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A global warming essay is a popular assignment in schools and colleges. Over here, our experts came up with 191 amazing titles that you can use for practice or inspiration.

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  • The impact of global warming on physical geography.
  • The benefits and limitations of solar power.
  • Contribution of deforestation to climate change.
  • How successful are international climate agreements?
  • Comparing the average carbon footprint across different countries.
  • How individuals can fight against global warming.
  • Largest contributors to the greenhouse effect.
  • What are the causes of global warming?
  • Changes in the sea climate over the last 20 years.
  • The impact of global warming on weather patterns.

If you study science, journalism, or politics, chances are that you will need to write a global warming essay at some point.

While finding things to write about shouldn’t be an issue, your paper must be structured well to receive an excellent mark. The following step-by-step process will help you to organize ideas and ensure that your essay on global warming flows logically.

1️⃣ Choose the right topic

If your instructor didn’t provide a list of possible topics to write about, you would need to do this yourself.

Ideally, the focus of your paper should be rather narrow, as this will allow you to demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills. For example, you could write about global warming causes and effects or comment on national policies that aim to prevent environmental damage.

Make sure that there are plenty of resources on your chosen subject and that it sounds interesting to you. Otherwise, the writing process will be more difficult.

2️⃣ Find sample papers on global warming, climate change, and related problems

There are plenty of example essays available on the Internet, so this shouldn’t take too long. While reading other people’s work, note how they structured key points. Write down any global warming essay titles that seem interesting, and then brainstorm to find an ideal name for your piece.

3️⃣ Create a list of key points based on your thoughts and research

Once you have a title, finding resources online is easy. Be careful to select scholarly resources, such as articles from academic journals, books, and official reports.

The information contained in news articles may be biased, so try to refrain from relying on them. As you read, write out the main ideas related to your subject and any thoughts and responses you have.

4️⃣ Organize your points into a proper global warming essay outline

The introduction should have some background information. Reserve your main arguments for the body of the paper. Each paragraph should begin with one key idea, followed by an explanation and examples. The information in the next paragraph should be connected to or follow logically from the arguments you present. This will help you to create a logical flow.

5️⃣ Write a strong global warming essay thesis

A thesis statement should reflect the focus of the work and be clear and succinct. If you are struggling with this part, ask a friend to read your outline and suggest what the main idea should be.

You can also check essay samples to see how other students structured their thesis. As you write the paper, return to your thesis to see if the content fits in with it. Do not include too much irrelevant information, as this will cost you marks.

6️⃣ Create a neat conclusion

The purpose of a global warming essay conclusion is to tie together all of your points and offer the reader a proper closure. For this reason, you should write a plan for your conclusion after you’ve mapped the rest of the paper.

Repeat your thesis statement at the beginning of the final paragraph and then offer more details by returning to the main arguments. Do not include any new resources of information in the end, as this will make your paper look unfinished!

Following the steps described above will assist you in writing an excellent, well-organized student essay on global warming! Before you begin working on your paper, check our samples – they will help you to make great global warming essay titles!

  • Effects of Global Warming on Human Health The increasing global temperatures cause the level of water in the seas to rise due to the melting of sea ice and glaciers.
  • Global Warming Advantages: A New Look at the Phenomenon Global warming will become a threat to it, and will save a lot of money that may involve in clearing and keeping the ice blocks off the roads.
  • Global Warming and Human Impact: Pros and Cons These points include the movement of gases in the atmosphere as a result of certain human activities, the increase of the temperature because of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of the oceans’ level that […]
  • Causes and Effects of Global Warming The following discussion comprises of the effects of the global warming as well as the mitigating measures to be put in place.
  • Global Warming as Serious Threat to Humanity One of the most critical aspects of global warming is the inability of populations to predict, manage, and decrease natural disruptions due to their inconsistency and poor cooperation between available resources.
  • Global Warming and Increase of Global Temperature Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth’s near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation.
  • Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Solutions When carbon dioxide emissions are released to the air, they remain in the atmosphere for over 100 years, and with time causing the temperature on the earth to increase, which results to global warming.
  • Climate Change – Global Warming For instance, in the last one century, scientists have directly linked the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere with the increase in temperature of the earth.
  • The Great Global Warming Swindle: Different Views on the Issue According to the film, the main aim of the scientific organizations is to get funding for the research of this problem and attract additional attention to global warming, while in reality, the climate is changing […]
  • Climate Change: The Complex Issue of Global Warming By definition, the greenhouse effect is the process through which the atmosphere absorbs infrared radiation emitted from the Earth’s surface once it is heated directly by the sun during the day.
  • Global Warming and Effects Within 50 Years Global warming by few Scientists is often known as “climate change” the reason being is that according to the global warming is not the warming of earth it basically is the misbalance in climate.
  • Global Warming and Melting of Polar Ice Sheets The collaboration of the different scientists allowed them to make the claim that due to global warming, there is an average increase in temperatures in recent decades.
  • Global Warming – The Biggest Threat in the 21st Century According to Solomon “global warming has become a question for citizens and not only for scientists”.”Global warming has implications on our quality of life-it affects our nutrition, and brings about adverse changes in natural phenomena […]
  • Impact of Global Warming on Arctic Wildlife High surface temperatures lead to “the melting of ice in Polar Regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions causing a rise in the ocean and sea levels, which affects the amount and pattern of […]
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Annotated Bibliography The author shows the tragedy of the situation with climate change by the example of birds that arrived too early from the South, as the buds begin to bloom, although it is still icy.
  • Global Warming Causes, Effects and Solutions This paper is an in-depth evaluation of the facts surrounding global warming, and it seeks to establish the causes and effects of the phenomenon, and proposes solutions for mitigating the effects of global warming.
  • ‘The Global Warming Myth’ by David Bellamy The argument against the occurrence of global warming, as highlighted by Bellamy who depicts it to be more of a myth in the general public instead of a reality, is based on the dubious nature […]
  • Can a Switch to Renewable Energy Sources Help Combat Global Warming? This paper will argue that since fossil fuels have been the primary contributors to the global warming problem, a switch to renewable energy sources will help to mitigate global warming and possibly even reverse the […]
  • Global Warming in the “Soylent Green” Movie The future of humanity and of the entire universe is determined, most significantly, by the power of man, which can be made use for the growth or the destruction of the world.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Fighting and Solutions The work will concentrate on certain aspects such as the background of the problem, the current state of the problem, the existing literature on the problem, what has already been attempted to solve the problem, […]
  • China and Global Warming Bearing in mind that global warming is such a threat to livelihood, it is imperative for China to start looking into ways of reducing its industrial activities for the sake of others living on planet […]
  • Global Warming Positive Aspects A sustained increase in the surface temperatures of land will lead to the melting of the Arctic Ice. This will lead to the formation of a new trade route that will cut the cost of […]
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment This paper explores the impacts of global warming on the environment and also suggests some of the measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of global warming on the environment.
  • A World Without Ice: Effects of Global Warming on Polar Regions The impacts of global warming in the Polar Regions are so clear and have severe repercussions that they led to the institution of the International Polar Year. Global warming is leading to a reduction of […]
  • Global Warming Causes and Adverse Effects Human activities which are referred to as anthropogenic factors are the major causes of global warming which have resulted into some effects such as sea level rise as natural factors are not known to account […]
  • The Global Warming Debate: Is It Real? Regardless of the side that has the truth, it is very important to treat the issue of global warming with utmost attention given the potential it has for causing misery on the planet.
  • Global Warming: Reality or Hoax? The scope of this concern can be evident in the fact that the position on global warming was an issue in the US presidential election, and still an issue of dispute between the leading parties […]
  • Aviation Impact on Air Quality and Global Warming The United Kingdom’s aviation sector is the largest, most mature, yet the fastest expanding source of CO2 emissions compared to any other industry in the country.
  • Major Impacts of Global Warming In Human Health Global warming is a rise in average temperatures on the earth surface due to human activities such as burning of coal and oil refining, eventually the activities cause emission of greenhouse gases in the air […]
  • An Analysis of the Global Warming Phenomenon Based on the First Law of Thermodynamics In addition, this energy must be equal in magnitude to that leaving the earth’s atmosphere since the earth is an open system. Therefore, the overall energy in the universe must be equal to the energy […]
  • Global Warming: Impacts, Adaptations and Mitigation In addition, the use of efficient energy methods also leads to a reduction and control of global emission and concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Is Global Warming Good or Bad? In my opinion, global warming causes adverse effects that outweighs the positives and therefore, efforts should be invested to manage it through mitigation in order to lessen greenhouse gases emissions, adapting to its effects and […]
  • Global Warming: Arguments for and Against In proving that global warming is not a theory but a fact, believers claim that, it impacts like: melting of arctic sea ice, rise in the sea level, surface temperature rise, melting of glaciers and […]
  • The Global Warming Problem and Solution Therefore, it is essential to make radical decisions, first of all, to reduce the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon, and natural gas. One of the ways of struggle is to protest in […]
  • Global Warming: Speculation and Biased Information For example, people or organizations that deny the extent or existence of global warming may finance the creation and dissemination of incorrect information.
  • The Dangers of Global Warming: Environmental and Economic Collapse Global warming is caused by the so-called ‘Greenhouse effect’, when gases in Earth’s atmosphere, such as water vapor or methane, let the Sun’s light enter the planet but keep some of its heat in.
  • Aspects of Global Warming Global warming refers to the steadily increasing temperature of the Earth, while climate change is how global warming changes the weather and climate of the planet.
  • Global Warming: Moral and Political Challenge That is, if the politicians were to advocate the preservation of the environment, they would encourage businesses completely to adopt alternative methods and careful usage of resources.
  • Climate Change: Global Warming Intensity Average temperatures on Earth are rising faster than at any time in the past 2,000 years, and the last five of them have been the hottest in the history of meteorological observations since 1850.
  • Challenges to Global Warming Control The fourth Conference of the Parties (COP) in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, saw US join over 150 nations in signing the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Global Warming Challenges and Potential Solutions Some of the recent encounters exemplifying the presence of global warming include the aspects of climate change which resulted in wildfires in forests such as those witnessed in the Amazon Rainforest alongside other evidence of […]
  • Effects of Global Warming on Marine Life Global warming has adverse effects on the marine life. It has led to the extinction of some of the animals and living things and has been necessitated by human activities.
  • Energy Sector and Effects of Global Warming In an interview that was conducted with some of the experts in this field, one of the respondents stated that “the government has the financial capacity to support the growth and development of renewable energy […]
  • Global Warming: Separation of CO2 The process of CO2 absorption has diverse advantages and disadvantages. The proper combination of solvent, packing, and conditions will reduce the costs of absorption of CO2.
  • Contributions of Methane to Global Warming This is because the amount of methane produced by ruminant animals is proportional to the ratio of nutrients that are available in the animal feeds.
  • Global Warming and Health & Emergency Sectors It is important to stress that ambulance service work in various communities is based on the quality of medical supplies and work of qualified specialists being the members of emergency team.
  • Sylvain Fleury: Global Warming Heats up Need for Malaria Vaccine The central thesis of the author, Sylvain Fleury, is that global warming is one of the major, if not the major, causes of this high spread rage of infectious diseases.
  • Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation However, most researchers agree that global warming is in fact taking place, based on three main pieces of evidence: the average temperature increase, the sea level increase, and the melting of glaciers.
  • Global Warming: Negative Effects to the Environment The effect was the greening of the environment and its transformation into habitable zones for humans The second system has been a consequence of the first, storage.
  • Phenomenon of the Global Warming and the Increase in the Temperatures of the Earth’s Global warming is the increase in the temperatures of the earth’s air surface and the subsequent increase in the water levels that is, oceans and sea levels increase.
  • Effects on Society From Global Warming In future books on history, the last decades of 20th century are going to be referred to as the time of ‘environmental/politically correct craze’, because during the course of this historical period, the enforces of […]
  • GIS Project: Global Warming and Its Causes For the GIS project, it is necessary to study the main aspects and problems of global warming and the way it affects the geographic presentation of the planet.
  • False Solution to the Problem and Global Warming: Nice Weather It is a false solution to the problem we face, and here, now, I propose a brand new form of action that may very well revolutionize the manner with which the issues at hand are […]
  • Global Warming Problem Overview: Significantly Changing the Climate Patterns The government is not in a position to come up with specific costs that are attached to the extent of environmental pollution neither are the polluters aware about the costs that are attached to the […]
  • Al Gore and Global Warming: Hurricane Katrina Was Avoidable The essay seeks to explore the roles played by the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership in the tragedy The terrible and devastating incidences of hurricane Katrina still linger in the minds of Americans and the […]
  • Global Warming: Physical and Economic Impacts In a bid to mitigate possible risks to the ecosystem as well as humankind due to the aftermath of global warming, a majority of the countries have thus far implemented various policies designed in such […]
  • Global Change Biology in Terms of Global Warming A risk assessment method showed that the current population could persist for at least 2000 years at hatchling sex ratios of up to 75% male.
  • Global Warming and Environmental Refugees Moreover, since environmental refugees have to leave their homelands, the developed countries are responsible for their relocation; thus, have to provide refugees with all the necessary financial and emotional support to ease their adaptation process […]
  • Global Warming Issues Review and Environmental Sustainability Whether it is the melt down of Arctic ice, the damage of the Ozone layer, extra pollution in developing countries; all sums up to one thing in common and that is global warming.
  • The Global Warming in the Future Problem Studies in the UK have found that warming could increase rainfall by more than 20 percent during the winter by the 2080’s and decrease it by the same amount during summer months in the southern […]
  • The Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming The film illustrates to a great degree how it was the greed of the oil and gas tycoons that have led to the dismantling of the electric car idea, but that they were not alone […]
  • North American Response to Global Warming The evident facts can be found in places changes in the rate of polar Warming in places like the melting glaciers in Montana as well as the declining marshes in the Chesapeake Bay, the bleaching […]
  • Global Warming: Ways to Help End Global Warming An innovative understanding of global warming has included it in the agenda of firms and governments. 5 trillion dollars are shouldering the responsibility of collecting and distributing information on the firms’ exposure to carbon emission-related […]
  • Global Warming-The Early Signs of Warning The main factor leading to this decrease in the average annual range of temperatures is an increase in the minimum temperatures; this however has not been accompanied by a commensurate increase in the average maximum […]
  • The Influence of Global Warming and Pollution on the Environment This essay is going to address global warming from a psychological point of view with an emphasis on the psychological and social reasons that make it important to tackle this problem which is threatening the […]
  • How Global Warming Has an Effect on Wildlife? According to one of the most detailed ecological studies of climate change, global warming is already directly affecting the lives of animals and plants living in various habitats across the world.
  • Global Warming Concepts Analysis In a grim and powerful assessment of the future of the planet, the leading international network of climate scientists has concluded for the first time that global warming is ” unequivocal”.
  • Global and Regional Responsibility in Conditions of Global Warming Global sustainability in relation to global warming is a term that has increasingly been in usage by people in various sectors of society and is seen as extremely crucial to saving the environment.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Impact on Health, Environment and the Biodiversity Global warming is defined in simple terms as the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface including the air and oceans in recent decades and if the causes of global warming are not […]
  • Global Warming: “An Inconvenient Truth” by D. Guggenheim It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the intricacies and complexities of the many environmental problems confronting society and by the belief that an individual is at the mercy of all the variables that threaten […]
  • Business vs. Global Warming: Discussion The temperature of the globe is rising and its consequences are knocking at the door of humanity. High temperature will increase the rate of evaporation of vast water reservoirs in sea, oceans, and rivers.
  • Global Warming Effects and Impact In this case we find that political leaders and business men have put this factor into consideration, whereby debates have come up to discuss on the ways of curbing this global warming by holding seminars […]
  • Atmospheric Pollution and Global Warming Green forests help in soaking the suspended particles in the air and thus clean the air for all of us to breathe.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Consequences Other definitions of global warming are “the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation”.
  • Global Warming. “An Inconvenient Truth” Documentary Al Gore discusses the political and economic of global warming and the main causes of the government’s apathy towards this problem.
  • Medical Anthropology: Global Warming and Health According to Singer and Baer, corporate globalization has the most negative effect on human health as it influences the creation of global warming and contributes to the spread of severe diseases such as cancer and […]
  • The Paris Agreement: Solution to Global Warming The Paris Agreement of December 2015 in France marked a significant milestone in the history of global environmental work since the majority of world leaders under the United Nations have gathered to prevent the future […]
  • Masdar City: A Step to Solving Global Warming According to Mezher, Dawelbait, and Tsaia, the UAE is a country in which the influence of negative environmental impacts is acute due to the industrial features of development in the state and intensive oil refining.
  • “Merchants of Doubt” Documentary on Global Warming When applying some of Rawls’ concepts of justice to the situation described in Merchants of Doubt, it becomes clear that the actions of tobacco companies and such public figures and scientists as Frederick Singer who […]
  • Global Warming and Possible Solutions The effects of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey on the United States and surrounding areas have caught a lot of attention from the media due to the size of the affected area.
  • The Paris Agreement and Next Steps in Limiting Global Warming The article outlined the findings of the research by Rose et al, who investigated the short-term implications of the agreement and argued that it was capable of bringing a meaningful change to the world.
  • Global Warming, Its Consequences and Prevention The main point of this research is to identify various possibilities and consequences that might be caused by global warming and to discuss theories of this phenomenon’s prevention.
  • Advertisement Analysis: Global Warming This instigates the interest to try to understand the essence of the advertisement message. Immediately after viewing the advertisement, a vivid person would develop a desire to associate with the advertisement since the setting of […]
  • The Visions of the Global Warming It is possible to note that the overall warming of the environment is evident. It is important to observe the recent trends to be able to understand the cause and effect relations between them.
  • Science of Global Warming and Climate Change I have decided to choose worldwide warming and climate change because these two issues affect the integrity and sustainability of the universe.
  • Gender Views on Global Warming in McCright’s Study He supports his point by stating that even though the female gender tends to believe the scientific consensus more, the men, on the other hand, have a better understanding when it comes to the issues […]
  • Global Warming Skepticism and Reliable Facts Principally, this has been majorly based on the fact that much of the human life greatly depends on the rather shifty environmental patterns; that is why scientists and environmentalists have been at the forefront of […]
  • Global Warming From a Social Ecological Perspective It is logical to assume that the more people participate in solving the issue, the greater the chances of success will be.
  • Polar Transformations as a Global Warming Issue Changes in vegetation due to global warming will be varying as the regions are covered with three main vegetation types: polar desert, boreal forest, and the tundra.
  • Global Warming and Anthropocene in Anthropology One of the most notable aspects of today’s living in the West is that, along with making possible the invention of new technologies, the ongoing scientific process also results in encouraging people to choose in […]
  • Global Warming and Alternative Energy Awareness Therefore, it is essential for life cycle managers to consider how the design and the development of the database will affect its disposal.
  • Global Warming Threat and Scientific Evidence For example, one of the latest articles by The Guardian talks about the effect of the global warming on the Arctic ice, which melts and causes local animals to suffer from the lack of food.
  • “Making Sense of Global Warming” by Eugene Sadler-Smith Thus, the article suggests a tool for approaching the issue of global warming, but Sadler-Smith highlights the fact that this aspect does not exhaust the possible ways in which the HRD can contribute to the […]
  • Global Warming in the Film “Politics of Doubt” Many scientists say that the menace of global warming is tremendous as the climate statistics show that the planet atmosphere temperature has been increasing since the 1980’s.
  • Global Warming and Man-Made Carbon Dioxide Factor It is a proved fact that carbon dioxide is one of the gasses that contribute to the creation of the greenhouse effect.
  • Global Warming: People Impact on the Environment One of the reasons for the general certainty of scientists about the effects of human activities on the change of climate all over the globe is the tendency of climate change throughout the history, which […]
  • Are the Effects of Global Warming Really That Bad? Regarding the thesis statement, the author indicated that global warming is a critical issue and the further changes in the temperatures could cause further detrimental effects to the environment and the lives of people.
  • Global Warming in “The Island President” Documentary Jon Shenk’s 2011 documentary The Island President depicts the tragedy of the small island nation of the Maldives endangered by the global rise in sea level.
  • Meat Consumption and Its Input on Global Warming However, reduction, shift to other sources of protein, and consumption of organically manufactured proteins, are some of the alternatives that environmentalists suggest to save the environment and reduce global warming.
  • Global Warming and American Physical Society The issue of Global Warming has always been thorny, and more so in the 21st century. In the eyes of Professor Callan, the rating of the American Physical Society plummeted drastically.
  • Global Warming Impacts on Canadian Arctic Security The onset of global warming has resulted in a significant rise in temperatures and the melting of ice in the Arctic region.
  • Global Warming and Its Impacts In particular, one should focus on the main effects of global warming; for instance, it is possible to speak about the transformation of agricultural production and the threats to food security.
  • Energy Development and Global Warming It is based on these factors that this paper will delve into the various factors that prove the existence of global warming and will attempt to create a method by which such a problem can […]
  • Global Warming and Its Consequences As for the secondary problem that the opposition is facing in relation to the species extinction due to the increase in the pace of global warming, the change of the natural habitat of the species […]
  • Climate and Conflicts: Security Risks of Global Warming In details, the article analyzes the relationships between the impacts of climatic stress factors and the anticipated responses. The article details the effect of greenhouse to the equality in the world.
  • Global Warming Results for Economics Thus, two articles in The Economist magazine recently that offer a slightly revisionist view of climate change and climate change models are very relevant to the operation of national economies.
  • Global Warming and Agriculture The first and the most obvious result of the global warming is the decrease of the harvest in the majority of regions all over the world.
  • The Ability of People Handling Global Warming On the other hand, opponents of global warming squabble that global warming is harmful to all the living creatures in the world.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Transportation processes have led to the prevalence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the fuels used to power most modern forms of transport are carbon-based.
  • Power Plants Role in Escalating Global Warming It shall highlight the extent to which global warming is caused by power plants and delineate the consequences it has had on the world as well as the potential dangers it poses to the world.
  • Impact of Global Warming on Wine Makers This paper will consider the ways in which the wine industry can adjust to the global warming phenomenon and continue producing high quality wines for the market.
  • On Why Global Warming Is a Reality Some of the debated issues include “the causes of global warming and whether the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature is normal or exceptional”. However, scientific research indicates that the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere […]
  • Global Warming Refugees: A Reality of the Twenty-First Century It is necessary to understand particular causes of migration to be able to develop efficient measures to help people. Therefore, it is clear that people are unlikely to come up with an efficient solution and […]
  • Potential Causes of Global Warming A greenhouse effect refers to the phenomena where water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other major gases in Earth help in sustaining the atmospheric temperatures near the surface of the Earth.
  • Global Warming and Natural Disasters As most people in the society are unaware of any relationship between global warming and flooding, the research aims at imbibing knowledge on the changes that are expected on the water levels in the society […]
  • The Role of the Arctic in Increasing the Effect of Global Warming Changes in climatic conditions in the Arctic affect the rest of the world because they increase global warming and contribute to the rising of the sea level.
  • Differing Views on Global Warming Issues It is crucial to bring on board the views of those who view global warming as a myth that need not to be addressed.
  • Global Warming: Justing Gillis Discussing Studies on Climate Change Over the years, environmental scientists have been heavily involved in research regarding the changes in climate conditions and effects that these changes have on the environment.
  • What Is The Scientific Consensus On The Rate Of Global Warming And Its Causes? Thus, basing on the scientific information at hand, it means that the more the quantity of gases emitted into the atmosphere the thicker the layer of the blanket and the warmer the earth.
  • Global Warming Is Real: Fundamentals of the Phenomenon So, first of all, there is a need to point out that global warming seems to be not only an environmental and climatic issue, but also one of the most important mechanisms of evolution.
  • Global Warming Effects on the Cayman Islands The effects of global warming are the social and ecological changes because of increment of global temperature. Causes of the greenhouse gases due to the human activities are shown below: On the other hand, human […]
  • Global Warming in Canada The increase in the concentration of green house gases consequently leads to a rise in the amount of thermal and infrared radiations on the surface of the earth.
  • Global Warming and Excess Carbon in the Atmosphere The changes in climate that have occurred are not sufficient to make the assertions that the world is in danger. The challenge is that the climate change supporters have gone to extents of politicizing the […]
  • The Seriousness of Global Warming The problem touches upon the rise of temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the influence of gaseous emissions and combustion gases, which are the reasons for the ecologists and scientists’ concern.
  • Concepts of Global Warming: Survival of Living Organisms This is because; the backbone of most global economies is agriculture and industrialization, factors that depend on the stability of the existing environmental conditions.
  • Global Warming Causes and Unfavorable Climatic Changes Others believe that the reason behind the occurrence of global warming is the negligence of people in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  • Global Warming and Coral Reefs The frightening evidence of the devastating tendencies in coral reef reduction can be illustrated by the case of the coral cover of the Rio Bueno, a coral reef site on the North East of Jamaica […]
  • Global Warming Effects: Greenhouse Gas and the Earth’s Atmosphere The burning of these fuels release tones of green house gases into the atmosphere which significantly contribute to the sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth.
  • Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming’s Effects on Populations To add to all the problems is the fact that the Earth is seeing a major depletion in the natural resources and fossil fuels which are the established source of energy that must be greatly […]
  • Climate Changes: Human Activities and Global Warming Thus, in regard to reduced ranges of temperatures, it is evident that the region experienced some of the harshest conditions in the wake of 1970s as well as the dawn of 1980s.
  • Global Warming Should Not Cause Panic From the above evidence provided by different scholars it evident that global warming is something that should not cause a lot of worries and panic to the people.
  • Global Warming: Causes, Effects and the Future Science of the greenhouse effect has been known for quite a long time where the similarity between the radioactive properties of the earth’s atmosphere and of the glass in a green-house has been pointed out […]
  • Global Warming: Fact or Fiction According to, global warming is the average persistent increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth’s surface leading to changes in global climate patterns over a given period of time.
  • Ways to Reduce Global Warming The objectives of this report are to identify the causes of global warming, to highlight the expected effects of global warming and to identify ways of reducing global warming.
  • Global Warming: Facts and Arguments In fact, the argument is that human activities are not substantial to cause global warming. They believe that changing human economic activities to reduce the impact of global warming is very expensive and is not […]
  • Global Warming Impact on International Business: Apple and HP The author posits that many nations in Europe perceive the upsides of global warming to include warmer summer and winters an attraction for more tourists, a favorable weather for growing Blueberries for local and international […]
  • Global Warming: Consequences and Effects As a result of man’s increased activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, global temperatures are increasing rapidly, with severe consequences to climate patterns, the wildlife, flora and fauna, and the health of mankind […]
  • Effects of Global Warming on Human Health, Human Welfare, and Human Settlements Populations that live in risk prone areas are more likely to suffer loss of land to the increasing sea level and risks of dangerous waves; when the temperatures increase; they lead to melting of the […]
  • Global Warming: “An Inconvenient Truth” The main effect of increased carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere is the high ice melting on different mountains. The recent occurrence of Hurricanes, tornados and typhoons is due to high temperatures in the oceans […]
  • Are Human Activities Behind the Exacerbating Level of Global Warming? Despite this controversy, reliable research has shown that the production of greenhouse gases by the activities of humans is the leading cause of global warming.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Effects | Essay Example Although people are not only aware but have also have tasted the impacts of these effects, very few individuals have taken the required action to save the earth from destruction, as most people still embrace […]
  • Global Warming: Since the Middle of the Twentieth Century and Next Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth’s near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation.
  • Global Warming Threats and Solutions The threat is real and unless we act appropriately, almost half of all earth will be under the sea at the turn of the century.
  • Causes of Global Warming Global warming is the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures due to a corresponding increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases, for example carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, which creates a ‘greenhouse’ effect: the retention of […]
  • Global Warming Outcomes and Sea-Level Changes The outcome of global warming has been exhibited by the melting of ice and snows in areas such as the Antarctic which has changed the average sea level of the whole world because the ice […]
  • Global Warming Exploration and Its Facts Despite the controversy that surrounds the causes of global warming, human beings are slowly beginning to appreciate the fact that much of the heating up of the earth’s surface is attributable to their activities.
  • Effects of Global Warming: Currently and Future One of the effects is the rise of the seal level due to the melting of the ice at the poles.
  • ESD Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming The balance of input of energy into the earth and its eventual loss control the earth’s temperature. Support segments will also avail their insights of the plan and comment on its closure or extension.
  • Effects of Global Warming on the Environment Global warming refers to the increase in the mean temperature of the air near the surface of the earth and oceans, which started in mid-20th century as well as its anticipated prolongation.
  • Health Effects of Global Warming Studies which have been conducted in the United States about the effects of global warming on human health and mortality have mainly concentrated on either the rise in days with extremely hot weather or the […]
  • Human Factor in Global Warming This has brought out the need of examining the link between global warming and radiation of the earth, factors which manipulate the conversion of the sun rays on the earth and the effects of human […]
  • Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming It provides an investigation of possible causes of the occurrence and particularly forms a critical view of the effects of population growth to global warming.
  • Global Warming: Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases The increase in plant growth triggered by the global warming stimulates reduction of carbon dioxide and thus decreases the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It One of the first signs of global warming is changes, noticeable to ordinary people: winters become milder and milder, lots of glaciers start melting, and the level of seas starts rising.
  • How Could Global Warming Impact Miami and Surrounding Areas?
  • How Aesthetic but Non-eco Friendly Choices Influence Global Warming?
  • Does Global Warming Exist?
  • How Do Anthropogenic Aerosols Have an Impact on Global Warming?
  • Does Air Pollution Help Reduce Global Warming?
  • How Are Human Activities the Primary Sources Contributing to Global Warming That Has Occurred Over the Past 50 Years?
  • Can Earth End Because of Global Warming?
  • How Can the Problem of Global Warming Be Solved?
  • Does Fossil Fuel Combustion Lead to Global Warming?
  • How Will China’s Options Determine Global Warming?
  • Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming?
  • How Could Global Warming Affect Our Health?
  • Does Global Warming Effect Hurricane Frequency and Intensity?
  • How Does Deforestation Cause Global Warming and Negatively Impact the Environment?
  • Can China Contribute More to the Fight Against Global Warming?
  • How Does Global Warming Affect Alaska?
  • Does Global Warming Mean the End of the World?
  • How Does Global Warming Affect Modern Day?
  • Where Is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming?
  • How Does Global Warming Affect the Environment?
  • Does Human-Produced Carbon Dioxide Contribute to Global Warming?
  • How Does Global Warming Affect Tropical Rainforest?
  • Can Nuclear Power Solve the Global Warming Problem?
  • How Did Globalization Go Bad From Terrorism to Global Warming?
  • Does Increased Carbon Dioxide Emissions Cause Global Warming?
  • How Does Global Warming Affect Climate Change?
  • Did Global Warming and Climate Change Cause the Degradation of Lake Chad?
  • How Will Global Warming and Building Envelope Change Buildings Energy Use in Central Europe?
  • Can Subsidize Alternative Energy Technology Development Lead To Faster Global Warming?
  • How Could Global Warming Cause an Ice Age?
  • Deforestation Research Ideas
  • Extinction Research Topics
  • Greenhouse Gases Research Ideas
  • Desert Research Ideas
  • Ecosystem Essay Topics
  • Global Issues Essay Topics
  • Wildlife Ideas
  • Environmentalism Essay Topics
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IvyPanda . "197 Global Warming Essay Titles & Examples." October 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/global-warming-essay-examples/.

183 Global Warming Essay Topics

NASA named July 2023 as the hottest month ever since 1880. This news cannot be ignored, and we suggest delving into this urgent issue that is reshaping our planet. In this compilation of global warming essay topics, you will find title ideas about how human activities impact the environment, what collective actions are required to battle it, and others.

🌡️ TOP 7 Global Warming Topics

🏆 best global warming essay topics, 🎓 interesting global warming essay titles, 👍 debate topics on global warming, 💡 simple global warming essay topics, 🌶️ catchy global warming topics, 📌 easy global warming essay titles, ❓ global warming research questions.

  • The Problem of Global Warming and Ways of Its Solution
  • Extreme Weather and Global Warming
  • Global Warming and Ozone Depletion
  • Effects of Global Warming: Essay Example
  • Global Warming is Not a Myth
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Al Gore’s Speech on Global Warming
  • Global Warming Effects on the Environment and Animals Global warming is a threat to the survival and well-being of human and animal life. This discussion aims to provide the effects of the current global warming threats.
  • How Global Warming Affects Wildlife Global warming is a matter of great concern since it affects humans and wildlife directly, and this issue should be addressed appropriately.
  • Global Warming: Myth or Reality? Global warming can be described as a progressive increase in the earth’s temperature as a result of a trap to greenhouse gases within its atmosphere.
  • Global Warming and Business Ethics Business ethics is significant in promoting effective industrial activities that promote environmental conservation and reduce global warming.
  • The Effect of Global Warming and the Future Global warming effects are the social and environmental changes brought-about by the increase in global temperatures.
  • Fast Fashion and Its Impacts on Global Warming Fast fashion contributes to this change in weather conditions due to its improper disposal, leading to the release of emissions into the atmosphere, thus causing global warming.
  • Car Emissions and Global Warming The emissions problem that is caused by the excessive use of cars is an issue that affects most of the modern world and needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further adverse impact.
  • Global Warming and Mitigation Strategies The paper outlines causes of global warming and possible impact on human beings. There is also an evaluation of strategies applied in realization of environmental sustainability.
  • Greenhouse Effect as a Cause of Global Warming The report serves an informative function and is designed to explore the nature of global warming through the greenhouse effect.
  • Consequences of Global Warming Although the opinions about the causes of climate change are diverse, the effects of human activities and natural elements are similar and lead to global warming.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities, mainly through the energy and transport sectors.
  • Global Warming: Issue Analysis Global warming is a term commonly used to describe the consequences of man- made pollutants overloading the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases causing an increase of the average global temperature.
  • Global Warming: Causes, Factors and Effects The main factors that have been attributed to the resulting global warming are the green house gas effects, differences in the solar and also volcanoes.
  • Journal and Newspaper Collection on Global Warming This paper comments on Journal/ newspaper article on global warming from major newspapers and journals around the world
  • Global Warming: Causes and Consequences Global warming is the result of high levels of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and ozone) in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Global Warming as a Humanity’s Fault World leaders were forced to hold discussions in Kigali, Rwanda, in late 2016 to establish a deal addressing mechanisms to be adopted to curb global warming.
  • Global Warming With an Emphasis on the Arctic This paper presents the impact of global warming with a focus on the Arctic region. It also provides key solutions that can be implemented to reduce its effects.
  • Global Warming Causes and Impacts This paper endeavors to delineate the history of global warming, the causality and every potential revelation towards diminution of the impacts of global warming.
  • The History of Climate Change and Global Warming Issue The paper states that the history of climate change and the solutions communities opted for are critical to tackling the current global warming issue.
  • Climate Change and Global Warming Awareness If people continue to have misconceptions about global warming, climate change will negatively impact weather, food security, and biodiversity.
  • Endogenous Substitution Among Energy Resources and Global Warming
  • Global Warming and Developing Countries: The Possibility of a Solution by Accelerating Development
  • Can Nuclear Power Solve the Global Warming Problem
  • The Kyoto Protocol and the Causes and Effects of Global Warming
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis: Testing Its Robustness by Granger Causality Analysis
  • Using Hydropower Help Stop Global Warming
  • Global Warming and Risk of Resources War
  • Environmental Issues That Impact the Tourism Industry: Global Warming Causes
  • Global Warming Atmosphere Heat Gases
  • The Paris Agreement: Solutions to the Issue of Global Warming
  • Each Citizen Should Aim to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint to Halt Global Warming
  • Atmospheric Pollution the Atmospheric Issues and Global Warming
  • Combating Global Warming and Other Problems Associated With Fossil Fuels
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Human Society
  • Global Warming and Its Threat to the Future of Wildlife and Its Habitat
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming: Man’s Influence in the Environment Critical Thinking
  • Global Warming and Planetary Dangers
  • Global Warming and Endogenous Technological Change: Revisiting the Green Paradox
  • The Global Warming Potential Paradox: Implications for the Design of Climate Policy
  • Does Increased Carbon Dioxide Emissions Cause Global Warming
  • Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
  • America Should Take the Lead in Stopping Global Warming
  • Deforestation: Global Warming and Percent Grass
  • Are Global Warming and Economic Growth Compatible? Evidence From Five OPEC Countries
  • Did Global Warming and Climate Change Cause the Degradation of Lake Chad, Africa’s Most Important ‘Ecological Catastrophe’
  • Economic Model for Global Warming The adoption of various economic models is a superior strategy that appears promising and capable of guiding policymakers and nations to tackle the predicament of climate change.
  • Global Warming From a Social Studies Perspective The inability to find a balance between human needs and the consequences of their realization for the environment leads to conflict resulting in global warming.
  • Global Warming, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion Global warming refers to an increase in the Earth’s average temperature that is characterized by rising global surface temperatures and the accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and Moral Responsibility The work of the American professor of ethical sciences Sinnott-Armstrong approaches the phenomenon of global warming in terms of individual and collective responsibility.
  • Global Warming and Other Ecology Issues The results of global warming will always remain a topic of controversy. Most scientists will always agree and disagree on the real effects of global warming on human life.
  • The Issue of Unstoppable Global Warming and Its Effects Drought levels shall increase if the temperatures remain high, evaporation shall increase too, mostly at summer and fall, could worsen famine, and the danger of wildfires.
  • Car Emission Effects on Global Warming Car emissions are expected to aid policy makers in national governments, automobile manufacturers, fuel industry CEOs and city planners.
  • Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment The Global Warming is a process which points out an increase of approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. Causes and effects of global warming bear in present days an equivocal character.
  • Worldwide Effects of Global Warming The article conveys Trenberth’s message about the far-reaching implications of global warming on climate and the urgent need for collective action to address its consequences.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change and Their Impact on Humans Climate change and global warming are significant issues with negative impacts on all aspects of human life; for example, they disrupt the food web, hurting humans and wildlife.
  • Devastating Effects of Global Warming The incapacitating consequences of a changing climate have resulted in significant distress among vulnerable populations as they face various challenges.
  • Global Warming and Crop Production in Africa Many people are aware of the current and future negative effects of global warming. Global warming will cause severe reductions in the crop in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.
  • Global Warming: “Hopeful Lessons From the Battle to Save Rainforests” The “Hopeful lessons from the battle to save rainforests” video proposes several solutions to deforestation and global warming.
  • Global Warming Effects on Earth Global warming presents a considerable threat by having an enormous influence on humanity’s social, economic, and physical state.
  • Global Warming and Economics Discussion The article discusses that at the international level, the carbon tax is not always conducive to climate change regulation.
  • Global Warming: The Importance of Addressing the Climate Crisis The paper states that global warming has many consequences. Multiple scientific discoveries emphasize the importance of addressing the climate crisis urgently.
  • Examining the Potential of Digital Earth Services in Connection to Global Warming In this work, the primary characteristics of global warming will be discussed with the implementation of digital Earth tools, examining the data from these sources.
  • Global Warming in Relation to Human Population Size The density of the world population in the future is a crucial component of climate policy to safeguard the vulnerable future generation.
  • Iron Fertilization: Solving Global Warming The discussion in this paper considers some of the international as well as maritime laws that deal with the application of iron fertilization as a method of mitigating global warming.
  • How Car Emissions Affect Global Warming This paper examines the concept of global warming with a focal point on the emissions of gases by cars and other automobiles.
  • Carbon Emission Effects and Global Warming Laws In this essay, we are going to look at recent laws and policies that can deal with the effects of carbon emission and global warming in general.
  • Climate and Social Change in Global Warming Crisis People in the community should be encouraged to change their behaviors and make better personal choices to mitigate the global warming crisis.
  • Climate Change: The Leading Cause of Global Warming The chosen issue is climate change because it is a social dilemma triggered by human activity and will need joint efforts to reduce or alleviate its adverse effects.
  • Climate Change Skepticism in Relation to Global Warming The researcher has used the most appropriate research design that enables her to take a closer look at climate change skepticism.
  • The Issue of Global Warming in the Community To effectively mitigate the effects of global warming in the community, the team will be made up of three experts in different disciplines closely related to the environment.
  • Global Warming: Do Human Activities Threaten to Change Climate? The greenhouse gases that cause global warming can only be present in the atmosphere if they are emitted and their emission can only come out of the activities of human beings.
  • Global Warming: Is It Caused by Nature or Mankind? The greenhouse effect is a term that describes an increase of the average global temperature and is often associated with global.
  • Global Warming and the Effect on Plant Diversity
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on Coastal Cities
  • Weakening Dust Storm Intensity in Arid Central Asia Due to Global Warming Over the Past 160 Years
  • Can Earth End Because of Global Warming?
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on the Marine Ecosystem
  • The Greenhouse Effect and Its Relationship to Global Warming
  • Global Warming and the Need for Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Global Agricultural Trade Pattern in a Warming World: Regional Realities
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Earth’s Surface, Oceans
  • Accounting for Global Warming Risks: Resource Management Under Event Uncertainty
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Natural Disasters
  • The Global Warming Phenomenon: Is It Real or Not
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on the Quality of Life on Earth
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on the Human Body
  • Global Warming and Electricity Demand: A Study of California
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Melting the Marine Life
  • The Multiple Climate Change Indicators of Global Warming
  • Adaptation Behaviors Across Ecosystems Under Global Warming: A Spatial Micro-Econometric Model of the Rural Economy in South America
  • Global Warming and Extreme Events: Rethinking the Timing and Intensity of Environmental Policy
  • Global Warming and the Changes of Temperature on Earth
  • Counteracting Global Warming With Artificial Leaves
  • Global Warming and Ice Age
  • What Role Can Nuclear Power Play in Mitigating Global Warming
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Impacts on Hurricanes and Cyclones Worldwide
  • The Long Term Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Controversy About Global Warming: Skepticism and Reality There are two different points of view on global change. Skeptics believe that global warming is a natural process. Another thinks that it is the result of an exclusive human activity.
  • Global Warming: Harmful Impact on the Polar Bears The natural existence of Polar bears directly depends on the global warming process due to numerous reasons. Global warming fosters the spread of poisoned substances.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Response to Global Warming Global warming is a contemporary serious threat to our planet for the combustion of oil, coal, and natural gas contributes in changing the atmospheric balance of carbon dioxide.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Solutions Climate change has started to develop since the 20th century and is still in a progressive state of continuation. The true causes of the greenhouse effect are still open to discussion.
  • The Kyoto Protocol: First Framework for Fighting Global Warming The UN Conference, held in Kyoto, in 1997 focussed on creating an international agreement to fight global warming, by reducing greenhouse gases in developed countries.
  • Global Warming as Not a New-Fangled Issue Analytical research and an explanatory research have been seen to be helpful in many ways in order to increase the awareness that an audience has about the issues as global warming.
  • The Global Warming Crisis and Ways of its Solution The question of global warming has been a subject of discussion in a number of publications that attempt to describe what is happening and to suggest ways that we might help make a change
  • Issue of the Global Warming Global warming is an issue of growing concern, with the consequences of climatic change being felt in different parts of the world.
  • Global Warming: Solving a Social Problem Global warming may be a cause of the cooling in some parts of the world. Global warming can slow down ocean heat transport which becomes the reason for cooling in some regions.
  • Global Warming and Its Various Consequences The slowly overheating planet may carry a wide variety of repercussions for humanity as one of the species living on its surface.
  • Global Warming Leads Climate Change This paper aims to research scholarly literature in order to prove that the human race is largely responsible for global warming and climate change rather than considering it to be a natural course of existence.
  • The Paris Accord: Macroeconomics and Global Warming The 21st century has been characterized by the unstoppable emergence of industries due to diverse demands of the ever-increasing world population.
  • Virtue Ethics: Altering Testimony on Global Warming The paper discusses an important issue of censorship in regards to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention testimony on global warming.
  • Global Warming and Its Health Implications This paper reports on the possible effects of global warming on health, complexities associated with it and the significant general implication of the same around the globe.
  • Global Warming and Its Threats: Debates As human civilization continues to expand it brings with it an ever-increasing demand for resources such as food, raw materials, and space.
  • Global Warming Challenges Solving in General Electric Environmental solutions that favor the growth of the company rather than social responsibility drive the decisions and policies of the company.
  • The Issue of Global Warming Investigating the issue of global warming keenly would increase the understanding on whether it is a naturally occurring phenomenon or one that has been caused by human activities.
  • Global Warming Problems due to Economic Growth This paper investigates if it is possible to deal with global warming by reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption without any threats to economic development.
  • Global Warming and the Free Rider Problem This paper will examine the issue of global warming from an economic standpoint, as well as cover the free rider problem and how it affects the fight against global warming.
  • Iron Seeding Oceans: Global Warming Solution The principle behind iron seeding is the reduction of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. One of the major raw materials needed in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.
  • Biodiversity, Global Warming, Environmental Conservation Several pertinent issues manifest themselves in the discussion of nature. These issues include biodiversity, global warming, and environmental conservation.
  • The Problem of Global Warming and Its Effects Global warming is a problem that concerns everyone, and it is necessary to take action personally in order to prevent the development of the problem.
  • The Seriousness of Global Warming One of the most troubling ecological issues of the contemporary world is global warming. It is defined as an increase of global average surface temperature at an alarming rate.
  • Global Warming: Car Emissions Effects The paper will answer the question on how the car emissions affect the global warming. It has been noted that in the UK, cause various health problems to the people.
  • Environmental Studies of Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Natural climate changes occur in cycles in world, and they are caused by natural interaction with different forces, whereas human activities cause anthropogenic climate changes.
  • Environmental Studies: The Global Warming Holocaust Global climate change is a social issue that has captured the imagination of the world’s population. This issue is discussed in mass media and social media platforms.
  • Concept of Global Warming Human pollution is changing the climate of our earth and has increased global warming in the past half century.
  • Climate Change and the Future of Research on Global Warming According to Feygina, Jost, and Goldsmith
  • Global Warming Affects Polar Bears
  • Global Warming and How It Will Affect Soil Carbon
  • Will Global Warming Lead to Mass Extinction of the World’s Species
  • Global Warming and Changes in Marine Ecosystems: Economic Consequences and Adjustment Issues
  • Global Warming and Decreased Crop Production
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Our Environment
  • Eliciting Public Preference for Nuclear Energy Against the Backdrop of Global Warming
  • Could Slowing the Effects of Global Warming Save Our World
  • Waste Prevention and Its Effects on Global Warming
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Ecosystems by Stimulating
  • Global Warming: Polar Bears Are Endangered
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on Water Storage Systems
  • Global Warming and Its Effect on Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Counterarguing Coleman’s Allegations That Global Warming Is a Scam
  • Acid Rain, Global Warming, and Air Quality
  • The Three Reasons Why Public Transportation Won’t Solve the Global Warming Problem
  • U.S. Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe by Darryl Fears
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Global Warming: Could Things Get Better Before They Get Worse
  • Global Warming and Electricity Demand in the Rapidly Growing City of Delhi: A Semi-parametric Variable Coefficient Approach
  • Global Warming Effects: Scientific Consensus on Temperature Changes
  • Environment: Global Warming and Current Carbon Dioxide
  • Will Biofuels Solve Global Warming?
  • Are Global Warming and Economic Growth Compatible?
  • Can Subsidizing Alternative Energy Technology Development Lead to Faster Global Warming?
  • How Global Warming Is Changing the World?
  • What Is the Economics of Hurricanes and Implications of Global Warming?
  • How Global Warming Can Trigger Infectious Diseases Development?
  • What Are the Economic Fundamentals of Global Warming?
  • How Much More Rain Will Global Warming Bring?
  • What Are the National Contributions to Observed Global Warming?
  • What Are the Biological Consequences of Global Warming?
  • What Is the “Damages Function” for Global Warming?
  • How Effective Are Public Policies Against Global Warming?
  • How Does Global Warming Benefit the Small in Aquatic Ecosystems?
  • What Are the Alternative Mechanisms to Control Global Warming?
  • What Is the Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It?
  • What Is the Spatial Economic Impact of Global Warming?
  • What Are the Effects of Global Warming and Urbanization in Cities?
  • What Are the Public Perceptions of Global Warming Issues?
  • Do People “Personally Experience” Global Warming?
  • What Are the Robust Responses of the Hydrological Cycle to Global Warming?
  • What Is the Status and Prospects of Renewable Energy for Combating Global Warming?
  • How Warm Days Increase Belief in Global Warming?
  • Can China Contribute More to the Fight Against Global Warming?
  • Can Advances in Science and Technology Prevent Global Warming?
  • How the Public Engages With Global Warming?
  • What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming?

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176 Topics for a Global Warming Essay + Outline & Writing Guide

Do you close a faucet while brushing your teeth?

♻️ Have you switched to reusable cotton swabs, grocery bags, personal hygiene items, and other sustainable things?

You probably know how all these tiny subjects affect our planet’s climate. And here we are to discuss this massive issue.

Global warming and climate change are pretty challenging topics. And that happens despite a lot has already been said about these phenomena. It’s OK if you feel a bit overwhelmed, for the subject is broad and consists of various approaches and details.

  • Below, we offer you an excellent set of topic ideas for different types of essays.
  • BONUS: global warming essay outline and essential details about each essay type.

Study the article to grasp how to write a well-curated global warming composition entirely!

  • 🌡️ Major Approaches
  • 📑 Outlining Ideas
  • 🗣️ Argumentative Essay Topics
  • 🌍 Persuasive Essay Topics
  • 🖇️ Cause and Effect Essay Topics
  • 💡 Other Essay Topics

🔗 References

🌡️ major approaches to global warming.

Before we get to the list of global warming essay ideas, let’s warm up a bit.

All topics about climate nowadays are of current interest. So we decided to start this article by stating what the critical paradigms for global warming are. Here are some viable approaches and trusted resources you can use to defend any position.

1. There’s no Such Thing as Global Warming

Some claim that several-degree temperature changes are all-natural; nothing special about it.

  • Gutzler, D. (2000) Evaluating global warming: a post-1990s perspective . GSA Today, pp. 2-7.
  • Mills, T. (2010). Is global warming real? Analysis of structural time series models of global and hemispheric temperatures. Journal of Cosmology
  • Why do people still believe climate change is fake…
  • Is global warming real?
  • There is no evidence that ‘global warming’ was rebranded as ‘climate change.’

2. Global Warming Debates Are too Politicized

There’s an opinion that the debates around the issue are too politicized, and people believe in global warming only if they’ve noticed a temperature change themselves.

  • Crow, D. (2014). Culture, politics and climate change: How information shapes our shared future. Routledge: New York, NY.
  • Hamilton, L. & Stampone, M. (2013). Blowing in the wind. Short-term weather and belief in anthropogenic climate change. Weather, Climate, and Society
  • Psychological Factors Help Explain Slow Reaction to Global Warming, Says APA Task Force
  • Do people “personally experience” global warming, and if so how, and does it matter?
  • Why Seeing Is Believing—Usually—When It Comes to Climate Change
  • A Growing Majority of Americans Think Global Warming is Happening and are Worried

3. We Need to Understand the Causes

Global warming is a complex issue, and it is acting with many other environmental problems. Factors causing global warming are divided into two categories: human activities and natural causes.

  • Ring, M., Linder, D., Cross, E., & Schlesinger, M. (2012). Causes of the global warming observed since the 19th century. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 401 – 415
  • Causes of global warming explained
  • Global warming solutions explained
  • The Causes of Climate Change
  • Causes of Global Warming; Encyclopedia Britannica

4. Decision-makers Need to Do Something

The consequences of global warming should motivate decision-makers to act immediately. Climate change legislation has permeated international political discourse. The approaches of developed and developing countries differ a lot. Overall, the number of climate laws continues to multiply.

  • Daui, A. (2012). Climate changes in cities due to global warming and urban effects. Geophysical research letters, 37(9)
  • Martens, P. (2013). Modeling the impacts of global warming and ozone depletion. Routledge: New York, NY.
  • Averchenkova, A. et al. (2021). The impact of strategic climate legislation: Evidence from expert interviews on the UK Climate Change Act. Climate Policy, 21(2), 251-263.
  • How and when do we need to act on climate change?

5. We Need to Do Something ASAP

Global warming is the greatest threat of the 21st century. There is no time to analyze who, why, and how causes it. People should unite and start fighting it right away.

  • Baby, J., Jini, D. & Ajisha, S. (2011). Fight global warming with genetically altered trees . Asian Journal of Biotechnology, 3(4): 337 – 344.
  • Poterba, J. M. (1991). Tax policy to combat global warming: on designing a carbon tax. Global warming: Economic policy responses, 71, 97.
  • How can we combat climate change?
  • 10 Solutions for Climate Change

Sustainability and Government Resources in Climate Change Fight

Use these sources to write a great essay on global warming.

Need more information about global warming? Continue reading!

📑 Global Warming Essay Outline

If you are looking for ideas for an informative global warming essay, you are at the right place!

A good structure will make your paper readable, persuasive, and reliable. Since global warming is a multidimensional issue, you can be easily distracted from the central idea of a composition. It sometimes happens because there are lots of interrelated and similar sub-topics.

We quite understand that!

A clear plan will help you stick to the initial aim and elaborate on aspects vital to it. You’ll also find all the necessary features for each type of essay under the respective headlines below.

Are you thrilled enough by far?

Let’s get to the point!

Schematic outline for a global warming essay.

Global Warming Introduction Paragraph

First things first! An excellent start will set up a tone for the rest of the essay. You will need a good introductory paragraph for a paper about global warming. It’s not as backbreaking as building a spaceship!

An introduction should include the following points:

  • a brief description of your issue
  • some background information – to put the reader wise of your further arguments
  • a thesis statement

Are you ready to learn the secret of a successful essay?

It is the first sentence of the essay and a tool to grasp the reader’s attention, making them read your paper from the first to the last sentence. For example, you can use a rhetorical question, but it’s the most straightforward way.

Read our recent guide article about narrative hooks and how to use them:

🔗 15 Great Essay Hooks with Samples and Explanations

Let’s see what it can look like.

  • A metaphor used as a hook in a persuasive essay sounds powerful:

Heaven on Earth is risking becoming an absolute hell within the current century. Global warming causes animal and plant extinction on beautiful coral reefs and Alpine meadows. And it is not a question of aesthetics only. It is devastating for a considerable number of reasons.

  • Striking stats in an argumentative essay is one of the best tools to get the reader’s attention:

Is 20 billion US dollars much to pay for a single drought? Meanwhile, the economic loss due to the 2012 drought in the United States was around that sum of money, making it the most expensive drought in US history. And it is just one of the numerous examples of global warming’s destructive influence on the economy.

  • The famous quote has been ironically twisted for a hook in a satirical essay:

California’s definitely not dreaming of that: the state has been suffering from severe wildfires for recent years, not by chance. Forest fires and many other effects of global warming are appearing more frequently.

  • Vivid comparison is used in this hook for a synthesis essay:

CO2 is like Tony Montana of the environment-conscious world: evil, notorious, and no one understands him. But is the impact of this gas really so hazardous and terrible, as we are told?

Looks good, right?

Hooks always make your intro fresh and catchy. Don’t be lazy to use them properly.

Main Body of a Global Warming Essay

Now let’s speak about the essential part of the essay on global warming.

No doubt, the central part of your essay depends on the particular type of paper. In all cases, the body paragraphs comprise arguments and evidence necessary for supporting your thesis. Let’s dig a little deeper here!

🏁 Follow this scheme to make your essay excellent:

  • take up the first argument
  • elaborate on it as much as it’s needed to convince the reader
  • switch to the next statement and reveal its importance in the following body paragraph.

Be ready to divide all the information you present! If you have five arguments proving global warming is a human-made phenomenon, don’t compile them into one paragraph.

Sound logic will contribute to your essay and show you as a reasonable and consistent author.

Data for an Essay on Global Warming

Good news for those of you who can’t bear the idea of searching for statistics, data, and figures!

It is optional for some kinds of global warming assignments . However, it’s better to have some reliable information and sources in-store.

Some real-life experience will improve your essay, especially if it’s something that has been in the public eye already, like Greta Thunberg’s protests or Donald Trump’s tweets about warming.

Here is a list of reliable sources you can use to get some data:

  • Climate Monitoring; National Centers for Environmental Information
  • Datasets and Images; NASA GISS
  • Global climate change – statistics & facts; Statista.com
  • Maps & Data | NOAA Climate.gov
  • Climate Change Data; Worldbank
  • Climate Change Indicators in the United States; US Environmental Protection Agency
  • UN Stats Open Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub

There is something else about it! Global warming is a pretty controversial subject, despite many people admitting this problem due to climate change. Make sure that you draw valid evidence.

Conclusion of Global Warming Essay

Finally! The icing on our climate change cake, the final touch – the conclusion!

Should it be mentioned there’s no need to introduce any new information in that part?

If you’ve known that already, you are halfway there. Almost. We still have some crucial things in store to remind you.

The conclusion aims to sum up everything that has been said and told in the previous paragraphs. Avoid adding some extra information to the conclusion. Yes, even if you came up with new brilliant ideas only at the end. In that case, go back and try to edit your text and its logic.

It is time to wind up. And the best thing you can do at this point:

  • generalize all the facts and arguments,
  • suggest a solution or a couple if you found some.

Now you are ready for the climate change topics for your essay!

🗣️ Global Warming Argumentative Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

We can compare the argumentative essay with serious and formal debates. Aspects to consider when working on an argumentative essay:

  • you choose the line which you’d like to defend
  • then you start supporting it with solid arguments
  • you also remember that just your single opinion is insufficient
  • that’s why you add some views which are opposing your own

The global warming argumentative essay includes examples, survey results, references, and research in the body paragraphs. Some statistics while supporting your claims would also help. Your primary goal is to make the reader take up your position on a particular question.

  • Human-made catastrophe: Dramatic increase of greenhouse gas content in the atmosphere as a direct result of human activities.
  • Climate change as health determinant: Policy brief.
  • Are human-generated greenhouse gas emissions too insignificant to change the Earth’s climate?
  • Greenhouse effect and global warming.
  • What are the reasons to trust those scientists who claim that human activity is not to be blamed for global climate change?
  • Climate change and public health.
  • The most notorious substance in the ecological discourse: The truth about CO 2 contribution to global warming.
  • Climate change and energy efficiency in architecture .
  • Why is it essential to find alternative energy sources instead of coal-burning power plants?
  • Sixteen percent of all global CO 2 emissions belong to the USA: The reasons we should be aware of statistics.
  • Wind Energy: Current Status and Future Perspectives on the Energy Market .
  • Driving electric vehicles instead of classic fossil fuel ones is an essential step in fighting against global warming.
  • Greenhouse gases: Harmful impact on the external environment.
  • Should we take the economic collapse in the country seriously due to global warming?
  • Argumentative essay about global warming .
  • Planting trees, fabric shopping bags, reusable bottles: Fashion trends or natural aid in the battle with climate change?
  • Effects of climate change on global health.
  • Humanity is getting richer, and the Earth is getting poorer: cryptocurrencies and their immense negative impact on the global warming situation .
  • Sustainable lifestyles and eco-friendly living habits should be affordable for all populations to eliminate global warming effects.
  • Global warming as costs of environmental degradation.
  • The role of such organizations as NOAA : To reduce vulnerability and be prepared is essential due to some dramatic global warming consequences.
  • Impact of climate change and solutions.
  • Brave new world: We need more alternatives to internal combustion engines.
  • Carbon emissions and law.
  • Global warming affects the health of all Americans: We are becoming less healthy due to climate change.
  • Global warming causes.
  • We should stop blaming the sun for the Earth’s heating: The sun has nothing to do with it.

🌍 Global Warming Persuasive Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

You may be wondering if there is any difference between argumentative and persuasive essays. We’ve already got an answer! When it comes to a persuasive essay, there’s no urgent need for figures and statistics. Just imagine: your own words will be enough if they can call to the reader’s heart and excite vivid emotions!

It is about feelings rather than the mind.

Feelings VS Mind.

So you just need to know your audience to choose the correct keys. The First-Person Narration and Second-Person Narration phrases, such as “In my opinion” and “ I believe,” are commonly used in this type of paper.

  • After us, the deluge: One of the reasons we should act now is the future of our kids.
  • Extreme weather patterns and climate change .
  • We do too little for the Earth: Immediate international action is urgent to reduce greenhouse gas emanations.
  • Climate change’s impact on human living condition s .
  • Deforestation is becoming a growing problem: Do we want all these cute forest animals to die out?
  • Global warming: Future summers.
  • Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth isn’t sufficient for reducing dramatic water shortages.
  • Solar energy as an alternative energy source.
  • Sunshine State is in danger: The risk of irreversible coastal flooding in Florida due to global warming.
  • The Role of Renewable Energy in the Global Energy Budget.
  • Every detail matters: How does even leaving the door of your ice-box can contribute to the increase of the Earth’s temperature?
  • Discussion of climate change impact.
  • A great chance to take up a new hobby: Creating your garden can be fruitful both for you and Earth’s condition.
  • Global warming affecting the wildlife .
  • The ways we can use our social media platforms to spread awareness of global warming.
  • Climate change impact on nature and society .
  • Giant arctic mosquitoes are getting bigger: What should the next level of global warming be for us to admit the problem?
  • Transforming Waste into Sustainable Energy Source. How Does It Work?
  • California’s bad dreaming: Wildfires as a destructive effect of global warming.
  • Global warming problem.
  • Agricultural collapse: Would you like to pay 100 dollars for a loaf of bread or start acting against global warming?
  • Climate change crisis and ocean threats.
  • The Northeast of the US demands immediate help: The effects of global warming are becoming more noticeable.
  • Climate change: Melting ice and sea-level rise.
  • We should spare no expense in saving our planet: The importance of investing in commercial services that fight against global warming.
  • Global warming: Human responsibility.
  • A clash of titans: How come volcanoes release less CO 2 than humanity?
  • Global warming threat.
  • Not only rising in level but also more acidic: The changes that seawater faces due to global warming.
  • Saving Oceans and Coasts – Top Priority. How Does Climate Change Impact Them?

🖇️ Global Warming Causes and Effects Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

Cause and effect essay primarily considers two sides:

  • reasons why certain phenomena take place
  • the impact which they carry

To put it another way, when writing a cause & effect essay , one should observe the interrelation of different things . You should understand what came first and what consequences it brought.

In climatic processes, many aspects correlate.

For instance, if we take global warming itself, we can say it contributes to climate change. Another example: CO 2 emissions are one of the reasons global warming takes place. Mind that your essay may have a greater focus either on causes or on effects.

Here are some good global warming causes and effects essay topics:

  • Climate change impact on business activity in Malawi.
  • What do the most notorious hurricanes, Katrina and Sandy, have to do with global warming?
  • Global warming: Cause and mitigation.
  • Methane as a global warming trigger : How does the melting permafrost cause further climate changes?
  • Impact of global warming on city expansion.
  • Spreading deserts, devastating hurricanes, and lethal heatwaves: Effects of global warming we already face today.
  • Global warming, its causes, effects, and prevention .
  • How can cows save us from global warming catastrophe?
  • Oil Refinings and Gas Processing Effects.
  • The interrelation of asthma and global warming: High-level air pollution, pollen-producing ragweed, and other effects prevent us from normal breathing.
  • Agriculture and global warming effects.
  • Changing migration patterns of lobsters and birds: Are animals just bored with the old routes, or is it the effect of global warming?
  • Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions .
  • Time to change the habits: The effects of global warming on the lifestyle we are used to.
  • Anthropogenic causes of global warming .
  • Thanks to our ancestors: The real impact of the Industrial Revolution on global warming .
  • Global warming effect on temperature and agriculture.
  • We must consider a low level of consciousness as one of the fundamental factors which increase global warming.
  • Climate change: Primary causes and consequences.
  • Approaches of going green and ways of becoming more eco-friendly seem the most effective in fighting global warming.
  • Effect of global warming and climate change.

How to Go Green Starter Pack.

  • Transport Industry’s Input to Global Warming .
  • Vibrio Bacteria: How are diarrhea and liver diseases linked to global warming?
  • Global warming: Definition, causes, effects .
  • To be safe and sound or not to be: Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress as long-termed effects of climate change.
  • Global warming causes and effects.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emanations is admitted to be beneficial for mental and physical health.
  • Climate Change Effects on the Arab World.
  • Save our food: Global heating is a reason for pathogenic bacteria to multiply and invade our food supplies.
  • Causes of global climate change.
  • Refugees, homeless, and abandoned children: An unobvious connection between human trafficking and global warming.
  • Effects of temperature on global warming.
  • Pride of the nation: The impact global warming carries onto US national parks .

💡 Global Warming Opinion Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

An opinion essay structure can be described briefly in the following way:

  • start with rephrasing the initial question
  • agree or disagree with it.

If the essay requires you to reveal the degree of your admitting the point, make sure you express it straightforwardly.

When writing an opinion essay , a common mistake is a substitution of the topic or emphasis shift – don’t step off!

  • Responsibility zone: Climate change is not a problem for future generations.
  • Energy resources: The future of fossil fuels.
  • Greta Thunberg effect : A solid proof one can be helpful in the fight against global warming at any age.
  • Heaven or hell on Earth: Coral reefs and Alpine meadows may cease to exist because of global warming.
  • Climate change and politics of doubt: Expert opinion.
  • It is never “too late” to start taking action: The ability of humans to slow the rate of global warming.
  • Investing in energy-efficient appliances can be a good help in reducing the human impact of global warming.
  • Global climate change.
  • “Idle load” : How pulling the plugs in your house can save energy and thus reduce damage.
  • Global warming education: Should kids be taught climate change issues since the very childhood?
  • Global warming: Speculating about causes.
  • Can we consider the good news that the year seasons are still arriving on time as they have in the past?
  • Less frequent use of planes can make a big difference in climate change.
  • Global warming and climate change controversy.
  • The support of your local businesses is an essential step to reducing global warming effects.
  • Measuring and mapping: Being aware of global warming hazards can help us prevent many negative impacts.
  • Explaining climate science in the modern world.
  • Humanity should work on its greed: The signs proving overconsumption contributes to global warming.
  • Two dangerous D’s: denial and delay, are the most frequent human vices for global warming.
  • Wind: Energy for the future.
  • The gaps in infrastructure: We are simply not ready to cover all the expenses caused by global warming effects damage.
  • Wind as an alternative energy source : Why is wind power suitable for individual consumption but not for industrial production?

🌞 Global Warming Synthesis Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

If you have to review several different sources with diverse views, you get a synthesis essay .

The main requirements of a synthesis essay are:

  • to explore a compilation of opinions
  • to evaluate how they relate to your thesis
  • to classify data
  • and present it in organic unity

It takes thorough pre-writing work , and you should choose your sources carefully. Spend time examining them to make sure they are valid and ready to use.

  • The reasons to rely on scientists’ long-termed climate projections despite the mistakes in the regular weather forecast.
  • CO 2 is not the major greenhouse trigger gas: gases we should know about for the whole picture.

Major Human-Made Greenhouse Gases.

  • The scientific evidence shows that the globe is warming up and that it’s our responsibility.
  • Climate change & global warming: Universal strategy.
  • Are natural weather patterns a fundamental cause of increased hurricane activity and other extreme weather events?
  • Waste Diversion Programs in Ontario.
  • The power of devastation: Which factors have the worst influence on our agriculture and fisheries?
  • Global warming: Realities, challenges, and solutions.
  • The most effective methods of reducing the effects of global warming that people can implement in their locality.
  • The greenhouse effect.
  • 20 billion US dollars-cost drought: Economic sectors which suffer from global warming the most.
  • The global warming issue.
  • The real part of global warming in the disappearance of coral reefs: Is it significant enough?
  • Global warming: Threats, pollution and activities to stop.
  • You choose what to believe in: Different points of view on CO 2 influence on crops and vegetation.
  • Global warming and climate change: Economic aspects.
  • Are we moving toward or backward: What are the visible results of the human battle against global warming?
  • Definition of weather and climate .
  • More advantages or drawbacks: chances that nuclear power is an effective solution .
  • Everyday communication surrounding climate change.
  • International experience: Measures different countries take to reduce the damage from global warming.
  • Changes in the global climate model .
  • Which of all everyday products and life items are the least eco-friendly?
  • Global warming: Causes, effects, solutions .
  • A scientific approach to the problems of climate change and global warming.
  • Fossil, clean, and nuclear energy sources.

🦄 Global Warming Myth or Reality Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

People have always been finding reasons to argue, always!

Some people believe in one thing, and others consider it ridiculous. We cannot blame them, for they have the motives to think a certain way.

Global warming myth or reality essay requires:

  • Regarding controversial opinions + doing a little research on them
  • Evaluating whether the statement is the truth or a common misbelief.

Due to the diversity of information, there are many debatable topics about global warming.

Have a look at some of them 👀

  • Rising levels of atmospheric CO 2 do not necessarily cause global warming: Fiction or truth?
  • Climate change: How Exxon misled the public.
  • Do oceans and forests absorb human-produced CO 2 : Myth or reality?
  • No more threat: Global warming ceased in 1998 – myth or reality?
  • Climate change and global warming debate.
  • The truth and lies about renewable energy: Is it our future or just a way of money-making?
  • Adaptation myth: It’s time to face the truth that not all flora and fauna can fit into the new climate reality.
  • Global warming: A review of the evidence ‘pro’ and ‘con’.
  • Vegetarian heaven: Is the meat industry to be blamed for global warming ?
  • How come people nowadays live longer than ever before with global warming effects like air pollution?
  • The eco-friendliness of electric cars : Is it a lie that they are better than regular ones since they consume energy anyway?
  • Believing that global warming is just about warmer temperature is a large misconception.
  • Climate change and global warming: Are they real?
  • Getting rid of oil dependence will save us from fast-paced global warming: Myth or fact?
  • The benefits and positive sides of global warming: Are there any?
  • The global warming phenomenon debate .
  • If the temperature increases by two or three degrees, it will not harm us: A great lie to avoid the truth.
  • No time to die, no time to live: Why thinking that it’s too late to take action is a myth .
  • Myth or reality about drinking water: If glaciers melt, will we stop suffering from water shortage?

Global warming myths.

🎭 Satirical Essay on Global Warming. Topic Ideas & Examples

A satirical essay has to be seasoned with a nice portion of irony. The purpose is to point out vices and wrong opinions without being offensive.

Here are four practical tools for creating satire:

  • irony – you can use words in their opposite meaning to create an ironic tone
  • hyperbole – or exaggeration, can highlight a point you want to deliver to your reader
  • understatement – the exact opposite of hyperbole
  • allegory – use symbols to express your points.

Although climate change is a severe and acute issue, you shouldn’t feel guilty for playing around with it. Humor can be a great assistant in delivering a complicated point.

Our satirical essay topics on global warming:

  • Denial as a magic power: Can you cancel global warming using Twitter?
  • If I can’t see CO 2 emissions with my own eyes, it means there’s no danger!
  • Why do we need this ozone layer if we have many other pleasant things like deodorants and air fresheners?
  • How come I still need a warm coat in winter and can make a snowman if global warming is on?
  • Volkswagen cheating on emissions systems testing.
  • Should we get back to our roots and replace cars with horses to reduce CO 2 emissions?
  • Eternal summer : Global warming is an excellent solution for all these ugly winter overcoats.
  • The Climate Action Plan as “harmful and unnecessary policy”: Should we get to action despite the US leaving the Paris climate agreement?
  • What are renewable energy sources, except for heat and wind, that you haven’t been aware of?
  • Natural resource curse: why do some countries avoid it while others are unable to?
  • Yes, we know that climate change is a global issue, but can we put all the blame on China anyway?
  • Zero waste and less consumption ? No, global warming is just too big of a problem for me to even bother.
  • In case you didn’t know that extinct animals and plants don’t belong to renewable resources, you know now.
  • If we don’t handle the overpopulation of cities, we’ll have to deal with overpopulation in cemeteries eventually.
  • Climate refugees in Bangladesh and America.
  • A couple of reasons why animals and plants shouldn’t be sacrificed to save the “supreme” creation.
  • If getting cooked to death by the world isn’t your greatest dream, you should start considering global warming an issue.
  • Backup planet: Global warming is not an issue anymore since Elon Musk has already been working on Mars colonization .

Turns out to be not so difficult, huh?

Now with these examples of global warming essay topics, you’ll master the art of writing papers!

Anyway, we hope you read all of them; there’s plenty of breathtaking information and facts. Let’s discuss them in the comment section!

Below are some additional sources for your inspiration.

🍀 Good luck, and don’t forget to close the faucet!

  • NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Global warming and climate change effects: information and facts | National Geographic
  • 9 questions about climate change you were too embarrassed to ask | Vox
  • Global warming frequently asked questions | NOAA Climate.gov
  • Global Warming 101 – Definition, Facts, Causes and Effects of Global Warming | NRDC
  • Understanding the Global Warming Debate | Forbes
  • Climate Change Questions & Answers | The Nature Conservancy
  • What are climate change and global warming? | WWF
  • Climate Change | ProCon.org

Research Paper Analysis: How to Analyze a Research Article + Example

Film analysis: example, format, and outline + topics & prompts.

Essay on Global Warming – Causes and Solutions

500+ words essay on global warming.

Global Warming is a term almost everyone is familiar with. But, its meaning is still not clear to most of us. So, Global warming refers to the gradual rise in the overall temperature of the atmosphere of the Earth. There are various activities taking place which have been increasing the temperature gradually. Global warming is melting our ice glaciers rapidly. This is extremely harmful to the earth as well as humans. It is quite challenging to control global warming; however, it is not unmanageable. The first step in solving any problem is identifying the cause of the problem. Therefore, we need to first understand the causes of global warming that will help us proceed further in solving it. In this essay on Global Warming, we will see the causes and solutions of Global Warming.

essay on global warming

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming has become a grave problem which needs undivided attention. It is not happening because of a single cause but several causes. These causes are both natural as well as manmade. The natural causes include the release of greenhouses gases which are not able to escape from earth, causing the temperature to increase.

Get English Important Questions here

Further, volcanic eruptions are also responsible for global warming. That is to say, these eruptions release tons of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. Similarly, methane is also one big issue responsible for global warming.

global warming essay prompts

So, when one of the biggest sources of absorption of carbon dioxide will only disappear, there will be nothing left to regulate the gas. Thus, it will result in global warming. Steps must be taken immediately to stop global warming and make the earth better again.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Global Warming Solutions

As stated earlier, it might be challenging but it is not entirely impossible. Global warming can be stopped when combined efforts are put in. For that, individuals and governments, both have to take steps towards achieving it. We must begin with the reduction of greenhouse gas.

Furthermore, they need to monitor the consumption of gasoline. Switch to a hybrid car and reduce the release of carbon dioxide. Moreover, citizens can choose public transport or carpool together. Subsequently, recycling must also be encouraged.

Read Global Warming Speech here

For instance, when you go shopping, carry your own cloth bag. Another step you can take is to limit the use of electricity which will prevent the release of carbon dioxide. On the government’s part, they must regulate industrial waste and ban them from emitting harmful gases in the air. Deforestation must be stopped immediately and planting of trees must be encouraged.

In short, all of us must realize the fact that our earth is not well. It needs to treatment and we can help it heal. The present generation must take up the responsibility of stopping global warming in order to prevent the suffering of future generations. Therefore, every little step, no matter how small carries a lot of weight and is quite significant in stopping global warming.

हिंदी में ग्लोबल वार्मिंग पर निबंध यहाँ पढ़ें

FAQs on Global Warming

Q.1 List the causes of Global Warming.

A.1 There are various causes of global warming both natural and manmade. The natural one includes a greenhouse gas, volcanic eruption, methane gas and more. Next up, manmade causes are deforestation, mining, cattle rearing, fossil fuel burning and more.

Q.2 How can one stop Global Warming?

A.2 Global warming can be stopped by a joint effort by the individuals and the government. Deforestation must be banned and trees should be planted more. The use of automobiles must be limited and recycling must be encouraged.

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  • Ocean circulation changes
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  • Environmental consequences of global warming
  • Socioeconomic consequences of global warming

Grinnell Glacier shrinkage

How does global warming work?

Where does global warming occur in the atmosphere, why is global warming a social problem, where does global warming affect polar bears.

  • What is the Kyoto Protocol?

Brown layer of Los Angeles smog; photo taken on November 10, 2016.(California, environment, smog)

global warming

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

  • U.S. Department of Transportation - Global Warming: A Science Overview
  • NOAA Climate.gov - Climate Change: Global Temperature
  • Natural Resources Defense Council - Global Warming 101
  • American Institute of Physics - The discovery of global warming
  • LiveScience - Causes of Global Warming
  • global warming - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11)
  • global warming - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up)
  • Table Of Contents

Grinnell Glacier shrinkage

Human activity affects global surface temperatures by changing Earth ’s radiative balance—the “give and take” between what comes in during the day and what Earth emits at night. Increases in greenhouse gases —i.e., trace gases such as carbon dioxide and methane that absorb heat energy emitted from Earth’s surface and reradiate it back—generated by industry and transportation cause the atmosphere to retain more heat, which increases temperatures and alters precipitation patterns.

Global warming, the phenomenon of increasing average air temperatures near Earth’s surface over the past one to two centuries, happens mostly in the troposphere , the lowest level of the atmosphere, which extends from Earth’s surface up to a height of 6–11 miles. This layer contains most of Earth’s clouds and is where living things and their habitats and weather primarily occur.

Continued global warming is expected to impact everything from energy use to water availability to crop productivity throughout the world. Poor countries and communities with limited abilities to adapt to these changes are expected to suffer disproportionately. Global warming is already being associated with increases in the incidence of severe and extreme weather, heavy flooding , and wildfires —phenomena that threaten homes, dams, transportation networks, and other facets of human infrastructure. Learn more about how the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, released in 2021, describes the social impacts of global warming.

Polar bears live in the Arctic , where they use the region’s ice floes as they hunt seals and other marine mammals . Temperature increases related to global warming have been the most pronounced at the poles, where they often make the difference between frozen and melted ice. Polar bears rely on small gaps in the ice to hunt their prey. As these gaps widen because of continued melting, prey capture has become more challenging for these animals.

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global warming , the phenomenon of increasing average air temperatures near the surface of Earth over the past one to two centuries. Climate scientists have since the mid-20th century gathered detailed observations of various weather phenomena (such as temperatures, precipitation , and storms) and of related influences on climate (such as ocean currents and the atmosphere’s chemical composition). These data indicate that Earth’s climate has changed over almost every conceivable timescale since the beginning of geologic time and that human activities since at least the beginning of the Industrial Revolution have a growing influence over the pace and extent of present-day climate change .

Giving voice to a growing conviction of most of the scientific community , the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was formed in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), published in 2021, noted that the best estimate of the increase in global average surface temperature between 1850 and 2019 was 1.07 °C (1.9 °F). An IPCC special report produced in 2018 noted that human beings and their activities have been responsible for a worldwide average temperature increase between 0.8 and 1.2 °C (1.4 and 2.2 °F) since preindustrial times, and most of the warming over the second half of the 20th century could be attributed to human activities.

AR6 produced a series of global climate predictions based on modeling five greenhouse gas emission scenarios that accounted for future emissions, mitigation (severity reduction) measures, and uncertainties in the model projections. Some of the main uncertainties include the precise role of feedback processes and the impacts of industrial pollutants known as aerosols , which may offset some warming. The lowest-emissions scenario, which assumed steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions beginning in 2015, predicted that the global mean surface temperature would increase between 1.0 and 1.8 °C (1.8 and 3.2 °F) by 2100 relative to the 1850–1900 average. This range stood in stark contrast to the highest-emissions scenario, which predicted that the mean surface temperature would rise between 3.3 and 5.7 °C (5.9 and 10.2 °F) by 2100 based on the assumption that greenhouse gas emissions would continue to increase throughout the 21st century. The intermediate-emissions scenario, which assumed that emissions would stabilize by 2050 before declining gradually, projected an increase of between 2.1 and 3.5 °C (3.8 and 6.3 °F) by 2100.

Many climate scientists agree that significant societal, economic, and ecological damage would result if the global average temperature rose by more than 2 °C (3.6 °F) in such a short time. Such damage would include increased extinction of many plant and animal species, shifts in patterns of agriculture , and rising sea levels. By 2015 all but a few national governments had begun the process of instituting carbon reduction plans as part of the Paris Agreement , a treaty designed to help countries keep global warming to 1.5 °C (2.7 °F) above preindustrial levels in order to avoid the worst of the predicted effects. Whereas authors of the 2018 special report noted that should carbon emissions continue at their present rate, the increase in average near-surface air temperature would reach 1.5 °C sometime between 2030 and 2052, authors of the AR6 report suggested that this threshold would be reached by 2041 at the latest.

Combination shot of Grinnell Glacier taken from the summit of Mount Gould, Glacier National Park, Montana in the years 1938, 1981, 1998 and 2006.

The AR6 report also noted that the global average sea level had risen by some 20 cm (7.9 inches) between 1901 and 2018 and that sea level rose faster in the second half of the 20th century than in the first half. It also predicted, again depending on a wide range of scenarios, that the global average sea level would rise by different amounts by 2100 relative to the 1995–2014 average. Under the report’s lowest-emission scenario, sea level would rise by 28–55 cm (11–21.7 inches), whereas, under the intermediate emissions scenario, sea level would rise by 44–76 cm (17.3–29.9 inches). The highest-emissions scenario suggested that sea level would rise by 63–101 cm (24.8–39.8 inches) by 2100.

global warming essay prompts

The scenarios referred to above depend mainly on future concentrations of certain trace gases, called greenhouse gases , that have been injected into the lower atmosphere in increasing amounts through the burning of fossil fuels for industry, transportation , and residential uses. Modern global warming is the result of an increase in magnitude of the so-called greenhouse effect , a warming of Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere caused by the presence of water vapour , carbon dioxide , methane , nitrous oxides , and other greenhouse gases. In 2014 the IPCC first reported that concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides in the atmosphere surpassed those found in ice cores dating back 800,000 years.

Of all these gases, carbon dioxide is the most important, both for its role in the greenhouse effect and for its role in the human economy. It has been estimated that, at the beginning of the industrial age in the mid-18th century, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere were roughly 280 parts per million (ppm). By the end of 2022 they had risen to 419 ppm, and, if fossil fuels continue to be burned at current rates, they are projected to reach 550 ppm by the mid-21st century—essentially, a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations in 300 years.

What's the problem with an early spring?

A vigorous debate is in progress over the extent and seriousness of rising surface temperatures, the effects of past and future warming on human life, and the need for action to reduce future warming and deal with its consequences. This article provides an overview of the scientific background related to the subject of global warming. It considers the causes of rising near-surface air temperatures, the influencing factors, the process of climate research and forecasting, and the possible ecological and social impacts of rising temperatures. For an overview of the public policy developments related to global warming occurring since the mid-20th century, see global warming policy . For a detailed description of Earth’s climate, its processes, and the responses of living things to its changing nature, see climate . For additional background on how Earth’s climate has changed throughout geologic time , see climatic variation and change . For a full description of Earth’s gaseous envelope, within which climate change and global warming occur, see atmosphere .

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global warming essay prompts

Climate change essay competition: A spark of change

global warming essay prompts

Writing   Teens  

We’d like to share another chosen essay from this year’s Bahçeşehir essay competition, on the topic of climate change. There were many fantastic entries across grades 9 and 10. A huge congratulations to all finalists and every student who took the time to submit their work.

Bahçeşehir College is committed to increasing students’ awareness of the changing world we live in. This climate change essay competition saw many students submitting well thought out pieces of writing. These essays were marked on their format, creativity, organisation, clarity, unity/development of thought, and grammar/mechanics.

Asli’s essay

“A little spark you create might not be enough when on its own, but it also can turn into bright flames when combined with thousand others. What you can do is be one of those sparks.”

Please take a few minutes to read one of the five winning essays, supplied below.

A spark of change

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted,” says Aldous Huxley in one of his books. He perfectly summarises the biggest cause of the issues the world of today struggles with, the issues that are created by humans’ tendency to ignore the consequences of their actions. Water shortages, light pollution, desertification – all problems that you are familiar with by this point. People spend their resources like there is no tomorrow, not even thinking about how much harm their behavior might cause. What they fail to remember is that they themselves live in the very world they do not seem to care what happens to. Each year, more water is gone to waste, a bigger amount of meat is consumed, and the number of trees cut down keeps increasing. Some consequences are immediately noticeable; people can see how much smaller the Amazon forests got or how much water was used needlessly. However, what some cannot or do not want to realise is that there is another big threat creeping up behind the alarming scene, maybe not as flashily, but just as steadily: climate change. 

Environmental conditions are changing rapidly with the temperatures increasing, water levels rising, the glaciers melting – complications no-one had to deal with a mere two hundred years ago. [1]  The human race’s means of living is not only changing the climate, but is also transforming with it. The transformation is not exactly for the better, though, but the worse. Despite what few might be thinking, nothing about this transformation is adaptation; it is demolition on a large scale, destruction of the only place we have the privilege of living in. This has to stop; humans must start adapting and stop destroying if anything is going to be different. Just as Greta Thunberg stated, climate change is not only a threat; it is, above all, an opportunity to adapt and create a greener, healthier world. People have to define what exactly causes the seemingly little, but in reality, crucial environmental changes, develop methods to ameliorate their consequences, and find ways to raise awareness. Humans forget that they are supposed to be the protectors of the world, not the ravagers. How is the Earth going to survive, if the only species it has the chance to lean on turn their back to it?

With how often the media leaves you exposed to them, all the warnings and announcements about the danger us humans are in must be playing again and again in your mind – like some sort of a malfunctioning tape. And yes, while most people know everything they say by heart, no one actually takes them to the same place, resulting in a society that is knowledgeable but deeply lacks awareness. That is the root of all the threats the world is up against; everyone knows they have to change themselves to start change on a bigger scale, but they all expect some other person or organisation to light that match. The thing is, no good is ever going to happen when people keep standing on the sidelines. No results, positive or negative, come from doing nothing. This is why someone has to act up; someone that might as well be you.

All in all, the human race’s negative impact on climate and the environment is getting out control; the quality of life on Earth is decreasing, not just for humans, but also for all sorts of species. People have to fix what they have damaged, yet they fail to do anything in the fear of wasting their resources. What they do not realise is that with each day that passes without any action, the number of natural resources available also decreases significantly. [2]  Yes, there is a possibility that the efforts might be futile, but doing nothing is not going to help with anything either. Not enough people are willing to get out of their comfort zones for the sake of the world. It is not that difficult to turn off a switch, use public transportation when the opportunity arises, or eat a portion less meat than you normally would have. Those are the simple acts many thinks do not matter, but create huge differences when applied on a societal basis. A little spark you create might not be enough when on its own, but it also can turn into bright flames when combined with thousand others. What you can do is be one of those sparks. Maybe what you do will not be enough for the whole world to change, but it might as well be part of the act that leads up to it.

[1]  https://reporter.anu.edu.au/global-warming-began-earlier-we-thought

[2]  https://ec.europa.eu/clima/climate-change/climate-change-consequences_en

Bahçeşehir College  is a global education brand, founded by Enver  Y ücel in 1968. Bahçeşehir College is considered as one of the most prestigious private school chains in Turkey, with 142 campuses in 62 provinces.

If you enjoyed this essay, please take some time to read Özlem ‘ s winning essay.

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Responding to the Climate Threat: Essays on Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

Responding to the Climate Threat: Essays on Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

A new book co-authored by MIT Joint Program Founding Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby

From the Back Cover

This book demonstrates how robust and evolving science can be relevant to public discourse about climate policy. Fighting climate change is the ultimate societal challenge, and the difficulty is not just in the wrenching adjustments required to cut greenhouse emissions and to respond to change already under way. A second and equally important difficulty is ensuring widespread public understanding of the natural and social science. This understanding is essential for an effective risk management strategy at a planetary scale. The scientific, economic, and policy aspects of climate change are already a challenge to communicate, without factoring in the distractions and deflections from organized programs of misinformation and denial. 

Here, four scholars, each with decades of research on the climate threat, take on the task of explaining our current understanding of the climate threat and what can be done about it, in lay language―importantly, without losing critical  aspects of the natural and social science. In a series of essays, published during the 2020 presidential election, the COVID pandemic, and through the fall of 2021, they explain the essential components of the challenge, countering the forces of distrust of the science and opposition to a vigorous national response.  

Each of the essays provides an opportunity to learn about a particular aspect of climate science and policy within the complex context of current events. The overall volume is more than the sum of its individual articles. Proceeding each essay is an explanation of the context in which it was written, followed by observation of what has happened since its first publication. In addition to its discussion of topical issues in modern climate science, the book also explores science communication to a broad audience. Its authors are not only scientists – they are also teachers, using current events to teach when people are listening. For preserving Earth’s planetary life support system, science and teaching are essential. Advancing both is an unending task.

About the Authors

Gary Yohe is the Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, Emeritus, at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He served as convening lead author for multiple chapters and the Synthesis Report for the IPCC from 1990 through 2014 and was vice-chair of the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment.

Henry Jacoby is the William F. Pounds Professor of Management, Emeritus, in the MIT Sloan School of Management and former co-director of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, which is focused on the integration of the natural and social sciences and policy analysis in application to the threat of global climate change.

Richard Richels directed climate change research at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). He served as lead author for multiple chapters of the IPCC in the areas of mitigation, impacts and adaptation from 1992 through 2014. He also served on the National Assessment Synthesis Team for the first U.S. National Climate Assessment.

Ben Santer is a climate scientist and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellow. He contributed to all six IPCC reports. He was the lead author of Chapter 8 of the 1995 IPCC report which concluded that “the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate”. He is currently a Visiting Researcher at UCLA’s Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science & Engineering.

Access the Book

View the book on the publisher's website  here .

Order the book from Amazon  here . 

global warming essay prompts

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E9: Slow carbon, fast carbon

Getting to systemic sustainability.

World Resource Institute President and CEO Ani Dasgupta stressed that systemic change is needed to bring carbon emissions in line with long-term climate goals. "It’s not one thing that needs to change,” he said. “The whole system needs to change.”

Making steel with electricity

MIT spinout Boston Metal is commercializing a new method for making steel and other metals that could clean up the highly polluting industry. “All of the fundamental studies and the initial technologies came out of MIT,” Guillaume Lambotte says.

MIT Climate News in Your Inbox

global warming essay prompts

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global warming essay prompts

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Essay on Climate Change: Check Samples in 100, 250 Words

global warming essay prompts

  • Updated on  
  • Sep 21, 2023

global warming essay prompts

Writing an essay on climate change is crucial to raise awareness and advocate for action. The world is facing environmental challenges, so in a situation like this such essay topics can serve as s platform to discuss the causes, effects, and solutions to this pressing issue. They offer an opportunity to engage readers in understanding the urgency of mitigating climate change for the sake of our planet’s future.

Must Read: Essay On Environment  

Table of Contents

  • 1 What Is Climate Change?
  • 2 What are the Causes of Climate Change?
  • 3 What are the effects of Climate Change?
  • 4 How to fight climate change?
  • 5 Essay On Climate Change in 100 Words
  • 6 Climate Change Sample Essay 250 Words

What Is Climate Change?

Climate change is the significant variation of average weather conditions becoming, for example, warmer, wetter, or drier—over several decades or longer. It may be natural or anthropogenic. However, in recent times, it’s been in the top headlines due to escalations caused by human interference.

What are the Causes of Climate Change?

Obama at the First Session of COP21 rightly quoted “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.”.Identifying the causes of climate change is the first step to take in our fight against climate change. Below stated are some of the causes of climate change:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Mainly from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) for energy and transportation.
  • Deforestation: The cutting down of trees reduces the planet’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Industrial Processes: Certain manufacturing activities release potent greenhouse gases.
  • Agriculture: Livestock and rice cultivation emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

What are the effects of Climate Change?

Climate change poses a huge risk to almost all life forms on Earth. The effects of climate change are listed below:

  • Global Warming: Increased temperatures due to trapped heat from greenhouse gases.
  • Melting Ice and Rising Sea Levels: Ice caps and glaciers melt, causing oceans to rise.
  • Extreme Weather Events: More frequent and severe hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires.
  • Ocean Acidification: Oceans absorb excess CO2, leading to more acidic waters harming marine life.
  • Disrupted Ecosystems: Shifting climate patterns disrupt habitats and threaten biodiversity.
  • Food and Water Scarcity: Altered weather affects crop yields and strains water resources.
  • Human Health Risks: Heat-related illnesses and the spread of diseases.
  • Economic Impact: Damage to infrastructure and increased disaster-related costs.
  • Migration and Conflict: Climate-induced displacement and resource competition.

How to fight climate change?

‘Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority,’ says Bill Gates. The below points highlight key actions to combat climate change effectively.

  • Energy Efficiency: Improve energy efficiency in all sectors.
  • Protect Forests: Stop deforestation and promote reforestation.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Adopt eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Advocacy: Raise awareness and advocate for climate-friendly policies.
  • Innovation: Invest in green technologies and research.
  • Government Policies: Enforce climate-friendly regulations and targets.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Encourage sustainable business practices.
  • Individual Action: Reduce personal carbon footprint and inspire others.

Essay On Climate Change in 100 Words

Climate change refers to long-term alterations in Earth’s climate patterns, primarily driven by human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases trap heat, leading to global warming. The consequences of climate change are widespread and devastating. Rising temperatures cause polar ice caps to melt, contributing to sea level rise and threatening coastal communities. Extreme weather events, like hurricanes and wildfires, become more frequent and severe, endangering lives and livelihoods. Additionally, shifts in weather patterns can disrupt agriculture, leading to food shortages. To combat climate change, global cooperation, renewable energy adoption, and sustainable practices are crucial for a more sustainable future.

Must Read: Essay On Global Warming

Climate Change Sample Essay 250 Words

Climate change represents a pressing global challenge that demands immediate attention and concerted efforts. Human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, have significantly increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This results in a greenhouse effect, trapping heat and leading to a rise in global temperatures, commonly referred to as global warming.

The consequences of climate change are far-reaching and profound. Rising sea levels threaten coastal communities, displacing millions and endangering vital infrastructure. Extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires, have become more frequent and severe, causing devastating economic and human losses. Disrupted ecosystems affect biodiversity and the availability of vital resources, from clean water to agricultural yields.

Moreover, climate change has serious implications for food and water security. Changing weather patterns disrupt traditional farming practices and strain freshwater resources, potentially leading to conflicts over access to essential commodities.

Addressing climate change necessitates a multifaceted approach. First, countries must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the transition to renewable energy sources, increased energy efficiency, and reforestation efforts. International cooperation is crucial to set emission reduction targets and hold nations accountable for meeting them.

In conclusion, climate change is a global crisis with profound and immediate consequences. Urgent action is needed to mitigate its impacts and secure a sustainable future for our planet. By reducing emissions and implementing adaptation strategies, we can protect vulnerable communities, preserve ecosystems, and ensure a livable planet for future generations. The time to act is now.

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in Earth’s climate patterns, primarily driven by human activities like burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

Five key causes of climate change include excessive greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, notably burning fossil fuels and deforestation. 

We hope this blog gave you an idea about how to write and present an essay on climate change that puts forth your opinions. The skill of writing an essay comes in handy when appearing for standardized language tests. Thinking of taking one soon? Leverage Edu provides the best online test prep for the same via Leverage Live . Register today to know more!

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global warming essay prompts

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global warming essay prompts

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What is global warming, explained

The planet is heating up—and fast.

Glaciers are melting , sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying , and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. It has become clear that humans have caused most of the past century's warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years .

We often call the result global warming, but it is causing a set of changes to the Earth's climate, or long-term weather patterns, that varies from place to place. While many people think of global warming and climate change as synonyms , scientists use “climate change” when describing the complex shifts now affecting our planet’s weather and climate systems—in part because some areas actually get cooler in the short term.

Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events , shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas , and a range of other impacts. All of those changes are emerging as humans continue to add heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely on.

What will we do—what can we do—to slow this human-caused warming? How will we cope with the changes we've already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the fate of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms, and snow-capped mountains—hangs in the balance.

a melting iceberg

Understanding the greenhouse effect

The "greenhouse effect" is the warming that happens when certain gases in Earth's atmosphere trap heat . These gases let in light but keep heat from escaping, like the glass walls of a greenhouse, hence the name.

Sunlight shines onto the Earth's surface, where the energy is absorbed and then radiate back into the atmosphere as heat. In the atmosphere, greenhouse gas molecules trap some of the heat, and the rest escapes into space. The more greenhouse gases concentrate in the atmosphere, the more heat gets locked up in the molecules.

Scientists have known about the greenhouse effect since 1824, when Joseph Fourier calculated that the Earth would be much colder if it had no atmosphere. This natural greenhouse effect is what keeps the Earth's climate livable. Without it, the Earth's surface would be an average of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius) cooler.

a polar bear on ice

A polar bear stands sentinel on Rudolf Island in Russia’s Franz Josef Land archipelago, where the perennial ice is melting.

In 1895, the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius discovered that humans could enhance the greenhouse effect by making carbon dioxide , a greenhouse gas. He kicked off 100 years of climate research that has given us a sophisticated understanding of global warming.

Levels of greenhouse gases have gone up and down over the Earth's history, but they had been fairly constant for the past few thousand years. Global average temperatures had also stayed fairly constant over that time— until the past 150 years . Through the burning of fossil fuels and other activities that have emitted large amounts of greenhouse gases, particularly over the past few decades, humans are now enhancing the greenhouse effect and warming Earth significantly, and in ways that promise many effects , scientists warn.

Aren't temperature changes natural?

Human activity isn't the only factor that affects Earth's climate. Volcanic eruptions and variations in solar radiation from sunspots, solar wind, and the Earth's position relative to the sun also play a role. So do large-scale weather patterns such as El Niño .

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global warming essay prompts

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What if aliens exist—but they're just hiding from us? The Dark Forest theory, explained

But climate models that scientists use to monitor Earth’s temperatures take those factors into account. Changes in solar radiation levels as well as minute particles suspended in the atmosphere from volcanic eruptions , for example, have contributed only about two percent to the recent warming effect. The balance comes from greenhouse gases and other human-caused factors, such as land use change .

The short timescale of this recent warming is singular as well. Volcanic eruptions , for example, emit particles that temporarily cool the Earth's surface. But their effect lasts just a few years. Events like El Niño also work on fairly short and predictable cycles. On the other hand, the types of global temperature fluctuations that have contributed to ice ages occur on a cycle of hundreds of thousands of years.

For thousands of years now, emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere have been balanced out by greenhouse gases that are naturally absorbed. As a result, greenhouse gas concentrations and temperatures have been fairly stable, which has allowed human civilization to flourish within a consistent climate.

the Greenland Ice Sheet

Greenland is covered with a vast amount of ice—but the ice is melting four times faster than thought, suggesting that Greenland may be approaching a dangerous tipping point, with implications for global sea-level rise.

Now, humans have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution. Changes that have historically taken thousands of years are now happening over the course of decades .

Why does this matter?

The rapid rise in greenhouse gases is a problem because it’s changing the climate faster than some living things can adapt to. Also, a new and more unpredictable climate poses unique challenges to all life.

Historically, Earth's climate has regularly shifted between temperatures like those we see today and temperatures cold enough to cover much of North America and Europe with ice. The difference between average global temperatures today and during those ice ages is only about 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius), and the swings have tended to happen slowly, over hundreds of thousands of years.

But with concentrations of greenhouse gases rising, Earth's remaining ice sheets such as Greenland and Antarctica are starting to melt too . That extra water could raise sea levels significantly, and quickly. By 2050, sea levels are predicted to rise between one and 2.3 feet as glaciers melt.

As the mercury rises, the climate can change in unexpected ways. In addition to sea levels rising, weather can become more extreme . This means more intense major storms, more rain followed by longer and drier droughts—a challenge for growing crops—changes in the ranges in which plants and animals can live, and loss of water supplies that have historically come from glaciers.

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global warming essay prompts

There's a frozen labyrinth atop Mount Rainier. What secrets does it hold?

global warming essay prompts

Chile’s glaciers are dying. You can actually hear it.

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Global Warming Essay in English (Causes and Solutions) - 100, 200, 500 Words

English Icon

  • Essay on Global Warming

The planet is now undergoing changes and modernization is happening at a rapid rate. We desire development in all areas of life. In the name of expansion, an increasing number of industries are being founded. But as humanity has grown, the state of the planet's ecology has substantially deteriorated. When discussing significant environmental dangers, the phrase "Global Warming" is frequently used. The causes and consequences of global warming are still largely unknown to many people. Here are a few sample essays on global warming:

100 Words Essay on Global Warming

200 words essay on global warming, 500 words essay on global warming.

Global Warming Essay in English (Causes and Solutions) - 100, 200, 500 Words

An increase in the Earth's average global temperature is known as global warming. Global warming is mostly caused by burning more fossil fuels and the emission of hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere. Living things can suffer greatly as a result of global warming. The temperature suddenly rises in some places, while in others, it suddenly drops. The use of fossil fuels for energy is the main cause of global warming. It has been noticed that over the last ten years, the Earth's average temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is cause for concern because it can harm ecosystems and lead to environmental disturbance. If we take decisive action to replace the destroyed vegetation in our forests, we can stop global warming. To slow the rate of global warming, we can also use sustainable energy sources like sun, wind, and tidal energy.

Over time, the cumulative increase in Earth's average global temperatures is referred to as global warming. It has been said that large-scale deforestation by humans for various reasons is to blame. Every year, we use a lot of fuel. It is becoming impossible to meet people's fuel needs as the human population has increased. Natural resources must be used carefully as they are limited. The ecosystem will become unbalanced if humans overuse mineral wealth like forests and waterways. Temperature increases alone are not the only sign of global warming. It also has other consequences.

Natural disasters, including storms, floods, and avalanches , are happening all over the planet. These all have a direct connection to global warming. To protect our environment we must rebuild our ecology to defend it against the negative effects of global warming. To make this globe a nicer place for the generations to come, who also appreciate this Earth in the same way we do, we must all work together. Planting trees is the fundamental action we can do to improve the condition of our world as a whole. Our main objective should be reforestation. If we commit to growing as many plants as we can during our lifetimes, the Earth will become a better place.

The gradual increase in surface climate caused by various factors is known as global warming. It poses serious risks to both the environment and humanity. Climate change effects include global warming . The main contributor to global warming is the unavoidable release of greenhouse gases. Methane and carbon dioxide are two of the main greenhouse gases. There are numerous other causes and ramifications of this warming, which endangers Earth's life.

Reasons Responsible For Global Warming

The causes of global warming are several. These problems are caused by both nature and humanity. Because of the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere , the heat rays that the Earth's surface reflects become trapped there. The "greenhouse effect" is what results from this phenomenon. It is necessary to keep our world from turning into a frozen ball. Global warming results from too much carbon dioxide trapping all the heat from the Earth's surface. The primary gases that cause global warming are referred to as greenhouse gases.

The main greenhouse gases are methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and carbon dioxide . These gases cause global warming when their concentrations are out of balance. Volcanic eruptions, solar radiation, and other natural occurrences are a few examples that contribute to global warming. People's excessive use of cars and fossil fuels also raises carbon dioxide levels. Among the most prevalent and quickly spreading issues causing global warming is deforestation. The level of carbon dioxide in the air is rising because trees are being cut down. Additional reasons contributing to global warming include the expanding population, industrialisation, pollution, etc.

How Climate Change Impacts Us

Numerous variations in the weather are brought on by global warming, including lengthier summers and fewer winters, greater temperatures, modifications to the trade winds, rain that falls throughout the year, melting polar ice caps, a weaker ozone barrier, etc. Additionally, it may result in a rise in natural disasters, including severe storms, cyclones, floods, and many others. Plants, animals, and other environmental elements are directly impacted by the harm produced by global warming. The rising sea level, swift glacier melting, and other effects of global warming are significant. As global warming worsens, marine life is negatively impacted, significantly destroying marine life and causing additional issues.

Preventing Global Warming

Finding the proper solution is crucial now more than ever since global warming has become a serious issue and is being discussed globally at international forums and conferences. It is time that the age of industrialization to be controlled and continued in a sustainable manner. Everybody, from communities to governments, needs to work together to solve the issue of global warming. Controlling pollution, population growth, and the limiting exploitation of natural resources are a few factors to consider. Using public transportation or carpooling with others will be very helpful. Therefore, recycling should also be promoted to individuals.

There are clear signs that the increase in global warming will wipe out all life on the surface of the world. Global warming is the greatest threat to humanity and cannot be disregarded. Additionally, it is difficult to manage. By participating and responding, we can help lessen its effects.

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Economic Times


Global warming.

The causes, effects, and complexities of global warming are important to understand so that we can fight for the health of our planet.

Earth Science, Climatology

Tennessee Power Plant

Ash spews from a coal-fueled power plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, United States.

Photograph by Emory Kristof/ National Geographic

Ash spews from a coal-fueled power plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, United States.

Global warming is the long-term warming of the planet’s overall temperature. Though this warming trend has been going on for a long time, its pace has significantly increased in the last hundred years due to the burning of fossil fuels . As the human population has increased, so has the volume of fossil fuels burned. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas, and burning them causes what is known as the “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect is when the sun’s rays penetrate the atmosphere, but when that heat is reflected off the surface cannot escape back into space. Gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels prevent the heat from leaving the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide , chlorofluorocarbons, water vapor , methane , and nitrous oxide . The excess heat in the atmosphere has caused the average global temperature to rise overtime, otherwise known as global warming.

Global warming has presented another issue called climate change. Sometimes these phrases are used interchangeably, however, they are different. Climate change refers to changes in weather patterns and growing seasons around the world. It also refers to sea level rise caused by the expansion of warmer seas and melting ice sheets and glaciers . Global warming causes climate change, which poses a serious threat to life on Earth in the forms of widespread flooding and extreme weather. Scientists continue to study global warming and its impact on Earth.

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  • Essay on Global Warming

Essay On Global Warming

Essay on global warming is an important topic for students to understand. The essay brings to light the plight of the environment and the repercussion of anthropogenic activities. Continue reading to discover tips and tricks for writing an engaging and interesting essay on global warming.

Essay On Global Warming in 300 Words

Global warming is a phenomenon where the earth’s average temperature rises due to increased amounts of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and ozone trap the incoming radiation from the sun. This effect creates a natural “blanket”, which prevents the heat from escaping back into the atmosphere. This effect is called the greenhouse effect.

Contrary to popular belief, greenhouse gases are not inherently bad. In fact, the greenhouse effect is quite important for life on earth. Without this effect, the sun’s radiation would be reflected back into the atmosphere, freezing the surface and making life impossible. However, when greenhouse gases in excess amounts get trapped, serious repercussions begin to appear. The polar ice caps begin to melt, leading to a rise in sea levels. Furthermore, the greenhouse effect is accelerated when polar ice caps and sea ice melts. This is due to the fact the ice reflects 50% to 70% of the sun’s rays back into space, but without ice, the solar radiation gets absorbed. Seawater reflects only 6% of the sun’s radiation back into space. What’s more frightening is the fact that the poles contain large amounts of carbon dioxide trapped within the ice. If this ice melts, it will significantly contribute to global warming. 

A related scenario when this phenomenon goes out of control is the runaway-greenhouse effect. This scenario is essentially similar to an apocalypse, but it is all too real. Though this has never happened in the earth’s entire history, it is speculated to have occurred on Venus. Millions of years ago, Venus was thought to have an atmosphere similar to that of the earth. But due to the runaway greenhouse effect, surface temperatures around the planet began rising. 

If this occurs on the earth, the runaway greenhouse effect will lead to many unpleasant scenarios – temperatures will rise hot enough for oceans to evaporate. Once the oceans evaporate, the rocks will start to sublimate under heat. In order to prevent such a scenario, proper measures have to be taken to stop climate change.

More to Read: Learn How Greenhouse Effect works

Tips To Writing the Perfect Essay

Consider adopting the following strategies when writing an essay. These are proven methods of securing more marks in an exam or assignment.

  • Begin the essay with an introductory paragraph detailing the history or origin of the given topic.
  • Try to reduce the use of jargons. Use sparingly if the topic requires it.
  • Ensure that the content is presented in bulleted points wherever appropriate.
  • Insert and highlight factual data, such as dates, names and places.
  • Remember to break up the content into smaller paragraphs. 100-120 words per paragraph should suffice.
  • Always conclude the essay with a closing paragraph.

Explore more essays on biology or other related fields at BYJU’S.

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global warming essay prompts

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Sample essay on global warming

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global warming essay prompts

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Essay Service Examples Environment Global Warming

Global Warming: Argumentative Essay

Table of contents

Introduction to the inquiry on global warming, understanding the mechanism of global warming, the impact of global warming on societies, global initiatives to combat global warming, conclusion: a personal reflection on global warming.

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  • Choose the right light. -- People are now looking around their houses to see what kind of light bulbs they have, and if it is a less sustainable kind, they switch to the spiral-shaped ones, which help reduce energy, but still shine almost as brightly as a normal light bulb.
  • Grow your own. -- People are starting to take seeds from any fruit, vegetable, or berry. By cleaning them properly, some of the seeds can be able to reproduce again, growing more of the same foo,d which means not as much factory and land power is being wasted.
  • Travel larger. -- Many people around the world have either sold their car or never bought one in the first place so that they could take more public transport to waste less finite resources that are used to build a car.
  • Make your own. -- After having noticed how many chemicals there are in many of our daily life things, people have started making their own of most supplies. For example Soap, detergent, fabric bags, notebooks, etc.
  • Make a composter -- This may be hard for most people living in a big city, but if you live on the or have a big backyard, all you need to make a compost bin is a big or medium size container, add grass cuttings, fallen leaves, and other damp things. Having a compost bin helps a lot because instead of using chemicals to feed your plants, you can just add some of your compost to give them a boost.
  • Say no to bottled water -- Bottled water is not tested for dirt and filth to the same high standards as tap water. Also, a plastic bottle can take over a thousand years to decay and becomes a murder to millions of marine animals.
  • Reuse, reduce, repair, recycle. -- It is very good if you do the three R’s, but what is the point of them if you are just going to recycle something broken? People have started taking action and repairing the things that can be repaired, meaning that the goal is to reduce the level of waste.

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Global Warming: Argumentative Essay

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Are humans actually affecting global warming? Humans have been worsening the state of our planet...

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Global Warming Essay and the Main Types of Pollution for Writing Essays

Global Warming Essay and the Main Types of Pollution for Writing Essays

global warming essay prompts

Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, dying cloud forests, and extinction of wildlife - all these phenomena are clear signs of the global warming process that has already been launched. But, what do we know about it?

What we call global warming is actually a very broad term. In a nutshell, it means fluctuations in the climate of our planet as a whole or in its individual regions over time, caused by a variety of different factors. Apart from changes in temperatures, global warming also results in a whole range of changes in long-term weather patterns and even causes extreme weather events, which bring irreparable damage to our entire ecosystem.

For centuries, human activities have been taking us closer and closer to the point of no return, and, now, global warming is already a major problem. Today, when changes are already occurring, the entire humanity is wondering how to stop global warming. While the answer is not clear yet, this issue became a common topic for debates and even academic papers.

Pretty much every student faces the need to write my essay about global warming at least once in a lifetime. If you are studying in one of the best colleges for astrophysics working on one now, you’ve come to the right place! Our article will tell you what types of pollution there are, share handy examples, and help you choose the best topic for your essay on global warming that will be interesting for you. Let’s dive in!

Causes of Global Warming

Most of the causes are there because of people and their activities. But, it’s also worth noting that there are some natural causes of global warming. Typically, writing an environmental pollution essay, you’ll have to cover both human-caused and natural reasons. To help you get started, let’s look at the biggest ones.

  • Burning fossil fuels - probably the biggest cause that leads to faster global warming is a mass burning of various fossil fuels that results in large emissions of CO2 into our atmosphere. The activities that bring the most emissions include transportation, electricity production, and industrial activity.
  • Clearing of forests and woods - the next big cause is deforestation, whether natural or human-made. As you may already know, trees play a huge role in restoring the atmosphere and, respectively, regulating the climate as they absorb CO2 emitted into the air and release oxygen back to replace it.
  • Farming - this may surprise you, but the biggest natural cause of global warming is animals that also release greenhouse gases. Thus, a significant percentage of emissions is caused by agriculture and farming.
  • Resource extraction - another reason for climate change is the extraction of natural materials that can’t be restored naturally for human use.
  • Pollution - finally, one last cause that speeds up the process of global warming is pollution. This spans air and water pollution, as well as the big share of plastic waste - all the pollution types we are going to discuss further.

global warming essay prompts

Effect of Global Warming

Apart from analyzing some core causes, writing essays about global warming will also require you to delve into the effects it can have. Needless to say that the emaciation of natural resources, pollution, deforestation, and changes in the atmosphere can’t go unnoticed. But, what exactly will happen after global warming?

The primary negative effect of global warming is the drastic change in our planet’s climate. This includes rising temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns, and an increase in extreme weather events. But, this is not all that is there. Due to a changing climate and more extreme weather conditions, some side effects of global warming can include:

  • Rising sea levels;
  • Land degradation;
  • Loss of biodiversity;
  • Loss of wildlife.

These are the primary effects on our environment that can be caused by global warming.

Apart from that, there are also some possible social effects that we will feel on ourselves. The lack of natural resources and land degradation will likely lead to a significant shortage of water and food and, as a result, will trigger global hunger. Some other negative impacts on our lives can include the loss of livelihood and shorter lifespans, poverty, malnutrition, increased risks of diseases, and mass displacement of people.

Global Warming Solutions

Another important point to cover in essays on climate change and global warming is the possibility of solving the problem. So, let’s take a moment to talk about some of the solutions.

First and foremost, in an attempt to stop global warming, people are already trying to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Some of the most common solutions include a switch to alternative energy resources, transportation methods, and alternative industrial and other activities.

Apart from that, people are becoming more conscious about their everyday consumption behavior. For example, some opt for reusable bottles, shoppers, cups, and other items to reduce the use of plastic.

Finally, we can already observe a global trend for eco-friendliness in various spheres of our lives. People strive to make their homes, offices, and lives in general “greener” to help save the planet.

At this point, the solutions we discussed earlier are all that we can do for now. However, there is still a need for more innovative and effective solutions. So let this serve you as motivation. After all, who knows, maybe while writing your essay about global warming, you will suddenly discover more innovative solutions that will help us save the planet.

Now that you know everything about the definition, causes and effects, and possible solutions for global warming, let’s move on and consider different types of pollution that can cause it and that students can use as the base for essays global warming.

Glitter Pollution Essay Sample

Water pollution essay.

The first type of pollution and, concurrently, a great topic for an essay on global warming is water pollution. It shouldn’t be a secret for you that the world ocean covers 90% of the entire surface of our planet. It also shouldn’t be a secret that every living organism needs clean water to support vital functions. Given that, we can confidently say that mass pollution of water is a huge problem that we must drive attention to. So, there is no wonder why students are often assigned to write essay for me about water pollution.

If you are wondering what you can write about in your essay on water pollution, the ideas are countless. The pollution of the world ocean has been a pressing issue for decades, so there is plenty of information and examples to cover in an essay.

One great example for your essay is a worldwide famous oil company. Not so long ago, it became known that one of the oil-production leaders has been polluting rivers in Nigeria for many decades. The pollution had affected the lives, environment, and health of many locals, which made this case so high-profile. So, be sure to use it as an example in your paper.

Another good point to cover in an essay is the process of cleaning the world’s oceans from plastic waste. You can use this idea if you are planning to write a how to prevent water pollution essay.

Air Pollution Essay

We have already said a lot about gas emissions and how it affects the quality of air. So, here you have another type of pollution.

Just like water pollution, the rapid pollution of the air is also a big problem. Apart from natural causes of gas emissions, there are also many human-made reasons that make the problem worse. Namely, if you will be writing a causes of air pollution essay, you can write about the rising number of gasoline cars that boost emissions.

Also, you can tell your readers about different manufacturing and industrial activities that also harm our environment by producing too much CO2. 

Another great idea is to write an essay for me answering the question, “how does air pollution affect our health?” Some of the negative effects include the risk of diseases and shorter lifespans. Not to mention a poor quality of life that results from air pollution.

Finally, you can write a solution of air pollution essay. With air pollution being a big issue in the modern world, we can already see humanity trying to resolve it. Some of the best-known solutions that are already there are alternative energy resources such as solar panels and alternative means of transport such as electric cars. But, you can definitely discover more solutions if you research the problem well. There are tons of helpful materials on the web, including air pollution articles for students that can be used for your essay.

Plastic Pollution Essay

Another common type of academic assignment is an essay on plastic pollution. So, this is the last type of pollution we are going to discuss here.

The issue is real. For decades, people have been trapped in the endless circle of large-scale plastic production and no-lesser plastic consumption. Each of us uses lots of plastic in our household. Not to mention that this material is generally used in all areas of our lives.

If you are planning to write my essay for me on this type of pollution, we would recommend you to write plastic pollution in the ocean essay. As for 2021, there are already over 5 trillion micro and macro pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. The total weight of this plastic can reach 269,000 tonnes. About 8 million pieces are being thrown into the oceans every single day. And, the amount of plastic in the form of garbage is also huge. 

To beat plastic pollution, it is vital that we learn how to recycle and reuse it instead of throwing all the waste away. So, here you have another possible topic for your essay. You can write about the global campaigns on cleaning the oceans and our planet from plastic.

Finally, one more topic you can cover is the Plastic Pollution Coalition. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is an existing social organization and advocacy group that found its mission in reducing plastic pollution.

After reading this article, you should agree that global warming is one of the biggest issues we’re facing in the 21st century. After decades of pollution, thoughtless consumption of resources, and blatant disdain for our environment, humanity finally begins to recognize the issues. And that is why essays on global warming and climate change are so important to write.

Global warming essays can help us drive more attention to the problems that we are already facing and the negative effects we can have. Also, writing such papers is a great way to inform students and other people about the solutions we can adopt to make a positive change.

If you are still hesitating whether it is worth writing a pollution essay or not, leave all the doubts behind. First of all, by writing such essays, you are doing a good deed. And, secondly, writing such papers isn’t as hard as it can seem. Though we still have many unresolved problems in this area, there is lots of information on this topic. If you research it well, you can find plenty of books, articles, scientific papers, and other materials on global warming. It is also possible to find a documentary on global warming, as well as many feature films. So rest assured that you won’t face a shortage of information. So, don’t hesitate and start writing your essay on global warming, and don’t neglect the tips and examples we shared here!

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Global Warming - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

Global warming refers to the long-term increase in Earth’s average temperature due to human activities, primarily the emission of greenhouse gases. Essays on this topic can discuss the scientific evidence supporting global warming, its impacts on weather patterns, sea-level rise, ecosystems, and human societies. Moreover, possible mitigation and adaptation strategies, as well as international agreements like the Paris Accord, can be explored. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Global Warming you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Introduction: Global Warming is the theory that the atmosphere of the earth is gradually increasing as a result of the increase in levels of greenhouse gases and pollutants being released. Since the Industrial Revolution, Earth's global average temperature has increased by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (The World Counts, 2014). There are generally two opinions regarding the argument of global warming: those who believe it is occurring and those who do not. People who believe in the issue back their opinions up […]

Carbon Footprint: Global Warming

Global warming (a gradual increase in the earth's and the oceans' average temperature) and carbon footprint (the amount of greenhouse gases primarily carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities) coincide because without carbon footprint there would not be any global warming. When I was a child and growing up in Virginia, this state seemed experienced all four seasons. Today, this Old Dominion state seems to experience only two seasons summer and winter. I personally think this apparent change […]

Before the Flood

Before the flood is the product of one of the incredible three-year journey, research which took place within the co creator and the director of fisher Stevens. This film is based on climate change documentaries and in most of the instances it is streamed for free on YouTube, PlayStation and Facebook and one can view it on amazon hence being of high demand. DiCaprio spent three years traveling in the globe to meet some of the key leaders, climate scientists […]

We will write an essay sample crafted to your needs.

Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Introduction As people, we can be privileged to all sorts of opinions. This creates the possibility of many controversies. Much like the argument Is Global warming a hoax? This is one of the most famous controversies happening around the world today. This dispute isn't just between the average person, scientist themselves disagreeing among one another. Which, is something I didn't expect before doing my own research. So the question is, what is global warming and why do some believe while […]

How does Global Warming Affect the Arctic Animal?

Over the past years, global warming had slowly gotten worse and is now affecting the animals leaving them without a home to go to. Not only does climate change increases the chances of natural disaster but also destructing our natural habitat and creating an unfit environment to survive in. What's worse is the rise in temperature leading a meltdown of ice among the arctic creating an extreme difficult condition and the struggle for species to make a living. Essentially, global […]

How Can Climate Change Affect Natural Disasters?

Global warming is considered a consensus problem which affected the lives of many people and nature catastrophically. This terrible phenomenon can be described as the rise of the regular temperature of earth which occurs when pollutants in the atmosphere absorb the heat that has bounced off the surface and should be taken to space. (Venkataramanan, 2011). Many people disagree on its existence, however the usual temperature of earth has risen about 1 degree Fahrenheit as said by NASA (Hardy, 2003). […]

Global Warming – Rising Temperature of the Atmosphere and Ocean

Throughout earth's history, climate has fluctuated (for example ice age). However, if you take into account how many organisms have evolved, and how each one depends on their habitats to survive, fluctuations will be more harmful now, especially to humanity. The main cause of global warming is thought to be the result of human actions, for example; Carbon dioxide emissions (from cars and other transport) interfering with the Ozone layer, deforestation (from workers creating space for cattle grazing), and farming […]

Global Warming: its Causes and its Real Impact on the Earth

The steadily increasing temperature of our planet's atmosphere is known as global warming. Global warming has been a subject of much political and social controversy in recent years due to arguments questioning its legitimacy. When the facts of these arguments are seen in context, their relevance becomes apparent. The data clearly indicate that global warming is happening and that it is human-induced. The anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases negatively impacts our environment, causing an increase in global temperature. This results […]

Greenhouse Effect & Types of Pollution

Transportation, industrial, phonic, water and air are all types of pollution coming from personal cars, cruise ships and smokestacks, decreasing the clean air to breathe, homes for animals, food production, and great changes to the poles. Global warming is severely affecting our planet, and it continues to grow out of control. Global warming is the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere. This causes the greenhouse gases to increase, increasing the levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and […]

Global Warming Affects the Natural Balance of Environment

The world climate is changing significantly day by day. What is Global Warming? Global Warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide. Climate change causes an increase in average temperature. However a worldwide temperature adjustment are caused by characteristic occasions and humans that are accepted to be an add to accretion in normal temperatures. An Earth-wide temperature boost is a difficult issue […]

The Art of Global Warming

Mankind has felt the need to leave its mark on history since the dawn of human civilization. There is evidence of this close to home in the tallest skyscrapers of New York and as far-reaching as Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon. But how far is too far? As we have grown, so too has our knowledge of the world and the advancements in science and technology that come with it. So much so, that we are now faced with […]

Climatic Changes in Greenland

Greenland is mostly covered in ice making it susceptible to melting from warm temperatures. The reason this country is named Greenland is because when Erik the Red was banned from Iceland he discovered this icy country and gave it the name in hopes of people settling (Pandita). In July and August of this year, the number of surface melt days on the Southwestern coast of Greenland was significantly above average, which is clearly an indication that global warming has begun […]

Global Warming – a Fix for the Future

Everyone has heard the infamous words global warming, but not many understand the disaster that's happening. Terms are thrown out such as carbon emissions and greenhouse gases the list goes on, and those not scientifically savvy tend to brush off what may become the downfall of humanity. According to Nasa's official website, The planet's average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century, a change driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and […]

Global Warming and the Future of the World’s Climate

Although hard to imagine, in less than a hundred years the US East Coast and other stretches of coastline around the world could be submerged underwater. Cites such as New York, New Orleans, and Houston could be swamped off the map as the waters of the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico overtook the previously dry land. The skyscrapers of the old downtown areas would become islands poking out of a vast sea of blue covering the roads and old infrastructure. […]

Global Warming – Several Major Agrarian Concerns

For many years, researchers have focused on maintaining the availability of food sources for the ever-growing human population. There are many factors that may impact the abundance of food; this research will focus on overall increase in temperature across the world and its impact on the agricultural environment. Global warming is a major research topic that presents several major agrarian concerns. In order to combat these concerns, scientists have been trying to find the root causes of problems presented through […]

The World should Turn to Vegetarian Diet to Stop Global Warming

A vegetarian according to vegetarian society is somebody who is on a diet of fruits, seeds, grains, vegetables, legumes, nut, yeast, fungi, algae, and/or some other non-animal grounded food (e.g. salt) with or minus dairy foods, eggs and/or honey. Global warming according to live science is the continuing temperature of the ground's surface, seas and thermosphere are any of the utmost frustrating environmental matters. Normal side heats high an entire of 1.71 units Fahrenheit (0.95 unit Celsius) between 1880 and […]

Climate Change: Vulnerability and Responsibility

When it comes to the environment people talk about how it is important to care for the earth we live in. While it is important to discuss such issues it is more beneficial to take action rather than to just talk about it. The earth is in desperate need of aid and though to many, it may not matter that the earth has increased a few degrees it can and has had devastating impacts. Taking responsibility for our home is […]

How Global Warming Works

There's bright blue in the past, now there is horrible gray in the future and more heat in the summers, and the winters are getting warmer than usual. The seas and oceans rising, the ice caps falling, and animals decreasing. It is time to come to a conflict that could make our planet Earth fall. Welcome to a tremendous problem EVERYONE is trying to solve global warming. Industrializing is a benefit for us and the economy. All of this falls […]

Is a Tax on Carbon Emission a Way to Combat Global Warming?

In today's modern world, and especially during our current political environment, there is a big question of how important environmental issues are going to be now in our changing American government. Now that things are evolving and a new generation is casting their votes, most Americans are curious to see how the votes turn out and what are politicians will do regarding getting more awareness for climate change. After the elections, the next big concern is if the people within […]

The Global Warming Taboo

It is still hard to understand that the topic of Global Warming is still being thrown under the rug as it is perceived by some that it is not a leading issue that needs to be tackled. It makes me wonder why so much of America can't see the problems that are being created just by our everyday actions. Due to the fact that the issue is still under mass controversy leads the topic of global warming to be a […]

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

People are arguing if global warming is caused by man or if its a natural occurrence. Well, volcanoes have contributed to global warming such as El Chichon in 1982 and Pinatubo in 1991 they have cooled the earth's temperature but this was temporary. however, the amount of carbon dioxide they reliance is small compared to humans there are other things that can cause natural temperature changes tiny wiggles in the earth's orbit can change when and where sunlight hits even […]

The Greenhouse Effect

Human activities have contributed to what we now know as 'Global Warming' since the 19th century. Global Warming also known as the Greenhouse Effect is the warming that happens when Earth's atmosphere traps heat, almost like the walls of a greenhouse. Sunlight shines on the Earth where it is then absorbed and radiated back into the atmosphere as heat and is then trapped by what we call greenhouse gasses. Experts warn that we only have until 2030 to stem catastrophic […]

Global Warming and its Effects

Global warming has been a top discussion for a while now. Some people believe it is true based on the change in weather, more fires/floods, and severe droughts in some areas while others deny the fact that it is occurring. Recently, the topic of global warming has become more of a political topic. This is probably because a lot of the industries that are causing some of the issues would be affected financially if they were forced to take responsibility […]

United States: Global Warming and its Effects

Moreover, we cannot overlook the actual White House administration's stance on global warming. President Trump has confirmed all pro-environmentalist's fears. He has back out of the Paris agreement and pointed an avid opponent of global warming as the new head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Samet, Jonathan M., and Alistair Woodward argue in their article that, The present administration, comfortable with alternative facts, whatever gap there may be between what is claimed and what is true, is feeding the anti-science […]

Global Warming and Climate Change

“Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening” – James Hansen. Climate change is a phenomenon in which Earth’s average surface temperature gradually increases due to the buildup of greenhouse gases, predominately carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is an issue that needs to be collectively addressed or humans could miss the opportunity of a tipping point. Earth is quickly approaching a mark where even planting more trees would not save this planet. Without the natural greenhouse effect, Earth would […]

Deforestation and Global Warming

Over the years industrial plants have filled up Earth’s vast atmosphere with dark, blackened smoke for the pleasure and benefits of the human race at the extent of nature. Over the years vehicles have accumulated, along with population growth on the Earth's ground and in turn so have the poisons stemming from those vehicles. Over the years humans have carelessly dumped trash on the sides of streets or near river banks, and to this day it is now seen that […]

Climate Change – Scientists and Environmentalists are Deeply Concerned

Anthropogenic climate change and global warming cannot be denied. By reducing pollution, preventing deforestation and curtailing oil drilling, we can preserve the environment and mitigate the effects of global warming. Global warming is detrimental to Earth's environment. Most people are not aware of this and do not consider it as a major threat to earth's biosphere. The purpose of the images shown here is to highlight the causes, impact and mitigation of global warming. There are ways we can mitigate […]

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our environment. What causes global warming? what solutions are there to this problem? Global warming is a phenomenon of which climate change and also it generally increases the average temperature of the earth. So people also the animals have been facing such kind of recent problems like this but it has been getting more and more facts of environment as others that meanings human beings have been doing huge activities for […]

Global Warming: how to Prevent

What is Global warming? How is it affecting our planet? How is it affecting the plants, animals and humans? Is it even something we should worry about? Global warming is defined as a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere, and it is something we should be very worried about. We are already seeing the consequences of global warming, but how long until we are at our breaking point? Global warming is defined by the gradual increase […]

Solution of Global Warming

A worldwide discussion that started with concern over warming has now turned to the more extensive term climate change, favored by scientists to portray the complex shifts currently impacting our planet's weather and climate systems. Climate change includes rising normal temperatures as well as extreme climate events, changing natural wildlife populations and habitats, rising oceans, and a range of different effects. These changes are emerging as people keep on adding heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. As the world warms, […]

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Global warming is a widespread phenomenon than threatens human existence. By definition, the term refers to the gradual increase of average temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, seas, and oceans. Such fluctuations cause ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, weather patterns to change, and animal species to go extinct. Even worse, all these shifts have a detrimental effect on human health and behavior. But do we know what’s causing it and how we can prevent it until it’s too late? The primary reason underlying temperature rise lies in the excessive quantities of carbon dioxide released into the air. This further leads to climate change and slowly turns our planet into a scary furnace and a dead-end for humanity. To help tackle this pending danger, teachers often assign global warming argumentative essay topics to students. Making young people aware of the problem at an early age is a critical step in finding a solution. In addition, the more students research environmental issues, the more eager they get to preserve our unique homes and natural habitats. Furthermore, there are still dilemmas and controversies on whether the greenhouse effect is man-caused on not. To this end, a properly researched argumentative essay on global warming can clarify many doubts. And besides having a scientific nature, these papers are also very informative and enable young people to raise their voices and express their opinion. Be it delivered as a written summary or public speech, your research paper about global warming can urge the community to act. To do so, you must outline your work to stand out and leave an impact on your audience. In short, consider framing a thesis statement that raises the most imminent issues. Once you draft the thesis, you can continue with a neat introduction explaining the background of the phenomenon. The body paragraphs of your writing will ideally consist of a few arguments and a counter argument to give your paper depth and value. Finally, the conclusion should summarize your points and provide ground for further research and actions. If you need high-quality persuasive essay examples about global warming, look no further. PapersOwl has some of the best titles on the wide net for you to tap into, including argumentative, cause and effect, and descriptive papers.

Essays About Global Warming Let’s face it: the global climate change is real, and we are the only generation to let it kill us withing a century or keep the planet safe and sound for as long as we can. Where do we start if we chose Option #2 or if we are deeply convinced that all that is a Big Corporation Myth for us to shop more but differently? We should start with a research paper about global warming. Who Should it Concern Usually, the paper takes into account all the stakeholders, but sometimes they can be narrowed to a particular group of people, field, domain, or geographic region. For instance, the fires in the Amazon will most likely touch the human civilization in general, but it might have various outcomes for the Brasilian political system or trading relations between the countries. To what extent are we conditioned by media when it comes to global problems? Can we find a true answer in the post-truth society? Why Use the Examples The essay on global warming may come with different topics, explore a variety of effects of global warming for the whole ecosystem, and outline possible human-centric causes and consequences of inactivity. Whether you need an argument-based text (argumentative essay) or want to convince someone to follow your way of thinking (persuasive essay), your task is to approach the problem holistically and as detailed as you can. The examples below are given for you as an introduction to the complex nature of the issue and also to see whether a particular one can be tweaked specifically for your topic.

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Argumentative Essays on Global Warming

Global warming: a critical analysis through essays.

The purpose of global warming essay topics is to ignite your creativity and personal interest in one of the most pressing issues of our time. Choosing the right topic is crucial, as it can greatly influence both the depth of your research and the impact of your arguments.

Essay Types and Topics

Different types of essays allow you to explore global warming from various angles, whether it be through an argumentative lens, a compare and contrast approach, descriptive insights, persuasive arguments, or narrative storytelling. Below, you will find a curated list of topics suitable for each essay type, accompanied by introduction and conclusion paragraph examples to help structure your essay effectively.

Argumentative Essays

  • Topic: The Effectiveness of Current Policies on Reducing Carbon Emissions

Introduction Example: As global warming poses a significant threat to our planet, the effectiveness of current policies to reduce carbon emissions has come under scrutiny. This essay will argue that while some policies have made progress, they are largely insufficient to meet the global targets set by the Paris Agreement. Thesis Statement: Current policies need significant strengthening to effectively reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming.

Conclusion Example: In conclusion, the analysis demonstrates that current policies, though a step in the right direction, fall short of the aggressive action required to mitigate global warming. It calls for a global reevaluation and reinforcement of policies to ensure a sustainable future.

Compare and Contrast Essays

  • Topic: Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels: Impacts on Global Warming

Introduction Example: The debate between renewable energy and fossil fuels is at the forefront of the global warming discussion. This essay will compare and contrast the environmental impacts of both energy sources, highlighting the superiority of renewables in combating global warming. Thesis Statement: Renewable energy sources offer a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, making them essential in the fight against global warming.

Conclusion Example: The comparison clearly shows that renewable energy not only reduces the carbon footprint but also is a viable alternative to fossil fuels, underscoring the need for a global shift towards renewables to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Descriptive Essays

  • Topic: The Visible Effects of Global Warming on Arctic Wildlife

Introduction Example: Global warming has had a profound impact on Arctic wildlife, with visible effects that signal a broader ecological crisis. This essay aims to describe these impacts in detail, drawing attention to the urgent need for action. Thesis Statement: The devastating effects of global warming on Arctic wildlife underscore the urgent need for global environmental policies.

Conclusion Example: In summarizing the dire situation in the Arctic, it becomes clear that global warming is not a distant threat but a current reality, necessitating immediate and decisive action to protect our planet's biodiversity.

Persuasive Essays

  • Topic: The Role of Individuals in Combating Global Warming

Introduction Example: While the fight against global warming often focuses on governmental and corporate actions, the role of individuals cannot be underestimated. This essay will persuade readers that individual actions, though seemingly small, can collectively make a significant impact on combating global warming. Thesis Statement: Individual efforts are crucial and effective in the fight against global warming, complementing larger-scale initiatives.

Conclusion Example: As demonstrated, individual actions play a pivotal role in combating global warming. It is through collective effort at every level of society that we can hope to address this global challenge effectively.

Narrative Essays

  • Topic: A Personal Journey to Reduce My Carbon Footprint

Introduction Example: Embarking on a personal journey to reduce my carbon footprint was both enlightening and challenging. Through this narrative, I aim to share my experiences, the obstacles I faced, and the impact of my actions on a personal level. Thesis Statement: Individual actions to reduce carbon footprints can inspire change and contribute significantly to combating global warming.

Conclusion Example: My journey reveals that while individual actions may seem small in the grand scheme of global warming, they are powerful catalysts for change, underscoring the importance of personal responsibility in the global effort to combat climate change.

Engagement and Creativity

As you delve into your essay on global warming, we encourage you to select a topic that not only aligns with your academic goals but also sparks your interest. Let your creativity guide your research and argumentation, making your essay not just an academic exercise, but a personal exploration of one of the most urgent issues facing our world today.

Educational Value

Writing about global warming is not only an opportunity to contribute to an important global conversation but also a chance to develop valuable academic skills. Whether you're crafting an argumentative, compare and contrast, descriptive, persuasive, or narrative essay, you're engaging in critical thinking, research, and persuasive communication—skills that are invaluable in both academic and professional settings.

Global Warming Informative Speech

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Argumentative Essay on Global Warming

Global warming: how we can stop it, facts, causes and effects of global warming, the effect of global warming on the environment, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Global Warming, Its Causes, Effects, and Ways to Stop

Global warming: the biggest challenge facing our planet, global warming: why we should not ignore the problem, how humanity should stop global warming, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

Expert-written essays crafted with your exact needs in mind

A Modest Proposal: How to End Global Warming

Global warming and climate change are on the rise, global warming and what people can do to save earth, global warming and solutions to it, green house effect and how it is contributed to by co2 emissions, global warming is a thing everyone should care about, impact pollution on global warming, overview of the effects of global warming, how global warming became real: a retrospective approach, environmental problems: global warming, how coal impacts on global warming, the impact of global warming on climate change, global warming: natures pressure cooker or manmade fiery hell, influence of interest groups on the problem of global warming, the crucial importance of addressing climate change, air pollution its causes and damaging effects, life-cycle global warming emissions, earth hour can't hold a candle to global warming, causes and threats of sea level rise, the changes in the ocean: cause and effect.

Global warming refers to the long-term increase in Earth's average surface temperature primarily caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Greta Thunberg: a prominent Swedish environmental activist who gained international recognition for her efforts to combat climate change. Al Gore: an American politician and environmentalist who has been instrumental in raising awareness about global warming. He wrote the book "An Inconvenient Truth" and co-founded the Climate Reality Project, advocating for climate change solutions and promoting sustainable practices. Sir David Attenborough: a renowned British naturalist and broadcaster who has dedicated his career to documenting the wonders of the natural world. In recent years, he has become an influential voice in raising awareness about the impacts of global warming through his documentaries and speeches. Dr. James Hansen: an American climatologist and former NASA scientist. He is known for his research on climate change and his efforts to communicate the urgency of addressing global warming. Elon Musk: the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has played a significant role in promoting renewable energy and sustainable transportation. Through Tesla, Musk has popularized electric vehicles and accelerated the transition away from fossil fuels, contributing to the fight against global warming.

The historical context of global warming can be traced back to the late 19th century when scientists first began to recognize the potential impact of human activities on the Earth's climate. In the early 20th century, researchers such as Svante Arrhenius hypothesized that the burning of fossil fuels could lead to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and subsequently cause a rise in global temperatures. During the mid-20th century, advancements in technology and industrialization led to a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The post-World War II era marked a period of rapid economic growth and widespread use of fossil fuels, further contributing to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the 1980s and 1990s, scientific consensus on the reality of global warming began to solidify. The establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988 provided a platform for scientists and policymakers to collaborate and assess the scientific evidence surrounding climate change. The historical context of global warming also includes international efforts to address this issue. Key milestones include the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992 and the subsequent negotiations that led to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. These agreements aimed to promote international cooperation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

1. Increase in greenhouse gases and combustion of fossil fuels. 2. Exponential increase in population. 3. Destruction of ecosystems and deforestation. 4. Destruction of marine ecosystems.

1. Melting of polar ice caps and rising sea levels. 2. Changes to ecosystems. 3. Mass migrations. 4. Acidity of our oceans. 5. Species extinction. 6. Extreme meteorological phenomena.

Calculating carbon footprint. Reducing greenhouse gases. Offsetting carbon emissions.

Public opinion on the topic of global warming varies, but there is a growing recognition and concern about its impacts. Over the years, surveys and polls have indicated that a majority of the global population acknowledges the reality of global warming and considers it a significant issue. Many individuals are increasingly aware of the scientific consensus that human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases and subsequent global temperature rise. The severity of extreme weather events, melting ice caps, and rising sea levels further emphasize the urgency of addressing global warming. However, public opinion on specific aspects of global warming, such as its causes and potential solutions, can be diverse and influenced by various factors including political beliefs, cultural values, and economic considerations. Debates continue regarding the extent of human influence on climate change and the appropriate measures to mitigate its effects. Efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about global warming have led to increased activism, calls for policy changes, and the promotion of sustainable practices. Public opinion plays a crucial role in shaping political will and policy decisions, influencing the development and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

The topic of global warming has garnered significant representation in both media and literature, reflecting the urgency and importance of addressing climate change. In media, documentaries like "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore and "Before the Flood" by Leonardo DiCaprio have gained widespread attention for their compelling exploration of the environmental crisis. These films present scientific evidence, personal narratives, and expert interviews to raise awareness and provoke action. In literature, works such as "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert and "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate" by Naomi Klein offer in-depth analyses of global warming's causes and consequences. These books provide rigorous research, critical perspectives, and propose alternative approaches to mitigate climate change. Moreover, literary works of fiction, such as "Flight Behavior" by Barbara Kingsolver and "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood, employ global warming as a central theme. These novels explore the social, political, and ecological implications of a changing climate, using storytelling to engage readers on a personal and emotional level. News outlets regularly cover stories related to global warming, reporting on scientific studies, climate events, and policy debates. Newspapers, magazines, and online platforms offer articles that delve into the impacts of climate change on various sectors, including agriculture, health, and the environment.

1. The global average temperature has risen by approximately 1 degree Celsius since the pre-industrial era. 2. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius, it could lead to irreversible and catastrophic effects, such as widespread species extinction, severe weather events, and rising sea levels. 3. The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere is the highest it has been in at least 800,000 years, primarily due to human activities. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps heat and contributes to the warming of the planet. 4. Glacier retreat is a significant consequence of global warming. Over the past century, glaciers around the world have lost a substantial amount of ice, affecting water supplies, ecosystems, and contributing to sea-level rise. 5. The economic costs of climate change are substantial. According to estimates by the World Bank, the impacts of global warming, including extreme weather events, reduced agricultural productivity, and health-related expenses, could lead to an annual loss of 5-10% of global GDP by the end of the century.

The topic of global warming is of utmost importance to write an essay about due to its far-reaching implications for our planet and future generations. Global warming, driven by human activities, has led to unprecedented changes in our climate system, affecting ecosystems, economies, and human well-being. By exploring this topic in an essay, we can increase awareness and understanding of the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to address global warming. An essay on global warming provides an opportunity to delve into the scientific evidence supporting climate change, highlighting the role of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and other factors. It allows for an examination of the consequences, such as rising temperatures, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events, on various aspects of life, including agriculture, biodiversity, and human health. Furthermore, discussing global warming in an essay encourages critical thinking and engagement with the complex social, political, and economic dimensions of the issue. It prompts us to consider the ethical responsibilities we have towards future generations, as well as the importance of international cooperation and policy actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (2018). Global Warming of 1.5°C. Cambridge University Press. 2. Solomon, S., Qin, D., Manning, M., Alley, R., Berntsen, T., Bindoff, N., ... & Zhang, P. (Eds.). (2007). Climate change 2007: the physical science basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press. 3. NASA. (2021). Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet. Retrieved from https://climate.nasa.gov/ 4. Union of Concerned Scientists. (2020). The Science of Climate Change. Retrieved from https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/science-climate-change 5. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (2019). Climate.gov. Retrieved from https://www.climate.gov/ 6. World Meteorological Organization. (2021). State of the Global Climate 2020. Retrieved from https://public.wmo.int/en/resources/state-of-the-global-climate 7. National Geographic. (2021). Climate Change. Retrieved from https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/ 8. IPCC. (2014). Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press. 9. United Nations. (2015). Paris Agreement. Retrieved from https://unfccc.int/process-and-meetings/the-paris-agreement/the-paris-agreement 10. Environmental Protection Agency. (2021). Climate Change. Retrieved from https://www.epa.gov/climate-change

Relevant topics

  • Climate Change
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Fast Fashion
  • Deforestation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Ocean Pollution

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global warming essay prompts

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Essays About Global Warming: 6 Examples and 8 Easy Writing Prompts

Global warming is a pressing matter that is important in today’s society. See our top essays about global warming examples below, and helpful writing prompts.

Global warming occurs when the Earth’s average temperature rises due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. This phenomenon has an almost limitless number of consequences, such as extreme changes in weather patterns. These repercussions are harmful to the Earth’s organisms and inhabitants.

When writing essays about global warming, it is common to talk about its causes and effects. However, to make your essay stand out, take a different view, such as “Why do humans barely do anything about global warming?” and “Can still save planet Earth?”.

Below are 6 examples and 8 writing prompts to help you get started with your global warming essay.

If you’re looking for other interesting subjects to focus on, here are 46 different writing topics to commit to


1. Global Warming Can Change Our Lives by Rosemary Burgess

2. we need to talk about climate change, even if it’s depressing by rosemary randall, 3. global warming’s terrifying new math by bill mckibben, 4. who is really to blame for climate change by jocelyn timperley, 5. climate change and food by mashael khuda karam, 6. global warming: temperature by johnny fowler, 1. understanding global warming, 2. causes and effects of global warming, 3. the politics of global warming, 4. the future generations’ fight against global warming, 5. immigration caused by global warming, 6. impact of global warming on biodiversity, 7. global warming and sustainability, 8. effects of global warming on health.

“The weather patterns are rapidly changing in all parts of the world. The increased rainfall in certain regions affects the balance that animals and plants need to survive. Climate changes cause health problems, animal migration, and the lack of food resources.”

Bussey’s essay points out the dire fact that global warming is no longer a prediction but an ongoing crisis. She explains the adverse effects of global warming on life, including sinking territories, rapid resource depletion, and illnesses among organisms. 

“I’ve got worse things to worry about, thank you very much….In dealing with climate change, we are in the terrain that psychoanalysis calls resistance or defence — the ability to defend ourselves from too much mental and emotional pain… a rationalisation for inaction.”

In her essay, Randall used a research-based approach by providing a survey’s findings, accompanied by interviews with different professors in different universities. She also included psychoanalysis, a theory from Sigmund Freud connected to handling emotions and defensive reactions towards climate change that explains people’s underwhelming response to global warming.

“Psychology as a whole and psychoanalysis, in particular, are not solutions to climate change, but they offer an important way of thinking about the problem. They might help to shift enough people’s attitudes to give us a chance to tackle climate change itself, from a position of consensus and commitment, rather than of apathy and indecision.”

Mckibben discusses the results of various experiments in cognitive and social psychology in this essay. He notes that global warming is a disturbing problem that has helped psychologists understand the connection between emotions and nature. He also mentions a critical way to help deal with climate change – to look for ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprints. 

“But ultimately, what is important is understanding who holds power over the choices available to everyone else. By challenging how, and for whom, that power is gained and used, and perhaps we can begin to shed light on how to truly turn things around on climate.”

Timperley chooses to approach specific acts that people can take to help alleviate global warming, explicitly directing these notions at country leaders. She also included the impacts of every country’s power consumption and overuse of energy sources. 

“It is important to solve climate change because the long-term impacts of it will put every organism on the Earth at a big risk… show others that is something that needs to be solved. Posts on social media about the dangers on the food supply from changing the weather like: climate change increasing the risk of foodborne illness, lowering the nutritional value of the food.” 

Karam’s essay concentrates on the causes and impacts of food-related problems brought by global warming, emphasizing its long-term consequences. She also presents a list of factors that influence food and water scarcity. 

“People are suffering, nature is dying, and everything is collapsing, so we need to move to prevent it immediately.”

Fowler writes that global warming exists because of natural events and only accelerates due to human activities. He advises that we need to reduce emissions via different solutions available at our disposal, such as planting trees and taking advantage of technology.

8 Interesting Prompts on Essays About Global Warming

After reading the various essays about global warming, it’s now time for you to create your own. Below are themes you can use to aid you in expanding your ideas.

Essays About Global Warming: Understanding Global Warming

Understanding why global warming exists is a fundamental subject you can focus on in your essay. However, this area may be too general, so it’s better if you choose a specific topic or angle to talk about. 

For example, you can focus on human’s role in global warming. Include facts and reliable sources, as your analysis is connected with science. Explore different authors’ perceptions to get well-grounded opinions.

For this prompt, you should be able to share the effects of global warming on health, industry, country, nature, and businesses. Make it so that your essay draws attention to pressing concerns caused by global warming. 

For a more effective essay, you can share your personal experience with the subject. For example, to give you an idea, share how many rainstorms you’ve seen in the past season, then compare it to the years before.

Politics connect to the economy, and harmful business practices sacrifice Earth for profit. Talk about how people who have political power act regarding climate change and the economy. For instance, you can discuss why they pick the country’s economic gain over preserving natural resources.

You can open your essay with a question or begin a conversation about how you think the future generations will deal with the aftermath of global warming, depending on the current generation’s schemes. Discuss the importance of change and why it is such a passionate issue amongst the younger generation.

Include data and facts about people needing to relocate because of the extreme climate changes. Use research data and statistics to back up your points. You can also incorporate other organisms that move from place to place because of the drought, destroyed ecosystems, etc.

Biodiversity is Earth’s life support, and global warming affects it adversely. You can mention how humans are a part of biodiversity. If it is destroyed because of global warming, humans will be too. Don’t forget to cite trustworthy sources. 

Sustainability means ensuring that there will be enough resources for today and the future. However, global warming and its consequences make people doubt if we will be able to maintain sustainability. 

Climate change can disrupt the ability of our ecosystem to mitigate catastrophic events, making it a massive obstacle to attaining sustainability. Therefore, creating an essay about sustainability linked with global issues can be an eye-opener on how to behave to lessen the impact of global warming on our livelihoods. This is an interesting and complex issue to discuss in your essay.

Health is essential in human life. In this section, you can write about the importance of health or how an average person can help mitigate gas emissions. In addition, you can include your experiences and perceptions on how global warming affects health, such as if you have asthma. 

Are you having problems with your essay? Check out our list of best writing applications and software .

If you’d like to learn more, in this guide our writer explains how to write an argumentative essay .

global warming essay prompts

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Climate Change Added a Month’s Worth of Extra-Hot Days in Past Year

Since last May, the average person experienced 26 more days of abnormal warmth than they would have without global warming, a new analysis found.

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A woman wearing a patterned scarf and green pants sits on a hospital bed while connected to an IV stand.

By Raymond Zhong

Over the past year of record-shattering warmth, the average person on Earth experienced 26 more days of abnormally high temperatures than they otherwise would have, were it not for human-induced climate change, scientists said Tuesday.

The past 12 months have been the planet’s hottest ever measured, and the burning of fossil fuels, which has added huge amounts of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, is a major reason. Nearly 80 percent of the world’s population experienced at least 31 days of atypical warmth since last May as a result of human-caused warming, the researchers’ analysis found.

Hypothetically, had we not heated the globe to its current state , the number of unusually warm days would have been far fewer, the scientists estimated, using mathematical modeling of the global climate.

The precise difference varies place to place. In some countries, it is just two or three weeks, the researchers found. In others, including Colombia, Indonesia and Rwanda, the difference is upward of 120 days.

“That’s a lot of toll that we’ve imposed on people,” said one of the researchers who conducted the new analysis, Andrew Pershing, the vice president for science at Climate Central, a nonprofit research and news organization based in Princeton, N.J., adding, “It’s a lot of toll that we’ve imposed on nature.” In parts of South America and Africa, he said, it amounts to “120 days that just wouldn’t be there without climate change.”

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Most popular 50+ Essay Topics of 2024

  • Updated On May 28, 2024
  • Published In IELTS Preparation 💻

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) writing section is a 1-hour test that comprises two questions: task 1 and task 2, which assess your vocabulary, grammar, word count, collocations, and ability to construct complex sentences with moderation and without repetition. 

Table of Contents

To begin, it is pivotal to understand that the IELTS essay topics vary for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training Tasks. In Task 1 of IELTS Academic, you must write a report on a graph, diagram or chart, whereas, for IELTS General Training Task 1, you must write a letter. Task 2 of the General and Academic modules is essay writing; while the topics for essays in both modules may differ, the essay writing strategy remains the same. 

Examiners use the following criteria to calculate Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 scores: Task Achievement, Task Response, Coherence, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Lexical Resource.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 for Academic

The IELTS Academic Writing section consists of two tasks that must be completed in one hour: 

Writing Task 1

In Task 1, you are assigned a graph, visual information, table or chart, which you are required to describe in your own words. You must write a report in 150 words, accurately describing what the information in the graph or picture represents. The IELTS writing task 1 marking criteria accounts for 33% of the total IELTS writing evaluation score, and you should try to finish this part in 20 minutes or less because IELTS writing task 2 is more difficult and will take at least 40 minutes to complete.

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

IELTS Writing Task 2: Most popular 50+ Essay Topics of 2024

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Most popular 50+ Essay Topics of 2024

Writing Task 2

 IELTS writing task 2 marking criteria has a 66% weightage, where you must complete a 250-word essay in 40 minutes. Candidates must respond to a problem, a point of view, or an argument in this task, with a curated response. The essay’s content should be written with perfect grammar and focused solely on the topic. As task 2 holds more weight, candidates should devote significant time to it and ensure a properly curated essay for a good band score. 

Let us now review some fundamentals of IELTS essay structure that you can apply to this task. A typical writing piece includes an introduction, the main body consisting of a few paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction, you should write the context of your issue and a thesis statement representing the main idea of your text.

The central section of your essay will discuss various facts and arguments that support or oppose the thesis statement. Finally, restate the thesis statement, bolstering it with new details from the main body. 

Here’s a list of the latest IELTS essay topics and sample questions to help you efficiently prepare for task 2 of the IELTS Writing section.

Latest IELTS Essay Topics for 202 4

IELTS essay writing topics are usually based on current events and world affairs. You will find a series of essay writing topics for IELTS in the following listicles. Also, one of the most effective ways to prepare for answering essays in the Writing section of IELTS is to work on the sample essay questions. The topic categories and essay writing samples to help students looking for the latest IELTS essay topics are stated below:


  • Environmental Crisis: One of the most common topics in IELTS is the environment essay IELTS band 9. Many students, however, do not see the need to prepare for this because it is one of the most specific topics resulting in a loss of marks. 

Click here for the Environmental Crisis essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Global Warming: It is common for IELTS speaking and writing sections to include questions about broad discussion topics, such as climate change, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and deforestation.

Click here for the Global Warming essay format, sample and answers for practice.

  • Sustainable Energy: If you are unfamiliar with the framework and concepts of an essay, it can be a daunting task. All of the sentences must be related and formed in such a way that they provide a clear view and information. You may be penalised if you veer off-topic while writing your essay. Sustainable energy and nuclear power topics are debated topics; hence practising them will give you an edge over your peers. 

Click here for the Sustainable Energy essay structure, sample and answers for practice.

  • Fossil Fuels: The IELTS essay topics for writing task 2 are usually based on common themes frequently discussed in the average aspirant’s daily life. One such theme is the use of renewable energy sources in place of nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels.

Click here for the Fossil Fuels essay sample and answers for practice.


  • Importance of First Impression:  IELTS examiners have a short attention span and read hundreds of essays daily. Hence, it is pivotal for you to get the start right and make a good first impression in your First Impression is Important IELTS essay.

Click here for the Personality essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Hobbies: ‘Hobbies’ is a common theme in both the IELTS Writing Task 2 and the Speaking section. This is a simple, mark-fetching topic with few challenges for students taking the exam.

Click here for the Hobbies essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Fashion: Fashion is a recurring topic with global themes and one of the best topics to practise your public speaking skills.

Click here for the Fashion essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Importance of Leisure Activities and School Values: The IELTS Essay on Education is one of the most challenging tasks, with unpredictable questions in the exam. These education essay topics, like the Importance of leisure activities, are opinion-driven and assess students’ ability to express their knowledge and skills thoughtfully.

Click here for the Education essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Government and Society: As an IELTS exam candidate, you should review as many common topics for Writing Task 2 as possible. One such common IELTS test theme is government and society, with which you should be well-acquainted. 

Click here for the Government and Society essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Ideal Society: Candidates should practise sample questions and answers for the Ideal Society IELTS essay to gain a firm grasp on writing and vocabulary and improve their overall band score.

Click here for the Ideal So c iety essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Social Media: Social media essays are a popular topic in IELTS writing task 2. For a social media IELTS essay band 9 and similar topics, the most straightforward approach is maintaining the proper word count and being aware of various approaches to the topic.

Click here for the Social Media essay sample and answers for practice.

Business & Global Consumerism

  • International Trade: Over the years, one of the topics covered in the IELTS exam has been global business. Your answer for such topics should contain everything; your responses, solutions, arguments, reasons, opinions, and evidence are critical to answering the question.

Click here for the International Trade essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Management and Leadership: In any organisation, leadership and management are critical roles. Your essay for such topics should always be pertinent to the question.

Click here for the Management and Leadership essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Foreign Languages: Foreign languages and language barriers are recurring themes in the IELTS writing task 2. Express your own opinions on such topics. 

Click here for the Culture essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Sports and children: Sport is a recurring theme, and the essay content should not deviate from the main points at any point in the essay.

Click here for the Sports essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Covid impact: The topics of IELTS Writing task 2 are usually drawn from current events worldwide, making Covid-19 an anticipated topic. 

Click here for the Covid 19 essay sample and answers for practice.

  • Obesity: Overweight essays are among the most common topics in IELTS writing task 2. Obesity, recent trends in health among children and adults, and other similar topics may also be discussed in relation to overweight.

Click here for the Health essay sample and answers for practice.

Types of IELTS Essays

IELTS essay writing topics are usually classified under various sections. You can expect essays in the IELTS exam from any of the following types:

1. Opinion Essays 

In this essay category, you must discuss your opinion on the given topic. Naturally, the best way to score high in such essays is to have prior knowledge of common topics that are popular in the IELTS exam. 

Sample Questions:

  • Most teenagers today own a smartphone. Provide your opinion to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Crime novels and TV series have become quite popular in recent years. What is your opinion about these crime dramas?
  • Developing nations often require international assistance. Many believe that this assistance should be monetary, while some think practical help and advice would be more beneficial. Discuss both these views along with your opinion.
  • Many consider automobiles to be the biggest source of pollution in urban areas, while some believe industries are responsible for it. Explain both views and provide your opinion.
  • Many people believe individuals involved with creative arts should be financially supported by the government. Some others believe they should find separate resources. Discuss each of the views and give your opinion.
  • Some believe success in life comes from hard work, dedication, and motivation. While many believe success depends on other important factors like money and appearance. Discuss both views and provide your opinion. 
  • Many think that governments should fund programs in search of life on other planets. However, others believe governments should focus on unresolved issues on the planet. Provide your opinion and discuss both views.

You can also check out this detailed guide on Opinion Essays to learn the appropriate structure for maximum scores!

2. Discussion Essays

In the case of discussion essays, the candidates need to put forward an explanation for or against any given topic. Such essays are the most common to appear in the IELTS exam. 

Sample Questions: 

  • Many believe living in big cities comes with more advantages than residing in the countryside. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  • The shopping habits of people depend more on their age group than on any other factors. Do you agree or disagree with this? 
  • More and more children and minors are becoming overweight in developed nations. This is a major problem for most wealthy countries. Explain the causes and impacts of this issue.
  • The internet is a great invention that brings a host of advantages for the world population. However, there are several issues in terms of security and control of personal data. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  • Advertising prevents originality in people and makes them look the same and do the same. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  • Parents today often tend to organise extra classes on weekends or even after school. Do you believe this is at all useful? Or do you think the education provided in school is sufficient?
  • Some people believe that capital punishment should be done away with. Do you agree or disagree with this?

We have covered valuable tips & tricks to attempt Discussion Essays that can come in handy in your exam.

3. Solution Essays

For solution essays, you will have to provide a solution to a particular issue. At times, questions might be provided as to why a specific issue has occurred, and candidates have to provide their opinion on the answer.

  • The massive movement of people from agricultural areas to cities in search of employment can lead to serious problems in both places. What are the problems, and how can these be solved? 

Check out our sample question and answer on Solution Essays for a more thorough explanation.

Advantage or Disadvantage Essays

In this type of essay, students have to write about a particular topic’s positive and negative sides. Such essays test your argument construction skills and how well you can use English to communicate your views as clearly and coherently as possible. 

  • International tourism has greatly benefited many places. However, there have been major concerns about its impact on the local environment and inhabitants. Do the negative impacts of international tourism outweigh the benefits?
  • Some countries have recently passed laws to restrict the daily working hours of employees. Explain whether this will have a positive or negative impact.
  • More and more people today are visiting extreme places such as Antarctica or the Sahara desert. What are the advantages or disadvantages of such travels?
  • Social media is gradually replacing in-person face-to-face contact with many people worldwide. Do the benefits of social media outweigh the disadvantages? 

Use the sample questions from the Advantage/Disadvantage Essay type to practise your writing skills.

Direct Question Essays

For this type of essay, the topics will be provided as direct questions, which students have to answer based on their experiences and thoughts.

  • Shopping used to be a routine domestic task in the past. However, today, it has become more of a hobby. Is this a positive trend?
  • You can get more information on these rare essay-type questions on our  Direct question essay structure blog.

Preparation Tips for IELTS Writing Task 2

Many students believe they don’t need to prepare much because they speak English reasonably well. Well, the IELTS exam is not that easy. In fact, even native English speakers may find the test difficult. As a result, candidates should prepare for this section rigorously and methodically and start early preparation.

  • Begin your IELTS preparations at least 6 months before your intended test date , and ensure to devote some time daily to all 4 sections.
  • Choose writing topics for both tasks, especially writing task 2, and try to write about them daily. Time yourself; remember that you must complete both tasks in one hour.
  •  Spend significant time learning new vocabulary and brushing up on your grammatical skills. Following that is structured thinking, allowing you to convey your ideas logically. While writing, pay close attention to lucidity, logic, and clarity.
  • You should expand your ideas because the IELTS writing task 2 could cover any topic. Go through all the resources like magazines, books, and online materials to expand your knowledge and vocabulary. Additionally, practice as many mock tests as possible. 

As mentioned above it’s only practice that can get you the desire scores. But along with it you also need the best preparation materials and guidance. And the best solution we suggest is to register for the LeapScholar IELTS courses .

Along with live classes from the best IELTS tutors, you’ll also have access to mock tests, speaking and writing evaluations and comprehensive study materials. As a reward you’ll also receive a course completion certificate.

How to Answer Task 2 Essays in IELTS Writing Section?

Students can employ the following steps to successfully enhance their ability to answer essays in the Writing section:

Step 1: Read and Understand the Question

The first step to nailing task 2 essays is to read and understand the question carefully. Most of the time, candidates answer the question without understanding what it demands. Candidates should carefully analyse the question, identify the question type and try to identify the keywords. Finally, they should clearly understand the instructions and then attempt to answer.

Step 2: Plan the Answer

Once students have understood the question, they need to plan the structure of the answer. This will allow candidates to organise their ideas and produce a clear and coherent response. 

Step 3: Write a Solid Introduction

The introduction of the essay should give an idea of what the essay is all about. Make sure to write an appropriate introduction conveying the gist of the essay.

Step 4: Carefully Curate the Main Body

The main body is the essential part of the essay, where you must provide the necessary details. State your points accordingly and substantiate them with explanations, examples, and other relevant data. Once done, you need to give a proper conclusion.

Tips for IELTS Writing Task 2

You can use the following tips to ace their IELTS Writing test:

IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips

Although IELTS is a difficult test to master, one can achieve a good score with systematic and consistent preparation. If you require assistance in acing your IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2, our Leap Scholar experts will provide the necessary guidance, tips, and tricks to help you pass your IELTS test with flying colours. If you are planning to prepare for the essay task in the Writing section, you can go through this comprehensive guide to get an idea about the latest IELTS essay topics. You can prepare for the essay task accordingly with the help of sample essay topics and questions provided in the above sections. 

Still unclear about some portions of IELTS, then enrol for IELTS professional coaching. IELTS Prep app by Leap Scholar is a one-stop solution for your study abroad dream. You can access specially crafted lessons by experts accredited by IDP, British Council, and Cambridge. About 1M + students have trusted us with their IELTS prep journey. Join us, download our IELTS prep app and get access to the best resources!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. how can you score well in ielts writing task 2.

Ans. IELTS Writing Task 2 mainly has four performance descriptors: Task Response, Cohesion & Coherence , Lexical Resource, and finally Grammatical range and accuracy. The scoring happens on four parameters, so follow these and prepare with the correct books and practice questions.

Q. What are the most popular questions asked in IELTS Writing Task 2?

Ans. The different types of questions in IELTS Writing Task 2 include: Problem/ Causes questions, Opinion questions, Advantage/ Disadvantage questions, Discussion of views, etc.

Q. What are the main themes on which IELTS Writing Task 2 questions are based on?

Ans. Some of the broad themes include Environment, Food, Health, Art, Business, Communication, Crime & Punishment and more. Ideas and topics are taken under these broad themes for question framing.

Q. Is it necessary to use complex words in IELTS Writing section?

Ans. Having a good vocabulary is an added advantage. However, difficult words should not be forcefully put in sentences. Your sentences should be organic and should fit the meaning and the context of your essays.

 Q. How to develop ideas for IELTS Writing Task 2 2024?

 Ans. The easiest ways to generate ideas for IELTS Writing Task 2 are by analysing model essays, finding ideas on google, talking to experts, watching movies, asking yourself some questions about the topic, generating main ideas from specific examples.

Q. How many mistakes are acceptable in IELTS Writing Task 2?

Ans. Making one or two mistakes is overlooked by the examiner if the overall essay is good. However, making more mistakes than that can lead to lower IELTS band score.

Q. What are the basic topics in IELTS writing task 2?

Ans. Some of the common IELTS topics for Writing Task 2 are  Art, Environment, Education, Health, Jobs and Employment, Sport, Science and Technology Friends and Family, Government and Society etc.

Q. How can I prepare for IELTS essay writing?

Ans. To prepare for IELTS essay writing, practice writing essays on a variety of topics to improve your writing skills. Focus on structuring your essays with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Familiarise yourself with different types of essay questions (e.g., opinion, discussion, problem-solution) and practice organising your thoughts coherently. Additionally, seek feedback from teachers or peers to identify and work on your weaknesses.

Q. Where can I find sample IELTS essay topics for practice?

Ans. You can find sample IELTS essay topics on official IELTS websites such as the British Council and IDP. Many educational websites and IELTS preparation books also offer a wide range of practice topics. Online forums and study groups often share essay questions from recent exams, providing a good source of up-to-date practice material.

Q. What are the typical requirements for IELTS essay word count and structure?

Ans. The IELTS essay (Task 2) requires a minimum of 250 words. It is typically structured with an introduction that presents the main idea, body paragraphs that develop this idea with supporting arguments or examples, and a conclusion that summarises the key points. It’s important to write clearly and coherently, ensuring each paragraph flows logically into the next.

Q. What are some common IELTS essay topics?

Ans. Common IELTS essay topics include education, technology, environment, health, and society. For example, you might encounter questions about the benefits and drawbacks of online education, the impact of technology on communication, environmental conservation efforts, public health issues, or social issues like the aging population. Practicing essays on these topics will help you become familiar with the kinds of questions you may face in the exam.

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early childhood

  • Zany ideas to slow polar melting are gathering momentum

Giant curtains to keep warm water away from glaciers strike some as too risky

Ice melt runs off an iceberg in Greenland.

Your browser does not support the <audio> element.

G lobally, sea levels have risen by somewhere between 21cm and 24cm since 1880. Most of this rise is a consequence of water physically expanding as it warms, but in recent decades meltwater flowing off Greenland and Antarctica has significantly contributed too.

These rises in sea levels threaten coastal properties and the livelihoods and lifestyles of coastal communities, as well as the very existence of low-lying countries. Rising seas not only erode or flood land, they also let destructive storms reach ever farther inland. As melting polar ice becomes an ever more important contributor to sea-level rise, some have begun to embrace the notion that it could be slowed by technological means ranging from underwater curtains to ice-thickening pumps.

Let the storm rage on

Climate science has been here before. For years the field has been divided over the promise and pitfalls of solar geoengineering schemes, environmental modifications that seek to reduce the impact of climate-warming solar radiation. The most controversial methods involve spraying mists of particles into the stratosphere, which would reflect some of the sun’s energy back out into space and cool the planet. Proponents say these could help buy time to decarbonise without the world suffering the worst consequences of climate change. Critics say they are too risky. The arguments can become acrimonious. These battles are now spilling over onto the ice.

In December 2023 Ken Mankoff, a climate scientist at NASA, organised a workshop on polar geoengineering at a large science conference. Though he was warned that doing so would start a “civil war” in the field, he feels there is much more agreement than disagreement among polar scientists: no matter their position on geoengineering, all are concerned that the effects of climate change are far outpacing efforts to slow or halt them. Given the urgency, it is no surprise that fresh ideas are attracting interest.

The proposed interventions take many forms. One prominent suggestion centres on outlet glaciers, vast frozen rivers which slowly shift ice off the land mass and out to the warmer waters of the sea. Several have been accelerating. Ice loss from Thwaites glacier in Antarctica, for instance, has doubled in 30 years, currently contributing 4% of the 3.5mm of global annual sea-level rise. Glaciologists are worried it could eventually collapse, raising sea levels around the world by 65cm. Warm water is melting the ice’s marine edge from below, eroding its “grounding line”, where it grips onto the bedrock for stability. Some are, therefore, proposing enormous underwater curtains be installed to keep warming currents away from the ice’s edge.

No one can say yet what such curtains would be made of, how they would be secured, or how to stop them interfering with other vital local ecosystem services. Currents at Antarctica’s margins drive an important nutrient pump that feeds entire marine food chains farther afield. It is also possible that keeping one glacier cool would simply speed up the melting of its neighbours. To try to get some answers, scientists at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Climate Repair are carrying out experiments in tanks and are planning outdoor trials in a local waterway.

Another prominent idea involves drilling boreholes through vertical kilometres of ice to siphon off water from the ice sheets’ base. The concept is straightforward: when a huge mass of ice sits on a bed of rock, the combined pressures and temperatures liquefy a thin layer of water at the interface of the rock and ice that helps the ice slide away. Removing this lubrication should help keep the ice in place.

For a long time such ideas—and others, including holding outlet glaciers in place with physical barriers, as well as thickening vulnerable sea ice by pumping seawater on top of it and freezing it in place—were seen mainly as science fiction. But they are gaining momentum. Dr Mankoff’s workshop was one of three held between October and December to discuss polar geoengineering; a fourth was held earlier this year. More are planned, and several research papers are in the works.

Yet opposition is growing. Martin Siegert, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, calls the whole discussion “absolutely insane”. “It came up years ago and many of us just ignored it. We thought ‘It’s not going to happen, so just don’t spend any time thinking about it.’” He and others have been taken aback by how much attention the proposals have attracted since the beginning of the year, and feel the time has come to challenge them.

Some counter-arguments revisit themes familiar from the solar geoengineering debate—that techno-fixes detract from the main work of decarbonising, for instance, and that even exploratory research lubricates a slippery slope towards deployment. “If a government chose to make geoengineering-based research a part of its national Antarctic programme, it would send a pretty strong signal about the state’s intentions,” says Peder Roberts, a historian and member of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, which advises various intergovernmental groups including the UN and the Antarctic Treaty secretariat. “The more expensive a piece of research is, the harder it is to say it isn’t political.” 

Even if such research were undertaken, practical hurdles could stand in the way of implementation. Polar projects, unlike solar ones, are likely to be extremely expensive—costing many tens of billions of dollars. They present unprecedented engineering challenges: a seabed curtain to protect Thwaites glacier might be 80km long and would have to be installed, maintained and repaired in some of the roughest seas on Earth.

The political and regulatory challenges are also daunting. Antarctica is protected by international agreements known as the Antarctic Treaty System. All 57 member countries, including America and Russia, would have to come to an agreement before any geoengineering could start. Yet many of these same Antarctic Treaty countries have long failed to collaborate on two pillars of climate action: stopping greenhouse-gas emissions and raising climate funds for poor countries. Consequently, says Dr Roberts, “I’m pretty sure we will be well underwater before such an agreement could be reached.” ■

Curious about the world? To enjoy our mind-expanding science coverage, sign up to  Simply Science , our weekly subscriber-only newsletter. For more coverage of climate change, sign up for the Climate Issue , our fortnightly subscriber-only newsletter, or visit our  climate-change hub .

This article appeared in the Science & technology section of the print edition under the headline “On thin ice”

Science & technology June 8th 2024

Robots are suddenly getting cleverer. what’s changed, the quest to build robots that look and behave like humans.

A triumph for Indian democracy

From the June 8th 2024 edition

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