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  2. How To Use ChatGPT to Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

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  5. How To Make ppt Using Chatgpt?

    make presentation with chatgpt

  6. How to use ChatGPT to create PowerPoint presentations

    make presentation with chatgpt


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  1. How to Use ChatGPT to Make a PowerPoint or Google Slides

    Before ChatGPT can create a complete PPT presentation, it needs to start with an outline. Make sure the prompt is clear and concise. Use the following prompt or a variation of the prompt: Write an outline for a PowerPoint presentation about the following topics: [topic 1], [topic 2], [topic 3]... It must be [#] slides.

  2. SlidesGPT AI PowerPoint Generator Powered by ChatGPT API

    You can think of SlidesGPT as ChatGPT for PowerPoint: you'll get AI generated PowerPoint presentations within seconds. Just start by entering a prompt with your desired topic. SlidesGPT then uses ChatGPT's AI to create ppt slides based on your input. We support file formats including PowerPoint, Google Slides as well as PDF.

  3. How To Plan and Create a PowerPoint Presentation With ChatGPT and

    Step 1: Set the Stage. Start by providing ChatGPT with a clear and concise briefing. This includes the presentation's topic, the intended audience, and the key messages you want to convey. Make sure to be specific, as this helps the AI generate more focused content. Don't submit the prompt yet, or if you accidentally do just use the "Stop ...

  4. Can ChatGPT make PowerPoint presentations? Yes, here's how

    Yes, ChatGPT can make PowerPoint presentations! ChatGPT can create .pptx files by using a plugin. Plugins are only accessible via a paid plan, for which you have three options. ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Team, and ChatGPT Enterprise subscriptions enable plugins for PowerPoint creation, and the plugins themselves are free.

  5. How to use ChatGPT to create PowerPoint presentations

    Step 3: Copy and paste the ChatGPT output into Plus AI. Install the Plus add-on and click Extensions -> New presentation with Plus AI. Once Plus AI is open, copy and paste the presentation outline from ChatGPT and click the Generate button. Note: Make sure you select the right number of slides for your presentation.

  6. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation using ChatGPT

    You can run the code and obtain a PowerPoint file in the following steps. Firstly, open your PowerPoint application and create a new presentation. Then, you should find "Visual Basic Editor" in the "Tools" menu, under "Macro" submenu. Launching Visual Basic Editor. You should see a "VBAProject" window in the Visual Basic Editor.

  7. From CHATGPT to a POWERPOINT presentation! Step-by-step guide

    Learn how to turn the power of CHATGPT into a dynamic PowerPoint presentation with this step-by-step guide! 😨 In this video, I'll walk you through the proce...

  8. How to Create Presentations with AI using ChatGPT

    Best practices for using ChatGPT in presentations. Now it's time to brief some tips to help presenters extract the potential of ChatGPT for presentations at its current state-of-the-art. Avoid complex inputs. Asking a detailed question can make ChatGPT crash. You can question whether it is your mistake or just the server overloading.

  9. How to Use ChatGPT to Create a Presentation

    Check Replace Existing Slides . Go to the Themes tab and select a style. When all is set, go back to the Text tab and click Create Slides . SlidesAI will now take the text you generated with ChatGPT and use it to automatically create the slides for your presentation. This can take a while, depending on your input.

  10. Create PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes with ChatGPT Plugin

    Learn how to create stunning PowerPoint presentations using the ChatGPT Plugin in this comprehensive tutorial. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this g...

  11. 4 Genius Ways To Use ChatGPT To Create A PowerPoint Presentation

    🔥 Method #2 Use ChatGPT to Automate Presentation Creation Using VBA Codes. The next method simplifies the first approach into just a few clicks. It involves using ChatGPT to generate a series of VBA codes, which you can then add to PowerPoint to have them translated into individual slides.In other words, you don't need to instruct ChatGPT to generate slide outlines, then create slide ...

  12. Presentations.AI

    ChatGPT for Presentations Create stunning PPTs at the speed of thought with the world's best AI slide maker. You focus on the story. We handle the fine print. ... Your product put together a near perfect presentation that I only needed to make minimal changes to. Erin T. Roussey - US Coating Innovations, Inc. Your product is clearly extremely ...

  13. How to Create PowerPoints with ChatGPT (Step-by-Step)

    Table of Contents. Method 1: Direct Conversion with ChatGPT. Step 1: Uploading Your Article. Step 2: Crafting the Presentation Outline Prompt. Step 3: Generating the PowerPoint Presentation. Step ...

  14. 3 Ways to Create Presentation with ChatGPT

    Step 2: Click on "Generate Presentation". SlideSpeak extracts key ideas from the documents. Review and edit these if needed. Create presentation with SlideSpeak GPT. Step 3: Choose a ...

  15. Crafting Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations with ChatGPT: A ...

    Method 1: ChatGPT Slide Outline Step 1: Access ChatGPT on Head over to to access the ChatGPT interface. It's the first step towards transforming your presentation style.

  16. Create a Complete Powerpoint Presentation with ChatGPT

    ChatGPT can now create an actual powerpoint slide show with a simple text prompt.Let me show you the step by step process and then I'll show you a couple of ...

  17. ChatGPT

    Create engaging PowerPoint slides and presentations with Slide Maker GPT!

  18. ChatGPT will create an entire PowerPoint presentation for you

    ChatGPT PowerPoint (Image credit: Microsoft). Check out the following use cases below to see how Copilot will power other Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft Word - Get rid of "writer's block" by using ...

  19. 12 ChatGPT Prompts For Engaging PowerPoint Presentations In 2024

    Below are 12 ChatGPT prompts that, with a little fine-tuning and background context from you on the details of your presentation, can help you craft and deliver a highly engaging presentation at ...

  20. HOW TO: Create a PowerPoint (or Google Slides) Deck with ChatGPT

    ChatGPT creates the slide deck with Slide Maker and shares the URL to your download. STEP 3: Elevate with Imagery. A presentation without visuals is like a sky without stars. With the ImageSearch ...

  21. How to Use ChatGPT to Make Engaging Technical Presentations

    ChatGPT can help you prepare the content for each slide: Text Content: Use writing exercises like "Write a brief sentence discussing how Machine Learning has affected modern businesses.". Bullet Points: Highlight important details in bullet points. For example: "Convert this paragraph into bullet points.". Visual Suggestions: Ask ...

  22. 2 Genius Ways To Use ChatGPT To Create A PowerPoint Presentation

    Save hours, generate slides using ChatGPT and PowerPoint Designer. 5mins tutorial.Chapters:0:00 Intro00:14 Method one02:48 Method twoSFX:From Pixabay-------...

  23. Everything you should know about ChatGPT's Siri integration ...

    The other key piece of Apple's privacy story with its ChatGPT integration is that whenever you make a Siri request that will tap into ChatGPT, you have to provide your explicit permission first.

  24. pptx形式で出力できる!ChatGPTを使ってどこまでパワポでスライド作成できるかやってみた


  25. Apple's Most-Awaited Siri AI Upgrade Will Not Come Until 2025: Report

    Deepwater Asset Management's Gene Munster predicted that the integration of Microsoft Corp.-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT on the iPhone would be the "biggest upgrade in Siri's 13-year history."

  26. Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations with ChatGPT

    ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to support the content creation process for a PowerPoint presentation, providing inspiration, research assistance, language re...

  27. ChatGPT Forces Universities To Adapt Or Retreat

    ChatGPT is forcing institutions to rethink assessment methods. ... project-based assessments, problem-solving scenarios, oral presentations or debates, collaborative group projects, reflective ...