to adapt to the technology if they want to remain relevant, and incentivise students to learn and think on their own with or without assistance from computers. ®

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Broader topics

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How ChatGPT (and other AI chatbots) can help you write an essay


ChatGPT  is capable of doing many different things very well, with one of the biggest standout features being its ability to compose all sorts of text within seconds, including songs, poems, bedtime stories, and essays . 

The chatbot's writing abilities are not only fun to experiment with, but can help provide assistance with everyday tasks. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or just getting stuff done, we constantly take time out of our day to compose emails, texts, posts, and more. ChatGPT can help you claim some of that time back by helping you brainstorm and then compose any text you need. 

How to use ChatGPT to write: Code | Excel formulas | Resumes  | Cover letters  

Contrary to popular belief, ChatGPT can do much more than just write an essay for you from scratch (which would be considered plagiarism). A more useful way to use the chatbot is to have it guide your writing process. 

Below, we show you how to use ChatGPT to do both the writing and assisting, as well as some other helpful writing tips. 

How ChatGPT can help you write an essay

If you are looking to use ChatGPT to support or replace your writing, here are five different techniques to explore. 

It is also worth noting before you get started that other AI chatbots can output the same results as ChatGPT or are even better, depending on your needs.

Also: The best AI chatbots of 2024: ChatGPT and alternatives

For example,  Copilot  has access to the internet, and as a result, it can source its answers from recent information and current events. Copilot also includes footnotes linking back to the original source for all of its responses, making the chatbot a more valuable tool if you're writing a paper on a more recent event, or if you want to verify your sources.

Regardless of which AI chatbot you pick, you can use the tips below to get the most out of your prompts and from AI assistance.

1. Use ChatGPT to generate essay ideas

Before you can even get started writing an essay, you need to flesh out the idea. When professors assign essays, they generally give students a prompt that gives them leeway for their own self-expression and analysis. 

As a result, students have the task of finding the angle to approach the essay on their own. If you have written an essay recently, you know that finding the angle is often the trickiest part -- and this is where ChatGPT can help. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Copilot: Which AI chatbot is better for you?

All you need to do is input the assignment topic, include as much detail as you'd like -- such as what you're thinking about covering -- and let ChatGPT do the rest. For example, based on a paper prompt I had in college, I asked:

Can you help me come up with a topic idea for this assignment, "You will write a research paper or case study on a leadership topic of your choice." I would like it to include Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid, and possibly a historical figure. 

Also: I'm a ChatGPT pro but this quick course taught me new tricks, and you can take it for free

Within seconds, the chatbot produced a response that provided me with the title of the essay, options of historical figures I could focus my article on, and insight on what information I could include in my paper, with specific examples of a case study I could use. 

2. Use the chatbot to create an outline

Once you have a solid topic, it's time to start brainstorming what you actually want to include in the essay. To facilitate the writing process, I always create an outline, including all the different points I want to touch upon in my essay. However, the outline-writing process is usually tedious. 

With ChatGPT, all you have to do is ask it to write the outline for you. 

Also: Thanks to my 5 favorite AI tools, I'm working smarter now

Using the topic that ChatGPT helped me generate in step one, I asked the chatbot to write me an outline by saying: 

Can you create an outline for a paper, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

After a couple of seconds, the chatbot produced a holistic outline divided into seven different sections, with three different points under each section. 

This outline is thorough and can be condensed for a shorter essay or elaborated on for a longer paper. If you don't like something or want to tweak the outline further, you can do so either manually or with more instructions to ChatGPT. 

As mentioned before, since Copilot is connected to the internet, if you use Copilot to produce the outline, it will even include links and sources throughout, further expediting your essay-writing process. 

3. Use ChatGPT to find sources

Now that you know exactly what you want to write, it's time to find reputable sources to get your information. If you don't know where to start, you can just ask ChatGPT. 

Also: How to make ChatGPT provide sources and citations

All you need to do is ask the AI to find sources for your essay topic. For example, I asked the following: 

Can you help me find sources for a paper, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

The chatbot output seven sources, with a bullet point for each that explained what the source was and why it could be useful. 

Also:   How to use ChatGPT to make charts and tables

The one caveat you will want to be aware of when using ChatGPT for sources is that it does not have access to information after 2021, so it will not be able to suggest the freshest sources. If you want up-to-date information, you can always use Copilot. 

Another perk of using Copilot is that it automatically links to sources in its answers. 

4. Use ChatGPT to write an essay

It is worth noting that if you take the text directly from the chatbot and submit it, your work could be considered a form of plagiarism since it is not your original work. As with any information taken from another source, text generated by an AI should be clearly identified and credited in your work.

Also: ChatGPT will now remember its past conversations with you (if you want it to)

In most educational institutions, the penalties for plagiarism are severe, ranging from a failing grade to expulsion from the school. A better use of ChatGPT's writing features would be to use it to create a sample essay to guide your writing. 

If you still want ChatGPT to create an essay from scratch, enter the topic and the desired length, and then watch what it generates. For example, I input the following text: 

Can you write a five-paragraph essay on the topic, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

Within seconds, the chatbot gave the exact output I required: a coherent, five-paragraph essay on the topic. You could then use that text to guide your own writing. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which is the best AI chatbot?

At this point, it's worth remembering how tools like ChatGPT work : they put words together in a form that they think is statistically valid, but they don't know if what they are saying is true or accurate. 

As a result, the output you receive might include invented facts, details, or other oddities. The output might be a useful starting point for your own work, but don't expect it to be entirely accurate, and always double-check the content. 

5. Use ChatGPT to co-edit your essay

Once you've written your own essay, you can use ChatGPT's advanced writing capabilities to edit the piece for you. 

You can simply tell the chatbot what you want it to edit. For example, I asked ChatGPT to edit our five-paragraph essay for structure and grammar, but other options could have included flow, tone, and more. 

Also: AI meets AR as ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro

Once you ask the tool to edit your essay, it will prompt you to paste your text into the chatbot. ChatGPT will then output your essay with corrections made. This feature is particularly useful because ChatGPT edits your essay more thoroughly than a basic proofreading tool, as it goes beyond simply checking spelling. 

You can also co-edit with the chatbot, asking it to take a look at a specific paragraph or sentence, and asking it to rewrite or fix the text for clarity. Personally, I find this feature very helpful. 

What is AI? Everything to know about artificial intelligence

Chatgpt vs. copilot: which ai chatbot is better for you, how does chatgpt actually work.

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10 Best AI Essay Writer Platforms in 2024

Essays are some of the most common homework assignments for students from middle school all the way through to college. And it’s not always easy to find time to get every essay done on time or write about subjects you struggle with. That’s where AI essay writing platforms can help. Most AI essay writers use powerful natural language technology to generate essays, add citations, and use AI to auto-complete essay paragraphs, research subjects, and much more. It’s a powerful learning tool, and this list will look at 10 of the best options to use.

What Are AI Essay Writer Platforms?

Why use ai essay writing tools, key features to look for in ai essay writer platforms, essaygpt – best ai essay writer overall, essaywriter – best ai essay writer for researching, essayflow – best ai essay writer for any form of essays, essayai – best ai essay writer for undetectable academic writing, toolbaz – best ai essay writer for adjustable creativity, caktus ai – best ai essay writer for improving your knowledge, essaybot – best ai essay writer for high school students, studycrumb – best ai essay generator to use for free, essayservice – best ai essay writer for easy essay generation, papertyper – best ai essay writer for improving your essays, who should use an ai essay writer, how to choose the right ai essay writer for your needs, future trends in ai essay writing technology, definition and purpose.

AI essay writer platforms are advanced tools designed to assist in essay writing by using artificial intelligence. They help generate, edit, and enhance essays, making the writing process easier and more efficient.

Explanation of AI Essay Writer Platforms

These platforms use natural language processing (NLP) to create coherent text based on user input. They offer features like grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and citation generation to improve the quality and accuracy of essays.

How They Work and Their Benefits

AI essay writers analyze large datasets to emulate human writing. Benefits include saving time, ensuring grammatical accuracy, and providing research assistance. They help generate content quickly, allowing users to focus on refining their essays.

Advantages of AI Writing Tools

  • AI writing tools significantly reduce the time needed to draft essays by automating content creation and research, helping users meet deadlines efficiently.
  • These tools enhance essay quality by correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, and suggesting improvements in sentence structure and word choice.
  • AI tools assist in generating ideas and organizing content, providing outlines and headings that ensure well-structured and logically coherent essays.
  • Built-in research features allow AI tools to quickly find and integrate credible sources, ensuring essays are well-supported and evidence-based.
  • AI writing tools maintain a consistent writing style and include plagiarism detection to ensure originality and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Essential Features in AI Essay Writer Platforms:

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface makes the platform easy to navigate, allowing users to focus on writing without technical difficulties.

Quality of Content Generation

Choose platforms that produce coherent, relevant, and high-quality content. Check reviews and sample outputs to assess reliability.

Plagiarism Detection

Ensure the platform includes plagiarism detection to verify the originality of your work and prevent academic misconduct.

Multi-Language Support

Look for multi-language support if you need to write essays in various languages, enhancing the platform’s versatility.

Customization Options

Customization options allow you to tailor the writing style, tone, and formatting to meet specific requirements and preferences.

Integration with Other Tools

Integration with citation managers and research databases enhances functionality, allowing seamless import of references and access to research materials.


When it comes to the best AI essay writers, EssayGPT by HIX.AI tops the list. It stands out for its highly impressive technology, capable of tackling almost any subject imaginable, from complicated science essays to in-depth literature analysis.

So much more than a simple AI essay writer, EssayGPT also offers editing and auto-complete features, helping students fine-tune and improve their work. It can automatically fill out phrases and sentences with a click, as well as add citations to your essays in various styles to suit the tone and target audience.

But EssayGPT’s feature list doesn’t end there. It also comes with built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers to ensure that your work is free of mistakes. And it has a powerful search tool that students can use to look up relevant and useful information to draw from when completing their essays.

  • Industry-leading technology
  • A major time-saver to help you hit any deadline
  • Much cheaper than a tutor or human-based essay writing services
  • Prices can add up if you use it often
For current pricing, please visit the official website.


EssayWriter is another AI essay generator that can appeal to students at any level of academia. With its advanced technology and deep database of academic resources, it makes it easy for students to look up relevant references and sources connected to the topics they’re writing about, making it faster and easier to create informative and detailed text.

That’s not all. EssayWriter also comes with a simple citation generation, letting you make citations that are formatted to suit common standards, like APA and Chicago. Plus, it has a built-in plagiarism detector to ensure your work is original, coupled with real-time AI content suggestions to help you complete essays more quickly.

  • Customizable writing styles and tones
  • Sources accurate content from academic sources
  • Great value for money
  • Requires an internet connection to access


EssayAI is a leading undetectable AI essay generator that stands out on the market. It produces high-quality, undetectable essays in great detail, with expert citations and sources listed throughout, showing you exactly how each point was made and supported.

It offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your essays to specific target audiences, adjust tones of voice, select preferred languages, and more. This level of customization ensures that your essays are precisely crafted to meet your unique requirements and effectively engage your intended audience.

  • An excellent undetectable AI essay writer
  • Adds lots of quality citations
  • Many customization features
  • Needs to upgrade to unlock more features


Next on our list is ToolBaz. Launched in 2022, the ToolBaz AI essay writer is part of an extensive suite of AI writing solutions on the ToolBaz platform. It’s fast, reliable, and ready to use at any time, whenever you need it.

This AI essay writer also has a unique adjustable creativity feature. It lets users change the creativity of their essays via a simple slider, giving the AI bot more or less freedom to get imaginative with the content.

  • Completely free to use
  • Useful for high school, middle school, and more
  • Simple, beginner-friendly interface
  • Sometimes requires manual editing


Caktus AI is an AI essay writer that is trusted by students and teachers alike as a reliable learning aid. Instead of simply doing work for students, this AI platform, founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, is designed to teach them and help them improve.

Caktus AI fills its essays with precise citations and the most accurate information, sourced from published essays and academic textbooks. This results in high-quality, easy-to-read output text that can help you improve in even the trickiest subjects, with prices starting at $14.99 per month.

  • A vast database of academic resources
  • Designed by students, with students in mind
  • Flexible pricing to suit your budget
  • More expensive than other AI essay generators


Next up, we have Essaybot. This company was founded in 2023 and has staff both in China and the U.S. It’s quickly become one of the go-to essay generator tools for many students, thanks to its ease-of-use.

With EssayBot, all you have to do is type the subject or concept of your essay into the box provided and then wait for it to create content for you. It’ll generate precise, relevant text for any subject you need help with, adding citations automatically and running a plagiarism check too.

  • Very easy for beginner users
  • Built-in grammar and spell check
  • Offers unlimited essay downloads
  • May struggle with college-level texts


While many AI essay writing platforms charge high fees or recurring subscriptions, StudyCrumb is 100% free. Launched by the Crumb4Life company, which is based in Estonia, this trusty AI essay generator is completely risk-free and perfect to add to your academic arsenal.

Students can easily and quickly get help with any essay through StudyCrumb. It boasts fast processing times and is much more cost-effective than spending money on other tools or paying a human tutor.

  • Produces relevant, good quality content
  • Fast essay generation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Text regularly needs manual editing


EssayService is an AI-powered essay generator that was launched in 2023 by a company that had previously specialized in human essay writing services. They decided to branch out into AI, resulting in the development of this clever and easy-to-use AI tool.

With the EssayService AI essay writer, users can paste their questions or subjects into a box and get instant essay generation. It also supports essay outline generation, giving you headers and talking points that you can then flesh out on your own.

  • Excellent for custom essay requests
  • Draws from a vast database of academic sources 
  • Can save you hours on essay writing
  • May struggle with complex science essays


PaperTyper isn’t quite the same as the other essay writers on this list. Developed by a one-woman team, Juli Sheller, this tool is part of an entire suite of academic AI aids, including a plagiarism checker, grammar scanner, and more.

In short, PaperType has all you need to write essays, check them, proofread them, and fine-tune them. It’s ideal for students who want to do most of the work themselves, but still want to use AI to make improvements to the clarity and flow of their texts.

  • Completely free to start
  • Checks grammar and spelling for you
  • Works at all levels of education
  • Interface may be a little awkward for first-time users

So, who are AI essay generators actually aimed at? Well, almost any kind of student can benefit from these tools. It’s important to note that many AI essay writers are capable of writing a range of different kinds of content, from persuasive essays to descriptive papers, analytical texts, and more.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what level of education you’re at or what kind of work you’ve got to do. Every student can use and benefit from an AI essay generator. What’s more, they’re ideal for students who have very busy lives. As well as those who feel like they don’t have enough time to keep up with their assignments.

You may also enjoy big benefits from AI essay writing technology if you’re the kind of user who tends to struggle with certain subjects. Let’s say that you excel in geography but struggle with history, for instance. In that case, you can use AI to help out with your history essays and ease your stress in that subject.

Selecting the right AI essay writer involves considering your specific needs, whether for academic writing, SEO content creation, or business communications. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Purpose and Use Case : Identify whether you need the tool for generating research papers, enhancing blog SEO, or crafting business reports. Each scenario might require different features like style adjustment, tone sensitivity, or technical jargon.
  • AI Effectiveness : Evaluate the AI’s ability to produce coherent, contextually accurate content. Check if the platform uses advanced algorithms that mimic human writing styles.
  • Privacy and Security Features : Ensure the platform has strong data protection measures, especially if you are handling sensitive information. Check their compliance with GDPR or other relevant privacy regulations.

AI essay writing tools are rapidly evolving, driven by advancements in machine learning and natural language processing. Here’s what to expect:

  • Enhanced AI Personalization : Future AI writers will likely offer more personalized writing experiences, adapting to individual writing styles and learning from user feedback.
  • Increased Educational Integration : Look for AI tools to become more integrated with educational platforms, providing tailored learning aids and automated grading assistance.

AI essay writing platforms offer significant advantages, from enhancing academic papers to boosting SEO content and streamlining business communication. As these tools evolve, they hold the potential to dramatically enhance how we produce written content. Consider how incorporating AI into your writing process could lead to greater efficiency and growth in your professional or academic endeavors.

Best AI Essay Writer Platforms in 2024 – FAQ

What is an ai essay writer.

An AI essay writer is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help generate, edit, and refine pieces of text. These tools are designed to assist with various writing tasks by mimicking human-like writing abilities.

Can AI Essay Writers help avoid plagiarism?

Yes, many AI essay writers are equipped with plagiarism detection software to ensure the originality of the content. They can help identify copied content before submission.

Are AI Essay Twins reliable for academic papers?

AI essay writers can provide valuable assistance in drafting academic papers, but they should be used as a supplementary tool. It’s important for students to review and customize the content to ensure accuracy and adherence to academic standards.

How do AI Essay Writers improve writing skills?

AI essay writers offer feedback on grammar, style, and coherence, allowing users to learn and improve their writing skills over time. They provide suggestions that can help refine arguments, improve structure, and enrich language use.

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AI Essay Writer Tools Explained

AI Essay Writer Tools Explained

3-minute read

  • 17th August 2023

Being a student can be hard. Often, you have multiple tight deadlines on top of your nonacademic commitments. Using AI essay writer tools can be tempting, but you may be worried about doing so. This blog will explain AI essay writing tools, some of the benefits and pitfalls of using them in your writing, and ways you can make the most of them. 

What Are AI Essay Writer Tools? 

AI essay writer tools use AI specifically designed to write an academic essay. They can help you generate ideas and phrase your ideas clearly and suggest improvements to grammar, punctuation, and style. Many AI essay writer tools are available, including ChatGPT, Jasper, and Rytr. 

The Benefits of AI Essay Writer Tools 

Whatever your opinion on AI generators, they have some benefits, the main one being that they can help you speed up your writing process. For any essay you write, you need to take numerous steps: idea generation, research, writing, editing, proofreading, and so on. Each of these takes considerable time, but AI essay writer tools can take on some of the burden and help you push through faster. 

What You Need to Watch Out For 

Despite these benefits, you need to watch out for a few things, notably AI detectors and grammatical correctness. 

An AI generator work s by using prewritten responses and patterns learned from the data on which it has been trained to answer your input. Using AI detectors, many universities have started checking whether a student is using AI to write their essays. In simple terms, AI detectors look for patterns in the writing. If you’re using AI to write essays without any human input, your work will likely be flagged by AI detectors. 

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You’ll also need to edit AI-generated content carefully. AI is only as good as the data it is trained on and usually falls short in understanding context, sarcasm, and irony. It also isn’t entirely reliable when checking for grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors. So you still need to edit and proofread your work before submitting it for grading. 

How You Can Make the Most of These Tools

Ideally, you should use AI to support your writing, not to replace your own entirely. The best way to use AI is to have it generate ideas and outline your writing but to do the writing and editing yourself. That way, you can speed up your process, but you’ve still reviewed and fact-checked your writing, and most importantly, all the ideas are your own. 

Want to Make Sure Your Content Is Error-Free?

If you want to ensure that your writing is grammatically correct, why not use an expert editor and proofreader? Proofed’s team of expert editors can help you create accurate essays. Explore our student proofreading services when you’re ready to see what we can do for you. 

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Choose from over 40+ content use cases and templates to streamline your writing workflow.

AI Autocomplete Text

Use AI to finish sentences/paragraphs, enhancing writing flow and quality.

Text Editing: Continue Writing

The Continue Ryting feature automatically writes for you.

Text Inflator

Expand Content turns one sentence or paragraph into two with rewrites.

Grammar Checker & Text Improver

Refine content for clarity, grammar, and tone.

AI Paragraph Generator

Add contextually relevant paragraphs to content for enhanced depth.

Rewording Generator

Rephrase content for clarity, conciseness, and unique presentation.

Sentence Shortener

Shorten content, retaining key points for concise, clear output.

AI Command Generator

Instruct Rytr's AI on what to write and it will do so.

Blog Outline Generator

Generate unique blog ideas and outlines for engaging content.

AI Blog Generator

Create engaging blog sections for improved readability and interest.

AI Meta Description Generator

Write meta descriptions for improved rankings and clicks.

SEO Meta Title Generator

Craft SEO-friendly meta titles for enhanced visibility and clicks.

AI Landing Page Generator

Generate persuasive copy for engaging landing pages and conversions.

Keyword Extractor

AI extracts keywords from text for SEO, content themes, and trends.

AI Keyword Generator

Leverage AI for high-performing keywords to boost SEO and web traffic.

AI Newsletter Generator

Craft engaging newsletters to update subscribers and foster relationships.

Custom Poem Generator

AI helps create expressive, engaging poems with unique verses.

AI Song Generator

Use AI to create captivating song lyrics and inspire songwriting.

AI Story Generator

AI-crafted intriguing story plots for engaging narratives.

Call To Action Generator

Create impactful CTAs with AI to drive engagement and action.

Social Media Ad Generator

Craft compelling ad content for social media to boost engagement.

Google Ad Generator

Create engaging Google Search Ads for improved performance.

AI Caption Generator

Create unique post and caption ideas for engaging social media.

AI SMS Generator

Create effective SMS and notifications for clear communication.

AI Bio Generator

Craft engaging social media bios and enhance online presence.

Video Description Generator

Craft detailed video descriptions to attract and inform viewers.

Video Channel Description Generator

Craft detailed descriptions for video channels to boost visibility.

Video Idea Generator

Create engaging video ideas, boosting engagement and subscribers.

AI LinkedIn Post Generator

Harness AI for engaging LinkedIn posts to boost visibility and connections.

AI Quora Answer Generator

Craft detailed Quora answers to enhance credibility and reach.

AI Facebook Post Generator

Create captivating Facebook posts to boost engagement and reach.

AI Product Description Generator

Create detailed product descriptions for enhanced appeal.

AI Bullet Point Generator

Create impactful bullet point descriptions for products.

AIDA Copywriting Generator

Create compelling content with AIDA framework for engagement.

PAS Copywriting Generator

Craft content with PAS framework to address pain points.

AI Response Generator

Create effective responses to messages and emails for better communication.

Business Pitch Generator

Create persuasive business pitches for impactful impressions.

AI Business Idea Generator

Create unique business ideas for entrepreneurial inspiration.

AI Cover Letter Generator

Create persuasive cover letters for standout applications.

Email Generator

Create effective emails for clear communication and professionalism.

AI Interview Question Generator

Harness AI to create relevant interview questions and make informed hires.

AI Job Description Generator

Craft compelling job descriptions with AI to attract qualified candidates.

AI Tagline Generator

Create memorable taglines, enhancing brand recognition and appeal.

AI Real Estate Listings

Generate compelling real estate descriptions to attract potential buyers.

Recognized by G2 as one of the leading brands in the AI Writing space

Ai content that sounds like you, not a robot..

Rytr analyzes a sample of your writing and mirrors your tone when it generates content. Plus, you can create multiple custom tones to best suit different scenarios, projects or clients.

Keep plagiarism in check

Ensure everything you create is unique. Millions of users rely on Rytr for crafting quality, eloquently written, and plagiarism-free work.

Works wherever you do

Rytr’s Chrome Extension lets you craft quality content wherever you write.

Strikingly powerful, yet unbelievably affordable

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For freelancers that need to create content for multiple brands.

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I almost couldn’t believe it was real! I shared the results with a friend who couldn’t believe it was written by AI. Worth every penny!

Rytr has been an absolute game-changer for us. it helps us easily generate professional and accurate content..

Peter K | G2

I've tried other AI writing tools before, but none compare to the speed and accuracy of Rytr. It's definitely the best AI writing tool out there!

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Great value, so easy to use and saves me so much time! I was shocked by how much time and brain energy it saved me. Simple & easy…gotta love that.

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Stop wasting time and money on content and copywriting

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AI Detector

Paste your content below, and we’ll tell you if any of it has been AI-generated within seconds with exceptional accuracy.

Certain platforms, like Grammarly, use ChatGPT and other genAI models for key functionalities and can be flagged as potential AI content. Learn more 


An award-winning enterprise AI detector that has you fully covered.

With over 99% accuracy, model coverage that includes ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude, and detection in 30 languages, you’re fully covered with the market’s most comprehensive AI detector and checker.

Combined with the award-winning Plagiarism Detector , Codeleaks Source Code Detector , and the all-new Writing Assistant , it’s the only full-spectrum suite dedicated to creating truly original, error-free content.

AI Detection Nearly A Decade In the Making

Since 2015, the Copyleaks AI engine has been learning how humans write by collecting and analyzing trillions of pages from user submitted inputs and more.

We Are Looking For Human Content, Not AI

Our AI engine has been trained to learn the patterns of human writing. Therefore, when the known patterns of human writing are disrupted, our AI flags it as potential AI content.

No one wants to fear false positives that can lead to false accusations. We tested over 20k human-written papers, and the rate of false positives was 0.2%, the lowest false positive rate of any ai detector available.

In addition, we are continually testing our AI Model and retraining it with new data and feedback, helping to improve accuracy.

Get Started Today With the AI Detector

Key features, complete ai model coverage


AI detection across all AI models, including ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude. Plus, once newer models are released, we can automatically detect it.

Unprecedented Speed and Accuracy

The AI Detector has over 99% overall accuracy and a 0.2% false positive rate, the lowest of any platform.

Plagiarism and Paraphrased AI Detection

The AI Detector is the only platform with a high confidence rate in detecting AI-generated text that has been potentially plagiarized and/or paraphrased.

AI-generated Source Code Detection

Ensure full transparency with the only AI detector tool that detects AI-generated source code, provides code licensing alerts, and more.

Detect Interspersed AI Content

Have full transparency around the presence of AI-generated content even if the text has been interspersed with human-written content.

Military-Grade Security

All Copyleaks products boast military-grade security along with GDPR compliance and both SOC 2 and SOC 3 certification . For full security details, click here .

AI Detection Across Multiple Languages

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Vietnamese  

For a full list of supported languages & accuracy, click here .

AI Detector Use Cases

Ai model training.

Safeguard your AI by ensuring your models are trained exclusively on human-written content, not AI-generated. 

Academic Integrity

Verify originality and ensure authenticity within all your academic content, from long-form essays to source code and everything in between. 

Mitigate risks, protect your copyright and IP, and establish guardrails for responsible GenAI adoption across your organization. 

Publishing & Copywriting

Ensure that what you’re publishing is original and authentic content, avoiding potential search engine penalties and other risks.

Oakland University Case Study

Learn how Oakland University adopted Copyleaks and changed the conversation around AI and plagiarism among their faculty and staff.

Oakland University

Campaign KPIs

Ease of use & Integration, Cost-effectiveness, Customer Support, Security

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 Lowell Christensen, CEO, SafeSearchKids

AI Detector is even better when paired.

Each of our dynamic product offerings is strong on its own. However, they are truly powerful when you use them together.

Get award-winning plagiarism detection in over 100 languages, identify multiple forms of paraphrasing, and much more.

Proactively mitigate risk and have complete transparency with the only solution that detects AI-generated code and more.

Enforce enterprise-wide policies, ensure responsible generative AI adoption, and proactively mitigate all potential risks.

A revolutionary solution for efficiently and accurately grading tens of thousands of standardized tests at the state, national, and university-wide levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a Language Model writes a sentence, it probes all of its pre-training data to output a statistically generated sentence, which is simply not how a human writes. It becomes apparent when analyzed against a vast corpus of human writing.

We can recognize AI text patterns utilizing multiple techniques.

Since 2015, we’ve collected, ingested, and analyzed trillions of crawled and user-sourced content pages from thousands of universities and enterprises worldwide to train our models to understand how humans write as opposed to AI.

Also, utilizing AI technology, our AI detector can accurately recognize the presence of other AI-generated text and the signals it leaves behind, adding an additional layer of accuracy.

There are several significant differences between other AI detector tools and ours.

For example:

• Credible data at scale, coupled with machine learning and widespread adoption, allows us to continually refine and improve our ability to understand complex text patterns, resulting in over 99% accuracy—higher than any other AI detector—and improving daily.

•As an enterprise-based platform, we’re the only solution with seamless API and LMS integrations, allowing you to bring the power of AI Detector directly to your native platform and at scale.

• The AI Detector is the only platform to read source code, including AI-generated. Furthermore, it can detect source code at the function level, helping identify when code has been plagiarized or modified, even if certain variables have been altered or entire portions have been changed

• Our AI Detector does not flag Grammarly’s non-AI features, which include spell check and grammar, as AI. Another AI Detector, in their own analysis, flagged 20% of Grammarly’s non-AI features as AI content, an astounding 20% false positive rate. Read the full analysis .

• Our AI Detector, along with all of Copyleaks’ products, are fully GDPR-compliant and SOC 2 and SOC 3-certified, a global standard audited by KPMG, the leading auditing organization for certification, ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data.

The chance for content written by a human to be falsely labeled as AI-generated content is 0.2%, the lowest of any AI detector available. Nevertheless, we strive to inspire authenticity and digital trust by creating secure environments to share ideas and learn confidently, and that comes with the responsibility to ensure complete accuracy, particularly around false accusations. To address this, we have taken several precautions, including:

  • Our detection and the algorithms that power it are designed for detecting human-generated text versus AI-generated text. Detecting AI text tends to give a lower accuracy and increases the likelihood of false positives.
  • To help accelerate our learning and refine the models used, we implemented a feedback loop where users can rate the accuracy of the results, which allows us to continually use examples of false positives, rare as they may be, to improve.
  • We only introduce new model detection after thorough testing. Once our internal testing reaches a high confidence threshold, we leverage beta testers, giving an additional layer of assurance.

Yes. In July 2023, four researchers from across the globe published a study on the Cornell Tech-owned arXiv, declaring Copyleaks AI Detector the most accurate for checking and detecting Large Language Models (LLM) generated text. Since then, additional independent third-party studies have been released, each one highlighting the accuracy and efficiency of the AI Detector.

Read more about these third-party studies .

Only certain features of writing assistants can cause your content to be flagged by the AI Detector as AI-generated.

For example, Grammarly has a genAI-driven feature that rewrites your content to help improve it, shorten it, etc. As a result, this reworked content could get flagged as AI since it was rewritten by genAI. 

However, the Copyleaks Writing Assistant does not get flagged as AI or any content that Grammarly changed to fix grammatical errors, mechanical issues, etc., because it does not use or uses minimal genAI to power these features or functionalities.

Read our analysis about writing assistant tools getting flagged as AI .

At Copyleaks, our products are routinely undergoing independent verification of privacy, security, and compliance control to achieve certifications against global standards to earn and retain the trust of the millions of Copyleaks users worldwide. Our current Copyleaks certifications and compliance standards include SOC2 & SOC3, GDPR, PCI Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). Please visit our Compliance and Certifications and Security Practices pages to learn more.

Yes. Our detection report highlights the specific elements of the text written by a human and those written by AI, even if the text has been interspersed.

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What is ChatGPT & 10 Creative Ways To Use It in 2024

reddit best essay writing ai

As one of the best AI chatbots available, ChatGPT is a fantastic tool that can help you with nearly everything, from crafting engaging video scripts to designing stunning websites. With its ability to generate unique output quickly, it’s an excellent tool for creating exceptional work, regardless of your skill level. In this post, we’ll explore ten creative ways to use it, some of its limitations, and tips on how to get the most out of it.

Let’s dive in.

  • 1 What is ChatGPT?
  • 2.1 Benefits of ChatGPT
  • 2.2 What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT?
  • 3 How to Generate Prompts with ChatGPT
  • 4.1 1. Blog Topics and Keyword Research
  • 4.2 2. Assist in Generating Copy for a Website
  • 4.3 3. Proofreading and Editing
  • 4.4 4. Creating WordPress Plugins
  • 4.5 5. Writing and Debugging Code
  • 4.6 6. Generate Video Scripts
  • 4.7 7. Generate Surveys and Quizzes
  • 4.8 8. Market Research
  • 4.9 9. Write Product Descriptions
  • 4.10 10. Generating AI Art
  • 5 Final Thoughts on Using ChatGPT
  • 6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a conversational software that uses three advanced models called generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) to generate text and code based on user input. These models have been trained on vast amounts of text data from various sources like books, social media, websites, and Reddit discussions. During this training process, the models learn language rules, such as how words are used in sentences.

It’s important to note that ChatGPT’s 3.5 version only has information up to 2021. However, if you upgrade to the 4.0 version with a paid plan, you can access a limited amount of information beyond that date.

Although ChatGPT is a series of language models, it generates output differently. Instead of using individual letters, ChatGPT uses tokens and pieces of words to create words. For example, the word dog is one token, but the word alligator is made up of two tokens: all and igator . To create output, ChatGPT calculates the likelihood of one word appearing with other words. However, there are other factors in generating output. The temperature setting is also essential.

ChatGPT tokenizer

Temperature determines how random or focused the output will be. A lower temperature setting, such as .2, will give a more focused and predictable answer. A higher temperature setting, such as 1.0, will provide more creative and random output, giving you a more comprehensive range of possibilities. By default, ChatGPT’s temperature setting is around .7, giving you a balance of focused and creative output.

Now that you understand ChatGPT and how it works, let’s discuss what it can and can’t do.

Understanding the Capabilities of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been one of the most popular AI chatbots since its launch in 2022. It’s so popular that over 100 million people signed up for it in the first two months. With AI technology evolving at unprecedented rates, it can be challenging to determine what it can and can’t do.

Benefits of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an incredibly versatile tool with limitless possibilities, making it an excellent choice for various tasks. Whether you need to research topics, extract and paraphrase information, translate text, grade tests, or want to have a conversation, ChatGPT can help.

As AI is still a relatively new technology, there’s still much to learn, and there may be some hiccups. Some say that technology is evolving too quickly and could lead to the loss of jobs. However, it’s undeniable that AI is here to stay. You can achieve more in less time by embracing it and learning how to use it ethically.

That said, some potential drawbacks to using ChatGPT and AI, in general, are worth considering.

What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

The first and most important thing is to take what it gives you with a grain of salt. It has been known to provide entirely inaccurate information, so always double-check the facts. Another area for improvement with it is the fact that it can’t access the Internet for up-to-date information. As previously stated, ChatGPT’s results are based on information available as of 2021. Therefore, it can’t give you the latest news or information on the latest technologies, which can cause issues.

Furthermore, it cannot generate images or videos, so you may need to use other AI technologies, such as AI art generators or video generators, to create digital assets. Nevertheless, there are plenty of great tools available to help with that.

Lastly, ChatGPT’s results may not be as human-like as some would like. You’ll need to do a lot of fine-tuning to get the most out of it. However, that’s a good thing, considering using what it gives you word for word is unethical. After all, it’s designed to assist you, not do your job for you.

How to Generate Prompts with ChatGPT

To be successful with ChatGPT (or other AI Chatbots), you’ll need to develop the skill to create effective prompts. It’s more complex than you would think. As previously mentioned, AI models tend to spit out falsehoods occasionally, so starting with a good, descriptive prompt is essential. It’s so important in this evolving technology that new jobs are being created for prompt engineers . If you find yourself looking for a new way to make money with AI, it all starts with the prompt.

Here is a short list of practical ways to generate prompts:

Talk to AI like it’s human: ChatGPT is conversational AI, so to get the best results, talk to it like you’re sitting across the table from someone having a conversation. When entering prompts, try to include casual details, be descriptive, and clarify what you want, down to even the most minute details.

Provide context : Try to include some explanatory text when crafting prompts. Don’t just make statements like create a headline about WordPress . Instead, use something like: I’m looking to introduce new users to WordPress so they’ll know how easy it is to use. Can you craft me some potential headlines that will entice users to read about WordPress? ?

creating ChatGPT prompts

Have ChatGPT assume an identity:

Another tip is to have the AI embody the person or company you’re inquiring about. For example, let’s say you want to write a review about Divi . Rather than saying tell me why Divi is a great theme , say something like from the point of view of its CEO, describe why Divi may be the best choice for WordPress users .

AI point of view

Those are just a few specific examples of ways to enhance AI’s output, but there are additional tips to consider:

  • Re-ask the question until you get the answer you desire
  • Make changes to your prompts to alter the output
  • Specify the length of the answer you’re looking for
  • Ask it to cite sources

Regardless of the type of answer, using a well-constructed prompt when using ChatGPT will give you better results than a standard prompt devoid of context, descriptors, or clarification.

10 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT

There’s a long list of things that ChatGPT can help you with, including creative tasks. If you are a creative professional or new to design, writing, or web development, incorporating ChatGPT – or another good AI chatbot – can make your job much easier. Let’s look at ten ways to boost your creativity and save time on your projects.

1. Blog Topics and Keyword Research

Sometimes adding a new blog post to your website can be challenging. If you need a little help with keyword research and creating effective headlines for your posts, ChatGPT is a great tool to use. Using a good prompt, ChatGPT can generate keyword ideas based on the subject of your choice.

keyword ideas

After picking a topic, you can ask ChatGPT to generate some related headlines. As an example, it gave us a list of 15 topics related to WordPress. After choosing WordPress Design Trends , it gave us ten pretty engaging titles that we can use.

blog post titles

Next, we prompted ChatGPT to provide an outline based on responsive design in WordPress. It ironed out a list of main points to craft our outline. While we had to make adjustments here and there, it provided a great start to draft our post.

blog outline

2. Assist in Generating Copy for a Website

Using ChatGPT as a guide, you can generate copy for your posts, blurbs, FAQs, and more. However, as previously mentioned, you should never use AI to write your entire post. Using it to generate ideas is OK, but you should rewrite any generated copy in your voice. Aside from the ethical implications (a huge part), Google doesn’t care for AI-generated content, which could hurt your ranking in search engines . It’s always best to have it guide you, inspire you, and discover facts that you might not know. That said, be sure to fact-check everything it gives you, as it can generate false information.

ChatGPT generated content

Better yet, rather than having it generate copy for you, it’s best to refine copy that you have written yourself.

3. Proofreading and Editing

When writing new content, especially as a beginner, it can be too easy to be wordy, misspell words, or omit a point that may be relevant. Thankfully, ChatGPT is the perfect tool to help revise, condense, or make your original content flow better. After writing a few paragraphs for your posts or other web content, input it into ChatGPT and prompt it to improve your content. One tip to follow is telling it to keep the original tone of voice . This lets the tool know that you intend to control what is written yet improve it based on the parameters you provide.

revise copy

As an example, we took the paragraph we’ve written above and asked it to make it more concise while keeping the original writing tone. Because ChatGPT is a conversational tool, it will try to utilize earlier prompts in the thread for relevancy. Based on this process, you can use ChatGPT to trim excess fluff, spot misspellings, make things more concise, or provide ideas on making your copy more relevant.

4. Creating WordPress Plugins

Another great way to use ChatGPT is to create plugins that you can use on your WordPress website. For the plugin to be functional and avoid further prompts, you must be more creative with your initial prompt.

For instance, we provided this information:

Create a WordPress plugin called “Dee Maintenance” that does the below actions once activated.

  • After a user logs in, redirect them to the home page after logging in.
  • If a user lands on the site but is logged out, show them a maintenance mode message that says this website is under maintenance. Give us a little time as we’re making things look awesome for you.
  • Style the maintenance message with a grey background with a 5px border radius.
  • Give the text a font size of 2em and make it red.

example maintenance plugin

It provided a functional PHP file and told us how to implement it on our website. While you could use ChatGPT to code complex plugins, it can also be essential in creating plugins like these to help you keep your website bloat down.

5. Writing and Debugging Code

If you’re a web developer, chances are you’ve encountered errors with your website’s code or discovered console errors on your website. Thanks to ChatGPT, you can get the assistance you need with a well-crafted prompt. For example, we asked ChatGPT to identify a common console error to get help understanding the problem and how to fix it. It successfully identified the problem and provided us with the steps to correct it.

common console error

So, what happens if you have a more complex problem to solve? No worries because ChatGPT can assist with that too. In addition to debugging code issues, it will also write code for you. It understands various programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc.

If you’re a beginner, ChatGPT is an excellent tool for explaining what a code’s function is. For example, we grabbed a script from a Divi website and asked it to explain it. It described the code’s purpose with detailed information to make it easier to understand (as if we were a beginner). As a result, ChatGPT turned into an instructor, making it an excellent tool for people wanting to learn more about coding.

ChatGPT code explanation

6. Generate Video Scripts

If you want to create promotional videos for marketing campaigns, ChatGPT is a great asset. Generating video scripts is the same process as blog posts but with a few differences. Of course, you’ll need to start with a keyword or title, then provide as many details as possible to get the best results. Anyone who creates videos can tell you the process can sometimes take hours or even days to develop a script. ChatGPT can do it in minutes. You can even use detailed prompts for effects and transitions that you can copy and paste into a good AI video generator to enhance it.

It can even be used to create YouTube videos, TikTok videos , and much more. For instance, we asked it to make a 30-second clip about five unknown dog facts. It generated a full script with ideas on which assets to use—pretty amazing stuff.

creating video scripts

7. Generate Surveys and Quizzes

Quizzes and surveys are great tools for gaining valuable insights from your customers. Marketers can take these answers and use them to develop good marketing strategies . They are short, simple, and engaging, making good conversation pieces for users to share on social media. ChatGPT excels at this, so making them is a lot easier. You can create topics, titles, descriptions, and, yes, questions to include in your surveys and quizzes in a few short minutes.

For example, we asked ChatGPT to create a survey for an online jewelry store with lagging sales. We entered a concise prompt and got some pretty good questions about their shopping experience. You can take what ChatGPT gives you to gain other ideas for questions or reformat them to meet the needs of your specific business.

Survey example

If you’re a WordPress user, you can use a good quiz plugin or survey plugin to add a quiz to your site quickly. That said, the possibilities are endless. You can ask ChatGPT to create HTML to incorporate your quiz into a static website, prompt it to make a text-to-image description to use with an AI art generator, and more.

8. Market Research

When conducting market research with ChatGPT, being specific is the best way to start. Tell it about the product or service you’d like insight on, provide specific demographics to look at, and even ask it to embody your target audience .

For instance, we asked ChatGPT to help identify people in Birmingham, Alabama, that would likely be interested in purchasing web design services. With a well-crafted prompt, it provided us with the age groups, income and education levels, and the specific locations of that area that would be our best demographic to target. While this is a basic example, it gives you a good concept of what ChatGPT can do.

ChatGPT market research

Additionally, you can prompt ChatGPT to give a perspective or speak as a particular entity. It will help if you continue feeding it after the initial prompt to ensure you get the best results. Finally, as we’ve stated many times in our article, please don’t take what it says as absolute. Following up with your research is essential to ensure you have the correct facts.

9. Write Product Descriptions

If you have an ecommerce website , one of the most tedious tasks is writing good product descriptions. This is especially true if you have hundreds of products to create. Thankfully, ChatGPT and other AI writing software  can help with that. As with any other task you ask of ChatGPT, you get what you give. So, to get the best results, be descriptive yet precise in telling it what you want.

We asked it to create a product description for an insulated 20-ounce cup we want to sell. After the initial prompt, it spits out five paragraphs, which is too much for a product description. So, in a follow-up prompt, we instructed it to provide two concise yet easy-to-read sections that make our product sound fun .

ChatGPT product descriptions

10. Generating AI Art

Our final creative way of using ChatGPT combines it with other AI programs to create beautiful artwork. Since ChatGPT is a language model, it can’t currently create images for you. However, there is a plethora of AI software that can help. When you are ready to create your art, you can combine it with a program such as MidJourney to design webpages , image assets, and so much more.

Using ChatGPT and MidJourney with Divi

Alternatively, you can use ChatGPT to generate prompts for AI image generators. However, this method requires quite a bit of tweaking to get things like you want them, and most text-to-image AI software can do that for you.

Final Thoughts on Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful tool with many practical uses, from blog topics and proofreading to coding websites and WordPress plugins. While it does have some mighty AI chops under the hood, it’s important to remember that it does have some limitations. We highly suggest you use it as a guide rather than having it do all of your work for you. After all, it’s meant to be an assistive tool, not a job replacement.

With its innovative technology, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize how we approach content creation, marketing, and technology. The sky’s the limit with AI, and it is exciting to see what kind of advancements it will bring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions about ChatGPT. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

Is ChatGPT free?

Is chatgpt plus worth it, how does chatgpt work, can chatgpt write essays, does chatgpt save your data, what is the best chatgpt alternative, how does the chatgpt ai detector work, can chatgpt write code, who owns chatgpt.

How do you use ChatGPT, and are there other AI tools you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.


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An advantage of the Utopia P2P ChatGPT assistant is its ability to provide real-time information. It can fetch live data, such as weather updates, stock prices, and news articles, ensuring that users have access to the most current and relevant information.

reddit best essay writing ai

Great ideas. At first it freaked me out – now it’s not going anywhere and a great tool to leverage. I use it to A/B test headlines for blogs as well as help come up with metadata content that uses key phrases I need. It saves me tons of time on little things that I would have spent at least 40 minutes on. It’s a great assistant, let’s just say that. 🙂

reddit best essay writing ai

AI is not intelligent. It is an algorithm of wholesale robotic plagiarism that is looting the content of the web without credit or compensation to the original sources.

Here you are endorsing it’s use in a way that undermines & defrauds the livelihoods of professional writers.

It’s not just disrespectful, it’s actually destructive, and I’m not impressed.

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    StudyCrumb - Best AI Essay Generator to Use for Free. While many AI essay writing platforms charge high fees or recurring subscriptions, StudyCrumb is 100% free. Launched by the Crumb4Life company, which is based in Estonia, this trusty AI essay generator is completely risk-free and perfect to add to your academic arsenal.

  18. AI Essay Writer Tools Explained

    An AI generator work s by using prewritten responses and patterns learned from the data on which it has been trained to answer your input. Using AI detectors, many universities have started checking whether a student is using AI to write their essays. In simple terms, AI detectors look for patterns in the writing.

  19. Free AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant

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  20. AI Detector

    An award-winning enterprise AI detector that has you fully covered. With over 99% accuracy, model coverage that includes ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude, and detection in 30 languages, you're fully covered with the market's most comprehensive AI detector and checker. Combined with the award-winning Plagiarism Detector, Codeleaks Source Code ...

  21. What is ChatGPT & 10 Creative Ways To Use It in 2024

    Because ChatGPT is a conversational tool, it will try to utilize earlier prompts in the thread for relevancy. Based on this process, you can use ChatGPT to trim excess fluff, spot misspellings, make things more concise, or provide ideas on making your copy more relevant. 4. Creating WordPress Plugins.

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