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  6. ICAEW Case Study Made Easy

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  1. ICAEW Annual Conference 2023

  2. How to Pass ICAEW Case Study

  3. ICAEW Insolvency & Recovery Seminar 25 June 2024

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  5. ICAEW ACA Case Study Course 2023: Introduction

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  1. Case Study module study resources

    The Case Study exam will assess your understanding of providing advice on complex business issues in the form of a written report. The scenario may be based on a variety of different organisational structures or operations, and you will be provided with advance information ahead of the exam. The exam is four hours long and will consist of three ...

  2. ICAEW Case Study Made Easy

    Introduction to the ICAEW Case Study . To reiterate, there is no new content that you need to learn to pass the ICAEW Case Study.Passing this exam is more skills based than anything. According to ICAEW, students need to demonstrate they "can provide advice on complex business issues in the form of a written report". In order to do so, you will have to analyse both financial and non ...

  3. How to pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study exam

    The Case Study exam allows students to bring in an open-book resource which is defined as "any written or printed material into the exam, subject to practical space restrictions." To create an effective open book resource for the ACA Case Study exam, candidates should only include materials that are both helpful and fast to use.

  4. ACA Advanced

    The ACA qualification is made up of 15 exams, advancing your knowledge across accountancy, finance, and business. When you complete the qualification, you will be an ICAEW chartered accountant. You can take the exams in any order, apart from the Case Study, which needs to be attempted last, in the final year of an ACA training agreement.

  5. ICAEW Prize-Winning Tutor

    Case Study. Having scored 92% in the Case Study exam, and winning the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world, Kieran now teaches students the analytical skills and exam technique required to emulate this success. Under his guidance, one of our students also went on to win the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world (score of 90% ...

  6. Advanced Level Case Study

    Advanced Level Case Study. The Case Study module covers the following topics: Ensure you order the correct edition of the materials. The 2023 edition is aligned with the syllabus and exams for 2023 only. The 2024 edition is aligned with the syllabus and exams for 2024 only. You risk losing exam marks if you use a different edition.

  7. Advanced Level Case Study advance information

    The Advanced Level Case Study exam includes advance information released prior to the exam sitting. This allows you time to become familiar with the information and to undertake any other appropriate research and analysis. Select the relevant product below, depending on the exam sitting, and proceed to check out to get the product in your ICAEW ...

  8. Exam applications

    Apply for exams. Apply for and book any Professional and Advanced Level exam using our online booking system. Our exam booking system, is a live system, which means that when you book your exam, it is booked and confirmed immediately. The booking system will ask you to enter your preferred location to sit your exam and the closest centres with ...

  9. How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    3. Understand what information is provided in the Advance Information (AI) and what is provided in the exam. 4. Learn the Case Study exam technique which ensures that you hit all the boxes on the mark scheme. 5. Practice mock exams to master your exam technique. Step 1: Understand how Case Study is marked.

  10. ACA dates and deadlines

    ACA Professional and Advanced Level exam dates, results dates and exam booking deadlines. Visit the Level 4 Accounting Technician page or Level 7 Accountancy Professional page for key dates and deadlines.. Exam system status. Remember to frequently check our dedicated exam system status page for all the latest exam updates which may affect you.

  11. ACA Advanced Level

    The Case Study exam will present a complex business issue which will require problem solving, the identification of ethical implications and your ability to provide effective solutions. There are 3 exams in total and they are fully open book, replicating a real-life scenario where reference resources will be available.

  12. ACA Qualification

    ICAEW ACA courses powered by BPP Momentum. As an ICAEW Approved Partner in Learning, our unique exam-focused approach delivers industry leading pass rates, averaging above 90% across all Professional and Advanced papers. Progress through your ACA course studies using BPP Momentum, providing unrivalled levels of personalised teaching and support.

  13. Case study

    Edit: What it says on the ICAEW website. "3. Students may not attempt the Case Study until they have attempted (or received credit for) all Certificate Level assessments, Professional Level assessments and the Advanced Level Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management assessments. A student can sit all three Advanced Level ...

  14. Level 7 Case Study exam booking : r/ICAEW

    Level 7 Case Study exam booking . Hello, I'm due to sit case in November and I'm a L7 apprentice, I've got mixed messages from Kaplan and ICAEW about who books and pays for the exam. Has anyone had experience doing this and how do I book the exam? I'm told by ICAEW that Kaplan will pay for it, but Kaplan told me the ICAEW will pay for ...

  15. Advanced Level

    Advanced Level. The study packs for Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management include a: The Corporate Reporting supplement is aimed at students who have studied Financial Accounting and Reporting UK GAAP and are moving on to study Corporate Reporting, which is based on IFRS. The study pack for Case Study includes:

  16. First Intuition ICAEW Revision Preparation Sessions

    First Intuition will be running FREE ICAEW Revision Preparation sessions for the Professional level and Advanced level exams. Take a moment to look at the available sessions in the table below. Please ensure you register in advance so that you receive the Teams link for the session. ICAEW Revision Preparation Sessions.

  17. Case Study Masterclass (July 2024)

    With 11 years of experience in writing Case Study Mock Exam Packs, we know the ICAEW past paper markschemes inside-out so we know the types of point to include, and how the examiners tend to think. This allows us to create content which connects to the live July 2024 Advance Information while still testing the "classic" Case Study themes and ...

  18. Advanced Level

    The ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualification, the ACA, is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. ... The Case Study tests the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained to date. The Advanced Level exams are fully open book, replicating a real-life scenario where all the resources are at your ...

  19. ICAEW Learning Materials

    ICAEW Learning Materials. We take pride in the fact that we publish our own learning materials, which are highly recommended by universities and tuition providers, who use them to deliver academic and professional education programmes. Exams are computer-based, now learning materials are too. This allows them to be accessed wherever you are, on ...

  20. ACA exam FAQs

    You will not be able to attempt the Case Study until you have taken (or received credit for) all the other modules. You will also need to be in the final year of your training agreement. ... Refunds are issued back to the original payment method within 20 working days of the booking window closing date. ICAEW are unable to defer an exam or hold ...

  21. Can't book case study? : r/ICAEW

    It was sorted later in the day and managed to book in.3 before and had already submitted it and signed it off) . I was on hold with them for like an hour and a half, submitted emails showing them it had changed and that's why it wasn't allowing me to book it ( as you can only book in on Case in the last year of your training agreement).

  22. Introduction to the Case Study exam

    This series of Case Study exam resources will cover everything you need to know to prepare for the Case Study exam. This includes: Introduction to the Case Study exam. How to approach the advance information. Using the advance information during the Case Study exam. A guide on Requirements one, two and three. An overview of the Executive Summary.

  23. Approaching the advance information for the Case Study exam

    Published: 15 Sep 2021. This guide is designed to help you understand how to approach the advance information for your Case Study exam. It will cover what the advance information is, what should you do with the advance information before your exam and tips for success. This series of Case Study exam resources will cover everything you need to ...

  24. Keeping clients informed about costs

    In its third edition of the guidance, LeO reminds firms that they must communicate with clients about the ongoing cost of the service the firm is providing.Failing to do so, could result in complaints made by clients. Keep clients regularly updated. Many complaints arise because firms have not updated clients about the cost of a matter as it progresses.